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Communications, to IiiMirc insertion
in the next isuc, should be in hand on
Motidav; if lengthy, on Tburbdays
preceding iuo-day. Advertisements,
of whatever class, should he in hand by
noon, Tuesdays.
Advertisements under this head 15
cts. u line fir-t insertion, 10 cts. a line
ttntiu subscaucnt insertion.
A. X. Brings Is still somewhat
"under the weather."
S. C. Smith reports some land
sales on Saturday last.
D. Anderson shipped four car
loads of hogs yesterday.
A. H. Gibson's two youngest
children hax-c the mumps.
M. Kramer talks of opening a
dry-goods store in Omaha.
X. Millet, Eq , returned from
Lincoln Saturday morning.
Fred Rcimcr expects to engage
in making brick next summer.
Presbyterian Sociable "Wednes
day evening, next week, Jan. 29.
Jr. Kramer and his brother
Carl, arrived in the city Saturday.
L. M. Saley and Michael Welch
returned from Lincoln last Friday.
Byron Millett, Kq.f left the city
Monday to attend court at Madison.
Marshall Smith has been sick
with fever 6incc Tuesday of la6t
Loandcr Gcrrard, Esq., of this
city, wcut to Lincoln, the first of the
J. P. Abt6 has purchased the
briok-yard heretofore owned by M.
Billy Marble's dramatic compa
ny performed at Sutton, this State,
on the ICth.
"W. B. Colli n, who has been sick
or the lent four mouths, was in the
city yesterday.
Geo. Ilcngglcr has the wood on
hand for burning an other kiln of
brick in the Spring.
The installation of officers of
the Knights of Honor took place
last Friday evening.
One of the chief aims of north
ern and western Nebraska should
be to settle the vacant lands.
II. C. Bittcnbendcr gave us a
business call Monday. lie located
recently, as attorney, at Osceola.
Who ever heard of nails being
sold by the bushel? Wiggins will
sell them in that way for a few days.
Sidney, a seven year old son of
D. D. Wadsworth, has been sick
with Fore throat, but is now better.
John Huber was after a horse
thief Monday. The horse had been
stolen somewhere in Colfax county.
The new Presbyterian church
will belk'dicntcd Thursday evening,
next week, by the Presbytery of
It is to be hoped that horse
thieves will not make themselves so
numerous hereabouts as in some
former years.
The cheapest place in Nebraska
to buy hardware is at Wiggins's. A
cook stove at $2, nails at 2 cts. per
pound or less.
Lnt Friday J. II. Reed was out
of his room to breakfast for the first
time in three weeks. His wounds
arc healing nicely.
U. II. Henry and family have
rcmowd to their new house, corner
Jyth and Olive, probably the finest
residence in the county.
Charley Schram starts this morn
ing for Milwaukee, where he expects
to remain a month or po, and return
oarly with a lot of horses.
Docs it harm a cast iron kettle
to pass through a fire? No. Call
at Wiggins's store, Columbus, and
got one at your own price.
The Couuty Treasurer has is
sued notices requiring the payment
of delinquent personal taxes to
ayoid collection by distress.
Attorney Reynolds of the firm
of Bechcr Ss Reynolds leaves to-day
for a trip to Fremont, Omaha aud
Jtlair on professional business.
John Wiggins and family have
moved into the Callaway building
on North street. This will bring
him nearer to his business house.
Go to Wiggins's hardware store
and get a share of the goods black
'ened by the fire, which are being
purchased at the farmer's own pri
ces. On last Wednesday night, N.
French, of Woodvillc precinct,
missed a very valuable colt. He af
terwards tracked it to the Looking
glass. Lost. A gentleman's beaver col-lar,-"Dr.
T. E. Mitchell, Clark,"
written on inside. The finder will
please leave the same at the Jookxal,
Word-was received here Mon
day morning that a large frame
building in Omaha, on the corner of
10th aud Hartley streets, had burned
John Burke, while coming to
town the other night for a doctor,
had two horses to fall down under
him, sick, compelling him finally to
walk in.
Chas. Schrocder works his bel
lows with a crank. Having been
used to seeing, all our life-time, the
old-fashioned lever, the modern con
trivance looks strauge.
Two of M. Kramcr'6 children,
two of A. N. Briggs's, and one of
Hon. D. C. Loveland's have been
sick with a very mild form of scar
let fever, but are uow mending.
Y Prepare for a rich treat at the
Mamnerchor concert next Thursday
evcuing Jan. 30th and a happy time
at their grand ball which follows.
The big fire in Columbus is
quenched, but some of the goods
blackened by it are to be had at
nominal prices at Wiggins's hard
ware store. Come soou.
