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ft Few Special Prises That Speak betid.
Perfo, Halted Breakfast Food, regular price 15c sale price
20 lb;. Granulated Sugar
7 Uftiis xciiox ou3p
8 bars White Russian and Diamond C
Power, flaked breakfast food, 12c package
Unrivalled Baking Powder, 25c can
K. C. Baking Powder, 25c can
Calumet " " " -
Fancy Jardintre and Ftewtr T Salt.
An excellent opportunity to supply your wants at greatly re-
. ductal prices in this line, just when you need to house your flowers.
Janlinere and Pedestal very handsome worth $6.00 sale price $4.50
Jardineres handsomely decorated " 2.00 " 1.75
very handsome " 1.50 ' 1.25
1.40 " 1.10
.75 " .65
" .45 " .35
Common Flower Pots always sold at 3c, while they last at 2c
4c, " 3c
" 6c, " 4c
f " " 8c, " 6Jc
10c, " 8ic
" 12k, ' He
Many New Bargains Every Day. I
11th Street.
Both Telephones 26. i
Since our change on Nov. l9t, to a strictly cash basis, the prices
that wo are able to make under this change in the grocery department
:h w ell as all others are beginning to worry some of our credit store
competitor?, so much so that they are writing announcements of apol
ogy. Here is where the eash store has the advantage; we do not need
to apologize to our customers as we treat all alike; everyone who
trades with us, whether he be a capitalist, or a laboring man, gets the
j-ame prices, the same courteous treatment, the same consideration, nor
da we need ipiestion his past credit.
We believe in using up-to-date methods instead of plodding along
'"28 years" behind the times. Another point we wish to call to your
attention, is, that we are making such close prices that these same
competitors (who are trying to carry water on both shoulders) are
warning their trade against the inferior quality of the goods "bought
at cut prices" at the "would-be cash stores." You can see where the
shoe pinches explanations are not necessary. We shall continue to
sell for strictly cash and one price.
We would request all customers who do not visit our grocery
department in person, but use the telephone instead, to be particular
to examine all goods on deliver' before paying the driver and to be
fully satisfied that they are "standard goods that have a reputation"
and" not "inferior goods as the result of price cutting." We will let
vou know we are still on earth from week to week.
Thanksgiving Day Opportunities.
Quality counts always. In holiday times it counts more than
in other seasons. The Thanksgiving Dinner is an event for which
every housewife prepares with unusual care. Throughout the whole
country the women upon whom will devolve the task of marketing
and preparing for this unusual feast are on the lookout for the finest
food products obtainable. Here are some lines of uncommonly good
articles for the Thanksgiving Dinner:
Mince Meat.
'Tietter than home-maile." ia the tribute
always paid th ijualitjr of Monarch
Mince Stent. Condensed in pack- O Rn
ngeK; wet iaUHB Klaus jars... '
Monarch Pumpkin,
Full whisht. 3B can, make one more
! to the can than other packs. 1 go
Yacht Club
Salad Dressing,
The hipheot Rrade Maj-onaiae Dressing
made. It ha a freshness and delicacy of
naTor tliat has never been equal- R ff
od. Price per bottle. 10c. 30c & JVTV
Citron Peel, .
Something new this year. Cured in sugar
only, Rivins it an unsurpassed naTor or
such a delicate texture, cuts like but
ter. Fine for fruit cakes. Price ORn
perB w
Smyrna Figs,
The only really trood eatinc Fi9. baring
the full riavor of fruit thoroughly ripen
ed on the tre.. Wholesome and OfV
nutritious. Perl iw
Seeded Raisins,
4 Crowned Raisins. moist,
bright and glossy- Per lib p'kg
New Crop Dates,
For Thanksgiving trade, extra Tj fl
fancy, large and meat, per St.. A W
Plum Pudding
Twice cleaaed. once ia Greece aad again
here. The province of Voatizxa is famed
the world over for producing the Inner
Currants. These came from 1 0
Vostizza. Perlt p'kg A45jlr
Plum Pudding,
Rich and fruity, and sever dis- ARa
appoints. Peril can 43Jls
Bed Jacket
Made from selected trait in the appla
belt of Michigan. "Br ion the aamaiav
apple juice." That's what etenbudy
exciaims wnen tney taste it.
