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NOKKOliK "NRWS : F1UDAV , AT'OUIST 7 , 1003.
The Nottfu
That addronH to the people
from Denver , really HOOIIIH to have
llio ring f'f "It' ' I'1' ' ' populism
The NtuOivlllo American roforH Id
Mr. Nrynn us a todloiiM growler. In
ferring , ptwtdhly , that , lie lian boon
rushed once too often.
Kdwiird promlnos It ) call on Ireland
again HOHJIvhoti lie hopiw to dup-
lli-uto hi * roronl aohlovomon't of
chaidng dlHHtil lHfaetIon from tlioliilunil.
It IH ( ho llnrt tlmo thin season that
tlio gtiloh liaii o\orllowod , distributing
1H ( mini and nllmo ever tlio lawns and
tilling ( lie collars , HO It iniiHt havohoon
one of ( ho worst of llio Honiion.
Now If tlio democratic convention
novt year doesn't do llio right thing ,
Mr. llryan and ! IH ! followorH will have
; \ parly to go I" Hint ' Hitllloloiilly
visionary to Hull Iliolr liiNtos.
Now that llio two f.irllotiH of the
populist paily liavo fuiiud and do-
clarcd against fusion , they am In
liollor condition , or should l o , lo fiwo
wllh tlio democrats when llio oppor
tunity olTorH ,
Tlio NoliraHlia populists need not
fool obliged lo fnno If limy really
don'-i. want to. It will make very
Illtlo difference. The man named al
tlio coming republican coimin'tlon
will ho elected.
Since llio discovery < > r AinoiU-n by
ColninlniH tlio total gold ptodiicllon
of tlio world IH Halt ! to liavo boon ? ! ) , -
811,000,000. anil yet there are a whole
'lot of people who are unnblo to keep
a lillllonth part of tlio total produo
Tim olllelal roporl of tlio state
hoard of iMiiiallxallon creditH Madison
county with u properly valuation of
? l8t,8ill : ( ! ! ) , against which IH levied IS
mlllH of Htato tax , that will m.iko tin
county's total coiitrlhntlon to Htatr
expenses $ Uiitil.7ti. ! :
The record of fiOdogroosoMtabllshod
during the past few days has been
tlio lowest ever recorded In Nebraska
during Inly , the previous low record
being f > 2. H IH no wonder that No-
bniHUaiiH are not the bo.st patrons ol
cool Huinmor resortH.
Now If the reorganized popnllHlH
can rally enough voters around the
ling to make a showing at the star
the party may yet have a chance ol
returning to the position It occupied
when It llrst began to go down grade
under fusion with the domocratH.
Thoao Nebraska prohibitlonlsts wht
huvo boon soiling and using the "nn
fonuontod grape julco" * containing
four per cont. alcohol will bo compelled
polled to speak In a atlll .small voice
on temperance subjects until they
are fully recovered from the effects
o'f the wino.
In the confusion following a bur
glary a Kentucky man shot and fatally
tally wounded his wife. It Is not safe
for some men to have a gun and ge' '
after burglars , and It seems to IK
particularly unsafe for the neighbor
hood for a Kentucky man to have a
Now Orleans Is h'iriloncd wllh i
city debt of $18,000,000 , which b
greater than many northern elites o
like population could afford to assume
-and hope to have Iho tax payers clam
for. Now Orleans iintsl have a con
vlnclng way of assuming obligations
for owners of city property.
The fact that this country Is about a
million Inhabitants ahead on the ox
change of immigration with Canada
indicates that there are people In that
part of America
who appreciate a
good thing when they see It , oven
though there are people hero who
will Insist on going up there whore
the natives realize Its undesirable-
At least ono of the cardinals ob
jected to the old style method of se
lecting u popo. Ho Is reputed to bo
the wealthiest man in the college and
had no relish for being shut tip In a
cell and subsisting on the food that
is likely to ho furnished him. Ho is
used to bettor things , evidently , than
the old tlmo leaders of the church
who considered It an honor to be
walled up while they elected a pope.
The "common peoplo" have a right
to demand that the recently formed
hop trust bo dissolved. If It results
In raising the price of boor and bread
the thirsty and hungry have a right
to and should complain. It is In
timated however that the prlco of
beer will not bo materially affectedas
there Is BO much of It that Is entirely
Innocent of pure and unadulterated
hops. The objection still holds good
regarding bread , however , and nearly
everyone eats bread.
