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I The Old
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is the best thirtf we
have to offer. Other
Inducements are of
secondary import
ance. Upon this ba--sis-only,
do we solicit
your business.
I State Bank.
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Newspaper Dcrctei to the
Best latere cf SZ Zm
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County or Platte,
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The Democratic Caucus Resolution
Discussed The Bacon Resolution
Regarding Adjustment of Affairs in
WASHINGTON Mr. Hoar was in
the senate Friday for the first time
since the death of his -wife a month
The democratic caucus resolution,
rilling on the president to imorm the
senate whether all the papers in pos
session cf the executive bearing upon
the Panama, revelation had been sent
to the seaatewas immediately taken
up, tie especial question under con
sideration being the motion of Mr Cul
lom to add a clause relieving the presi
dent of the necessity of supplying the
documents if considered incompatible
with the public interest.
Mr Cockrell contended that the sen-'
ate- had no right to asK for infonaa- j
tion concerning a treaty while it was I
under negotiation, but it had the right
to all possible information after the
negotiation was commeted and the
rreaty sent to the senate.
u. rT nn 4 ,i-., : n '
r "tT , ,"
the resolution and in opposition to the j
amendment. Referring to the treaty!
.., .,,.- - -
with Panama Mr. ilcLaurin said tnat
-th T-nm- -r M-rY .U--- . Z-
UiC T-i UlCk UUL1C Ul LiiTT UC4S L
a declaration of war against Colombia
if Colombia sees proper to assert its
authority in the face of the United
States." and he argued that this be
ing so the senate should have full in
formation as to whether the United
States had done anything in establish-
, , -i t
S r. " raaa " ; Panama treaty. The seusre last Trepi
woald justify usm taking the respon-j wo!c actIon by gHuImJr
sibihty of provoking a possiole war. ; resoh:t:c:: ,Q a hostfle CQ31clirroe.
ine vote was tnen tasen on tne uui-
Icm amendment insertina- the dis
- e-
tionary clause, and the motion prevail
ed. Zti to 2". a party vate with the
exception of llr. McEnery. who voted
witn the republicans. The resolution
was agreed to without division.
Tne resolution had no sooner been
disposed of than the Baccn resolution
looking to the adjustment of our dif
ferences with Colombia by arbitration
was consicered. llr. Bacon did not
contend that our right to recognize
I til n i ! elaT4 Tk.w T - - t . T
did hold -hat a question for arbitration eleccions d preSented Senator Bur
was presented in is differences that rows bear QQ fais
have arisen over the dictation of the j cent Jnst wha- acdQI,
trpnr-r nr IhJK i .. ...
, : , . . r
speaiing oi tne praposiuon to ten- i
der the good o Sices of the United
States in order to settle the contro- .
versy between Colombia and Panama, j
ii? jaacon said tnat tins mode ot pro
cedure would be inadequate because
it would not take into account Colom
bia's differences with the United
States. In this connection he reiter- ''
axed that the Panama revolution was I
an accomplished ract and said he was !
further convinced that the canai would
be built at Panama. This being true, t
he argued that "there is no more im- !
pcrtant duty than to remove whatever J
source cr incaon mere may cc.
Ccttcn Makes a New Record.
NEW YORK. July cotton sold at 16
cents a pound on the New York ex
change on Thursday. A few years ago
the price ranged between 6 and S
cents. The market opened strong at
aa advance of seven to twenty-three
points on heavy buying of a more or I
less general character that was in-
duced by the sensational advances in sonian institution building, where ir
the Liverpool market. The advance remain until congress anther
was not checked until March had J fees 1LS -n-j interment in the
reached 15.S4. May 15.S0 and July 16- s-on-ds cf that instittuion. The cas
cents. a net advance of twenty-five . -m m r,n T,mh-.hii!rr h ,
to twenty-six points.
Makes Startling Answer.