Per gallon
New October fall cream made ia the
hills of Pennsylvania, quality " Qa
unapproachable. Per It Ov
Monarch Olives
and Pickles,
Balk or pat op in slasaqaalitj anear
paeaed. New nuts. Raisins. Celery, Lsttaea.
BadiahesBd the choicest of Fraita the
morfci aWmla. Ptx mm
and w will guarantee yoar ttianar wili
be a success.
Both Telephones 27.
.kxx-kx:x:xxxmk-h- 1 1 it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m n n
Greamorv aad Dairy Daps.
Creamery Butter Fresh Milk
Sweet Cream Butter Milk
Cottage Cheese.
iflietiUftr DtLftVAL CREAM SEPflRATORS. :
t in 1 1 1 1 1 1 rm m ; i fin n tit u ii it i ii i ; kk i i n i h i
Columbus fourtraL
lfe.PaaL death.
Dr. Vsllier, Osteopath, Barter block,
-adge Post was iaGsssha Tharsdsy.
Dr.Gistssa, deatist, over rWlook.
Miaw Baby Waaslsy ia coaftasd to
tat knaMkvkB.M
taw KNM SySSSaaSSB. .
For art aaotogrsahy cell oa Mrs.
MffAlhatsr. MMwi old stsad.
TkeWkiteFrMt Dry GwWs
Store. FfjlUw the f rwd.
Fox ilia U hospital
aad suraaoa, postosaos baikliag.
Fast on aalla the eaUbratad Badiaat
Home Baa Barnara and
-The hsohslor girls dab saest this
sveaiag aa gaasts of Miaa
Alvia E. Pool, violinist. Papila
aeotptad. Gonearta aad raeitala. Tala
paoaaNo.65. tf
Dra. MartTa, ETaaaGaar k Han
aeo, oatoa tares doors north of Fried
hoTsstora. tf
In. Schils aukaa boota and ahoas
in tha bast styles, aad asas only tha Tary
best stock that caa be aroearad in tha
saarket. tf
Novambar 17, a K. Danes wiU hare
a aale of bis shorthorn cattle and Duroe
Jersey hogs. 2
Judge Sullivan watched the election
returns from headquarters at Lincoln
last Tuesday.
The Hibernian lodge are arranging
for a big dance on Thanksgiving evening
at Orpheus halt
Greatest of all grab sales is now on
at Niewohner'a. See goods on display
in northeast window.
Bring your bast com and try to get
the prize at Eaaton'a. See his advertise
ment in another ooluaw.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Soott are the
happy parenteof a daughter who arrived
at their home Thursday morning.
A gold watch valued at $25 goes at
the greatest of grab sales at Niewohner'a
See northeast window for display of
The ladies aid of the Presbyterian
church will meet Wednesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock at the residence of Mrs.
Howard Clarke.
J. D. Eastman of Chioago was here
Saturday and aold his 80 sere farm in
Monroe township to Bseher, Hooken
berger k Chambers.
In the meantime, follow the crowd
to E. D. Fitzpatrick's, the White Front
Dry Goods Store, and aae what you can
get for your money.
For aale, cheap, a nice aix-year-old
driving mare. Will scare at nothing.
Child can drive her. Also, rural mail
wagon. B. P. Duffy. 3
Dan Echols went to Cedar Rapids,
Nebraska, Thursday where be has accept
ed a position in the Hadley bank aa
collector and book keeper.
John Evana of the Postville neigh
borhood passed throagh the city Monday
on hia way to Shelby where he expects
to purchase some fancy hogs.
J. E. Nichols, living three and a half
miles east of Columbus, offers his well
improved farm for aale. Shade and fruit
trees. Inquire at the residence.
-lay tha Bast The Tryber Piaae
leada them all in construction, finish,
durability and price. Sold on monthly
payments. Auditorium Music Co.
