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" Letters received at Stuart from Ixic
boys of Company H, Tliird Nebraska,
go to show that tbey are anxious tc
return to Kelt county and do not want
to do rarrison duty in Cuba.
D. Carson of Kearney was hurt by
failing from a moving train near Red
Cloud. No bones were broken, but
his bad: and left side are terriblv
bruised, and the flesh is in bad condi
tion. Dr. C. P. Fall, nf Beatrice. ired tha
. department at Washington his ac
ceptance of a position on Surgeon-General
Sternberg's staff, and left for
Chkdtamauga, wher he is to report for
Hen. E. IC 'Valentine of V,est Point
has received a letter lrom bis son,
.lic-rye-crt TVs; is C. Valentine, an-
nonnciu:- his arrival 'n Porto Rico
- where h joinsi h:s regiment, the
Nineteenth infantry
Harry Get-hell cf York drank car
bolic acid with intern to commit sui-
uide. H was found just in time and
Temped out. Getchell was sentenced
to a term in the poaiientisry for horse
stealing -thcrrcvicus day.
. The executive committee cf the
U?atrice corn carnival wilt announce
the tt cf th4 carnival as soon as
Important matters affecting the date
are determined u'hen it was learned
that President McKinlry was to b? in
Omaha on. the date nrs: agwxi upon
n change v.-;is found neiessary.
As BtnrK !-"" and wife ol Odessa
township Pnffalo ctunf-. were driv-
lr.g- home from the hay field in a h3y
cart a part of the harness on on of
ihc horsrs broke and let the cart fall.
Sirs. Lau was thrown out and re-
celvd s double fractur on one of her
lower limbs, both breaks be.ng below
the knee.
At thr preliminary examination cf i
ih bov -ho stole the bicvele at mble j
itork xhv rollow ng facts were brought !
".. -T.J ... pi,,..., rvt--n ,
cut: ins nam- is unaries ucarc
and h lives a' few mil"- vou?h of
OAall in the eilje of Marshall county.
.irinsss. He will bf r.'ii.en next Or
" tobcr! H is IhCttrht to h a : sub
ject for thr reform srnocl
T. W. Rctt?r lost his separator bv
fire whije thrashing south of Selby.
The machine wes standing b-tween
or cat stacks.. A spark from the en
Sine set them on fre and scon des
troyed th gra.n. Ruttcr backed up
.Tura Peterson, an Insane Swede cs-
tapMl from the officers at .Fremont
while they were ir-ing to take him to
itls -home near Hccpr. He leaped
"from the. window, eiad only in his
jiiglitshirt.-nnd led the ofUcers a hot
chase throush the fields, and at last
" reports wa$ still mnnine: Lura Peter
sen is stout and healthy youth, but
he is 1'ope'css'- mcane.
Th committer en arrangements -for
ths interstate reunion at Superior re-
ports that everything indicates that a
great crowd v. ill assemble in that city
iwtween th dates of September 19 and
24. Amu:veat5 of th best type are
. on the program ad tk list of speak
vt& is excellent. The leading cornet
and maruaJ bands of southern Nebras
ka asi northern Kansas will furnish
the music.
Mr. Fulton Jack, of "Beatrice, law
partner cf Judge Hazl;t, is receiving
the congratulations of his friends over
.his appointment by Judac Munger of
ref'-Tee tn bankruptcy cases for the
counties, of Gage. Pawnee, Jefferson
and "Thayer. Mr. Jaik is a young man
who has risen rap'dly s:nce his enter
ing ih law profession a few years ago.
end will 11 ha responsible position
with credit and honcr.
Word reached Columbus that the
s-aru ana contents ana some otner
V'Uildmrs on the farm of William
..jeesf. a larmcr l ving in saermaa
-n , ; ri
townsnip. riatte county, nsc oeen to-
tsHy dertroyed tv fire. His loss is
tU'UUtik VVT vOW. lLii iUJ UlSiii-
. 'zvee of $?30. The origin is not known '
.or certain su. i: is uxnzni to have
Pkees and wife were at the expo;
at Omaha at the ;:nc.
une enzm? to ha'il away tn separator. , kins of conjpanv A: Brawn, companv
but the con-i-rur.r chain was -o hot R. Don-las. company G; Fall, coa
stal he was force., away an.cr severely paj,v M; MeInke conipanv .L; Taylor,
huminn his hands -j c0panv j: Wood and Pinckncy. com-
At Che Presbterian church, in La' exhibit at state or eouiiy fairs and
PJaite. ar-v county, Albert F. Mills are detained in transit will be admit
Ct Grand Jtidge. Ill , and Miss Elect ted to the grounds as late as S:00 a.
BacheJder. daughter of
cer of La Platte, were u-aited in the
lsonds of matr'mony.' the Rev. -William
Nicbol of Bclicvue officiatinc.
. iHis is the hrst chu-ch weddinc to
t r
iare in I.a Piatt, and the
fhcrh was exquisitely decoratl with
golden rod and sunflowers for the cr-
" casion. the design being to mane this
a.typ.cal Neoraska wedd.ng
. The rcccrd of mortgages Hied and in
debtedness of Pclk county fcr the
oponth of Auzust shows that there i
were 'twelve farm mortimges filed
"amounting to 514.5CV if. mortgages re
leased, amounting to ns.2il14: five
:c:ty mengages SlfJ. amounting to
S2.ST-T two city -'rrgages released.
amounting in J2.V: ceven-v.eich
chattel mortsmgs L".c-1 amounting tc
"r-5S.lS2 0T: fcny-Svp rhattF' mcrtcage
"relppsed. amountlnu to S27.077.33. So
mat the increased Indebtedness for i
the month Of August is S7.S23.54
v orkmen engaged in making an cx-
cavaiion en the old fair grounds in
Platte county unearthea a. human
skcil in a fair state of preservation.
