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L-i J
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 4,-1878.
Communications, to Insureunsertion
in the next issue, should be In' hand on
Mondays; if lengthy, on Thursdays
preceding issuc-dar. Advertisements,
of whatever class, should be in hand by
ooonl Tuesdays. .
Advertisements under this head 15
cts. inline first insertion, 10 cts. a line
each nbieijucnt insertion. "
t -
, Sassafrasso.
,. Sassafrasso is a sure cure.
7 m. -
City Council mcetaSaturday
Geo. "W. Hnlstwas Intho'cily
Monday. s
Millinery in the' lateat styles at
Dralce & Smith's.'' . -y
SassafrassonreRared aud or
r sale byDoland &? Smith.- '
G. IV. Brown of Boono county
was in the citySaturday
Lou. CUrkV'gray horse won a
race at David. City Monday.
Sassafrasso is a 6tire- cure .for
chapped hands and sore lips.
F- "W. Ott sells you toys cheap
er th'an any one else in town.
Jab'ilco Singers at "liio Opera
HouleVto-morrow (Thursday) night.
Mrs. Helen Pinkncy returned to
Columbus from Chicago last week.
A good Fanning Milt for ?15
at John Wiggina's Hardware store.
0 '
About twenty of our citizens
were at the race Monday at David
Don't forget that yon cannot
have good mince pio6 without good
Tommy "Wake rode to tlio front
in the "big" race at DavitTCity last
The Red Ribbon Club meets at
0 s
ihe Opera House on Saturday even
ing next.
Mike Schram of Plum Creek
fpent the Sabbath with his family
ofthis city. l
Choice Missouri Sorghum syru p
best out. at Bnllard & Smith's
f orth Grocery.
II. F. Suidcr of Plum creek,
BoonO'Co., was in' the city on busi
ness last Thursday.
"J. G. Compton came up from
Omaha on Saturday to attend the
funeral of Imb father."
Major David Cunningham of
Cidiz, Ohio, was in Ihe city on busi
ness, Wednesday last.
Fifteen dollars will buy you a
good Fanning Mill at John "Wig
gins'9 Hardware store.
Jacob Froesch is about to open
a'bakcry and rcrtaurant in Haney's
biilidiug on 11th street.
It seems by the Era that. Co
lumbus has a new law firm, "Whit
inoyer, Gorrard & Reed.
A bar has been opened bythc
propiielors of the Central Hotel in
connection with the house.
The Jodu.vai. is indebted to
Senator Paddock for a volume of
the Congressional Record. Thanks.
rMr. J. B. FJnch left for Fro
mont on Monday, there to com
mence work in the cause of temper
ance. D. N. Minerof this place return
ed -last week from his sojourn in
Butler co., building a dwclliug for
srJ. N. Reynolds was out last
week on business in Platte and
Colfax counties, returning home on
The city night watchman is
making it prettj- liycjy for night
prowlers who have taken too many
"nfght caps."
A good many teams in town
thepast two days, with wheat and
hggs, but prices are so low that not
much iB realized. K.
Chas. Rickly 'has been jal home
about a- week. In his travels he
saw a portion of. Texas' and was
well pleased witli it. x
Mince pics need good" cider to
mnkcj'them palatable. Calffat "Wm.
Becker's for the best cider ever
broughto Columbus.
F.lderber & Co. kccp;tbc best
assortment of furniture and sell at
the lowest prices. Give them a call
at theiracw store jon 11th street.
Don't sell or sow dirty grain
nny lowger, when you can gct'a good
FanninMill at VigginsV " Hard
ware store on 11th street, for $15.
i ,
'5 progressing rapid lyon
the Lchnaan note, corner of Olive
etrcet,' asd Pacific Avenue. lVm.
Smith-has the vcnecflQg contract.
Walter Phillips.-Joc. Gqolidgc
and Gcerge Spoouer started on
Tuesday morning on a -hunting ex
pedition to the deer regions up west.
Prevent explosions andterrible
calamities by getting at WilliaM
Beckers, the celebrked r?IIefl
Light'Oil, warrauted-noUto ex
plode. A r,
Jo. Curran of Polk county call
ed on!Mondav and rcnewefi" his
subscription to the Jocrxal, which
he hasitaken ever since he came to
Xebrafk T
Inpeaklng of the improvement
to A. K3Burgess & Co's -furniture
rootus,k"wc made a slight mistake as
to the dimension. We should have
ald Sftfeet in length instead of GO.
A ac brick block on the-corner,
of 13thjAad Olive slreets where M.
Weaver's- furniture store formerl
retood would add materiatlv to the
I . ..
appc-iraiice oi tnat part ot tlie cil.
Dresses and- Cloaks- made to
order al-Drake & Smith's.
X See F. W. Olt for your toys.
He makcs.it aspeci&lty to selLcheap.
'The WoUnded Gladiator' will
be the subject of Hqv.burm&n!8
Tcmperauce lecture next Sunday
See 'Wiggins new adyeftise
meaLou vill. findJUimat: the
coruer opposite Jleury V grocery,
and with him everything iu the
hardware line.