Red Seal Flour. Ever tried it? If
not, give it a trial and you will call for
more. Every grocer has it. Manufac
tured by the Elevator Roller Mills. 4
The Fullerton News-Journal aaya
that there ia one good thing about elec
tiononly one-half the candidates ever
have reason to feel badly over the result.
Miss Gladys Paul, a teacher of
Wayne county, stopped Friday and Sat
urday with her brother Dr. J. E. Paul.
Miaa Paul waa on her way to Hall county
for a visit.
Attorney & & McAllister, who has
been confined to hia bed with pneu
monia at the hoBM of his sister Mrs. W.
N. Heusley the past throe weeks, is
somewhat improved.
Victor Schober, who ia atenographer
in the law offise of Allen k Beed at
Madiaon, came down to caet hia vote at
home, and remained here until Friday
evening, visiting relatives.
-Mr8.PhilUps,Mrs.Ragatz and Mm.
Height give a tea Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Phillips. Refresh
ments served beginning at 3 o'clock.
The public ia invited to attend.
Win. Graves has moved into hia
newly built home in the north part of
town, and Mrs. J. D.-Brewer will move
thia week to the residence on Eleventh
street vacated by the Graves family.
Mrs. Carrig aad daughter are visit
ing the family of Herman Frieke, oa
their way east Mrs. Carrig, who is
Mrs. Frieke mother, was taken ill here
and ia unable to continue tha trip for
the present.
Rev. Manro will preach Sunday
morning on missionary work, taking for
coaaidaration tha eoaatry of Japan. Ia
the evening the asrmoa will be the third
of a aeries on David, and the subject will
be "Sowing the Wind."
Aawag the relatives who attended
the funeral of Mrs. Kage 8aadaywera
Mr. aad Mrs. Hecox, Wfll Heeox aad
Andrew Staawoodallof Ssward,Mr. and
Mrs. Diezoa of David City aad Mr. and
Mrs. H. Hoops of Sawaylar.
Bob Sataarlaad, a former telegraph
operator acre aad dmaioa aaasriatead
eat oa the Uaioa Baame,aas reeaatly
froasdivaaoa to general
of the C. C. L. rail
road, with haadqaartara at Para, lad.
The riajiliam oa wast Fourteenth
kaowa aa tha McDonald house
aold Monday to Dr. Geer, aad tha
Doctor ia tara aold hia 2&acre tana
west of towa, kaowa aa tha Was. Staah
place, to Heary Garrard. Theeoasider
atioa for the farm waa $2,t0a
Waated, for U. a army, able bodied,
namarricd ansa, betaeaa ages of 21 aad
35, eitJaeas at United 8tates, of good
Investigate Ostiof stay; ita cures are
Kiowohaara greatest af all grab
ass tha
bow gone;
'old stand.
For watd
Eleventh street jeweler. Col
Leave yoar orderafor atova
at Eastoa's before cold wsataar. tf
Waated, a girl to do gaaaral
work. Apply at rasiiisaas of A. Height.
Ralph Swartaley lost a boras Mon
day. TaWsmiauldroaped dead while at
Do aot fail to aae oar 8-feot gervaa
issdateal mfll for WM. A.DasaaU4
8oa. tf
They tell as they have the beet sjoede
at the Tharstoa Annex. Any doaata?
Ask Kelly. tf
Dr. McKeaaa method of makiag
aluminum platan places them oa aa
equality with gold.
Garlands "Wonder of the Age,"
guaranteed to hold fire 24 boars baraa
slack. Sold only by Esstou.
Mrs. R.E. Jones received word Sat
arday from Spring Valley, Illinois, of tha
death that day of her brother, David
"Piano tuning." Mr. Earl C. Brink,
the reliable piano taner, will be ia
Columbus Dec. 2d. and
Waated, a good girl for
house work. Apply at J. H. Galley's
residence, corner of Fifteenth aad Mar
ray streets.
Rev. and Mrs. Graneahorst of Shell
creek are happy over the arrival of a eon
at their home last Saturday.
