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Till ? NORFOLK NEWS : F1UDAY , JULY 31,100 : ? ,
Workman Mixes Nitric Acid
i With Nitro-GIyccrinc.
Two Magazines of United Stateo Car
tridge Company , Located Near Low.
II , Mass. , Explode With Frightful
I nc ult Buildings Wrecked ,
Lowell , MIIHH , , July 30. Two Btnull
Ctiniiowilor uiuuaxluua , iiltmiloJ In the
very midst oC the huinblo roiilduuccH
of tifly mill oporntlvoH , tupladod with
e frlchUuI couciiBBlon and the ro-
ultnnt waveof death cut oft thu lives
of nuiro than u score of humnn bolngH
ud Injured nearly llfty othora. Hulf
dozun men who wcro loading koga
of powder from ono of the nuiKiizlnua
wcro blown to plccoa , four boys , 200
jftrda Rwuy , were killed by the 'forco
of the cxploHlou inul fourteen fraino
ton sea within a radlim of 200 ynrdu
went down na If they hud been built
of cards. Bovon of thoflo IHUIBOH tin-
mediately caught fire , probably from
the kitchen sloven , and were complete
ly conmimod , At lennt three peraomi
vrere caught In the ruins und burned
to death , whtlo ROVOII or eight other ,
who wcro rcecuod , dlod uubmniudntly
of tholr Injuries.
It Is ofltlnmled that oovouty Boparnto
pieces of property , Including those al
ready montlonixl , were destroyed ,
while the force of the oxnloxlon
wrecked wlndown for flvr or six miles
Around , and lt thutulor could bo hoai.l
illDtlnctly moro than fifty miles away.
List of Killed and Fatally Injured.
The following In the lint of those
Jinown to luiVd been Idlloit In the ex
plosion : Qoorco Finn , John MeMaa-
tern , Loula 13. Richards , JamPH L.
Qrady , all employed by the United
StutiiB Cartridge company ; James n.
Bulllvan , Charles Moore , Ix > nn Uoloau ,
nil employed by the Stanley forward-
IHR company ; Ollbert McDonnott ,
Michael McDcrmott , Thomas IIoull-
gan , Joseph Houllgnn , William Gallo
way , Robert Galloway , Rolxjrt Gallo
way , Jr. ; Alfred Lobnin , Mrs. Cuthe
Tine RlgBs , Kddlo RoRorB , George A.
McDonnott , Josephine , PomoHRO , Mra.
Victoria PerucflBQ , Zopbrlnin 1'crucsae ,
unknown man.
The nine Innt named were hilled by
the fall of their houses or burned to
Thono fatally Injured ; Amadeo Ron-
lunger , Clarendon Goodwin , Mra. How
ard Rurkott , Miss McDermott , Kllzn
Galloway , Clara Superna.
Four persons are mlfislnnr.
| Cause of the Explosion.
The magazines were the property of
the United Btatoa Cartridge company
of this city , but fortunately were sit
uated more than a mile away from the
factory Itself. Doth magazines ordi
narily contained two or turoo tons o
gunpowder lu tin kegs. The company
tor Boinu tlmo 1ms been dotUroui of
etrengtlieulng the tloor of the mnja-
Elues , mid ulght men , three of them
oinployou of the company , thrco ox-
proBsuicn and two carpenters wore
Bent there with three largo express
teams to take out the powder and
iiiend the tloor. Two of the teams
had been loaded and the other was
almost full when the explosion oc
curred. It was a long tlmo before the
effects of the explosion could bo dis
covered. It was thought that everyone
ono within a radius of ilt'ty foot of the
magazines had been hilled , but later
It was found that Clarendon Goodwin ,
foreman of the inon loading powder ,
bad survived , together with ono of his
assistants , Amadeo nouhuiger. The
latter said the men went down to the
magazine nearest the street to llx the
floor and after the teams had been
loaded with the powder which was in
the magazine , it was discovered that
a can of ultro-glycerlno , which waa
etorcd In the magazine , was leaking.
Goodwin picked up what ho thought
was a Jug of water and began pouring
'It onto the nttro-glycerlno , with the
Idea of diluting It and washing it up.