WASHINGTON The answer of j Sanchez Makes a Call.
the Countess Estherhazy. against WASHINGTON. General Sanchez,
whom a suit is charged with having ' whom the Morales government fra
alienated the affections of the plain- appointed Dominican minister to the
tiffs husband, was filed by Louise M. i United States, had a long relfr with
DeLang Tuesday She declares there Acting Secretary Locmis on Thurs
was never a legal marriage between day The minister said that his gov
HcDoweU. the plaintiff's maiden name. 1 emment was prepared to execute all
aad Marquis DeLang. The answer ', tne demands cf this country regard
contains, besides a general denial, the ing rending claims and to stand by
3Jlecarnn thar firnrf'i Tal n-nw
no legal claim en the affections
Marquis DeLang.
of '
I recognized the Morales government.
Turkey Concentrating Trccpa.
mittee en interstate commerce en Fri- SOFIA. Bulgaria. News has been
day referred all bills before it to sub- j received from the frontier that Turkey
committees- Senator Quarles' bill giv- is actively engaged in concentrating
ing the interstate commerce commis-' troops in the Kasteiidfl and Adriaao
sion authority to fix freight schedules pie districts.
where it believed existing rates to be ;
exhorbitant was discussed at length. I Nf5,Sed ith &
It was decided that, inasmuch as the
house committee has arranged to give
hfarir.23 en this fcfTl. tto arfinn "Brill h
rairm bv rh smar rnmnJrwA ? '
hearings by it are expressly requested.
Hcg Chctera is Spreading.
COLUM3IA. MO. State Veterinar-
ian D. F Lnckey made the statement
Tuesday that hog cholera is spreading ,
witi aumg raiiituo isrcasa jiis- i
souri and neighboring states. All pre-
vurus recorus win prcbaaty bo broken.
Kansas City Gets Reduction.
KANSAS CITY. The Chicago Great
Western has made a drastic cut in the'
wheat freight rate from Kansas Cityltieij. officials and the violence which
to Minneapolis. The.present discrim- attended recent strikes in Chicago
mating rate of 14 cents win be re- Foreman Blair on Tuesdav said th
duced to S cents, effective January 35-i jnry intended to probe deep into the
The 9-cent rate from Omaha against' fcibc,. affairs. Witnesses Tuesdav
the Kansas City rate almost complete-, were questioned abour he actions of
ry shuts the Kansas .Cry market out 33 sympathizers in the street raH
of the Nebraska wheat business. The-j way trouble, police methods in handl-
- "-- t mg tae raus, ana aooaz violence oar-
cents from the rate from Kansas CityJ jg- tne strike at the plant of the Kel
to Chicago and to the Mississippi , in Swirehhori arf sHr .
a?if.vi : -
.. ... ... mar... ,
NEW YORK. David E. Thompson,
minister to BraxIL arrivec on the
steamer Tennyson from Bio Janeiro.
He w2I go to Washington and thenci
to- ris home in Lincoln. Neb., fcr a
I tr weeks, after which he win ream
tc BraxiL
FKEEPORT. EL Prof. Robert Stu-
art rage, superintendent of the pab
Kc schools ana prominent in edaca
tinT circles in the west, died oa
Friday from a -paralytic, stroke.
Watching for FaveraMe
merit to Reply.
PARIS It is understood that the
KraferenrfK: hArPTi Vnmim Vrnistw
lamsdorff and M. Knxino, the Japen-
i ese m'nisIer at St. Petersburg have
i permitted the latter to advise his gov-
emment concern rag the position Rus
sia 13 likely to take in the forthcoming
answer, but the officials here say this
was merely in intermediary step to
wards adjusting the remaining differ
ences, as the answer is subject to
change until officially communicated.
It is further said that Russia will
not answer until she feels reasonably
assured that her answer wUr not have
the effect of causing hostilities.
The officials here are gratified at an
apparently authoritative statement
that Japan does not fa'Tid tc
fortify the straits of Korea. They
say it will remove one of the nr"
n, x a aesotia
tions showed that Russia was unalter
ably opposed to the creation, of any
condition in Korea which would lead
to closing that outlet from the Sea of
A strong intimation been made
that the maritime nations of Europe
ana the United States would have
taken up the question unless this dec
laration had been made.
House Kills Resaluticn Inviting Rooae-
tda-v: otj "- -n- t -n
FRANftjrORj., x.y. w . J. Bryan to-
, BT,ir. b, .m.
