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What Is Shown by Figures from New
York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa,
Colorado and Other States East and
has been won by Eugene E. Schmltz
(onion labor) the present incumbent,
.whose plurality on the partial count
is now 3.434 over Henry J. Cracker,
republican candidate. The. onion
labor and democratic parties hare
captured nearly every office so fir
as the returns show.
OMAHA Complete returns hare
been received from forty-nine of the
ninety counties in the state and par
tial ones from practically all of the re
mainder. The forty-nine counties
complete, including Douglas and Gage.
represent considerably over half the
total vote of the state. In these coun
ties Barnes, rep., for supreme judge,
has a plurality of 5.107. In the same
counties two years ago Sedgwick had
a plurality of 9,166. These figures,
taken in connection with the partial
returns from the remaining counties.
Indicate that the plurality of Barnes
In the state will be 10,000. The heav
iest loss for Barnes, as compared with
the Sedgwick vote, was in Douglas
county, where it averaged almost
twenty to the precinct. Out in the
state, particularly in the counties hav
ing no large towns, he has not lost
greatly. There Is nothing at hand on
which to base an accurate estimate
of the vote for regents, but the mea
ger returns would indicate that they '
will have a larger plurality than the
head of the ticket
TRENTON. The republicans In
New Jersey elected four of the six
state senators and enough of the as
sembly to claim both houses.
DENVER The latest returns from
the election in Colorado show that the
plurality for Campbell, rep., over Wil
son, dem., for Justice of the supreme
court will not be far from 7,000. Wil
son carried but eleven 'of the fifty-nine
counties in the state.
Chinese Greatly Enraged at Russian
Proceedings. Demand Repeated far
the Exclusion ef Majer Wong.
BALTIMORE The returns this
morning from 254 precincts of the 30S
in Baltimore city have been counted
and these show a majority of 4,842 for
Edwin Warfield, democratic candidate
tor governor. It is quite certain that
the returns from the remaining fifty
four precincts will increase this lead.
NEW YORK After a remarkable
campaign, in which there was united
against him nearly all the newspa
pers and practically every minister of
religion in this city, George B. McClel
lan, son of the civil war general, was
Tuesday elected third mayor of the
greater New York over Seth Low. fu
slonist, the present mayor, by a plu
rality of about 70,000. Edward M.
Grout was elected comptroller and
Charles V. Fornes president of the
board of aldermen. These two men
were originally on the fusion ticket
and were indorsed by Tammany.
George B. McCIellan's plurality is
63,01 . complete unofficial returns
having been received from every elec
tion district in the city. By the same
returns, Comptroller Edward M.
Grout and Charles V. Fornes, presi
dent of the board of aldermen, run
ning for re-election on the democratic
ticket, though elected two years ago
as fusionlsts, defeated their fusion op
ponents by 66.790 and 64.973 plurality
respectively. Comptroller Grout lead
ing the city ticket.
BOSTON With the exception of the
socialist vote, the election in Massa
chusetts very nearly paralleled that of
last year. Governor John L. Bates is
re-elected by the republicans by a plu
rality of 35,849 over Colonel William
A. Gaston in a total vote only slightly
under that of 1902, when Bates won
by 37,120 plurality.
LOUISVILLE With th close of
an election characterized by an un
usually heavy vote numerous disor
ders and evidences of many gross ir
regularities, the re-election of Gov-
; ernor Morris B. Belknap, republican.
by a majority of fully 15,000, seems
assured. The republicans concede
the election of Governor Beckham.
PHILADELPHIAThe polls closed in
Pennsylvania at 7 p. m. Information
received from various parts of the
state indicate that while ideal elec
tion weather prevailed the vote was
unusually light, owing to the lack of
Inte-est in the contest. The repub
lican state ticket was elected by a
majority exceeding 150,000. Reuben
Moon. rep was elected to congress
from the Fourth district, to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of Rob
ert H. Foerderer, rep. Mr. Moon's op
ponent was Raff. ind. dem.
PHILADELPHIA Latest estimates
from the country districts indicate
that the republican state ticket will
have majorities ranging from 225,000 (
to 230.000.
In the counties where judges of
common pleas court were chosen, the
republican percentage of victories was
far greater than that of the democrats.
