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bL L r H il
How tho Nation Will Rocolvo tho Homo Coming Horo
of Manila Day
For nearly 18 months Iho people of
this tuitiiiii have linen twittling tip tin
lenthusinsm distilled liy lieir unbound
ktl ndiniintion for tlio iiiim who Hininhtil
KhiiiKH so heroically on thnl ineiunrrblo
tMny morning l Mutiilii liny Now that
man 1h coining homo nml wo lmvo ar
ranged lo uneorlt h till entliiiHiuHin Wo
nro going to ilo it in our own peculiar
By light of geogiapliical Hit nation
kind precedence dun to Hio tho totalis
of llio nation h
lirtst giooting to
Admiral Dowoy
on Iiih hiiine com
ing lmvo hoen
left to I not rep
iccntntivn fit 1-
eiiH of our big
gest city Thesti
N o w Yorkers
know at least
tlieyoitghl that
each iinlividiial
Anioricaii would
like to take an
iiclivo and per
sonnl pail in c
tending thin wel
conio Hut it is
a practical ini
tiossibility for
70000000 people to stand at any ouo
spot on tho Atlautio seaboard ovon on
Hiich an occasion an thin So a favored
fow comparatively speaking will ho
thero to oxpi ess what tho i est of iih feel
Thin expression of admiration toward
nnd esteem will ho inado in tho good
old American way Thoro will he pa
rades on land and sea Thero will ho
Jirowoiks and tho Ihuttdor of big guns
Thero will ho decorations and illumina
As this is an unusual occasion in
fact tho most unusual occasion of tho
kind which has over confronted us
everything will ho on an unusual scale
Tho parades will ho unusually big and
magnificent tho fireworks will lo mi
usually elaborate Iho guns will thunder
unusually loud and long tho decora
tions will ho unusually elaborate and
tho illuminations unusually extensive
nml brilliant
tiii itnrnrTioN imkmiiammi
The programme for tho reception of
our homo coming admiral contemplates
two days and three nights of festival
Tho fun will begin on tho evening of
Thursday Sept 28 lust before sun
down of that day it is expected that tho
whito nose of tho Olynipia will bo seen
plowing through tho waves oil Handy
Hook The flagship will anchor off tho
Hook and wait for morning accom
panied by a tleet of excursion stoaineis
mid tugs
Before Admiral Dowoy loft tho Medi
terranean ho found out just exactly
i - fc
T j hi II
1 i 1 11 H M
r i i hi
wide linns will nwnit her You may
imagine the cheers of tho jackies as
they man tho sides and watch tho Hag
ship stonm between tho big battleships
nml cruisers
When the head of tho lino is reached
the Oljnipin will anchor again Then
Hear Admiral Sampson will go on
board and extend tho ollicial welcome
of tho navy and Iho government Thero
will bo little time for chatting between
the two olllcers for nt an early hour
tho Meet will got under way for tho
naval pal ado
In this the Olyinpin will have as an
escort tho wholo uoith Atlantic squad
ion The course will bo up tho Hudson
to Grants tomb Tho Olynipia will tiro
the prescribed salute and anchor a nhoit
distance below tho great white maihlo
mausoleum The tinning of all these
big waishiw in the narrow liver led
by the gallant Olyinpin will bo a very
pretty naval evolution
In the evening tho tleet will ho il
luminated stiings of colored electric
lights being hung all about the grim
The next morning Hatuiday Sept 10
Admiral Dewey and his otlicers with
olllcers from the other ships will laud
and go to the Hotel Clnicmnnt at tho
head of ltivetsido drive whom an olib
oiuto breakfast will bo served tho
mayor of New York and his ofllcial
satellites acting as hosts
Then will come tho big land parade
Then Admiral Dewey will tiavo a
chance to see close at hand some of tho
v iii iinhfi - iii kx
wiii wyvii w
Tilt- I llllll M llllll Vlllllltlll lllHIJ Ollttl III ClltlM mill-
Inu up III Hii Ui iil iMiitcin unliMil r I lie tuition l lie liluu
Ililnuof In- I Iiil out iiIiiiiikiI r illii mi- unluu In uUc Mm
ltn Iiin I m Iconic IIiii liinnv lint- In - li inl ntiil imii i V miiI Iimui ll
Well lin run lift llirri it 1 1 1 In- mi Ininil In mci mill mIiiiiiI IiIn iippm
ill Imiii 1 1 II ml In ilflnlU iif lie Hllnlr liilon
iir l 1 1
millions of good
Americans whom
he will lmvo ob
served tho day
before merely as
black masses of
bodies fringing
the wharfs and
buildings of tho
river front
Escorted by
something liko
tit 000 soldiers
and a great naval
brigade from tho
squadron tho ad
miral will drive
for miles through
solid masses of
cheering hand
kerchief wav
ing hand clap
ping humanity
Above him and
on all sides ho
rouri of waving Hags
Then he will go through tho great
arches which lmvo been erected in his
Of course thero will bo a banquet to
wind things up with an entertainment
for tho men behind tho guns
In honor of tho home coming of tho
hero of Manila the city of New York is
MSOil sfcr
ii I ill L7I THi TId I 1 MmrVItTiiU II
W IL iKN X A i U P i ff dT Y
i r ba -- i in ipH die ii n -a r ik
i t h h w n rtM atr i
