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Doctors Declare His General
Condition Is Better.
life of Veneribla Papal Ruler Con-
tlnuea to Hano by Thread.
| Fall * Into Restful Sleep at Dawn
- Aft r Trying Night.
'Rome , July 0. Special to The Nowi :
{ Latent ) There linn Jnit boon on
nlnrminK change for the worno lu the
condition of the popo. Ho has boon at
tacked by acute diarrhoea. All physi
cians arc now connnltlnR.
Homo , July 0. Special to The Now :
The pope's physicians are very hopeful
today for hid ultimate recovery. Ilo
was shaved this morning and ban rested
well for several bourn. It Is confidently
thought that ho will recover.
Rome , July 9. Thu llfu ol 1'opc Lee
continues to hnng by a thread , with
the expectation that uny moment may
bring the final catastrophe , yet tlie
wonderful vitality of the remarkable
old man Is combating a complication
of diseases which would endanger a
znnn In the prime of life. Every ono
nt the Vatican U obliged to glvo way
to overpowering fatlguo , HO that .t IB
moro tranquil at the palace than on
the outslilo.
Reports from the sick room alter
nated with fears and hopes. At times
rumors of the gravest character
gained currency. Out of the mass of
contradictory reports the essential
Ccaturcs of the pope's actual condi
tion are Indicated In the bulletins ,
bearing the signatures of the two at *
tending doctors. The early bulletin
was noticeably frco from technical
language. During the night the pope
bad secured but llttlo refreshing
lecp , and with his sleeplessness was
Augmented depression. The difficulty
In breathing had Increased and a de
rangement of the kidneys began to
eorlously manifest itself , Thcso com-
Sdlcatlons wore fully and frankly
stated by the doctors. Thulr ofllclal
tnillotln was supplemented In the
course of personal conversation , In
which they showed that they enter
tained scarcely any hopes of recovery.
JTet they always qualified their state
ments , setting forth the remarkable
constitutional strength and Indomita
ble energy of the patient as the most
etrlklnR ovldenco of his almost su
perhuman will.
Fortunately , all the climatic condi
tions In Homo for the tlmo being are
favorable for the sufferer. The air
IB dellclously cool and thcro Is a cpm-
ploto absence of the enervating slroc-
co which depresses and kills. The
, \ bright sunshine streams into the
jmpal apartment. The encouraging
conditions are further augmented by
the constant use of artificial mcann
of exhilaration , including steady sup
plies of oxygen ,
Except for the brief time ho passed
In the arm chair , the pope lay In bed
throughout the day , shifting his posi
tion frequently without assistance
and occasionally taking a small
draught of diluted wlno. The only
Bolld food ho has taken la calves brains
and meat broth.
The later bulletin following a con
sultation between Drs. Lapponl and
Unzzonl completely contradicted the
alarmist reports and gave a most fa
vorable statement. This was disclosed
In the Improved pulse , better respira
tion and ameliorated general condi
tion. Dr Mazzonl said that while the
pope's condition continued desperate ,
recovery was not entirely Impossible ,
Unfortunately , some elements In the
population of Rotno , including n few
who are high In the councils of the
Vatican , are Inclined to cast doubt on
the sincerity of the bulletins. This
led during the day to a strong move
ment In favor of calling other physi
cians. The theory of the Initiators of
this movement was that Drs. Lapponl
and Mazzonl had misjudged the dis
ease , taking for pneumonia what was
really pleurisy. Doth accepted the
Idea of a consultation with any of
their colleagues. Many eminent spe
clallsts have been proposed , but It
was stated that It had practically
been determined that Dr. Rossln
Bhall bo called In If any consultation
la decided upon. However , Dr. Maz
conl stated that in his opinion there
was no Immediate need of a consulta
tlon and that ono would not bo held
unless the present conditions changed
During the early part of the night
tils holiness was somewhat restless
The occasional brief periods of sleep
were disturbed by difficulty In breath
ing. Dr. Lapponl and Pope Leo's
valet , Plo Centra , did their best to
nourish the patient at brief Intervals
The pope spoke llttlo and seemed
much depressed. . About sunrise the
pontiff fell Into a moro restorative
Bleep than he had nil night.