Representatives T. C. Ryau and
D. C. Loveland spent last Sabbath
at home. We " did not have the
pleasure of seeing them, but learn
that they were in excellent health.
If you have $2 to spend for
hardware call on Wiggins, but be
sure to bring your big wagon, or
you may not be able to carry all the
goods away that the money will buy.
On Thursday last Clark Cooncey
found a steer of his that he hadn't
seen since last Jul. It had been
driven down iu a herd from the
Reservation, and sold to one of our
The survey of the proposed ex
tension of the A. & N. R. R. which
was completed last week, shows the
distance between Firth and Colum
bus to be ninety-one aud three
fourths miles.
Some Omaha Indians have becu
iu the neighborhood for the last few
days. In conversation with one of
them we learn that they have been
engaged iu trapping beaver, on the
John G. Compton was not sen
tenced on the IStli as reported in this
city. He will not be sentenced, it is
said, until the last day of the pres
ent term, which will probably be
some day this week.
F. M. Sackctt of Albion called
ou us Monday. He looks fatter
than we ever before saw him. lie
says that Boone county is all right.
District court convenes at Albion
uext Monday, the 27th.
We clip from the Seward Re
porter a statement of Engineer Gid
dings in regard to the recent survey
of the Blue Valley R. R. We had
no opportunity of interviewing Mr.
Gid dings when he was here.
Only one new Victor sewing
machine left ; four drawers, and for
sale below cost for cash. Wo guar
antee it first-class in every part, and
you will have to call early to secure
a machine cheap. A. N. Burgess &
Preparations are being made by
the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Co.
No. 1 for a grand mask ball to take
pUcc Friday evening, Feb. 21st. An
announcement with lull particulars
will be made by the committee of
arrangements in our next issue.
Some boys with more strength
than sense were engaged Monday in
the very cowardly business of
throwing old oyster catis at a poor
old woman who has spent most of
her time this winter begging. This
disgraceful affair occurred in the
western part of the city.
J. R Meagher, our R. R. Agent,
says the Union Pacific Co. have
concluded to construct a road from
Cheyenne into the Black Hills dur
ing the coming season. The arc
making the final survey. It is thought
that the Northern Pacific will point
down iu the same direction.
At the annual meeting of the
Genoa Cemetery Association, held
Jan. 11th, 1S79, the following per
sons were elected officers for the
ensuing year: President, Jonas
llcdtuuu; Sec'y., Geo S. Truman;
Trcas., Joseph Webster: additional
Trustees, Albert Rose, Nils Miller,
Win. B. Coffin, Lafayette Anderson.
The ladies of the M. E. Church,
this city, will give a Martha Wash
ington Tea Party on the evening of
Feb. 12th, 1S79. Perhaps the party
will be held at the Opera House.
Admission 25 cts. Oysters extra.
The proceeds are to be applied ou
debt of the church. The Columbus
Comet Band will furnish music for
the occasiou. All are cordially in
vited. At a regular meeting of Pioneer
Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1,
on Monday evening the following
officers were elected : Byron Mil
lett, Prcs't; D. X. Miner, Sec'y; A.
N. Burgess, Ass't Sec'y; Jacob
Schram, Trcas. ; Geo. W. Clother,
Foreman; Herman Oehlrich, 1st
Ass't Foreman ; Jos. Henggler, 2d
Ass't Foreman. Directors, Geo. W.
Clother, John Schram, A. N. Bur
cess. A joke occurs on a farmer
"whose name we don't know." He
had some hogs for sale, and had a
bid from E. J. Baker, of $1.75. Com
ing south he came across Frank
Gillette, who asked him how much
he had bid on his hogs. He replied
$1.75, wheu Frank said "I'll give you
$1.807 (Frank and E. J. are part
ners.) But the farmer drove back
to E. J's and sold him the hogs,
stating that he had a bigger bid, but
he didn't know the man.
The O. E. S. mask ball came off
at the Opera House as per adver
tisement. It is seldom, indeed, that
we attend balls, in person, and our
special reporter for euch occasions
was not at hand, so that we can
give no extended notice. The lira
says the maskers were few. Among
the costumes particularly noticeable
were Peter Eyler's representation
of the Era and Miss Sarah Fitzpat
rick's and Miss Barker's representa
tion of the Journal. This part of
the programme was a complete sur
prise to the Journal and we par
ticularly commend them for their
good taste.
A coal from the stove falling
upon the floor of Dr. Bonesteel's
office set fire to it last Thursday
evening. A passer-by, seeing it,
gave a still alarm and the fire was
put out.
