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I 1 V
THi National Bank of L- m:o
ly Rational BanI is tte
GEO. A. NORWOOD Presides!
GEO. C. KORNEGAY, -Cashier
'This Argus o'er th people righta
Doth an eternal vigil keep; -
No soothing atraina of Maiaa eon,
Can lnll iti handre eyea to sleep.
The National Bank of Gcldsbcrc
Wants your business and will
be gld to talk or correspond
with yon
GEO. A. NORWOOD, Presfaent
M. J. BEST, Vice-Presidt
5 !
1 r-
f It. .
hi ,
Riva's Famous Barrel Murder!
of a Dozen Years Ago
I.U- FOlisB Mi is m : :
Which Was Tlirovn IhIo the Gutter
by livo ?ldn V -.. Palfl Boy to
l)a?eii It I'l.-.re Hsi.ltd
.- Newt's
ter-y, whl
mens tar
ego, waa
the polk;
th ?:r tbi-
.WTChcd ;
unit i.ded
the et.-dn
a pent
of a m
by Jcm
ft::: r.
caused h.
the body
iJC c.
it nr. ci
de, for
.A murder mys
s te rival the- t'a-
f.:;es::oa of
bey noiiSc-J
hour lie had
. ::. ; i b'afi
left ia
s:i c; . : 1 a- .
employed ir
n, W. Va.
"On Friday evening of 'this ..week, the
C-old&boro Woman's Club will present
in tlieir club, room to the patronage
oi ilia Gcidsboro public ilaciame liar
riot Labaaie, in "Tomorrow", and in
er that there may te no possible
herisiaa of the nature of the
fc.iu:r::iriir.:?nt nc? as ta the atiliry oi
r,Iai.-iiao Labaaie, ve pabliih the fol-2c-viig-
high endoreement of both,- by
i-ier. Leaa.C. Dritron, which speaks for
itsol:', the manuscript letter, being in
po&ses&icn of the Ai'Stis: - - "
"Oaitley lethodlst Church
Incleyenaoace and Elmwood Aves.
i.san C. Button, Minister
-Kansas City, Ms., April 14, 1913.
To all LoT'ers cz Truth.
1 Judge Cooke Consents to Issue
j Mandamus Proceedings
The Goldsboro Grocery Co.
This Widelv and Favorably Known Wholesale
House Approaches the New Year by Moving
Iiito New Quarters all Its Own
Arthur Kajle About Four Years Ago
Hetired to lfoom and Has Not
Been l ound Since Mur
der Is Suggested.
(Greensboro News, Dec. 30.)
Holds That 3Ir.
ment IVas Val
G!'s to .ST-"
Sa!: -'i.ir'
i.Ip. A
'ad &v
lelah, Ieo.
a to a i-: c
t ieti.
cf 111
the la. .- i Dirc
ot tae
aubaih e".enin
2 ij
jam h
In.-- forcing
tbe man'e
:a:ea. Stoat roues
aoch to the kneea
bandana hanaker
ia es a gas and. v
had been wrapped
this mornijig Jo
ajloye of a "pusb
held tie
and ieot.
chief had
woman's ptxtir-oat
about the Lead.
Atoar ,0 ... ( du.1
seph Cccatr. au e
cart stable" on Snovhi street nearby
rented a cart to two men answering:
the descriptLon given by the boy who
called the police to see the trunk
One of the men had asked the boy tc
take care of the trunk after it had
been dumped, in the gutter.
Cooper said one of the men was tal'
and well dressed. The other man p
little shorter and dressed in a dark
sweater and cap, wheeled the cart and
. Ja-elievoil .to., have been- merely tbe
employe of the well dressed man
When the cart reached Pitt street the
tall man gave his companion a coin j
and then helped him unload the trunk !
After this the mail in the sweater re
turned the push cart to its owner
while the other asked the street ur
chin to watch the trunk.
At a late hour the police had no!
learned where the trunk was obtained
or picked up by the push cart nor had
either of the men who carted it away
been apprehended.
Kramense, according to the man
rwho identified him, has a brother liv
ing at Cincinnati. He had been work
ing in an Eastside stable.
ea one - of the
ministry in
iveircming to ray pulpit, Madame Hai
rier habadie, who interpreted to my
congreaaricn, Mr. Macllaye's play
''Xo-rorrcYv-.".. Ebe made a powerful
irnare-sion..' Her sweet spirit, mag
nificent voice, and wonderful dramatic
power, threw an unbroken spell over
tbe great audience, as can be pro
duced only by masters of interpreia
tion. .
