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A Few Special Prices That Speak Levi, f
Perfb, Malted Breakfast Food, regular price 15c sale price 10c
All package Coffee. 10c
20 ltu. Granulated Sugar $1.00
9 bars Leuox Soap .. 25c
8 bars White Russian and Diamond C ..... 25c
Power, flaked breakfast food, 12c package 10c
Saurkraut, 31b. can 7c
Unrivalled Baking Powder, 2-5c can 20c
K. C. Baking Powder, 25c can 20c
Calumet " " " .. 20c
Fancu Jardintrt and Ftowtr Pat Salt.
Au excellent opportunity to supply your wants at graatly re
duced prices in this line, just when you need to house your flowers.
Jardinere and Pedestal very handsome worth $6.00 sale price $4.50
Jardineres handsomely decorated
" verv handsome
at 3c, while they
... 2c
... 3c
... 4c
... 6ic
... 8c
... lie
Many New Bargains Every Day.
11th Street.
Both Telephones 26.
1 1 mm mm mat mmjmm,mmjmm .4M.W.W.W.MvMtWW.W.WKMI3W(MS
Grocery prices that will
appeal to saving buyers.
nap Shot
Our Bait
Amber Blend
Our Blend
Mocha ami Java
Grain-0 (cereal coffee)
Tea Sifthurs
Best Sundrietl Japan )
Tea (Tea Cup chop) j
Tea (Tea Cup chop) ,
Macaroni, bet domestic
Sago or Tapioca
containing 1000 ,
Granulated Cane Sugar
Soap, White Russian or Diamond
Silk Soap, no better made
a. Li 11 tJIIf.
Lion, Arbuckles, or 4X Coffee.....
Soda, Schilling's or Gray's
Fancy Japan Tea
Tomatoes, standard
extra standard
" Monarch, best packed...
Triumph Early June Peas
Grant Peas. Monarch
Cocoanut, Schepp's
Baker's Chocolate
Baker's Cocoa
Lye, Lewis
Lye, Rex
Best Corn Starch
Best Gloss Starch
Gelatine, Monarch
Mince Meat, Monarch
Condensed Cream, Monarch
Vinegar, pure apple cider.
Currants. Thanksgiving
Heintz Queen Olives
Yeast Foam
Uueeda Biscuit
Zu Zu Snaps
Baking P'der Monarch pure cream
Hunt's perfect
Horseshoe Tobacco
...per lb. 15c..
... " 25c..
... " 25c.
, m m OwC
...per p'kg 25c..
..lib. p'kg20c..
, per p'ke 15c.
" 15c.
" 10c.
" 15c.
" 8c.
per id.
-per can
" OC
perbbl. $1.50....
17 lbs. for $1.00.
C 6 bars for 25c .
6 bars for 25c .
9 bars for 25c .
per p'kg 12Jc .
..per p kg 10c
12Jc .
... " 15c .
... " 10c .
... " 15c .
...Jib. p'kg 20c 15c
..lb. cake 20c 15c
.Jib. tin 25c
...per can 10c
" 10c
!."l lb. p'kg 10c
..per p'kg 15c
.. " 10c
per gallon 30c
1 lb. p'kg 12ic
.... 22c
'.".11 6c
.... 6c
.... 12c
..." 12ic
.... 12Jc
.... 10c
.per bottle 25c 20c
.per can
per p'kg
tr'trl lb. can
1 lb. can
1 lb. can
, .per lb.
Both Telephones 27.
. lb. p'kg 25c 23c
1 lb. p'kg 50c 45c
. 12ic
. 12c
. 12c
. 7c
. $1.30
20 lbs.
8 bars
9 bars
.:-y&-y u 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 ii i
Creaneri and Dalit Dcpt.
Creamery Batter Freah Milk
Sweet Cream
Butter Milk
Cottage Cheeae.
.ft 1 1 1 u n in i i.c i u ijt n 1 1 i.tti i n n m m 1 1 n s 1 1 1 mi i
toolnmbns Smxvtmh
Dr. Yalher, Osteopath, Barber block.
Dr.Gietxea, deatiet, m lMkwkii
drag atom.
For art photography aall oa Km
Mnftlhatar. Mialaac' old ataad.
