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A similar annwMair IS keSt ! LOT
Eslisbvry's historic home at Hatteld.
'It is a stoae, over a pound ia weight,
vita which the window of his carriage
was satsshed at Dumfries on October
21. 1884. His two daughters were seat
ed with aim in the vehicle, but fortu
nately all three escaped uatajared.
Lord Salisburv had on that occasion
delivered the last of a series of
speeches ia Scotland.
KmW4 Mta Kesro rrleoaa.
. R. B.-WeddingtOB. a fanner of Union
county. North Carolina, who died re
cently, was not troubled by the "race
issue. He lived in the kindliest rela
tions with the negroes, and in his will
he gmveiaree tracts of land to three of
his faithful colored servants and gave
ssoaey to others. The balance of his
estate, mounting to 1.600 acres, he
bequeathed to the Methodist church.
Tata WorieTe Greatest Ta'
New York Is to have the largest ho
tel in the world. It will be erected
by the Subway Realty company, which
is composed of capitalists who fur
nished the bond for John B. McDonald,
the niaa who is building the under
ground railroad. The -structure will be
located on Park avenue, between Forty-first
and Forty-second streets, and
will be built at a cost of $5",000.000.
Work on the Immense structure will
be commenced within a fortnight
Twwassa at ItaMaa Cmrt.
The Kiac and Queen of Italy can
not endure the smell of 'tobacco, and
one of their ladies and gentlemen
in waiting are. permitted to amoke
when doing their turns in service, and
tk smoWag is allowed in the royal
apartments. This aversion of the
royal couple for tobacco la the nsorc
surprising when one recalls the fact
that the young queen's mother and
sisters all smoke cigarettes, that she
waa brought up at the Russian court,
where smoking by ladiea is the rule
rather than the exception, and when
one remembers how passionately fond
of his cigars was the late King Humbert.
A laeowaatatw Hewee.
' We run wild over the furnishings of
a house; its furniture, carpets, hang
lags; pictures and music, and always
'forget or neglect the most Important
requisite. Something there should be
always en-the shelf to provide against
-I was In a little Wisconsin town
the other day." said a Boston man re
cently, "and know of a gentleman
who came there with some stock of
an eastern concern to dispose of at
par. It waa good property, to be sure,
but in that one small town he sold
98.609 worth of the stock in less than
a half day. The West Is far more
prosperous this year than last, al
though last year was looked upon at
the time as a record breaker. The
railroads are carrying a vast amount
of produce to the Orient, and. mind
what I tell you, our exports by the
Pacific coast before many years will
equal and surpass our exports from
the Atlantic seaboard. Only two or
three years ago nobody ever dreamed
of a mighty export trade on that aide.
Jury at "Buffalo Convict Him
of Murder in First
Degree. .
Ska Danced far Charity.
A French woman has invented a
mew plan for securing contributions
to charity. She is a great favorite
In her own circle. Recently while
atavina at a country place near Paris
always - , "". JT' W attended a charity fete. One of
sudden casualties or auacas oi iwu. -- . M heP hand for
a a . avauar in ma nivnr aa
Leon F. Cxolgoss. the anarchist
assln of President McKlnley. Tues
day was found guilty of murder ia
the lrst degree after one of the moat
rapM yet dignified trials in the history
of Jurisprudence. Despite the eminence
of the prisoner's counsel it waa appar
ent Tuesday when the alienists decided
that Csolgoac was sane that no de
fense was possible, and consequently
that any delay In the trial would be
rata. In a period of eight hours and
twenty-six minutes the assassin of
President McKlnley had been found
guilty and Judge Truman C. White
had announced that he would pass sen
tence oa Thursday afternoon. Remark
able aa the trial had been throughout
for lta dignity equally with ita ab
asace of delay, not the least engrossing
feature of the day was the address to
the Jury made by Loren I Lewis,
counsel for the prisoner. The vener
able Jurist explained the necessity of
a defense for the prisoner even though
Such come like a thief in the night; a
sprain, strain, sudden backache, tootn
ache or neuralgic attack. There is
adthlng easier to get' than a battle of
St Jacob's Oil. and nothing surer to
cure quickly any form of pain. The
house is Incomplete without it Com
plete It with a good supply.
Some naturalists says that no in
sects except the silk worm feed upon
.the leaves f the mulberry.
Am - Vela Ameers Vaaft aaat
It la the only cure for Swollen,
Cmarttag. Burning, Sweating Feet.
Coma and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Baas, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores, lie. Sample seat FREE". Ad-
, AMea 8. Olmsted, LeRoy. N. x.
The flrsMron forge in English
North America was located at Rayn
ham in the year 1652.
By Murat Halstead; large book;
only $1.50; big profits to agents;
freight paid; credit given; agents mak
ing 815 daily. Send lOcts for mailing
free outfit at once.