This good, woman has a great soul
freighted with a timely mectage and
accompanied with a marvelous "genius
ci expression. The perfection of her
art. aad the. sincere on t-p curing of- her
he.rvt carried us all . through the mcs'
delicate and suggestive passaf s with
only an impression of the real message.-
We feel sure that wherever sdio
shall go, -lasting good will result, for
which corning generations of perfect
childhood shall on the last great
morning rise up and call her blessed
She should be heard by the youth 'of
our land everywhere:
Heaven's blessing be upon-her and
upon those ministering to her in the
inner circle ofner busy life.
Very sincerely,
314 S. Lawn Ave.,
Kansas City, Mo.
x . St,
t'ES if':
ning ai:
. V'. x.
' 1- :
uuc.e Coobo o,
Tickets,, for .Mr.sjt, JLbadi,. -miai .d.vsej5eral, luj-s Xii.m?SVi
aaofiitye ic di'.uiis
on the ! -: i t'tat i.J
an iiUproiser : t, rty ta
tl at it ; boa ' . L;
A. B.- Groom."
this motion aad
by Dr. Anderson's
decision tv issue
mas .!,..!, a Ct;cacu
pointment of Mr. SaUnbin
nor Kitciiin vasa .valid n
vacancy caused by the i"
J. D. Jjiggs and that 'it wp
sary for the- appoint ms.-n:;
Inavuxl by the benace, as
by Dr. Anderson. - '
The case was bfjard yesterday morn
iiig before Judge Cooke and tbe.argu
m nt of tbe several irffdiiais ponfcum-
i tae ;' -by
-' a
to n;i tb
. ;'.-,!:;:; n of
:s xioi :iie,.-Tr-;
6 bs "con
was claimed
LertaniU'ent are now on t-aie at ai.ui
each, at the Imperial Drug Store.
Addinonal Briefs on
to un end shortly- 'after 2 o'cIoek,-dn
the afternoon. Dr. Anderson's-formal
answer with, its amendments will In
filed today and the proper appeal pa
pers prepared as soon as possible.
Misses Charlotte and Julia Parrott.
of Kinston, are in the city, guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parrott.
-Misses Lillian and Bessie Fountain.,
of Raleigh, are in the City, visiting
their cousin Miss Mabel King.
Mrs. Rudolph Skalowski, of Spar
tanburg:. S. C. is in "the city, visiting
Native of Baleigh and rioneer In j her mother, Mrs. Jos. Edwards.
Cause of Woman Sui'frage. .
New York.-Dec. 29. Mrs. Lillie Dev- Miss Mary Aycocki of Raleigh, is ir
eraux Blake, a pioneer in the cause j tne city, the guest of Miss Mary
of woman suffrage in America, is dy- Cleaves Daniels, and all her young
Many Millions UlfrCe In l!ie Slate at
Close of '191.3 Than Any Other
Year Slisce t lie Var.
Ing tonight at Lynnwooa l-odge, a
sanitarium in Teaneck, N. J., kept by
Dr. Allyn Adler, who says she will
probably not live through the night.
For more than three years Mrs.
Blake, who was born 78 years ago
had been in the sanitarium, greatly
enfeebled physically and mentally;
and then, two weeks ago, she fell and
broke her hip. '
A woma". of distinguished ancestry
Mrs. Blake was long known tbe coun
try over as a champion of women's
rights. She appeared in her day be
fore committees of both branches of
Congress and before committees of the
Legislatures of many States. For set.,
friends here are glad to see her.
Mrs.' Dr. Ross McElwee, of States
ville, to the very great pleasure of
her many friends here, is in the city
visiting her parents Capt. and Mrs
N. O Cerry.
Mr. E. C. Duncan, of Raleigh, on his
way from a visit to his "old home in
Beaufort, was in the city last night,
and expressed confidencein the busi
ness outlook fGr the country for the
Mr. J. H. Wells, a former citizen of
Goldsboro, who has been making his
en years sue was tne president or tne ome in Farmville for some time is
New York State Woman Suffrage-As- !m tne cjty on a vsjt to relatives and
sociation and for fourteen years she j friends. Mr. Wells will leave in a few
was president of the New York Cit;- j days for New. Bern to join his wife on
Woman Suffrage Association. She or !a visit to .their daughter Mrs. Ed?
gahized the National Legislative Lea-j Jewell, after which thev will make
,, I: t
1 3d t
gue, was president at one time of the
New York city legislative' league a
was for several years tbe president of
the New York city mothers' club.
