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Couiinunieatlonj., to In -lire insertion
In the next isuo, hould w in liand on
Mondavs; if lengthy, n Tliunnlayr.
nrewdiiu Ir-Mii-day. Advert iomentx,
of whatever eliu.s, should he in Land by
noon. Tuesdays.
AdvcrtlHenientf under thin Lead 1,
ctf. a line tirat insertion, lOcts. a line
each bubneaueiit insertion.
To Sttlii!rller.
Your name, with tiik iatk at which
on I'ai'li.loimsAi. you receive. A prompt
- .1 li.'inii iuiiMiii'i- will s.ivc tile
i.ul.lihher-, ImiiIi trouble and expense,
and ! better for all concerned. A re
nowjtl is respectfully solicited. $2 for 1
vr.; $1 tor (! inos.; .Ml cts. for :t mot.
.'Iouknau th either the American Ag
riculturist or Xebraska Farmer $:' a yr.,
ptfUpnid. caidi in advance; JoUKN'al
and the Xursery ?'
The Wonder.
Now York Hiickwhcut flour at
IdarbhHll .Smith's.
II you want rocerics at Omaha
price call on Liuuh.
Hay scIIk in home places in Col
orado at $10 per ton.
Soapslone jrriddleB for your
buckwiiuulR al The Wonder.
A dwellinr-houHe to rent. In
quire at the Nebraska House.
When you want apples don't
lorl to go to Marshall Smith's.
Ed. Newman's school in district
37, ha an attendance oi 37 pupils.
Queen City suspenders, for ladies
and chilUren, "at Mrs. M. S. Drake's.
The finest and purest ('undies,
al-o holiday roods at The Wonder.
(Jeore Itanium was down from
.Tu!ebut; Monday, rcturuinr yes
terday. Km- family groceries, eujrar.
collet', teH. spices, &c, call al Win.
QuencliHqua's 44Shojo" and "Kol
lanna" is a sure cure for complaining
For liivl-ohm work and 1 est
htock, : t( the Itoston Itool and
Shoe Store.
-Sewing machines of all kinds
and descriptions, cheap as dirt, at the
Singer office.
Now is the time to subscribe
for tuoitauitNAi.,':r2 a year, 50 cents
three. month.
(to to Mrs. M. S. Drake's for
millinery, fancy trods, aud Parker's
patent mottoes.
Hcst boots and shoes for the
money, at Boston Shoe Store, oppo
site'lhe post office.
-Michigan apples and cider goiug
raprdly at Win. decker's. Call soon,
before (buy aro ail gone.
Don't forget to go to the Won
der lor your Christmas aud New
Year gifts. Candies, etc
Hokn To Mr. and Mrs. John
Ceorge, on the evening of the 3d of
December 'SO, a daughter.
We will lurnish the Journal
suid the Omaha Weekly Jlepuldican,
ouc year.postago paid, for $3.00.
Sassafrasso for chapped hands,
and the sure cure for chilhains, for
sale only at Dolaud's Columbus
Drug Store.
If anybody wants a good farm
"Wagon he- should examine the Co
quiPard it Wm. Decker's before
Sassafrasso for chapped hands,
and the sure cure for chilblain, for
sale only al Dnlaud's Columbus
Drug Store.
J. II. Piper, ajrent and corre
spondent of the Omaha lice, was in
the city Saturday, and gave us a
pleasant call.
For Hknt. A house, centrally
located, and suitable for dwelling or
boarding house. Inquire at the
Journal office.
Blank notes, bank, joint, indi
vidual and work-and-Iabor, neatly
bound in books of 50 and 100, for
eale at the Journal office.
Farmers, bring your poultry,
butter and eggs to Lamb's near the
po4t-oflice, and get ihe highest mar
ket price in cash for them.
A car-load of choice Michigan
Winter apple cider received at Win.
Ueoker's this week, which of course
is for sale. If you want cider,
call soon.
The firm of Hiucs& Echols has
been dissolved, aud the business will
be continued by Echols & Davis.
Echols is te sponsible for the debts of
the late firm.
Dr. Carl Schjoedle, veterinary
Burgeon. A good hospital, where
horses will receive the best of atten
tion. Office at Julius ltasmussen'y,
Columbus, Nebr.