The card of F. Scheck, the
Olive street cigar manufacturer and
dealer, appears in this issue of the
Journal. Call on him for your
cigars and tobacco.
We aro in receipt of a letter
from Lewis Freiday, which ought
to appear in this week's Journal,
but, like good wheat, it will keep,
and be all the better for it.
"BHck" Island is easily acccs
sibluto teams, but little water in
teryeniHg betweeu it and the shore,
owlug 4o the Rand-bars that have
formodlTand the low, water. ,
X-You will do yourself a great
favor by trading at Wm. Becker's.
Iliiniotto ie l,Ehrlich wahrt' am
laug6ten," which being interpreted
means "Honesty isthcBest policy."
AtMho'closinjr ' lecture of J. B.
Finch at the Opera House last Sun
day evening the attendance was
larger than at any previous, evening,
whichrnust have been gratifying to
the lecturer. .
Drakc & Smith in Central
Block have just received one of the
finest lot of button dress goods, cor
sets, millinery goods and trimmings
ever brought to Columbus. Call
and see them.
The hunting party whoso de
parture we announced last week,
consisting of W. II. Winterbotham,
Chas. Matthews; Jas. Hudson and
Chas. Iluber. came iu on Friday last
with two deer.
For a "living corpse of no earthly
account," the editor of the Jouknal
seems to give F.Pcculiar Burgess, the
professed Republican editor of the
Democratic Era, considerable un
ecessary concern.
J. J. N. Reynolds, of the firm of
Bechcr Ss Reynolds, Insurance
agents, has been appointed Notary
Public, and will take depositions, ad
minister oaths and do an' other
bubincss in that line.
The bridge at Andrew Matlhis's
is 6ad to be sadly out of repair, and
two men, who crossed over it the
other day, dcclaic that they should
not be surprised any day to hear of
its falling down with a load upon it.
The 2d day of December
scarcely a flake of snow has fallen,
roads dry and in splendid condition,
weather beautiful. Farmers, if snow
and hard winter weather finds you
unprepared, you ought not to com
plain. The proprietors of the Joukxal
return their thanks to those of their
patrons who have rccetly renewed
their subscriptions for the year, and
likewise for hearty words of ap
proval of the general conduct and
tonu of the Joui:nal.
"Among the Breakers" will be
t ho next play put upon the
boards, by the Columbus Dramatic
Society. We arc not permitted to
say just when the performance will
take place but will make the an
nouncement iu due time.
A nun passed through the city
on his way eat one day last week
whose scalp-lork had recently been
removed by Indians somewhere out
west. We did not have the pleasure
of interviewing him, otherwise we
should give full particulars.
fs Mrs. Mary Bellisle nee Robin
son,) has returned to the city, and
will, at her residence on North st.,
four doors south ofSpeiceJfc North's
open a boarding house, and, as for
merly, will 6ct h first-class table.
She solicits a share of public pat
ronage. There will be a fair and festival
for the benefit of the Convent school,
at the Opera House, commencing
Thursday, Dec. 19th. Contributions
from friends in ths country can be
left atWm, Elmer's store ou 13th
street, or at tho residence of M. T.
Christmas is almost here. Don't
forget the little ones. Twenty-five
cents invested in a simple present
and presented by the mythical Santa
Claus will purchase moro gladness
for the heart. of the little child than
a whole mine of wealth for grown
up folks.
The friends residing in Platte
county received late last Saturday
evening a telegraph dispatch an
nouncing the death, of young Dana
Maroon. Mr. Magoon has beeu a
very close student and a constant
attendant at college for the past two
or three years.
JrC 3Slliott hasiold a wind
mill and feed mill to John Mochen
on Shell creek-, npar-Diudsay., It is
quite the thing now for farmers to
do their own grinding; and tUerolis
no doubt that ground feed is much
the best for stock of all kinds, espe
cially the young.
Co. Commissioners met Monday
and Tuesday. They settled with
the Road Supervisors Monday. The
contract for the Elm creek bridge
was let to a Mr. Robison of Boone
couuty his bid .being $10 below
any of the others. They meet again
on the lGth, at which time they set
tle with the Treasurer.
- School District No. 3ti8" again
in trouble. There is now a differ
ence of opinion as to the object for
which their school-house was built,
resulting in engendering bad feeling
on both sides, and resorting to ex
treme measures by the advocate.s
'for the dance breakiug open the
house for that gurpose. , T
Capt. Jno.c Hammond of the
'Hammond House purchased J. C.
Elliott's sample Stover Wind Mill
and feed mill and has placed the
same in the rear of the hotel. He
purposes erecting a large water
tank, from which to supply the
rooms of the hotel. This will be a
very convenient and valuable im
provement to the Hammond House.
A hunting party, consisting of
George Clother, Dan. Clother, How
ard Metz, Chas. Huber and Georgic
Matthews, with II. V. Monnette as
teamster left the city on Tuesday
morning bound west iu search of
big game. Judging from the amount
of provision which they took along
they intend being out some time.
Eighty-seven pounds of pork and
other things in proportion were
loaded up.