No ether bones were found anywhere
sicnr "it md th? affair is shrouded in
mystcrv. -It is believed th-t the res;
cf zhf body is buried somewhere in
the ne.ghbcrhood. A number of yeara
arc there was a notorious roadhouse
in the: locality and a collector fcr a
Chicago house suddenly disappeared
and never a trace of him could be
fcurfd. The matter will he investi
ratcd. G. P. Pierce cf urinnell, la., former
teacher nt Newman Grove, accidental
ly shot himself last week. He was to
resume .his duties as teacher in a few
A Walsh, a druggist of Jackson,
-rho was one Gf the leading candidates
for the Jeckson pcstoGce, but was de
feated, was last week arrested by
Sheriff Browsky on complaint filed by
B. F. Sa'yer. a member of the .heard
of trustees of Jackson, and empowered
'by the heard to act, charging " alsh
with keeping and selling intoxicatinc
lienors without a village license oi
druggist's permit. A sezren warran:
disclosed about thirty gallons o!
. .liquors on his premises.
The old settlers of Saline and ad
joining ccunnes held their second an
nual tair and picnic at Western. It
was estimated that there were 5.00C
.present. There were. some nne frai:
,nnd grain en exhibition and the wo
men did the r parts' weli in t'x cul
inary and handiwork line.
A plan is en foot at Xeaney to gi re
- the beys of Company A a grand reccp
1 tion when they return home. .Mayor
Hostetler has appointed at committee
' of citizens to complete the necessary
: arrangements, and it is quite probable
' that a bzn.5Ut will be tendered them
in the city hail, with music asd ap
prccri&te toasts.
Ssierw ni Ltasrs" Jtaging far Tfcsir.,
Git!rt2Q.e gonial.
ficrscon Carter of tii Lciter Iicpitti
Commnuicate-J AVlia In Regard to tbc
Iletnrn of iflcfc SilJ!cra :Xasic or
Those lahc iioniLL
Lincoln dispatch: It is only a mat
ter of a few days before the ticS men
of the Second Nebraska, who are now
in the hospitals at Chiekamanga, will
be sent home in sudi cemfert snil with
medical and nursins attention that
will insure them a. safe trip. The ad
jutant general," acting Mndrf" tie in
Etructicns irem the rovemcr. has
twewtl oBrenic2tion -witlfSurgeon
Giffen at the Sternberg hosnital, and
.. , ... .,, . ," A m
the Plan wh:ch will be followed w:li
be to ask the surccon scnpml Gl Ine
army to aeiaii t inecicai oiurur ata
sufucient hurses to accompany the
men on the trip home.
Surgeon Carter of the Leiter hos
pital has, in a message to the govern -
or. stated that if this authority was
) obtained from the head of the medical
ucpar;mtn that he would furnish a
J hospital c?r and send the men Icczn.
1 bis hospital. The message was sent
! to the governor by C. J. West of the.
' state treasurer's ofnee. who has just
j returned from Chickamauga. where he
! went to vte-t his brother, who is sick
, in th- Leiter hospital, immediately
"'"" UK . ,h ",L1 "l, '
?T antl Adjutant General Ba
th" matter uo this mommc. :
upon the tilk with West the govern-
3arry took
and mes-
sages were sent to Dr. G iff en and Dr.
Carter. The state officers hope that
the -necessary authority will be ob- '
tained from the surgeon genersl and
the bovs moved home.
Surgeon Carter gave to West jus'
before he l?ft a lis! of the Second Ne
braska men now in the Loiter hospta!
with the condition of each noted.
There are now eleven men in this hos
pital who were left behind when the
reEimcnt came north. Thev are . -en
i pany K; West, company B. Parneil,
company E; Thorpe, company M. Jen
kins and Parneil are the s:cest c: Uia
lot. and all the others are regarded as
in satisfactory condition by ihe sur
geon. Dr. Fell of Beatrice, f-ho is now al
the Sternberg hospital, will prcbably
b det?iled ?s the medical ofSerr to
h?v charge of the hospital car on
which the sick men will return.
X.lTf Stock Shoe- at the Expo-Ition.
There is at this time every indiea-
tion that the live stock shew at th?
i Trans-Mississippi Exposition w.il
rank among the very largest and Sues:
ever given in the country. It will
offer almost unrivaled opportunity for
those who wish to improve their
flocks and herds to see the beat stock
the worid contains and to gain in
formation of great vaiu The exhibi
tion will also offer exceptional oppor
tunity for those who have improved
stock for sale to advertie their pro
ductions and to make the acquaint
ance cf likely purchasers.
The live stor. exhibited is divided
into six classes. Of these the poul
try exhibit will be given first from
September 19 to Septemebr 30. On
Monday. October 3. the exhibits cf cat
tle, horses, (in which class are in:
, j jacfcs. jennets and mules) sheen
, aT,H crc-ino tvi.i nr.nn. to cant inup ml
' -. . -
Ovtober 20
and the fat stoch will be
i iUsivc
from October I- to 20, In-
All animalr must be on the grounds
o; in? Kxposmon not later tnan tne
; optning date of .j dlVision to which
m.. October C.
Full freight rates must be paid en
all exhibits shipped to the Exposition,
bat animals which do net change own
ership will be returned free under the
usual exhibition certificate arrange
ment. Terminal charges bavo been modi
fied and a sinule fee includes a switch
ing charge for transferring carload
lots into the grouncs and also assist
ance in unicacmg and crayacc on
feed and necessary show p3rapher
naLa from the cars to the stock barns.
Less than carload lots may be billed
to Omaha local depots, and on these
a small charge will be made for s-
liverj- to the show grounds.
S te Xorsial chool.
About C3S students were rrgistered
in the state normal school at the
opening; that is, in the normal school
proper, not including the training
school. This is the largest enrollment
j OT e third day that the state normal
school has ever had. The number of
sew students is very large. There are
more students and teachers than class
room and it sometimes becomes .a
I problem to find ruarters. In the fac-
ulty, which now namoers nineteen,
there are several new faces. The dor
mitory just completed has been cpcne-J
and about eighty students and teach
ers sit in the larsc dining hall. Tne
whole building is lighted by electric
ity and heated ty steam. It makes a
spacious and chesrfni home. Every
thing that concerns the cp suing days
of the year prophecies a repetition of
the two successful and prosperous"
years now uast.
Colon FaciGc OS rial Itesijra.
