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Jt Has Leaked Out That Bryan Will
Tonight Come Out In Favor of Gov
ernment Ownership of Railroads ,
and Southern Democrats Resent It.
Now York , Aug. DO. The reception
of Mr. Bryan 1 Madison Square gar
den tonight may not develop Into ono
grand , sweet song. Trouble Is brow-
A tip has gone out from some olll-
cial or seml-olllclal source that the
"commoner , " In his speech Is to cor A
out Into the open In favor of fodo.
ownership and operation of all the
railroads in the country. Southern
democratic leaders are opposed to this
proposition. It would do away with
their system of providing separate-
cars for whites and negroes.
Senators Bailey and Culburson of
Texas , former Governor Benton Mc
Millan of Tennessee and many other
prominent southern democrats , are in
the city and others are expected.
They are going to try to obtain an audience -
dienco with Mr. Bryan before ho
makes his Madison Square garden
speech , and will urge him not to come
out In favor of government ownership.
Have Dire Threat.
Prominent southern democrats said
today that if Mr. Bryan did , In his
speech tonight , advocate such a pol
icy , it would he extremely doubtful If
any southern delegate to the demo
cratic national convention of 1908
would vote for his nomination for
Another fly dropped into the Bryan
reception ointment. Thomas Tnggart
of French Lick Springs and Indianap
olis , chairman of the democratic na
tional committee , Is here. The Bryan
reception has brought to the city a
majority of members of the national
committee , and a persistent report is
In circulation that Taggart will call a
meeting of the committee in order to
expel or discipline Roger Sullivan of
Mr. Bryan , In various letters and
cablegrams , urged that Sullivan be put
off the committee and put down and
out as democratic boss of Illinois.
Goltra , the former school friend
who greeted Bryan and took the Nebraskan -
braskan In his yacht , the Illlnl , Is a
trust magnate.
New York , Aug. 30. Under gray
Skies , but in exuberant spirits , nnd
bronzed by the suns ot many climes
during a year of travel completely
around the world , William Jennings
Bryan of Nebraska , twice the upmineo
of the Democratic party for president
of the United States and already In
dorsed as the candidate of 1908 ,
steamed up New York bay on the
Prlnzess Irene and received an ova
tion from large welcoming parties ,
which went down to Quarantine to
meet and cheer the In-coming vessel
and Its distinguished passenger.
Mr. Bryan did not enjoy his usual
health during the voyage , but he was
much better and said that he felt sure
be would be able to carry out the
plans which have been made for him
during the next few days. He was
very much fatigued- when he boarded
the steamer and during the entire
voyage suffered from indigestion and
severe headache. His illness was not
Borlous enough to Interfere with his
work , however , and He devoted a largo
portion of the nine days at sea In pre
paring his speeches and In keeping up
his correspondence.
Mr. Bryan will not land In New
York city proper until this afternoon ,
when he will be received nt the Battery
tery by delegations of prominent Dem
ocrats from all parts of the country
and escorted to the hotel , where ho
will make his headquarters while here.
He was taken off the Prinze&b Irene
by special permission of President
Roosevelt shortly after the vessel had
anchored in Quarantine. First he went
aboard two tugs , which had been char
tared by "Bryan's Nebraska Homo
Folks , " where he was oxultantl >
greeted and hailed as the next presi
dent. He then went aboard ll O
yacht "Illlnl , " owned by his - ne
friend and schoolmate Edward F. Gel
tra of St , Louis , and where such well
known-Democrats as Norman E. Mack
national commltteeman 1'or Now York ,
and Daniel J. Campau , national com-
mltteeman for Michigan , were await
ing him. In the "lllinl" Mr. Bryan was
taken to the landing of the Ocean
Yacht club , at Stapleton , whore bean
landed and was whirled away in nn
automobile to the home of Lewis
Nixon , on the heights of. Tompklns-
ville. and overlooking the harbor.
Holds Conference With Friends.
Hero Mr. Bryan spent the night , the
evening being devoted to a serious >
contoiuneu with intimate personal ,
friends and men of prominence In his
party. No especial political algnlfl (
cano was attached to the conference
iby those who attended It and who de
clared its purport was merely to learn
Mr. Bryan's wishes regarding the
plans which have been made for him
during Ui next few wuoks and to ac-
quaint htm with the drift of affairs at
Mr. Bryan was accompanied by his
wife and daughter , Miss Grace Dryan ,
Mr. Bryan could not be drawn Into
a discussion of political questions.