As soon as the fluid from the Jug
struck the floor he found that it was
nitric acid. The floor at once began
to smoke , and when the men saw it
they rushed from the building , but had
oot 50110 ten feet when the explosion
occurred. This magazine was there
fore the first to go up , followed imme
diately by the gunpowder on the three
wagons and several minutes later by
the second magazine.
Buildings Are All Wrecked.
To those who heard the crashes it
ueemed as If there were two distinct
explosions , with n continuous roar be
tween. There are flvo holes In the
ground , which seems to clearly Indi
cate flvo explosions. The entire catas
trophe occupied the space of scarcely
flvo seconds , but In that time the sur
rounding property was swept as If a
imall volcano had broken forth in Its
didst. Every house within 200 yards
collapsed. Trees were blown down ,
while bricks were hurled far across
the rlvor and nil over the neighbor
For several minutes afterward the
ftlr was completely filled with smoke
and dust , Illuminated by the glare
from the already burning house. The
work of rescue at once began , but in
many cases the flames had already
gained full sway over the crumbled
ruins and several persons were burned
to death before the debris which cov
ered them could be removed.
Q. A. R. Reunion at Falrbury.
Falrbury , Neb. , July 30. The at
tendance at the G. A. R. reunion la
larger than on any prerlotis aaj.
Captain H. E. Palmer of Omaha and
Adjutant General Culver were Mia
principal speaker * .
Executive Committee of People's Par.
ty Holds a Meeting In Denver ,
Denver , July 30. Thu national exec
utive committee of thu United 1'uople'o
party mut and undorHcd all the pro-
coedlngu of the conference of thu re
form purUuu which hau boon in ces
sion In thin city for thu paot two duyfl.
A resolution wna adopted calling a
meeting of the national uxucutlvu com
mittee of thu Unltod Peuplo's party ,
to be hold at HI. Loula , Fob. 22 , 1004.
It wnu alao ronolvcd that it was the
sotino of the committee that the nomi
nal In R convention should bo held early
In 11)04 ) , bfiforo the conventions of
either the Republicans or Uuinocratn.
A pnrmunont organization wan effect
ed , of which J. A. l&lgortoti la chair
man , U > organize the reform parties
In every statein thu union.
Furniture Men Elect Officers.
Now York , July 30. Tim Unit an
nual convention of the .Furnlturo As
sociation of America closed with the
election of those olllcoru : President ,
W. II. Koocli , Plttaburg ; secretary ,
Robert Mlllor , Jr. , Now York ; treas
urer , IJeuJamln F. Durnn , Harrlnburg ;
directors , W. II. Keoch , PlttaburK ;
W. A. Harbor , LOB Angeles ; A. J. Can-
roy , Cincinnati ; Ifl , F. Ooff. Hartford ;
John A. Cnwall , Providence. The
1004 convention will probably bo held
at the SU Lou I H exposition.
College for Women.
Geneva , N. Y. , July 30. William
Smith , a millionaire nurseryman , will ,
It in announced , found and endow a
college for women , to bo known au the
William Smith CollcRo for Women.
The liiBtltutlon rrlll bo on a Bite of
thirty ncrOH In ono of the mout beauti
ful nectlona In the outuldrtH of the
city. The pinna call for onp bulldlna
to coat JtfiO.OOO. Mr. Smith htvn mode
largu donations to public Institutions
and maintained the Smith observa
Mlcroecopleto Meet.
Warsaw , Ind. , July SO. The Amer
ican Miaoncoplcal * society beann a
throe days' session nt Wlnona. Dr.
V. A. I-athnin of Northwestern univer
sity medical college , Chlcnijo , read a
paper describing certain d alls in the
structure of the teoth. Dr. J. 8. Footo
of CrflRhton Medical college. Omaha ,
presented a norcl method of teaching
hUtalogy and Professor Elsetimnnn
tnlktvd on the degenerate eyes of the
blind llsh of Culm.
Dewey Ordered to Tear Down Fence.
Topeka , July 30. On orders from
the department of juBtlco tit Washing
ton. United States District Attorney
Doan has directed C. P. Dowcy , the
ranchman of Cheyenne county war
fame , to tear down eleven miles of
fence , which partially Incloses thir
teen sections of government land.
Dewey Is one of fifteen or moro ranch
men who are said to have fioverimicnt
laud enclosed.