TkeWhiteFrmrt PryGMis
Store. Ftllew tie erwL
Tha baehalor firto awat with tho
IaTeatjfta Oataopathy; ita cana
of alMrah
MiailfbraLjoaa, B. J. Haaiaa, 1
. . m .! f
Dr. Chaa. H. Plata, hoaiaopathirphy-
aictan aad aaiiaoa, poatoaoa baildiag.
aallatha ealabratad Badiaat
Baraara and
AlTin E. FooU violiniat. Pnpfla
aoooptad. Obacarta and racttala, Tala
phoaa No. 65. tf
Dra. Martyn, ETaaa,Gaar k Han
aaa,offaa thraa doora aorth of Friad
boTaatora. tf
Wa. Schilx atakaa boota aad ahoaa
in tha batt atylaa, aad aaai only tha Tory
baatatock that can b nocarad in tha
arkat. tf
NoraadMr 17, CL K. Daviai wiU hara
aaalaof hia aborthorn cattla and Dnroe
Jarasyhoga. 2
Ooa Frieba ia qaita aiek with appan
didtia aad has baan confined to tha bed
The Myatie Card clab waa eatertaia
ad laat Tharadayavaaina; at tha hoaae of
Frank KaUy.
-C. J. Carrie of Platte Center, the
democratic candidate for abariff, waa in
town Satarday.
Greatest of all grab aaka ia now on
at Xiewohuer'a. See gooda on display
in northet window.
The Shakespeare department of tha
Woman' club will mast taia Tuesday
evening with Mies Jennie Weaver.
T. 8. Sector, the new B. t M. ageat
will more hia family into the Hendryz
residence on waat Foarteenth street.
George Randall went to St Louis
Sunday where ha expects to procure
employment in connection with the Fair.
A gold watch valued at $25 goes at
the greatest of grab sales at Kiewohner's.
See northeast window for display of
Bed Jacket cider, nothing but the
pure juice from selected apples, the real
old fashioned cider, per gallon, 25c
In the meantime, follow the crowd
to E. D. Fitzpatrick'a, the White Front
Dry Gooda Store, and aaa what you can
get for your money.
Wilber Curry, who ia attending the
commercial college, waa called to hia
home in St Edward Monday by the
illness of hia father.
On account of illness, Bay. Munro
was unable to preach Sunday evening,
and hia congregation Tinted the other
churches of the city.
George Goodman of Denver, nephew
of CoL W. F. Cody, was in the city Thurs
day, and enjoyed a very pleasant few
hours visit with G. W. Turner.
J. E. Nichols, living three and a half
miles east of Columbus, offers his well
improved farm for sale. Shade and fruit
trees. Inquire at the residence.
lay tha t Tha Tryhar Plana
leads them all in construction, finish,
durability and price. Sold on monthly
payments. Auditorium Music Co.
Mrs. E. S. Newlon entertained her
Sunday echool class of boys Saturday
afternoon. A 6 o'clock supper waa the
principle attraction for the young folks.
The marriage banns of Miss Irene
Dolan of Columbus and Mr. John Put
man formerly of this city, now of Lin
coln, were published in the Catholic
church Sunday.
Dont grumble at the rain. It ia
just what is needed for tha fall pastures
aad will give the winter grain a boost
that will have a tendency to make a big
crop in the spring.
C J. Scott k Son have the contract
for building the new residence of E. M.
8parhawkweatof town. The hoaae will
be large, containing twelve rooms, with
modern conveniences.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Benham have
moved from Olive street to rooms in the
residence with Mrs. Cash on west Four
teenth street, and will board with Mrs.
Cash during the winter.
Judge HoUenbeek issued citizenship
papers laat week to the following named
parties: Henry Finke, JohnHIEgger,
John Kotlar, Louis Maier, Burkard Mel
linger and Casper Kehrli.
The ladies aid aodetyof the M.E.
church will meet this Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mm. R. E. Jones.
The members are requested to come pre
pared to help with sewing.
The Monroe Looking Glass aaya
that the Union Paeife graders have be
gan work on a aide track aad that the
stock yards will be moved from their
present location to east of Strotber
The Seniors of the high school had
class party Friday eveaiag, being enter
tained by Mies Dora Weaver. The
t for the gathering waa the
Solomon Grundy at which Miaa
Eliae Braggar won tha prize.
Mm Rev. Butler left here Tuesday
for Chicago where Rev. Butler baa
accepted a charge as pastor of acharch.