James G. Harris of Boston, for ever
a quarter of a century treasurer of the
Union Pacific Railroad company, has
resisned his position on account of
ill health. His successor has not- been
appointed. William Bird of Boston
has been assistant treasurer of the
Union Pacific for a long term of years.
and stands in line for the Dosition.
Some of the officials at local head
quarters think he wiil be the next
treasurer. F. V. S. Crosby of Boston
has been acting treasurer during the
.. " I thev belong, except that, in the gsner- i" uru.nar., -.arm wen. ine wagon
iition I , J;.-? nr ..i vn. cvonr -. is thus enabled to roll alone; ever the
horses, animals which have been on -:!s - fashion rf ? street car
recent illness cf Mr. Harris, and it's Toth the Union Pacific and the Bur
possible that he may receive the np- lingtcn reads -have practically aareed
pointrcent- . on rates far the Peace Jubil from
' noints nearer-Omaha than Sslt Lake
Charles Olson, who committed a Citr' tat !t Is "'derd inadvisable
criminal assault on the 5-vear-old . 1 ce tnese rates cefcre Octooer
daughter of-C O. Larson of Alma, was Jz F?1 'J'" of
Eentenced by Judge Eeall to twenrv , "5 ni be.tne cntcotne o, the corn
years at hard labor in the state penl- itte jcKtEver Chairman
tentiarv " iipSas sets ready fcr tnat meeting
T ,.",.' to convene. It - is probah'e tht a
Hastings college opened .its fall blanket, or maximum rrt will b
term with an enrollment cf nearly 2"-? j froTn ncits within 53 miles of
students. At chaoel President Tatli- 4 Omaha fcr the occasion.
ecu made a Tery pleasant talk to the , "
etuderts asA encouraged them icith ," JLt Ord Frankie Hisco "wzs fatally
the -work.tkey irert abcat to take op. ! Bhct by Jimsie T7isda.
A nlhnn- rf iTofrrl .in Aan!ie is
tee Exposition City. j
Gf nil the numerous conventions in
0aaii? j
year curies the Trans-
J Mississippi and International Erposl-!
i tion. none will attract these active in :
:sissiunl F.nndsv .School Congress. to !
' be held September 27-33. A program.
' has been arranged which deals with"
the most practical
and interesting
questions cf Sunday School instructica
and manasement. ihe ccngress will
be unicue in tnat it wni not.be a. ecu-
vwrinn nr rteice-itpfl bcJv CV2rvbodv
! interested ma attend. It -will be a
i grtat "'institute," c-r training School
for Sunday School -workers, euca a3
has never been held in the West, of,
fcf that 'matter, unlike anythins c
that nature held anywhere in the coun
try. Evsrr name on the program bas n
national reputatlon in Sunday School
cirries. Rev. Geo. R. Herrili: D D:
of Chicago, one of the foremest in1
ctructors in the 3ible in the northwest,
will have charse of Bibl- study. B. F.
Jacobs cf Chicago, Chairman of the
'"Executive 'Committer cfthe "Interna
aticnal Asscc-ation. will sreak on
association work w it? various branen-
... ?c . KarlbuI; of
OTr CQit0r of the Sunday Scbno: psri-
cdicals cf the 21.. E. Church, will
speak of "Success in tse Average Sun
day School," and give suggestions on
how to teach f'rof. H. iL Hstuii!.
Jacksonville. 111., International Field
Wo-ker. and who was pronounced by
many the most popular speaker befor-1
the lat world's Convention in London,
will oGcr suggestions as to prepara
tion for tCEchtnr how to organise i.0r
v.ork ia state, county .and townshiu.
and wiil give a popular evening ad
dress en "The Bible end the Child."
Maricn Lawrence.. General Secretary
of .Ohio, and Hugh Cork, holding the
same Dcsit'on in Minnesota, will talk
how to cf-rperate in Cities and tons.
"Primary V'crit. ' alwavs a popular
tiieme. will be discussed in its vari
ous phases by Urs. Rosana B. Prcusz
ner. of Kansas, a well known writer
on th;s line cf work, and Miss Mabel
Hail, instructor in primary methods at
the Moody Institute. C-icago. The pro
gram as outlised for this departmest
is as follows : Child . characteristic?
and their utilization-; Lesson Illustra
tions Elackiioard and Objects; Sup
plemental .lessons: Preparation of les
sons; Musir in the Primary Class; Pri
mary Ur-ions.
Prof. E. 0. Esceil. the popular cho
rus leader of Chicago, has charge o:
thp muic. An exhibit of appliances,
publications and helps, promises to be
a popular feature.
The conuresG wiil be held in the
Tirst M. E. Church. 2?th and Daven
port streets. Omaha, rasing at 2 p. m.
Tuesday. Scntember 27th. where a
committee will be wailing to asshr
in securing rccms at reasonable rates.
The lecture room of the First Con
gregational Church will be .used for
section mectir'-.
The program has been so arranged
that the afternoons may be devoted to
recreation and sight-seeing, and no
doubt tliis c-ioortuirty will he taken
to Visit the exposition. The low rates,
the exposition md the treat cEercd
by the Sundav School Congress, all
combined, promise to attract the larg
est fathering of religious workers ever
held in the west. Sunday School
workers r-rpcially will feel that they
cannot affcrd to miss this opoortunity
to combine pleasure and profit.
Steel TTscon Roal Ilih'.liiteil
A new men in wason ro.v.
says the
Omaha Bee. will be shown at the ex
position by Marun Dodg?. connected
with the Agricultural department- The
department hs tested the plan thor
oughly and has found that a system cf
Sat sicsl plate rails, w-.th an upper
surface of al-out five inches, in cement
ana to 511 the iuterevnmz space with
concrete. There is a flange on the
inner side to-hold the wi:eel on tho
t"-.k and the wih cf the rail is
saGcira; accommodate, the tire on
and may be nrcpcllcd with a smal
fraction cf the po
er usually neces-
sarv. ine arguments usea bv Mr.
