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I'llli NORFOLK NKWS : t'HIDAY , AUdUSi 31 , 11)08 )
The Conch Was nt One Time Used on
the Trail Between Omnhn and Og >
, | cn Herman Gerecke Used to Ride
Dehlnd It ns a Guard Now on Dis
A rollo of bygone Any a passed
through Norfolk yesterday. H was
nn old fiovornmont stngo couch thut
nt ono time wns on the route from
Oinnhn to Ogdo i Tlio conch IB the
property ofVllmm Hull of IMorco niul
Is on Its way to Madison , where It
will bo u feature In the county fair ,
The coach IB In n very dilapidated
condition at present and shown the
rnvuKon of tlnio. Tim driver's high
Hcnt has rotted from exposure to the
weather nnd there IB no ciiRhlon loft ,
only tnttorn. On the hack Is the baggage -
gage plat form , with Its leather cover ,
that la cut and worn till It Is hardly
rocognli'nblo. In the leather are a
few liullot holes that tell a Rtory of
their own , perhaps a fight with In
dians or Homo hold-up. Then there
nre nnniorouH eut , supposedly from
knlvea In a fight or from arrows.
The paint has worn off on most all
of the parts , hut can ho faintly scon
In places. The roach was painted a
light blue- with white trimmings. At
the top Is the name of the firm that
ran the vehlclo , "Llftwlch and Perry , "
anil on the side are the signs , "Amor-
lean Express , and , "U. S. Mall. " The
boxes that should hold those have
rotted away and the bottoms have fal
len out.
The Inside of the coach IB In the
most dilapidated condition of all. All
the cushions have boon worn and torn
so that the bare boauls are to DO soon.
There Is ono part that has been burnt.
There are Inuumorablo autographs of
passengers , who have ridden In the
The wheels only are In a fairly good
condition , although there are no wash
ers on the axle , and the thing goes
croaking along with a horrible nolso.
The big strap springs that bold the
box are In very good condition but
when n person gets lusldo and rocks
thorconch they creak with an unearth
ly sound. Evidently this rocking mo
tion would make most anybody sea
They have to bo very careful and
not drive too fast In taking the coach
to Madison , as It IB very liable to
break In parts.
It Is understood that the coach will
bo used In an Indian collection that
will bo on display at the county fair.
Ono of the most Interested of the
spectators who saw the old coach here
was Herman aerocke. "It Is highly
probable , " said Mr , Oorecke , "that In
the old days I rode behind that very
coach as a guard. I used to rldo In
that capacity between Omaha and Og-
don. "
J. M. Ilothwoll Is a business visitor
In the city.
R. Dunning of Fullerton Is a city
visitor today.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Stockard of Rnssett
nro In the city.
George N. Beels left today for n trip
to Knox county.
Max A. Moollor of Wayne Is visiting
friends In this city.
Mrs. G. M. Ztmmcr of Columbus Is
visiting In the city.
L. C. Mlttolstndt went to Laurel this
morning on business.
Mrs. Undorborg was a city visitor
from Stanton yesterday.
Miss Daisy Mnyhew Is attending the
llattle Creek races today.
Dr .1. II. Mackay attended the Bat
tie Creek races yesterday.
Miss Helen Pllo ofVayno was shop
ping In the city yesterday.
D. Leonard of Columbus was In the
city on business yesterday.
Rev. and Mrs. Droyer of Hadarwen ,
shopping In Norfolk yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Wachtor were pas
scngers to Omaha this morning.
Lloyd Klcntz left this morning fo
n. short visit In Slonx Falls , S. D.
R. C. Drainer came down from Plain
view this morning to spend the tiny.
E. M. Huntlngton made a business
trip to Tlldon , where he has a farm.
P. J. Barnes wont to Battle Creel
this morning to attend today's races
Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Halght o
Battle Creek wore In the city yestor
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klnnoy of Stan
ton were shopping In the city yestei
E. O. Mount returned this inornln
from a short business trip to Bono-
Mrs. Brown nnd Mrs. Thatch wer
In the city yesterday from Battl
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mathowson a
tended the races at Battle Creek ye
Mrs. John Glldea has returned fron
n two weeks' visit In Omaha and Coin
ell Bluffs.
T. F. and George Lowe of Creigl
ton came down from this morning t
visit friends and relatives.
Misses Fao and Bessie WIdama
went to Battle Creek last evening t
attend the race meet there.