Cornelius Casey, a farmer of
Seward comity, was run over by a
passim: train between Staplehursl
and Ulysses, on Friday last. He
was hard ot hearing.
Wanted Respectable place to
teach small children for board will
pay a dollar a week besides good
recommendations, by ladv at Dr.
Polley's. Columbus, Nov. 27.
It is conceded by both democrats
aud republicans that J. L. Lewis
t.elis more genuine Siuger Sewing
Machines, oils, attachments and
ueetlles than any other man in the
The State Journal Co. has 6eut
us a copy of their new map of Ne
braska. It is a good one. We will
furnish our Journal, the State
Jaurtiul (weekly) aud this map of
Nebraska for ?3j50 cents.
luo. H. Johannes was in town
the other day to renew his acquain
tance with the Jocrnai, and left us
pome epecuneus of his crop that are
excellent. He had one ear that had
on it 20 rows, each row containing
50 kernels.
Those that got their Caudies,
Toys and Fancy Goods last year
wiil remember that The Wonder
Cheap Store, next door to the Post
otficc, was the place where they
could buy the best goods at the low
est prices.
A convention of county clerks
and clerks of the district court is to
be' held iu Columbus at the Court
House, next Tuesday, Dec 14th, at
10 a. m What the object of the
convention ie hag not been publicly
made known.
Choice Vermont maple syrup at
Marshall Smith's.
Mrs. Jane North has been quite
sick the past week.
Don't forget to jret your Christ
mas Coeds at The Wondei.
A full line of overshoes ami
rubber boots at Marshall Smith's.
I.oots from 1.25 up. at the Ilos
tou Shoe Store, opposite post oflice.
New goods at the Itoston Shoe
Store. Call and price them, oppo
site post otlire.
(jus. Itecher has returned from
south Nebraska. Coal is scarce
everywhere, he says.
The cheapest place iu town to
buy your Christmas Coods is at the
Wonder Cheap Store.
One of the Sisters ot Charity, a
daughter of David Cm-rig, died at
the Hospital Sunday laal.
Step iuto Mrs. M. S. Drake's
millinery establishment and see
those perforated card novelties.
Sassafrasso for chapped hands,
aud the sure cure for chilblains, for
sale only at Doland's Columbus
Drug Store.
J. II. Clark arrived in Colum
bus ouc day last week with a car
load of calves from the east, for his
farm on the Heaver.
In a card of thanks for kindness
during the illness of Mr. Meyer (re
cently published iu the Journal) ''J.
It." should have been H. Stewart.
Harry Newman lelt Monday for
southern Pennsylvania and I'alli
more, Md., to visit friends. He has
been away from his old home sev
eral years.
Please watch closely the fine,
large" display of lamps and lamp
goods at llrainard's People's Drug
Store, opposite the post oflice. He
member the price will be made the
lowest. Fine holiday goods soon
to arrive.
George Camp, who is teaching
the Duncan school, has 35 pupils.
A literary society was organized
there last Friday evening, and the
first question for discussion is actu
ally to be "Is the moon made of
green cheese?"
A meeting of citizens iu favor of
the formation of a public library
association will be held at the school
house of Dint, No. (!, of Platte county
on Saturday, December lit h, at 2 p.
m. All persons friendly to the above
object are invited to attend.
ForSalk. A dwelling-house and
lot iu a very desirable part of the
city. Will be sold at a sacrifice, as
the money is needed. The house is
new aud cost more money than is
asked for both house and lot. For
further particulars inquire at the
Journal office.
J. N. Taylor was at Albion last
week on business. He brought back
with him a sample of eight-row corn
from S. 1). Avery's that we believe
would he an excellent thing for
farmers to raise. It is not like the
common King Philip corn, but has
a much larger kernel.
Fred. Coan, whilo cleaning a
job-press at the Urn oflice Thursday
last had the fingers of his right hand
caught iu the machinery, aud con
siderably mashed. It was thought
at 'first that amputation would be
necessary, but it is hoped that some
of them at least may be saved.
Anti-prohibitionists believe that
there will be an effort made to so
cure the passage of a prohibitory
law by the legislature; some of the
other party claim that they will en
deavor to secure the submission of
the question to a vote of the people
iu the form of an amendment to the
At the anti-prohibitory meeting
Monday evening, J. E. North pre
sided, and a committee consisting of
C. A. Spcicc, Ii. H. Henry, J. P.
Becker, J. G. Higgins aud G. V.