P-odq" in support cf his system are (1)
that with stcrl at I cent a-pound the
methed is as cheap ar, a maesdam
pavement would ba. (2 that its dura
bility fs much nrcater a? J that as
there is no perishable material used
ia the construction tec trackage is
practicably indestructible. 3 that a
much malicr motive fcr- is neces-
sary. as it I cst3"tcu that ever the
"a ho-e ;s able to draw 5fty
times his weight whereas ever the us-
L I ual ccuntrj- r-ds'two or four times
us weignt is tne lead of sn Gromary
cii J
Mr. Dodge will lay 1 30 fc?t of track
i on the exposition grounds to demon-
; strata the constmcticn, running wrst
i en Tweut::h street.
i .
panird hv E. J. Hrrricr. also of the
"iricuitursl cyianmcst. v'c !s as ex
'"it in rosd--3atit7-. ' Mr Harrieon
hT a'rr-j'l-'- dt'seovered- '. r-inr-ctrd
Vving ri2terir.l in this v;clii,'v -aid
will itlur.tr'.te . the mcsi spo-rrved
methods in road form-tion from n
teriah; aln'lv knwn to be accessible.
Rit Jar tlie '"r-rc .IcbiKp. .
The Omaha terminal. lines are not
goiue: to w?;t till Chairman MacRae
cf St. Paul rets rcad-t- to ca! a meet
ing cf the Jubilee rate committee be
Tore deciding what rats they wi'I -"nt
into effect for that occasion. Several
cf the pr:nc:p! -lines entering Omaha
have already decided what rate they
will srant for Jubilee day at "the ex
positicn. and arc only waitine; for the
formal committee mectinc and its ac
tion to announce the rates.
General Pasengcr Agent Lcmax cf
the Union P?i"5c ha? announced a
round-tirp 'ate of 52 from Hzzc com
mon points tc Omaha for the Peacje
Jubilee at the exposition. This rate
is about equivalent ;o a rst of 1 cent
per mile. Salt' L?.ke City being 2.065
miles from Omaha. Tickets will he
sold fcr trains leaving Utah on the
evening of October 9 and ail cay Oc
tober 20. The cay set apart for Pres
ident Mciv?nley is October 2x. The
tickets will be good to return nnv
tim up to October .25. inclusive. Sep-tr-mbcr
24 was stated as Ftah day at
the svpositia::. and a round trio ratf
of $25 announced.
"Home Department" and "House to I I'hihppmes' monthly expenses will - --J "-'f ; . .
e VisiiaUon" work, and tell how rjnrreate at ieast S353.0005 uearlr Vcver ""V: . . " 1""J.' "
secure attendant fiEd'eTerinl and ; .i.;?? v,-, i ih- nUblicin pontic- :n L3nnectscui nas
m m m uu
" '
q;,. Qan fanlp the Insurgents
With Hi3 Present Force.
Tie trscaatlan or the City Brni Bm
AceompUhcd Almost Coaipl.tclT
iloi: of tha StZlrat Are FrlendlJ
ilialii More Than Va.fi Expi
T7.smG-o. Sept. IT. That the at
titude cf .tho insurgents at Mnila
does not worrr General Otis is .Bhowxs
in his cablegram to the War depart
ment toHlaj'. Tho general says: "In
surgents have acceded demand and
evacuated entire eitv of Manila, ex
cept small fdrce in bne tihtlVitf dis
trict. No difHcaltv anticipated and'no-1
concessions made to them. Xhey txt
press iiroag desire to znalntain fricniK
ly intercourse wltS United States gov
ernment in- all particular
'In my opinion, ba-;! upon present
indications. .0 farther fortas required.
Insurgent leaders in politics and army
in excitabia frame of mind, but better
portion amenable to reason and desire
to malce approve:! reputation before
civilized world.
"They or;ran:z-d congress Thursday
at 3Iaio:os, twenty miles north of this
city, to frame a plan of government.
Manila very quiet. Military jgovera
ment being perfected gfadnaily atid
large force policing and cleansing city.
Health of command satisfactory.
Trade and commerce active.
"Treasury receipts since Aujut 14.
S5-i0,G00 Mexican current money.
13.-000 Spanish prisoners. Believe j
.that the receipts will largely exceed
expenditures. Tariffs anJ duties lm
nod. as directed bv the President on !
Julv 1-'. but received in currencv of I
. r,s on Id basis would a!-
eonntrv as oa gold basis would a
most doubic former Spanish duties.
United States laws applied for admis
sion of Chinese opium: sales of licenses
for lotteries and other pastimes op
posed bv public morals discontinued."
Xkw Yoht:. Sept. 27 -A dispatch to
the New York Herald from Manilla
. th i , -i .'. .x; I
oians last nirrhi. and instead of evacu"
'.- . ii i- -i i- ! j I
rrTif. -t Tn, , nr.rii n i nr r"v f
" ", " "- --""- - -. .
General Otis ordered, they moved from !
Ermita to Santa Ana. where thev aT: J
pear to
Ire concentrating in strong
It is rPTorted. althonh it has not
been confirmed.' that Aguinaldo has
i.iij LJ IA. t-U. Ob t&S V I
c- nit n-w tAin ? t ??tt t
cho is hacked bv oriests. A -Jesait
priest has been shot for persuading
rebels to desert Aguinaldo's cause
At the meeting of rebel leaders in
Mnlolos the majority will vote for au
tonomy un.ler American protection.
Coasting steamers are trading with
the provinces under Spanish rule.
Aguinaldo demands T0 per cent of
freight receipts of tt earners trading
with the rrbel provinces.
All Spaniards in the northern prov
inces are now prisoners. The rebels
6eizea stocks and cash of the tobacco
estates belonging to Compania Tabace
lera in Cagayan province, and also
those of Copranin Camarines province.
The losses are enormous. Agniaaldo
denies the shipment of arms from
Japan. The arms were probably
shipped by the priests for Artacho.
Hcrtlcrcr of Exnpres Ellxibetli Aclcs for
an Interpreter.
Gr:rETA, Sept. 17. Luigiui, or I.u
chesi, the assassin cf Empress Eliza
beth, appeared yesterday before the
correctional chamber. He entered thc
court smiling, saluted the public with
a "wave of the hand and ashed the pres
ident of thc tribunal in good French to
allow him an interpreter. The exam
ination appeared to show a plot in
volving other Italian anarchists.