Mrs. E. H. Tracy and daughters , L\
cllo nnd Marie , have returned from n
extended visit In Milwaukee.
Miss Verona Nenow nnd Miss Otell
Pllger loft this morning for Surprise
Neb. , where they will visit for a shor
time.W. . G. Beols left this morning fo
Oalvn III , whorfi ho will visit his
brother Ho will go from there U
Michigan for n short stay
I Mlsa Matilda Herrmann returned
yesterday from Wlnnetoon , where HIO !
'has ' been visiting. Miss Nellie . ( ones
of that plaro accompanied her for a
Khort visit hero.
! 8. A. Potlson of Lincoln , who Is to
ho pilnclpal of the Crelghton schools ,
I Is visiting with his former classmate ,
Uov. Martin Haasch , at the Haasch
homo west of town.
| A now addition Is being built today
i at the rear of the building occupied
by AnllioH & Smith.
The Hurk Undo Tom's Cabin com
pany passed through the city this
morning on their way to Hattlo Creek ,
Frank II. Heels and Sam Ernklne
tro In Pllger today playing tennis
gnlnsl export racket wlelders of that
ilace ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. James Collins have
; ono to I eng Pine , where Mr. Collins
topes to got rid of an attack of hay
Mrs. A J. Durliuitl will onlortaln n
mall company of old tlnio friends to-
iorrow afternoon from 't to 0 In honor
f Mrs. Ezra Purland.
MlHS Clara Ilndat entertained the
lombors of camp "Ilolnlo" last oven-
on her lawn. A large camp lire
as n feature of the evening. Light
ofreshmonts were Horved.
Hurt Mapcs , the Norfolk member of
10 state republican central commit-
o , returned from Lincoln yesterday
ftor having attended a meeting of
10 committee on Tuesday night.
Miss Kathorlno Wltzlgman enter-
lined about twenty-live of her young
lends to a hay rack rldo last oven-
ig. The evening was very pleasantly
pent after which the young folks ad-
mrnod to Ware's for Ice cream.
\ street show being glvon last night
as disturbed by a crowd of boys who
ttompted to crawl under the tout and
ho were attacked by ono of the show-
ion with a buggy whip. Later the
ollco Interfered and ordered ono of
10 disturbers away.
"Hock county IB going to have the
nest crop that has over been known
i that section , " said Postmaster C.
Stockwell of Bassott , who was In
Norfolk yesterday afternoon on bust-
oss. "Wo have had plenty of rain
ml the condltloiiB could not bo Im *
roved on at this tlnio. " Mr. Stock *
oil Is ono of the prominent citizens
f thriving Bassett , and Is enthusiast-
c over his county.
Uo-v ilin ClnNM-n AnCrouiul , I'olUh-
! tlnil Kllilnlii'il.
In the manufacture of spectacle
cnsos the bit of glass to be formed
nto a Ions Is fastened by means of
iltch to a .small hlo-k of hard rubber ,
10 that It may be held. It Is ground
> y being pressed against a rapidly re
volving cast Iron disk on a vertical
spindle nnd with curvature equal and
opposite to Hint desired In the lens.
Tills I.s the "rough tool" nnd Is kept
moistened with emery and water. Sev
eral grades of emery nro used In suc
cession , clmnglng from coarse to fine
na the grinding proceeds.
The glass I.s then transferred to the
'flno tool , " made of brass , and com
pared from tlnio to time to a standard
curve In order to Insure accuracy. In
his second grinding the abrading ma
terial IR rough.
Finally , the lens Is polished by being
pressed against a piece of cloth pow-
lercd with rouge nnd fastened to the
rotating tool. The glns.s Is now looa-
no I tViii ! ' * block , firned over and
; he reverse side of the lens ground.
When this has been accomplished the
ens I.s pineal on a leather cushion and
IP.I ! tlrmly In position by a rubber
tipped arm while a diamond glass cut
er | Mssnvr ! roun l un oval guide traces
i similar ovnl on the glass below. The
superlluou.s glass I.s removed by si
wiehers and the rough edges
jrounil smooth on Scotch wheels.
Penrsou'8 \ " ' : \ \ - .
Because of the Battle Creek Races
and Because as Large a Crowd as
Is Possible Is Hoped for by Officers
of the Club , Date Is Changed.
The public meeting of the Commor
clnl club , announced for Friday night
has been postponed until Tuesdaj
night of next week because of the
Battle Creek races.