Mrs. Blake was born in Raleigh, N-
C, a descendant of Kev. amacl . Johru
son, first president c' 1'ik? a College
- and rector oi Trinity ; of William S.
. Jbhnscn, firit United 8:ate Senator
from Connecticut, and oi Jonathan
' Edwards.
Her nr&t hushand was Frank G. Q
Unisteaa. a Mew lor It' ttierehanc. Mrs
their home in Kinston.
rooms for rent on William street
one square from postoffi.ee. Apply
Washington, -Dec 2 0f North Caro
Una farmers are richer by severa" '
millions of dollars at tbe close of
business in 15)13 tlu'-n. they wete las
year, or auy other year sinc e the .'War;
according to a bulletin just issued by
tbe department of agriculture. The
total value of the tobacco crop for
the entire country for last year was
28.4 per. cent, greater than for 1912
Tbe largest increase was in the bright
districts of North Carolina, Virginia
and South Carolina. The price was
higher than, ever before.
According to the bulletin, based or
prices of Dec. 1, the following amounts
were received for crops in North Car
olina: Corn, $1S,C4S,0G0 against $42,418,000
for 1912. "''
Wheat, '$7,503,000 against $5,907,
000. '
Cotton, $45,5159,000 against $30,373,
000. . . " -
Tobacco, $30,9SS,000 against $17,
757,000. From the above figures it will be
seen that cotton was the only crop
that decreased in .value, while tobaccc
almost doubled in price, and the corn
crop was worth nearly three million
dollars more than the cotton' crop.
The Goldsboro Grocery Company is now engaged in the work of.
moving fromtiie quarters long occupied on West Centre street to
its own commodious and up-to-date building recently completed on
James 'street Just north of Dewey Bros.' foundry. This change is
highly indicative of the progressive policy and substantial pros
perity of the Grocery Company, when starting but seventeen years .
ago as one of the pioneer wholesale houses of Goldsboro, and
steadily keeping pace with the sturdy growth of our city, has ex
panded into a staid, reliable firm, serving not only a lengthy chain
of local' merchants b-d also holding customers over a constantly
increasing territory.
The company's new building is most advantageously situated for
conducting its great bulk of trade with despatch, facility and con
venience. ;
Extending frpm the railroad tracks on Centre street, a private
spur runs directly to the doors of its commodious "Vare rooms while
on the opposite side are suitable platforms, making the work of
loading goods iato delivery wagons or country merchants' teams
a matter of the" utmost ease. Of course these splendid facilities
directly redound to the interests of the Grocery Company's large
army of . purchasers, whose shipments can now go forward with
great saving of time and loading expense, as well as saving to the
company of drayage, which advantage is also shared with its cus--
; . -i . . . '
' "
The building itself is a two story structure large, and admirably
equipped with freight elevator service, accounting departments,
and display shelves of advantageous design and Workmanship.
From its first, beginning the Goldsboro Grocery Company has
. been under the" continual direction of Mr. Thos. H. Holmes as pres
ident, and the marked success of its career reflects the courteous
attention, sound business sagacity and commercial enterprise that
Mr. Holmes has exercised in winning for his company the enviable
reputation that it possesses throughout Eastern Carolna. , '
The Argus takes pardonable pride in the magnificent - achieve
ments of our felkrw citizen, Mr. Holmes, and his co-laborers of
the Goldsborp Grocery Company, and Is most sanguine in predict
ing for this" company even a wider field of patronage, now that its
:'"tieW6c&lbnffords all opportunities for Increasing the volume tf -
its business, and meeting every demand.
Goldsboro goes forward in every line of legitimate endeavorand
its wholesale trade commands a territory of patronage that ex
perience serves to augment and win and hold every merchant cus
tomer of other towns and country stores that once gives our city
a trial order.
We greet the Goldsboro Grocery Company in its new quarters
with the New Year, with all good wishes for continued success and
increasing patronage. '
W. A. I
seen la;
( '
"go vra
- cat din
tilne be
vtere- r.;..