"What I have to say of politics at
this time and with my Incomplete
knowledge of affairs at homo will bo
said tonight nt the Madison Square
garden reception under the auaplcoa
of the Commercial Travelers' AntiTrust -
Trust League. Probably then you
will find that 1 shall discuss subjects
I have spoken of before , " Mr. Bryan
added , with twinkling eye.
Asked pointedly regarding the prob-
nblllt > of his candidacy , Mr Bryan
snt.l iir had nothliu ; to add lo the let
ter ho wrote former Senator J 1C.
.loiub ol Arkansas , In which he said
hu might accept a third nomination
under conditions which ho named
The scene down the bay as the
Prlti7ess liene came to anchor In
. wrantlno established n precedent as
' " 'nation ' ol the homo coming ot a
' * ( ( ) -lericau citizen. Thenrw -
thu ' 'kfMiier bearing Mr. lit. van
had IK 2 o ( ? , ' off Mre Island uas
the signai ° < yl ; did rush of bpeclnl
ly chartered i/J.'iS and pleasure craft
down the harbor.
Home Folks Whoop Things Up.
"Brjan's Nebraska home folks"
were the most enthusiastic of all On
two big tugboats which Journeyed
down -the bay side by side they went
to welcome their distinguished neigh
bor. With tumultuous cheers they
pulled up alongside the after gangway
of th' jig steamer and called their
greetings to Mr. Bryan , who stood on
the deck just above them , and smiled
and waved his hat. Big boxes of ( lowers -
ers were tossed on board for Mrs.
Bryan. Then the Nebraska state Hag
was flung to the breeze and the cheer
Ing was renewed. Songs were sung
and the cheering was taken up time
and again , while Mr. Bryan was going
through the necessary formalities of
the customs inspection laws.
There had also gone on board the
Prlnzess Irene , Lewis Nixon , Mayor
Frank W. Brown of Lincoln , Neb. ; Mr
Goltia and Mayor Dahlman of Omaha.
The three former bad pone down on
the Illlnl , while Mayor Dahlman was
In charge of the home folks.
When the baggage had all been
passed and Mr. Bryan was ready to
descend to the Nebraskans' tugs there
was another outburst of enthusiasm ,
union was taken up with a will this
time by those on the crowded decks of
the Prlnzess Irene. Cabin and second
class passengers lined the rails , cheerIng -
Ing and waving hats and handker
chiefs as their noted fellow traveler
disappeared over the side. Huddled
forward on the decks of the steamer
were more than a thousand Immi
grants , gathered from every corner of
Europe. The unusual scenes attend
ing their landing In their new home
must have made a deep impression up
on the keenly interested foreigners
As he set foot upon the tug Mr.
Bryan was fairly mobbed by the Ne
braskans. Each was anxious to be
the first to shake hands with the
home-comer , who warmly returned
every word of greeting. All seemed
to he old friends and many were
called by their first names or some
given name , the memory of which had
lasted from boyhood days. All this ,
time the whistles on the craft which
swarmed about the Prlnzess Irene was
tooting madly. Flags were dipping
everywhere and from the shore small
craft put out In multiplying numbers.
Mr. Bryan was called upon for a
speech by the Nebraskans , but he con
fined himself to telling them , In a
purely personal vein , how happy he
was to be home again and what a de
light and surprise It had been to him
to find so many of his "homo folks'
on hand to greet him.
Finally Forced to Run and Pursued to
Her House by Reptile.
Auburn , Neb. , Aug. 30. Mrs. George
Howell , an aged resident ot Howe ,
had a narrow ebcape Irom being bit
ten by a lattluaiiake. She was at
work in her yard at Howe , when she
encountered the huge reptile lazily
sunning itself. Mis. Howell grasped a
hoe ami commenced a battle with the
rattlesnake , which she says was six
feet in length. The snake dodged the
blows aimed at it and , coiling itself ,
made an angry lunge nt Mrs. Howoll.
She turned and fled Into the housa
nud shut the door Just as the enraged
snake had gained the threshold. Mrs.
Howell's narrow escape and exciting
encounter prostrated her , but her con
dition la not considered serious.