I --.v. .w- www3
the invitation of the house to deliver
an adaress here February 3. an the
occasion o Goeoel day. Mr. Bryan is
m New York and his telegram was
senr trom there.
The i:ou? practically tiefeae-I a
resolution offered by llr. Blacrk. in-
' 'iiiig uit yrtrsiueiiL s clitt jh lue
. ,,. .t. . i -. - - -
I -'" "--c
"Vl - 111 !""
by a viva voce lore.
i-itT.a .t.
IVIXCU (.11.-
resolution to invite President
! Roosevelt to address the legislature.
Dietrich in Washington.
WASHINGTON Senator Dietrich
arrived Thursday morning from Ne
braska and at once went to his new
apartments in Stoneleigh Court. Later
he saw D. EL Thompson and llr. Steph
enson at the New Willard hotel. At
night Senator Dietrich had a confer-
j ence with Senator Burrows, chairman
senator uietncn will take is not z.'
present given to the public
Fight Microbes in Books.
BERLIN The Berlin municipal au
tuorities have decided to make mif
tempt to exterminate the microbes in
I the public libraries, Prof. Koch hav
ing called attention to the danger of
spreading infectious disease through
books loaned from libraries. The pro
lessor's representative, during the
lormer's absence in South Africa.
wnere he is studying the rinderpest for
the British aovemmenr. has rfrawr? r.r.
a plail for attacking the microbes
which will be submitted to the library
Smithson's Remains Received.
WASHINGTON. The casket con
taining the remains of the late
James Smithscn. founder of the
Smithsonian institution, who died
vear: a-T
in Genoa, Italy, was re-
OTed t j United States dispatch
Ioat Boi-jhi- and borne to rhp Smith-
and and rppropriate services will be
I rli agreements tnis eovernment has
entered into with previous Dominican
administrations. Minister PoweE has
..it... -. i i T-i T-.T-. i mni 1 rrTTTTTTTT-
' rao i Vifrn T 7la9a.. fi4e ..win..
l. ... . .1 w .www. . .A.tl. II 11 n JtUJ4
ed to the committee that the national t
headquarters of the democratic social
be changed from Omaha to Chi-
Natienai Guard Association.
cq of officers Qf xhe National Guard
associaricn resulted in the re-elec-
cbtt Qf General Charles Dick as
president. St Paul was selected
as the next place of meeting.
Investigating Labor Unions.
CHICAGO. The graad Jary has be-
m as mvwtiaarkm f Ihn"r- m.;m9
I 3D - " ! W-
AUSTIN. TEX. Judge Marcy
t federal court for this district has
overruled the application of the Texas
railroad ecanmisajon for the setting
aside of an injunction recently grant
ed cr. applkatam of a anmher of ex
press companies and which proaihlts
the commisaioa from "'iig into ef
fect a schedule at decreased rates for
certain r nates of
tne state. The alea of tne
rnmaaniw was that the
ed by tne
It Wiii Net Be Guarantee Russia's
Draft of Reply to China Has Net
Yet Been Officially Presented, but
Will Be Scon.
LONDON The Daily Graphic
claim" to be able to amrm that Rus
sia's draft of
its reply has not yeLrjnnBt have been ternSc It is nre-
oeen officially presented to Japan,
but it has been communicated to M-
Kunno tne Japanese minister at St
. w...r .w .u ....ininii.!. t-
contents to Tdkio. whence it will be
conveyed to the friendly powers.
The reply of Russia, is firm, the
Daflj- Graphic says, but it refuses., to
permit the reinsertion of the draft of
the treaty of the two wards guaran-
(. teeing the integrity and independence
of China, vrhich Japan insisted on in
its last note. The clause proposed
by Japan was that Russia and Japan
should mutually agree to respect the
"integrity and independence of China
and Ccrea." Russia has now strick
en out twice the words "China and
Ccrea," and it is understood that this
wCI close the negotiations.
It is probable, the Daily Graphic
goes en to say, that when this note
is received Japan will notify Baron
De Rosen that it has no alternative
but to taite up arms in defense of its
interests, and that M. Kurino will be
instructed to demand his passports.