Kansas City, Mo.
The first fire engine used in this
country was brought from England to
New York in 1731.
3re.Wlnelow-s Boothia Syrnp.
Tor children teett!n. aitoJt,1IJ??2!2
i,aiuypin.caiBwuiuu"Jv -
"Heart shakes" are splits which
radiate from the center to the circum
ference of a tree.
We thank you for trying Wizard Oil
for rheumatism or neuralgia, then you
will thank us. Ask your druggist
Teak, the famous English ship
building wood, weighs 41.06 pounds to
the cubic foot
IfacBaeRedCroasBallBIaa. It will make
them white as snow. 2 oz. package 5 cents.
When a man agrees with you In
everything, he will bear watching
when your back is turned.
I ia sun Plio's Care for Consumption saved
say life three years ago. Mrs. Tros. Robbibs.
Maple Street, Norwich, X. Y.. Feb. 17, I960.
If life be so sweet that we are un
wllliag to part with it how comes in
ita bitter part
What is the use of employing some one
to do your dyeing for vou. If you use
do it just as well as a professional.
Sold by druggists, 10c par package.
We may stand on the highest hill
if 'we are only willing to take steps
dance and the lady said: ' "With
pleasure. Twenty francs, please. i
beg your pardon," said the puzzled
man. "I had the honor to ask you
for a waltz." "To be sure," said mad
emoiselle. "I thought it was a qua
drille. A waltz will be 40 francs."
Then she explained that for that ev
ening she was dancing for the poor
and her partners must contribute. The
other belles took up the idea and the
result was a handsome increase in the
Washington. Ind., Sept 23d. There
is at present, living at 106 East 16tb
street in this city, a most remarkable
man. He is Rev. C. H. Thompson, and
he came to Washington from Little
York, Ind., a short time ago.
Rev. Mr. Thompson spent many
years of his long and useful life as a
missionary among the Indians of the
West The great exposure and the
drinking of so much bad water brought
on Diabetes, and at Wagoner, Indian
Territory, he-was struck down while
Physicians, one of them a Chicago
specialist pronounced his case hope
less Dodd's Kidney Pills were recom
mended, and as a last resort he tried
them. He was completely cured, and
restored to good health and his case
and Its cure has caused a sensation
among the physicians.
Bis Silver Wedding at 80.
Most Reverend Frederick Temple,
archbishop of Canterbury, who Is 80
years of age, has been celebrating his
silver wedding. He was not married
until he was 55 years of age, yet he
is an excellent specimen of Queen
Victoria's favorite type of a bishop
and happy family man.
If Taa Waat Carasnes
Buy inferior goods and the dealers
will throw them. But if you want De
flanc Starch ro to your grocer and
he will sell you a 16 ounce package for
ten cents. The only premium that
goes with it is the merits and quanti
ty. At your grocers. Made by Mag
netic Starch Co., Omaha, Neb. None
other "just as good."
Attempted Jackson's Life.
An attempted assassination of ths
President of the United States little
remembered now was that of Andrew
Jackson, on January 30. 1835, by Rich
ard Lawrence, as the former was leav
ing the rotunda of the capltol after
attending the funeral of a congress
man. Lawrence snapped two pistols
at the president, but the percussion
caps exploded in each case without
igniting the powder. Lawrence was
found to be insane.
Hairs Catarrh Cars
fa a constitutional cure. Price, 75a
One touch of necessity makes the
whole world a skin
The best of farm lands can be ob
tained now in Marinette County, Wis
consin, on the Chicago, Milwaukee
St Paul Railway at a low price and on
very favorable terms. Wisconsin is
noted for its fine crops, excellent
markets and healthful climate. Why
rent a farm when you can buy one
much cheaper than you can rent and
In a few years it will be your own
property. For particulars address
F. A. Miller. General Passenger Agent
Chicago. Milwaukee ft St Paul Rail
way, Chicago.
Tfce Franc President's Gsards.
Paris has always paid $13,500 a year
to the detectives who guard the Pres
ident of France, but has just refused
to do so longer, and the national gov
ernment has assumed the ask. Twelve
detectives are hired for the purpose.
Lira ea TOO a Tear.
Life on $9 a year was the experience
of A. M. Torrence, chairman of the
London county council, when, at tho
age of 16, his career began in Glas
gow. Mr. Torrance made $90 meet all
his needs, and he bought a book or
two besides, which he almost learned
by heart He admires punctuality,
loves a Scotch song above all things,
and tells a Scotch story with no end
of "pawky" humor.
Woa Bit Water.
A wager was made by a resident
of London that he could cook a plum
pudding ten feet beneath the surface
of the Thames. He won the bet by
placing the pudding in a tin case and
putting the whole in a sack of lime.