Mayor Becher, Sheriff Byrnes aad
Chief of Police Hagel spent a few days
hunting near Gardner laat week.
The subject of Bev. Ulmer's sermon
Sunday morning will be "The Tempta
in the Wilderness." All are invited.
Mra. Merrill and daughter, Mian
Maud movefthis week to Council Bluffs
where they expect to make their future
Mr. Esston, state organizer of the
Socialist party in Nebraska, ia in the city
and will probably give a publio lecture
this evening.
G. T. Everett went to Fremont to
day, Tuesdsy, to attend a convention be
ing held there of the Independent Tel
ephone companies.
Union Thanksgiving services will be
held this year in the Baptist church
Nov. 26 at 7:30 p. m., Bev. Halaey of the
Presbyterian church preaching the ser
mon. Carpenters Union No. 1501. Rsga
lar meetings every Saturday night. Vis
iting brothera invited. E. J. Scott
president; Chaa. Wurdeman, financial
Misaon Ella Kersecbrock sod Anna
Goetz have established dressmaking
parlors in rooms above Hulat k Adasaa
and are now prepared to do plain and
fancy sewing. tf
Mr. aad Mra. George Barnhartof Ft.
Worth, Texas, were in the city from
Wednesdsy to Sunday. While here Mr.
Barnhart made a aale of the old Barnum
homestead, aouth of the Loup river.
C. S. Eaaton k Co. will give away a
heating stove for fifty of the heaviest
and beat ears of corn that ia brought to
him by the grower. See hia display
advertisement elsewhere in thia issae.
The Editor and Publiaber, a journal
for newspaper makers publishsd in Nsw
York, last week contained a haadeomo
picture of A. L. Bixby together with a
aketch of hia life, which waa written by
. T. Cox passed a few daya at home
laat week. He ia now freight sgeat for
the B. a; M. at all competitive pointa of
the Union Pacific, and will make his
headquarters in Columbus, where he aad
hia sister have made their home for a
number of years.
At the referees' sale of the Gunner
eon land at the court house Monday
afternoon L. F. Gottachalk purchased
the fsrm of 160 acres three and one-half
miles southwest of Lindsay for 9660.
John Gunnaraon purehssed the lot in
Brandiab, Nebraska, for $300.
Special. We have just bought a
traveling man's line of sample Ladiaa'
Suite and Jackets at a big diaoount, and
will place them oa aale Thursday, Nov.
12th. All the new cloths and latest
styles, worth from $15 to $35 at just
half price. F. H. Lamb k Co.
Mrs. L. W. Snow entertained the
MetgnDorbood Jlub Monday evening
with a game of bridge whist. There
were shout sixteen people present. Be-
freshments were aerved and an eajoya-
ble time apent byalL The club moats
again in two weeks with Mrs. Adams.
The displsy on table linen ia tha
ahow window of the Gray dry goods
store, which ia appropriate for the
Thanksgiving holiday season, prostata a
handsome appearance. The fiae large
turkey made entirely of napkins aad tha
pen aketch of that fowladd to the attrac
tion of the window. The pan drawing ia
the work of Miss Marion Smith.
Mr. and Mm E.D.Fitxpatrick enter
tained the Catholic Knights aad their
lady frienda Wedaeeday eveaiag. The
amusement waa cards, at which the fol
lowing parties won prises: Mrs. Joseph
Herod, Mrs. John Graf, Mrs. P. J. Hart
and Mr. Charles Cocksoii. There were
about fifty ladiaa and gentleman arsssat,
and a very enjoyable eveaiag was aasssd.