PROVIDENCE Complete returns
from the 152 districts of the state re
ceived Wednesday re-elect Governor
L. F. Garvin by 1.5S7 plurality, a da
crease of 6,151 votes. The vote for
Colt, rep., was 29,304, for Garvin, dem.,
30.89L The republicans elect the en
tire state ticket with the exception
of governor.
PEKING Yuen Shi Kay. viceroy
of Chi Li province, who, as cabled to
the Associated Press, was dispatched
to Mukden by the dowager empress
with instructions to investigate affairs
there and if possible to arrange a set
tlement with the Russians, did not
go any further than Tien Tsin. which
he reached Thursday evening. It is
now considered doubtful whether he
will go to Mukden at alL
The Chinese are more enraged at
the Russian proceedings at Mukden
than they have been by any events
since the capture of Peking. Some of
the hot-headed members of the coun
cil have advised the dowager em
press to declare war on Russia and
send troops to release the tartar gen
eral, whose detention at Mukden,
growing out of the decapitation of a
Chinese bandit who had enlisted in
the Russian service.but who fell into
the hands of the Chinese after the
Russians had evacuated Mukden,
wounds Chinese susceptibilities since
it is considered to be not only an in
sult to a high official but an insult to
the Chinese government itself.
Better informed officials, however,
realize the helplessness of China and
the madness of attempting to go to
war with Russia. Their counsels
have hitherto prevailed, though there
is much baseless war talk in the na
tive press and among the younger
Chinese officials.
Paul Lessar, the Russian minister
to China has repeated the demands
1 of Russia for the execution of Major
Wong, who recently decapitated a
noted brigand in Russian employ and
the dismissal of Yuen, the taotai of
Mukden, who is Wong's superior officer.
Ha Outlines FwjKJan ef United States
in Panama Affaire.
WASHINGTON The United Slates
eat has recognised taw de
facto government of Paasma. It was
announced at the state deceit sisal af
ter the return of Secretary Hay frost
the cabinet meeting that iastnsetkms
have been sent to United States Mia
ister Beaupre at Bogota (assuming
that he has not left the capital yet)
and to Mr. Ehrman, the United States
vice consul at Panama and now act
ing consul there, to inform the govera
ments of Colombia and Panama re
spectively that the de facto govern
ment is recognized.
The decision to recognize the de
facto government of Panama was ar
rived at after a protracted session, of
the cabinet Friday, at which every
member was present except Secre,
taries Root and Wilson. The presi
dent emphasized the importance of
the recognition of the de facto gov
ernment. With the withdrawal ef
the Colombian officials the isthmus
was left entirely without a govern
ment, unless that established by the f
secessionists should be recognized.
and this step seemed necessary for
the transaction of the routine busi
ness of the United States on the isthmus.
Palma Believes That the
Ceasing Extra Session ef Congress
Will Adept Treaty Hia Message
asm the Sufcjssts Dealt With.
RICHMOND Va. The elections in
Virginia for assembly have resulted
in a democratic sweep of the state.
There were few contests, the fields as
a rule being left open to the demo
crats. At 11:30 the outcome at the
hardest fought points was still unde
cided. Surprises, however, appear in
the defeat of the democratic nominees
in Botecourt and Fredericksburg.
Powell Cables for Warship.
WASHINGTON A cablegram has
been received at the state department
from United States Minister Powell,
dated at Domingo City, stating that
the insurgents are marching on that
city and asking that a warship be at
once sent there. The cruiser Balti
more, which sailed from Hampton
Roads several days ago, is now due
at San Domingo and the state depart
ment believes that her presence there
will be sufficient.
How News la to Be Broken to the Gov
ernments Concerned.
WASHINGTON The following tel
egram was sent to the state depart
ment to Mr. Ehrman, the acting con
sul general at Panama:
"The people of Panama have by
an apparently unanimous movement
dissolved their political relations with
the republic of Colombia and assumed
their independence. When you are
satisfied that a de facto government,
republican in form, and without sub
stantial opposition from its own peo
ple, has been established in the state
of Panama, you will enter into rela
tions with it as the responsible gov
ernment of the territory and look to
it for all due action to protect the
persons and property of citizens of the
United States, end to keep open thD
isthmian transit, in accordance with
the obligations of existing treaties
governing the relations of the United
States to that territory.'