Floor of Room at Omaha Telephone
Building Gives Way With Girl.
Omaha , Aug. 30. Miss Lena J f-
ferles , a Nebraska Telephone company
operator , fell to her death In the ec-m-
pany's building at Eighteenth and
Douglas streets. The body * WOB found
on the first floor of the building , with
every bone broken. Miss Jefferios hod
fallen through a skylight on the third
floor , which was part of the floor of
the rest room.
Fall to Break Auto Record.
Ogdeo , Aug. 30. R. H. LltUo and
C. D. Haggerty of Chicago , who have
been trying to break th'e transconti
nental automobile record , abandoned
the attempt at Koltou , owing to the
condition of tha roads.
Death of President Starts Inveatiga.
tlon Which Kevcals Unsoundness.
Huiciiu , Mont. , Aug. JO. The aaair.i
of tiiu aiineonua Heal Lstate and In
surance company aic
ed by the btate bank uMiniiiiei
pending this examination die uibliui-
tiou , wtilcn nas been uomg a Benc-i.il
banking and tiust business , is cloao.l.
J , FHzpaUicK. tlio heail oi thu Con
cern , ilic-ii u lew dayb ago ana biiico
then rumoib have be-e'ii curn.-iit ot t.ic
uu&oundiie'bs ot Hiecompany. . H is
bald the company , b liauiliuob will
range Irom $ iuuuu to $ luo.uuu.
G. S. U Isner , a bon-m-law ol Fltz-
patrlck , and one oi Hie- lending ytu
zens of Annconun. wlio was , conneciod
with the iiibtltution , la unuc-i aiie-st
ot grand laice'iiy. -
on a chaigu pie-
ferred by Bernard McCarthy , wno bays
he paid \\ifaiier $300 to liquidate-
mortgage , but he alleges he has since
learned that ihe money was not paiu
to the holder ol the mortgage. Wib
ner's bail was fixed at $5UOO. but he
prefers to remain in jail , saying he
fears an attack may be made upon his
life , aa tnreats have been rnado
against him.
Vessel Saved From Destruction by
Fraction of a Second ,
Philadelphia , Aug. 30. Au infernal
machine was discovered in the hold
of the steamship Eagle Point as thi
vessel lay in the Delaware river. The
steamer was saved from destruction
by a fraction ot a second , aa the bomL
exploded as It touched the water altei
being thrown overboard. '
The internal machine , which endangered
gored the lives of Captain Robertson
and a crew of thirty men , was discov
ered in the after hold by a stevedore
He carried It to the captain , whc
threw It Into the river. As It sank It
exploded , sending a column of watei
fifty feet Into the air.
It Is hinted that a former membei
of the crow , who felt that he had s
grievance against Captain Robertson
placed the bomb on the vessel.
Steamer princess Runs on Rock
in Lake Winnipeg.
Selkirk , Man. . Aug. 30. The steam
er City of Selkirk arrlveo here from
the north end of Lake Winnipeg and
reported that the steamer Princess
with sixteen hands on board , ran into
a rock near Swampy island and six
of the crew were drowned.
Those drowned were : Captain
Hawes , Miss Flora McDonald , stew
ardess ; Miss Joahannas. stewardess
William Gra > eyes , two Icelanders.
Only ono body was recovered. Th
vessel was engaged In the fish trade
It la aupposed she was too heavil )
laden , and. being strained by a atorm
broke in two
Benii-Centennlal of Fight at Osawat
omie Is Being Celebrated.
Osawatomle , Kan. , Aug. 30. A sem
centennial celebration ot thu battle o
Osawatomie was begun here in this
the one-time home of John Brown
While the battle of Osawatoraie wa
but a skirmish when compareu wit !
the many conflicts that lollowed. i
was heio that the advocates of abn
lltion made their first stand agalns
slavery and more than the ordlnar
interest therefore surrounds the pliu
' Business houses and residences ar
decorated with llaga and buuUnt ,
Troops II nnd C , Ninth cnxaliy , under
con.ir.nnd of Colonel Groigu MOIKIUI ,
ar'I'ncnmpod on the lamous battle
field and hundreds of persons are here
to attend the affair.