The Nebraska State Horticulturists
have just finished a profitable summer
mooting at Fremont during which
nbjootrt of Intel out to fruit growcrx
A-oro entertainingly dlm'UHHod . by
IIOHO having had experience in nmK-
tig NobriiHkn null produce that which
10 many people regard an a luxury ,
t IH lo bo hoped that the roHiilIM of
ho mooting will bo apparent through-
xil the titato and that at future moot
* larger numborH will become
ntoroHled In thin branch of Industry
mill Nebraska altaluH to a name and
'itino , not only an to ( ho quality of
'mil ' giown but regarding ( piautlty UK
iVoll. There IH money In It for UIOHO
tvho will interest thoniHolvoH.
A dispatch HtaloH that "Calamity"
lane , a tutted western character , IH
load. There are yet living and will
Ivo , however , an long an the world
Htands , calamllyltoH. who will never
HOO anything but disaster and calatn
ty In ( ho future , and Iliolr croaking
volcoH will bo talHoil on any and ov-
iry occasion , no ni'ittor how prom-
sing IhlngH may look Vo others and
liow cheerful I hey may feel regarding
llio futuro. If with "Calamity" .lane
llio last of the poHslmlstfi had boon
removed the people would have real
nuHo for rojolclng. I'orhapn , how-
ivor , they are an necessary to hit
inanity IIH are tnoHcptlloH , lied hugs
unil other penis of which the people
do not recognl/o I ho UHO.
.ludgo Humes of Norfolk , twlcn ap
point )1 ) lo Iho Hitoivmu court commix-
Hlon by unanlmoiiH vole of Iho , court
which IH "fiiHlon by a majority of two ,
the leading In fact only candidate
for the supreme court nomination on
the republican Htato ticket , IH a man
of admirable record on ( ho bench.
The World-Herald says It appears
thai Iho railroads will force llini
nomination , II lookn an If there wasn't
any forcing procons on HO far as wo
can HOO. It looks just as though
llarnoH wan a product of the t lines
nurtured on the broader Ideas of Ne
braska's citizenship , nml accoptabli
to all oven to the ftiHlonlHts them
selves IIH is In evidence by his
selection lo the supreme court com
mission. Wayne Republican.
( lovornor Yates of Illinois Is ono
governor who Is not at all bao'cward '
In Hpeaking out against mob violence
and it may bo believed that the spirit
of lawlessness will not bo pormltot :
to flourish In that state if ho hits the
power to prevent It. In an address
to the Seventh infantry , n.itlona
guard , In camp of instruction at
Sprlngllold , the governor exprosHOi
his sentiments In the following torsi
ind timely language : "The men wht
composed the mobs which attacked
the jail at Hollovlllo and Danville , and
who in the former city took out a do
fetiHoless , negro who was a ptlsonei
there , and hanged him , and who at
Danville made a similar attempt , and
who did capture and hang and thor
burn a defenseless negro , who hat
killed another man , are nothing bin
anarchists. "
Poet Hlxby of the Sta'io Jonrmi' '
has boon looking ever the Elkhon
valley and Is compelled to believe
that "it was luckier than the loss o
a rich uncle when the old-time man
ugeiuent of the Chicago & NorInvest
era railway discovered the lOlkhon
valley. With all respect for other per
tlous of Nebraska , with the possible
exceptions of the everlasting sam
hills of Wheeler county , the Klkhon
is the most reliably productive val
ley In the state. It has never had i
complete failure slnco 'the glad day.1-
when Allen ( Jlrrard used to load hit
jug and go hunting' for big game li
Antelope and Holt counties. Its' '
Holds of corn now look like grea
forests , and a man might wander iuti
ono of them and get lost wore it no
tha'c the rows are well defined am
extend clear through. "
The people of Kuropo and othei
icctloiiH of the old world are of tin
opinion that America should go
above lynchlngs and burning at the
stake and other outrages beloro i
can consistently protest against sucl
nit rages as the KlschonelT massacre
and they are a little more than 1ml
right. The men who will batter dowi
x jail and tie a prisoner up lo a trei
liy the neck or burn him at the stake
ire not a bit higher in the scale o
civilization than those Russians win
perpetrated the outrages on the .lows
of that country. Let us stop this law
lessness and then give the people o
the old world a bit of advice calcu
lated to raise them to a plane of hlgho
civilization. Or , at least , if wo sent
protests to them , let us cheerfully re
celvo protests from them. Perhaps
deserved criticisms would do m
harm in either event.