So many Norfolk people will bo li
Battle Creek Friday afternoon that th
crowd which is hoped for would un
questionably bo materially reduced 01
this account , and the officers of th
organization therefore today decldei
to postpone the meeting until nox
Tuesday , as a largo crowd Is hopec
The meeting on Tuesday night wil
bo held at S o'clock in the city hall.
Half Rates to State Fair , Lincoln , Neb
Via the Northwestern line. Excur
slon tickets will be sold September
and 7 , limited to return until Septorn
ber 8 , Inclusive , at ono faro for roun
trip , plus fifty cents for admission tick
et to fair grounds. Apply to agent
Chicago & Northwestern R'y.
Excursion Tickets to County Fair an
races at Pierce , Neb. , via the Nortl
western line , will be sold at reduce
rates September 3 to 7 , Inclusive , Un
Ited to return until September 8 , In
elusive. Apply to agents Chicago &
Northwestern R'y.
Heaps of New Tariff Sheets Have Been
Pouring Into the Norfolk Offices.
Some of the Effects of the New Rail
way Rate Law Here.
IProrn Wednesday's Dally. ]
Norfolk railroad oillces aiu In a
state of confusion as a result of the
low railroad rate law which wont Into
> ffoct In the United States Tuesday.
Circular announcements rrom head-
manors , giving Instructions regard-
ng future business methods , have
leon pouring Into the oillces hero and
allrond men who handle the tariff
beets are up In the air , perplexed as
o which way they shall turn or , In-
eod , which way they may turn with-
ut violating the law.
Under the now law a railroad Is
rohlblled from quoting any rate
vlilch Is not published thirty days In
dvance , and that rate must have first
eon approved by the Interstate com-
mrco commission. As a result the
allroad agents here have received of-
clal notices that hereafter they willet
ot quote any rates or tariffs which
re not authorized and published In
Ono of the questions that arises
mong long-line railroads which have
eon competing with shortllne routes
y meet Ing rales , even though not pub-
shlng such tarlffu as tholr own , Is
bother or not the long-lino route will
o able to do business against a short-
no route In the future. * For Instance ,
10 Northwestern has a short line
otweon Lincoln and Norfolk , while
10 Union Pacific has been meet *
ig the Northwesternrate but hauling
10 freight around a long way. The
Jnlon Pacific's published tariffs do
ot moot the Northwestern tariffs on
11 commodities between Lincoln and
malm , Therefore the Union Pacific
an not now accept commodities be
acon Lincoln and Norfolk upon
hlch the published tariffs are not
For Instance , on an article which
as always been hauled to Norfolk
rom Lincoln for 20 cents by the
Northwestern , the Union Pacific may
ave had a rate of 25 cents as pub-
Ished , but In order to compete with
ho Northwestern the Union Pacific
as been able , In the past , to accept
ho business at the Northwestern's
ate. In the future the Union Pacific
ould not , under the law , haul for less
ban 25 cents , and therefore It could
lot compete unless It were to publish
. 20-cont rato. And by publishing the
0-cont rate the Union Pacific would
ie compelled to reduce the rate to 20
: onts to all Intermediate points so
hat the loss would bo greater than
ho gain , and In this way eliminating
ho long-route competition.
Some railroad men contend that the
icw law makes everything a distance
arlff , thus shutting out the long-line
outes altogether. This is an unset-
led point.
It is still a question whether passes
vhlch were Issued before August 28
ro good or not. The Burlington road
claims that the pass clause of the new
rate law Is now In effect , while other
roads claim the passes do not expire
111 January 1 and therefore the clause
s not yet In effect. Prominent maga
zines , In discussing the matter , have
glvon January 1 as the date on which
> asses die. Local railroad officials
ilso claim that January 1 Is the day.
Here's the situation : While the law
says in good English that railroads
may issue passes until January of next
ear , the closing section of the law
states , "that this act shall bo In force
sixty days after its passage" and
Tuesday was the sixtieth day.
As one result of the law , the ship
ier has a right to see all tariffs pub-
Ished by the railroads and the tariffs
mist bo in such shape as to be under
stood. A shipper may now figure out
icfore ho ships , just exactly what the
freight charges on his goods will bo ,
.ncludlng . sldo Issues and all.
Among evidences of the new law In
Norfolk are placards talked up In
freight offices , giving notice that all
rate schedules , passenger and freight
may bo had by anyone desiring Information
mation for the asking. All of the tar
iffs have not boon printed yet nnd
are not , therefore , at hand.