He waa formerly pastor of tha Monroe
aad Fmllertoa Episcopal churches, and
waa alao pastor of tha Columbus church
a few months.
for many yaara tha
H. Galley's
and aow tha Mother Superior of all tha
Fiaaciscaa orders of Sisters ia tha
Uaited States, with headqaarters at
Lafayette, Indiana, ia ia town aad will
Wanted, for U.& amy, able-bodied,
anmarried mea, betweea ages of 21 aad
35, citiseaa of Uaited States, of good
write Eagbao. For
apply at
brother F.
going to
land bayata to ga
Mr. Walker
'old stand.
Dr. L. CL Voss, Homsnpsthia ahyai-
etaa. Colamboa. Neb.
For witches and clocks aaa tha
Eleventh street jeweler, Cohuabaa.
Leave your orders for
at Eaton's before cold weather, tf
Wanted, a girl to do general
work. Apply st reaideooo of A. Height
Do not fail to aaa oar 8-foot galvaa
iaed steal aiffl for S32J0O. A.DasseUA
Boa. tf
They teUae they have the best goods
at the Thurston Annex. Any doabta?
Ask Kelly. tf
Dr. McKaan'a method of maktag
aluminum plates places them on am
equality with gold.
The rainfall, aa reported by Q C
Gray, from Saturday to taia Tuesday
noon, waa .92 inches.
Postmaster Kramer attended tha
postmasters' state convention which waa
held in Lincoln bait weak.
Garland's "Wonder of tha Age,"
guaranteed to hold fire 24 hours baraa
stock. Sold only by Eastoo.
' "Piano tuning." Mr. Earl a Brink,
the reliable piano tuner, will be in
Columbus Nov. 16th, and
Wanted, a good girl
house work. Apply at J.
I residence, corner of Fifteenth aad Mur
ray streets.
The plate glass window waa put in
to the Hercbenban building Saturday
morning, and the structure now makes a
handsome appearance.
The High school foot ball team has
made arrangementa to play the Fremont
team next Saturday in Fremont
Rev. Ulmer will preach Sanday
morning in the Baptist church from the
subject TbeBeptism of Jesus.' All are
invited to attend.
Game Warden George Carter of Lin
cobs, W. D. Townsend and Joaeph Dreie
dorf of Omaha were all in the city Sun
day and Monday on a hunting trip.
Carpenters Union No. 1501. Rega
tor meetings every Saturday night Vis
iting brothers invited. E. J. Scott
president: Chas. Wurdeman, financial
Misses Ella Kersenbrock and Anna
Goetz have establiahed dressmaking
parlors in rooms above Halat k Adams'
and are now prepared to do plain and
fancy aewing. tf
Marriage licensee were issued dar
ing the week by Judge Rattarman to the
following parties: Fred Behlen and Ella
Benthack; Emil Kings and Annie Phe
len, all of Platte coanty.
The Columbus Milling Co. are build
ing a new warehouse which they hope to
have completed in about one week. The
building stands just east of the mill, and
ia 30x45 feet and 12 feet high.
Will Groeger of Creston, this county,
has been at St Mary's hospital here the
past week and underwent an operation
for appendicitis this Tuesday mornisg
under the supervision of Dr. Evans.
The second, foot ball team of the
High echool went to Shelby Saturday
and played a team from the High echool
of that place. The game resulted in a
score of 6 to 5 in favor of Columbus.
Rev. Ulmer has moved from his
rooms in the Barber block to toe resi
dence of R. W. Hobart on Eighteenth
and Olive streets. .He wishes to announce
that his office hours will be from 12 to
1 o'clock.
Mert P. Peavy, local editor of tha
Dodgeville, (Wis.) Chronicle, accom
panied by hia wife, passed through the
city Tuesday, on their way to Fullerton
to visit friends and gave Tax Joubhal
office a friendly call.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B Kencey of Canon
City, Colorado, formerly Columbus youag
people, are happy over the arrival last
Tuesday, of their first child, a daughter.
Grandpa Ora Shannon ia now the proud
est man in Columbus.
O. J. Odden, who haa been the B k
M. agent here since J. T. Cox left, leaves
for Benedict where he will be the com
pany's agent T. S. Rector is expected
here today from Ord to take charge of
the business at this place.
Mrs. Mary Bremer writea home to
her daughter Mrs. Fairchild that aba
reached Portland, Oregon, on the 24th.