Toe: Tart in Hl Lat Cabinet Meetlap
WAsnrr"GTo Sept, 17. The cabinet
was in session an hour to-day. Secre
tary Day tendered to the President his
resignation as secretary of state and
took leave of his cabinet associates.
Assistant Secretary Moore of the
State department also tendered his
resignation to the President.
Tcr Ind!r!dal Staters-Oct.
Wasui-cgtox. Sept. 17. Seme time
ago Senator Sewall of Xcw Jersey
suggested to the President and Adjut
ant General Corbin the advisability of
transferring individual soldiers who
desire to remain in the service from
regiments mustered cut to regiments
that will be retained, taking the place
of such men in the latter regiments as
for some good reason should be dis
charged. 2Co general plan of this sort
has been adopted in a formal way. but
it is put in practice in cases where it
is obvicusly desirable that men be
mustered out on personal application
where their places can be filled by re
cruits. A. "Rlloan Coe Stjo-j i'ret.
Lo-vros, Sept. 17. Kext to the high
est balloon assension on record was
mcehere yesterday afternoon from
the crystal palace. Sydenham, by Sun
ley Spenger, the well known aeronaut,
and Dr. Uerson. The balloon, which
was inflated with pure hydrogen and
has a capacity of 56.5&0 cubic feet, at
tained an altitude- of 27.500 feet. At
the hight of 25.0J3 feet lis air was so
ranneci mat tne occupant of the car
were compelled to oreathe ozven br
tubes. Tiie temperature was 61 de-
grees Deiow ?reezm;r pent
Caxsp 3Sc.de to Have 35,0M
Caj-p Meade. Pa., Sept. 17. Gen
eral S. 3L B. Younjr of Pittsbar was
assigned to the command of the First
division cf thc Second army corps yes
terday. He succeeded General J. P. S.
Gobin of Lebanon, -who will return to
a brigade composed cf the Eighth.
Twelfth and Thirteenth Pennsylvania
regiments. An oScer of General Gra--hams
staS says there will bs 35,900
troops in eaap within a fortmifkt.
i ' - ; n-.-Vr Ph.Uc
nmlnixul n
ii. ii: i lii.i, i-r ;i..i i imi iii:iu aL m.a
, . F, . A, i the diffe-ent ?ubls tas"rJ "non 1 ".aptains KouaiaU. "J'n. Ikevnoltli,
cost. Itis more hhelv a move on the ' "c Z, . s-o.ks uo-wna -pon. if .
- t,- .,-1 i i j- t The Pres'den1 in citrine- a Cv si-- Green. Irons ana roster, tir-'t Licu-
nart of Pio Pilar to embarrass the die- lue"'-i-ei... m c.o-.ng a u. , f
I. r., i. i i.- t i es talk to the commission, said: -I tenants Day and Lewis. Second u.exi-
tator. The former rebel chief, Isaoelo ' .. , . 4, , . T . . , .,. r r --v, ir v cm:t ,
.. ' .propose to do the best- I can with such .cn..a.s L. L. am.n. jd. .. amit 1.
Artacho, who was connemaed to death If,,' , r- , . ? - , r .a "M.n: r '? -.nd -.t,;:,- -,-
.,.,.,. , . , , knowledce and light as 2 navo and '-.a-es. -ca.ns. ".ra.ie ana samCj a.e
bv Agumalco for treachery in Mav and , .- . - . ., ,.- - h u-a-it-Im "" "."- iu Tli-
, , ...-,. hope rav acts in the niitter will be ao- u .nc uoanaea a.. .i... liaw. xue..
was reprieved ana escaped, is leaamg . i "L .1 j . . , " -w 'ot i-i --. Vxt fi-vi'i 1.
,. ., e . . , . ,, . . s proved bv tne de-ibcratS inJzment of were e.l m -03 U. uipva.n .-i-
lo,000 men against Aguinaldo. Arta- .,.,-, - Vnr,l wrm ts tbrt. KrlmontV zfoni.
;Vtate Drpartvaeat Glres Crr s llU
Coaeeraln: Them.
f VjksnceoTox, Sept. IT. The state
jepartzneet last night gave out the
lioUotrixur statement concerning the
.discussion between 'the members of
jth$ cabinet and the peace commission
. "Winle for Sbfion rcasOnfl it iras
jitructions a to the negotiations about
Sto be entered cpori ho.uld for the
present be kept secret ti3 fro!e"knowri
jonly after ceSnite resalts' shall iisa
peeti reached, it is possible to state
awithoritativelv that the oommis-
pioa goes to Paris fully prepared f?
"follow course of action mapped cut for
It as the result of the consultation of
'he last two days.
t "At the verv ontset it will be made
lear to the Spanish commissioners
Ihat, as in the case of the preliminary
.protocol there can be no deviation
from or mddineation of the demands
ade inrthe'Uisited Ssates.
V' tifClbmnm WmVfilr iSrt tn.
ident after a full consultation- with
the members of the commission sub
sequently received the cordial and
unanimous approval of the cabinet at
a meeting held this afternoon.
rresideni'2 rlri Sscrstarj OreriThoIm
1b:t DefateI for Carermr.
New IIaves, Conn., Sept. IT Tha
Hepublican state convention vestcr
ciay nominated this ticket:
For governor George E. Ixiunsbury;
lieutenant governor Lymad A. Mills:
state secretary, Hub;r Clark: treas
urer. C S. Meraic'r: comptroller,
Thomas S. Grants attorney generaL
there been so bitter a contest d thjt
which was waged in tie ante-eon".: ra
tion sta-res" between the i orees s i-f'-clae;
-h uominatio., for governoro: l.eor?e
E. Lonn,bBry. on ta. oa- han. an.
Joii:- Adu.son Porter, the President-
secretary, on the other.
The surprise of the day was thc un
expectedly overwhelming victory of
the Lounsburv forces.
CoafcrentO Camzdl:tee
fcpon PreilJcsi iIcKial?j.