Securities Held by Hippie.Not Affectr
ed uy Trust Company Failure ,
I'liiiaueipnia , Auy. Ju. uuculver
Ge'orBe11. . uurlu , Jr. , touiw cnuigu ol
the aiiuiib oi Uiu Uc-ai Lstalu liUbl
company , winch laiiuu-uuciiuau ot Uiu
made by Kiank. K. llippiu ,
pixaiueiil , to AUUII beym , a " "
upon UibUlllcic'Iit aeclliuy.
Jonn 11. Lomuibc1 , ono oi luu lore-
moat rrcbu > ieiiiui lujiuun in Uiu conn-
try , ujion oiiobu puuuuu tlio lecuivor
wab aiu-oliHuu , sum liesas b'atlnliud
ual Uiu bucuutiub oi uiuunuua 1'ius-
bjtenan cutircli boarita aio saie. Tiiu
Jreau > tuiiuii hobpuui , ol wiiich iMr.
Ilppiu waa treaourui , elucted Uio iu-
uuiuy TiUbt company us , hla auccubsor ,
aim imouuh mat conccin le-uruud tliat
thu lUbtuuuona bucuiitieb , amount-
ng to il.jUU.UUO , uru intact.
Oiiu oi uio many rumoiu was that
thu locm banks had uvolvud u piau to
raibu a guarantee luud ol | 7uuU,000 ,
with which to rehabilitate the tiust
company , out this could not be veri '
fied. H is the hope ot the directors ,
lowover , 10 re-open the doors oi the
bank , and , with this end in view , they
held numerous meetings , coulurnug
, vati Receiver Eurle. One of the moot-
UKS wab attended by Aiioll Segal , and
uter it was learned that he had sold
tin.- town of South Allooua , Pa. , which
ae built with money borrowed from
the trust company. The purchabur
paid $50,000 for the various properties.
Frank Wharton Hippie , bon of the
late president , who Is a clerk In the
bank , was sot upon by a crowd of an
gry depositors aa ho was leaving the
building and would probably have
been roughly handled had the police
not Interfered.
Secretary Shaw will leave Washing <
ton on Sept 7 for a campaign tour
through the south.
William Buck Dwlght , professor ot
geology and mlnerology of Vassar
college , died suddenly ot apoplexy
All of the state officers of Kansas
have received requests to return their
express franks at once to the head -
quarters at New York.
Mental irresponsibility is to be the
defense of Sidney Sloane , the seven
teen-year-old boy who killed his
father , James F. Sloane , at Spokane.
At a meeting of the window glass
manufacturers It was decided to keep
all plants closed down until Oct. 14 ,
because of the large stock of window 1 1
glass now on hand.
The attorney general of the state .
of Texas rendered an opinion nullify
ing the nomination of E H. II Green ,
son of Mrs. Hetty Green of New York ,
as the gubernatorial nominee ot the
Republican party.
The se\onth annual convention of
the National Negro Business ieagua
of which Booker T. Washington Is
president. Is in session at Atlanta ,
with over 1.000 negroes from all parts
of the country present.
When the body of men known a *
the "divorce congress" meets In Phil
adelphia Nov 12 , It will have submit
ted to It a uniform statute relating
to the annulment of marriages and
the granting of divorces.
L. M. Jones of Kansas City hns secured -
cured options on the Mississippi river
packets City of Memphis and Tennes
see. Within two weeks theao vessels
will make a trial trip up the Missouri
river to Kansas City and St. Joseph.
It Deal * at Length With Many Ques
tions Now Exciting General and
Special Interest Insurance Report
May Cause Warm Debate.
St. Paul , Aug. 30. Last night's Him
Bluu oi thu American Bar uuuociallon'u
t\u > nt-ninln annual nmollng diuw an
altiiiuaiuu which filled itho laiiii ;
ihitiiiluT ol Uiu IIOIIKO of ropie'Huuia
tutu. In Ihi ) new btatu capllol , lo Uiu
m n . load a papi'i on "Thu Caumi of
Popular UlHHatlaliu-llon With thu Ad
niiiiiHtiallon ot' Justice. "
Tin1 Bi'i'oiul papi'i was niad by Mr
J. J. Jenkins , chah iniiii of the judlcl
tuj I'ommltteo of thu national lionmj
of u'pn > M3iiiatlvi > , on llio subject ,
"t'un CotiKfusH Transfer to the1 State1
Power to ii'gulati' Commerce ? "
llllllRMllllll'ly lOlloWlllg ( IllH HI'HHloil
a irci'phon WIIH Icndori'd In ( ho cup
llol to the vlHltlng nu'inluTs by the
Minnesota liar iiHHoclallon
Many of llio subjei IH to coino bo-
fouthih session of tlio bar assoeln-
tlon aio expected to lomill In sharp
debate The report of thu liiHinancu
committee , especially. IH likely lo hi
win inly discussed , a iniijonty and ml
nonty toport having boon inado Tin.
