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0o You
Like Boils
-If yon do sot, you should lake Hood's
.-". .6arsaparilht and it willpurify yomr blood,
" euro your boils and keep your system
; free from tbo poisons which cease then.
. The great blood parif yiag power of Hood's
82rsafsrilla is constantly being demon
strated by its many marvelous cores.
Hood's Sarsaparilia
. Is America's Greatest Mediciae. fl; six for as.
Hood's FMIlB enre Sick Headache. 25C
': The clergyman doesn't object to a
"....young man's ringing a bicycle belle
in church.
I?o-To-Bac tor Tirty ceats.
. GucrsnT-jrd tobacco bablt cure, makes weak
Keen stroa-. olood pure. 90?. II. All druggists.
Nothing takes the conceit out of a
man like being beat at his own game.
Old sue
Poor clothes cannot make
you look old. Even pale
cheeks won't do it.
Your household cares may
be heavy and disappoint
ments may be deep, but
they cannot make you look
One thins docs it and
never fails, ttw
It is impossible to look
young with the color of
seventy years in your hair.
permanently postpones the
tell-tale signs cf age. Used
according to directions it
gradually brings back the
color of youth. At fifty your
hair may lock as it did at
fifteen. It thickens the hair
also; stops it from falling
out; and cleanses the scalp
from dandruff. Shall we
send you our book on the
Hair and its Diseases?.
Tf:a Bcmf Advlem Fr.
If you do nototiUinalltliatoMsa
fi! Ton ezpc!el from tbo waaof
tiij Vifror. tvrite tlie doctor cbout It.
Ym'oziilt thr it tome ilSlrultr
"-::U vorr (rcnrikl yjtrai which
XDlvUcaIJr-rmTiHl Addracs.
liS, J. C. AXZJ'.. Lowell. Hess.
a i
Here's your
Denver train
tbo Turlington's "Denver Limited."
Leaves Omaha ct 4 :S5 p. m. daily,
reaching Denver at T.SO next morn-i::S-
Fastest r.nd most comfortable
afternoon train out of Omaha.
S?!coj:ers, cliair car, diners.
Tickets and fu'l information on
application to tho local agent or by
J. Francis, (lenernl Pnssensor Agent
Omaha, Nel.
I'.'I5. If you go west via Omaha
and the Iturliugtoh Route, yoa can
Flop o.T and tec tho Trans Mississip
pi i;.-.oitio:i4
r . - i mlr . m . TT
50,000 Stock of all (Trades of
Furniture recently bought at the
very lowest cash price will be of
fered during the. next few months
. at special prices.
Customers visiting Omaha will
' find this the largest and oldest
furniture store here, and we will
make every effort to please both
! foods and prices.
' c
.Chas. Shiverick & Co.,
. .1203 Douglas St, Omaha.
Nest to SllUard Motel.
Korw To tatlry oorte'.vn at to whether tlta
oTcnrscmeDt l rcil we wi;imakea d!conntot
1 rt rut oa tht purchare cf mn- enstomerwb
w!tl l 11 us t'.n-j- were directed to u fcy It andtbat
.tlu-r ni recommend to tbeir frlccdt If tk
COuO.tiie; buy arc USt. tonr.
Sstl a Ladles. VJe chra Tratlias Stsass
Vf-r Hit 1 fr aooatorsl
ctrharc, iiiB&tncjitiint.
irriittiuns or ulceratioci
vf luu cons mrmbncf.
UlCa ffwit or r-oisonout.
I?" 't? Pl-iid. for
Circular scat on reqaeet
fa ltaiM0Ef 119 DOUBLE QUICK
. Writs CAPT. C'FARRELL. Petwiea Aceat.
HS Nev York Avcsuc. WASHtNOTON. D. C
Dr. Kay's Bsaovalar, e373$S
Eta. constipation, liver ana k:uneydiscases.bil
iiousness, l-.rnlachc. etc At dru5is3 25c & tU
lit rrisctpJ t maimer V. S. huu a...
I -ja. it list wa I3aiodir-tit claims utr. ajMk
"WANTED Cas cf tad r.saim list R-I-r-Z-X-s
will not bcaeSt. Send 5 cect to IKnens Cbm!tal
Colsw Yorlctor 10 raai fed 1 JXW teniinuiiaif.
Dr. Kay't Long Bali s
f vwj ttt ta in:tsr-.
Kf.;rrcTc3 c4zuru
Ig'THiEri';; Csiui
T 5.1iajj3I.Tl.C.F i
V V t . S. A. f I
E Bert Cent Sjrup: mwO Oasg
gj rat toe. rmBjL
Cotrm TIMs m Prodaet Wklek May H
Vsetl IaatasaV
Rubber, which has long been of Bsr
'rlce ia many Industries, has assumed
greatly increased commercial import'
ance since the general introduction of
the bicycle.' An attempt has been
made to produce a rubber substitute
with the oil derived from corn, says
the St. Louis Globe-Democrat It is
claimed that by vulcanizing the oil
with an eqHal quantity of crude rubber
a substance is produced equal for cer
tain purposes to the best native gum
at a greatly lessened cost - It is said
that the" new "corn rubber" possesses
all the essential qualities of Para rub
ber, including resiliency, and the dls?
coveries of the new product arf. hope
ful of being abio to utilize it for bi
cycle tirca. A sample of corn rubber,
of which a partial test has been made
by an expert, appeared to be similar
in many respects to the substitutes
made from rape seed and cotton oils.