The heat of the lime, slacking when
coming in contact with the water,
was sufficient to cook, the pudding ia
two hours.
mJJV X-alM Uw m
mr)i fv.7j '
MM mft t? 'Y
jft aflaBW aBaWWayiy
1 50Sr-1s-
Auta Damage Brick Favlng-
A curious menace to brick street
paving has come to light in Council
Bluffs, Ia. Numerous ants began
burrowing into the sand beneath the
bricks and removed so much of it
to other and unknown quarters that
the city engineer was called in to re
pair the damages. One street was
made unfit for travel for several
cATAiDtiaunta t
rm lint cfGanrnborttlKeti'i
laeabator Triplets.
. The triplets' of Morris J. Cohen, who
were sent from New York to Buffalo
to be placed in the baby incubators
there, are expected home in a few
days. The little things not only lived
but have more than doubled in weight
and are as fine a collection of babies
as could be found anywhere. They
would undoubtedly have died had it
not been for the incubators. The
triplets are the first in this country
and the second in the world to go
through the incubator process.
his guilt could scarce be questioned,
and made his address tne occasion for
a criticism of lynch law, which, in all
probability, will go down in the an
nals of history as the most masterly
vindication of the jury system and con
demnation of mob violence ever ut
Prisoner Knows Chicago Anarchists.
Superintendent of Police Bull was
"Were you present at headquarters
when the. prisoner was brought there
on the night of the murder?"
"Were any threats made against
him "
"Tell us what Czolgosz said."
"He said he knew President McKln
ley. He knew that he was shooting
President McKlnley when he fired. The
reason he gave was that he believed
that he was doing his duty. He said
that on the day President McKlnley
spoke at the exposition grounds, the
day previous to the assassination, he
stood near the stand on the esplanade.
No favorable opportunity presented it
"He followed the president to Niag
ara Falls and back to Buffalo again.
He got in line while the reception was
in progress, and when he reached the
president fired the fatal shots. Czol
gosz told me in detail the plans he
alone had worked out so that there
would be no slip in his arrangements.
I asked him why he killed the presi
dent, and he replied that he did so be
cause it was his duty."
"Did he say he was an anarchist?"
"Did he say any more on the sub
ject?" asked the district attorney.
"Yes. He said that he had made a
study of the beliefs of anarchists and
he was a firm believer in their prin
ciples. The prisoner also stated that
he had received much information on
the subject in the city of Cleveland.
He said that he knew a man in Chi
cago named Isaak. The Free Society
was. the name of the organ mentioned
by the prisoner."
Said Balers Snoald Die.
"Did he ever say anything about his
motives in committing the murder?"
aaked the district attorney.
"Yes," was the reply. "He said that
he went to the exposition grounds for
the express purpose of murdering Pres-
ident McKlnley. He knew he was aim
ing at President McKinley when the
fatal shots were fired. Czolgosz said
that all kings, emperors and presidents
should die."
Superintendent Bull was cross-examined
by Lawyer Titus and said the
defendant had on his person some
memoranda and $1.51 in money. There
was also a piece of paper, orange-colored,
with an address upon it a mem
orandum book and a letter of identifi
cation card from the Order of The
Golden Eagle.
"Did you ask him if he was an an
archist?" Judge Titus asked.
"And he said he was?"
At the conclusion of Superintendent
Bull's, testimony, District Attorney
Penny announced that the case for the
prosecution was closed.
Lewie Gives Up Defense.
Then Mr. Lewis arose slowly and,
addressing the court, said:
"We are embarrassed by the sudden
closing of the case of the prosecution.
We had not expected them to close so
abruptly. We have no witnesses to call
for the defense, but I aak the court
that my colleague and myself be al
lowed to address the jury."
Permission waa granted by the court
and Judge Titus began his address at
"Gentlemen of the jury," he began,
"a calamity has fallen upon this na
tion through the act of this man, but
the question is whether his act was
the act of an insane' man. If an in
sane man It Is not murder and he
should be acquitted of that charge. He
would then, of course, be transferred to
an asylum.
"Much discussion baa occurred in
our midst and has been called to my
attention as to the propriety of any
defense being interposed in this case.
Many letters have been received by me
since I was assigned with my associate
to defend this man, questioning the
propriety of a defense being attempt
ed. You, gentlemen, know, perhaps,
how Judge Titus and myself came in
to this case. The position waa not
sought by us, but we appear here In
performance of a duty which we
thought devolved upon us, notwith
standing it waa an exceedingly dis
agreeable one.