Hines was appointed to prepare a
remonstrance against the prohibitory
movement, to be presented ala meet
ing next Saturday evening.
The fire in our neighboring
town, DaviirCity on the morning of
the 3d inst., did considerable dam
age, consuming nearly .$7,000 worth
of property. It is thought the fire
originated from the stove in the
hack part of the furniture store
building. Peebles, Pepper, Itell and
Leonard were also losers by the fire.
The literary correspondent who
wants pay for a contribution should
prepare manuscript reasonably good
iu orthography at least free from
such glaring inaccuracies as "coin
Only," "inelial," "alow," &c An
editor's time is worth something,
and no one ought to interlerc with
his prerogative of spelling at ran
dom. At Fremont the city authorities
interested themselves iu preventing
the spread of that fearful disease,
scarlet fever, aud now after three
weeks, it is said to be nearly stamp
ed out. It is a very contagious dis
ease, may be carried in the clothes,
many physicians fear it more than
they do small-pox. Parents should
take every precaution to save their
little ones.
John McMahou recently did a
piece of nice detective work. S. D.
Finch, alias J. O. Grout, absconded
from Aldcn, la., with about $1200 ot
somebody ele's money, and, it was
supposed, came to Nebraska. John
had a postal card giving particulars,
and was on the lookout; fiually, he
had a slight clue, and by a little in
quiry and some personal inspection
he found his man under a different
name on a homestead west of Oak
dale. He was playing honest gran
ger. Of course John put him ou the
right road, and he will probably go
where he belongs-outside the pales
of civilized society, and within the
walls ot a penitentiary.
Geo. Itanium says that the Col
orado Central, from near Julesburg
to near Evans, runs through a good
country right along the Platte river.
Wild game of all kinds is abundant,
and iu warm weather the dreams of
the citizens are enlivened by the
movements of the rattle snake iu
their beds. Geo. thinks our country
here is much ahead of Colorado for
the stock raiser. Just now there
arc a considerable number of sheep
and cattle dying there- because of
the snow and extreme cold and hick
of protection aud feed. It is expect
ed that the It. & M. will push their
Republican Valley road westward
next season.
A Inng;trou. Aii'miiicc.
A gentleman who lives ou Shell
Creel; tells us that there arc numer
ous instances within his knowledge
of men throwing the carcasses of
animals into Shell Creek and this,
too, of those that have died of dis
ease such as black leg and hog chol
era. If Shell creek was a stream
used only for agricultural and man
ufacturing purposes, this practice
would not be especially injurious,
but, on nearly all farms along its
margin, the cattle, horses, hogs aud
sheep are accustomed to get their
daily supply ol water, and it is very
important that that supply should he
kept as pure a well-nieining, intel
ligent and decent people can keep
From time immemorial the pol
lution of the waters has been regard
ed as one ol the meanest aud most
reprehensible of crimes, and if there
are any men in this county who Irive
no respect for the rights of their
neighbors, and ihe welfare of the
community iu this regard, they
ought to be made to feel the full
force of the penalty which the law
attaches to their conduct.
A (iSoimI 'riling.
John Harris has invented a ma
chine for rope-making that promises
to be a grand success. S. T. Hill is
preparing a neat model to show the
beauty of the invention. It takes
the strands, twists aud stretches
them, and winds the rope on a spool
ready for the market. The machine,
for use, will :ot about 2fi5. and its
capacity is estimated by Mr. Harris
at a ton a day, $200 worth of rope, at
wholesale rates. He estimates Ihe
entire cost of building and other
machinery necessary to carry on the.
business would he $3,000. and is de
sirous of forming a company here.
There is a wonderful amount of
rope used iu Ibis country. There is
also a large quantity of flax straw
that is now going to waste, that
could be utilized. The culture of
flax is already profitable for the seed
alone, and it an enterprise of this
kind could be put ou foot here, we
would not only have better ropes
than we now have, but the growth ol
flax would become a money making
business. Mr. Harris is a practical
rope maker of many years experi
ence, is evidently an honest man, aud
we hope he may succeed iu securing
stockholders enough to make his
project a success.
CoIuiiiImih liar ANxo:isitinn.