Masses Intoned for Pope Leo and
Late King Humbert.
Rome , July 30. While at the vat-
lean , in the Slstlno chapel , a solemn
requiem mass was being Intoned , with
all the solemnity the Catholic-
church could Impose , for the repose of
the soul of Pope Leo XIII. the spiritual
monarch who claimed Rome as his
capital , another and no less solemn
requiem mass was being celebrated
In the mngnluccnt Pantheon for the
repose of the soul of the late Kins
Humbert , the temporal monarch , the
capital of whose kingdom waa Homo.
Union Goods to De Higher.
Chicago , July 30. The prlco of over
alls , Jumpers and other cotton gar
ments for worklngmon will bo ad
vanced sharply all over the United
States , according to n statement mndo
by T. A. White of Scrnnton , secretary
of the Union Made Garment Manu
facturers' association iu convention
hero. The association Includes near
ly all the makers using the union la
bel. "Tho advance will bo noted and
must be considered duo to the Increasa
In the prlro of fnbrlcB , " said A. R ,
Whlto. "Tho union men buy most of
our goods and will obtain them oven
If the cost la greater. "
Sugar Bill Passes Second Reading.
London , July 30. The house of com
mons passed the eugar convention
bill to Its second reading by n vote of
224 to 144. In the course of the debate -
bate upon the bill , Colonial Secretary
Chamberlain in defending U , said :
"For twenty years wo have tried to
secure the voluntary abandonment of
bounties. It was only when wo
changed our policy and suggested re
taliation that wo secured the object
for which wo struggled so long. "
Plnckney Appointed Passenger Agent.
Iowa Falls , la. , July 30. President
13. S. Ellsworth of the Dee Molnes ,
Iowa Falls and Northern railway an
nounced the appointment of W. R ,
Pinckney of Chicago ns general pas
senger and ticket agent of this new
lino. Mr. Pinokney has been con
nected with the traffic department of
the Chicago and Great Western for
several yours. He assumes his now
duties Aug. 1 , with headquarters at
DCS Moines.
Doctors Rather Skeptical.
New York , July 29. Regarding th
recent experiments of an Anderson
( Ind. ) physician , who claims he suc
ceeded in creating life in the form of
animated substances resembling wo'l '
developed germs of life and trilobi'ea ,
doctors at the Pasteur Institute de
clare , says the Paris correspondent of
the Herald , that the atoms described
could only have como front an outside
source and were'cither attached to the
walls of thft tube or wore present in
substances used in the experiment.
Strike Leaders Run Out of Col
orado Town by Citizens.
Business Men Hold Western Federa
tion Officials Responsible for Ex
plosion at Sun and Moon Mine and
Drive Them Out of Idaho Springs.
Idaho SprlngH , Colo. , July 30. An
explosion at the Sim and Moon mine ,
located thrcu miles from this city ,
wrecked the transformer house , not
tire to thu oil In the transformers and
threatened destruction of thu muiu
shaft house.
The watchman , aroused by the ex
plosion , rushed out in time to observe
two men running away from the trans
former building. Ho IIrod at them
several times , and later a wounded
man waa found nearby. Ho died short
ly after of his injuries. He had been
Identified au Philip Ficro , a member
of thu Miners' union.
The Sun nnd Moqn mine was the
first mine affected by the strike , which
was declared last Fobruary. After
four months of idleness the mine re
sumed operations with nonunion men.
Manager Sims of the Sun and Moon
declares that no explosive of any kind
was over kept in or near the trans
former building. The building waa
wrecked by a heavy charge of dyna-
were elected : President , V. R. Hoi-
minors' union were arrested , charged
with conspiracy to blow up the mine.
Twenty nonunion men were working
ton the death level of the mine at the
time of the explosion , but escaped In-
Jury. The damage caused by the ex
plosion amounts to several thousand
After a meeting of business man ,
000 citizens of Idaho OprlnQS went to
the city Jail and took fourteen of the
men arresttMl , charged with the blow
ing up of the Sun and Moon mine
bulIdlnRS , marched them to the city
limits and told thorn to leave the place
and never return. The men driven out
include Howard Trcsadol , president of
the local union ; A. D. Alcott , vlco
president ; George Becker , Decretory ;
Peter Hcmlrr , treasurer , and two or
three members of the executive com
mittee. All the others are prominent
members of the union. Some of the
men complained that they had no
money and a purse was made up for
them. Everything was done In an or
derly manner , and not a rough word
or act was Indulged in toward the
men. At the meeting at which the
action was determined upon , It Is said
fully 80 per cent of the city's busi
ness was represented. It was pro-
Bided over by F. W. Collom , city at *
torney , and addressed by President
Hauchett of the First National bank
and others equally prominent.