Wi.sni.voTOX, Sen' 1. The
WicniSrtTnT. Sn " -Tho mm- !
. . - ...
--ittee representintj the Sarato-a con-
-f erenee on future foreign policy
callel '
! an the President vesterdav afternoon i
by appointment an 1 pressn
nteu an en-
grcsse co?7 o resolutions. Here-
S ! . T
tofore.pablished, adopted at that con-
memorial amplifying-
St. Carohan CalU Oi 3I-. !--
Washtxgto-. Sept. 17. The French
ambassador. M. Cambon. is back from
a three weeks outing at Lake Cham
plain and through Canada. The am
bassador and II. Thienaut called at- thc
State Department to-day. and had a
short visit with Seeretiry Day. It
ra mainly to say good bye to the
ieretary prior ia his departure for
P&ris. The French government hai
invited the commisjioners to meet in
the famous Salon des Ambassadeurs
which is a part of the foreign office
and one of the most sumptuous apart
ments in Europe. The invitation has
been accepted.
, Cbicaytj Kesalar Home.
CmcA-GO. Sept. IT. The Fourth
United States infantry. Major Ste
phen Baker commanding:, arrived in
Chicago to-day over the Like Shore
road. Tbe ranks cf the regiment have
been sadly depleted since it departure
for Santiago, only nine ofScirs and
225 men returnin-. In the battle of
.El Caney this rcg-'meat alone lost
three oScera and f crty men, and since
then manv have died from fever.
Ther Tlad ttf Hvf Snnlpi.
wlcniTA. Kan., Sept 17 Ex Post
master iloberts of Greensbcrs- is under
investigation by the federa prand
jury here, charped with defrauding
the government. While Koberts was
postmaster, it is charged, he refused
to sell money orders, but made. people
bny stamps instead, thus increasing
his cancellation profits.
Ciiap "TlkoiT n COO in tbc IIop!ta".
Camt "iViKorr, Sept- IT. A severe
rain storm set tn here last nigat and
continued this morning. The camp
authorities had been warned cf ther-p-proaeh
of thc storm ani were prepared
for it. Every tent had been strength
ened and thc storm did no damage to
tbe camp. There were COO men in tho
general hospital to-day.
The Anraata 1 S-tfe.
- QtrmtrsTows. Sept. IT. Thc Canard
line steamer Aurania. from 2sew York
September 6 for Liverpcol, which was
reported eff the south coast of Ireland
disabled and in tow, arrived here at 2
o'clock this morning. The captain of
the Aurania reports that the cranh-
; shaft broke at 9r.3 p. m. j.uesday.
To Jfaster Oat General'
Wassd-gtoj.-, Sept. IT. Th
partment will soon take up
Hon oi mustering out a cons:
number of general cScers o:
unteer army, includinff major generals
and brigadiers, now that the volunteer
forces have been reduced so larrelv.
Eastern BsaiJro.i "Disbaadetl.
Wabhikgtoj-, Sept. IT. Secretary
Long- has issued oraers disbanding the
Eastern squadron and assigning; its
commander, Commodore J. L. Vatson,
to duty as commandant at the ilarc
j land navy yard.
Qaaaa Jlcnt Tvlt the Sotdlers.
Madbh). Sept. IT, The queen regent
pvs daiiv visits to the sick soldiers
who have returned from the colonies.
She has ordered that the convalescents
be conveyed in the royal carriages to
the Casa del Campo, in the royal park,
and is paying from her own purse for
proper food for thc invalids.
Far Qaaea TleSte to Decide.
Pabls. Sept. 17. The Argentine
minister here says that the ooundary
dispate between Chili and Argentine
will be submitted to the arbitraties
1 Queen Victoria. -
TM.l 1 i.V . .1 -, . - J"
Th Twentieth, a Broken RegjmeT.t"
Rsaches Fort Leivsnvorth.
ilalf tlie tlca Tbaj I.fr Tin 3IontIw
AtF Keach lad? Old Qairterj 3Jbj
ti'4 1i Cittlo aaU Fran. ti
rcrer.- , Iv-.
LE-ivcoirp: Kan. Sept. lT.-riw
onths ago. almost to .he day. a beau-
tiful line of .soldiers, fully cquippod.-
iuiiv cquippc-u,
of m.igni!.ecnt
and evjry man a type
America!? Baihood. marched from
Fort LcavcnwortH Uf the Spanish war.
At their head marched a oar?d- of thirty
pieces, filling- the April Air with 5r
tial - music It irss the Twentieth
United States infantry going- to var.
This nJOTPin, shortly after tiay-
break, ihe same fegiont-ao. not the
same; out a remnant of it '.aired up
the hill asd praised God that thev hal
reached home. The band did cot play
'When Johnnie CoazeS Marching
nome, tor oi tae winy mnswi. , J);t:tcand efa;cnt mcteorolojical ser
wnp went aWay. only cijhl came bac:. rk rctai- Wilson said that manT
Xne others are m h ist-a horpitais do not nsllas that tU, a.ca cabrac
As the soldiers got otr the tram ti.ey - h - .- n -.nh--:,. srT ;
wre greeted by wives, daughter and ;
other relatives, .onie of thc it omen ;
criel for iov. while Others simolv
stroked the arms of their loved ones, j
tho contented expressions showing
their happiness. Quich y the company
lines formed beside thr cars and, led
bv Lieutenant Colonel -3IcC.-.-v. thev
starred nn the hilt. !' jut tMr' r- I
dered the commandan r.r.1 the word
went down the line. Half wr-y up the
bill th men v.-ere halted to rest and in
a few moiueat-j t icy vn'jvs again walk
in, not marebinj, tur the route step
was continued.
When the top was reached "Attco
tion! was sounded on the bugle, and
the boys of the" Twentieth entered
their old parade ground Ith that
swinging, soldierly step, no: to a drum
beat, bat to the hep-hep-hep Of the
Of the 47 enlistel men who went to
the front from Fort Leavenworth, only
J O-'J
of them nerc in that line this
inoming. Of the missing "i2. some lie
in soldiers' graV3 near Santiago,
while others sleep at MjU-arth and the
'emaicder fe fighting fever xa bo
pitals. Of thirty-ri-'jofi'eers who ief.
only six stepped off the frin tbis
morning. L
Lieutenants Hill and Sta-'
hiie General Hawkins.
ant. lnen!enr.nt V.ebstef. Ji.-wJAntl.