Paris , July 9. According to the
Journal's correspondent at Rome , the
Italian government has organlre <
-everything admirably. An army o
police Is present , yet Invisible. The
fprescnt struggle between Cardlna
'Orcglla and Cardinal Rampolla I
Becoming serio-comic. On the forme
claiming an apartment In the Vatican
VCardlnnl Rampolla had a thousanc
chairs plied up In It. Cardinal Oreg
lla. says the Journal's correspondent ,
told him that there were possibly
treasures and , In any case , Importan
documents In the popo's room and bo
must prevent any ono entering , as
' 'some relatives or cardinals have long
fingers. "
Cardinal Gibbons Sails for Europe
Now York , July 9. In response to
jm official message from Cardlna
Riunpoim , summoning ntm to rtomo ,
Cardinal Olhbonn , the primate of the
: < vthollc hierarchy In America and a
icmbor of the sacred college at Rome ,
which will elect n successor to Leo
XII , arrived In this city last night
rom Baltimore , Ho will sail for Uu.
opo on the LaTouralno today. The
ardlnal may not go direct to Rome ,
ut If the pope Is still living on hla
rrlval at Havre , ho will await In
Farlo for fatthor developments.
Negro Slayer WHI Bo Drought Back
to Evansvllle for Trial ,
Bvansvllle , July 0. Acting under
rdcrs of Judge Rasch , Sheriff Kratr
oft for the Indiana reformatory at
cfforsonvlllo to bring back Lee
Irown. the wounded negro who killed
'atrolman Masscy last Friday , It
was the dcslro of the mob to lynch
Irown that precipitated the rioting
loro. The troops will bo held bora
tending the trial of the negro , Thcro
were no more deaths , The thrco men
jollovod to bo fatally shot are lu
about the same condition as yester
day , There were two funerals of mob
victims. Auguet Jordan and Hazel
Allman were burled. The funeral of
ho llttlo Allman girl was hold a day
oonor than announced to prevent ex
citement , The police authorities say
hat whllo many of those shot by the
mllttln are reputable persons and no
doubt drawn Into the crowd from curi
osity , two or three of those killed
were disturbers and caused the police
trouble before.
Ono Man Meetn Instant Death and
Several Others Are Badly Injured.
Alliance , O. , July 9. A head-on col-
Islon occurred last night at Berlin
Center , twelve miles northeast of hero ,
jotweon a passenger and freight
rain on the Pittsburg , Youngstown
and Ashtabula railroad.
Passenger Fireman Cecil McKnlght
of Espyvlllo , Pa. , was Instantly killed ;
3aggagemastcr C. D. Walker of Alli
ance was badly cut about the head ;
Jnglneman Charles Weaver of All- !
anco had his left arm broken and
other Injuries ; Brakcman P. W. My
ers of Now Castle had his right leg
hurt ; Lou Styhcr , a traveling sales
man of Hamilton , 0. , was badly cut
about the head and body. Ho Is In the
lospltal hero , His condition Is said
to ho serious.
Jumps From a Window.
New York , July 9 , Made Insane by
s long Illness , James W. Brady , a
wealthy real estate operator , hroko
away from his nurse and throw him
self out of a second-story window.
A passing policeman saw the Jump ,
and seized htm as ho struck tno pave
ment , Brady , although Internally In-
lured , fought with him. Ho was over
powered and taken to a hospital , but
continued to flght off the doctors.
When they finally succeeded In mak
ing an examination it was found that
Brady had sustained fatal Injuries.
Dynamite Explosion Kills Three.
St. Peters , Minn. , July 9. Three
men lost their lives at the Oshawa
creamery by an explosion of dynam-
ltd. The victims worn Malcolm and
Archlo MacDonald , well diggers , and
Fred Relpke , manager of the cream
ery. The dynamlto exploded whllo
they were making preparation to blast
rock out of the bottom of a well.