The other prisoners were taken to
Georgetown , the county seat.
Special Judge Appointed and the Case
Reset for Next Month.
Jefferson City , Mo. , July 30. The defense -
fonso secured another delay In the
trials of Senator Frank 11. Farris , F.
A. . Smith and D. W. Matthews , indict-
sd on charges of bribery.
In the cases of Smith and Farris ,
Judge Graves of IJutler was appointed
special judge. Oil application of the
defendants , who asked for further
time , he reset the Farris case for Aug.
24 and the Smith case for Aug. 26.
Then , at the request of the attorney
general , Judge Hazell set the Mat
thews case foi Aug. 31. The applica
tion of Senator Sullivan for a special
Judge was t anted by Judge Hazell , j
who appointed Judge H. C. Tlmmonds
of Lamar , of the Barton county cir
cuit court , to try the case at onco. j
Mrs. Blanche Kelley , wife of D. J.
Kelley , representative of the baking
powder trust , who Is here to Identify
the letters written to her husband by !
former Lieutenant Governor John A. j
Lee , was cited to appear aa a witness j
before the Cole county grand jury ,
which convenes at Jefferson City next
Urges Farmers to Hold Wheat.
Hutchiuson , Kan. , July 30. The
Farmers' Co-Oporatlvo Union of Amer
ica , having ? 1 wheat in Chicago for
Its object , has Just been organized.
The entire wheat belt of the west Is' '
being covered with circulars urging' '
the farmers to hold tholr grain for
that price. The farmers are In bet
tor Bhapo than ever before to carry
out this plan , it is said.
Held for Killing Merrltt.
Nlobrara , Neb. , July 30. Isaac Me-
Coun , charged with murder In the
first degree for the killing of William
Merrltt , was hold to answer at the
September term of the district courL
The evidence was circumstantial.
MorrHt's remains were sent to
ing , la. , for interment.
Petroleum Works Burr.ed.
Baku , Russian Transcpu'casla , July
30. The extensive petroleum works
at Balakhamy have , teen burned. Tha
fire is believed JD have boon of in
cendiary orison. Largo numbers of
boring towers and reservoirs of
naphtha were destroyed , including
thoslf belonging to the Nobel Bros.
' .aid to the Caspian company.
To Cross Arctic Circle In Auto ,
Copenhagen , July 80. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles J. Glldden of Lowell , Mass ,
left here in their automobile in an at
tempt to cross the Arctic circle. The
United States consul here accompa
nied them to'Elslnor. The automobilIsts -
Ists received un enthusiastic send-oft
from a big crowd at the starting point
Eleven Men Held for Taking Port In
Recent Lynching ,
Danville , III. , July 30. Eleven ar
rests -were mode for participation In
the lawless outbreak of Saturday
night , when the jail was attacked in an
effort to lynch James Wilson , a ne
gro , who , it Is assorted , assaulted
Mrs. Burgess at Alvin. Ths grand
Jury was ordered to reconvene Mor-
day to conduct the case against the
1 jadors of the mob. Of these arrested
only ono gtivo bond. A guard hau
been placed around the hospital where
flvo men who were members of the
mob are receiving trcatucnt for their
Missing Attorney Returns Home.
Belle Plain , Kan. , July 30. Emcra
E. Wilson , former county attorney ,
who disappeared from Topeka on July
3 , after writing his wife that he in
tended to commit puicldo , was found
lying In an exhausted condition and
aluiout unconscious In the yard of his
homo hero. He has not been able to
give any account of himself , but from
his appearance he Is believed to have
tramped a long distance and undergone -
gone many hardships. Wilson's ofilco
has been declared vacant and a sue-
censor appointed.
Fedural Grand Jury at Work on Al
leged Postal Frauds.