"Gentlemen, when they become
members of the legal profession be
come members of the court They are
comDelled.lf asslgned.to defend a crim
inal, or rather the one who Is charged
with a crime. They are compelled to
respond and accept the duty unless
they can present some reasonable ex
cuse, and if they refusa to perform
that duty they are guilty of a mis
demeanor and are liable to punishment
by the court
"There are in our country Individu
als, not, I hope, In very large numbers,
but we know they are scattered all
over the country, who think in a case
like this or even in charges of much
less degree that it is entirely proper
that the case should be disposed of by
lynch or mob law. We can hardly
take up a paper without we learn that
in some part of this free and inde
pendent country some man has been
murdered on the suspicion or belief
that he was guilty of some crime. This
state of things does not exist in our
community, but it does in some parts
of our state, as every intelligent man
"Gentlemen of the jury, while I be
lieve firmly in that, I do not believe
it creates a danger to this court equal
to the belief, becoming so common,
that men who are charged wltn crime
shall not be permitted to go through
the form of a trial in a court of jus
tice, but that lynch law shall take the
place of the calm and dignified ad
ministration of the law in our courts
of justice. When that doctrine be
comes sufficiently prevalent in this
Paminl Attenay Saass Cp
At S:M District Attorney Penney be
gan summing ap. He spoke in a clear,
well-modulated voice and every word
could be heard la any part of the
He said in part:
"It Is hardly possible for any man
to stand np and talk about this case
without the deepest emotion. It was
the most awful tragedy that ever came
upon the world. We have shown you
how this defendant stood In the temple
of music that afternoon and shot down
our beloved President We have shown
yon how he deliberated on and planned
this awful crime. We have shown you
how he attended anarchistic and so
cialistic meetings, at which were sown
in his heart the seeds of his terrible
"This Is no time for oratorical' dis
play. ., Counsel for the prisoner and
myself have endeavored to eliminate
all sensationalism from this case. It
is not my Intention to Indulge in ex
tended remarks. You understand the
responsibility resting upon you.
Katleaal Heart Is Broken.
"It is a great lesson that so great
a man can stoop so low; that he was
so great he could forgive his own as
sassin. He was the noblest man, I
believe, that God ever created. A man
Time occupied hy the Jury in neUter
atioa Thirty-tour minutes.
PP 5&
country. If it ever does, our institu
tions will be set aside and overthrown.
Trial aa Object Lesson.
"This trial here is a great object les
son to the world. Here is a case where
a man has stricken down the beloved
President of this country in broad day
light, in the presence of thousands of
spectators. If there was ever a case
that would excite the anger, the wrath
of those who saw it this was one, and
yet, under the advice of the President,
'Let no man hurt him,' he was taken.
confined in our prison, indicted, put
upon trial here, and the case is soon
to be submitted to you, as to whether
he is guilty of the crime charged
against him. That gentlemen, speaks
volumes in favor of the orderly con
duct of the people of the city of Buf
falo. "Here was a man occupying an ex
alted position, a man of irreproacha
ble character; he was a man who had
come here to assist us in promoting
the prosperity of our great exposition.
And he was shot down while holdingJ
a reception.
"His death has touched every heart
inthls community and in the whole
.world, and yet we sit here and quietly
consider whether the man was re
sponsible for the act he committed.
(One of Counsel for Defense.)
who stood near him in the temple of
music said to me: 'I. have traveled in
all parts of the World and have seen
people assembled to greet their rulers,
but when I saw people stand in the
railroad stations and along the coun
try through which the funeral train
passed that they might get a look at
the casket of this great man, I was
convinced as never before that there is
such a thing as a national heart'
"That national heart was broken and
it will take God's way and time to
heal it
"It was broken by a class of people
who are coming to our country in in
creased numbers, and while harbored
by our laws they are propagating their
malicious views; a class of people that
mutt be taught that we have no place
for them on our shores, a class of peo
ple that must be taught that they can
not take the life of anyone Irrespective
of consequences."
Jadgc White's Charge.
Justice White negan his charge to
the jury at 3:29 o'clock. He arose
from his seat and stepped to the side
of the bench nearest the jury box. He
"Gentlemen of tae jury: In this
case the defendant has acknowledged
his guilt Such an acknowledgment
under such circumstances cannot go
to the Jury or the court The law re
quires that the defendant charged with
such a crime must be tried. The law
says that all the facts must be ob
served and reviewed by you. The law
guarantees that the defendant shall
have a fair trial by twelve men, Im
partial and fair, capable of taking the
testimony of the trial and giving It
thorough consideration,
if whpn all the circumstances of
the case are considered by you there
still exists in your minds a reasonable
doubt that the defendant is guilty you
cannot find this man guilty. The peo
ple have submitted evidence tending to
show that this defendant committed
this crime; they have given evidence
tending to show that there was design
and premeditation, and, If In accord
ance with that premeditation and de
sign these shots were fired, then the
defendant Is guilty of the crime of
murder in the first degree.