, The Era, in speaking of Josiah
tMoody this, week, endeavors,, to con
vey an impression that is libelous
to that young man, revolting to
decent people, and calculated (if
that sheet could be believed) to in
jure Mr. Moody In his profession
as teacher. We understand that Mr.
Moody's reputation as a gentleman,
a teacher, and a member of society
is of the best. Tho Era's course in
this matter is proof positive of Mr.
Moody's assertion that it was "a
scandalous sheet,"
Red ribbons are numerous, in
dicating that the wearers are on the
side of total abstinence, and forever
at war with king Alcohol in the
shape of a beverage; also, that they
have taken upon themselves the life
long duty to keep sacred the obliga
tion they have taken ; and whether
or not the movement shnll result in
a reformation in the matter of in
temperauce thatshall'be wide-spread
and general, with them it is a per
sonal matter as regards theobliga
tion,;atfd the honor of the individual
is at stake. If you have taken it, by
all means keep it to the cud.
The third concert given on last
evening at Music Hall, by the Ten
nessee Jubilee Singers, was attend
ed by a much larger audience than
was present upon either previous
occasion. These concerts are of so
unique a character as to render it
almost impossible to describe them
to persons who have not heard the
strange melody and style of their
singing. None should fail to attend.
Chicago' Times. Tickets to the
entertainment Joibc given to-morrow,
(Thursday) evening, at the
Opera House, can be had at Dolaud
Tho baud's benefit ball was a
complete social and financial suc
cess, fully up to all reasonable ex
pectations. Tho ' boys " arc a cred
it to the city, and their efforts for
improvement should always receive
substantial encouragement from her
citizens, as was the case iu this in
stance, many contributing by pur
chasing tickets who never dance
nor attend dances. The net pro
ceeds from the sale of tickets
amounted to $100, but still a con
siderable amount is lacking to en
able them to purchase new instru
ments, which we hope they may
soon be able to raise.
R. H. ..Ilqnry's new dwelling
house ou Olive and loth street con
tains a set of double parlors, sitting
room, eleven bed rooms, bath room,
six clothes presses, three halls and
two porches, and nil constructed in
a neat and workmanlike manner,
and reflects credit upon all the
workmen engaged in its construc
tion and completion. 0. Olcson
has done the carpenter work, and
John Webb and JasHalstead the
plastering. We learn that the
painting by Dan. dvavanaugh will
be completed early this month, and
that the house will be ready for oc
cupancy by Christmas.
J. E. North received a letter
from his brother Luther M., on
Monday, giving some details of an
other raid, by-Spotted Tail's Indians,
on the North and adjoining ranches.
He says that on" the 25th ult. the
Indians came upob, the ranche and
stole eight more of'their horsos. At
Bratt's ranches eight miles vvest of
North's, the Indians got all their
horses but twoTand thajbjDys fought
tnem all atteruoon. lucre were
eleven of lhc Indians. "S&VStearns's
ranche on the 27th they gobbled up
thirty-five, all but the work horses.
They were followed, and found
about three miles from the ranche
with all the horses, but were too
strong "foK-at'tick. Lute hopes to
get a whack at tliem yet.
The Tenuessce Jubilee Singers
offer one of the best entertainments
that has visited St. Louis for years.
They gave two concerts this week,
both nights' to crowded houses.
Their rendition of the old planta
tion song's, 3ad .melodies, camp
meeting choruses, etc., was perfect
and uataral. One of these concerts
is a correct portraiture of what
might be called the religious side of
the old plantation life. Their songs
are full of melody, yet partake of
the uucultnred character of the
times and social position which they
represent. The Jubilee Singers are
just what they represent themselves
to be, and the entertainment is just
what is claimed for'it. .' Louis
' j J.FINCH.. Y t
The Temperate Eranceliit-nnd Bis Work in
The name and fame of this gentle
man, have become wide-spread
throughput lhc ptateas th.e most sue-,
cessful temperance reformer that
has ever ejjoken and -labqred within
its borders. Wherever he has ap
peared iu the work, more respect,
betteiMind more interested atteption
and-nfiich greater success in-eecu-ring
converts to the cause have "been
allotted him than usually falls to. the
share of the best temperance work
ers." lie is a man of high cultnrivof
pleasant manner and address, and
speakswith jiolitencss and consider
ation for the feelings and rights ot
those who may honestly differ with
him in opinion, but withal with a
hearty emphasis that cannot fail to
eljcit respect and carry conviction
that his hcar.t is .in the .cause for
which he is laboring. He has utter
ed much truth when speaking of
tho evils of strong driuk and some
things in the same coilncclion.tbat
might justly be subjected to crili-;
cistn, and advanced theories for the
cure pf the evil that would not, in
every instance, bear a practical test,
b.tu thse things should not close the
eves of fair-minded, reasonable
Aitpn irk tlin trrrf cntil nnrl ilnno.
He closed, on Sunday last, a scries
of twelve lectures in this city, two
more than he was previously en
gaged to deliver, and as a result of
his efforts the number of signers of
the pledge and donncrs of the rib
bon, will show between four and
five hundred persons.
The lecturcouSaturday evening
last was devoted principally to the
work of creating an interest in a
library movement, for which pur
pose over $200 was subscribed by
the audience.