Washington July 30. The federal
grand Jury hu-re resumed Its consider-
ntlon of postal cases , but did not
roach the expected indictments. As
sistant District Attorney Taggart waa
uncertain when the jury would report.
It Is known that there lu at least
ono witness who is to be examined ro-
gardtng mafters concerning George W.
Beavers , already under Indictment in
Brooklyn on account of hla alleged
connection with the government pur
chase of postal supplies.
The government will institute pro
ceedings against W. H. Wolghel , a
postal contractor , and the Fidelity
Trust and Dope-sit company of Balti
more for approximately $200,000 ,
which the postofflce department has
been compelled to expend above the
amount of a contract for carrying
the malls In wagons in Now York city. I
The District supreme court has fixed
Aug. 5 for hearing on the demurrer of
August W. Mnchen , formerly general
superintendent of the free delivery di
vision of the postomco department , to
the Indictments against him.
" " "
Reformers Slain and Dead Bodies
Dragged Through Streets.
London , July 30. The Times thia
morning describes a serious religious
riot in the city and province of Yezd ,
in central Persia , which lasted moro
than a fortnight. The outbreak was
directed against religious reformers ,
called Babls. In the city for two days I
every Uabl found was butchered by
the rabble and the mutilated bodies i i
were dragged through the streets , followed - |
lowed by exultant crowds. Houses
were looted , women beaten and killed
and finally the priestly leaders of the
riot enjoined the populace to bring
all the remaining Babis before them
or the governor for judgment. The
governor rctused at first to act on the
threats of the mob , but his palace waa
surrounded by menacing men and the
following day he consented. Ono
Babi taken before him was blown
from tbe mouth of a cannon and an
other was killed and dragged through
the town. Order has been restored ,
but the Babls who escaped are in hid
Names Shay as Successor.
Meadvlllo , Pa. , July 30. Grand As
sistant Chief Engineer A. B. Young-
son of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers , who Is lying at the point
of death In Meadvllle city hospital ,
and who by the recent sudden death of
Chief P. M. Arthur became the execu
tive head of the brotherhood , named
M. H. Shay of Youngstown , O. , as hla
successor to act In case of his death.
Shay Is chairman of the committee on
adjustment in the brotherhood on the
Erie and one of the most capable men
In the order.
Good Rain Where Needed.
Lincoln , July 30. Good rains vis
ited these parts of Nebraska which
most needed them. On the northern
division of the Burlington , the fall
was general. The precipitation In the
southeast portion of the state was
light. Corn is greatly helped by the
Wrapper Makers to Strike.
Now York , July SO. At a mass
meeting under the auspices of the
wrapper makers , 2,000 girls employed
In that trade hero have been ordered
to strike for a nine hour day.
Mrs. Emma Primrose , wife of Oeorgo
H. Primrose , the minstrel , died at Buffalo -
falo of heart paralysis.
Daniel H. Carpenter , the geologist
and author , Is dead nt his home in
Maplewood , N. J. , aged soventy-flvo.
Dr. Wilbur Clinton Knight , professor
of geology and mining engineering at
the University of Wyoming , is dead
of peritonitis. j
The British cruiser Molampus col '
lided with nnd sank the British ,
steamer Rupperra off the Lizard. The
crow was saved.
Mrs. Carthorlno M. Northrup was
shot and killed by James Sanford at
the latter's home on a fruit ranch
near Albira , Wash.
Mrs. William Davis of Warfiold , Ky. ,
enraged over the thought that her
husband loved Sadie Evans , a neigh
bor girl , shot the Evans girl to death
with a rifle. Mrs. Davis escaped and
has not been captured. \
I \\n-v w A/ .
N V Life lllda , OMAHA , NCIJH.
The Ureett , moil firmH MtnMliheil and bt l equipped Commercial mil Shorthand School In.
Omalu Moclrrncout r ol nuilr Kiperienccil Iricliert Individual Inilruclloa Slrlclilliclpllns *
J'MUiml ' melhoiU Fireproof buiMinv Y M C A adjicenl Alhlellc * Fully equipped irrmnai-
lum. HUM cUit enicrlafrmirnlt Oridiuto s lilod to noillloni STUUBNTS I'UKNtSHED-
WO UK TO I'.AKN 11OAKI ) WHILE ATTENDING Send for Calutoiiu * .