Meetings for tho promotion of
holiuess in the M. E. Church, this
city, every evening this week, at
7:15 p. rn., Saturday excepted. Rev.
J. J. Roe, of Omaha, is assisting in
the meetings.
The nails that were in the
Krause & Son's fire are beiug clospd
out at John Wiggins's store, and
they can be used in soft wood just
as well as before being burned. Call
and get u bushel or two.
Judge G. W. Post, of this judi
cial district, was iu Omaha on the
18th iu company with Mrs. Post,
who for the first time will accom
pany him to York and take charge
of his homo at that place.
"Glimpses of the Life of Rev.
A. E. Phelps and his co-Laborers ;
or, Twenl-fivc Years iu the Method
ist Mincstry," by Rev. J. J. Fleharty,
A. M., of the Central Illinois Con
ference, author of "Social Impurity,"
on sale at C. L. Hill's bookstore.
Dave Malloy arrived in town
on the afternoon of Thursday last
and furnished us with the following
story: The wife of John Sullivan
wa9 responsible for the birth of a
baby with six well-developed teeth.
Those arc healthy molars for one so
The Sabbath School Concert in
the M. E. Church, this city, last Sat
urday evening was quite a success
aud very creditable to the school.
Some of the rehearsals cannot be
too highly commended. The school
is rapidly increasing iu numbers
aud interest.
John Wiggins, the Columbus
hardware man, has purchased of
Krause & Sons all their stock of
hardware, stoves, &c, saved from
the fire. Many of these goods are
uninjured, but will be sold at re
duced prices. Now is the time to
secure a good stove at less than half
Sec the advertisement of Tasker
& Bro., in to-day's Journal. They
are selling the Howe Sewing Ma
chine. Mr. Howe was the inventor
of tho first sowing machine, and
these have all the modern improve
ments, arc simple and durable; in
short, are firbt-class in every partic
ular. They will not refuse cash for
their machines, but will, on occasion,
exchange for young cattle or a
The damaged goods saved from
tho fire of Krause & Sons consist in
part of cook and heating stoves,
nails, iron, steel, wire, pots, kettles,
thimble skeins, b'olte, harrow teeth,
wrenches, barn-door rollers, &c.
The list in full would embrace a
largo share of a general hardware
stock. Call soon, and get a bargain,
as the goods will bo closed out in a
few days, at Jehu Wiggins's hard
ware store, south of the track.
All lovers of music should em
brace the opportunity of attending
a Grand Musical Convention, to be
held in the Opera House at Fremont
commencing Tuesday, Feb. 4th, at
10 a. m., and continuing four days,
under the direction and instruction
of Prof. I. II. Bunn, A. M. Persons
attending tho convention will be
passed over the railroads to Fremont
at one and one-fifth fare for round
trip. Persons desiring further in
formation will address J. W. Osborn
Secretary Union Choral Society,
Fremont, Neb.
The Columbus Dramatic Socie
ty will appear in their second public
entertainment at the Opera House
on Tuesday evening, Jan. 28th. A
splendid double-bill announcement
is already upon tho boards. The
programme consists of the drama,
"Redeemed; or Among the Break
ers," followed by the " Rough Dia
mond; or Cousin Joe's Visit," to
conclude with E. J. Potts in his in
imitable song and dance specialties.
The troupe is composed entirely ot
home talent, and as they have here
tofore given ample evidence of their
ability to entertain an audience in a
first performance in which they ac
quitted themselves with laurels, we
do not hesitate iu commending them
to the public, and we bespeak for
them a rousing house. Admission,
only 35 cents; children under 15,
25 cents; reserved seats 50 cents.
Reserved scat tickets for sale at
Dolaud & Smith's drug store.
In our last issue wo did not
have space or opportunity to make
that mention of the theatrical per
formance of the Thalia Society
which we would have been pleased
to do had it not transpired upon the
night that the Journal goes to
press. Not being a German scholar,
we of course can not enter into the
merits of tho play nor offer com
ment upon the performers, but to
judge from the deportment upon
the stage, and that of all to us ap
peared excellent, aud the applause
which the performance received
from the large audience, the play
was happily chosen and well ren
dered. It is our opinion that the
Society has among its membership
theatrical ability considerably above
the average amateur performers.
The orchestra band, composed of
E. Pohl, John Stauffcr, Gus. and
Louey Schroeder, discoursed splen
did music, such as is seldom, if
ever, heard even with professional
troupes, in the west.
Prairie Creek Items.