majority ic-poil condemns the- Aim
law of New York aa "con
splciiously unwise , " and declines that
not only are many status charging In
aurancb companies much 111010 than
the- cost of state supervision , but that
In many atatoa "the Administration oi
Insurance laws has been characterized
by unblushing fraud , mo.stly In tin
shape of blackmail or by gioaa Incom
potency. "
The committee recommends : Bien
nial apportionment of deterred dlvl
de-nils ; lepeal of retaliatory Ux laws
and valued lire policy laws ; each
state to have a fire marshal ; the
United I States to foibld the USD of tin-
mallH by "wildcat" Insurance com
panics I ; a federal statute lo regulate
Interstate | Insurance transactions.
The mlnoilty icport objects In par
tlcular to Hie last loeommendatlou oJ
the majority repoit.
The commlttoo on commerce de-
.ends the picsont national bankruptcy
law and recommends Its retention.
President Peck's annual address !
contained u summary of the Important
legislation of the last year , both In
the national congress and In the slate
legislatures. It dealt at length with
the congressional enactments on the
subject of railway ratea and pure
food , as well aa trust legislation.
President Issues Proclamation Putting
New Agreement Into Effect.
Washington. Aug. 30. The state do-
partment made puBlic a proclamation
by President Uoosevelt declaring ana
putting Into effect on Sept. 1 next the
now agreenu'iu as to reciprocal tariff
concessions between this government
ana Spain. Under the agreement
American goods are to 'pay auty ac
cording to Spain's second tariff ached
ule , the rate accorded favored nations.
in return tor American concessions In
the way of tariff reductions on wines
and other Spanish Imports Into the
United States.
Wyoming Republican Convention
Picks State Ticket.
Casper , Wyo. . Aug. 30. The Rcpub
llcan state convention made the fol
lowing nominations. Govemor , Dry
ant U. IJrooUs , secretary ot itale ,
William U Sebnitger ; treasurer. lid
ward Gillette ; auditor , Leroy Grant ;
superintendent of public instruction
H. D. Cook.
Atlanta , Excited by Assaults by Ne
groes , May Revive Secret Force ,
Atlanta , Ga. , Aug. 30. The Ku Klux
Klan that existed In many southern
states Just after the war , may be rnc
vlved In this section for the protec- !
tlon of white women and girls , who
do not seem to bo safe from the as-
saults of negroes.
Atlanta , Pullon county , the adjoining
town of Decatur and DeKalb county
are stirred as never before.
The situation here Is critical and
the slightest mistake on the part of
either a white or black person mny
bring on n race war that may result
In the greatest slnughter of Innocent
The number of assaults that hnvo
occurred In and around Atlanta in held
last few weeks when looked at In cold
figures is nppalllng.
Two negroes hnve been killed for
assaults , ono legally , the other by
friends of the little girl , who was most
brutally treated.
The latest assault was when a
young woman had nn eye knocked out
nnd her Jnw broken by a negro , who
mnde an unsuccessful attempt to crlm-
Inally nssnult her , hns aroused the :
people to a high pitch of Indignation.
The Atlnntn News offered $1.000 fern
n lynching such ns took place In South
Carolina recently.
rempcrnturc for Twenty-four Houri.
Forecast for Nebraska.
ClilniK" , AUK. III ) . Tln > hiillciln In-
Miii'il by the ChlniKo Htntliin of tlio
Unltod SlaloH woutlior linrcati thli
morning tlviw ; ( lie forecast for No-
liniHka nH followH :
Fair tonight. Friday fair and warm-
One Prisoner In Fort Worth Jail Dead
nnd Five Others III.
Fort Woilh. Ti'x. . AUK. 30. As tlio
romilt of oiituiK polHoni'd candy mailed
to u ptl oni'r In I ln county Jail by
aoiiio unliimwn patty , tin1 recipient ,
A . S FilzKenild. IH dead , Ili-nry I'cnko.