Mr. Finch's nrxt field of labor
will be Fremont.
Letter List.
Tho followinc is a list of unelaitncd
letters remainin; in the post-ollice, in
this citv, for the mouth ending Nov. 30,
Atendins AneyL
Accola Jacob
Beben Marten (2)
Beem C N
Uakcr Ilcnjy G
Briscola J A
Bonrbargcr A B
Barn inn A E
Bergstromc Olea"
Beckelkimer B
Benson .M A
Brifjham Y W
Jtrown John
IJhird Janus C
Hcintz Fierce
Hutchison Joseph
Johnson Joseph
Jeflry Thos
Johnson L
Keller Wm
King John
Kraumhtnd II G
Linkticld G E
Lvon James B
Lewis O F
Maher John (2)
Marguarett August
McGuinn John
Morgan John I
Nelson .Mrs AunaE
Policy Dan I
Pellett Fred L
Rotheraur Wikc
Regan J C
Resell Mike
Rciuheiiner I'etcr
Schenst' Mrs George
Staekly J
Sawyer Albert
Chapman DrW D(2)
Corcoran 3Irs Ellen
Craps Mrs Lizzie
Cas-per Heurv
Chatiicld F J
Cassin Pat
Curtiss Amota
Corby Mrs Mary J
Freeman J S
Forlces James
Francis VT II
Furrow E II
Glatter Kickard
Gray Frank
Gcrtsch Christian
Gcnon Chafles II
Ilelnfj Mrs Marian
Havduu it Son P
Hall Mrs Sarah A
Hipper J
Still well & Dyu
Snyder Leopold
Shciislcr Sam
Stecnback Martin
Stiode Bridire
Schuttleis Joseph
Shclltto James B
Tarblo Mrs John
Tenant Lcnar.d(3)
Thomas Henry
White WA
Hhtr David (2)
If not called for within thirty days,
will he sent to the dead letter office,
Washington, D. O. When called for
please Kay advertised, as these letters
are kept separate.
E. A. Gckicard, P.3I.
The fire alarm on Wednesday
evening was caused by an accident
at the store of Wm. Eimers, on 13lh
street. The shelving on one side of
the store room, having the appear
ance of giving way, Mr. E. was ex
amining it,-, and for that purpose
stood upon a step-ladder, when, by
some mishap, he fell, the. candle
which he held in his hand coming in
contact with and igniting some cot
ton batting on the top shelves, al
most instantly creating a big blaze?
to the imminent peril of the whole
block. With the assistance of citi
zens and firemen tho flames were
soon subdued by carrying in
water in buckets. The damage by
fire and water used to quench it,
was considerable, but was covered,
by insurance in the JEtua of Hart
ford and tho German of Frceport,
represented by Bechcr & Reynolds,
and on Saturday Mr. Bccher was
engaged in estimating the amount
with a view to paying the same.
Speaking philosophically, so
ciety may be- classified into three
grand divisions, in matters of opin
ion, faith aud practice. As in cli
mate we have the torrid, frigid and'
temperate zones, so iu mattecs of
sentiment there are the zealots," the
indifferents and the moderate ; thc
lirst, if- lefbfree-to act, would force
everything to tally with their way
of thinking; the second believe they
are not their brother's keeper, and'
borrow no trouble from any source:
the thirdj.abatiug "the unwise z"eaj
of the first, and deprecating the cold
unconcern of the second, endeavor,
by timely action, to bring about the
greatest practical good, "with tho"
least possible ill. If human actions
(of individuals, communities and
nations) are uarrowly watched, it
will found that the best and safest
are the temperate, the moderate, the
self-controlled, the steady and sure
the golden mean between the ex
tremes the virtue between excesses.
Police Court.
Wm. Walch, " heap drunk," Tine
and costs, $S.65.
Michael Reagan, "captured" in
the same condition ; fine and costlf-
Marshall Oakly contributed to the
cause of education $2.00 and costs
for a like offense.
Scheidel & Stracke were arraigned
on complaint of John McMahon,
night watchman, for keeping open
after 12 o'clock. Caso settled and
discharged, defendants payin jcosts.
t "To Scfcbol, Officers. -
fThe- following letter from the
State Superintendent of Public In
struction to C. L. Hill of this place
explains itself:
"LIncoln, Nov! 18, 1878.
Mb. C. L. Hill: It is clearly
illegal, as the law now stands, to
iutroduce or use text books other
than those on the accompanying list.
This list I have not changed in any
particular, and it is still tho only
legal- list. 1 regret that in many
places changes of text books have
been made iu violation of law, since
such changes frequently tend to add
additional cost to our schools with
out ady compensating advantage
Yours truly,
S. It. TnoMPSON."
JvThe State list accompanying the
f above letter can bp scon at C. L.
Hill's Book Store. Among other
books Ihe list contains Hillard's
Readers, Guyot's Geographies, Har
vey's Grammar's, and Seavey's His
tories. r i
ilfenry'Goodge, a man that has
t 1
for some tinio past been living as
tenant oh tlie farm of N. Millett,
luear the city, attempted a little
Ptieceof crookedness that hadj.it
oceu puslieu might have placed him
in the confines of the penitentiary.