Ed. Journal: We do not hesitate
to admit, that it is vastly more
pleasant to reside in a vicinity, free
from those startling sensations of
life, which harass and perplex us
mortals, and so readily excite our
anger or admiration, or melt us to
pity ; but we are also cognizant of
the fact, that it is not so advantage
ous for the reporter, who is thus
located; but still we persist iu sub
mitting those tranquil occurrences
which semi-occasioually occur with
in the limits of this historic place.
A number of the farmers here
have recently purchased several
varieties of fruit trees, and propose
to raise their own fruit. We look
forward with pleasant longings, to
the time when we all may enjoy tho
luxuries of productive orchards.
We have been informed that Mr.
Frank Gardner contemplates re
moving to Wyoming Ty., in a short
Our "Literary" is the object of
much interest to old and young
generally throughout our neighbor
hood; we convene every two
weeks, Friday evening at the
school-house. The subject for dis
cussion at the next meeting is:
Resolved that Geo. Washington
deservs greater honor for freeing
America, than Chrit. Columbus, for
discovering it. Disputants, affirma
tive, G. B, Darr, J. C. Tasker, E.
Blodgett, F. Gardner, Chas. Davies;
Negative, E. M. Newman, R. S.
Clark, J. Outwatcr, Geo. Cole, and
Jno. Davies.
We acknowledge a recent official
aud social visit from Co. -School
Supt., Barrett. Ne Plus Ultra.
January, 25th, 1879.
The Compton Case.
A dispatch from Lincoln on the
15th inst., brought the news that the
jury in the case of John G. Compton
had returned a verdict of guilty on
four counts of the indictment. Mr.
Compton was formerly post-master
in this city, and was charged with
abstracting money from four letters.
Penalty one to five years imprison
ment. The specific charges are as
follows all being registered letters ;
One from Marshalltown, Iowa, pass
ing through his office, to Lone Star,
Neb., containing $2-10.35; an other
mailed at Columbus iu June 1S77,
to an office in Kansas, containing
$5S.00; the third, mailed August 2d,
1S77, by Michael Welch, to Mrs.
Harper iu Dayton, Boone county,
containing $2G1.00;and the fourth,
mailed Nov. 9, 1S77, to an office iu
Kansas, containing $50.00.
Mr. Compton has a wife and chil
dren in this city and brothers and
sisters residing iu the town and vi
ciniuity, all of whom arc highly es-
teemed and respected, and to whom
this news will be very sad indeed.
Of course these friends will occupy
the same place in the esteem aud
affections of our citizens as they
ever have done.
For the February term of District
Court for Platte county, beginning
February 25th, 1S79.
Michael Weaver, II. F. Lntker,
iuicnaei .lones, 11. LsacKcnnaus,
I'Ai Iiooerts,
A. G. Quiun,
Jas. Outwatcr,
Hans Elliott,
Thos. Finch,
Jno. Anderson,
Robr. McCrea,
Ed. Moucricf,
Peter Plant, Sr.,
Jas. Carrig,
R Gentleman, Jr.,Jos. Critcs.
Jas. Ilannon, B. S. Morris,
W.J. Irwin, Robt. Moran,
Nels Munson, L. B. Leach,
G. B. Bailey, Herman Pieper,
N. E. Small, II. G. Leuschen,
Win. licilzmann. Jno. A. Maag,
Patrick Fnrlev, Win. Lohr,
August Smiili, O P. Reed,
Fred. Schaad, Jr.,Jno. Browner,
Patrick Fahey, Peter Snyder,
Jacob Louis, Jas. Burrows,
Jonas Anderson, Bird Ellis.
A Card.
To the OJIIcers ami Members of Colum
bus Engine Company, No. 1.
Getlemen. Permit me, with a
due appreciation of tho confidence
and responsibility conferred on me
by electing me foreman of your
company, to respectfully decline the
honor, not to avoid the duties and
responsibilities of such office, but
believing I can best serve the com
pany by remaining iu tho ranks.
Hoping you gentlemen will accept
this my resignation, I remain'
Respectfully yours, &c,
Platte County Agricultural
The Annual meeting of the Society
will be held on Saturday, the 1st
day of Feb. 1S79. at 2 o'clock, in the
Town Hall, for the purpose of set
tling up its business, aud the election
of officers for the ensuing year All
the members are earnestly requested
to be present. By order of the
Board, II. J. Hudson, Sec'y.
Engine Co. Io. 1.
All members of Columbus Engiue
Co. No. 1 are requested to meet at
Engine House Hall on Thursday
evening, January 23d, 1879. at 7:30
o'clock for the purpose of electing a
Foreman of said company, vice Ed.