The organization of this society
was completed last Friday evening
at a meeting of the lawyers at the
otfice of W. S. Geer, Enq. .
The object of this organization is
to maintain among its members a
high klaudard of professional integ
rity among the members of the bar
generally; to encourage a thorough
and liberal education, Ihe acquisi
tion of a law library, and the due
administration of Justice to all
classes of society without distinc
tion. Certainly no higher or more ex
alted purpose could be desired. The
law of professional deportment and
etiquette was declared to be the rule
of action of every member. AVe are
satisfied that the Columbus I:ir As
sociation is second to none iu central
Nebraska, aud that it may justly lay
claim to legal talent aud ability
equal to any county bar association
in the State. The charier members
arc as follows: Chas. A. Speice, M.
Whitmoyer, W. S. (Jeer, Lcander
Gerrard, A. M. Po?t, John G. Hig
gins, George G. Itowmau, M. K.
Turner, Ityrou Millett, Messrs. Cor
nelius & Sullivan, Stephen McAllis
ter and II. G. Carew.
The first annual meeting will be
held ou the second Tuesday of next
month at the law otfice of Messrs.
Whitmoyer, Gerrard & Post. Mr.
Speice was elected temporary Pres
ident and Geo. G. Bowman tempo
rary Secretary aud Treasurer.
iev man's (riv.
Ep. Journal: Owing to the coa
famine we were almost frozen out
last week, but Old Sol has come
round again aud thawed our .ink,
hence this epistle.
Ed. Carroll, a young man living
about four miles north from here,
accidental) shot himself through the
left leg Saturday night while care
lessly hand ling. a revolver.
Mrs. Machalski, two miles east,
gave birth lo a fine pair of twins
Friday night ; all doing well ; hoys.
Farm work is about over for the
Our citizens assembled en masse
last night in the school house and
were treated to a finetilciopticau
exhibition by two youug men from
the east. It was well appreciated,
as we have had uo amusement for
some time.
H. E. Ward.
Itntlcr County.
As intimations of what our Slatr
needs in legislation can do no harm.
I would suggest that one of our
greatest needs at the present time is
railroad legislation. While we be
lieve in strict justice, "and will not
grumble if more is conceded to
them,'' we do not certainly believe
it proper that the industries of Ne
braska should bear the euonnors
and cruel rates on freight and travel,
at the present time levied.
As railroads increase iu the differ
ent counties and bonds arc cheer
fully voted, iu anticipation of com
peting lines, so do tho rates on our
railroads increase, and those who so
emphatically dreamed of cheapci
rales, by competing lines, waked up
to find them pooled.
Freight rates are higher now in
this county than ever, and we believe
they also are iu Platte, and it seems
to us thai if the people of Nebraska
do not soon wake up lo the emer
gency of the case, and by legislation
compel a stoppage of the cruel ex
tortion as practiced by our railroads
they had better quit fanning, and
let the Slate again become "the
desert," as of old.
No industry can possibly bear,
and assuredly farming cannot, the
rates taken by these public carriers
And, Mr. Turner, we do sincere!)
hope that you and your co-laborers
in the coming legislature at Lincoln,
will receive such loads of petitions,
from every school -district ; and
without respect to parlies that will
compel a respectful hearing, and the
framing of a constitutional and just
law on tills matter, just to the peo
ple of Nebraska, and also just to the
Improvements are still being
made al Kising City, but our pres
ent communication is loo long to
particularize. Our paper (the Inde
pendent) is well liked, and we be
lieve Mr. Verity, Ihe editor, will be
pecuniarily appreciated in W.st
I'.ntler. VnvNor:j
Humphrey Item.
En. Journal: A communication
appeared iu your paper some weeks
ago, describing to some extent this
busy little burg; since that time,
quite a number ot additions have
been made, among them a large
store hy Messrs. Ripp & Fuelis, a
brick blacksmith shop, and a bar
room and hail by Louis Schroeder.
'Lou)" being a fiddler, himself, the
"light laulastic" will he swung now
for all that's out.
We are informed that our friend,
Nels Peterson, Esq., sold 200 busli
of wheat to Hipp, tho dealer, at 80
cl., or the rise ol the market. A
good contract.
The literary society which has
been conducted so successfully al
the Mc Alpine school-house for the
past three winters is about to begin
its labors again. We wish them a
pleasant time.