Louis Wi'iiM-i. W. II. Nonla and J.
_ ,
T. CniHH a HI daniicMously III. and
Frank ( liunily , who lasted the confer-
lloni'iy , lh also III. Tin- candy hail
been HprlnUled with strychnin * .
Member of Doumn Arreoted.
Saratov. AUK : id. M. Kuioinanoff , a
member ' of Ihc outlawed paillaim'nt ,
was ; ar'i-Rlt'ii fop OIKUIII/IIIK n
In ' this and nn adjoining province.
Secretary Wllnon Finds Plants In Good
Sanitary Condition.
Washington , Aug. ao. SucroUry
Wllbon rum me. ( I noui au oxtundud
tup thiotigli tliu wt-'bl. and northwuttU
He liihpuctud poiaonally many incut
packing plants in lluuirlouu ettltw ha
vlhltud , mailing II u point alwuya to
call at the plantu ol a jjivun city wltU-
out previous notice.
In the majuiily of Inutauewj th
sec-ivtiiry louinl the plantu In good
fcanllary condition. The pnoliera
everywhere , ho U-iiined , were disposed
to meet the ic'quliemenls of thu law
without quibble or protest and by the
1st of October , when Iho Inspection
of domestic pioducta will take effect ,
the secretary believes that the major
ity of the packing plants of the coun
try will hnvo completed their arrange
ments for full observance of th pro
visions of the now law.
British Warships In Persian Gulf.
London , Aug. au. Two British wor
ships , aceimllng to Iho correspondent
at Teheran of the Dally Mail , ara
cruising In the 1'orHlan gulf , In view
of Iho troubled Hltiiiitlon in Persia
and the possibility ol relugeoy making
a dash for the coast.
Fireworks originated In the thir
teenth century , along with the evolu
tion of powder and cannon. They
were first employed l > y Florentines ,
and later the nso of lire works became
popular In Homo at the creation of the
popc-H. The first fireworks , which re-
scmMo those which we see nowadays ,
were manufactured by Terre , nn Ital
ian artist , and displayed In Paris In
Fatal r gft Within Prison Walle.
Atlanta , AUB 30. In a desperate
fight within the walls of the United
States prison here Hichard Richmond ,
icrving a ten-year seutence for train
robbery , was shot and killed by Guard
Frye Illdimond was sentenced la
Indian territory.
CoDipnnKlon of tlir Ilntinc In WTitoh
.Mini' * Nulrll Alililo * .
The foundation of the humnn body
Is compose J of UOO bones , covered
with 522 voluntary muscles. The
smaller blood vessels are so numerous
as to be beyond the tellln ? , but wo
have no fewer than about 1,000 arteries
through which the blood is always
flowing under tlm government of the
The blood Is composed'of two constit
uents , termed by physiologists red and
white corpuscles , numbering some thou
sands of mllKons.
Our house has something like GOO
tiny tele-graph wires , called nerves ,
connected wlfli the brain and spinal
cord , and these little wires are always
throbbing with messages which they
telegraph to the main olllcc the brain.
Besides these there arc the sympathet
ic wires , or nerves , numbered by thou
sands , which help the former.
The front of our house , the skin , nas
beeu measured up and found , If spread
out , to cover llfteen square feet.
The ventilation scheme by which we
get our fresh air Is built of such fine
porous stuff that , If spread out , It
would be found to cover a stretch of
land big enough to contain a lift ecu
roomed house. We refer to the lungs
which have hundreds of millions of
air cells.
To every square Inch of the palm of
the hand are 2,500 pores , while the
number of sweat glands In the skin
generally Is 2,500.000. Their function
is to deposit secretions upon the skin ;
hence the necessity of a daily tub to
wash this stuff away. othorwNo It clogs
the sweat glands nnd prevents their
proper working. x
American League Philadelphia , 4 ;
ChluiMJ J New York , 5 ; St. Louls > ,
4. Boston , C ; Cleveland , 2.
National League Chicago , 3 ; Gin-
clnnat. . 1. Si i "iiib. 0 ; Pittsburg , 1.
Brooklyn , 4 ; Boston , 3.
Western Leasue Des Molnes , 8 ;
Denver , 1. Sioux City , 8 ; Lincoln , 3.
Omaha , 2 ; Pueblo , 1.

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