Shechau, resigned.
John W. Early, Foreman.
Pnlliner Ifiaclc.
Editor Journal: In answer to
" Horseman's " inquiry how to cure
his pony of pulling at the halter:
Take a half-inch rope and make a
halter, and she will stop the pulling
within 24 hours after it is put on,
unless laboring under some disease.
Editor Journal : Once more the
time has come for a report to the
The weather has been very cold,
and frost-bitten lingers and toes arc
L. II. Jewel and wife returned
from Illinois last Saturday, where
they visited friends. Lute was very
glad to be at home again.
Our "Literary" brought out a
crowded house last Saturday, J.
Eusdeu setting forth the hardships
of a sailor's life, and H. C. Magoon
representing the soldier. The ques
tion was decided in favor of the
soldier. II. C. Magoon's descriptive
battle scenes of Gettysburg was
very interesting. A dialogue en
titled "Keeping Bad Company" was
well rendered by George Alexan
der and Co. The question for de
bate Saturday, the 18th, was Has
ignorance done more harm than in
temperance? Miss Laura Sacrider is kept from
school this week with a sore throat.
Rev. Thomas, recently from Ohio,
preached here last Sabbath at 10
o'clock, and Rev. Williamson, of
Silver Creek, at 2 :30. Rev. Thomas
announced services for Jan. 26th at
10 o'clock, and Rev. Williamson 7
p. m., same day. Ida May.
January ICth, 1S79.
For the Journal.
i'eviimn. Grove.
Coldl Cold! Through the holi
days it has been severely cold, on
up to the 10th the thermometer
ranging from 17 to 23 deg. below
zero; and Dr. Lewis, of Albion, re
ports 35 below at that place, on the
morning of the 2d.
In this vicinity, there were several
weddings during holidays, among
the number Mr. Jule Strang aud
Miss Sophia Nelson.
On one of our coldest days Mods
Nelson was burned out, losing all
his furniture, bedding, clothing,
provisions, &c.
The wagon shop of Messrs. Knud
son progresses toward completion.
It is a fine building, and a valuable
Since our last communication
Nels. Nelson's family wero all,
(three children, wife, and young
lady living with them), very sick.
He came near losing one child.
Dr. Synder's wife and child have
also been very hick. All arc now
better. Most of the sick arc conva
lescent, and the general health is
much improved.
A few days ago John Sanderson
lost a valuable mare. John Jackson
also lost a mare, last week in Co
lumbus. At present the weather is
fine and warm.
lu illcmoriani.
Obeklix, O., Dec, 25, 1878.
Whereas, It has pleased our
Heavenly Father to remove from
us our beloved brother, Dana Ma
goon, and
Whereas, He was of exemplary
Christian character and esteemed
by all who knew him, therefore
Resolved, That, we the class of "80
Oberliu Theological Seminary, tho'
saddened by tins act of Providence,
how in submission to the will of Him
who "docih all things well."
-Resolved, That wc remember with
pleasure his devoted life iu our
midst and all those trials which
proved his unwavering "Christian
character," which with his nobler
character of heart and mind were
so thoroughly winning the aflections
of his classmates, and, preparing
him for great usefulness as a minis
ter of the gospel.
Resolved, That we fender his be
reaved mother and friendn our
warmest sympathies, and commend
them to Him whose teuder mercy
is over all.
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the mother of
our departed brother, and also pub
lished in the Oberliu Review, News
and Gazette, and the paper publish
ed at his home.
F. M. Price, )
I. J. Manvii,le. Com.
J. B. Stocking,)
Tlie Shadow Problem.
In answer to "A Reader" on that
shadow problem I would say that
the top of the candle is the top of the
light or flame. The light from the
candle and the lop of the table cause
the shadow on the floor. There arc
no other terms given to solve the
problem, and it is uot impossible.
A. Suijscriber.
Genoa, Jan. 15, '79.
Dear Journal : I think you arc
mistaken in saying that Martha
Washington is the only woman that
ever enjoyed the franking privilege
in our country. If I am right, it
was customary to extend the same
privilege, by special act, to every
widow of an ex-president, so long as
franking was allowed at all. c.c. s.
Xo Whom it may Concern.
Parties knowing themselves in
debted to me will please call and
settle their accounts, either by cash
or note, on or before the first day of
February, 1879. By complying
with the request you will save costs.
All old accounts must be settled by
this dale. Yours respectfully,
E. D. Sheehan.
For Sale. West End Lumber
Yard, Ceutral City, Neb. Terms
easy. There is money in it. En
quire of A. Henry, Columbus, or of
C. G. Willman, Central City.
Two desirable business houses In
Columbus for rent, suitable for var
ious hinds of merchandise.