The United States stands llrst litho
the mater of credit with the world
regardless of the claims of Kngllsh
men that their country is at the toj
The United States U per cent , bond
sell at premium recently of 10 (
while Kngland has not yet had th
nerve to Issue a 2 per cont. bond , an
her L'Mper cents , have boon sollin
at a discount. Germany has floalct
a 3 per cent , loan and feels good eve
It and the French 3 per cents soil fo
less that the United States 2 pol
ecats. If this Is not convincing : that
IH ! country IH at the top of the heap
n Llio matter of creiMI/ m not known
vhat will make It no. The people of
ho country and of the world , having
tonoy to loan or to Invent , are not
nly ready and willing to eiitriiHt
Tnclo Bam with their Havings but
re ready to pay a premium for the
rlvllogo. It IH a position deserving
f congratulation and ono calculated
o thoroughly dlHpcl worry and pen-
A TccuniHoh man who OWIIH a farm
nil rents It has gone Into llguron Mi
scortaln of what value the land IH
o him IIH an Invenlinenl , something
luit not all the fariuoi-H of valuable
Volirunlm hind have done , lie llniln
hat ho could not afford ( o neil bin
and for $ SO an aero. From a Vhlrly-
Ix aero Hold of corn , rained last year ,
iln nharo of Iho crop brought , him
1120 , ami ho fools well ploaHod that
10 recently declined an offer of $ SO
in aero for the land. There are
houmimlH of farms In Nebraska bring-
ng the name kind of returns to own
ers and renters and there are millions
if people who have not yet dlHcov
irotl ( hat NobniHka laud IH woi'.h $80
o $100 an aero , although much of It
H on the market for coiiHldorably lesn
ban that amount. ( ! oed Nebraska
< ell , nelllng at IOHH than $80 IB a
good enough Inventmont foranyman'H
nonoy , and the tlmo will come when
chore will bo a lot of people regret-
.lug that they have permitted some
are bargains to slip through their
Ingors , lo bo nailed by others hav
ng bettor financial forc.ilih ; ( .
The consolidated Fremont demo
f ratio organ ann < ) . -iu > oi : thai "tho pol
Itlcs of the paper will bo democratic ,
ami will stand by the action of every
democratic convention , either national
or local. If its parly sees til lo fuse ,
Iho paper will fuse ; if Iho party
should nominate any person mil ex-
aclly tasteful to the editor , the odltoi
will do like some of the other lollows
support Us parly nominee. " Talk
about yellow dog politics ! This Is
about as near It as II is possible tc
come. Anything that has the democratic
cratic- label will l/o siipnoitod by this
paper and no questions asked. II
will blindly support any man or any
principle urged by the conventions of
its party whether they are good or
bad , right or wrong , desirable or rep
rohonslblo. It will be for saving the
country or overthrowing it. just tu
tlio party managers think best. Per
haps this blind devotion to party wil
lie gratifying lo democratic lenders
but It Is matter for congratulation t (
the people of Iho state and countrj
that not all ( lomocratlc ortja
or these of otho" parties are
casl in Iho same mold. With enougl
of this kind of support it is easy t <
see that a political party might be
come the greatest monopoly of whicl
it Is possible to conceive , but thin mod
ern ago furnishes enough tiideponden
party organs to sco that right prevails
vails whether It comes from the dem
ocrats , republicans , or any other party
A Christian world greets the new
head of the Catholic church ant
hopes that his reign may bo louj ,
and that it will bear great losults
toward the advancement of Christian
Ity and civilization ; .that ft may be
more prolific of good and desirable ,
results to al mankind than that o :
the late pope _ Is the desire of all , am
YhlH would mean an Ideal era of Ca
It is said of Plus X that ho is :
profound scholar , broad minded , in
dependent , believes in progress am
Is liberal In his beliefs , and that the
pontllloinl crown of the late Leo XII
has dohcendod upon a head worth >
to wear It .
Pius X has an intellectual ant
kindly face , and his popularity among
the people of his country is attested
by the fact that ho was consider
the only candidate for the high ofllco
who could make friends in Italy aiit
bring about kinder if not closer re
latlons between the government am
the church.