This authority priirtB out Xl-kt. the
claim made by the manufacturers that
"50 per cent of their substitute with
pure rubber will produce as good, and
in some respects better, results Itself,"
does not mean much to the practical
rubber compounder, for the same thing
is true of a host of materials. For ex
ample: Fifty per cent of whiting mix
ed with pure rubber will do better for
many purposes than pure rubber itselt
If, however, this corn-oil substance can
be added to reclaimed rubber to good
purposes it will prove very interesting
to the trade.
The waltz had ceased. To a secluded
Phyllis and Jack made swift retreat,
And Phyllis, bending o'er her ice,
Perversely talked of other men.
"Your friend Van Blank," she said, and
softly sighed:
"Is he unmarried?" Grimly Jack re
plied, "Oh, yes, he's been unmarried twice!"
And then the dance began again.
New York World.
Yew Tree aad Churches Coeval.
It Is said that In many Welsh villages
the yew tree and the church are of the
same age, the one being planted when
.the other was built.
All those suffering from Nervous Debility
or Diseases pi-culi.tr to men -!ioii!d consult
The Dr. LopIs -ij;e!t Co, renowned and
l'ii estahlistird Specialists of K'A l.ilH'rty
St, New Yoik. All roirvsp licence conli
te:ili:il. ?cut for free. book, coiitaimuff
Method and Testimonial:-.
A boarding house is the place to get
substantial food. It is often so sub
stantial that ycu can't chew it
io Care voasnnanoc Vorevn
Take CasCirets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25u
3C.CC. tall ta cure. UrucKists refund mon.
The grave of James G. Blaine, at
Oak Hill, is visited by about thirty
persons a day, and is unmarked save
by a. small footstone bearing the in
itials "J. G. B." It is understood
among the friends of the Biaine fam
ily that the burial at Oak Hill is only
temporary, r.ud that Mrs. Blaine in
tends to remove the bodies of her hus
band and children to Augusta. Me., as
scon as she can make satisfactory ar
rangements for their burial there.
The 1SB8-9 tailoraiade girl will, if
she goes the limit, be more masculine
than ever. Only the skirt in the way
of raiment will remain to remind the
observer that he is looking at the wo
man of the period. Every garment is
stamped with the seal of the up-to-date
maker of men's clothes, and the shoe
maker, the haberdasher and the hatter
will do the rest.
Managers of bicycle academies say
there is quite a failing off in the at
tendance thereof.
"A Perfect Type of the Highest Order of
aVbC:4fCT.l,W til jnUJJUUUUfC
Absolutely Pure,
..Casts Less Tttan 6JIE CEUT a Gup.
Be nre Out yon jet the Genuine Article,
made at DORCHESTER. MASS. by
L Established 17F0.
I hare aed roar Tlable CASCA
BBTS and find tlisra perfect. Couldn't do
without them. I have nsed them fcr some time
foriadtgoation and biliousness end pbj now com
pletely cured. Ilecoinnjend them, to every cne.
tHice tried, you will never be without ihem is
the f amily." Euv. A Maux, Albany, 11. Y.
1 j (.Airvutue
Pleasant. Palatatte. Pctsnt. Taste GoMl. Do
Gooa. cver Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. lOc.Zic 56c
MsTflalllC WM andjrijararteed by aUdrcc-.
IW-BAW fcUtsto CCKBTo&aoco UaCi7
Cuffs 13d
Read our
trestaeat aad alt nerToat lletascs for 3 SO; lend
rtatnp for particular. G. L. THOMAS, lit W.
Tvcntr-t&trd ttreet. Xew Vorfe City.
Wa 1A Vc;iMecn WEEK the yearrcund.
v v rs iryco sell Stark Trees. Outfit free.
!UUrnini,lBttsiaJULl..fcfcl,Ika,U. -
M T'
3 SafecS?
mrwr-Flr -n
"S aLsaalNNBE- w
j VEaeEsalalaBeat
l ml m
They An ra mt Ckecrfal 81
- tef So ta laaprart t HvlkiM.
Probably t no time Im th world's
klstory Las so much sttentioa bees
paid to the interior decoratiom et
homes mm st present No home, s6
matter bow humble. Is wltkost Its
handiwork that helps to beautify the
apartments sod make .the turrousd
logs more- cbeerf uL . The taste of Us
American people hsS kept pace with
the sge, snd simost every day brings
forth something new In the wsy of a
picture, a draping, a piece of furnitsre
or some form of mural decoration.
One of the latest of these fcss beea
gtvea to the world by the celebrated
srtiat, siuville, in a series of four
handsome porcelain game plaques.
Not for years baa. anything as band
icme in this line been seen. The sub
Jects represented by these plaques are
American Will Ducks, American
Pheasant. American Quail and English
Snipe. They are handsome paintings
and sre especially designed for hang
lng on dining-room vails, though
their richness snd beauty entitles them
to a plsce In the parlor of sny home.
7hese original plaques, bare been pur
chased at a cost of 50.00 by J. a
Hublnger Bros. Co., manufacturers of
the celebrated Rla3tic Starch, and In
order to enable their numerous cus
tomers to become possessors of these
handsome works ot art they hare had
them reproduced by a special process
In all the rich colors and beauty of
the original. They are finished oa
heavy cardboard, pictsed end em
bossed in the abape of a plaque and
trimmed with a heavy band of gold.
They measure forty inches in cJrcu.n
ferenre and contain no reading matter
cr advertisement whatever.