Humphreys. Ivfng and Aloly aw on
detached duty and are serving with
Other regiments. Of course the regi-
ment as it came in to-d-.v did not con
sist of only six odicers and 220 men.
but cf 425 oflieers and men, recruits
having- been added before Santiago
was reached and they aisj canf? !ck.
The soldiers are. for the miit part,
thin, although their color is not bad.
Most cf them are still weak, as nearly
all have had tho fever. It was on ac
count of their xveakencd condition that
Lieutenant Colonel McCasher ordered
rente steo and a breathinrr spell ccm
injr up the hilL It i a remarkable
feature, however, that among- ail he-
men ther- is not a complaint heard as
to their health.
Sattlesalp TTItt G Arocn-J tit- Hots
With m tt Cnpta!n.
Wasiungtov, S;pt- IT Captain Kob-
ley D Evans called at the navy de
partment yesterday and h-.d a long
? talk with eeretsry Lon.r. tne mac
I diate result of vhich was thc mue of
I an order relicvins- him of the command
,' oi the bttlehip Iowa, whie'i is notv
j being repaired at the "ew York navy
yard. Thi was- done at Captain Ev
I ens personal re'jue,:. He has er"ed
!more than thc period of trm? required
by regulations and practice for a cap
ta'n to com-nand and h'3 nest sea
, service mav be in Hag raik.
Secretarv Lon;r dccidetl to assign
Captain Evans todnty as w member of
the naval inspection board and he will
"" .
assnme li.s new
duties after a
The next commander of the Iowa
Wil. be C;p-n S.Ias Terry, now in
commanii of tc re-?iia
s lip Frr.uk- ,,
lin. at the Norfolk n vy yard. lie will
take the ship around South America
and over to llonoluu in company with
the Crejron and tone colhers.
A Cansreimm I JUido Ilitfist Ja ir?.
"Ta.f:i-?rr-x. Sept. I.- dudge A. C.
Thomos'jn. member of Caires from
Ohio'ib the Fortv-n'tnth. F.ftieth an i
Ilfty-rst Car-3r has been Rp-po:nt-d
United M'tes di-vtrict ind.-e
fcr the f ulbcrn .Istriit of UL.o, to
succeed Judge tage. retired.
S-nth It"ot--t i U-l::-
nrn:.UT. S. D.. Seat. IT. An earth-
nnf of nnusual strength and
ja.i oa xu.iu -""
... -m- i xr
Kaxsas Crrr. -do., Sept. I.. The
.j- r .i. v-, --.I .i, t-:--i
ddiers of the Fifth and the ia:M
real men ts
ount park, were
given thirty day furloughs to-day.
with the exception of 100 men left in
ccpt-.on ot ioj men it., in
each camp .as guards. The oiiiccrs of
both regiments will go to-day on
leaves of absence.
the Anv oi wa"'rou,
TOX, Sept. IT. It is proba-
ble that the war department will scon
take steps to retire a number cf army
cfScers who have, been on sick leave
for a protracted period. There is quite
a. long list of such whose places were
died" by subalterns during thc war
with Snain.
Cretan Bin-leader Given-TJp.
Ca-vdia; Crete,, Sept. IT. Forty
three c the ringleaders of the recent
riot were given up to ths -British ad
aairal laat nig at.
e war de- tion aroused tue people here a. -r j m-lssioa. Colonel M F. Sterrett. stat-
the ones- o cock: tas murn:ii. i'.u-wiw iar-that the cav nad been abanaoncc.
.. H V7 tn-..m.1.-nrid. dishes to rattle up-"i .. , : ,A
. , , . -.rxyzt titrtv seconds. . -,," .-j-
therol ! ,' f. 1' "c,-i' be made and thc executive directors
. it s"-rrf; iij ...L.1 i3 .... ...
. v
Hay ia &tTCtl Iry tbe rrecUtlaa of
tfar Wm: Indian Ilarrleanc.
i WAsnixc,TOJrf Sept. 17 The weather
bureau furnishes the following statc
mant: The hurricana which created, cuch
destruction in the West Indies co Sun
day night ivas detected at its incep
tion Saturday by tha West Indian hur
ricanb service of the weather burecu
cf the urpartuKmc cf agriculture.
ilrrriesjie warnings were immediately
dispatched to all ports io the island
of Barbados Martinique. St. Kitts
and St. Thomas nd they were advised
to prepare for a destructive storm.
j Cable communication was perfect, ad
the trarainjrs were prcuntly received
How completely these warnings.
J br" th
j stQrni twcntTr hc
ths cominjr & the
;urs later is shon
, bvthe disoatche- While t;
,j-eStTItrtioa of jffe prcy h
been great, there is no question that
hundreds, if not thousands, of lives
and millions of property vrcre protect
ed by the complete warmings' given by
the !rHed Statc.v "" "Tassa warsingi
were of orcrftt to the commerce of ail
. Vinri-ic W ?f ifr! irm a?r? Tnr tfio
of huma:i n .hcr j fro:a
, - . . c.,i5,;t lii ,-c;
. ai.'uuiuic.tia j?k.uuw4t.. iunj ju,btu
the Presidsmt in tsliing for the neces
sary appropriation and in personally
diroclinj' the inauguration oi a ccm-
aUy t a that" j bT thc
coinerital area of the United S'tatei
Tlie ftc-Uloa of tbe TJre.Tfai Cj? VTU1
frnbtblr C.id;- 3nrlin(1cn to Keita.
Tin:?. Sept. 17. Tha newspapers
here say the minister of justice. M.
L Sarr'ttr'" ha comnleted the evnmina-
lion" of the dcCTiments in the Dreyfus
case, and that lie will communicate to
the ministers nt the cabinet council to
be held to-morrow, his intention to re
fer the matter to a commission com
petent to undertake a revision, of the
proceedings. Thc general opinion is
thafthe cabinet will adopt the propo
sal for a revision of the case unani
mously, with the exception of the min
ister cf war. General Zurlinden, who
yesterday informed the minister of
justice that he intends to resign if it
develops that he doss not agree with
his colleagues.