City Marshal Killed by Outlaws.
Geary , Okla. , July 9. City Marshal
Cross of Geary was killed In a run
ning flght with three outlaws near
hero. A strong posse Is in pursuit of
the outlaws , who are attempting to
reach the Wichita mountains. They
are believed to bo the same men who
looted the town of Hennessey several
months ago.
Shoots Wife and Himself.
Bolso , Ida. , July 8. John Mitchell ,
a Grand Army veteran and a mem
ber of thof legislature during the
Shoup-Swect senatorial flght , shot and
severely wounded his wife , and then
locking himself In his room , shot and
killed himself. The Mitchells had had
numerous quarrels over their prop
erty. .
Shot by Hie Son-ln-Law.
Atchlson , Kan. , July 9. Charles
Woodworth , county surveyor , was
shot in the shoulder by James A.
Clark , his son-in-law , a railroad brake
man. Clark Is under arrest. The shootIng -
Ing followed the Institution of divorce
proceedings by Mrs. Clark. Wood
north will recover.
Hopes to Receive Jewish Protest
Early Next Week.
Oyster Bay , N. Y. , July 9. President
Roosevelt and Secretary Hay have
concluded their confcrenco and the
secretary left Sagamore Hill for
U Is understood that the exact meth
od of procedure relative to the B'nal
B'rlth petition to the Russian govern
ment has not been determined. The
potltion Itself has not been completed
and It can be said that the president
deeply regrets the delay in the placing
of the document In his hands. Next
week , probably on Tuesday , the presi
dent expects to have a conference at
Sagamoro Hill with thrco of the Jew
ish citizens , who will promote the
Idea of forwarding a petition to the
Russian government. On that day
Simon Wolf of Washington and Oscar
Strauss and Leon M. Levy of New
York will take luncheon with the
president. It Is expected that the
petition , which has boon revised care *
fully by Its authors , will bo handed
to the president at that time. In any
event , tbo subject , in all Its phases ,
will bo considered thoroughly.
Russia Invites Hostilities With
Japan in Far East.
Foreign Residents at New Chwang
Prepare Protest Against Manchu.
rlnn Policy Japanese Are Especially -
ly Incensed.
Kin Chau , Opposite Now Chwang ,
Manchuria , July 9 , All the prominent
Russian officials In China and Man
churia are attending the conference at
Port Arthur. Thu proceedings at the
conference are enveloped lu profound
eccrecy. It Is tupposed that the Rus
sian officials are considering war
questions. The foreign commercial
officials at New Chwang and Port Ar
thur believe that the possibility of
war Is Increasing steadily. The Rus
sian policy Is believed to hold the
present positions In Manchuria , in
cluding New Chwang , and to take no
steps to avert hostility with Japan , If
It Is assured Japan will flght unaided.
The war feeling among the Japanese
In north China Is Intensifying.
The Russian civil administrators ,
with the governor general of New
Chwang , has commenced the erection
of a government building designed to
hold all Russian offices , Including tbo
telegraph and telephone departments ,
In the center of the foreign settlement ,
partly on land ceded by the Chinese ,
according to the Russian explanation ,
and partly on the public square , about
which the foreign consulates are con
gregated , The residents of other na
tionalities are preparing to protest
against tills encroachment on the pub-
Ilo square.
A Russian company yesterday com
pleted the purchase of the river steam
tug business heretofore controlled by
a British company. This Is regarded
as an Important step toward Russian
control of the harbor. ,
National Convention at Boston
Reaches Its High Tide.
Boston , July 9. The convention of
the National Educational association
practically reached its high tide , with
a maximum attendance , a dozen meet
ings , at which nearly eighty InterestIng -
Ing papers on special topics were
read , almost a score of receptions In
and about the city In the afternoon
and the usual general session and
concert in tbo evening , The exodus
will probably start tomorrow. The
morning was devoted to departmental
meetings , no less than ten separate
sessions being held , counting the joint
meeting of the art , elementary and
manual training sections as one.