"You must consider all this evidence
that the people have submitted to you.
You must consider it fairly and with
out prejudice. You are the sole judges
of fact? In this case."
When the trial was ended and the
verdict rendered. Judge Titus, at the
request of District Attorney Penney,
admitted that the defense had no sug
gestion to make as to the time when
the final judgment should be pro
nounced. Justice White then said that
as it was the custom to give the guilty
murderer two days between the find
ing of the verdict and the sentence, he
would adjourn court till 2 o'clock
Thursday, when judgment will be pro
nounced. The prisoner was then handcuffed to
his guards and led back through the
tunnel to jail.
Length of trial-Eight hours and
Anarchy took its nigh priestess from
the prison to the hearthstone Tuesday
morning at Chicago. With smiles and
kind words for all Emma Goldman be
came a free woman shortly after nln
o'clock. Prosecutor John Owens said
there had been an agreement with the
attorneys for the defense that both
sides would abide in the Goldman case
h th dacisioa In the cases of the
men who were released yesterday. He
therefore would state that he would
interpose no objection to her release.
"Dismissed for want of prosecution,"
said Justice Prindlville. Then the
woman with the stern blue eyes was
taken through the crowd, and a few
moments later escorted to a cab, which
was driven to the home- of the Isaaks.
Company to Lay a Line From California
ta Philippines.
Articles of Incorporation were filed
at Albany having in view the laying
of a cable from the Pacific coast to Ha
waii and the Philippine islands. The
company w.il be affiliated with the
Commercial Cable company, and all its
incorporators are officials of that cor
poration. The length of the cable will
be about 8,500 miles. The part first laid
will be from . California to the Ha
waiian islands, a distance of about 2,
200 miles. It is expected tnst this por
tion will be laid and-in operation with
in nine months. The time required for
the laying of the remainder of the
cable from uie Hawaiian islands to the
Philippine islands will depend upon
how quickly tho cable can be manu
factured, but may be completed in two
years. According to the articles of in
corporation the company's lines are to
begin in New York city, although from
that point to the Pacific coast the line
of other companies may be used. The
capital stock of the company is to be
$100,000, divided into shares of $100
cccn. The term of existence of the
cempany is fixed at 1,000 years.
Poisoned by Mosqalto Bite.
Mrs. Thomas Eaves, living
Fourth and Walnut streets, Gloucester,
N. Y., was bitten on a finger of her
right hand several weeks ago by a mo
squito. Her hand became swollen and
she visited the Cooper Hospital, Cam
den, where physicians found it neces
sary to amputate the finger. It is sup
posed that the mosquito which bit her
had been on some poisonous weed.
A Prtaaaer'a Odd Proposition.
Ben De Lamos, a prisoner in the
Columbus, O., penitentiary, is prepar
ing; a unique request to the authori
ties. He offers to give a bond in $100,
000 If permitted to attend the Grand
Army of the Republic encampment at
Cleveland, saying he has never missed
one. De Lamos was sentenced for a
technical violation of the pension laws.
He is the man who slept in the speak'
er's chair in the Alabama house as a
tramp, and within two years was elect
ed a member.
A New Zealaad Kalelch.
A graceful act of reverence to the
Duchess of York is reported from
Ohincmutu, New Zealand. After
alighting from the coach they had to
traverse a rather muddy road leading
to the village. This was noticed by
the native clergyman, Mr. Ratama Te
Awe Kotuku, who took off his korowai
mat, and, Raleigh-like, threw it In
the worst place on which the duches3
would have to cross.
Papalar Coaatesa aa American.
The large part which Count von
Waldersee is occupying in public at
tention has brought out many kindly
comments on the countess, which al
ways include a mention of the fact
that she is an American. It is re
called that she is the only woman
who ever came off victorious in en
counters with the late Prince Bis
marck, to .whose downfall she is al
leged to have contributed.
The Absence of It.
If there is any truth in the saying
that happiness is the absence of all
pain, mental and physical, the enjoy
ment of it can only be found in hea
ven. But so far as the physical is con
cerned, it is within easy reach; at
least measurably so, as far as cure will
go. Tbe sum of human misery in this
line Is made up of greater or less de
grees of physical suffering. The minor
aches and pains which afflict mankind
are easy to reach and as easily cured.
There are none in the whole category,
which, if taken in time, cannot be
cured. They must in some form af
flict the nerves, the bones, the muscles
and Joints of the human body. They
are all more or less hurtful and waste
ful to the system. St. Jacob's Oil is
made to cure them, to search out hid
den pain spots, and to cure promptly
in a true remedial and lasting way.
Very, very many have not known hap
piness for years till they used It, and
very many are putting off cure and
happiness because they don't use it.