Tbe a
st on
mysterious disappearance pf
alan, tne cripple who was
on Saturday night, is the
appearance of a cripple in
. Tbe first was four years
Arthur Rayle went to hi;
Over an Separates Them
te one night, since which ; President Is Making It a Real "Vuca.
tion His Grippe and Cola uave
Left ilim, But Ho i Still
In Seed of Rest.'
s not been -seen. That both
.tied is a belief that has nc
thorifies cave no direct clues
, where Kilman went. He
eta beard of since 10:15 o'
curd ay night when he . wa s
bis wagon on South
Pass Christian, Miss., Dec. 23.
President Wilson . played ' eighteen
boles of golf today for tne nrst time
in many weeks. He male some of
time he was coming the holes under bogey, and succeeded
in defeating his opponent, Dr. Cary
T. Grayson, U. S. N., something he
rarely does.
A half dozen younsters clambered
on the running boa'rd of the Presi
dent's automobile when it entered the
golf ground; and engaged in a . free-
ling tbe description of the for-all fight for possesion of bis. golf
J clubs. The President laughed heart
Rayie also was last seer : ily as he leaned out and separated
Clothing store. Pre-
I'y be bad been to the Clegg ho
Lor a snort time. It is not be
;a 'tn bearded any of the passen
unio but of Greensboro. Th
;r. f.gtnt on duty Saturday n'g
enieincer selling a ticket tr
tK ic
does nt 2
anyone n;
about xuv bear of bed time when, foui the contestants, while one of rhe so
years ago, be went to his room set j cret service men told tbe Loys if th. y
of the depot. The next morning the j didn't behave and take their turns
window to bis room was found oper 1 orderly, each day, they would not be
ana K
or. tbe
V -1 ;i
v.-as gone. He too traveler i
ets in a small wagon. Th-
r, ', ; '. i .; :. that he never left
ad th; bis body aha effects,
;sed of here. , I
:dl vana used by Kilman :
Sunday morning wrapped:
permitted to caddy for Mr. Wia-oa
all. After that a truce was dcclar;. d.
After the golf game tne President
spent the rest of the day indoors
sleeping during tbe afternoon.
"The President is mending sicwly,"
said Dr. Grayson today. -'His -nippe
tees ci heavy brown paper and cold have entirely left him now
up in shoe strings. This but what he needs is a rest and some
as ftt.nd between Ashe and exercise."
The President is receiving many in
vitations to attend social function's
school plays and eiittrtainmems, -but
he is declining them all. Representa
tive Harrison, of this congressional
district, thought perhaps some of the
Lev.-is sa-ezs in a back lot. Besides
tne vacn it contained the hand
:df: uo-td by tbe cripple in pushing
Lis ".-agon r.cng tne street, the leath
er shGiro wb.ca -protected the stubs o:
bis kg's, sni a single shoe from whicr
a r"i'I ci ne neex naa Deen torn loose, otner members ot the Wilson family
Tne paper used evidently had beer. ; might care to participate in social ac
in. u-e before in an express shipment : tivities, but they, too, declared, .pre
ss .it bad been labelled. It is a sup-; ferring the quiet surroundings of the
pcsitlDii "that. Kuman had wrapped ur (Presidential cottage.
:.i;-l3P.j:tbi2 59e,.jn.eJLp5?l " Students of .the Mississippi Agriou!-
and that u mad been stolen Dy some-1 tural college at Scarkviile hae plan
one as whiskey before it reached the-ned to prevent the President's family
Little Craft With Fishing Party Aboard
May Be Lost.
Blake's uau&h'ters an
Irs, John Bev
erly Robinson... of 'St. Louis, and Kath
erine Devereaux Blake, principal of
public school No. 5, fn'is city.
to Chas.
A. Brown, editor Weekly
Eight .-"Silent a-lrstnaii" oak hnisb
floor Show' eas.es. Will sell all or
singly. Goldsboro Drug Co. 30
the average man has, or will have, he
ki. . Think thift' statement through,
capitalize What-you can earn if you
live, then insure your capital.
National Life Tvisurauce Co. of Vt
E. LI. KUriPHKEY, State Mgr.
- Goldiborc, K. C.
Two colored men bought a piece of
pork, and Sam, having no place to put
his share, trusted it to Henry's keep
ing; They met the next night and
Henry said: "A mos strange thing
done happen at mah house last 'night
Sam. All myst'ry to me."
"Wha dat?"