He had in his possession property
(a harvester and a span of horses)
upon which a mortgage was held
by tho St. Paul Harvester Works
Co., ami last week started for Kan
sas, takiug along with him the
mortgaged property, and had got as
far as Chapman, Merrick county,
when he was overtaken by Consta
ble Wake and the agent for the
Company who had got wind of tho
attempted fraud. The' affair was
settled by turning over to the agent
a wagon and harness, in addition to
the mortgaged property.
A Common Sense Boys' and Gikls
Paten. The American Youny
Folks, published by Hudson &'
Ewing at Topcka, Kansas, comes to
us for December beautifully illus
trated and tilled with enterlaininir
and useful reading. It is really
common sense paper that paren
need not hesitate to place in the
hands of their children. It contains
1G pages and is sent one year to any
address for 50 cents. The publish
ers oiler to send a sample copy
Good Reading Cheap. We di
rect special attention to the adver
tisement of the American Agricul
turist in this paper. With the
reduction iu price, the many en
gravings, the vast amount of useful
information. this is' certainly one of
the Lest and cheapest papers in the
country, and should be iu every
day, .'ov. OTtli, 187P, eIson Van Gordon
and Francis A. Lohr of I'olk county.
SELSORCLARK-Oii Thursday. No
vember i8th, W. II. Selijor. and Miss
Bcllo Clark of Platte county.
COMPTOX On Friday, Nov. 28th, 11
r. .v., at Iiis residence in this eitj
James Compton, Sr.
Mr. Compton and family have been
residents of Columbus for several years.
He. was respected by all who knew him,
and much beloved by his children. His
burial took placeon Sabbath day.
MACKEN Friday, Nov. 21th, 1878,
at hi. residence near Scully's bridge,
John Mackcu, aged sixty years.
Mr. Mackcn came from Ireland to this
country in 1871; he had earned the re
spect of all who knew him, and wo
suppose leaves no personal enemy in
the world. We arc informed that dur
ing the heated term of last summer he
was prostrated by the heat, that since
that he had a slight stroice of paralysis,
and that about two months ago he was
overcome by fighting prairie lire. His
funeral, which took place last Sabbath,
was attended by a large concourse of
The People Want Proof.
There is no medicine prescribed
by physicians, or sold by Druggists,
that carries such evidence of its suc
cess and superior, virtue as Bos
cuee's German Syrup for severe
Coughs, Colds settled on the brea,t,
Consumption, or any disease of the
Throat and Lungs. A proof of that
fact is that any person afllicted,
can get a Sample Bottle for 10 cents
aud try its superior effect before
buying the regularize at 75 cents.
It has lately been introduced in this
country from-Germany, and its
wonderful cures are astonishing
everyone that uses it. Three doses
will celicyc any case. Try it. Sold
by A. Hcintz, C. B. Slillman end
Dolaud & Smith.
In looking through the city on
dav last tor business and news,
we called on Wm. Eimers on 13th
street, and found his large and met
ropolilan looking store room filled
with goods and himself and clerks
busy waiting on customers. He in
fornWinVthat business' is good with
him, anl that he expects it will re
main so, as he intends to treat his
customers .so well and sell them
goods 60 cheap and good that they
will be bound, if they,considcr their
interests, to trade with him. Give
him a call. 447-1
Made by good-looking Cubans,with
claw-hammer coats and white kid
gloves, on black-walnut tables. By
smoking these, you will attend
church more regular, and drive fast
horses, and you will become
"healthy, wealthy and wise."
For sale by George Rieder.
' Times are very hard, and the
products that a farmer has for sale
do not bring him his cost price, and
to equalize the thing and buy your
hardware in proportion to what you
get for your wheat, you must buy of
G. H. Krause & Sons.
Y For Kent.
-t. large uriCK store ouituing on
Nebraska Avenue. For terms, &rc;
apply to A. E. Pixksey,
446-x Over State Bank.
Advertisements undor this head five
cents i line each insertion.
rL Pure cider vinegar at Hudson's.
V Cloaks for .$2.50 at L. Kramer's.'
)t Get a hayknife at G. II. Krauso
& Sous.
Pure apple juice cider at nud
sou's. A Pure Buckwheat flour at Wm.
Get a buckeye lanterq at G. H.
Krause & Sous.
C Quinces and Sweet apples a)
'Marshall Smith's
SC Ilccollect that Shotwell & Ran
dall pa' the highest prico for hides.
V Bleached muslin 4 cents a yard
at Bonestecl Bros.
y Second-hand school books.chenp,
at E. D. Fitzpatriok's. 410-x
f Maple Syrup warranted pure at
Xi. Cockburn 8.
X The best brands of cigars can
be had at Wm. Beckers.