Immediately after an instruction
was sent by telegraph, to Mr. Beaupre,
the United States Minister at Bogota,
in about the same terms.
HONOLULU Complete election re
turns from Oahu county, in which
this city is situated, show that the
republican candidates, with a few ex
ceptions, have been successful by
very close margins. The home rulers
secured the assessor, surveyor and
four supervisors. In East Hawaii
county the republicans elected their
entire ticket, except four supervisors,
on which place home rulers were
NEW HAVEN. Mayor Charters.
the labor candidate, is re-elected in
Ansonia by 40 votes. Indications
point to the re-election of Dennis Mul
vihill. the "Stoker" mayor, dem., at
Bridgeport. '
BRIDGEPORT Mayor Dennis Mul
vibill, known as the "stoker" mayor,
was carried in a triumphal proces
sion tonight during the celebration of
his re-election today. With him prac
tically the entire democratic ticket-
Teas rarripri into nffiro Tii1t-5KU1 rfa. !
feated George E. Hill, the republican
candidate, by 2.142 votes by the great
est poll in the city's history.
"Elijah's" Business Cabinet Visits the
WASHINGTON President Roose
velt received the indorsement of Alex
ander J. Dowie, the Zion prophet, on
Monday, in an interview granted at
the executive offices to the Dowie busi
ness cabinet, who are on their way
from New York to Zion City. .Judge
Barnes, the spokesman, delivered the
indorsement of the prophet.
The president expressed his appre
ciation of the sentiment After the
interview with the president the Zion
ists were joined by the women of
the party and inspected the White
Machen Trial November 23.
WASHINGTON The cases of A. W.
Machen Diller B. and Samuel A. Groff
and George E. and Martha Lorenz, in
dicted on charges of conspiracy in con
nection with the sale of letter box
fasteners to the postoffice department,
were Monday set for trial on Novem
ber 23.
Asks for Recognition.
WASHINGTON The United States
government received a cablegram
from Panama requesting that it rec
ognize the new government The offi
cials here are as yet in ignorance as
to what this new government consists
of and have taken no action on the
Caught in the Underground Workings
of Mine at Virginia City, Mont
BUTTE, Mont A Virginia City
special io the Miner says fire in the
Kearsarge mines, six miles from Vir
ginia City, early this morning killed
nine men. The damage to the surface
buildings is slight Among the dead is
Superintendent R. B. Turner of Butte,
one of the best known mining men
in the northwest Four bodies have
been recovered up tonight All dead
miners are from Butte and were sin
gle men.
The Kearsarge is one of the prin
cipal gold mines of the state and is
considered very valuable. It is oper
ated by the Elder Mining company.
HAVANA. The regular session of
congress opeaed Monday afternoon.
The recomssendatioas in the message
of .President Palma were chiefly of a
general character. The much dis
cussed loaa taxes are not gone into at
: length, aad no amendment to the loan
law is suggested. The president
promises a special message with ref
erence to the negotiations of the loan
commissioners who went to New
York, who, the message says, are cer
tain that the loan can be obtained
in the United States
. Continuing, the message assures
congress of the president's zeal in
carrying out the payment of the revo
lutionary army and Senor Palma de
fies all assertions to the contrary
made by persons whom he terms "cer
tain turbulent spirits."
Referring to the relations between
Cuba and the United States, the mess
age says:
Our political relations with the
United-States have been definitely set
tled by treaties founded on terms of
the constitutional appendix and the
latter could not be eliminated from
the constitution by the mere reading
of these treaties.
Congress can appreciate that with
in the precise terms of the Piatt
amendment Cuba has obtained no few
advantages. Of the two forms of ces
sion of naval coaling stations by sale
or by lease the one least harmful to
Cuban sentiment was adopted and the
smallest limit as to the number of
stations granted was made, the regula
tions in the cases contain other limi
tations favorable to Cuba. The gov
ernment is acquiring territory within
the stations and will soon formally de
liver the areas marked out
The honorable President Roosevelt
to TThoni tio pcc?Ae of Cuban foei
such profound gratitude, has been
faithful to his word and has convened
the American congress in special ses
sion for the purpose of taking action
on the pending reciprocity treaty,
from which we hope to receive such
great benefits.
Trustworthy information has been
received by the executive which war
rants the belief that this treaty will
be ratified.