Last year there were 192,705 miles
of telegraphic lines and 933.153 miles
of wire in the United States.
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wish ate plats of ta be wrap roa r (C
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',' ftaajp. OwBoekta. nm to Make Oooa Y
; TmamteZaV'aMileilfra.
I mt. JTtj-lr-m PaaBBBnaaalaaal
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VV a5 A aaaamrT vMaTaBmVM WmmWfaTl'
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Pommel SJtckcta
txtanoila protection, to both elder and
BUs extra ions; ana wiue in uvkui,
radrvseat for rider. Easily converted.
. a walklasjooat. Every aarmeat war-
aaA liniiaf look for I
froar dealer doss aotaaTe KxeoW
, una aor qwaiw.
H. at SMrrES A SOS. Sale
It to
Proof Agalnt Assassins, Bombs
and Fires.
According to a writer in the World's
Work, the sultan's Yildiz palace at
Constantinople is a monument to fear.
It is assassin-proof, bomb-proof, earthquake-proof,
fire-proof, microbe-proof.
Architects and engineers are building
and rebuilding incessantly. Some new
secret retreat is always under way.
The entire domain is surrounded by
an immense wall, thirty feet high, and
the choicest troops of the empire stand
guard around it An inner wall,
twelve feet thick, with gates of iron,
incloses the. private residence itself.
The walls of the sultan's dwellings are
filled with armor plate, to resiBt pro
jectiles. It is said that a mysterious
passage connects with ten secret bed
chambers, 'forming an intricate laby
rinth. No one but his body attendant
knows where the sultan may sleep dur
ing any particular night He has elec
tric lights and telephones in his own
apartments, but forbids them In Con
stantinople. Telephones might prove
handy for conspirators and he be
lieves that a dynamite cartridge could
be sent over a wire into the palace.
He fears electric explosions, so Con
stantinople gets along with gas light
He hates the word dynamo, because It
sounds like dynamite. Balloons art
tabooed, lest one should pause over
him long enough to drop a chunk of
As to the real luxury of the Yildiz
that is a matter of course. The do
main is a small world in itself. Five
thousand people live within the outer
wall, not counting a small army of
workmen and the 7,000 imperial
guardsmen. There are shops, factor
ies, arsenals, stables, a library, mu
seum, picture gallery, theater and even
a menagerie. The monarch loves trees
but he keeps their branches well lopped
off, so that he can see to the farthest
corner of his grounds. Chicago News.
Clear white clothes are a sign that the
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue
Large 2 oz. package, 5 cents.
Romantic women rather like a plain
tive lover.
New York City, Jnne 12th, 1901. I heart
ily recommend GarfleldTeafor liver trouble.
Oar family physician prescribed your Tea,
and after taking four packages my system
is in perfect condition and my complexion
has become clear." It has been demonstrat
ed bv Years of use throughout the world that
Garfield Tea cleanses the system and purifies
the blood; from oil reports it would seem
that nothing can ouual this simple herb med
icine that cures in Nature's way.
The best policy for a woman is to
extend the chains of her lover.
The eyes of all America are turned to
ward North Dakota's magnificent crops.
Just harvested. Over 80.000.000 bushels ot
wheat and 19.000.000 bushels of flax. Kood
corn and abundant grasses. Thousauds
ot farmers raised 14 to 18 bushels of flax
per acre on new breaking, now bringing
them $1.25 a bushel. Think of your get
ting freo government land and realizing
$23 per acre for tho first breaking!
There is plenty of good government land
left, but it is being taken up fast. Also
excellent chances to go Into any business
In new towns on the "Soo" Line. If you
want free land, or are looking for good
business locations, write D. W. Casseday.
Land Agent. "Soo" Line. Mlnneapolls.Mlun
NSIUra WaablaztoB. a.C.
&S&SEalB7izili!1fa "j-nrton urou.
in elrll war. IS ltuiiuiHaiiiijt riuim. am mictv
HP"a FUinai St Tmtmt of Dr. 0.BpJ
WA rlps Bfown'i GlMt Kcmr-iy fo SBJ
mrn;.EpUei!yn'ln'eiousDiielw.Ai!Aw W
" a.nuarsBBoax.taMti. awata,a.x.
ladles Can Wear Srioea.
One size smallerafterusingAUen'sFooV
Ease, a powder. It makes tight or new
shoes easy. Cures swollen, hot,sweating
aching feet, ingrowing nails, corns and
bunions. All drnjgists and shoe stores,
25c. Trial package FREE by mail. Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N.Y.
Corbett's Farls Saloon.
James J. Corbett, e rstwhile pugilist,
has decided that Americans who visit
Paris in future will not suffer. So
Corbett has arranged to open an
American saloon there which will be
the wonder of the Parisians.
That question is one you are called to twenty-five minutes.