Forrest Merrill passed throagh tha
dty Tassday of laat week oa hie way to
Bloomiagton, PL, whereas waa takiag
the remains of hia father, Ebea Merrill
forburiaL He died in Sidney. The de
ceased was nearly 70 years of ago aad
had baaasilieted for years with oaaesr
of the stomach. Forrest expects tors-
tara to his work oa
BsVaavasvaaw VJaV sMbsbw anWMasaTmFf ffaVsw asaa tamas
awl at
ia tha eity Tharsdsy. At last
aiscaisa laaiwavaiasaas ox sjsasaaseKy
slsntsfl him ft thr frtrtwa irf rsf inawt
lor tha astrist ia waiehGrsad lalsad is
by a aiajnrity of 17L
ball girls of the High
to the team from
aflstsssa at tha
af Mam N.
eajeyshteaawseassd. The Silvsr Creek
gaastswha iBpaiiaiil the gwJe aad
tha High sshool taaaaere were also
af,aaaaaasjsj ,
Tha lajnartir Dsliaaatar (Cariat
maa Naaher) reerassata tha high-wstsr
aaark of biaatj aad atiBty, aad inasfliry
af eirenletioa ahn, iaawnmaa'a BMga
riae, haviac a arst edirioa at sore thsa
aauUisaaafiaa. It eoataias 240 aagas.
To arodaee this sasamoth sdkioa 728
teas at aaasr aad 49 praams wortaag 25
daya were reqairad.
Tha benefit hoasa taleat alar
Friday ereaiaf which is givea for tha
aabbfl library, will be istsrsstiat tn
start toiaiaa. Tlw cartsiB-rssaar "The
Snow Storm" will be grvea iaatsad at
The Littlest Girl," whieh has beea
advertised heretofore. "The Gilded
Youth" will be tha ariadaal play of tha
everdag. Betweea the acts there wiU he
apeak, read aad write Taghik For Mrs. Chsmhars, Mha GsBey aad Maw
isfonasriea aaaly at raeraJtiag offapa, Whitmoyer. Ersryhody ahemld attaad
With tha great odda at majority
agaiaet him to start with coasled with
tha fast that ha
the dsaioatatk tiohet,a J.Carrig, J.L.
Shamr of Crsstoa esrtaiaiy aaada a
apleadid ahowiag-age last hisoppoaeat
for thacsasaotshsiifat the elactioa last
week, Carrig having only 221 of a
If any of the aumeroua soaUed
wiatar rasorts iaUaole Sam'a domaia caa
furnish a better bread of weather thaa
has bssasiasrisacsd byNebrssksas this
fall, fVumj woald like to kaow where it
caa' be foaad. The weather hare has
beea all that any reasonable peraca
could aak for, aad takiag other years sa
acritarioa, it ia likely to last'uatil the
holiday season.
C. A. Gerrard has boaght the Lind
say Poet aad moved his family to that
town the firat of the weak. He will no
doabt give the people of oar northern
neighbor a good, live paper Mr. and
Mra. F. K. Strother of Columbus were
visiting Monroe relstivee Sanday
Thomas J. Joaea aad A. W. Thomas left
Thursday for Miaaeaota to look for
land. Moaroe Bepnblicsn.
The Crestoa Statssmsa says the
total loan to Theodore Wolfe by the big
fire on November 1, of which we made
meatioa laat week, will amoant to $10,
000,and heeerriessn insurance of $6,000.
The Statesman plant, whieh waa entirely
destroyed, was valued at $700 and car
ried $400 insurance. We understand all
the buildinga will be replaced with brick
structures. The origin of the fire is not
yet known.
Mrs. Lacy Martya Terry waa granted
a divorce from Willism B. Terry by
Judge Tntaill ia the Chicago courts last
week. Two pictures showing Mr. Terry
photographed with another womsa,
which Mrs. Tsrry deelarsd she fouad ia
her hueband'a possession, were instra
mental iaeaaaing the jadge to great the
divorce. Mr. and Mrs. Terry were mar
ried in Omaha, December 9, 1899, sad
have one daughter.
Judge W. N. Henaley writes from
St Louie, where be is overseeing tha
maaafacture of hia oar coopler, that he
expeete to return home within a fsw
weeks. He is well plaaaed with tha
prospects of his invention. He writes
that he baa met Bert and George Law
rence, eons of Mrs. E. J. Young, who are
both civil engineara and located in that
city. He haa alao met L. A. Ewing who
ia employed in a type foundry there.