D. D. Wadsworth.
Fresh milch cow, five years old,
for sale. Inquire of J. E. North.
For Sale Cheap for Cash.
Three cows, in calf, one bull, two
yeai-3 old, one heifer, ono year old,
one team of mules, also some farm
tools; the abovo can be seen at
Stearns Prairie P.O., Platte county,
Nebraska. 2t
Advertisements uudcr this head five
cents a line each insertion.
Boots at $1.75 at L. Kramer's.
Puro cider viuegar at Hudson's.
Grain Bags $2.25 at L.Kramer's.
Cloaks for $2.50 at L. Kramer's.
New Palermo Lemons at Hud
son's. Boy'3 boots at $1.00 at L. Kra
mer's. Pure apple juice cider at Hud
son's. New Messina Oranges at Hud
son's. Choice Faucy Candies at Hud
son's. Pure Buckwheat flour at Win.
Woolen scarfs for 10 cents at L.
New shirts at 25 cents, at L.
Blankets at $1.00 a pair, at L.
Good plaid shawls for 75 cents
at L. Kramers.
Silk handkerchiefs for 10 cents
at L. Kramer's.
Tho best place "to trade is at
Bullard & Smith's.
The new cigar "Desirable" 3 for
a dime at Hudson's.
--Undershirts aud Drawers 25 cts.
each at L. Kramer's.
Maple syrup aud buckwheat
flour at George Rieder's.
Children's shoes at 15 cents a
pair at L. Kramer's.
New Year's presents, nice and
cheap, at L. Kramer's.
Gent's rubber overshoes for 50
cents at L. Kramer's.
The best brands of cigars can
be had at Wm. Becker's.
Canned fruits and confectionery
of all kinds at Hudson's.
Save 25 cts. by buying your
flour at Bullard & Smith's.
Fine unlaundried white shirts
for 50 cents at L. Kramer's.
Teas a specialty at M. II.
O'Brien's grocery on 11th street.
Grey and white Flannel at 15
ceuts a yard at L. Kramer's.
New golden dates, figs r.nd ma
ple sugar bricks at Hudson's.
Best Albion flour at Bullard &
Smith's, at $2.50 per hundred.
18 yards heavy Cotton flannel
for one dollar at L. Kramers.
Thirty tons of hay for sale, half
mile south ot Jackson. Jno. Ernst.
Recollect that Shotwcll & Ran
dall pay the highest price for hides.
Pickled pig's feet, souccd lamb's
tongue and pickled tripe at Hud
son's. Oranges, sweet cider and Mich
igan apples just received at Hud
son's. Lace handkerchiefs for 10 cents
at L. Kramer's New York Cheap
Cash Store.
Choice malt vinegar pickles by
the dozen or hundred at George
A few pairs of those fur-lined
slippers and shoes still left, for sale
at M. Smith's. 53-3t.
Shotwell & Randall pay the
highest market price for live or
dressed poultry.
For the choicest of family
groceries, at the lowest living rates,
call on M. II. O'Brien.
Boys' and Men's Winter Caps
for 25 cents at I. Kramer's New
York Cheap Cash Store
Fresh fish right from Prairie
Creek lor sale at Rausdall & Smith's
opposite the post office.
Hotels, saloons, and country
dealers supplied with oysters at bed
rock prices at Hudson's.
I have made arrangements for
regular delivery of pure sweet cider,
guaranteed. II. J. Hudbou.
Choice grades of coffees and
teas at Wm. Becker's. lie stands
back for none ou quality or price.
For the best beer iu town go to
Wm. Bucher's, where you will find
a lunch of pig's feet, fish, cheese, &c.
For sale cheap for cash or on
time One work mare, one No. 1
pony and one fresh milch cow.
D. Anderson.
Oysters received daily and sold
by the dish, can or case at U. J.
Hudson's, two doors west of the
Hammond House.
Ladies, before purchasing any
where, be sure to go to the Central
Block, and Mrs. Drake will furnish
you a complete outfit.
If you want choice teas, coffees,
syrups, spices or anything else good
iu the grocery line, call at William
Go to S. T. Hill's to get your
watches, clocks and Jewelry repair
ed. Store with C. L. Hill's book
store on Olive street.
The best place in town to buy
buckwheat flour and good Missouri
sorghum to spread on your cakes, is
at Bullard & Smith's.
Children's, Misses' and Ladies'
fashionably-trimmed hats at 50 cent,
$1.00 and $1.50, at L. Kramer's New
York Cheap Cash Store.