It Is said that among the effects o :
the new rate law Is one which pro
hlblts stop-overs on excursion tickets
and another prohibiting half fare rates
to land-seeking parties. Old soldiers
will not be given half faros , as here
Tailor In Jail Files Warrant Against
Her to Get Even.
[ From Wednesday's Dally,4
Fern McDonald's complaint against
Cleveland Davis on n charge of carryIng -
Ing concealed weapons , as a result of
which Davis Is now In jail awaiting
his trial on Friday , has acted as a
boomerang. In retaliating against her
for landing him In jail , Davis has filed
complaint against Fern McDonald
charging her with conducting a disor
derly house contrary to law.
The warrant was Issued late yester
day , after Friday had been set as the
time for Davis' trial , and the woman
furnished bonds for her appearance
before Justice Lambert.
Attorney Barnhart , who has charge
of Davfs' defense , also has In hand
the case against the McDonald woman.
The Davis case will bo heard before
Justice Lambert at 10 o'clock Friday
morning nnd the McDonald case at 2
In the afternoon ,
It Is said that Davis , the tailor , came
to Norfolk nt about the enme time as
the young woman , Dora , In whom ho
appeared to bo more or less Interest
ed. Both came from Sioux City , It Is
claimed. Davis claimed yesterday
that this woman would furnish him
with money with which to employ an
attorney to defend himself , but the
girl , In Justice Elsoloy's court , refused
to see the prisoner ,
Just where the funds are coming
from now with which he Is to both dr
fond himself and prosecute the land
lady , Is not exactly nppnrcnt , as ho
admitted yesterday that he had no
funds of his own.
Davis had hoped to get out on ball
today , but did not succeed. The
crime with which ho Is charged may
send him to the penitentiary If ho Is
convicted , and It Is claimed that the
mgo wooden post and gun with which
10 tried to batter down doors nnd to
frighten the Inmates , may yet make
an Interesting case for him.
Davis Says He Will Pay Fine For
Carrying Gun , to Get Revenge.
No compromise has boon reached
) etwoon Fern McDonald and Clove-
and Davis , both of whom are under
irrost as the sequel to the rough house
Uleged to have been created Sunday
> y Davis. Davis Is still In jail and
hero Is eve v prospect now that tl.e
wo cases will come up for trinl on
' "ridny , as docketed , In spite of un
effort which has been made to settle
natters out of court.
It is claimed by those to whom DaIs -
Is talked before the trouble , that his
notivos were not those of rescuing
ho young woman iu whom he was in-
orosted , as ho declared when arrest-
d. It Is said that he previously boast-
d of money which ho has boon In the
mblt of receiving from this woman ,
uul It is said that If his former state-
uonts are to bo believed , the girl In
liiestion has led u wayward career
or some time , contrary to Davis' lat
er statement that her downward
course commenced In Norfolk.
Davis says that ho doesn't want to
; ot out of jail on bond now , because
he trial Is so near at hand.
"All that I can bo convicted of , " ho
said today , "will bo the charge of car
rying concealed weapons. I am wili
ng to pay the fine for the sake of
ovongc which will come in the other
case. "
Straight Republican Votes Count for
Lincoln , Nob. , Aug. 30. Attorney
General Norrls Brown has advised the
enforcement of the statute authoriz-
ng the- counting of straight party
votes for a constitutional amendment
n case the voters' party has endorsed
he amendment In state convention.
The republican state convention on-
lorsed the railroad commission amend-
nont and authorized the secretary of
the convention certify the fact to
.he secretary of state. The democrat-
c state convention adopted a plat-
for mondorslng the amendment. The
officers of the republican state com-
nlttee will recommend that the law
) e followed In the counting of ballots
and will aid In enforcing the law as
eng as It remains , on the statute
looks. Some have expressed doubt
about the constitutionality of the
statute. It Is believed that the rail
roads will oppose the amendment at
: he polls and If it Is adopted will test
the legality of Its adoption on the
ground that election officers have no
right to count a ballot as a vote for
the amendment unless the voter has
made a cross opposite the word "For"
on the ballot. The law Is a carefully
revise statute and many attorneys be-
love It In no way conflicts with pro
visions of the constitution relating to
elections or constltulonal amend
ments. The law Is as follows :
"If you wish to vote a straight tick
et , make a mark In the circle at the
top of the ballot to the right of the
name of your party , and your ballot
will then be counted for every candl
date and as approval of party action
on any constltulonal amendment of
that party on the ballot. If you wish
to vote otherwise than a straight tick
et , make a cross In the square to the
right of the name of each person for
whom you wish to vote or for or
against constituional amendment ; if
you wish to vote a straight ticket with
the exception of certain officers or
constitutional amendments , place a
cross In the circle nt the head of the
ticket for which you wish to vote In
the main , and then place a cross In
the square to the right of the candl
dates of the other parties for whom
you wish to vote , or In the square to
the right of the words 'for' or 'against
any constitutional amendment. "
The Grandest Ever Conceived.