In the meanwhile instructions have
been sent to the two Japanese cruis
ers at Colombo to proceed to Singa
pore, where, in Jie event of war be-f
ing declared, their crews will be paid
off and the vessels laid up.
In a dispatch irom Tokio a corre
spondent of the Times gives the fi
nancial program of the government as
First, a domestic loan of 100,000.000
yen (350,000.000): second, the gov
3mment to draft into the treasury the
local land taxes, amounting to 25,003,
100 yen- third, an increase of other
taxes to yield 15.000,000 yen: fourth,
suspension of public works and ad
ministrative retrenchments, amount
ing to 40,000,000 yen. The total of
SO.000,00 yen a year to be obtained by
these measures win be devoted to the
securing of war loans.
A dispatch to Reuters' Telegram
company from Tokio says the elder
statesmen were received in audience
by the emperor and that it is gener
ally believed in Tokio that Jauan has
requested Russia to hasten her reply.
Russian military activity on the Co
rean frontier is exciting increasing
Almost Kills Keeper and Does Much
ST PAUL. Minn. Maddened by the
intense cold, which had frozen its
ears and trunk, an eiephant belong
ing to an nms? show which had
been exhibiting at a local theater. Sun
day almost killed its keeper, Conrad
Castens. and partially wrecked the
Milwaukee freight house. Many of the
attendants had narrow escapes from
serious injury. Castens then went to
the animal's head and attempted to
pacify ir. but the beast threw him
to the ground and planted his foot
upon him, crushing in his ribs and. it
is believed, fatally injuring him. The
brute, then seized heavy articles of
freight in the sheds and began toss
ing them about promiscuously, doing
considerable damage. After laboring
for nine hours attendants quieted the
President Gives Dinner
to a Large
WASHINGTON. President and
Mrs. Roosevelt entertained at dinner
at the White House Thursday night in
honor of the supreme court. Covers
were laid for a large company of
guests. All the justices of the su
preme court were present except Jus
tice White, who was detained at home
by injuries resulting from a fall'
while on his way from the court, and
Justice Brown, who has eye trouble.
The table was set in the state dining
room aad presented an unusually
handsome appearance. The president
escorted Mrs. Fuller to the table ad
the caief justice escorted Mrs- Roose
velt. Among the guests were Senator
McComas, Senator MitchelL Repre
sentative and Mrs. De Annoud and
Representative and Mrs. Champ Clari
Philippine Trade Statistics.
WASHINGTON. The Philippine
trade statistics of the rn-mlar bureau
cf the war department show that the
r imparts ot tiose islands during the
eight months ended August, 190;
gregate S20.S67.S12. These figures are
exclusive of coin aad government sup
The aggregate Of exports and ,
imports is an increase of almost $,
000,000, over four-fifths of which may
be credited to shipments from the
archipelago, the hemp and cofpa out-
nut being lar
Cut In Passenger Rates.
- ST. PAUL. The Soo Line announc
ed a reduction in its passenger rates
to liie east to an $? fare to Chicago
It is understood General Passenger
Agent Callaway is in the fight to stay
this trme.
Tc Avoid Star Route Delays.
WASHINGTON. To avoid too loe?
ielays. ir payments to contracxars far
performing star route man service
throughout the country the postoflice
ueginment. is arranging to make
monthly instead of auarteriy any.
by an
LONDON. George Locknarr, the
ell known elephant trainer and cir
zas proprietor, was accidentally crush
?i to death Sunday by an eiephaat
while he was attending. the unload
ing of the circus arrfmTg at the Hoe
xreet railway station at Walthams
town. m Fill
MELBOURNE. A disastroas karri-
aae has Mown over the Fiji
reaaltiagim great loss of life aad
n bM0bmbV wt LCVIflf bjbhB DMsftQWsTSssi
PITTSSTJmG- The seined a
who west
hr-the Har-
a? ta sac
iag prepared tor bariai-
Every maty so far iiiBiati aa is i
braiaed aad. crashed jnm shapeless-)
aess.- Toe lact Thar the legs and v
are broken aad disjoiar.ed iadM
i-cates that the farce of the exolosion
.oaed t. maL wew x u
straws before a gate, battering them
agaiast the jagged walls of the mine
agii rnrwir aae a rm est mar
r t.