X Heavy woolen Scarfs' for 25 cts.
at L. Kramer's. 415
'The best place to trade is at
Bullard & Smith's
X, A good pair of grey Blankets
for $1 at L. Kramer's. 445
-:!! '- -p -
G. H. Krause & Sons.
nL. Bouesteel Bros, aro-selling a
goon pair oi Kin gioves ai ou ms.-
4. The finest lino of boots and
suocs inline city ai jll. omiiu s.
f Save 25 cts. by buying your
flour at Bullard & Smith's.' .
y --Good plaid Linsey, 10 cents a
yard, at L. Kramer s. 44o
X Get a heating stove cheap at G.
II. Krause & Sous.
WU Ladies aud children's ready
made dresses at L. Kramer's at low
t You can always depend on get
ting the lowest prices at ualley
a Pickled pig's feet, souccd lamb's
tongue and pickled tripe at Hudson's.
aA Woolen yarn 50 els., a pound at
ts I. Gluck's Revolution Dry Goods
Store. . ,
Socks 'at 5. cents a pair at L.
Kramer's Uew York cheap cash
Oranges, sweet cider and Mich
igan apples just received at Hud-
son a.
hA Heavy gray blankets at $1.00 a
pair at the Revolution Dry Goods
Wr Bullard & Smith will pay cash
or UACiiiiugc guuut, tur luriu piu-
Xr-Lidies' trimmed IIat3 at -$1.00
at L. Kramer's New York Cheap
Cash Store.
vjC Win. Becker will have a new
slock of Michigan, apples and cider
in a few qays. , ,
Hn Men's hcavy woolen suits at
4.ou at tne devolution Dry lioods
X Good Handkerchiefs for 5 cents
at L. Kramer's New York cheap
cash store.
S Men's
pair at I.
Men's woolen hose at 10 cents a
Gluck's Revolution Dry-
Goods btorc.
X Xcwstylcs Bourcttes and Knick
erbocker dress goods 10 cents a yard
at L. Kramer's. 437.
X Gray and White Flannel 15 cts
a yard at L. Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
Cabbage, onions, potatoes, toma
'fnm ntl...n .! . 4.a a.a .... I. S .
lUM, IIIUIIUU?, 11I1U III 111UL UVCI ) llllllg
else at Bullard & Smith's.
V Boots and Shoes at bottom fig
ures sold by Marshall Smith in Cen
tral Block.
naif bleached tabic cloth at 25
s. a yard at the Revolution Dry-
Goods Store.
X Ladies' Balmoral hose at 10 ct3.
a pair, at L. Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
X 18 yards Cotton flannel for one
dollar at L. Kramers Jcw York
cheap cash store.
AS Canton flannel 1SJ. yards for
.. ,!!!.. .. .l. T.'...Xt...: T-
unu uuuui at uiu jivuvuiuLiuii uvy
Goods Store.
hr Unlaundricd shirts, New York
iiiukiiii iiuu iiiiuii,uupuiii aim cuus lor
$1.00 at Galley Bros.
y- Bonestecl Bros, arc closing a lot
of laces, Fringes and other dress
trimmings at very low prices.
j Waterproof that beats anything
iu town at 50 cents a yard at the
Revolution Dry Goods Store.
X A good suit of clothes, coat
pants aud vest, for. $5 00 at L. K ra
in e'r's New York Cheap Cash Store.
)y A lot of children's and Misses'
trimmed hats for 50 cents at L.
Kramer's New York Cheap Cash
Oysters received daily aud sold
oy the dish, can or case at II. J.
Hudson's, two doors west of the
Hammond House.
X L. Kramer has opened a branch
Store at Silver Creek and will sell
goods there at the same low prices
that he docs here. 43S.
p In order 'to close out my large
stock of toys in season, I will offer
the same at prices which will aston
ish everybody. F. W. Ott.
J Call and see those women's
leather shoes at 75 cts. pcr pair at
Bonesteel Bros., they are the best
bargain in the market.
f Go to S. T. Hill's to get your
watches, clocks and jewelry repair
ed. First door south of C.L. Hill's
book store, Olive street.
X Pears, grapes and quiucep,-the
last of the season, just received at
II. J. Hudson's, two doors west of
the Hammond House.
I will not impose on the public
ana my customers oy advertising
what I cannot substantiate. Call
and convince yourself of the fact.
Win. Becker.
We have blank note books, for
sale, in books of 100 each, suitable
for threshers, mechanics and others
for work and labor; also the com
mon form, and the note "payable at
Columbus State Bank." Also re
ceipts Jn book form. M. K. Tur
ner & Co. 4i5-x
Shirts at 25 cents at L. Kramer'st
- Go to M. H. O'Brieu'a for groceries.
Boys boots $1.00 per pair at Bone-
N German School Books at Ed.
T Don't forget, but one price nt
Galley Bro's.
hr Boy's suits 'and coats cheap at
l L- Kramer's.
"p Mens boots 1.75 per pair at
Bonestecl Bros.
yCr-Shotwell & Randall deal in-all
kinds of poultry.
7 Wanted 500 dor. eggs at Bul-
t When you want Boots cheap go
o Bonestecl Bros.
7 See the music boxes at F. W.
l"..f m --. . ....
uiu icmpie oi juusic. 411-4
Y Good chambray 15 cts. per yard
at Bonestecl Bros.