Iowa and Illinois Financiers
Hold Joint Se-sion.
Governor Urges Necessity of Reform ,
Says Reason Congress Does Not En
act Legislation Is Because Too Many
Members Want to "Stand Pat. "
Davenport , la , , July 30. The Iowa
State Bankers' association closed its
seventeenth annual convention. It
! [ was decided to offer a standing reward
of $1,000 for the arrest and conviction
j 1 of any person who might rob a bank
| belonging to a member of the associa
tion. For information leading to the
' arrest of such a burglar the associa
tion will pay $500. A uniform system
o bank money orders was recom-
j ' mended. Stops will be taken to maku
! I this measure practicable. Over cap
italization of corporations was con
demned and legislation will be asked
to correct the watering of stocks. Fif
teen delegates to the American Bank-
ers' association will meet at San Fran-
clRco , when appointed. These ofllcers
were elected : President , L. F. Pot
ter , Harlan ; vice president , Frank Y.
Locke , Slbloy ; treasurer , David A. Me-
Kce , Media polls ; secretary , J. M. Din-
wlddle , Cedar Rapids.
The executive council of the Illinois
Bankers' association met and organ
ized by electing Thomas B. Cattin of
Ottawa chairman. Members of the
\ asso. lotion had a Joint meeting with
the Iowa Bankers' association. Con
gressman Charles N. Fowler of New
Jersey advocated asset currency in an
address before the joint meeting and
Governor A. B , Cummins de
livered an address on conservatism
and prosperity. Governor Cummins
took occasion to repeatedly reiierato
his protest against ultra-conservatism
and In favor of reform , although he
did not specifically mentlou the tar
iff. Ho said In part : "You know and
1 know that a reform in the laws
touching currency IB one of the things
BO necessary that the tortured b-dy
of business attests it in the agony of
its movements. Why is a reform not
effected ? If you will examine pro
foundly your own hearts you will
agree with me that tbe reason the
Fowler bill or some other bill of like
Bcopo and having a like general pur-
pone was not adopted by the last ses
sion of congress was because there
were too many members who wanted
to 'stand pat , ' and wcro determined
to let well enough alone. The real
spirit that stands like a giant In the
way of progress In this direction is
the conservatism of prosperity. "
Czar Starts for Sarotoff.
.St. Petersburg , July 30. The czar ,
czarina ard their suite left hero last
evening to join the great orthodox
pilgrimage to Sarotoff , where the
orthodox church Is to celebrate the
canonization of the Hermit Prokhor
Mosnln. under the name of St. Sera-
phln. Some 0,000 bushes and clerg. of
European Russia will participate in
the ceremonies , waieh will last four
Police Battle With Striking Drivers.
New York , July 30. The police re
serves battled with a mob of striking
drivers , who he-ran their fight for
shorter hours against the New York
Transfer company. The trouble was
precipitated when one of the drivers ,
who refused to join them , made his
appearance on Seventh avenue. The
mob cut the traces from the horses
and rolled the wagon Into the gutter ,
and attacked the driver with knives.
The drlvpr held his own for a time ,
beating off his assailants with the butt
end of his whip. He was struck on
the head with n brick and nearly
knocked off the wagon and would have
been roughly handled but for the time
ly arrival of the reserves.
Convicts Avoid a Battle.
Folsom , Cal. , July 30. The possa
under the direction of Sheriff Keena
of Placer and Sheriff Bosqult of El
dorado had a brush with the fugitive
Folsoin convicts on Greenwood creek
, and a number of shots were ex
changed , but so far as can bo learned
nobody was shot. The convicts avoid
ed a decisive encounter and are sup
posed now to be working back In the
general direction of Colomu.
Weavers Return to Work.
Philadelphia , July 30. Eight hun
dred weavers , employed in the Dobson
mill , who have been on a strike for
nine weeks , returned to work without
their demands being granted. Six
bundled of the weavers were sent
homo as the loom fixers are still out.
In the Kensington district , where the
greater number of mills are located ,
the strikers are holding firm and a
compromise may bo effected.
Mob Incited by a Woman.