The president congratulates the
Cuban people on their love of order,
evidenced by the cry of "indignation
which resounded from one end of the
island to the other when a few men
sought to create disturbances." He
says instances such as these have
shown the capacity of the Cuban peo
ple for self-government President
Palma condemned the leaders of this
movement, whom he said were too
cowardly to make themselves knewn.
Levy ef Tax en Commodities Results
in Suspension of Business.
SANTIAGO. CUBA. At a meeting
of the Chamber of Commerce held
here resolutions of protest against the
stamp tax, which went into effect oa
the first of November were adopted
and forwarded to President Palma.
The cigar factories and whole
sale liquor dealers of Santiago agreed
to close their establishments today.
The retailers followed suit with the
exception of one American, who said
he would pay the tax. He tried to
buy stamps for his stock oa hand, but
found that none had arrived. He put
in "an order for stamps and did busi
ness. There is talk of a strike move
ment against the new law. One
thousand cigarmakers and persons
employed in liquor houses already
have been discharged. Thev are
I mostly without resources. Several
saloonkeepers will open their places
tomorrow on a technicality, unless
the stamps arrive in the meantime.
Complete Returns from Seventy-Two
of the Ninety Counties.
OMAHA Complete returns from
Tuesday's election have been re
ceived from the seventy-one of the
ninety counties in the state. These
counties this year cast 162,751 votes
for the leading candidates for su
preme judge and the counties yet to
report have not. in all probability cast
to exceed 35,000 votes. In these seventy-one
counties Barnes, rep., for su
preme judge, has a plurality of 8,091
over Sullivan, fus. These same coun
ties two years ago gave a republican
candidate for supreme judge a plur
ality of 11 069. the remaining coun
ties giivng Sedgwick, rep., 1,850 plur
ality. Returns on regent have not been
tabulated, but examination of them
shows that the regents will have a
larger plurality than the he3d of the
Expel Mormon Missionary.
VIENNA. Frank Pingree. a Mor
mon missionary, has been arrested
rt Temesvar, Hungary, while address
ing r. meeting held to establish a
Mormon settlement there. A decree
of expulsion from Hungary has been
issued against him.
COLUMBUS The- republicans
broke their record in Ohio Tuesday in
pluralities for governor by electing
Colonel Myron T. Herric. rep., over
Mayor Tom L. Johnson, denu by con
siderably over 100.000. The plurality
on joint ballot of over 100 in the leg-1
islature for the re-election of Senator
Hanna more than triples any previous
record. Senator Foraker had a record-breaking
majority of thirty-five oa
joint ballot for bis re-election two
years ago and that for Hanna this
year is three times that majority.
Skinner Reaches Beyroot
WASHINGTON Secretary Moody
received a dispatch announcing the
arrival of the gunboat Machias at
Beyroot on its way to Jibuti, French
Somaliland, with Consul General
Skinner and the other members of
the Abyssinian expedition. Machias
stopped at Beyroot to take aboard a
detachment of marines from Brook
lyn and San Francisco which is to
escort the consul general's party into
the interior of Abyssinia.
No Improvement at Laredo.
LAREDO, TEX. There has been
no decided improvement in the yellow
fever situation during the last twenty
four hours. Tonight's bulletin: New
cases, 17; deaths, 2; total number of
cases to date, 620; total number of
deaths to date, 59.
DES MOINES Returns received up
to midnight indicate the re-election of
Governor Cummins by a plurality of
0,000 and some of his associates on
the republican ticket by substantial
pluralities. At democratic headquar
ters so large a plurality is not admit
ted. The legislative returns, although
not complete, indicate little change
from two years ago, when the house
contained eighty-two republicans and
eighteen democrats, and the senate
forty republicans and ten democrats.
The democrats may gain two or three
members of the house.
SAN FRANCISCO. Election re
turns fairly indicate that a victory
Threatens to Take Sole Charge.
TOKIO Reports says Russia now
threatens to assume sole charge of
the government of Manchuria unless
China pomptly dismissed Yuen, the
taotai of Mukden and decapitates an
other mandarin who recently pun
ished disorderly Chinese bandits la
Russian employ. This, together with
the confirmation of the reports of the
reoccupation of Mukden by the Rus
sians and the seizure of Governor
Tzang. causes intense feeling here.