IB rt -S t rt M i Flt il J i
wn h tfmm - jx
when he was wanted to appear and
then he instructed hu navigating officer
accordingly It is possible Mint the
Olynipia may bo obliged to cruibo back
and forth out thoro in tho ocean for
beveral days in order not to appear be
fore the scheduled dato It all depends
on tho weather hut there is little chance
that she will be behind hand
When the Olynipia drops hor anchor
in lower New York bay tho admiral
will get his first siu prise It is extreme
ly unlikely that the inodost son fighter
lias any idea of the extent of the dem
onstration which is to be made in his
honor Hut when ho ees acres of water
craft blazing with electric lights miles
of shore line bathed in red tire is al
most deafened by the shrieks of whistles
and sees the very sky itself turned into
a playground for thousands of hissing
buibting rockets he will liegin to realize
that a whole lot of euMiusiiihtic Aineri
cans ate glad to see him hack
Kurly Friday morning the Olynipia
will get up her anchor and steam in
through the Narrows under the wel
conio bellowing guns of Forts Wads
worth and Hamiltoui up to a point off
Tompkins villo whore tho ships of the
north Atlantic uquadron ranged in two
putting on such a gala dross as it has
never worn before Tho municipal gov
ornmeut has appropriated 150000 to
meet tho expenses of tho reception and
this is being spent with a more or less
judicious hand
One of tho principal features of the
wolconio will ho tho triumphal arch
which is being built on Madison square
at the intersection of Fifth avenue and
Twenty fourth street This spot is in
tho very heart of tho metropolis Tho
situation of tho arch will bo such that
it can bo seen for long distances from
almost every direction
A very fine arch it is to bo too The
actual cost will be but f 20 500 but it
must be leinnnbered that J7 of the liost
6culptois in tho country aro giving their
services and are working liko leavers
at its construction If Gotham had to
pay these patriotic artists of tho mallet
and chisel tho bill would foot up some
thing like 1200000 for each sculptor
has a national reputation
Tho arch will resemble tho arch of
Titus hi Rome but it will bo bigger
and rlnor to look at thun that historic
affair although not of such lasting ma
terial Staff which glistens whitor than
any marble and looks just as substan
tial as granite will bo used
A double lino of ornato columns ex
tending on either side of tho arch will
make a magnificent and imposing ap
proach to tlio stately pilo
Tho arch is to be adorned with sculp
ture symbolizing tho ixiwor of tho
United States as a maritime nation
Tho main idea of tho sculptural adorn
ment will bo to have tho four great
piers ono continuous series personify
ing tho four subjects of
Patriotism or tho call to arms war
tho light tho return tho victors re
turning to their nativo land peace the
volunteers again taking up their peace
ful occupations
Theso subjects aro being treated in
an nllegorical way with realistic groups
in tho immedi
ate foreground
Above these act
ing as ihiials to
thu four col
umns on each
side of tho great
group will bo
portrait figures
of admirals and
of tho navy such
as lnul Jones
Decatur Perry
Farragut FXto
Hull McDon
ough Gushing
and Porter Each
of theso pieces
will bo 12 feot
high There will
bo medallions of
other naval he
Tho four span
drels over tho
main entrance
will bo filled
with figures sym
bolizing the At
lantic ocean and
Pacific ocean on
ouo side mid tho
North river and
East river on the
other thus em
phasizing New
Vnrlrn Tinaitimi
b ok tiik couniNa
as tho most im
portant commercial city of tho country
Tho keystono of tho arch on either
sido will bo Hiirmonnted by n great
eagle Tho apex of tho arch will bo sur
mounted by a quadriga of sea horses
drawing n ship at whoso prow with
uplifted wings will stand a triumphal
figuro suggestive of victory This quad
riga is being made by J Q A Ward
president of tho National Sculpture
society Other noted sculptors have
various parts of the work in hand
lu addition to this grand arch two
large columns will be erected in Mou
tague terrace Brooklyn This site is
l fntnti1
What t here at last Come in come in
Well Admiral how bs ycr 1
Ycrrc welcome home from cross the foam
Were miphtv clad tcr see vcr
It docs seem good tcr Ik vc ycr back
With us vcr blood relations
Ycrvc been away so long tcr stay
Amongst them furrcn nations
Weve heard from yer quite frequent since
Ycr took our Eastern tiller j
We read it yit that note ycr writ
J So plain upon Manila
X c liked that message that ycr sent
Them folks -who riz ycr dander
It showed direct wed git respect
Where you as our commander
We sent ycr off a commodore
Few knowed or cared about it j
But now ycr name is bright with fame
And all the world can shout it
Ycr went away an unknown man
Ycr public praise was zero