Thc Figaro. Hatin and Tiappel say
thv believe that in case General Zur-
linden resigns, M. Brisson. the prcm
icr. is resoivea to taKe tne portfolio ot
war and give the portfolio of minister
of thc interior to AL Vallee.
According" to the Gauiots. the result
of the decision of the minister of jus
tice wiil be a mlnUtcrial crisis as. this
paper claims, other ministers will also
Cabana Afraid of Amcrtean Comtrol of
the Inland .
- Hatajta. Sept. 17. The predominant
feature of the situation is the feverish
and widespread agitation of the Cubans
in favor of thc absolute independence
cf tne lslana at an costs. lanues.oes
.. . - . "-.
ar" hing circulated inviting tne co
operation ol Spanish residents and
merchants to thi- end. and pointing j
out that either annexation
cr an
' American protectorate would
mean t
in a I
(lear to an iraue w:ic pj.i-
couple at years.
General Mainv Gomez, who only a
fortnight ago ravc expression to ex
tremely moderate views, counseling
harmony and patience now expresses
himse'f as stronglv in f:vor of abso
lute indeoendence cr nothing.
A Dlsrjsl Interpreter Indsced n Ofli
clil to Crder t't- Kiss roUoneJ.
Skocl, Corea. Sept- IT It is report
ed here that a high ofneial of the pal
ace named Ko has made a confes
sion that hc orJcreil the cook of the
1 royal
liouseho.d to poison food
intended for tbj k;n? anJ crown
prince, both of jvliont became seriously
lh en Sunday last. The oSielal further
confessed that the poisoning plot was
instigated by a former interpreter at
tached to the Kussian -legation here,
who ence was court favorite, but is now
in tlisgrace.
Tcnr.rjiee' niatos Soldier.
Sav Fha-cico. Sept. IT. There
was another round up of drunken and
disordfrlv Tcur.ese soldiers late last j
night by a provost guird from the
I regiment
I carry r::.es.
Tlie nroves; guarJ cid not
nut each of them had a
:? array revolver beneath his over- j
I coat. riioons were raided and many '
' intGxieatc-;! men sent back to camp
, The lines of the Teener
- camp have
the -vsry few
b-en c'c3id exo. to
members of the
to whom
n-aisci are given
At intervals of one
and oae-half hours a roll is called in
each company and against every man '
vrho is absent v.-ithont leave charges i
are preferred before r. sutn;cary court.
Co.onel Smith of thc Tennessee regi- j
I ment has h.-kcd permission to Sind his
i more turbulent men to Alcatraz
No Sllionn It J at tJoixha.
jErrEifox Crrr. Mo.. Sept. IT. The
fate of Missouri d.vr at Omaha has
been settled. M. V. Carroll, secretary
of the commisV.on is in receipt of a
f Tom. fr.-im the oresmeat of tne com-
thought it best to afcanden the cele-
r t ...l A-- -. Tw, flacif.
I Dia;;ua . auri..-i nj.. .v i.- v.v.s-
I - ,,r. . - . t.
a failure of it.
fcnot Dj a Mt?er In N'crw Tori.
I'kw Yoke Sept. IT. A Spanish rife
j --t-i, wilH-m TTk-r did not know
j XTiS Jo-d wcat 0 -while he was
I ca-j-rin jt from the transport Sara-
; tos. at a Brooklvn dock and the man
was killed. The Saratoga arrived here
j t-vo cayS a0 vntk tne ar
dered by the Snani3rds at S
antiaTO and
El Caney. On board were 9,-JOD
Mauser rifles and COO tens of ammuni
tion. Ilickey was one cf tbe rues en
gaged in- unloading the cargo. .
Vcrada Kspabllcon.
Enso, Xev . Sept. IT The Repub
lican state convention met .yesterday
and nominated a state ticket with
William McMillan for governor. The
platform is for the immediate con
struction of the XIaaragaa canal and
fur territorial expansion.
ftp Hint ilteDgEili
feta Lbb BtalMi
OMaba, Cfelcat", Hew Xork aa4
all Fwigm Ctrl
4mA "Mlya Its customrw kn they bm kali
Ltasvzr QiKnJLitn. Pres't.
IL IL TLesxt. Vice Pres..
M. Bsccgeb, Cashitr. -Jomr
Stauftek, Wk. Bccnei
Authorized Capilal cf - $500,000
PaK in Capital, - - 90,000
C. E. SnELPON. TreVt.
il r. ii. F!iLi:nn. vice rrs.
ritANIC KUltEI". Ast. Cssh
C. n. 55ncixo.v. H. 1". II. Ornr.irn.
Jo.n5 Wcixni, v.". a. .McAllister,
Caul IiiExsr. ?- C C.t.
I'dank ltoniuui.
Aztaj. Ellis, J Hkmiy Wcn.eitA
fuitKl-RT. Hr.vnr l osr,Kr.
IWlEL?Clin.lM. (in. . Oallet.
A. F II. ORHi.r.icn, J. 1 rtECRr.il FdlTAT,
Ucbecca Scckul II M. YISLO.
Bark of Pepolt: interest allowed on tint
Jepr.ils; buy and sell ewnanst on CnlieQ
states and Hnrop-. and bur and Bell aafl.
k.b! spcurltl Wr sbah be pleased t r
ztlve year business. We colicis your pi-rcaa-e.
Columbus Journal !
A weklr newspsper 4
voted th bsticteretaf
i ins state o? Nebraska
Th malt of
$1.50 A YEAR,
Eat ear limit of nfala
is not prescribed by dollars
and cents. Lample copies
sent tree to any ucuraaa
Cofflms : and : Metallic : Cues t
ff Repairing of mil kinds of Uphcl
ttery Qmdt.
GoiumDus Journal
-- l
i '
, '
- X
-- ...:"
.- .
.. ..La-aTt-?iS. .
-t - . bouti
tr onsttMi. .
Uji" .-
""ii n -.i

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