Iron Dealers FaiL
CHICAGO The business of J. L.
Perkins & Co., dealers in iron and
tin, has passed into the hands of the
Royal Trust company as receiver.
The assets are said to be less than
$200,000, with liabilities of $210,000.
Historian Mommsen Stricken.
BERLIN Prof. Mommsen, the his
torian, who was born in 1S17, has suf
fered a severe apoplectic stroke. He
is unconscious. His left side is para
lyzed and there is little hope of his
Great Strike is Imminent
CHICAGO It is probable that by
the latter part of next week there will
be great strikes in the stock yards
in this city. All the unions have di
rected their representatives to vote
for a strike at the meeting which
win be held next Thursday. The sau
sage makers and canners have been
out for some time and the canmakera
have struck in sympathy. The gen
eral strike will be for the same
African Natives in Revolt
CAPETOWN The German consul
here confirms the rumor of native re
bellion in Damaraland, a country of
southwest Africa, forming a part of
the German possessions. A German
non-commissioned officer, commanding
at Warmbad has been killed .and the
chief of the rebels has been shot
Other rumors that a commanding
officer and other bodies of troops
have been killed indicates a greater
Wentz is Captive in the Cumberland
CHICAGO, 111. A dispatch to the
Tribune from Bristol, Tenn., says:
Edward L. Wentz, the young Phila
delphia millionaire who mysteriously
disappeared from his father's home
at Big Stone Gap, Va., October 14, is
alive and a captive in the Cumberland
mountains. A letter has just been re
ceived from him addressed to his par
ents, in which he states that he is
well and asks that the ransom of
$100,000 demanded' by his captors be
at once paid so that he can get his
Negotiations for his release are be
ing made.
Memphis Is Shaken Up.
MEMPHIS, Tsnn. A distinct
earthquake shock was fslt all over
Memphis Wednesday morning. No
damage was done, but in a number
of instances tenants in high build
ings hastened to the streets. An
other distinct shocks occurred at 1:15
p. m.
Reports from surrounding towns
tell of earthquake shocks, but no se
rious damages is reported. The vi
brations were felt as far south as
Grenada, Miss.
Indebtedness $1,259,039,993 Increass
of $2,649,956 for September.
WASHINGTON The monthly state
ment of the public debt shows that at
the close cf business, October 31. 1903,
the total debt, Ies3 cash in the treas
ury, amounted to $920,402,501, hich
is an increase for the month of $2,
The debt is recapitulated as follows:
Interest bearing debt, $905,277,060;
debt on which interest has ceased
since maturity, $1,196,930; debt bear
ing no interest, $392,565,913; total. $1.
299,039,993. This amount, however, does not In
clude $919,843,569 in certificates and
treasury notes outstanding which are
offset by an equal amount of cash on
hand for their redemption.
May Issue an Ultimatum.
CONTANTINOPLE In consequence
of the porte's reply pleading the
superfluity of the new reform scheme
for Macedonia, on the ground that
Turkey is carrying out the proposals
previously agreed to it is believed
Austria and Russia will send an ulti
matum giving Turkey a fixed term
within which to accept the proposals,
and that in the event of refusal, the
two powers will take steps compel
ling action.
Colorado Bank is Closed.
VICTOR, Colo. The First National
bank of this city, a controlling inter
est in which is owned by the Woods
Investment company, closed its doors
shortly before 2 o'clock Wednesday
afternoon. A notice was posted say
ing that the bank was In the hands
of the comptroller of the currency.
The bank's capital is $50,000. The de
posits amount to about $3,000. A quiet
run on the bank had been in progress
for several days.
Union Men Must Pay Fines.
KANSAS CITY James Hill and
John T. Linsley, drivers for a depart
meat store, and Ernest H. Trekell, a
driver for the United States Express j
Three Hundred Are Killei.
LONDON A dispatch to the Daily
Mail from Simla says terrible earth
quakes have occurred at Turshise.
near Turbat-I-Haidari, in Persia, in
which 350 persons were killed and
numbers were injured. One hundred
and eighty-four carpet factories were
destroyed and oaly thirty-two stalls
were left standing in the great bazaar.
The entire town was practically demolished.