The Catholic church, erected
chiefly by the Polaudcrs iu this
vicinity, is approaching completion.
It will cost .$300.
Some of our citizens attended the
panorama aud dance given at the
Fields house at Platte Centre, by
Messrs. Maughau and Leisenring,
on Thanksgiving evening, and re
port a splendid lime.
The school indistrict.il closed on
the 23d. In the afternoon some of
the patrons and friends visited the
school to listen to the " patriots"
perform, and after tho presentation
of reward cards and so on, the
friends and pupils went to their re
spective horneo,all agreeing that the
afternoou was most pleasantly spent
and voting a repetition of the same.
So says Victor, although by no
means Victor IIu;o.
ICailroad I.oilation.
Editor Journal: In your issue
of December 1st, under the heading
"Railroad Oppression," yon repub
lish a communication signed "Citi
zen," taken from the Butler County
Press, which I think goes right to
the mark.
If the legislature this winter shall
fail to relieve the people from this
oppression, I venture the predic
tion that, the one which will assem
ble in 18S3 will he not quite so solid
republican as the present one.
I desire to call atteulion to the
fact that a convention of farmers and
shippers has been called to meet at
Lincoln January 5th, 1881, for the
purpose of organizing the "Nebraska
State Farmers' Alliance," and for
the further purpose of impressing on
the legislators the necessity for im
mediate relief from railroad oppres
sion. All Granges, Farmers Clubs,
Farmers' Alliances and kindred as
sociations are invited to send dele
gates. Platte county has several Granges
and Farmers' Clubs. Do they pro
pose to ho represented? I hope so.
Platte county ought to be represent
ed. It certainly has had its share
of radiuad oppression.
Dec. 3, ISS0. Paiia.va Hoska.
IN' for .Nule.
We have lor sale, the hand-press
upon which the Journal (present
size) has been heretofore printed. It
is a seven column folio Washington
press and iu good order. Price $100
cash. Address M. K. Turner it Co.,
Columbus, Neb.
A Christmas Tree for a amall fam
ily. Inquire at this otfice.
letter Us.
The following is a list of unclaimed
letters remaining in tho post-otlicc. in
Columbus, for the week ending Dec.
4, I860:
.Mai tin Hums. 3Iary Miller,
tJoorgc Clapp, 2 CLs. E Xiles,
George Cleveland, Peter l'felne. 2
William Uastello, Miss Julia Pliant,
.Miss Hannah DuganO 1 Reed
Mr DeHinaii. .1 W Richards,
.lolm Dcuinau, V G Samuels,
Cathrine Knviu, Minnto Starr,
1'eter Halligan, Leopold Sncider,
Hold. Hershrunner.Carlinia 'lay lor,
F II Heltliusch, O V Waterman,
Lizzie Kinsman, C L Weyricli,
Thos. Kelley, Lizzie " ounger.
John Kuapp,
Those marked " V poital card.
If not called for iu ."0 days will lie sent
to the dead letter oilice, Washington, D.
When called for please say "adver
tised," as these letters are kept 'separate.
E.A. GKRRAun. P.M.
RICKLY Saturday lcc. I, of scarlet
feer, Frank, son of Will. T. and Mary
Kickly, aged 2 year-.
Sl'll ItElltKIt Dec. 4, of scarlet fever,
(Mara, daughter of Louis aud Mieua
Schreihor, aired l vear. 2 months and
12 ilavs.
Advertisement- under this head live
cents a line each insertion.
The Wonder.
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Now Sweet Cider at Hudson's.
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mer's. Phine Phat, Phresh Oysters at
35 yards of dark calicos for -fl
at Kramer's.
Celery and quinces at Itridges,
always ou hand.
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buckwheats at the Wonder.
Kramer sells a woolen scarf,
2 yaids long for lo cts.
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chiefs at Galley Bros.
Come and look at the beautiful
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When you waul the finest apples
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heavy sheeting, at 0 cts. per yard.
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son's. Money to loan at !) percent, ou
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Those that got their Candies,
Toys and Fancy Goods last year
will remember that The Wonder
Cheap Store, next door to the Post
ollice, was tho place where they
could buy the best goods at the
lowest prices.
Derangement of the liver, with
constipation, injure the complexion,
induce pimples, sallow skin, etc.