Prof. H. F. Funk, who haa orgaaised
a class of piano pupils, haa decided to
locate ia our city permanently. Prof.
Funk haa atudied ander pianists of in
ternational reputation and haa had wide
experience aa aa inatractor. He comss
highly recommended and Columbus
should consider itself fortunate ia
securing a piaaiat of his attainments. It
is to be hoped that he will receive the
liberal patronage that his ability de-
We have a few copies of the city
ordinances, bound ia leather, that we
will dispose of at a rsssonsbls price.
These books were printed ia 1893 by
Tan JoxraaAL, compiled by the late C. A.
Wooaley ander the direction of the city
coaneil, and ia the laat printed work
gotten out by the coaneil. The book is
valuable to any one in any way connect
ed with the dty government. We have
hut a limited number. See them at
this oaks.
Father Theobold, the new Catholic
priest here, has organized a choir of the
Polish people ia his congregation, aad
will hereafter bold oae eervice every
8unday at 9 otoleek for the Polish num
bers of bis eharch. The aew choir
Sunday morning for the second tii
Sermons will hereafter be delivered in
the German, English and Polish lan
guages. Those who have beard Father
Theobold aay that be is aa unusually
Bev. Neamarker waa happily aur
prised Tharsdsy afternoon by the Ladies
Guild of his charch presenting aim with
an alsgsat book esse, aa a remembrance
of hia fifty-eighth birthday. The ladies,
about eixty ia aamber, held their regular
masting; ia the charch, and while they
kept the pastor away from home, the
book case aad quantities of good things
to sat were smuggled into the house, sad
wham the good pastor appeared a pleas
sat aaxpriss seat his eyes.
Oa aecoaat of the poor quality of
coal, the electric light plant coald aot
keep ap steam aaoagh to faraiah power
for all tha lights ia theeity Saaday
aight aad as a coaasqasace the charch
r jColaBMUKsk,HbT.2.to2im 1 thia sal
At the Frssbytsriaa charch the choir
was ia the midst of sa anthem whsa the
bgats suddenly went out None of tha
aharobsa are furnished with other light
iag, aad it was aaveral auautss before
lamps ceald ha procured.
Isaac Ksayoa, who has lived ia
Platte aunty ataea 1880, died suddealy
Wedaeeday eveaiag at the home of his
Mrs. Bobsrt Tolles, shout
isat of this eity. Hsart
theesaseofhiadeath. Tha
bora ia Wsssmvrtoacaaaty,
New York, aad was sixty-ive years old
at tha tbaa of his death. He came to
Nebraska ia 1880 aad haa lived ia this
eeaaty ceatinaoasly ataoe thst
all una at a dajtaacc ascent
lanaa three naaghtera sadoaeeoa,
sssat waa stads ia tha Cotumbas cem-stsry.
at his
of old are.
Mr. Flskas was bora 72 years sgo ia
Ha eases to Platte
tyia 1874 sad has Uved here con-
He leaves a wife,
growa to
ehildrsa, all of whom sre
aad womsa hood.
Funeral aarvissa were
oaa Catasfts share. Monday
aad iatareaaat made ia the
held ia tha Dma-jJ
It is generally admitteii that oar stock of
Mm Hard aad daaghtsr Miaa Jeasis
of Msdiss, Ohio, arrived here Wedaeeday
oa a few weeaa' visit with rslativss aad
They are oa thsir way to Cali-
thsy exneet to spend tha
iter with Mrs. Hard's mother, Mrs. Ira
Mullen. Mia.HardwiUberssasmbsrsd
hare aa Miss Mamie Mullee.a aiseaof
J. E. North, aad a former teecher of
Platte coaaty. It haa beea ssveateea
yssrssiaes the Mullsa faaulv moved to
CaUforaia aad thia ia Mrs. Hard's first
visit to Columbus aiaca that time.