until the ends of. leaiiign aad caaat -
cers were reached. f
mill Bodies of the mai
wMSMfc aKBsVg, ssTSsbvXT Vaasff vjVbrbBCsvbb Z
Scarcely oae of. the aesaes has any aisawa-OTal of the intervention of
clottaar it- All are ssore-ac less- the United States in the Panama re
burned, some to a crisn. There win volt but sairf thr i t .Trr.rmVm
j. be great difficulty in Ideatirying them
on tnis account aad about the only
way it can be dome will be by the
weigh checks found oa many of them,
No relatives are permitted in the
temporary morgue, for the slants
there are too gruesome. When all the
bodies are brought up that are now
at the foot of the shatt and when
they have been prepared for view the
families and friends will be allowed
to Me throoga and. assist in com
pleting the work of identification.
Headless, naked, charred beyond
recognition, disemboweled and hor -
ribly mangled, is descriptive of the
condition o the bodies found by the
searchers. There are six mine inspec
tors and twenty-two mem at work- the
inspectors penetrating into unexplored
regions locating bodies, while the
main body cf searchers came after
wards to extricate and carry ont the
blackened bodies.
United States' Attitude Tt
rd Pan-
2ru Revolution.
WASHINGTON. The time of the
senate Thursday was devoted to de
bate rather than to set speeches on
the attitude of the United States to
ward the Panama revolution. There
was a variation, however, in that the
discussion also had reference to the
right of the president to withhold in
formation called for by the senate. The
immediate foundation of the contro
versy was the democratic caucus res
olution calling on the president to
state whether he has yet supplied all
the papers in the archives bearing on
the Panama affair.
The debate was opened by Mr Cul
berson and was participated in by
Gorman and Bacon, on the democratic
side of the chamber, and by Messrs
Cullom. Spooner and Lodge on the re
publican side. The democrats con
tended for the right of the senate to
demand information in the possession
of the executive department bearing
on treaties before the senate, while the
republicans spoke in defense of the
discretion of the president to withhold
Coroner's Jury Returns Verdict of Sui
cide in the Case of the Promoter.
LONDON. "Suicide" was the ver
dict passed by the coroner's jury in
the closing chapter of the tragedy of
w mttaKer w ngat- ins aeatn was i
caused by suffocation in consequence
of poisoning b- cynaide of potassium. (
The jury founa that Wright was per-i
fectly sane and that there was not the
slightest doubt that his death was due
to most deliberate suicide. From the '
evidence at the inquest it was shown
that Wright had determined to take his .
own life in the event of aa adverse'
and that he went to court
with a cynaide tabloid in his posses-
sion. while in his hip pocket was a
new revolver, fully loaded and even
cocked. After the sentence Wright
went to the lavatory, while the tipstaff
in attendance on him remained out
side. There he swallowed the tabloid-
returned to- the consulting room.'
washed down the poison with whisky
and water and died. One of the last)
things Wright said was: "This is
British justice."
Working to
Standardize the silver '
Currency. mj.ia.-' on tne appuirrment que"icr..
WASHINGTON. It is learned here J a reaoi3tia r specific information
that Charles Conant, member of th r collceraS nomination of W. D.
monetarr commission, who has been j Cni:i1 M a coII,;:or of customs at the
in Home conducting negotiations with poix - Charleston, S. C. was passed.
the Italian government, respecting the ( A 'otadon. asking for similar in
standardizatiott of silver currency in fcrc:atictl concerning the nomination
the orient, is actinzr nndw sntaT h,- ( ot Brigadier General Wood and other
structions from the tt ,Torir 1
He will visit the principal capitals of
Europe. Results so far obtained are
Pep Senea His Bleaaing.