Numoer oi wimeswa
seventeen; for tne aeieuoc,
i State)!
gaimag. omasa, sea.
II.J.Cevain.Uepreaeatatlve. EafS at Waaslagtoa.
D.C- ISO. Usefal Galas Book oa Patents FatJEB.
VhaS JMSwetaSf MWtlStSalntt aUSaWf
Hsstisa TUs rasec
W.N. U. OMAHA Ns. 39-ifs
Sir Henry's Heary.
H. B. Irving, the elder td Sir Henry
Irving's two sons, was 31 on August
5. As an author he is winning rec
ognition by his books. Mr. Irving be
longs to the greatly increasing band
of university men who have" become
actors, for he was educated at Oxford.
It is now ten years since he made his
first appearance on the stage, which
he left for a time In order to finish
his reading .for the bar.
HaBMCaSsXlBaaamfaaBaV ObH
Knasoa Almost a Memory.
To the present generation of music
lovers the name of Christine Nilsson
is in the nature of a tradition. Mme.
Nilsson today is better known as the
Countess de Miranda. Her birthday
occurred on August 3, when she was
58. Her first appearance was made
in London in 1867, and she has sung
only in some half dosen operas "The
Magic Flute." "Martha," "Don Juan,"
"Faust' 'and "Robert the DeviL"
That Vm
mlaatlaa Skews
Kaawleace of Plot Exists.
Paul Czolgoss, father; Waldeck Czol-
Obstaclee are in love what salt and
pepper are in cookery.
Ten can't tell a thing about a Uss
aMe mouth Just by looking at it
Judge Lewis was crying when he
finished and the eyes of many of those
in the courtroom were filled with tears.
Judge Titus then arose and said that
Judge Lewis had so completely covered
the ground that it seemed entirely un
necessary for him to reiterate it and
he would therefore rest.
rived at BuDklo from Cleveland Tues- i
day afternoon. Each member of the
Czolgosz family was put through a
rigid examination Tuesday night by
Assistant' District' Attorney Frederic'!
Haller in the presence of Assistant Su
perintendent Cusack and Detectives
Geary and Solomon of the police de
partment. For an hour and a half they
were under a searching fire of ques
tions, which resulted in the informa
tion that they knew nothing about any
plot, that they came from Cleveland
to vindicate their own name, and, if
possible, to aid the authorities by se
curing from the prisoner some state
ment as to his reasons for the assassination.
Actual time of taking testimony
Four and one-quarter hours.
Time of the state in arguing for con
victionFourteen minutes.
Time occupied by -the judge In
charging jury Twelve minutes.
from a railroad train. Saftig stated
that he himself hadtied the handker-
The Girl of Today.
Little does the girl of the present
day realize how much better off she is
than the girl in the early part-, or the
nineteenth century. Then she had to
submit to social restrictions too nu
merous to mention; she was treated
with scorn and contempt if she once
expressed any desire to work or do
anything for herself and attempts to
think out a subject for herself was
deemed almost a sign of ill-breeding
and lack of refinement. Her life was
spent in a narrow groove, and her
mind was not allowed to develop to
its full extent. Intercourse with tho
other sex was carried on under the
rigid surveillance of an austere and
elderly chaperon. Nowadays a woman
has almost perfect freedom in what
ever she cares to do. Chaperons are
getting rarer and rarer, and social in
timacy with men is allowed without
one thinking it means aught beyond
a pleasant and natural friendship.
New York Weekly.
(Chief ot Buffalo Detectives.)
goes, brasher, and Victoria Czolgosz.
sister of the president's sjsassin, ar-
St. Leal Maa, Believed ta Ba Hetarlety
Seeker. Alleges Flat.
Edward Saftig, who was arrested at,
St. Louis, claimed that he had been
the prime mover in the plot to assas
sinate President McKlnley, but this
confession is believed to be due to
desire for notoriety or else that Saf
tigs mind is affected by a recent fall
1 1 ill
In the bakeries of La Rochefoucauld
In France it is said that women en
ter the ovens when they are 301 de
grees. The least guarded of the monarchs
of Europe is the old King of Denmark.
He is said to walk about the streets
I absolutely unattended.
that the handkerchief was not tied.
Charles Pettit, a waiter who is em
ployed at the hotel where Saftig board
ed, also has cast doubt upon the story
by affirming that Saftig stood with him
in front of the newspaper offices and
read the bulletins the night the presi
dent was shot. Henry Schneider, the
proprietor of the hotel, corroborates
the fact that Saftig was in St. Louis at
the time of the assassination.
The economy in using
Devoe ready paint is in re
sults more than price. It
covers more and lasts longer
than lead and oil, two to
one; ten to one of some paint.
Use Devoe; and figure cost
by the square yard, or year,
not by the gallon; it's the
cheapest paint made, figured
that way.