The now pope is in his fiSth year
but throng and vigorous , both in mint
ami body. Ho was a dlstinguishet
prelate of the church before being ad
vanced to the highest otllco In Its
gift , and was highly respected by the
people with whom ho came in con
Ho is from the Venetian provinces
and was patriarch of Venice. Ho began
gan his studios in his imvivo place
passing to the e-ollego e > f Castlofranco
wltoro ho was ordained priest. Al
though young , ho was given the par
ish of Tombolo anil In 1SG7 was transferred
forred to a larger parish. The blshoj
of Trovlsco recognized real merit li
Sarto and nominated him canon li
his cathedral. Ho shortly aftorwari
became vicar general and in ISSIwa
made bishop of Muntovn. Hero ho
had real opportunity Vo display hi
cleverness and scope and rose rap
idly and In 1891 ! was chosen patriarch
of Venice , but was some time In re-
colvlng the acknowledgement of his
position on the part of the government.
i When ho was succssfiil in being rec-
ogni/od by the government ho was
made cardinal by the church.
The first Monday In .September IIIIH
eon designated by Uovoriior Mickey
H labor day when , onlHlde of the big
llloH of the slate , most of the com-
lion people will labor as usual.
That man McCann got bin niino
n all the papers of 'the country
norely because ho swore , but men
mvo been known lo Hsvoar and not
won got their mimes In the local
in pern.
A nephew of Kx-Seimtor Tliurslon
s acquiring coiiHldorablo fame as a
iiaglclau. If ho hi as smooth with
IH | hands as his uncle W.-IH with bin
nontli , fame and lorttine undoubtedly
iwnlt him.
It IH reported that the tire ROil
vomon physicians practicing In Lon-
loii , and yet Homo people have con-
nldorod that the Knglbdi people have
leeti slow In getting up wllh popular
nodorti methods.
It Is reported from China that some
dllors In that country may bo be
headed. I't may not bo HO exciting
ml a man would bo apt to fool more
comfortable If ho edit"- ' " . piper In
mother part of the world.
There IH ono thing about President
lloosovel't. Ho known better than to
go hunting for hears in Wall street
it this soastm of the year. Others
who wore not so wise now wish they
bad not ventured In the thickets of
finance so recklessly.
Perhaps , after all , It Is not worth
half the 1'iiSH that Is being made
whether that door to Manchuria is
.ipon or closed , but great powers are1 ,
in a way , like small boys when any
thing Is forbidden them , that 'they
are determined to havo.
Perhaps the IIOWH has not yet
re ichod you follows who consider Ne
braska a drouth stricken state entirely
tiroly that the slave is experiencing
washouts and Hoods and cloudhurttts
and excessive precipitation and thun
der and lightning In August.
If Iho eastern people want to H"t
a sight thai will make their eyes and
their hearts glad they should view
Nebraska at this season of 'cho year
with especial reference to the crops
Come went , young man , and see some
thing worth your time and money.
It Is reported that Hawaii wants ti
butt Into the bond deal and borrow
ti few million dollars. They have ev
idently noted ever Vhoro that a conn
try. state or territory Is not giver
much atteMition until it owes some of
the bloated bond holders for money
In Hnglnnd the fashionable are ig
noring the trains and doing their trav
oiling to and from summer resort ?
in their motor cars. If the fad becomes
comes general In this counvry ant
that Vhe railroad stocks are liUel >
to take another slump and staj
They have had frost In Minnesota
and North Dakota , a phase of the
weather which this strenuous spol
has not yet forced upon Nebraska
for which the people of this great
commonwealth are thankful. Stam
up for Nebraska If you have 'it
stand in the mud over your boot tops
In spite of the fact that the college
of cardinals is walkd up during the
voting for a successor to Pope Leo
the results of the ballots seem t (
leak out in some manner , and it is-
safe to assume that other inforimUioi
leaks in to the cardinals , so what it ,
the use of vho walling up process ?
You can scarcely blame newspapers
and people for talking about Vho
weather , when It carries itself as Nebraska
braska weather ban boon doing for a
year or moro with the evident pur
pose of attracting avtention. People
will talk about it JusV as they will tall
about the girl who dresses in gay am
fantastic costume and parades the.
An exchange credits Illinois will
the distinction of being : the grontos
whiskey-making state in the union
What then Is to become of Kentucky's
reputation ? Is It to bo one merely o
blue grass , fast horses and feuds ? I
would seem that Kentucky would re
sent this statement for Illinois a'lt
urge renewed activity In the construe
tion of distilleries.