Each of the section assemblies was of
paramount Importance to the teachers
who specialize along the different
lines represented. Three different pa
pers were read at the general sssslons
hold at Mechanics' hall in the evenIng -
Ing on school gardens , city school
yards and surroundings of rural
schools. A concert , a lecture and
dancing closed the day.
Baseball Results.
National League Cincinnati , 8 ; Bos
ton , 6. Plttsburg , 5 ; Brooklyn. 0.
St. Louis , 6 ; New York , 10. Chicago ,
7 ; Philadelphia , 5.
American League New York , 1 ;
St. Louis , 6. Boston , 0 ; Chicago , 1.
Philadelphia , 4 ; Cleveland , 3. Wash
ington , 5 ; Detroit , 7.
American Association Minneapolis ,
0 ; Kansas City , 5. Columbus , 1 ;
Louisville , 7. St. Paul , 3 ; Milwaukee ,
9. Toledo , 11 ; Indianapolis , 10.
Western League Omaha , 3 ; Den
ver , 2. Dos Molnes , 1 ; Colorado
Springs , 0. Milwaukee , 13 ; St. Joseph -
soph , 1. Kansas City , 4 ; Pcoria , 8.
Five Thousand Men Needed ,
Topeko , Kan. , July 9. Over 5,000
men are yet needed In the Kansas
harvest fields to save the great wheat
crop. State Employment Agent
Gerow has exhausted every effort to
obtain men from outside the state
but announced that enough could nol
bo secured. Reduced railroad faro
has been obtained and high wages arc
being paid by the farmers. The points
where men are needed most are
Lamed , Kinsley , Stafford , Kingman
Sterling , Great Bend , Russell , Hays
City , Ellsworth , LaCrosse , Lincoln
and Osborno.
Interchangeable Mileage Book.
Chicago , July 9. At a meeting of
the railroads of the Western Passen
ger association seven of the lines
voted to put into operation on Sept. 1
an Interchangeable mileage book
good on all trains. The lines votlnj
for the ticket were the Chicago ant
Northwestern , the St. Paul , Mlnneap
oils and Omaha , the Illinois Central
the Burlington , the Chicago , Mllwau
keo and St. Paul , the Wisconsin Cen
tral and the Chicago Great Western
Autopsy on Best's Body.
New York , July 9. At the demand
of his sons an autopsy was held a
Coldwell , N. J. , on the body of Colonc
W. J. Best , who died in San Rafael
Cal. , at the homo of Dr. J. Woods. I
had been ascertained that the body
bad been opened once before , in al
likelihood before the body wad sen
east , and that the stomach , dlgestiv
and other organs , with the lungs , had
been removed and sawdust inserted
Hot Wave at Chicago.
Chicago , July 9. Six deaths and
core of prostrations bore witness t
the advent of a hot wave hero. Th
temperature reached 92 In the weath
er bureau. The thermometers on th
street showed marks several degree
Southwestern Miners Meet
Plttsburg , Kan. , July 9. Mine work-
rs from Missouri , Kansas , Texas , Ar-
cansas and Indian Territory , embrac-
ng Districts 14 , 21 and 2G of the
Jnltcd Mine Workers of America , are
n session bore. The delegates rep-
cscnt 60,000 coal miners. John
klltckoll , the national president , and
W. D. Ryan , secretary and treasurer
or the state of Illinois , have arrived
nd they will take an actlvo part In
bo proceedings of the convention , A
olnt uniform contract for all states
oprcsentcd In the convention , Instead
f separate contracts , will constitute
no of the demands of the mine work *
rs. They will also ask an advance
vcr last year's scale. A confcrenco
f the operators and miners will begin
Vallio Identified a * Delehanty'o
Buffalo , July 9. Frank Delohanty
f Syraucso , brother of Ed Dolehanty ,
nd other relatives came to this city
and positively Identified the satchel
hat was left in the Pullman sleeper
and the hat found on tbo brldgo last
rlday morning as the property of
bo missing man. There IB therefore
no doubt that the man who fell
hrough the drawbridge was Ed Dele-
mnty , the famous outfielder of tbo
Washington American league nine.