She ia well pleaaed with the country and
aaya that flowers are in bloom and every
thing looks beautiful and the climate
is fine.
A number of young gentlemen under
the leadership of Bert Stillman gave a
dance Saturday evening at the Maeuner
chor halL Among the out of town
guests were Messrs. Beveridge, Kenectal
and Ramon of Fremont and Mr. Guan
of Lincoln.
Matt Hennas, marshal at Humphrey,
waa brought before Justice Wagner of
this city laat Thursday on the charge of
criminally aasaultingFrank Schamacber.
Hennas waa found guilty and fined S5
and costs which amounted to aboat 950.
The case waa appealed to district court
Some one played a mean trick
Thursday night by removing the back
wheel from a bicycle belonging to Miaa
Laura Miner. The wheel had bean left
oa the front porch and in the moraing
itwaafouad aeveral btocka from home
lying in a dilapidated condition in the
Rev. and MraA.LMiekel of Omaha,
formerly of Colambas, visited frieads
hare from Tuesday to Friday. Bar.
Mickel haa retained his charge ia Omaha
thraa yaara and haa been Baked by hia
eoagregatioa to remaia two yaara longer
and help them in tha iM"g of a fan
! -H. F. afislaat toft today with hia
family far Haaaahrey where ha will vans
hia pareata Mr. Mialaai haa not yet
decided were he will locate or what baa
of oueimees a wffl imrse, bat has sev
eral aaaaaaga m view. Hia Oalamhaa
aniuaJataBeaa will wish sbbb ataapatitj
ia hia aaw heaae. Ha makes frieads
-The Eewarth League of the M.S.
ehereheajoyed an eveaiag together at
tha home of Thomas Beyd Friday.
Ahoaa thirty-five yoaag people were
A aamber of neighbors of
Johaeoa gave him a hearty
Saturday eveaiag, the oe
ifty-foarthaaniveraaryof Ida birthday.
Sosuay lafkaahmaata were brought ay
frieads that the aasae erowd ware iavited
back for a similar feast of faa aad edi
bles oa Moaday eveaiag.
Tax JocmsAK gees to
afteraooB as usual aad hi
able to give any election
It wm thought heat to
to readers at the regalar
it would be imanaaihla to
oc taa coaatv
fortaae teller farakhed amaeemeat
aad added to aaookv condition of tha
mf mmmmm9 mmr mWmmmM MVWtVv mmmT
earroaadiaga by telliag the pent aad
fatare to tha compaay.
fltillmaa toft Friday for his
ia Land. 8auth Dakota, after a
few days visit with old aeqi
Charles ia plsaasd with has
aad ia doiag a goad haajsiss Beweat
bere to Oflsaha where ha will pur-
goode before retantiag hoaae,
Stillaua, who haa been vaatiag
aeveral weeks will remaia for a while.
-Gaordie Stall of Maraago, I1L, who
haa beta ia taia vidaity tha past several
daya lookiag after hia land iaterceta,
atarted for n home Thursday tost Ha
telle aa that tha small graia on hia Polk
county farm waa cut dowa aad nriaed
by hail dariag tha eammer, bat tha corn
crap ia batter thaa for yaara, He ieof
the opiaion that Nebraska toad is a good
thiag to hold fast to.
E. G Halm received word Moaday
of the death 8aaday of tha yoang aoa of
Mr. aad Mrs. Ed. Kahoe aear Ptotta
Center, retotivaa af Mn. Halai. The boy
was aboat two yeara old and tha doetora
believe that death waa canned from eat
ing poiaoned canned aabnoa. Two other
children in tha family are sick with tha
same trouble, but their condition ia not
coaoidered dangerous.
The second annual exhibition of tha
Columbue Poultry aad Pet Stock Club
will be held the first week in December
in the Herchenhaa building on Eleventh
atreet The growing interest in the
raising of fine poultry in and around
Columbus, and the enthusiasm of the
exhibitors, leads the oficera to believe
they will have a splendid enow this fall.
A premium list is now being prepared.
The Christian Endeavor of the Pres
byterian church gave Rev. and Mrs. Hal
aey a pleasant surprise at their home last
Tuesday evening. The hoaae waa takea
posseesioa of while tha pastor and hia
wife were away from home. A race ia
eating eaady-kisses waa auda, tha one
eating the greater aamber ia three mia
atea reoeiviag a prise of a red suttee.