Norfolk'sImlldlng and Improvemen
spirit has boon repeatedly soaked am
delayed since spring opened , bu
those who have inaugurated it are
in no wise discouraged and It keep
right on moving as rapidly and as
frequently as It can , which Indicates
that the right kind of enterprise 1
back of the work and will bo manifest
ifost for some tlmo to come.
Fremont is enjoying a boycott fron
Vho circuses , because at ono time i
was thought by the city officials Ilia
big shows should bo compelled ti
pay the license tax Imposed by the
ordinances as well as the ono-rlnt ,
attractions. Perhaps it Is the same
thing vhat alls Norfolk , but the clt >
looms to continue a sort of exlsIIPO :
n splto of the circus trust.
King I'Mwnrtl evidently did not
Ind Ireland as dlsnatlHllod and
eaily to break away from his empire-
is reports had led the people of Vho
vorld lo think ho would. Ills recep-
lon was very cordial and the ap-
ircclatlon ho expressed In his address
o the people of the Emerald Isle Is
ibout as appreciative and good mi-
tired as any people could expect
'rom their ruler.
( loiieral Caslns M. Clay has willed
o the people a largo portion of his
jstato for park purposes. Perhaps
10 is ono of the HriVt to discover a
loptilar moans of pro\ outing trouble
ivor estates , after the legillmato
nvnor Is dead. An estate given to
the people for a park will not only
bo highly appreciated , but there will
bo many eyes on jealous heirs who
would break the will 'through process
of law.
Santos Diimont , the aoronaul , has
received official recognition from the
French government , by having his
flotilla of air ships accepted by the
war department for use in carrying
dispatches and making observations
In the event of war. The evidence
at present Is thai they will not Im
mediately bo called Into use , but the
recognition of his ability as an in
ventor and aeronaut Is none the less
The stale board of equalization
finds that valuations in Nebraska
have increased eight million dollars'
worth over Iho past year. The people
who have noted the progress and im
provement throughout the state , and
the Increasing values of all kinds of
properties would not be satisfied
with a cent less. They would rather
pay the additional taxes imposed than
to have it shown that Nebraska had
been doing nothing in the way of im
This is Hie season of llio year , and
Iho past week or more has furnished
the weather , to increase the supply
of overripe hen fruit and as a consequence
quence there Is not the demand for
the product from the people Ihal was
in evidence earlier in the year. A
few passes at overdone eggs soon
very thoroughly eradicates that gnaw
ing egg appetite. The lions , however ,
are Industriously increasing their fam
ilies to care for the demand that next
spring Is certain to bring forth.
School stallsllcs show lhat Iho av
erage schooling received per inhab
itant of the United Stales is 998 days ,
while a half century ago it was but
J20 days , and at the beginning of the
nineteenth century but eighty-two
days. Foreigners who are endeavorIng -
Ing to find the reasons for the great
ness and. development of America
would do well to give these figures
a passing thought. The man or wo
man , native born , who Is not ed
ucated , is becoming a rarity in this
The few remaining populists , and
those formerly affiliated with that
party , should note how onthusiasllc-
ally their friends , the democratic ed
itors , are booming the coming stale
convention of their party at Grand
Island and how considerately they
ignore Iho coming convention of their
own party at Columbus. If they are
not then convinced that the democrats
loved them for the ofllces their votes
gave they should get under a totter
ing brick house and permit it to fallen
on them.
A cartoon represents Mr. Stiles as
doing some field work with his now
mosquito destroying parasite , the ag-
omomormis culicis. Iv represents the
learned scientist with vwo bull-tlog-
Hko fellows in leash and a third attacking -
tacking a monster blood-sucker while
the experimenter is represented as
exclaiming "Sic 'om cully ! " It is to
bo hoped thai Iho parasites will "sic
"om" with a right good will and that
something lias boon found that will
rid the country of ono of its most
numerous and persistent pests.
The tumbling of stocks on Wall
Htrcol appears to have had no effect
whatever on the grain market.
Wheat continues bumping up around
the eighty cent mark , corn goes bet
tor than half a dollar , and oats , with
the harvest on , keeps several degrees
better than thirty cents. The moral
should bo apparent to all 'that an
income is moro certain from a fairly
reliable Nebraska farm , and not In
frequently larger , than to go dab
bling about In railroad stocks and
other securities. Stay by the farm
and stand up for Nebraska.