With a sumptuous setting , all In
white nnd glittering with gold orna
mentation , the William H. West big
Jubilee minstrels , first part Is a re
splendent scenic background for the
hour's brilliant musical and comedy
entertainment that precedes an olio
fraught with some of the most pro
nounced novelty features ever assem
bled for minstrel purposes. Manage
RIcaby had good and sufficient reasons
to bo thus encouraged , for the recen
record of success attained by the Wes
trademark , Invited so much llberalltj
of Investment and the scanning of Us
of attractions that are bound to fur
nlsh delightful pleasure to the masses
of theater patrons , The West organl
zatlon of slngors , dancers , comedians
nnd novelty performers will visit here
nt the Auditorium next Monday night
September 3.
Recommended by
Prominent Physicians
and Chemists
Perfect in Quality
Economical in Use I
Moderate in Price
A Large Number of Norfolk People
Attended the First Day's Racing at
Battle Creek Surena Will Give Ex-
hlbition Tomorrow.
The largest first-day crowd that Bat
tle Creek has ever known at a race
meet , attended the opening day events
at that place yesterday. There were
two harness races and a galloping
match. A number of Norfolk people
attended the races nnd more went up
today. The racing tomorrow Is sched
uled as the best on the calendar. Fol
lowing Is a summary of the races :
Three-minute trot :
Cooksey ( Douglas ) 2 1 1 1
Dug B ( McKlllIp ) 1 5 5 G
S'ancy D ( Rice ) 7 8 2 2
Inven Boy ( Slant/ ) 3 2 4 8
White Wings ( Kay ) 4 3 3 3
Billy Wilkes ( Driten ) 5 487
iailor ( Allen ) G 7 7 4
immy ( Cushman ) 8 G G 5
Time : 2:33 : ; 2:31 : ; 2:32 : ; 2:31. :
The 2:20 : trot or pace :
lacluietta ( Stan/ ) 1 1 2 1
Surona ( Kennedy ) 4 3 1 2
Sioux Chief ( Mattheson.2 ) 233
31va D ( RIce-Sunderland.3 ) 455
Clela ( Gibson ) 5 5 4 4
Time : 2:20 : ; 2:23 : ; 2:23 : ; 2:22. :
Running race , half mile and repeat :
Tennle F ( Walker ) 1 7 1
St. Ledger ( Flaherty ) 3 1 2
Chas. Mitchell 4 2
Sun Dance 2 1
Revenue 7 3
iVelcher 5 5
Saale G G
Time : :52\t : , ; :52V : ; :51 : .
Tomorrow afternoon Surena , guide-
ess wonder , will give an exhibition.
"ormer Norfolk Railroader Brakeman -
man Lennon Breaks a Leg ,
Word has been received here that
Tosoph Burns , formerly a passenger
brakemnn at this place died In a Chicago
cage hospital recently. Burns leaves
v wife and two children.
Brakeman Harry Lennon had his leg
> roken last evening at West Point
while on his run last evening. Par-
Iculars are lacking as to the cause.
He Is a brakeman on No. 40.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at the postofflce at Norfolk , Neb. ,
August 28 , 190G :
Mrs. G. W. Bramchal , Mr. Guy
Black , Mrs. Olga Hazel Hall , A. L.
King , Martha Kruse 3 , Mr. Jas. K.
Lea , Mr. Albert .1. Lee , Mr , Lee Me
Gee , Mrs. Wm. Mumdugh , Mr. Sam E.
Rosenberger , Mrs. Helen Stevens , Mr.
Roscoe Sayer.
If not called for In fifteen days will
bo sent to the dead letter office.
Parties calling for any of the above
please say "advertised. "
John R. Hays , P. M.
Columbus Engineer Inspects Norfolk
Gutters Gravel Work.