V Undertfhirts aud prawors 25 cts.
each at L. Kramer's.
Threshers' uocs,,iu, book form,
for sale at this office. r
st If you have any wild game go
1?l cua;. ii felt i-ii-
iu oiiuiweii t.v uuuiiiiii.
)C Good Winter Caps for 25 cents
atr L.Kramer's.
X R. It. wheel-barrows for $2.50
at G. II. Krause & Sous.
fe.n,At BoJ.'irUr' 5 c,s-pcr
yard at Bonestecl Bros.
hf. Fall stock of men's and boys'
cioiiuug ni uaucy xiud.
C Baskets of all kinds at M.
Smith's in Central Block.
Y Good Water proof Cloth for 50
cuius u yaru in u. lviuuiura.
y Canned fruits and confectionery
of all kinds at Hudson's.
f. If you want allgoods at straight
prices call on Galley Bros.
y, It pays to trade at L. Kramer's
New York cheap cash store.
f Good water-proof cloth at 45
cts. a yard at Bonestecl Bros,
V Ladies' aud chlldrcns' shoes
cheap and good at L. Kramer's.
Best Norfolk Flour at $2.50 at
-r cy s.i ?. ... i in i.
iU. OlIlllllB 111 Vjtillinil XIUCK.
r "Ladies' Dresses and Wrappers for
fall and winter at L. Kramer's.
Grain bags $2.25 at L. Kramer's
ow York cheap cash 6tore.
p Grapes, plums and peaches by
the pound or box at Hudson s.
rf Sfiotwell & Randall pay the
nigiiusi price tur iivu puuury.
M. II. O'Brien sells good gro
ceries at very moderate prices.
rfa The place to buy Teas is at Mar
shall annul s in ocuirai lhock.
f Best Albion flour at Bullard &
Smith's, at $2.50 per hundred.
White Blankets $1.50 a pair at
the Revolution Dry Goods Store.
WL Ladies' cotton hose 6 pair for 25
at tne Kcvoiutiou ury uoousoiorc.
Ladies' felt skirts at 50 cts. a
piece at I. Gluck's Revolution Store.
b Wanted. 1,000 children to buy
their their Toys and Book3 at h,. D.
Fitzpatrick's. 440-x
X Boys' and Men's Winter Caps
for 25 cents at L.Kramer s Hew
York Cheap Cash Store
A new lot of stylish cloaks just
MMtw n I r unlit n-M'n MfhiAH w nil
be sold at bottom prices.
y Choice grades of coffees and
teas at wm. uecxers. lie stands
back for none on quality or price.
kUon't be bulldozed with Mich
cid(,r go to nmiso's alui ,
Ohio sweet cider and you will be
t w
V If you wnnt choice teas, coffees,
syrups, spices or anything else good
iu the grocery line, call at William
r A huge stock of tovs for the
Holidays at F. W. Ott's Toy Bazaar,
which will be disposed of ut very
low figures.
X That pure Michigan cider at
Win. Becker's is goinsr fast. If you
want any send in your orders right
away, quick.
X L. Kramer of the New York
Cheap Cash Store, sells all goods at
the lowest possible prices, and has
oue uniform low price, for all.
Vn "Trumps" are the "boss" five
cciu cigar in me city. ueo. meuer
keeps them, ns well as other fine
brands. A new invoice just receiv
ed. Try them.
)( If you need anything in the line
of hardware, farm tools, stoves that
you can rely upon to do good work,
or tinware, you can buy them cheap
at G. II. Krause & Sons.
Five thousand pounds of livo
poultry wanted this week, for which
the highest price in cash will be
paid by Ransdell & Smith, opposite
the post-oflice.
Yon can buy powder, shot, gun
anci musKei cape, snen primers, car
tridges of all kinds and sizes, re
volvers, gun wad5, shot pouches,
powder flasks, etc., very cheap at
G. II. Krause & Sou).
jt T. C. Ryan has just received a
lanrc stock of choice teas and gro
ceries, which he is offering at very
low figures for cash only. Highest
price paid for butter, eggs and
dressed poultry.
Teachers, pupils and others oc
casionally need blank news paper.
We will furnish it in sheets the size
of the Journal, 25x38 inches four
sheets for 5 cents, eight for 10, one
quire for 25 cents, and cut to suit.
M. Iv. Turner & Co. 445-tf
C It fs true you are getting a good
'deal less for your wheat than vou
did Ia3t year, but you can purchase
nearly a! I the goods you have to buy
for much less than yon did last year,
by calling on L. Kramer's New
York Cheap Cash Store on Hth St.,
J. C. Morrissey's old stand. 445
yr-If there is anything in this
world that will save labor, save
clothes, keep a woman from getting
her dander up, and keep peace in
the family generally, it is one of
those "Welcome" Wash Wringer?,
which aro tho latest-improved
wringer now in-nee, and cost only
$0.50. These wringers are sold by
G. II. Krause & Son, who have the
agency for Columbus. Come aud
see them.
For Hnlc.
A farm of 159 acres; 125 broken.
One mile west of Barnutn's. Please
call on A. Uaight on the Big Island.