Remove the cause by using Carter's
Little Liver Pills. One a dose. For
sale at A. Hcintz's Drug Store.
The Celebrated Hanna Wagon,
the lightest running, the most dura
ble, in fact, the very best wagon on
wheels. Prices : 3x9 inch skein,
$73.00. 3l.,xl0 inch skein, $75.00,
3'...xll inch skein. $7800. Liberal
discount off for cash. For sale by S.
A. Hanna, office at the Hammond
House, Columbus, Neb.
and go this week to Kramer's New
York Cheap Ca'sh Storo to buy use
r ii 1 holiday presents.
IlorSalc dieap-t'a!! or'l'iiue.
One span good work mares; one
span mare ponies; one large work
I'ateut B-'ire Itimllersi.
Just the. thing for these cold morn
ings; try them, and see your wife
smile. A full supply at Hudson's.
t'lothiiig:! t'lolhin!
Men's heavy Winter Suits from
fl.00 and upwards at Friedhof &
Co's, Itonesteel's old stand.
'-tray Notice.
Taken up, Nov. 25t'h, a small bay
mare pony, five or six years old.
The owner will call at Win. Bacon's,
prove property aud pay charges.
Taken Up.
In my corral one red and white
heiler Ihe owner will pay expenses
and take her away.
D. Aniikksov.
t'loakx! 4loalN!
The largest and linest assortment
in Columbus, come and see them al
Friedhof & Go's,
Itonesteel's obi
F. Gerber has added to his furni
ture business thai of undertaking.
Coflins of all styles may be found at
his place, north side of 11th street,
opposite his furniture store.
(.'noil Ntoek.
I havo three well-bred young
Short Horn Hulls for sale at reason
able prices. Farmers desiring lo
improve their stock are invited to
call aud see them.
J. ti. Rkkd.
.! i:y to -loaa
In Platte and Butler counties
at J) per cent interest, no interest
in advance, nor commission, and
money furnished ou short no.lice.
Apply to O. S. Bridges, opp. P. O.
It is foil ceded
By both Democrats and Republi
cans that "Fatty'' Woods sells more
cigars and tobacco than any man in
town; and he sells as cheap as any.
If you want a good smoke, or any
kind of plug or smoking tobaccos,
call on Fatly" at the City Cigar
Store on Olive St.
few Illooded Hull C'alyesi for
At Bloomingdalc Stock Farm on
Upper Shell Creek. These calves
are the. get of the famous premium
bull, Baron Oxford, UH.'l.'i, N. 58,
V. 11, A. II. B. I will sell them
cheap, now, to save the trouble of
wintering. Can he paid partly or all
iu corn or oats. A. Hkn'ku'ii.
Met P.O., Platte Co., Neb.
Of moneys collected, and expendi
tures of the temperance meetings,
closed December .'td :
To collection, Nov. 27tli
" ::oiii
AilmN'-ion ntiloor . .
SiiliM'ription-i . .
Paid Wiiodrord .. ..
INu of church .. ..
For hoard, Woodford ..
Print in;;
$ 4 12
A :h"I
1.1 s
. 'J-2 (HI
. 10' ."n
.i M
: on
S (Ml
I'cfumlcd hy order Wood-
B:tl. paid to treasurer Tem
perance Alliance ,. .
fii;7 0) kit oo
.Still (.renter Itcducf Ioiin.
To reduce my immense stock. I
will sell ladies' high colored felt
skirts worth $1, for 50 cts. ; chil
dren's fur caps worth $1, for 25 cts. ;
embroidered silk handkerchiefs
worth 50 cts. for 15 cts. ; 2 yard long
woolen scarfs worth 50 cts. for 15 cts.
all wool red flannel worth 35 cts. for
20 cts-; waterproof worth 35 cts. for
20 cts. ; Men's double mittens worth
40 cts. for 25 ct-.; children's wool
hoe worth 10 cts. for 5 cts. at L.
Kramer's New York Cheap Ca-h
.Iat the Thins: r iVcItruxku.
G. Heilkcinper & Bro. have re
ceived a lot of fine Silver patented
dust proof watch eases; they are
fitted. up with fine Wallham move
ment, andaie so constructed that
they will not let any dust in, even
no water; they can be warranted
for 5 years, and only cost a little
more than tho ordinary watches.