Those who desire a pure and
good article should call at the Cali
fornia Wine Depot of Sam Gass's
and try some of the white Califor
nia grape brandy.
Good news to people of Platte
and adjoining counties. Great re
duction in Lumber prices at the
yard of Jaeggi & Schupbach.
Prices down to bed rock terms
strictly cash. Give them a call.
Teachers, pupils and others oc
casionally need blank news paper.
We will furnish it in sheets the size
of the Journal, 25x38 inches, four
sheets for 5 cents, eight for 10, one
quire for- 25 cents, and cut to suit.
M. K. Turner & Co. 415-tf
Good house for sale cheap. In
quire of George N. Derry, Nebras
ka House.
Tens! Tciw!!
Teas below cost at Marshall
Co flee!!
M. Smith, at the Central Block,
will sell you seven pounds of good
Rio coffee for ono dollar. 3t
I will not impose on the public
and my customers by advertising
what I cannot substantiate. Call
and convince yourself of the fact.
Win. Becker.
Shotvrell &. ISanilulI
On Olive street are furnishing tho
best of beef, pork, sausage, &c, Ssc,
at prices to suit the times.
For Male.
A farm of 159 acres, 125 broken.
One mile west of Barn tun's. Please
call ou A. Haight on the Big Island.
Terms easy. . 3Gl-x
All persons indebted to F. W. Ott
are earnestly requested to call and
settle; aud those who have claims
against him should present them at
We have blank note books, for
sale, in books of 100 each, suitable
for threshers, mechanics and others
for work and labor; also the com
mon form, aud the note "payable at
Columbus State Bank." Also re
ceipts in book form. M. K. Tur
ner & Co.
For Male Cheap.
At Dan Ryan's stable, one yoke
of work oxen, one span of marcs,
one span of pony mares, one good
cow, two sett of single harness, one
sett of double haines1', ono heavy
spring wagon, one buck-board with
patent cover, one sulky.
Inquire at this office, or at the
The People Want Proof.
There is no medicine prescribed
by physicians, or sold by Druggists,
that carries such evidence of its suc
cess and superior virtue as Bos
ciike's German Syrup for severe
Coughs, Colds settled on the breast,
Consumption, or any disease of the
Throat and Lungs. A proof of that
fact is that any person afflicted,
can get a Sample Bottle for 10 cents
and try its superior effect before
buying the regular size at 75 cents.
It has lately been introduced iu this
country from Germany, and its
wonderful cures are astonishing
everyone that uses it. Three doses
will relieve any case. Try it. Sold
by A. Ilcinlz, C. B. Stillman end
Dolaud & Smith.
Advertisements under this head five
cent" a line, lint insertion, three cents
a line each subde(tieiit insertion.
3For Bored Wells leave or
ders at Rvan's Hotel. MeDennot & Co.
ltoKIur Stoclc ealer.
All kinds of horned stock bought
and sold; also fat and stock hogs.
I). Anderson.
llox lbr Sale.
Fifty head of good, young stock
hoys for sale. Inquire ofS. K. Ki.Y, on
lie road between Columbus and Bcck
rs M ill. St
JGSJ- Countv Warrants, school
order.", school bonds and jjnod bankable
notes, also tir.st-ela.s mortgages bought.
Money loaircd on good firming lands for
a term of years, by A. SSenry, Colum
bus, Nebraska.
For Sale.
A pair of mares with foal, wciirhl
1,000 pounds each. Lively, fast Walk
er, and true. Age live and eight years,
l'ricc $''S).
O. E. Stkarns, Cedar River P.O.,
449 Pawnee Reservation, Nebr.
'Po LcudcrM of Amateur Hand
and O ill err..
For sale, a full set of Brass In
struments for V performers. For price
and further particulars, applv to
II. G. CARKW, Columbia, Neb.,
4t Sec'y Columbus Cornet Band.
BY VIRTUE or nn order of sale di
rected to me from the Clerk of the
District Court of Platte County. Ne
braska, on a judgment and decree ob
tained before the said District Court at
its December adjourned term, A. I).,
1877, of I'lattc County, Nebraska, in
favor of Andrew .1. Ho"d?cs, as Plaintiff
and axaiuit John "Witchey and Victoria
C. AVitchey as Defendants, for the mi in
of our hundred and thirty-live dollars
and ninety-seven cents and the further
mjiii of forty-three dollars nnd lifty-nine
cent, attorney's fees, and costs taxed
at $0.07 and accruing costs, I have levied
upon the following real estate, situate
in said Platte County, taken as the
property of said Defendants, to satisfy
said order of sale, to wit:
The Ihland No. four (4), oT Section
nine (0 j. Township No. sixteen (16), of
Rau"c one (1) west, in the district of
lands subject to sale at Uimihn, ehras
ka, containing sixty aud forty-one hun
dredth acres according to the United
States patent of the same; also north half
()of the northwest quarter () of Sec
tion four (4), Township No.sixtet-n(lO),
and the south half () of the southwest
quarter l of Section thirty-three (:).