ROME Monsqjnor Serafino.
the !
new apostolic delegate In Mexico, has
been received in farewell aadieace"by
the SOW! nr) w ontrwrmJ t... I.J, 1
hnUneaa to (TBna rn ImV.f- tk
and the Mexican government his satis-
faction with the measure of liberty
granted under President Diaz to Cath-
oucisHi in Mexico, which resulted in
he prosperity of the church there.
Ship Line far the PhilJiai
SAN FRANCISCO. A steamship
line to operate among the islands of
the Philippine groap is soon to be es- I
tahiished, says the Bulletin. A. com-'
any has been formed of Boston cani-
1 tallsts. aad it is to be known as the
Boston & DoQo Stesmahip company-
Besides the steamship line, the com-icarr
paay rs to
a shipbuilding
yard and to establish a his plant for I
Tae company that
is back of
now ope-j
rates the
Coacord. in Philip-
pine waters.
Traaa ia
WASHTNGTOK. D. C The Phflip-
ptae trade statistics af the iacular bo-
rean of the ITar aepartmeat show that
the im putts af these falexas aaxmg-the
eight the ended Aagaet. jses ag
gregate SSJSCSIl aad experts S20,-S47.3IS-
These Snares are exclnafve
aa 1b riaii af aJaneat UjmMa
rTBipaamai, the
The First
ts Give
Veica in
Favor of its Bill Other
in the Two M Busts sf
WASHINGTON- The senate nro-
ceedmzs v-prinHaT- ;nin
sneeoh nv t sfw,,, nr v.k
crou, m roppQr, Qf p,
caaal treaty, aad the passage of a
number of bills and resolutions. Mr!
. wnanai . rt,. .. .....-
wmi uic mac ucwuutmuu
1 seaator to favor the measure on the
of the senate. He annoumced his
was aa accomplished fact, aad was
such before the treaty was made, he
could not accent the theorv that the-
treaty itself was invalid
Mr. Simmons said he believed the
president and the secretary of state
should be relieved of all charges of
complicity in rhe Panama revolt. He
added that he did not believe the pos
session of information concerning an
approaching revolution should be ac
i cepted as discrediting the president,
and addea:
'u iciciciiv.: lu tiie views ui uue;
I- -,.,.. . .u - : -t
f on rfr' side of the chamber wio
J xaay differ with me. I think the stare-
ment of the president in thi3 respect
should be accepted. Undoubtedly the
president knew of the forthcoming re
volution in Panama. It was his duty
in view of imminent insurrection to
have on the ground sufficient fare? to
protect the lives and property of Am
erican citizens- This he did and if
he had done no more than tihis he
would have done no mare than his
cuty under the law.
llr. Simmons announced his belief
that the change of recommendation
b the Isthmian Canal commission
from Nicaraguan to the Panama route
had been the result of honest convic
tion. He also accepted the Spooner
act as a deliberate pronouncement by
, congress in favor of Panama, and
direction to the president to construct
tne canal by that route, "if possible
to acquire title in a reasonable time."
He continued:
It is vehemently asserted by some
of the opponents of this treaty that a
vote for its ratification under the cir-
cumstnees is, taaamount ro condon
ing the action of the administration
as to the resolution and the recogni
tion. I thought thar as favorably as
I considered this treaty, as impor
tant to us as is the immediate con
struction cf the canal. I don't think
I can vote for it. I join my colleagues
izi condemning whatever is wrong the
T54.a i-4 4 wm ij mi -?
1,'"'UUit f . -" n"- i
iy U
nave aaue in cringing anaur tne ice- t-
public af Panama, but in my vote en
the treaty I propose to recognize and
act on the fact thar ranama is an
independent state, possessed of equal
rights and powers to make thL.
treaty as we ourselves possess, not
only with our consent, but the prac
tically unanimous consent of all the
civilized nations of the world.
Considerable discussion followed of
a bill providing means for citizens of
Porto Rico and the Philippines to
become citizens of the United Srates.
The fact was developed that citizens
of these ana other countries similarly
situated to the United States have
no means of becoming naturalized as
citizens. Mr. rettus." during tne de
bate, suggested that the island cf
Porto Rico should be made a territory
and Mr. Foraksr said he had not as
much obiection to that end as son
of his colleagues. . The bill passed,
but Mr. Spooner entered a motion to
reconsider, which went over.