But now its flung from every tongue
Youre back agin a hero
Ycr actions show us what yer be
A plain man though a bold one j
They show us that ycr wear a hat
No bigger than yer old one
We love ycr not alone because
Ycr fought a fight and won it
It seems ter me lots more tcr be
The manly way yer done it
No use we Yankees like a man
Whos there all kinds cr weathers
Who doesnt shirk but does his work
Without the fuss and feathers
Thats why George Dewey were here terday
Tcr clasp ycr hand and shake it
With this address The hull U S
Is yourn step in and take it
on tho hoights abovo Wall streot ferry
terminal and tho columns which will
bo 150 foot high can bo seen from all
parts of tho harbor
But tho most prominent featuro of
tho decorations will bo tho electrical
wolconio which will bhizoouton Brook
lyn bridge Tho words Welcome
Dowoy will shino in letters 510 feet
high nnd when first lighted Thursday
night tho returning admiral can easily
read them from tho deck of tho Olyinpin
oven should ho decide to anchor ten
miles outsido of Sandy Hook
Tho legend will bo 800 feet long nnd
moro than 8000 olectric lamps of high
candle power will bo nsed to form this
midair signal of welcomo to tho ad
miral The device will be strung on tho
central part of tho span betweon tho
towers and abovo tho railroad tracks
so that it can bo seen and read up and
down tho East river as well as for miles
down the bay
Tho lights forming tho letters will he
puro white and at each end of the de
sign will bo appropriate embellish
nionta Tho reflected light from this
display which Warren W Foster sec
rotary of the committeo says will bo
tho greatest display of electrical illu
mination tho world over has feon can
bo seen in every direction within CO
Tho bridge will bo decorated by day
with bunting and flags its entiro length
but its greatest glory will bo seen by
night In addition to tho great central
illumination there will bo many other
lights and from tho towew four great
searchlights will play their piercing
rays iu every direction
Tho legend which tho big bridgo is
to bear will bo repeated dozens of times
in letters from 6 to 20 foot high all
along tho wator fronts of tho two rivers
All tho steamship companies big and
little from the ocean liners to tho craft
that ply between ports on tho sound
and tho Hudson have made prepara
tions for illuminating their ships to an
extent never before dreamed of except
by the practical mon whoso life study
is tho possibilities of olectricity
Tho effect of theso on tho wator nt
night will bo on a largo scale what tho
illuminated trolley cars show when
they dash through the dimly lighted
suburbs liko blazing moteora Every
hhip that carries ono or moro search
lights will go down the bay on Thurs
day night and focus tho brilliant rays
of tho lamps on the deck of Deweys
Electricity which will play so prom
inent a part iu tho public und private
decoratiou and illumination of thot T
and tho water will have its first innings
on that Thursday uight Never before
probably have been seen so many craft
blazing with lights from stem to stern
as will take a cruise down tho bay that
night to catch tho first gllmpso of tho
admirals ilagahip and to carry tholr
monsngo of wolconio to port to tho
returning sea fighter who hns made
glorious his country and his countrys
flag on tho other side of tho world
Every ono of tho oxenrsion craft ov
ory private yacht every tug and lighter
will make its showing moro or leas
brilliant In tho white lights of tho elec
tric lamp And on tho private yachts
especially tho Illumination will bo dec
orative with flag designs in red whito
and bluo lamps and messages of wol
conio In largo letters strung between
the masts
Tho ferry companies slips nnd tho
steamship and railroad piers along the
East river will ho lighted and their
electric designs will bo varied accord
ing to tho tasto of their designers and
tho plans of the chief engineers On the
North river whero the larger rnllioad
and steamship lines have their termi
nals tho display will be oven moro bril
liant Tho Pennsylvania railroad was
tho first to submit a plan of its illumi
nation of tho Jersey City terminal to the
committee On tho great train sheds
facing tho water will bo tho words
Wolconio Dewey in enormous lot
tors of electric lamps with tho facado
of tho station picked out in electricity
Tho Delaware Lackawanna and
Western railroad also has reported its
plans to tho committeo They wero de
signed by Paul II linings tho com
panys chief olectiiohin nnd they show
an elaborate display
All the other railroad companies lmvo
made plans as elaborate and complete
as theso two Private and corporate
owners of piorson lxith rivers have been
seen individually and linvo given their
plans confidentially to General Ilowaid
Carroll who is chairman of a subcom
mittee on river and harbor decorations