"Well, Sam," explained Henry, sol
emnly, "dis mawnin' I go down in de
ce'lar for to git a piece of hawg fo'
breakfas', and' I put my han' down
in the brine an' feels 'round, but dcy
ain't no po'k dar all gone; so I tu'n
up de bar'l, an', Sam, sho' as preach-
in, de rats had done et a hole cl'ar
frop de bottom of dat bar'l and' drag
rrnA tl o moat nil rnitt" . -
Sam waspertified with astonish
ment for a moment andthen said
"Why didn't de brine run outer de
hole?" ""
"Well, you' seei Sam," replied Hen
ry, "dat's de myst'ry.'i
Washington, Dec. 29. Fear that the
launch Adirondack which left -Savan
nah, Ga., December 13th, with mem
bers of a fishing party aboard, has met
with an accident at sea caused offi
cials of the revenue cutter - service
here tonight to dispatch the cutter Ty-
bee from Savannah in search of the
missing launch. No word has been
heard from the Adirondack sl ice De
cember 14th whtn she was proceeding
towards Beaufort, N. C.
The death of Mrs. Elizabeth Sum
merlin, relict of the late A. J. Sum
merlin, of New. Hope township, this
county, occurred Sunday afternoon at
2 o'clock, December. 28, at the home
of her devoted son Mr. L. D. Summer
lin, -with whom she residedin the
above township.
Deceased was a woman widely
known and connected throughout the
county and was greatly beloved by
all who knew her for her sterling
qualities of soul and neighborly of
fices and broad charity.
She was an exemplary Christian.,
and a devoted member of the Metho
dist Episcopal Church South, and she
goes to her "long home," leaving be
hind her a blessed memory to her
children as an inspiration and a guide
for them to follow her and as a com
forting assurance that it is well with
her soul. - - -
Mrs. Summerlin is survived by five
children. These are Messrs. L. D.
and Jesse Summerlin; Mrs. Will
Langley, Mrs. John Boyett and Miss
Rohema Summerlin. besides a wide
circle of relatives and friends.
The funeral largely attended, was
held from Daniels (Chapel Monday
afternoon conducted by Rev. C O.
Durand, pastor of the Goldsboro Cir
cuit and the interment was made in.
the Barna Daniel graveyard near by.
Tragedy in IreueH County In Which
3-Year-Old Girl Loses Her Life.
Statesville, Dec. 29. Katie Lou Car
ter, three-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Carter, was shot and
instantly killed today by her five-year-old
brother at their home a few mile?
northeast of Statesville. The four
Carter children, there being two
younger than Katie Lou, had been left
in the house to play while their par
ents went about their work.
The oldest child, a boy of five, se
cured his father's shot-gun, loaded it
from a pile of shells on a table, 'and
with the muzzle near his sister's face,
pulled the trigger, literally tearing the
top of the little girl's head off and
scattering the fragments about the
room. When the tragedy was discov
ered the boy at first denied that he
did the shooting, but later confessed
his guilt without telling why he com
mitted the deed. "
"The Veteran" a Two Part Broncho
Feature Picture Tonight
A fine lot of domestic and imported
rugs on consignment will be offered
at cost for ten days-or while they
last before returning to owners. ,
Cloudy tonight, probably rain on
the coast; Wednesday' fair; brisk to
high north, to northwest winds.
The Acme has a two part feature on
tonight that is sure to please, a
Broncho photoplay certain to endear
itself to many hearts. How often we
hear the old generation regretting
that the young people of toda yknow
so. little about the Civil war. See this
picture, it brings back and. makes viv
id all the pathos and heroism of the
Civil war days.
express office, and finding it was no'
whisky threw it aside where it was
found. However, this supposition
seems fo be exploded by the fact that
the package did not appear to have
any labels other than those which had
been used before. No one filling the
description of the crippled man went
to the express office Saturday night
with a package nor was any package
received there like the one found.
Another supposition was that Kil
man, after preparing his package, lef
on one of the night trains. The ticket
agent on duty Saturday night does not
remember furnishing a ticket to any
one crippled.
It is known that the man had an
other wagon of a much handsomer
kind, neatly fitted with horn and
lights. About two weeks ago he wen'
to a local printer and ordered' a cut
from a photograph made with him
sitting in this wagon. That wagon
has not been seen here. Kilman was
going to use printed cards containing
the photograph in visiting the busi
ness men of the city, but he never
called for the cut.