Until October 1 Messrs. J. C. Hubin
Cer Bros. Co. propose to distribute
t'-ese plaques free to their customers.
Every purchaser of three ten-cent
packages of Eiastic Starrh. fiat-Iron
brand, manufactured by J. C. Hubln
ger Bros. Co., Is entitled to receive
one of these handsome plaques free
from their grocer. Old and new cus
tomers alike are entitled to the bene
fits ot tbla offer. These plaques will
cot be sent through the mall, the only
way to obtain tbem being from your
grocer. Every grocery store In the
country has Elastic Starch for sale. It
is the oldest and best laundry starch
on the market, and is the most perfect
cold process starch ever invented. It
Is the only starch made by men who
thoroughly understand the laundry
business, end the only starch that will
not injure the finest fabric. It has been
tin standard for a quarter of a cen
tury, and as an evidence of bow goot
It is twenty-two million packages were
sold last year. Ask ycur dealer to
show yon the plaques and tell yoa
about Elnstic Starch. Accept no sub
slitute. Brar in mind that this offer
holds good a short time only, and
rhould be taken advantage of without
A Limit to the Yatos of Erea the Vmln
alila Man Service.
"It's a mistake for a man to think
he's indispensable," said Mr. Noizleby,
for no man is. Men are valuable, and
they may easily make themselves very
valuable, but when a man comes to
thick that the business can't get along
without him, or can't get along so well
as it dees, which amounts to tha same
thing, why, he's wrong, that's all.
More than one man has found that out
when he has set his valuation too high.
And it is very probable that when he
began to dwell on his own value, his
value In reality began to decline; it Is
certain that one cf the things that
contributed most to increase his value
was his forgetfulnees of himself.
"As a matter of fact, a man's Inter
ests, if he is really a superior man, up
to a certain point, and that a high
point, too, will take care of themselves,
or rather other people will take care
of them if he will supply the motive.
There Is a fixed low price for the run
of people cf average ability, but none
fcr the man of really superior ability,
that is, if he is a 100 per cent man,
which Is to ray not only of high ability,
but of rcrfect forgctfuincss of Eelf ana
absolute devotion to business. Any
break or flaw or lack in these qualities
anywhere knocks a man's value down
wonderfully. Nothing less than the
whole thing will do, but that will com
mand a price anywhere and every
where. "Still no man is indispensable; It
Isn't in the nature cf things that he
should be. No matter who dies, the
world keeps on turning just the same,
and it would be just the same with the
business if you should go out of it."
jRfcc&te lour ltowem -with Caseareta.
Cany Cathartic cure ronstlpaticn foreve"
Mc. :3c. IX C J- C fciLrimtiiisurefundmoiiev.
It Xa Not Harm union Celebration to
Marriage among natives of South Af
rica Is very much a matter cf pounds,
shillings and pence, shcrn cf the glam
our of romance by the fact thnt the
bride is estimated at so many tows or
oxen by her callous and practical fath
er, says the New York Telegram. The
kafSr patriarch rejoices in a nuUiplic
itv of daughters for thev are truly
the props cf h's old age ;cd each
dusky damsel talen off his hands by
an ardent suitor i:cais an increase In
his herds, calculated with ir.Ti-l.emat-.
leal precision, according to the rank of
the bride's father. For instance, the
hereditary in charge of a triive whan
parting with his daughter need set no
bonds to his Lovtce ambition, and te
legend "Brides ars thcap to-day" is
meaningless to cne cf such exalled
rank. A mere appointed chief in
charge of a tribe, dares not demand
more than twenty head of cattle for
his daughter, but ten head Is the aver
age payment made. The ordinary kaf
flr has three or four wives, and when
he has been in servica with h.'s white
master sufficiently long to acquire the
amount necessary to obtain the de
sire of his heart, he returns to his aa
cestral halls, and after a brief court
ship, makes his selection to the "kaffir
market and proposes to the father.
No presents are made to the brides
maids, for there are cone to present;
hut that much-maligned individual, the
mother-Ic-law, is duly recognized by
the heathen, for she invariably re
ceives a cow from her son-in-law elect.
Many visitors to Europe consider it
a high honor to be invited to visit- the
Rookers club at Ernges. At the smok
ing contests of this organization a
stated quantity of tobacco is given to
each member, and the one who takes
the most time in smoking his portion
wins the prize. When the pips goe3
out the competitor is counted out. for
no relighting is allowe'd. The present
record for a quarter ounce of tooacco
is ninety-one minutes.
A child who wandered away from
Burns Valley. Pa., was. lost in the
mountains'. When found she wa3 in
the midst of wild animals and among
rattlesnakes, but she declared they had
made no attack upon her, and tnat she
had subsisted among thcra by eating
wild berries. The hunting party that
found her killed twelve rattlers near
the rocks where she was discovered.
Some men's idea of making a night
of it i3 their inability to remember
anything the next morning-
Itaw fcaeeeasfal Faraaen Operate Thai
bepartaaeat of tae Faraa A Few
illBta, aa to tbo Car ot Utr Stoek
Ska Fowltiy.
Dairy Cemxnlaaloaer for Xlllaols.