The body has not been found. The
Iver below the falls Is being watched.
There la no doubt that the body wont
over the falls long ago.
Thirty Cents Cost of Life.
Davis City , la. , July 9. Because ho
owed him thirty cents as the result of
a game of poker which they bad Just
Inlshcd , Enoch Durrell killed Frank
Thompson In this place. As the game
iroko up Burrell demanded his money
and when it was refused ho struck
Thompson on the temple with his bare
1st twice. Death was Instantaneous.
Jurroll Is In jail at Lamonl.
Asylum for General Clay.
Lexington , July 9. General Cassius
M. Clay was pronounced by a Jury at
llchmond to bo of unsound mind ,
lo will bo sent to an asylum , this ac-
lon being taken to protect property
merely. The aged gentleman was not
n court. Physicians testified to his
mental condition.
Operation on General Longstreet.
Gainesville , Qa , July 9. General
James Longstreot , now In his eighty-
Irst year , will today iubmlt to an
operation for the removal of his left
eye , destroyed by cancer. General
Longstreet has been in ill health for
overal months.
Lehman Bribery Trial.
St. Louis , July 9. The case against
Julius Lehman , charged with bribery
n the city llchting deal , will go to
trial in the circuit court today. The
state will bo represented by Ctruclt
Attorney Joseph W. Folk.
Christian Endeavor Convention.
Denver , July 9. The international
Christian Endeavor convention opens
here this afternoon. The delegates
now here number about 2,000. The
total number expected is over 6,000.
Besides the delegates , it is thought
10,000 persons will take advantage of
LUG low railroad rates to visit Cole
rado. Incoming special trains are
met near the state line by local com
mittees , who distribute pamphlets con
taining needful Information , so as to
avoid as much as possible the difficul
ties Incident to the handling of largo
gatherings of people.
Search Train for Harvest Hands.
Bison , Kan. , July 9. Forty farmers
stopped a Missouri Pacific train hero
last night and went through it , searchIng -
Ing for harvest hands. The train or
dinarily does not stop here and the
farmers flagged It by means of a lan
tern wrapped In a red handkerchief.
They offered passengers (2.50 and
$3,00 a day for three weeks to get off
the train. There Is a great scarcity
of harvest hands.
Bars "Uncle Tom" Shows.
Fayette , Mo. , July 9. The Howard
county court effectually put an end
to all "Uncle Tom's Cabin" shows In
this county. In rearranging the
license rate for circuses and shows
it was decided to levy a tax of $200
a day on all "Tom" shows. Howard
was the largest shareholding county In
the state.
J. B. Hagglns' Waterboy won tha
Brighton handicap , at one and one-
quarter miles , In 2:031-5 : , a world's
Arthur Shadden , a prominent young
planter , living near Osceola , Ark. , wua
hot and killed by a negro tenant on
his farm.
The big carriage and wagon deposi
tory of Studebaker Bros , at San Fran *
olsco was destroyed by flro , causing a
loss of $200,000.
Herbert Beach Turner died Wed
nesday at bis home In Englewood ,
N. J. , aged sixty-three. Ho wan an
authority on railroad law.
As tbo result of urgent representa
tions from Austria and Russia , Prlnca
Ferdinand has given the strongest as-
turances that Bulgaria will make no
further military preparations against
For Benefit of the Poor.
Chicago , July 9. Ten thousand dollars
lars Is bequeathed to the selectmen
of Chesterfield , Mass. , by the will of
the late Horace P. Taylor , for "tbo
benefit of the worthy poor who hava
never been publlo charges and who
are disposed to earn their own sup
port so far as they are able to do
BO. " Mr. Taylor , who was for yoara
president of the Oakland Natlona
bank of Hyde Park , was a native o
Naval Officers Attend State Ball
at Buckingham Palace.