Miaa N. Rosa Raamaaaaa received tha
At the meeting of the echool board
this Wednesday afternoon the aaatter of
the echool boye using tobacco will be
considered. It ie probable that action
will be taken notifyiag the city officials,
and merchants who eell cigars and
tobacco that the city ordinance ia regard
to eelling to minora mast be enforced.
Considerable complaint haa been made
from parents which haa induced the
board to take action.
Bert Reynolds, one of the students
at the business college ia spending this
week at hia home in Petersburg. Mr.
Reynolds is a brother of Mies Edith
Reyaolde who caused quite a eenaation
laat week byber sadden dieeppearanee
from her echool where she waa teaching
near that place, mention of which wa
have etoewhere in this issue. Miaa Rey
nolds haa been located ia Denver from
where she wrote to her parents.
The geaeral meeting of the Womaa'a
dub will be held next Satarday after
noon at 3 o'clock, at the home of Mia. L.
Gerrard when the following program will
be rendered: Response to roll call, fed
eration notes; vocal solo, Miaa Minnie
Morgan of Baehanan, West Virgiaia;
reports of the state federation, first day
by the president Mrs. Geer, second day
Mm. Garlow and third day Mrs. Gerrard.
A musical eeleetion will complete the
We have a few copies of the city
ordinances, bound in leather, that we
will dispose of at n reasonable price.
These books were printed in 1893 by
Tarn Joubxal, compiled by the lateC. A.
Wooeley under the direction of the city
council, aad ia the laat printed work
gotten out by the council. The book ia
valuable to any one in any way connect
ed with tha city government We have
but a limited number. See them at
this office.
.-Missus Martha Stauffer and Pauline
Eliae entertained the Senior class of the
High echool Saturday evening with n
Hallowa'ea party at the borne of Mies
Stauffer. The house was decorated with
bittersweet sad yellow bunting and
lighted with jack-o'-tonterna. In every
dark orascladed corner a doll dressed to
represent a witch or ghost waa placed.
The eveaiag waa spent in playing games,
fry"f class soags and giving quotations
of witches from Shakespeare.
The Christian Endeavor aoriety of
the Presbyterian church ea joyed a aoeial
time together Saturday evening at the
hoaae of Miaa Heton Jerome. Aboat
thirty young people were preseat aad
iadalged ia many of the "witcby" games
that are associated with Hallowe'en.
Miaa Halsey acted the part of a witch
fortune teller and created mach amaee
meat by her predictioaa. The refresh
aunts ware ia keeping with tha old
as recraita to
tha Second regiment from
i, returned
11 ptoased with the
They apaat ten daya ia camp aad
boat aighteea to twenty-eight I
daily. Home oompiaiat waa made
about the ratioaa dariag the first of the
pment bat later better
aboat ISjOOO troops participated ia tha
warauaeavera. It to expected that aext
year the First regiment will go to Riley.
Tha Brock family are certainly a
of soldiers. Ia talkiag with J. R,
tiy, ha ramarkad that hia
grandfather had fought with Napoleon
aad participated in tha battle of Water
loo. Mr. Brock himaalf waa a aoldier
through the aatira civil war, Joha Brock,
jrChartoa Brock and lease Brock, all
coasias to each other, ware in the Phil
ippiae war, aad a youag grand aoa of J.
& Brock abowa incliaatioBa of the war
apirit aa ha waat with tha militia boye
from here to York taia eammer aa their
mascot, and hia grandfather believes he
will make a aoldier aome day.
Thraa B. k M. officials from Liaoola
ware ia towa tost Wednesday on a special
trip of inspection. The geatlemea bad
a private engine to which waa attached
a email car to the front of the engine,
made ia each a way that the occupants
have a view of the aarrounding country
in aay direetioa about them, and can be
operated either from this car or in the
eagiaa. Taia contrivance ia aeid to be
the only one of ite kind in existence.
The gonttoman who were here inspecting
ie compaay'e bastaess were E. Bignal
aoperiateadent R. 8. Shepard road mas
ter, aad E. W. Carter train master.
Considerable complaint ia made by
farmers along the river near Richland, in
regard to huatere shooting their stock.