Specific information is Asked cf tne
WASHINGTON. The senate Mon
iay I-tard further discussion on the
question cf appointments to ofiice
mid- dicing congressional recesso".
listened to a speech on the isthmian
canal cnrion by li Morgui and
parsed a number of bills of a snnu-
pabir oh3ra'.cter- As a- result of. '-.2
aF officers went over until tomor-
Among the bills passed was one au
thorizing the erection of a monument
to the memory of John Paul Janes.
Cruzen Wants Millard's Jcb.
SAN JUAN, P E Alcnzo Cruzen.
formerly collector of customs of Porto
Rfrt- arrti hf famJIv aa?Tcrf TTarfTioc
fi7 for the United Srares We v
e ""l return direct to Nebraska.
here. his conversation indicated, he
"01 open a campaign with the object
of succeeding Joseph K. Millard in
1 the United States senate.
American Killed at Nice.
NICE. Miss Radthom. an American-
aged 33. who hail ben staving
at Cannes, was killed in an automo-
hile accident Wednesday. Three other
persons were injured. The automo-
bile party was composed of Mrs. Mel-
lor. an American, the owner of the
Mr. Allen, also an American:
Mrs- Ethalleze aad Miss Radthorn.
The machine was being driven at high
speed along the road when it collided
with a cart The-occupants of the au-
tomobile were thrown out aj the
ifhiiB was smashed.
Nemi'natiaaa ay the PVsataent.
WASHDfGTON The presideai sent
to the senate tae following aomina
ticner Consul General Fleming D. Che
shire,. New York, at Mukden, rhfrra
rinaimT James W. Davidson, Mm
aesota. at Antaaav China; Edwin V.
Morgan, New York, at Daisy; rsfwa
LOUIS. MO. Judge
for Ifty years
cf Sr j
Nearly Two Hunwrea Caught In
PITTSBURG. Pa. From all that
sin. be gathered at this hour between.
ISO and 190 men are lying dead is
the headways aad passageways of
the Harwick miae of the Allegheny
Coal company at Cheswick. the result
af a terrific explosion Monday. Cage
after cage has gone down into the
mine and come up again, bat only one
miner of all those that went down
to work is. the morning has been
brought to rhe surface- The rescued
man is Adolph Gunia and he is still
In a semi-ccasciGus condition at the
temporary hospital at the rude school
house ca the hilside above the mine.
In addition to the miners who were
at work when the explosion occurred
it is now "believed by practically all
of the men of the rescue party who
have come ua the 220-foot, vertical
shaft far a warming- and "a'hreaJE-"
ing spell that Selwyn M. Taylor, the
Pittsburg mining engineer, who was
the first to reach ihe bottom after
the explosion happened, is also now
among the list of dead. Of those in
the mine all are possibly dead.
The explosion occurred at S:20
o'clock Monday morning and the first
warning was the sudden rumble un
derground and then a sheet of dame
fallowed up the deep 3haft. Eoth
mine cages were hurled through the
tipple, twenty feet above the larding
stage and the three men on it were
hurled to the ground. A mule was
thrown high above the shaft and fell
dead on the ground. The injured
men were brought at once to this city,
where two cf them have since died.
It will probaoly be several days be
fore all of the bodies are recovered.
The last hopes for the lives of any
of the IS4 men entombed la the
Hardwick mine of the Allegheny Coal
company, two miles from Cheswick.
Pa was given up Tuesday when Geo.
W. Scheetz, manazer of :be mine ad
mitted that he believed that not onu
cf them would ) brought up alive.
Now the cry is for more men to
ccme to tne work of rescue, volun
teers are needed to work back througa
zhe debris to where rhe miners are im
prisoned, and where possibly some
may have Tianazed to survive.
Already four men are known to be
dead, among them Selwin Taylor of
this city, who was the first rescue
party to reach the bottom of the shaft.
His body was brought to the top a'
the 3haft Tuesdav morning.
Taylor, who wa3 one of the best
known mining engineers m Western
Pennsylvania lost his life in an effort
to save the lives of the entombed men.