Ask the nearest dealer for Devoe;
insist on having it. Our pamphlet on
painting free if you mention this paper.
Sold (with or without Bill-
inMift PTiilianmiil Ifltntfwl I
MMAKffT 9m '
and Knnalreil- 1'anuron
TvTMnrritcr Ribbons for nil Ma-
chines. Linen Papers. Carbon!
raper, ana miscellaneous i ypc-1
wnicr suyyuKo ouu luutiuv.
1G19 Farnam St.. Omaha.
Cheaper Th?n Passes.
19.S to Indianapolis and Keturu-
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29.se to SprlngSeld. .. and Krturn.
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43.7S to New Yorn and Ketnrn, Daily.
S3B.7S to Baffulo and Return, Dully.
1S3A to St. tools. Mo., and KMurn.
On sale Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sept. D
to Oct. 12.
ll.SO to St- Lou In. 31o and Return.
On sale Oct. 7 to 12.
On sale 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each
Tourist rates on sale DAILY to all sum
mer resorts, allowing stoo-overs at De
troit. Nlajjnra Falls. liutTnlo anil oth;r
points. For rates, lake trips. Pan-American
descriptive matter and all informa
tion, call at
1415 Farnam Street, (I'axton Hotel II Ik.)
or write IIAKKY K- MOOKES,
G. A. P. D., Onialur, Neb.
sre used by the best shots In the country- because ther are so accurate,
nniinnn mm roiiiM Ail th wnrld'schamrjinnshios and records have been
won and made, hv Winchester shells. Shoot them and TOU'U shoot well. 1
a firilTO III A nvlTTfl mnkt-nA'n:inQ Ar,Km k Ktsu PRESIDENT
AllrN I N WAN I til on?y s"7rl"officlathent"c Hfe o 'McKINLEY.
nUbll I V W fsl nasw ,j BTnu t of our other msrtjr i'renldents. Lincoln buJ
Garfield; complete Knlde hutory of the Tlllalnoos working, of the ansrrhl.tlc clePro'e,''""t
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barely You "an make 300 per month fof tbe next three months pu.hlnit thl- maneloiit hl.tory of a
Seat and good and naersl life. Strike now. while tbe Iron la hot IK not delay, for every day I wrt b from
e.Oe SSO.OO to yon. And bear In mind that If r demonstrate to us that you can ''; '
that later In thefall we will be wllllns to employ you nnder a tralht out guaranteed alary to a pp..nt ; an 1
iMtraet other agent. Tbla U the chance of .lifetime. Wemakeourown booka and can e l y dun Irato
k.Sv,of.iir.rthr house and will do ao. Many of thee concern that are advert Wnit Mckinley bop rn
merefr genera stent. WlS, -ihelr bioks from'... He advlae you to order from n. and inn. de. Id irerii,
with the manufacturer." Credit (riven: freight paid; outfit free. Write today and aend trn rente for
n.tm 7oa ontHt! CO-OFERATIVK I'lIB. CO. (Mannfactnrers of the only official .Life
chief round Czolgoss band, but the
falsltv of this t proved by the fact
Trial Adjonrned on Account of Anar
chist's Arrest In Corona.
The case against Jobann Most, who
vras to have been arraigned in the
court of special sessions at New York
Tuesday for publishing an alleged se
ditious article in his paper, the Frei
heit, has been adjourned indefinitely.
This action was" taken because of the
fact that Most is in jail at Corona, L.
I., where he was arrested at a eo
called anarchist meeting last Sunday
Careful measures taken to protect
Einperor WilHam at bis bunting lodge
SllraD x MBaTnnsawfSr ? V"
ff SSBnESV Vt&
rT: J. Vaaflll. IgH
trarSwH -BanHaX wBfo
d4m Afmasr REourasNocoairiG
SwBlfaw' BWTf
When you buy starch just
buy starch aione not starch
and premiums. Premiums
are" cheap things that may
help to sell a starch but they
don't make it any cheaper.
Defiance" brand of starch is
the cheapest because the
package is the largest sold fcr
10 cents 1C ounces for 10c
and it is the best starch
If your grocer does pot keep
it send us his name and we
will send you one trial pack
age free.
At Wholesale by
McCord-BrfjLdy- Co.
and Paxton & Gallagher.
Omsvhsv. Nebraska-
S0Z0D0NT f tbi Teeth Breath 25
At aN Hm, tr iy HtH ftr tfct pri". ULL t WCKEL, Htw Y,rk.
. vH
. L
r- m'. r.
' Vf.
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. a- .1
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1 V,y
J ciiSssasi
-2 -- - ."
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iJ5fl4K&lfi6u ,S-
.Isacfr -jfi
. sSU-aak

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