Parties wishing to buy a watch
should not fail tp call at the Eleventh
Street Jewelry Store (o see them ;
they will also find the largest slock
of everything in the jewelry busi
ness in Columbus, Neb., aud lower
prices. Give us a trial.
A Good Opportunity.
Any person desirous of disposing
of a good piece of land or town
property to an. advantage can do so
by calling at this oflice.
Chrh.tiua HI tin.
We have just received a splendid
Hue of Gents and Ladies cull' but
tons, Ladies vail pins, setts and
brooches. These are good, aud will
he sold cheap, at Galley Bros.
Splendid Stock of Implement
The undersigned, haviug pur
chased the entire stock of implements
of Schutteand Pohl will keep con
stantly on hand at the old staud ou
13th street, west of Olive, Columbus,
the Marsh and Buford Sulky plows,
Tiger, Thomas aud Knowltou Sulky
hay rakes, and au entire new stock
of the Whitewater wagons.
E. J. & J. A. EitNST.
Successors to Schutte & Pohl.
Male ot RHtray.n.
Notico is hereby given that on Sat
urday, the 15th day of January. 1881,
at the residence of Martin Holleriu,
in Columbus precinct, in Platte
county, Neb., at 10 o'clock iu the
lorenoon, I will ofler for sale to the
highest bidder for cash, one bay colt,
supposed to be about two years ot
age, aud one bay colt to be about
two years of age with star in fore
head ; said colts to be sold as estrays.
G.-B. Bailky,
Justice of the Peace.
Dated November 10th, 1S80.
The New York Cheap Cash
Storo occupies two stores adjoining
each other on 11th street, ami large
and conspicuous signs are found on
both buildings, "two hearts that
beat as ouo" there is a little, plain
door, unadorned by any sign, free
from any primer's ink, but if you
open it aud ascend one flight of
stairs, you enter the sanctum
sanctuary of Tiik Coi.umuus
Joi-un'ai. Every day a hundred
men, more or less, come iuto the
New York Store, asking, "Where
is the Joi'knai. oflice? Tho boys in
tore are kept pretty busy now and
will simply call out, "next door."
Just as sure as shooting the man
will go out of one store and into the
other, and somebody has lo be dep
utized to show him that simple little
A Card.
Farmers, business men and me
chanics, it you want a neat-fitting,
durable hoot or shoe, give me a trial.
I have secured one of the best work
men in Ihe State,and will guarantee
to make a better sewed boot than
any shop iu town. I work nothing
but the best of stock, aud will war
rant a fit in every particular. A
trial will convince you that I mean
what I say.
fi-Thfrteenth St., one door west
of M. Smith. G. W. Phillip.
Read Thi Carefully.
Trade where you have the best
selection, best qualities and lowest
prices. Tkadk with a i.ivk hou.sk,
trade with a house that has an out
let for a (piarter of a million dollars
worth of goods a year; you are then
sure to buy fresh and desirable
goods. Trade with a house that has
a buyer constantly iu the market
and receives new goods every day ;
trade with a house that makes the
lowest price on each and every
article; trade with a house that has
but one uniform low price for every
body. Trade with a house that
gives every man his just dues, his
money's worth, and prompt and
cheerful treatment; trade with a
house where you find everything
you call for, aud everything as rep
resented; trade with a house that
buys and sells exclusively for cash.
There is hut onk such nous in
central Nebraska, and that is L.
Kramer's New York Cheap Cash
Store, Colunibus.
Advert isuineutM under this head live
cents a line, llrU insertion, three vents
a line em Ii subsequent insertion.
BSJrLiiiidy, the new Artist on
KlfVeutli St., invites all lovura of art
to call and examine specimen.
BSH have one hundred calves
and yearlings female, all Illinoiw stock.
T. Kkatino.
(Jiiaraiifees to make the finest pho-lo-jraphs
ever in Columliin. Call on him.
To exchange harness for 100 tons
of hay. .-MM 31. II . Whiik.
Four pictures torn!) enl. at Lun
ilyN gallery, for the next .11 ila.
tegular .Stock lealer.
All kinds of horned wtoek bought
and -old; aim fat and stuck liogi.
"!,.v I). AxilKKMON.
Team ot llor-es
For "ale or exchange lor cattle.
M. IC.Tuunkr.
t'ardlHaiKl ."pinning:.