Commander Booth-Tucker to Visit His
NEW YORK Commander Booth
Tucker of the Salvation Army sailed
for England Wednesday on the Cedric
in response to a cablegram from Gen
eral William Booth, the head of tho
army. It was said at Salvation Army
headquarters that the commander had
been overcome by the sudde- death of
his wife and that General Booth wish
ed him to take a few days of rest and
to recover from the shock of his be
reavement ,
Among Salvationists it is said that
General Booth is suffering greatly
from the shock of his daughter's death
and on account of his age it is feared
the result may be serious.
New Austrian Emigration Law.
VIENNA. The new emigration law
of Austria, whicb 3 now awaiting the
approval of the ministry of justice,
abolishes the existing provision under
which emigrants of all classes Iosd
their Austrian citizenship. Under the
new law emigrants for economical rea
sons will continue to be regarded as
Austrian citizens and efforts will be
made to keep in touch and assist them
in the country to which they emigrate.
itution in Lebrador.
ST. JOHNS, N. F. Extreme des
titution is reported from many parts
of Labrador, owing to the shortage of
the fishery catch. Unless relief be
Report en Deepening River.
ST. LOUIS-The report of the joint
committee from the Merchants' ex
change and the Business Men's league
appointed to secure data for a report
on the commercial features involved
in the deepening of the chancel of
the river frm St Louis to Cairo. HL.
was' forwarded to Washington The
report consists mainly cf answers to
questions furnished by the depart
ment of commerce and labor, accoa
penied by special maps.
company, union men, were fined $100 provided by the government it Is be
each in police court here Tuesday for j lieved that many of the people will
stoning a .wagon driven by a non- perish. One vessel already dispatch
union man, a strike breaker. Notice ed with provisions has not vet been
of appeal was given. The men were reported as arrived, and the supplies
sent to jaiL while their friends hur- which were carried by the ship will
ned around to Taise enough money to , have to be duplicated aad sent by an
pay their fines. : 0 g
Missing Woman rs Located.
Margaret K. Kelso, a young woman
who disappeared from her boarding
house in this city October 6, has been
located in Cripple Creek, and will be
cared for temporarily by the police
department It is learned that Miss
Kelso is from Philadelphia, though
she says she came from 'Pittsburg.
Her brother recently died in Pitts
burg. Her' friends in the east have
been notified.
Human Officer Uses Gun.
DENVER While resisting the ef
forts of Officer Oliver Tufts of the Col
orado Human society to compel him
to stop working a sick and abused
horse, Charles Heinz, a teamster em
ployed by a packing company, was j
shot and killed ft 5:30 Monday. after-
New Counterfeit Five.
WASHINGTON, D. C The secret
service has announced the discovery
of a aew counterfeit $5 silver certifi
cate, series of 1S99; check letter. A;
late number, 161; Lyons, register;
Roberts, treasurer. The most netiee-
able defect ia this counterfeit is in
noon. The offlcerclalms that Heinz ; fte ee,,, appearance of the
iucot m (cutw mro&ana wouaaea wrst
in the right arm. when the
Indian head. The raner is of
drew ermri mallHr m-nA V m4 twlr lf..
hur pistol with his left hand and fired j to tmitata the sCk thresds of the
ia seu-ueiesse. 1
' Mrs, Ingersoll Brings Suit
BOSTON. Mass. An interesting
case in the United States circuit court
on Wednesday was that of the bill
of Mrs. Eva Ingersoll of Dobbs Ferry,
N. Y., widow of the late Colonel Rob
ert G. Ingersoll. to establish an at
torney's lien- for $95,000 for services
performed by Colonel Igersoll a3 coun
sel for the contestants in the cele
brated contest of the will of An
drew J. Davis, the Montana copper
Accuses Woman cf Ferjury.
CHEYENNE. Wyo. Prosecuting At
torney Stoll Tuesday caused the ar
rest cf Miss Glendolene Kimmel on a
chargs of perjury. Last Saturday she
made affidavit that Victor Miller con
fessed to her that he killed- Willie
Nickel, the crime for which Horn is
sentenced to be hanged November 20.
and the prosecuting attorney declares
The army maneuvers just finished
cost the government $350,000 approx
imately. The king of Greece has been ap
pelated aa honorary admiral of the
British fleet
The Hungarian government has offi
cially decided to participate In the St
Louis exposition.