The position that Illinois has in the
dairy Industry and dairy developments
of the Northwest demands some of
ficial representative cf that branch of
agriculture, not only for the purpose
of enforcing such laws as may be en
forceable regarding the fraudulent sale
cf butter substitutes, but farther, to
collect, preserve and compile statistics
cf the dairy industry in this great
ctate, eo that outsiders may know what
Illinois is doing in that line, says El
gin Dairy Report. Wc are having ap
plications frequently for a list of the
creameries, cheese factories and pri
vate dairies of the state for business
purposes, and are unable to furnish
any such list. A dairy commissioner
whose duty It would be to compile
such a list from information furnished
by the manufacturers of dairy products
wouid be c. very great advantage when
we are asking for legislation to ad
vance, conserve and preserve this In
dustry. Very few people in the state,
and especially among our legislators,
are posted as to the value and im
portance of the dairy industry of this
state, and of the whole people of the
state. The situation in Illinois is not
ere J i table to the dairy farmers and
creaiueryiuen. There seems to be a
wceful lack of "esprit du corps" among
the crcamerj men and dairymen. Hav
ing attained a position and held it for
years, it would seem the part of good
business to do everything they can to
advance all matters pertaining to the
production of milk and its manufacture
into a merchantable product. Looking
at 1 e matter on the surface, many
peopie are inclined to believe that we
nave accomplished all, and that little
more can be done; yet there are new
problems coming forward conttnually
that must be solved; new methods of
manufacturing.handling and putting en
the market the product of the cow.
Experiments in feeding and in cheap
ening the cost of producing have been
undertaken and are being carefully
conducted by experiment stations in
o;Ler states, yet this great state ol
Illinois lags behind. In the legislation
that has been attempted for the last
few years, this cne idea of a dairy com
missioner seems to have been left In
the background, whereas, in our judg
ment, a dairy commissioner with rea
sonable power, and a reasonable
amount cf money to carry on the work
and duties of his office, could have done
rrcre to have consolidated and
strengthened the dairy Industry, than
all the other things that have been
partially accomplished by means of
legislation. By all means let us have
a bill before the nest legislature that
will provide for a state dairy commis
sioner, whose business it will be to en
force what laws we have regarding the
manufacture and sale of adulterated
dairy products, and also to compile
statistics regarding the dairy in this
great state with over a million milk
cows devoted to the production of milk
fcr all purposes, and an investment of
several hundred million dollars '.a
farms devoted to the production of
milk. With a state dairy commission
er, whose duty it shall be to compile
these statistics, we shall :have better
grounds to work upon when we ask for
legislation to help improve and foster
this great Industry.
Cold Storage Shipment.
Great things were expected cf cold
storage. By an improved system of
cc'.'l storage facilities for meats, fruit
and eggs, we have been told. Canada
and the countries at a considerable dis
tance from Great Britain wbuld be able
to compete on equal terms la her per
ishable goods markets with the con
tinental producers. After some expe
rience with cold storage it becomes
apparent that the expectations of mer
chants have not in all branches of the
trade been realized. At considerable
expense a steamship service has been
fitted out with refrigeration plant. A
Glasgow importing house refers to this
as follows: "As for putting eggs in
cold storage on board these steamers,
we think it is the worst thing for tho
eggs, because they run the refrigera
tors at such a low temperature, win
the result that the shells of the eg?s
often get very brittle, and the least
knock breaks them and causes a lot
of damage to the eggs." This firm has
instructed ail its packers not to ship a
single egg under refrigerators, "as our
experience this season is that eggs
coming in under ordinary freight have
been mere satisfactory, and there is no
dot:bt that when eggs are shippcl
fresh, for the short time they are on
the voyage, they should be in perfect
condition when they arrive here." Un
fortunately, ail the consignments of
eggs sent across the Atlantic are not
fresh when they leave the forwarder'.;
Lands. There is nothing that will mak2
amends for delay in marketing eggs.
It has been found that when eggs are
taken from cold storage Into a warmer
temperature a moisture gathers on the
shells, which, passing into the paste
board cells used to pack them, causes
an objectionable mustinc3s and mold
to form on both eggs and package.
This must prove a great hindrance in
the way of the sale of the eggs, and
ieads merchants to prefer the domestic
eggs or those that have been imported
without the assistance of refrigeration.
Toronto Monetary Times.
The pith of the whole matter lies Ja
the last lines of the first paragraph,
tays Farm Poultry. That "all are not
fresh when they leave the shippers'
hands," expresses a great deal. Eggs
that have already begun to "stale" are
in poor shape to stand the hardship
of a journey, either with or without
cold storage, and a long stride forward
will be made when eggs are collected
and shipped daily, just as is miik.
Eggs that lie In the hot kitchen
"butfry" for a week before belus
"traded" at the store, then lie en the
store counter for a week or two. ex
posed to the delicate odors of codfish
and kerosene, reinforced by the aromas
cf strong tobacco smoke and tobacco
juice, will hardly be "fresh" or ap
petizing. Eggs should be collected and
shipped dally and where it is not pos
sible to ship daily they should be
stored in a cool (not cold) place. A
temperature of 45 and 50 degrees Fahr.
is better than below 40.
TVoot-Eatlnjr Sheep.