I have a iii;tntity or wool which I
wish to hae carded and spun within
the next mouth. Will par in wool or
caxli. ('all soon, on
31. K. Tuk.nxk.
Ontral Jleat Market.
Albert E. llickly has purchased
and i.i now running the above named
market. The meat-consuming commu
nity are solicited to make frequent calls,
where they can get the best aud the
mou lor their money. Also dealer in
Poultry, Hides, &e., on a .small com.
minion. flll-x.
Notice of involution.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe
partnership heretofore existing be
tween a. V. Hines mid J. c. Kcholi,
under the linn nume oT Hluc ,t HchoU
is this day dissolved hy mutual consent.
All accounts due the firm will he pya
hle to .1. C. Kclml, who will also he
responsible for the liahilitirs of the
til in. .1. V. Kchols Ims taken in part
ucrxbip with him Ed. Davis of this city,
and the business will hereafter he con
ductt d under the linn name of Kchols &
Davis at the old stand on 12th street.
Notice io the Public.
The undersigned. (I. Heilkeinper
,fc Hro., are selling Watches, Clocks and
Jewelry cheaper than anybody ehe In
I'olumt.ui. We are. not selling at cost,
we cau not aiibrd it, but nevertheless
vye ell cheaper than those who sell at
cost. We buy our goods mostly for
cash, and get, as everybody knows, a
good cash discount. We sell strietty
for cas , and don't make any bud debts;
consequently we can sell cheaper than
any other jeweler in Columbus. We
have the largest assortment, and assure
the public that they wllj, be benefited
by calling before they buy and examine
am-muck. W vilt always ell cheaper
tbauotUertL, even when they sell ut cost.
G. UjttkkjujkrA Bko
Tho gallery, formerly occupied by
Mrs. Jonaelyn on Eleventh St.. i bow
pen aud undergoing some Iwportaut
rhaiure.H, ami hereafter uothliiir but
strictly Umt-cla.s Photoa will be turn
ed out.
Our quotations of the market ant ob
tained Tuesday aftemoon.and re correct
and reliable at the time
Wheat No. I, teatSJI Itn..
" " -, M ..
" 3, 51 " ..
CornShelled, old
. lftoasoo
I 20
Itutter, ..
Fat Hogs...
. 3 80(34 00
. wxaoo
Ai O0Q16 00
.. 4 003tf00
8 00
4 0
4 4 en
Kat Cattle.
Good veal, per hundred,
Hides, green salted
For if you do you will learn teheie
you cau find the
TIEST and viort ATTIt ACT
IVE assortment of IWLI
I)A Y GOODS ever broupht
lo this counln, and at PJil
CJSS within the reach of
A LL. I will specify ?he
articles next week:
Iu the meantime you will find my storo
the place to buy all your
Toilet Articles,
Drugs, Perfumes,
3 Fancy Goods.
And my stock N'KVKK ets old or stale,
at is frequently the ease with some
ilriiir stocks.
White Lead, Strictly Pure, for
$8.50 per 100 pounds.
j3J"Watc h this corner next week don't
forget it. j3
leiiieiubr the IMa-c.
Third dooi north of pot-otflce.
, wuuiwuuu,
TABLES. Etc., Etc.
One door east of Jlriidz's drug ttore.
Smart Weed
M Acte Plasters!
These plasters contain Smart Weed and Bella
donna both wonderful paia relievers la addi
tion to the usual gums, balsams, Ac. used la other
porous plasters, aad are consequently superior to
all uthers for wealc or Lama Bade. Back:
Acne, RheumatlHm. Neuralgias Soraaaasi
of the Cheat or Lunga, Aathma. Plaurlay,
Kidney Troubles. Crick In the BJcTET&lff-
noea of the Joints, and for alfPalna and
Aches, and wherever a fbuter can be
Uged. If you hare any need for a. Porous
Strengthening Plaster, we know thin one will
please you. It is sure to give relief, aad pais caa
not exist where it is applied. .
Ask your druraistfor Carter's Smart Weed aad
Belladonna Back Ache Piasters. Price, j cents.
Just In. A Large Stock
Fall and Winter
WirvrKK OVKKtOA'ffi,
j uuui uuu isuyvj
Mits and Gloves,
5-&2m Platte Centre, Neb.

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