{ ear Admiral Cotton and Others At
tend Brilliant Function English
Give Them Royal Welcome Lou-
bet the Guest of Honor.
London. July 9. King Edward sig
nally honored the officers of the
American squadron last night at tbo
tate ball given at Buckingham pal
ace the climax of the visit of Presi
dent Loubet. His majesty formally
ccelved Admiral Cotton , the captains
f the American ships and twenty-five
f the junior American officers , and
Queen Alexandra later gave them the
ame distinction. The ball the first
inco the accession of King Edward-
was a brilliant function , 2,200 guests
icing present , including President
.lOubet and his suite , practically all
he ambassadors and ministers In
London , the majority of the members
of the royal family , prominent rcprc-
entatlves of the nobility and the offi-
era of the American and French
quadrons now In British waters.
To Rear Admiral Cotton the king
xprcssed his gratification at the visit
f the squadron and Inquired if all ar-
angcments had been made for tbo
omfort of the American officers and
ailors. Admiral Cotton replied that
10 had fallen among friends and every
care had been taken of himself and
ils friends. His majesty had a pleas
ant word to say to each of the offi
cers presented. The admiral , his cap
tains and Staff Lieutenant Hussey
were then presented to Queen Alex
andra. During the supper several
American officers were also Intro
duced to the Prince of Wales. Field
larshal Lord Roberts , Lord Beresford
and other distinguished Englishmen
also assisted at the welcome given
he officers of the United States
quadron. The scene was one of
plendor which can not be easily sur-
lassed. The gowns and uniforms
were magnificent and the display of
owels wonderful.
Experimenting With Shamrock.
New York , July 9. Over a leeway
and windward course of thirty mllea
Shamrock III beat Shamrock I only
four minutes and nine seconds. If
he flght told the whole story the cup
might be safe , but they are deceptive.
t is apparent that Designer Fife and
Sir Thomas Lipton are experimenting
with the new boat and that changes
are made dally in her ballast and
trim to discover the effect upon her
Revising the Ritual.
New York , July 8. A commission of
ourteen bishops and delegates of
he Methodist Episcopal church north
and the Methodist Episcopal church
south is holding sessions at Ocean
Grove , N. J. , to revise the catechism
and ritual of the two churches so that
hey will conform to each other.
King Oscar Not III.
Stockholm , July 8. There la no
ruth in the report published abroad
hat King Oscar la ill. Ho Is to leave
Stockholm July 11 for Gellfraro to
open the Swedish-Norwegian railway.
Washington , July 8. Secretary
Root has received from General Davis ,
commanding in the Philippines , a
eng cable message over the new Pa
cific cable relating to the disposition
> f another reduction of troops in the
slands for the next year. In the opln-
on of General Davis the conditions
n the Philippines are such as to war
rant qulto a reduction In force , and
le gives in detail his plan for making
this reduction.
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"Waseka , Minn 10.50
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Clear Lake , la 10.70
Spirit Lake , la , ( Okoboji ) . . 0.05
Tickets are on sale daily during
Juno , July , August and September -
ber , good for return until Oct. 31 ,
Homesoekers' round trip tick
ets on sale to points in the North ,
Northwest , South and Southeast
on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays in each
month. Also one way salonist
rates to points South and Southeast
on saino dates. Summer tours via
Duluth or Chicago and Steamer
via the Great Lakes.
Write me about your trip and
lot mo give you an itinerury.show-
ing time , connections , cost , etc.
Sleeping Oar and Steamer reservations -
' vations made in advanco. Cor
respondence solicited and inform
ation cheerfully given at 1402
Foniaiu St. , Omaha , or write ,
Dist. Pass. Agt. , 111. Gent. R. R.
Omaha , Nob.

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