This trouble is of the same nKture as
the depraved appetite of cows whlcb
leads them :o eat all menner of arti
cles other than ordinary food, says
National Wool Growers' Journal. Ia
sheep it causes loss of wool, occasions
mortality among lambs, and is at all
times a source of great annoyance to
the shepherd. Some are of the opinion
that the disease is the product ot imi
tation, arguing-that when one lamb
start to wo)-eating habit others fol-
low suit, tutil savers! will be seem eat
In wool frost the same sheep, uatll tt
may be entirely denaded. Others con
sider It as the result of malnutrition;
either from an insufficiency ot food or
lack of some required chemical lagred
lent In sheep It is seen most often ft
winter; when food is scarce br lacks
variety; In lambs It happens ordinarily,
according to Frledberger and Frohner,
when the milk-glvlng ewes are fed too
sparingly and where there Is a defi
ciency ot milk, or It its chemical com
position is poor. It is said that in such
cases the trouble has been cured 07
furnishing the lambs with cow's milk;
while in spring it disappears under the
influence of a change of diet, or green
grass. We Incline to the opinion that
both imitation and lack of needed nu
trients produce the wool-eating habit
It is not so much imitation, we think,
as a habit acquired by the young lamb
from accidentally getting wool locks
Into Its mouth when sucking an udder
that has not been denuded of Its wool
tags by the attentive shepherd. We
think, too, that lambs suck the wool at
first just as young calves do each oth
er's ears, and that they gradually learn
to eat the wool in this way, and later
on may develop wool balls in their
stomachs and succumb to their pres
ence. When lambs become confirmed
wool eaters, digestive troubles appear;
they lose flesh, their growth Is retard
ed; they become constipated and may
die of inflammation. Treatment Indi
cated is largely preventive. Strip the
udder cf all wool before allowing the
lamb to suck. Change the food of nil
sheep or Iambs showing the habit and
separate the wool eaters from the re3t
of the flock. See that all are well nour
ished and that the rations are proper
ly balanced. Supply the flock with salt
or a mixture of salt, bicarbonate, of
soda, powdered wood charcoal and gin
ger rcot. Quite recently, according to
tho authorities already mentioned,
Lemke has obtained extraordinary re
sults through subcutaneous adminis
tration of chloro-hydrate of spmor
phlne upon 80 sheep. The dose should
be O.l to 0.2 gramme. The curative
effect Is said to last for about four
Faste ThU In Tour Stable.
It is everybody's business to interfere
with cruelty.
You can get no more power from a
horse than you give him In his food.
Yelling and jerking the bit confuses
a horse and advertises a blockhead.
The horse Is man's invaluable helper
and should be treated as a friend.
Any fool can ruin a team, but a wise
driver maintains its value.
The best drivers talk much to their
Your horse needs water oftener than
A sandy or muddy road doubles the
A rise cf only one foot in ten dou
bles the draft.
Balking is caused by abuse, over
loading or tight harness.
Never strike or hurt a balker. Stuff
cloth in bis ears or hold up his foot
and tinker with it fully three minutes.
Divert bia attention and do it kindly.
No horse should wear a shoe more
than four weeks.
The whip costs more than It saves.
Put It up.
Blinders are useless and injurious.
Cut them off.
Wide tires save much horse power.
But few farm horses need shoes.
Quiet and patient drivers are worth
twice as much as any others.
Ycur horse Intends to please you, but
docs not always know your wishes.
Bark or damp stables cause low spir
its and various diseases.
Axle grease pays l.COO per cent
Gocd blankets are profitable and save
food if wisely used.
Cruelty qualifies for crime they are
close neighbors.
It is cruel and silly to whip a horse
for fright Soothe him with kind
words. Humane Alliance.
Frozea Egga ia be Klondike.
A man at Seattle, Washington, has
made a neat little fortune out of frozen
eggs, which be took to the Klondike.
Hearing that eggs in that region were
selling at 1 each, he determined to
supply the demand. So he bought 1,
743 dozen of eggs, broke them Into cans
and had the cans sealed and then froz
en. He packed tbem in ice and started
for the Klondike. When on the trail
in Alaska a man stole a can of eggs.
He was arrested and taken before a
magistrate, who compelled him to pay
to the egg-man a fine of $1,110. In
attempting to float down Thirty-mile
river his raft upset and his companion
and dogs were precipitated into' the
stream. Fortunately the bags of eggs
floated, and he was enabled to get them
all by repeatedly plunging into the icy
water and bringing out his sacks. His
clothes were frozen, but be was able
to thaw them out at a hut near there.
He was offered $3 per dozen for his
eggs and took the offer, realizing a
sum of $5,211, which, in addition to
the $1,110 he had obtained from the
man that stole cne can. made him the
neat sum of $6,231. Who can beat this
for an egg story?
Lice. There is nothing quicker or
surer than spirits of turpentine poured
on at the ends of the roosts, or wnere
lice accumulate. It is dead shot and
easily procured. Do not put it on the
bodies of fowls or chicks. Kerosene
oil poured on the roosts, etc.. Is an ex
cellent preventative. Poultry houses
should be white-washed inside at least
once a year with a pint of spirits of
turpentine to a gallon of white-wash.
(Keep it well stirred.) Carbonate of
lime or tobacco dust is goad to duat
among the feathers in case any of your
fowls become infested with vermin.
Roosts, boxes and other fixtures n
poultry houses should never be nailed
or made permanent They should be
constructed as to permit of being
cleansed to keep clear of vermin. Ex.
Among the many Indications of the
revival cf the draft horse breeding in
dustry is the continued demand for
good, pure bred Percheron marc), re
potted by M. W. Dunham, Oaklawn
Farm, Wayne, 111. Last Saturday Mr.
Dunham sold a half Interest in two fine
young mares to a farmer in Dekalb
county. III., leasing him the unsold half
interest for a term of years. The marcs
were got by Introuvabie, are three and
five years eld, both believed to be safely
with foal and both exceedingly hand
some, weighty, drafty mare3, likely to
breed good stallions.