in Township seventeen (17), north of
Ranj?o one (1) west, containing one hun
dred and titty one and twenty-seven
hundredth (151.27) acres according to
United states patent of same, and will
offer the same for sale to the highest
bidder, for cah in hand ou the J3d day
of January, A. D., 187!), In front of Court
House, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of
said day, when and wuerc due attend
ance will be given by the undersigned.
Dated at Columbus, this 17th day of
December. 187.
Sheriff of said County.
In the matter of the estate of John Bar
row, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
creditors of said deceased will
meet the executrix of the last will and
testament of said deceased before the
County Judge of Platte County. Ne
braska, at the County Judire's otlicc in
said comity on the Cth day of February,
1870, on the Cth day of 3Iay, 187, and on
the 3th day of July, 187t. at 10 o'clock
a.m.. each day, for the purpose of pre
senting their claims for examination,
adjustment and allowance.
Six months from January Cth, 1879, are
allowed creditors to present their
claims against said estate.
County Judge.
AT 3IY RESIDENCE, on Shell Creek,
three miles east of JIutthis's bridge,
I have
7 0,000 g;ood.hnrdburnt brick
Tor ale,
which will be sold in lota to suit pur-
Our quotations of the markets are ob
tained Tuesday afternoon, and are correct
and reliable at the tiino.
okmn. c.
Wheat No. 1, test CO Ibi M
" " 2, ' 5U " M
" it, " :l " 41)
Rejected 2D
Corn. .
. .... 1
.... ?2 25(22 75
250i3 0O
Buckwncat Flour, ner lb 0.1
3Ieal, S01 00
Butter, 1012f
K"s "0(7Cl
Potatoes, 2T(fao
Bean.?uu 1600200
Peas 4 1 00(t$l W
Onions ?J 405O
Turnips 4 25(40
Deets 4 WgCO
Fat Hoes 1GO&2 00
Fat Cattle, 2 00250
Yearlings, 6 0048 00
Calves 3 0040O
Sheep 4 300
Good veal, per hundred 6 00
Hides, green salted 3 60
Ham 10t2
Shoulders, 47
Sides, M
Corned Beef
Stoak. S012K
ram m mum
At H- Cramer's old stand Opposite
I. Gluck's on 11th Street.
CUSHIONS a specialty. Repairing
neatly done and charges very low.
C. VT. I.ANDicny. Proprietor.
I. C. Parkfr, Foreman.
1C. T. DULL-lItD.
H K A L K IC 8 IX-
All Farm Products
Bough. t and Sold.
Highest Cash Price Paid,
o i:
Goods Exchanged for Produce.
USTGood delivered anywhere in thu
city free of charge.
NKV Iir;if.I!.; O.V llTII ST.,
Two Doors En.t of Jours al Ofllce.
,tiai:y Ai.iniif.'Jix,
Merchant Tailoress,
13ti Zitrtt, epp:si Psjl-eSo.
Men's and !oV .suits madn iu the
latest style, and rood tit guaranteed, at
very low prices. 3Ien's suits $0.00 to
$9.0ti, according to the j:nods and work,
llojs suits $3.00 to fl.(H, according to
Uring on your soiled clothing. A
whole suit renovated and' made to ap
pear a good as new for $1.25 421-y
ob,ivk st.. iio.srri; If A. 11-
JI03il IIOL'NI-:.
"Will keep on hand all kinds ot Fresh
nnd Salt Meats, also Sausage, Poultry,
Fresh Fish, etc., all in their season.
Cash paid for Hide, Lard and Ba
con. VV1LL.T. ItlCKLY.
:" llih KTKI-LT.
Dealers in Fredi and Salted Meats.
Ac. Town Lots, "Wood. Hide, c.
.!. KICK'LY, Agent.
Columbus, June 1, 1S77.
Stoves, Tinware,
Agricultural Implements.
Goods sold cheap for cash.
Sewing Machine,
Challenges Comparison, Distances
Competition, Surpasses Ex
pectation, Gives Univer
sal Satisfaction.
Undersold by Torie!
J. E. TASKER & BRO., Agents,
STOffice with A. HENRY,

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