Bloedora arrived here Sst-
arday from his alaatatioa ia Louiaisss
which is about 150 aulss wsst of New
Orkaaa. He left hare about three
saoatba aga aad has beta overeeaing the
hsrtaatiag of his rice crop. Hessysrice
is a good prios bow, aad sssmsd well
pleased with tha proita aude off the
crop. He also raised some cotton oa his
place whieh he aaya paid better this
yssr than rice. Hia pfsntstioa consists
of 500 acres. The wages paid for labor
range from 50 cents to $L50 per day.
Mr. Bloedora will leave noon for Texaa
to purchase cattle for feeding during
tha wiatar.
A aamber of young asen of the eity
will meet Friday evening to complete
the organization of a club, the object of
which will be for their mutual improve
ment and plessare. - W. E. Post, oae of
the principal workers in the organizing,
aaya tbey contemplate that the dues
ehall not exceed 50 cents for each ssem
bsr sad thst the money shall be used ia
defraying the expenses of the club. The
best magazines will be subscribed for and
gsmes be kept in the rooms for smnse
ment. They expect aa aoon aa possible
to sdd a gymnasium and bath room.
The southwest corner room sbove the
State bank haa been rented for present
accommodations. At the meeting Friday
evening officera will be elected, and the
young men will then begin in earnest to
furnish a good club room.
The city librarian, Miaa Fannie Geer,
ia now ready to receive subscriptions to
the sssgszine club, and aa the list hss
beea alsaost completed, any who wish to
join must do so within a fsw days. The
library oaVisls have purehssed a number
of book binders sad are binding volumes
of the most valuable msgarines, sad as
a fsw copies of the Forum, Review of
Beviews, Hsrpera sad Arena are found
missing. Miss Geer has requested as to
ask those interested in the upbuilding of
the library to kindly bring their odd
copies that the volumes may be com
pleted. Any one wishing to purchase the
book binders for magazines may hare
them for 35 cents. The library hss
recently been presented with bound
copies of Hsrpsrs magazines by L. Ger
rard, and have now complete files of thst
magazine from 1855 to 1865 and alao
aaveral volumes in later yean.
At the meeting of the Columbus
school board last Wednesdsy afternoon
the traaaey law waa discussed, and it
waa decided that there should be an
effort pat forth to enforce the earns.
The board after deliberating for several
weeka apoa the condition among the
schoolboys in the ass of cigarettes, cigars
sad intoxicating liqaora, and believing
that their aae is detrimental to the pub
lie school ayetem the following resolu
tion was sdopted: "Resolved, That the
saayor of the city of Columbus be request
ed to strictly enforce such lawa and
ordinances ss prohibit the sale of
tobacco, cigarettea, cigarette papers and
intoxicating liqaora to minora." A com
mittee from the Senior High school
waited apoa the board and asked per
mission to prepare a class plsy for grad
uation exercieee of the class of 1904.
The matter was postponed for further
The eity coaneil met Friday evening
in regular session. Chief of fire depsrt
sseat F. Gottachalk presented ssmple of
afire escape rope which he recommended
to them to parchass and upon consider
stion the matter was referred to the
committee on fire. Albert Giger pre
ttied a bond of $300 for draying priv
ilege, which the council approved. The
coaneil adopted the report of the com
mittee Baking that Fourteenth street
from the east line of A street to the west
line of Fulton, be graded. The road haa
Ma very wet on account of the low
atreet. A petition had been sent to the
council ashing that sidewalks be ordered
built betweea Richly snd Speice streets
abutting north aide of block eight in
Smitb'e addition, but upon conaideratioa
the request wss not granted. A list of
those delinquent ia paying their poll tax
for the year 1903 wss ordered given to the
eity attoraey for collection.