Count Apponyi has tendered his res
ignation as president of the lower
house of the Hungarian diet
A savings bank for negroes, with a
colored woman for Its president, be
gan business at Richmond. Va.
Rev. W. L Coburn of Boston has
accepted a call to the pastorate of
the Congregational church at Paola,
The French bark Savoyard has been
wrecked near Brest France. Thirty-
one of her crew, the captain's wife
and four other women were lost
The commission appointed by Presi
dent Roosevelt to Investigate condi
tions on Ellis island resumed its see
sions, going to the Island for that pur
pose. J. Richard Barrett a former member
of congress from Missouri, is dead of
heart disease in New York in a hotel
where he had made his home for the
past eighteen years.
At Portland. Ore., the federal grand
jury returned an indictment against
T. A. Woods, pension attorney, and his
son. Hosea Woods, partner in the busi
ness conducted by his father.
E. O. Spule, cashier of the Home
Savings bank of Iowa Falls, accused of
appropriating $3,000 of the bank's
funds, was indicted for embezzlement
on three counts by the grand jury.
The United States supreme court
has advanced the case involving the
rights of freedmen in the Choctaw and
Chickasaw nations in Indian Territory
and set the hearing for January 25.
Trade in contracts for future deliv
ery of coffee was established at the
New Orleans board of trade. Bidding
was fairly active in all months and
some speculative interest was shown.
A dispatch to the London Daily
Mail from Simla says terrible earth
quakes have occurred at Turshiz. near
Turbit-i-IIsidari. in Persia, in which
350 perron were killed and numbers
The trouble between the steamfit
ter3 and plumbers unions over the
piping of the Cascade at the World's
fair grounds, which threatened to cul
minate in a general strike, was settled
Two persons are dead and three
wounded as a result of an altercation
between whites and blacks at Lake
Village, Ark., which was not settled
until a lynching had quieted the ex
cited people.
At Grand Rapids. Mich., a verdict
for $30,000 was given to Miss Henri
etta Adams of Gasseville. Mich..
against Robert Stuart Baker, a well
known young society man of that city.
for breach of promise.
George I. Harvey superintendent of
the Pawnee training school, has ask
ed Commissioner Jones, head of the
Indian bureau, to suspend action on
bis case until he has had a chance to
3ee President Roosevelt
At Belleville, 111., five more citizens
were arrested on indictments charging
participation in the lynching of David
S. Wyatt. a negro school teacher. June
6 last Each gave a bond in the sum
of $20 and was released.
While running at a high speed an
inbound Wabash fast freight crashed
into a freight ahead, in a dense fog.
fifty miles west of St. Louis, injuring
seven men, two of whom may die. and
killing seven carloads of stock.
fceven hundred thousand dollars Is
the estimated cost of the necessary
repairs to the battleship Indiana con
tained in the survey of that vessel re
ceived at the navy department The
survey contemplates new boilers and
a general overhauling of the vessel,
and has been referred to the board of
construction for approval .
At the last meeting of the National
Geographic society. President Roose
velt was elected an honorary member
of the society, as a tribute to his zeal
ous encouragement of exploration and
geographic work. Commander Robert
E. Peary was also elected an honorary
member, in recognition of his impor
tant explorations in the far north dur
ing the past fifteen years.
The London Spectator contends that
as Washington has become the most
important station in the British diplo
matic service, the salary cf the am
bassador ought to be raised to $50,000.
The salary of the late Ambassador Sir
Michael Herbert was $32,500.
Because of over-production of the
Somerset Coal company of Pennsylva
nia, several mining companies in the
George's Creek region. Maryland, have
shut down. Other companies in both
fields are working short time. Several
thousand men are affected.
Advices from Washington state that
Governor Dole will probably be ap
pointed United States district judge
of Hawaii to succeed Morris M. Estee.
deceased, and that Governor Dole will
be succeeded by George R. Carter, sec
retary of the Interior.
Lieutenant General Young, chief of
staff, has returned to Washington from
Fort Riley, Kas., where he inspected
the troops engaged m the maneuvers.
He says the conduct of the troops,
regular aad state; was highly credit
able. Postmaster General Payne, in his es
timates forwarded to the treasury for
transmission to congress for appropria
tions needed during the fiscal year
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