It eeema that William Gondring and
Rcisoh Bros, have lost stock in this way,
hantera. through their carelessness or
willfally shooting yoaag stock. The
Richland correspondent to the Schuyler
Free Lance aaya: "Not long ago aome
youag raacal from Columbus shot
through several of the windowa of the
Haney echool houee. It waa found out
whom it was. There waa virtually noth
ing done to the chap, but his dad only
had to come oat and put in new window
Tha High echool basket ball girls
will play their first public game aext
Saturday eveaiag ia tha Orpheus opera
with the Silver Creek High echool
Aa tha game haa never been
played in tha city before, eoaautorable
carioaity aa to ita aatare haa been cbe
alayad by away of the dtixaaa aad tha
girto are axaaetiag liberal patronage at
thai initiatory game,- Dariag the even-
two gamaa will be played, one be
ta eeeoad aad third teeme of Co-
with a abort totermknaoa and
betweea the first
rasa Silver Creek.
who have been araetieiag aad
who, with oaa or two exceptioaa, will
CoUuOme ere: Mtoam Brod-
Sneak thieves broke into the reei-
deuce of Mrs. H. J. Hudson Wednesday
night and atoto a good broadcloth suit
of mea'e clothee, a lady'e fur collarette
and took other thinga which pleaaed
tactr uney. in rroot door waa un
locked and left unfastened. Mrs. Hud
aoa ataya nighta with her daughter. Mm.
Jaakinaon, and usually the boye sleep in
her house, bat on thia particular night
nobody waa at the place. On the aame
aight people passing the Pearsall rem
daaea aoticed that the front door was
toft opea, aad that strangers had been
there, but aa none of the family were in
town it ia not known what articles are
The remains of Mm J. V. Mulvenon
of Omaha, were brought here Sunday
aad funeral services were held Monday,
at the home of her mother, Mrs. A. F.
Saffron. Mm. Mulvenon, whose former
name waa Freda Saffron waa born in
Davenport, Iowa, in 1873, waa married in
1896, and died in a hospital in Omaha
tost Saturday from jaundice, after an
Qlnees of but n few daya Her husband
ia in Wyoming and the news of his wife's
death could not reach him in time for
him to come to the funeral. Rev. Ulmer
of the Baptiat church conducted the
aervicea at the Saffron home Monday
afternoon at 1 o'clock, after which the
remaina were laid to rest in the Colum
bus cemetery.
Laat week's issue of the Nebraska
Farmer contained a picture on the first
page of "Fame'e Heir," the shorthorn
bull belonging to C. K. Daviea. After
an explanation of the pedigree of this
fine animal the Farmer aaya: "Mr.
Daviea had tha courage to take thia red
calf at $500 when be was only 14 months
old. Bat the purchase haa proven an
excellent investment ss the young stock
in the Davies herd will show. Particu
lar interest attaches to Fame'e Heir just
from the fsct that the first of his get
will go into Mr. Daviea' aborthorn sale
at Colambue, Nebon Nov. 17. There
are few rivals of thia bull in the weat
and perhaps none hia equal in docility
and good handling quality."
John Bernt, one of the old eettlers
of thia eeetion, died Monday evening of
last week at his borne eleven miles south
west of thia city. Word of hia death waa
not received here until too late for men
tion in tost week's Jocbxai Mr. Bernt
waa born in Austria over 77 yeara ago,
and came direct from there to Columbus
in 1873. He moved to the country where
be made hia home until a few yeara ago
when be aaoved to thia city, returning
again to hia country home about two
yeara ago. Mr. Bernt leaves besides bis
wife, five eons aad two daughters.
Funeral eervicee were held Wednesday
morning at 9 o'clock in the Andrea
Catholic church near his home, and
interment made in the near-by cemetery.