TheOrpheue hall was well filled with
spsctstors laat Friday evening to witness
the first public gams of girls' bisket ball
played ia the city. Ia order to get the
andioBce eomewhst acquainted with
backet ball Prof. Richardson gave a
abort explanation of the rulea and an
iatroductory gasae of ten-minute halves
wsa played betweea two teams chosen
from the Columbus girls who were not in
the first team aad who have been eajoy-
iag the practice. The result of this
game wsa a draw, the score being 2 to 2;
it was aot thought accessary, however,
to play off the tie. The regular gsme for
the eveaiag wss betweea the Columbus
aad Silvsr Creek High school girls. By
tha tisas this wsa called the audieace had
athasmetic, and the plsyers
with shoats of applsase. At
the Silver Creek girle in
t got the goala mixed and
attempting to throw in the Colam-
baa goal whsa aa osadsl called time and
Botafed them of thsir error. "The gsme
was wall played oa both aides sfter the
first sxcitesssst wore off. The result
was a victory for Columbus, the score
ataadisg 32 to 1L Very few foals were
Beads oa either aide sad those were the
rasw.lt of Bsrvoaaasss oa tha part of the
No aceidsats occurred duriag
bat seme thoughtless boys
aa tha lose whieh aught
a groat deal of
Is the most complete and our method of doiae; bosiaess
the most satisfactory of any similar establishment in
this part of the state. We buy our goods ia quan
tities and sell them at prices that are right.
iMn Item, Li
We have received in the last few weeks a fine assort
ment of novelties in seasonable goods in CHINA,
GLASSWARE aH LAMPS. You are cordially
invited to visit our store whether you give us part or
all of your business in our Hue. You will always be
NEW STORE CMssawaSf Itawflsllsjasj .3tmStbcct
J?2l a
A Christmas
sock social a
doll party
Christmas recitations all in the
December number of The De
signer just in time for the young
folks' club, or Sunday school seek
ing for a delightful evening's enter- ,
If you are on the refreshment
committee don't worry, but get
the December Designer and go
by "Dainty Edibles" and "Christ
mas Bonbons."
Maybe you want some new ideas
on party frocks see this month's
Designer. i
Tkis number is brim full of good Aiutsff
is every number. Any iceman nouM be pleased
jvitm a year's subscription for a Christmas
rift SO cents a year to cents a copy in our
jftanJarJ Pattern Department.
J. tL GALLEY, flaps.
waa again demonstrated daring our opening week. Hundreds
of satisfied customers are the best evidence of the merit of our
millinery in which excellent styles and low prices are the rul
ing sprits. You cannot afford to bay a hat before seeing onr
display. Hundreds of the newest designs arriving continually.
I am in the millinery market every day, which enables me
to buy the new styles as fast as they come out at prices
at about half what you would pay elsewhere.
Men's and Boys' doling
Made in the best style, finest fit, at prices not any higher
than what others sell vou inferior good. for. We carry
the largest line of GEXrrS' FURNISHING GOODS at
a very low price. Our shoes all made up for us especially
by the foremost manufacturers of the country. A large
stock to select from for man, woman ami child. You will
not run the risk of getting shoddy or shelf-worn goods if
you buy of us.
Staff Repairing Naatlg and Promptl, Dne.
Frischholz Bros.
411 Eleventh Street.
sidering the fact that the floor was satu
rated with paraffine wax, a 6nbetance
whose igniting temperature is very
little above that of kerosene oiL Those
on the Columbus first team are Misses
Elliott, Evans, Walker, Rasmuasen and
Snyder. In the introductory game those'
who played were Misses Roen, Jaeggi,
Walker, Becher, Douglas, Beeder, Reed,
Babcoek, Stevens, Evans and Gondring.
Silver Creek is planning for a return
$17.90 Chkaf aad Eetora via Itr
ligftam laata.
Account International Live Stock Ex
positioa, November 28 to December 5.
Tickets oa sole November 28, 29 and 30.
Limited for return to December 7. Ask
the sgeat. 3
Xiewohcer Mock, cornsr 12th and Olive
streets, Colmabos. Xbr.
Gas adimnis
tered far pain
less extractisa
. sf tests.
Residence Tslephoae L 81.
Oficw Telephone A 4.
Whsa yow wish good, neat, cleaa
hsadsoms work doae ia the line of
'ansXim? Saafefesfeaiiri torixwfc,
;IA1"J -
-J - . -
. ,36

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