The Creamery Profitable. A well
managed creamery has given the farm
er a larger per cent of profit than
any line of farming he runs; second, the
cheapness of feed has guaranteed the
farmer a much larger profit of his
cows; third, it has been demonstrated
time after time that the quality of
butter turned out of a South Dakota
Creamery, which is operated by a flm
ciass butter maker, cannot be excelled
by any country on the globe. This I
a strong statement to make, tut It is
a fact, say3 Cambell's Soil Culture- "
Why is it necessary to buy coal for
a sclf-f ceding stove?
- pVom the Rtgitter-Gozette, Rodeford, bt
During the civil war nearly as much hero
ism was shown by the women' of our nation
as by the brave soldiers. Many a woman,
weepisg for her dead son v bound up the
irounds of his suffering comrades, rejoicing
in tnetr
fsorrowin g
for the one
who woo
gone. At
that time
was lata
the fouud-
Cw- atiou for
thn ncorld-
On the UattltfltM. famed or
ganization known as tLo Woman's Relief
Corps, whose aid to tho soldier of today,
fighting against tho world for a living, is
no less notable than tho heroism of tbo
early '60's.
One of the roost earnest members ot the
corps at Byron, 111., is Mrs. Jnmes House
weart, but illness once put r. stop to her
active work. A year or so ago, when she
was searing fifty years ot age, tbo time
when women must'fco most careful of their
atrengtht Mrs. Housswenrt was taken seri
ously ill. Tho fnmiJy phy-ician told her
that she had reched a critical periM of her
life, and nimt to very careful. Hist pre
scriptions end treatment did not benefit her,
and other treatment proved unavailing.
At last Dr. William's Pink Fills for Pa!o
People were brought to her notice, with in
dlspctablo evidence that they were Iiclpf':l
in cases sucb as hers, end with reuovrcd
hope she triod the remedy. Last March ho
took the first bor of tho pills, which gavo
much relief. She was determined to bo
cured, and kept on with tbo medicine, un
tile now eight boxes have been cousumotl,
and sho feels like a new woman.
Mrs. Honsoweart said: 4I kave'taken
only eight boxes, but I have bcn improv
ing since I took the first dose. I do noC t o
lievo I could have lived without the pills.
They certaily have dene ruo rioro cool
than any phyeician or any mediciae I have
ever tried."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro sold in boxes
(never in loose bulk) at 5') rosis a box or
six boxes for $2.50, and iray be had of nil
drugsista. or direct by mail from Dr. Wil
liams' Medicine Co., b'chcuectsdy, IT. Y.
What a sensible woman doesn't
know never troubles her. but it causes
her inquisitive neighbors hours of un
told agony.
Orwlg'a Weekly Futrnt Oalce Kr;ort.
A copyright has bcea allowed to J.
H. Carmichacl, of Emnicttsburs, la.,
for "his Compend cf Practical and Val
uable Information, a book that will ba
issued soon from the press cf the Geo.
E. Miller Printing Co., cf Dcs Moines.
A patent has been allowed to II.
Kees, of Iowa Falls, for a. wire fenca
stay and lock. Straight wires are
ventors in different states as fellow
Iowa, 6; Nebraska, 2; Minnesota, 5
Kansas, 4; New Ycrk, G.
Consultations about inventions and
preparing and prosecuting applications
for patents, free!
Proprietors cf the Iowa Patent Oilico.
Des Moines. Sept. 7, 1S9S.
An old bachelor pays that love is
the sugar-coating on the bitter pill
of matrimony.
Dm"! Tobacco TMt ar.a rxcr.e vjnr l He A.73.
To quit tobacco eifiiiy an'l forever, b-' tr."k
netic. full of life. n rve. ami vigor, take NV-To-Duc.
tbe wonrter-Trrkcr. that malccs weak nica
strong. All drupi ts..rA: or il. (Cure pur. ni".-teed-
Hooklot sr.il .sample fr?f Afliirea?
Sterling UeaieOy Cc . Cr.icttso or Ne York.
You can sometimes juue a man's
ability by the number cf relatives he
has to support.
For LnnT and het diirnsos, i'iso's Cure
Is the test medicine wo have. used. Mrs. J.
L. Northcott, Windsor, Oat.. Canada.
A woman always agrees with a
whose opinions are the came as
Ttrrr St. Ixnl- i!cilu:rtrrii.
The Baltimore & Ohio and Dallimoro
& Ohio South Western railroads have
secured a long lease on the magnifi
cent room at Broadway and Locust
streets in St. Louis for the purpose of
consolidating under one rcof the
freight and passenger cilices now lo
cated In that city. The new location
Ib the ground ficor of the American
Central building with G5 feet on Uroad
way and 85 feet on locust street. The
ticket office will be in the center, front
tng on Broadway, the freight depart
ment on one side an I the passenger
department on the other, with General
Agent Orr's office in the rear, it is
quite probable that thsse offices will
be even handsomer than the B. c O.
New York headquarters, which are the
finest In that city.
The spruce American tars pine for
opportunities to pitch into the Span
iards. Hint, "l tnPtoiT' :ot!itns
For chliijrrn e-ttili g.. r tt.c iiiiiNrniuiBiirw.
m::3n, UI; j-pain, irn-tSnl '.-. ?"tei:M'Httic.