rtMrfnm ! f7
aewa far thaa f " lm gffiatt Evaaa, Ooadriag, Mace,
1,14 ti, Sayaar, lUsmaassa, areas, Babeoak,
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to aot hard to anv
play aaa be essa aad all
The village of Creston, this county,
waa tha victim of a very disastrous fire
early Sunday morning. The origin of
the fire ia notknowa. Editor C. E. Wag
ner of the Stateamaa, who sleeps in hia
office, waa awakeaed about 2 o'clock by
names in bis room and was compelled to
jump oat through n window to escape
being burned. The alarm waa then given
but the fir had gained each headway
that BOtaiag could be done with the
meager fira-tghtiag apparatus at hand
and aeveral buildings were eoaaamed by
the flames The loss consists of the
Creston Bank, Independent Telephone
awitchboard, a furniture atore, Heaninga
blackamithafaop, the Creston Statesman
office aad equipaaeat and an implement
atom. Notaiag waa aaved from aay of
the baikbaga with tha exception of what
waa in tha vaalt of the beak. The entire
lose to sot known but that experienced
by the telephone company to estimated
at aboat $150. The baildiaaa ware all
frame and we aaderstaad belonged to
Theodore Wolfe. New buildiags will be
built to their ptoceaaaaoon ss possiblcC
Tha telephone compaay has men at work
pattiag ia a aaw awitchboard and it ia
hoped that aot snore thaa four days ser
viewwiU ha lost a E. Wagner left
Moaday for Omaha to make arraage
ntent with a nabhaaiag hoaae to do hia
HMY Rufialft GO.
.4 .
It is generally admitted that our stock of
Is the most complete and our method of doing business
the most satisfactory of anr similar establishment in
this part of the state. We buj our goods in quan
tities and sell them at prices that are right.
w w m w w
We have received in the last few weeks a fine assort
ment of novelties in seasonable goods in CHINA,
GLASSWARE aid LAMPS. You are cordially
invited to visit our store whether you give us part or
all of your business iu our line. You will always be
CliMMiSt BfaflSalajaja)
13vh Street.
SOUie ef tat
Good Tilings
A new sleeve not
too " extreme " and
easily made some
exceptionally stylish skirt models
in short and just-to-escape lengths
dressmaking points on mourning
gowns the hat for mourning and
how to make it.
The girl who wants to make her
own way in the world may find
helpful suggestions in the valuable
paper " Training for Self Support "
in this number a full account cf
the methods and work done at the
new f-ee trade school in New York.
Muck else of interest all for 10 cents we
take subscriptions at to cents a year at our
Standard Pattern Department.
J. . GALLEY, fla.
kkhkkkkkhnkhkMm.m.kkkilMkm1tkm,kkkiiitiikii1i 'J
i again demonstrated daring our opening week. Hundreds
of satisfied customers are the best evidence of the merit of our
millinery in which excellent styles and low prices are the rul
ing sprits. You cannot afford to bay a hat before seeing oar
display. Hundreds of the newest designs arriving continually.
I am in the millinery market every day, which enables me
to buy the new styles as fast as they come oat at prices
at about half what you would pay elsewhere.
Men's and Boys' Clothing
Made in the best styie, finest lit, :it prices not any higher
than what others sell vou inferior "(xnh for. We carrv
the largest line of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS a't "
a very low price. Our ;hoes all ma!e up for us especially
by the foremost manufacturers of the country. A larjre
stock to select from for man. woman and child. You will
not run the risk of getting shoddy or shelf-worn goods if
you buy of us.
Shte Repairing Neatlu and Promptli Dnr3.
Frischholz Bros.
411 Eleventh Street.
The dramatic production under the
direction of A. B. Tomson and for the
benefit of the public library will be given
to oar citizens in about one week. '-The
Gilded Youth" will be the principal
attraction, which is a three-act comedy.
The east of characters are Miss Florence
Kraaaer "Zadie"; Miss Metta Hensley
"Aunt Zadie"; Bert Stillman "Sam Gil
der"; Jack Early "Moses Margin" and
Alfred Toeaeoa "CoL Culpepper." A
oae-aet play, entitled "The Littlest Girl,"
will opea the evening's entertainment.
$17 Jt Cakaga tad Xetuxm ria lar
liBgtem laate.
Aeooaat Interaational Live Stock Ex
poartitta. November 28 to December 5.
Tickets oa sale November 28, 29 and 3a
Iaaeilad for return to December 7. Ask
taaaeaat. 3
Niewohner block, corner 13th and Olit
street. Colombo. Nebr.
STieT fmjZm.M'
Gas adimnis?
teres far pain
less extraction
af teeth. ,
Residence Telephone L n,
OfKce Telephoae A. 4.
When you wiab good, aeat, clean
handsome work doae ia the Une of
priatiag, call at Tarn Jotraui
- i
.- ..
II -
JgmwJmmkTg&Zhgtikm m i if jJOitM
itMi Btlr - rh

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