Terms' easy. 3Cl-x
SL rhTeuf tllurket.
'Shotwell & Randall having pur
chased the meat market lately owned
bv Frank Gillctt, I prepared to rur
nish, becff pork, Ac, &c, equal to
the best and at priced to snit the
time?. 437x.
Attention, Skccp Kalnerat
We haver 15 head oriboronghbrcd
Rams on hand, which we oflcr for
sale, cheap all long wooled, just
what you want to cross with fiue
wooled sheep with to it pay.
Ill Gross Bros.
Tj. Kramer has iust received
larcrn additions to his nlrcadv im
mense stock of goods, in clothing, he
is able to show some great bargains.
He has the largest stuck of goods in
town ; does business strictly on the
one-price system, and it will pay
you to give him a call.
Advertisements under this bead five
ccnt a line, tirU insertion, three cent
a line ea h sub.ehent Insertion.
BSy-FoR Bored Wklt.s leave or
ders at Kyan's Hotel. McDerniot & Co.
4 l-J-y.
ftllclilKnn Apple.
Michigan Apples $3.!i5 a barrel at
L. Cockburn's.
Jf GranKcry I.eol Here.
I r :ii ..m i.. .! ......... ,n:i.k
x win ecu luu juvn juuii iuu-u
cows cheat for cash or ou time.
147-x. D. Anukiisox.
IScnliir Stock Dealer.
All kinds of horned stock bought
and nolil; alio fat and stock hogs.
379-y I). ANDKRtfO.v.
ffS CotrxTV Warrants, school
orders, school bonds and good bankable
note?, aNo !irct.cla morta:eH bought.
3Ioncy loaned on good f.irmln land for
a term of years, by A. Hciirjr, Colum
bus, Nebraska.
'"Sucesskul. Hay Stove. Has
been needed Ion:; in thU country, ou
account of high-priced fuel: now we
hate got It, and ran be rcn in working
order at itobitrt Uhlig'ti hardware houne.
Come early ancj purchase at once. 41-4
5F"Guyot's Geography is on tho
State lit and is therefore- the only
Geography that can legally bo ued in
our choo'N. This book and all other
xchool book for sale at C. L. II ILL'S
Book Store. 433-x
--i i i i i i i m
Te Leaden of Amateur UaHlM
and Other.
For 6ale, a full set of Brass In
struments for 12 performers. For prico
and farther particulars, apply to
U.U. CAUEW, Columbus, Neb.,
4t Sec'y Columbus Cornet .Band.
BY V1H1 UE of a chattel mortgage
executed by Jacob .Maurer to
Christian Gro$michIaus, dated the ISth
day of December, A. I., 1877, and Hied
iu the office of the Couuty Clerk of tbo
county of l'latte. Stati of Nebraska, on
the loth day of December, A. D 17T.
upon which default has been made, I
will expose for sale at public auction on
Thursday, the flth day of December,
A. D.. 1878, at one o'cloek, in the after
noon, at the Court House in Columbus,
l'latte county, Xebr. Tho property
mortgaged consists of one span of hors
es, described as follows: Ono sorrel
horse seven years old; ono sorrel mare
eleven years old. and one farm wagen,
aud double set harness. Amount due at
tirst publication, $170.00.
cintrsTiA.v onossxiciiLAUtf.
Ity Uenj. Spielinan. Agent. 44 1-4
Having just received a large stock of
Toys, and the fact that everybody look
ing at my stock pronounces it the largest
and best assortment ever seen in Colum
bus, leads me to inform you that here
after my store will be known uudcr tho
name of
"When in Chicago 1 spared neither
labor nor expense to get the best and
chpapest assortment for my customers
from the largest whoIc.ile houe in
Toys, as well as Albums. Vases, Cups
anil 3Iuvs, Statue, Hound Volumes,
Musical Instruments,
Candy Toys for Christmas Trees, Etc.,
Too numerous to mention them all here.
1 therefore invite you to come and so
the H:izaar. Vou will ho sure to find
sonWhln? that will suit you.
44G Kespectrully, F. W..OTT.
All Farm Products
Bought aud Sold.
Highest Cash Price Paid,
Goods Exchanged for Produce.
EETGoods delivered anywhere In the
city free of charge.
Two Doors East ef Journal Office.
f AT t Great chance to make
i-i-l II I 1 money. If you cmt
J VXJJ- tei K0'"" yon can get
greenbacks. We need
a person in every town to take sub
scriptions for the largest, cheapest and
best Illustrated family publication in
the world. Any one can become a sur
ccsful agent. The most elegant works
of art given free to subscribers. The
price Is so low that almost everybody
subseribes. Ono agent reports making
ovrr$l."f) In a week. A lady agent re
ports taking over too subscriber" in ten
days. All who engage make money
fis't. You can dovote all your time tb
the business, or only your spare time.
You need not be away from home over
night. You can do it as well ns others.
Full particulars, directions and terms
free. Elegant and expensive Outfit free.
If you wantprofitablo work send us your
address at-once. It costs nothing to try
the business. No one who engages fills
to make great pay. Address "The Peo
ple's Journal," Tortland, Maine. 382-y

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