The waiters in some cf the swell
cafes in New York cirn an honest dol
lar by sc-liing chappnue corks. It
seems that a number of enterprising
foreigners have worked up quite a
business in second-hand branded
stopper?, some of which bring 5 to G
cents anifce. And the average cham
pagne drinker decsu't know the dif
ference. They are telling the story that Will
iam R. Evarts was going up once in
the elevator at the s'ate department
which was loaded with i
the ministerships and
Turning to a friend who
him. Mr. Evarts said:
ipplicants for
"This is the
largest collection of foreign missions
that I have seen taken ::p fcr some
There are hut few female lawyers.
A woman would rather lay down the
law" to" cne man than practice it ia
3Sl.IjrJa?rcr.i siiilc pcr-tirjr
...1-1 !( ti-rit 5l!irrs.lV
Suhstl'.utr ill diMPr:-.t- Ai fcr rSS
1807 Fish Pran J Jo5sl Slictcr 3 4.-
I It is entire'v new. If rot for sale in "
ycur ton n. writs fcr cata!onue t
A. J. IUWLX. na-.mr.. ivas-
uroa- T - r3
" - jx. - w
nlnnorl tw nnnfTiIiriMinr nnctin!l fc stiV - j- xT-".1-. tJb m U
against fence wires in pairs at inter- .h r& &M p: f.1""? &1iirt Waiits, Collars ami Ctiffa
vals between posts and fixed to the I-fersR : W?& Iook 1? nexv, Keith's Enamel Starch the mst
fence wires by means of locking do- 5:vVisfbSc
vices made of short wires having Z Hlk$S ?l '.nd do st better thar. any other starch,
hcoks on their ends to engage the stayj ' H$ FjlTlaRS lf ll does noi ",vc yon c,,t,po satw,a,5t:on y,ssr cr"cer
and one or more straight stay wires SB.M.,jrr- rT-f.tW-)g trl!l rt'r,s,ul mir ?V,::rJ'' I'irK" i;'"aso. tocc.t; 8..mii
and the locking devices to keep all the B&$& p1',5. coct,f- lr ?onr Srwr 4,VS . Jjave it, plcaso
tn-t5 tnfptpr spptTcU- S Mrc.jwr'ff-a fef -j nn us hts nania and address an.l w will send-you an
Patents were issued last week to In- REBS&lgg- fiK RNAMBL STAKCil RECEliT JK0!v for year trouble.
IIIbMH m aa jaaBTB ,- - a ar F. --. wjy
-- f gaayrr ?
a&a iKec
ztJ- jv fny-.- .- i 1 v
W 5K d esh, etc.
&-? f v.
IflM prAi?Q-SiT.jr.vii C
. m -rh A?mLK. it t. sf 4T--'
f '&Jtt&i'. P.AV? "i I)r .a.i : CT-ovstcr Is rold ly drt::;ist. cr sent lr .til for - eti an;1 SI cr C ror
YS. t''4&A k7 j&J&K' lest n-r-.e tome. kewn. i-c:f for Hr. Kay's florr.!'. re t.:i-r.i.aniK:ratc.l lit pajfc
Wm ' Sl''$jZ ';& . :rrc. O.-.c aa sst.'. he tvcuM not t:;c 5 for of Its rrre'pts; anctter battJ ho
rj 'pyWs-f T" -ncuidioiiaUetlJlo.- the loo!i. Ur. it- J. Kay ilz-T Co.. CauU i.e j.
WW W . . -- " Hi .--m ii m 1 ' ' I I
All French subjects who ere TO or
more years of age have a rljbt to
claim admission to one of. the hospices,
where they are well fed and housed.
Improreiacnta la Flying; Machined.
Inventors are plenty who can make
a machine that will rise and float
in air. but none has succeeded in mak
ing en apparatus that" will guide it
through the many currents of air. In
this rcspct Hoslctter's Stomach Bit
ters acl3 S3 a cafo guida by curing
stomach, liver and blood diseases, giv
ing a good appetite and a strong con
stitution. A fool may have his coat embroid
ered with gold, hut It's a fool's coat
still. Itivarcl.
lleaaty U moot TJeep.
Clean blood mentis aclcan skin. No bennty
without it. Casc;irots. ' Cnn'ty t.'atlisrtlo
cleutts your blooil and keeps It cloan. Siy tlr
rloc nj tlio lazy liver unci driving all lrupu
rliios from tlio'boily. -Bugla tolay to banish'
plnitilcx. I .oils blotches, b zickhe:i(tt. ami that
sickly hlllous complexion by taking- Cu-ca-tets
beauty fir ten cents. All lruxthia
satisfaction guaranteed. JftxJSc SOa
On an r.verage-of 209 carrier pigeons
are officially kept ia every German for
tress. Recent improvements in tho new
models Nos. C, 7. "and S Remington
Typewriters make mem better man
ever before. Send for a catalogue.
Wyckoff, Seaman's & Dunedict. ltili;
'arnaih Street. Omaha.
The man vko cr.n accurately de
scribe r. womnn's dress made" a mis
take ia uot being born a dressmaker.
Cap's Couch li.i!s.tni
I ths oJ.!e5t ami l-cst. It will tirrak up accMqnlcicr
lUaa aaytlilcj else. It Is alys reliable. Iryt:.
T?i.fr.to tc. rrrirrr tt .trtic:Tl tllA 1l"f!l
-IhliElltfc U Ou,:w -" .MVifc'i fcv- ... j
cultics of navigation of the mouth cf
the Volga by cutting a. canal directly
from tli2 river to tha Caspian sea.