City Engineer Gutchoff of Columbus ,
who was in Norfolk today , Inspected
the new cement gutters. He laid out
the gutters at Columbus , after which
the Norfolk gutters were patterned.
Mr. Gutchoff expressed the opinion
that the street edge on the gutters
west of Fourth street is too high.
"If Norfolk ever came to pave , '
said Mr. Gutchoff , "you would find
that the center of the street , In order
to give the necessary slant to the gutters
tors , would be above the sidewalks
This Is wrong. The center of the
street should be about two Inches be
low the sidewalks , but that would be
Impossible with the edge of the gut
ters so high. "
This difficulty was noted by the clt >
council at the last meeting , when It
was ordered to drop the slant on gut
ters east of Fourth street to four Inch
na Instead of six.
The committee recently appointed
by the city council to Investigate the
gravel situation In Norfolk , with a
view to graveling streets , will visit the
Raasch farm west of town on Friday
of this week for the purpose of exam
ining the gravel In that pit. If the
gravel there is found to bo satisfac
tory It Is possible that the city will la-
vest In some of the material for the
purpose of benefiting Norfolk streets.
It Is the Intention of the city coun
cil to fill In along the edge of the now
cement gutters with a heavy layer of
gravel , In order to prevent water seep
ing down underneath the cement and
thus cracking the gutters In the winter -
tor time.
No definite action has yet been tak
en In regard to First street , although S
It Is admitted on all hands that a good
road to the Junction is a much needed
affair in Norfolk right now. It is said
that some of the property owners on
Fourth street prefer to gravel that
thoroughfare bot'ore First street la
graveled. It Is argued by some of the
city council that If the property own
ers on Fourth street would contribute
toward the movement , that proposi
tion would be all right , but that on
the other hand First street Is a coun
ty road , so that county help could be
enlisted In Its preparation and main
The whole city seems to agree that
a gravel road is needed between Nor
folk and the Junction , however.
Entertained Friends.
Ben Bechtel entertained a few
friends at the home of his uncle. Geo.
B. Christoph , last night. Cards and
other games were features of the even
ing , after which refreshments were
( Chicago News. )
Nero had just written an Important >
message for the Roman senate.
"Slave , " he thundered , "where Is the
messenger boy I ordered two hours
ago ? "
"He Is on his way , " replied the trem
bling slave , "but he has stopped be
hind the forum a few minutes to read
the wonderful adventures of 'Marcus , M
the Llon-Chewer. ' Should I dispatch <
him again ? "
The great emperor smiled cruelly.
"Yes , but this time see that you dis
patch him with a club. "
For even In those days tbe messen
ger boy would hold up a nation's time
rather than lose a chapter In his novel.
The weary tramp with the red beak
halted In front of the wayside cottage.
"I called , mum , " he announced , "be
cause I found dls sample package of
dyspepsia tablets down the road. "
"Dyspepsia tablets ? " snapped the
woman with the broom. "What have
I to do with dyspepsia tablets ? "
"Why , er I thought maybe you
might give me something to eat dat
would give me de dyspepsia so I could
test dem. "
"Pa , " said Bobby , as ho leaned over
the deck rail , "what kind of a boat Is
that out on the lake ? "
"That , " replied pa , as he raised his
glass , Is a sister ship to the one we are
on. "
Bobby watched the big funnels for a
while and then said :
"Pa , I think that must be a brother
ship. "
"Why so , my son ? " t
"Because it smokes so much. " .
The man with the green satchel full
of fake rings and watches boarded the
local and seated himself in the smok
"Where are you going ? " asked the
inquisitive passenger.
"To the next town , " replied the
"Ah , you are going to take in the
town ? "
"No , I am going to take In the people
In the town. "
Younghub And you made these bis
cuits without any assistance ?
Mrs. Younghub Yes , dear.
Younghub But youmust have had
some one to help you 'lift them out of
the oven.
Stubb I wonder why the president
selected June to admit Oklahoma and v
Indian Territory as one state. . >
Penn Because Juno Is a great
month for making two one.
Excursion Tickets to Fair and Races
at O'Neill , Neb. , via the Northwest
ern line , will bo sold at reduced rates
September 3 to 7 , Inclusive , limited
to return until September 8 , Inclusive.
Apply to agents Chicago & Northwest
ern R'y.
Of course , a store-ad , may be a "pull-
Ing" one , but if it Is not placed before i" '
enough of the right kind of people , *
"what's the use ? "

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