Chicago. July 30. Miss Catherine
Bentzy was arrested , charged with In
citing to violence the mob which at
tacked and seriously injured Joseph
Sullivan , a nonunion employe of the
Kellogg Switchboard and Supply com
pany , some time ago. "Go on , kill
him ! " she is alleged to have cried re
peatedly to the pickets when they
teemed to fear the police.
She Has Cured Thousands
Given up to Die.
Practicing Aleopathy , Homeopathy - *
opathy , Electric and General - °
oral Medicine.
Will , by roqoott , vltlt luofosuloually
roturulus every four eoke. Consult her wh lo >
tto opiiurlm it ) is at linud ,
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ulioiiBPB of n curable uuturo Early consump
tion , bronchitis , bromhinl catnrrh , dirruio-
catarrh , lioiuiiiolio , cmiftiimtio , eiomach utt
bowel trouble , rheumatism Lournl.-U , i.
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of the liver ami blmlder , dlzziuesn. ner ou nr 8
ImUnotl n. obesity Intnirnpted n rltiou ,
alow growth iu chlldre-.nnd all waBtiup dis-
oiuoo iu adults , tlofo mitioclubfeet eurva-
Mire of the uplno. dUeasos of the brain , paraly
sis , heart ( llienio , droppy , swellinr o the lii b ,
strl' tnro , "pen B. . res , pain in tlio bone * , flrntm-
Ur enlargements and all loug-Etaudinf dii-
OBIW properly treatoil.
Illocxl 11 ml 8kln I > | M > * ,
rimplos. b'otcliee ' , eruptions , liver spots , fall
ing i > f the hair , bad complexion ecznnm. throat
ulcora. to.a lalm , bladder tumbles , weak
back , hurninr nriuo. pa sing nrlno too often ,
The offpcts of constitutional slcknctt or the.
tnkin * of too much injurious medicine receives-
Boarch ug treatment , prompt relief and n cura
tor life.
Diseases of women , irrefinlnr menstruation ,
falling of the womb , bearing down paine ,
forr-a'o ' "ifplacemnnte , luck of sexual tone.
I one rrliea. sterility or bnrrenuops , c"innlt
DCnldwell ami she w 111 ihow thorn the cnune.
of their trouble and the way to boci mo ci rod ,
Cancern , Goiter , FUtuln , IMle *
anrtoiilarBslRlnnds treated with the subcu
taneous , inject on motbo I. absolutely without
pain in d wittmut the loss < f a drop of blood ,
is ono of her own discoveries and in really the-
niobt c-iontirlc method
ol tills advanced age
13r. taliluoll Imp practiced her proieseion iti
somoof the larncst hofpi'als throunhont the-
country. Shn lint no super ! ri' tbe treating
and'diaunosinij ' diseased de'ormities , o c. She-
ban latelj otumed an ollico iuOmalm Nebraska
whern eho w.ll t-pcm ! a portion of each week *
troatl-K har many p.itlo-its. No incurable
cases accepted for tr-atmciit Consultation
oxaininatioimnd advice one dollar to tlioeo iu
torestod. lift. Or.A CAJ.I > \\KI.L & Co
ClilcHirn 111.
Address all mall to Boo Huildmg , Omaba ,
Neb ,
A Three Months' Subscription to
De Industrial
with which is given free as a premium
Two Splendid Maps of Thunder Moun
tain Mining District and of Southern
Idaho , showing all the mines and all the
important claims , also routes , railroads
and wagon roads.
The Industrial Times is a monthly of
16 big pages which give accurate In
formation regarding the movement of
industrial and mining enterprises. Its
regularsubscription price isonedollarper
year ; but a trial subscription is sent for
three months for ten cents , including the
maps. These are the only accurate maps
of Thunder Mountain and are alone
worth several times the price charged.
Many School Children are Sickly ,
Mother Gray'u Sweet Powders for Children .used
by Mather Gray , a nurse in Children's Home. New
\ork , llruik up Colds In 21 hours , cure Fevirlth-
ne < 9 , Headache , Stomach Troublis , Icclhh j ; Dls-
ordo's , move and regulate the liowele , and DcMny
Worms. Mrs. Kuiily Marnnn , Meriden , Ct. , mjn :
"II H the best medicine in the world for children
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clsrs or by mail. 25c. feamiilo tent FlttK. Address
Allen ti. OlmetcJ. Leltoy , N. Y.

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