Ilr.irs Catarrh Cure
Is tab?n internally. Price. Too
"Rcnutnriou is a ccod deal like "a
linon cult " "UnvSi thnt?" "When
ycu undertake to wash it. it always
shrinks the wrong way." Detroit
Free Press.
s AtsamDV
iis? L.?ty ii?5i 1
pE.TH"5 m
0 j fix 3MAwo r
Dzv.'cy Arncricsnlsiasr the Philippines.
fa Wherever Battle Ax gees
everybody zrA there
$ to-cav than any ether cheine tobacco ever made.
The popularity of BVttlg Ax is both national
and international. Ycu tind it in Europe : ycu
find it in Blaine: yoa find it in India, and you'll
find it in Spain (very ccc:i
Oar soldiers and sailers have already taken it to
Cuba and the Philippines I Are you cheving it ?
U d wfien you
' e n:.iKe-fins Snrr3j. I:u
liir?'M''I'aipl'('-i! sij3:i' S5.i. to tc na'i""' rjc.
.' r.o n a ;!?: ! ll )
X X. I fc ..-.
f-,U Vl'-J ! irt-'r-r : tj! .i!l! :tu f.t.!ory.
r"l farfAfxiV1-. 'Ui'c-aa'iat'iD. Efcri.it J Sua !;.urii .-.r-. -.ja-a? City. !ti...ri;-hca.
rx-S '."" A i.'i !.. .1-ira' t yariacr. hsi: for eswioKo vriA pnre. fUln.y ir!itfi
'i;- '.. .: - "i .1 !' l,!VL U r!!.-. .rlT. '.Venn Twin' Ms.-l.Ir.e ar.il the (.Oslli'S Lllttl-Zst
"Afi--y-Ji -TT-ZrsS, C e-'!l- A!IatWiirl.a!lv;f. i.M tdiili. ;;niartrrKhr2yia lire, you ar: not
'Vw K v.-""f vV t'- fr :t t"i!ilnii!ne-T-ltli unil save nio:-y. A"l'!rt-x.
W-i:UJr --!-'- KSJWAitt W.iyALKKaCAKKMtil'.t t..tilSl!Kr.INISZAXA.
WIk-i: I, Hiii? Omnhn Ui!s f:i'
v. :m, .v::.:; o ii:ai:s.
131C & t3t5 DOOGu GTREET.
kd. M &Z&f 11
rs st i7 v x A
&& & y sb? s
VV. R. HOSEtlTS, for years Cashier of the Citizens' Bank of
Quinhn, and wSdeiy :tnd viry farorahly known in Omaha and Iowa,
writes i;n War fl. Jfei,t:"Aaot:tj-year8 sgo 1 was irouweu k.hi iicr
vous DYSPEPStA, cold 'cet and hantls, lack of circulation, Iosj or
csh, etc. i oiupl poorly aud was in a terrible condition. I took
rsr n 7 m
teavs re
Cu foiinj: it to be the best remedy I ever used. I too!: no other medi
cine arm in a short time I jraicd40 pounds. I have, since taking the
renovator, a;c well, slept well, and am free from coia nanus acu iee&,
itculation is coed t-.tid the cure ccn penaaneai ami lastintr."
What Mrs. Noll Hurst bos to Say
About It
. Dcat: Mns. PiKnAM: When Ivrroto
to you I had not been well fof five yearsj
had doctored all tho timo but got no
better. 1 had womb trouble very bad.
My wemb pressed backward, causing
piles. I was ia such misery I could
scarcely walk ncross'the floor. Mcu
struatioa was irregular nnd too pro
fuse, was also
troubled with
lcucorrl;ccs. I
had givca up all
hopes of gcttinjy
well; everybody
thought I had
After "talrinjf
five bottles of
ff j r,yc!ia K. Pinlc-
r ham's Vegetal
blc Compoundi
I felt very much better
nnd vcas able to do nearly all my own
work. I continued the use of your medi
cine, and feci that I owe my recovery to
you. 1 caTinottiianic Youenougit roryour
advice nnd yonr wonderful medicine.
Any one doubting my statement may
j write to me and I will gladly answer
all inquiries. r.irs.riuj. XIukst, Deep
water, sro.
Letters like tlie foregoing, con
stantly beiug received, contribute not
a little to the satisfaction felt by Mrs.
Pinuliaui that hir utcuicinc and counsel
are assisting v-ohwe to bear their heavy
.U sufcerinjr women are invited to
write to her for advice, which will ba,.
g:vcn without eharge. It ts an ex
perienced woman's advice to women.
VV. N. U
OMAHA. Mo. 33-
: sos
flatter; 23
River: tser.;3;3
aJ -3 m Www
OP?gQ V EW DISCOVERY: . -Sk.krff5vi7
1 j"lcfc rel!-t and cntv wont
-:i-e. ik1 I irlt,!c.r trt!:miif3t ami li l:iy
u-c.tii.i:utt-'rc.c. Lr. n.Ii.u::j-tAi,u.;. itiacu.uj.
mm msz eaqy
nyai-. itiiiki, E.m i
I w
It outs on that enainel, clwy UrIrSi that issodesira-
it pacic3 and satisfies
are mors men chewing
bav aualo.
- - :k. Isift-iji T.d !:'! WaKi-ns.i
r.dj:...t Wae'., c , riJ ,Tj
r Ci Slu I r.t.
1. lUo tircwiil .,, wt ,.,s .
Hi- k"?- 'T vi-'ze'
I. !orj't for?;t. toio.!: us up.
IT -Z.L.--Zi
;K.Nr:?::r. oki:x:.a.
. ..'".
- - sV

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