and tho promise of a continuous blaze
of electric light for miles along each
bank of tho two rivers may bo expected
confidently to bo fulfilled
rnsTooxs or light
The New York City Hall park and tho
hall itself as well as tho borough hall
in Brooklyn will bo illuminated under
tho directim of tho subcommittee of
which Lewis Nixon is chairman Mr
Nixon has received a design from tho
Edison Electric company calling for tho
greatest illumination that old City Hall
park ever has seen Strings of electiio
lamps aro to bo festooned nmong tho
trees across tho walks around tho foun
tain and everywhere that thero is a peg
or a brunch to hang a lamp upon
Theso lights will be colored as well
as whito and tho big arc lights which
will bo hung in arches at a greater
height also will show a variety of colors
Tho park will look liko tho bceno of a
bo In Now York to welcomo tho ad
miral It is estimated that no lens than
0000000 visitors will swoop down on
Now York during tho two Dowoy dnya
This will bo an unprecedented Incur
sion even for tho metropolis
AN IMSirNSR cnown
Tho cities and towns within 100
miles of Gotham will empty n largo
portion of their people into tho metrop
olis by day excursions while from
If W ffii 4ri i tfoSi
wJirs3i Ii t 5VL5
1 lit1 in
- GJSSlT gfaTy i j
1 i iTl 1 t AV t I fftlWT II i I II li
7 I xri ff A uii
i w i i
ii i I in Vy 1 i f
l l i Ml lit I II I l 11 I 9 M 1 I
i I T It lilt Jl i K 1 m
tt i r
greater distances will coma thousands
of others Even in tho far west Dewey
clubs are being formed Theso clubs
are made up of people who nro bonnu
to bo in New York when Dewey gets
thero Agents nro sent ahead to arrange
for accommodations and special trains
aro to bo chartered
The Now Yorkers think tho big crowd
can bo accommodated somehow or oth
er During tho Columbian celebration
of several years ago New York took caro
of at least 1000000 visitors and since
then her facilities have been greatly in
During the Columbian celebration
tho New York hotel men worked to
gether and handled tho emergency with
out difficulty Weeks before tho event
thoy had through advertisements com
piled n list of housoholdors iu tho vicin
ities close to tho various hotels who
wibhed to rent rooms without board
and thoy comniunicatod with theso
Then to save hotel clerks tho bother
of looking after outsido details they
opened n central bureau in Union
square whero persons crowded out of
tho hotels wero sent and quarters se
lected for them according to their ideas
of economy and convenience
Tho samo plan is to bo carried out at
tho Dowey celebration It is the opin
ion of James H Breslin that if 1000
000 persons havo to remain in New
York overnight during tho Dewey fes
tivities Now York can take care of
them Thero would necessarily be a
good deal of doubling up but Mr
garden party or a lawn festival on an
immense Bcalo Tho hall itself will bo
ablazo with lights which will show its
decorations of flags and bunting by
night ns well as by day Similar illu
minations aro projected for tho borough
hall in Brooklyn
It is impossible to tell all the wonders
that will bo accomplished in the way of
electrical illumination by private in
dividuals Every electrician in tho city
is workiug on plans for ono or moro
buildings and all tho electrical shops
aro crowded with ordors which must
bo turned out beforo Dowey day
On land thero will bo a daylight dis
play which has nover been equaled in
Now York or any other city The great
metropolis will bo fairly swathed in
rod whito nnd bluo bunting From ev
ery point where n staff can bebtuck out
a flag will bo flung to tho breeze Each
of tho big mercantile houses is planning
its own scheme of decoration and the
smaller ones as well Peoplo who visited
New York boon after the battlo of San
tiago wero astonished at the lavish dis
play of bunting but this display is to
bo eclipsed when Dowey comes home
A word as to the crowds which will
Breslin thinks tho city hotels re en
forcod by apartment houses aud board
ing houses that would bo temporarily
pressed into service under hotel general
ship could handle such a multitude
It must bo remembered that every
day in tho year 100000 peoplo arrive in
and loavo New York without creating
a ruffle on tho surfaco of things
But tho visitor to Gotham must ex
pect to bo bomowhat crowded on tho
Dowey days Ho must not look for
elbow room on the streets and must bo
prepared to hang on to cable cars by
his eyelids Ho will see sights worth
looking at however and when ha finds
himself in tho center of acres of densely
packed humanity two blocks from the
lino of parade he may console himself
by tho reflection that ho is doing his
part toward making Dowoys welcome
home tho inojt impressive spectacle
with which the nation has ever hon
ored ono of its citizens
Tl Ik

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