It Is now announced that an Oregon
man has discovered n process for
making gold out of slate , or at least
that ho had succeeded in produc
ing a metal from slate , from which
ho expects vo make
gold. Such re
ports have been sent out ever the
worltl since man first attempted to
duplicate the work of nature and pro
duce gold , and If the secret is ever
discovered , it may bo imagined that
i'c will bo a shock to the world , as
hump back straight , neither will It make
? a . horl Icj long , hut It feeds oft bone t
und heals diseased bone and Is among
the few genuine means of recovery In
rkkus ami bone consumption.
" 'cml for free simple.
SCO IT X UOVv'NK , ClicmWs ,
Tc n Street , New York.
5ic. and * i , ooj all drugKtsts.
making'cheap gold and plenty of
it , Its importance as n precious metal
.IK ! a HVandard of value will inimcdl-
.toly slump.
Now that it has been demonstrated
Jiut Nebraska can afford not only
sprinkles bill pouring , washing , rush-
ng torrents in Iho laUer part of July
rind the llrst of August , which have
since the memory of Iho ancient
: iabitant commenced to do business
boon the dry months of the year ,
ioso who are still inclined toattributo
tothe slate a season of drouth moro or
less detrimental , will bo compelled to
admit thai no vosllgo of drouthy con
ditions remain. It has been ono of
the wetlcst states In the union for 'a
number of years , too wet at times ,
and the present is ono of the times.
They arc all going to the bad and
what will the poor common people do
llion ? The lalcst report is that our
own Senator Allen has been gathered
Into the grasp of llio oclupus and if
vho scheme works will shortly be a
railroad magnate. lie is already
president ot a mining company and
Is likely to be an oHlcial of the new
railroad corporation in which he is
interested. In which event ho maybe
bo expected to take a slant ! for the
corporations and against the peoplo.
It Is a sad condition of affairs , but
it is sincerely to bo hoped lhat the
people will live through it , at least
until the crops are harvested and mar
A Dloiific Tlmt It AVnn Ortnln Would
Not I'lcaie the I.iuly.
The pleasures of shopping arc as rig-
oroiuriy denied to "mere man" as are
the advantages of whistling to fair wo
man. The elccrce , being nature's own ,
Is universal , and the attempts made to
contravene it are few und unsuccess
ful. An exception , more apparent than
real , was made a few days ago by an
uxorious Berlin husband Intent on pre
senting his better half with a cow
blouso. tliurrledly entercel one of
the first shops In the capital and con
fided his intention to the graceful young
lady assistant. "I want a blouse a
good ono. You understand. It must bo
Bilk the best silk. "
"May I nsk what color you prefer ? "
inquired the superior young saleswom
an , with n smile.
"Oh , I'm not particular about the- col
or , but I may say that It may cost from
80 to 40 marks. "
"And the cut ? "
"Tho cut ? Well , I really don't much
care. After all , It comes to the same
thing. "
"May I ask about the lady for whom
It Is destined ? "
"Why , she Is my wife , of course !
Whom else did you"
"I beg your pardon. What I meant
was -what Is her size , at least approxi
mately ? "
"It doesn't matter in the least. Please
show mo Fomo blouses , one blouse , any
blouse , and let mo go , for I am in a
hurry to catch a train. "
"With pleasure , sir , but If you can
not give mo an idea of the color , cut or
size or anything else to guide nip how
an I hope to suit you ? "
"Give me any blouse you like so long
as the price Is between 30 and -10 marks.
It doesn't matter n straw what cut or
color or size I choose , for In any case
It's certain to bo changed. I told you
It Is for a lady ! " London Telegraph.
The More Dlilloult pnrt.
"The actor. " said Uoscliis. "should al
ways forget that he has an audience ,
lie should Immerse his soul In bis
lines , and"
"That's till very pretty , " interrupted
Horatio TIewalker. " '
"It Isn't half so
much trouble to forget that he has tin
audience n to forgot that ho hasn't
one. " .
" I was given up to die with
quick consumption. I then began
to use Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I
improved at once , and am now in
perfect health. " Chas. E. Hartman -
man , Gibbstown , N. Y.
It's too risky , playing
with your cough.
The first thing you
know it will be down
deep in your lungs and
the play will be over. Be
gin early with Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral and stop
the cough.
Three iliei : 25c. , 50c. , $1.
Consult your doctor. If lie iny ยง take It.
then ilo ai be .
ny If he telli
you not
to take It , then don't take It. He * uowl .
Jt with him. We are wllllnc.
J. o. AYKU CO. , Lowell , Man.

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