There is a strong believe that some
one took charge of Kilman soon after
he left the Vanstory store and mur
dered him for his money.
from being inconvenience J by the egg
famine. Three dozen fre.-h eggs today
were sent to President U :-n through
the parcel post by the college stu
dents, who will continue to ot; .,teh
a supply daily during bis stay hero.
Cough Syrup, Kidney Remedy, Head
ache Remedy, Rheumatism Remedy,
all at Williams' Drug Store. Guaran
teed. Try them.
The offering a, the Miifconcr Opera
House ail this week will be tbe Mat
tice Stock Company, a company well
known in tbe East, although new to
the patrons of this theatre. Tbcy
have an excellent retniiLion as a good
clean cut aggregation. Every mem
ber of the company is an amsst in h'is
or her line. Good plajd well staged
and acted are assured by all those
who attend. Tbe opening piay will
be the four act story of the sea,
"The Girl From Out bonder," which
will be produced with a strong cast
ana all special scenery, costumes and
effects. High class vaaae idle will be
given between acts.
Popular prices of ten, twenty and
thirty cents wi.l prevail.
Seats now selling.
Veteran Sailor l s He. Aeit-r Saw
Such a Storm Before iu 3J
Yeais At Mbi.
Mobile, Ala., T
-Loss ol the
FOR RENT New 9-room house or
East Walnut street extension. All
modern conveniences. Large lot
Apply to N. E. Bradford, Phone 155
sale my, fine Welsch- Pony, Trap and
Harness. W. W. Peirce, Goldsboro
N. C. 27
"A Sure Cure" One of those rare j
HEWttK lymiiruv ncn no
Uncle Joe Cannon, in a recent polit
ical argument said:
"That excuse is not good enough.
It reminds me of a Danville bartend
er. He came to work in a Danville
bar and as soon as he arrived the re
ceipts began to diminish. The boss
at the end of the week said to the
newcomer: , dN
" 'Look here, do you take money out
of the till?' . . - '
" 'Olv no sir,' said , the bartender
'No indeed, sir.
" 'Now, said the boss, 'you must be
taking money. I know it.'
'Of course,' said the man, 'Intake
out my car fare every night.'-
"'Oh, you do, eh?' said the boss
And where do you live? In San Fran
cisco?' ur:mifniizzn
comedy dramas with a real plot. Its
a Reliance and-is directed by the well
known director D. W. Griffith.
"In the Harem of Haschem" Lu
bin comedy.
The proprietor of the leading 'drug
store in a small Kentucky town was
coming out of the front door of his
place not long ago, when a sihall.toy
came tearing round the corner at top
gait with his head down and butted
squarely into him. .
"Hey, kid!" demanded the druggist..
"What's the matter?"
"I'm trying to keep two boys from
gettin' into a fight,'.' panted the young
ster. "Who are the boys?" . asked the
I'm one ot 'era."' Saturday Even
ing Post, v
Miss Lois Hammond
Supported by
ltattieo Stock Company
In a Repertoire of
. Opening Play Monqay
The Girl from out Yonder
'":" ' - With - '
High Ol ass Vaudeville
Special Matinee
New Years Day
Popular Prices
10, 20 and 30 ' Cents
British echconer Lord of Avon during
Friday's storm in the Gulf of Mexico
was established here today when the
schooner George F. Scanueii arrived
in port with the Avon s ciew The
Lord of Avon was bound. Lorn, l'ensa
coia to Cuba 'with lumber.
An unidentified schooner, believed to
be the British schooner CheMie, which
sailed from Pascagoula last Tuesday
with a cargo of lumber for Havana, is
drifting in distress far off the Florida
coast, according to other vessels that
arrived here today. The Cheslie was
in command of Captain -Lcorncr and
carried a crew of six.
Several other shirs which left gulf
ports for Cuba last week have not
been heard from. Among these are the
American schooner Griffin, the Ameri
can brig Motley and the British
schooner M. A. Achorn.
Tampa, Fla., Dec. 29. The British
steamer Hornby Castle, which arrived
at Boca Grande last night, reports
having spoken an unknown schooner
in distress at .10 o'clock Saturday
night 120 miles west, of Cedar Keys
and 150 miles northwest of Tampa.
The vessel was drifting from 10 to 20
miles daily. It is believed it may
have been the British schooner Ches
lie. The tug Kdgar F. Conlev left
Tampa this afternoon to search for
the distressed schooner.
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