Ke had planned .?! platted the mine
and was called by the Allegheny Coal
company as the man best fitted to lead
the forlcm hope. He went down in
to the mine bravely, and with him
wnt four other men.
Another of the rescue party. Tom
- vccd
tried desperately ti save his
companions, but he felt the deadiv
nausea coming on and was forced to
leave them to their fate.
Then others took up rhe work, two
ai a trme. AH night they went u
2id down in tie temporarily rigztd
bucket. The main hoists were blown
out by the farce of the explosion, but
there were no living ones to save.
Adolph Gunis, the enly one of the
miners in rhe pit when the explo
sion occurred to be brought to the sur
face alive, was rescued by Seiwm
Taylor. But if there were no lives
to save, there were dead to be found,
and all night long the volunteers toil
ed, aiming headway here and there
until they were forced by exhaustion.
to quit their labors.
Decision Affecting Pittsburg and Alls
qneny City.
WASHINGTON. Secretary Rocr,
after many months' consideration, has
decided a question involving several
million dollars, growing out of the ap
r Hcatlou to oblige the eievati-ia of
thf six bridges over the Allegheny
river, connecting Pittsburg and AHe
gnny City.
The secretary denied these applica
tions. In his decision the secretary
points out that, to grant the applica
tions, which were opposed by d- 'it
its of Pittsburg and Allegheny. xou-J
involve the practical rebnT'ling if
some of the bridges, an extensive
change ct street grades and serious
injury ro improved real estate nar -he
river, ?nd that the whale would ccst
severa' million dcliarb. The hridges.
ne ays. fcr only a few day; in the
year, at times ! high water o-er
obstruction to the vast and important
trafiic now earned an.
Flake Treachercusly Shst.
MANILA. It has just been learned
here that Lieutenant Campbell W.
Flake of the Twenty-second infantry
was killed while trying to enter Mcro
Cotta. in 3Iindanao, for the. purpose
of examining th locality. Ke was
accompanied by rtrvatc Foy of the
3ame regiment. Lieutenant Flake was
shot treacherously, the 3Ioros firing
on the party whil. Major BuIIard was
parleying with them. Mcro Cotta was
at oace taken by assault, with no fur
ther loss to the expeciticnary forces-
r May Wheat Taks3 a Tumble.
CHICAGO. A break of 3 cents in
the price of May wheat marked rhe
selling Monday cf approximately' 1.
300,000 bushels bj Armour. The crowd
had sold Juiy short Saturday on fa
vorable rains in the southwest, and
e cold snap caused a coverinz move
ment which carried the July delivery
to SZrn cents. 1 cents above Satur
day's close. Systematically May rose
IH and 14 cents to 92$ cents, which
is equal to the best price cf the season-
At this price Armour let slip
LaOOvO'W bushels-
Bank President Convicted.
TRENTON. N. J. Albert D. C
Twining, farmer president of the de
fuact First National bank of Asbury
Park, was convicted in the United
3tates district court en. Friday ca tha
charge of nrafrfng false certificates to
the comptroller of the currency as to
the bank's condition- A number of
other indictments are still hinrr
ovar Twining. The rainimum penalty
for the charge for which. Twining
has been, found zuHrv is five -rear
aad the maximum is ten years im-
, Brief Telegrams
J. M- Hagaman, the feader of Ooat
cordla. Kae is dead at the at mt 74
Adjutant General John S. Saunders
of the Maryland national gaard is dead
at Annapolis.
The death of Herman F- A. XoSefl.
prominent in Illinois Grand Army cir
cles, occurred at. Pektn, I1L
Senator Quay introduced a bQl any
vidingSfor the admission of Oklahoma
and Indian Territory as cae state.
The directors of the Erie railroad
declared a 2 per cent semi-aaaTsal div
idend on the first preferred stock.
A dispatch from Peking says that
missionaries who have arrived there
.reFpr.that- PrtaceTuatt is aertcmelv;
It is reported that a aeriosm battle
has taken place between the govern
ment troops and the Insargeots ia
Uruguay, the insurgents losing heav
ily. Senator Penrose introduced a hill nr
hibiting the issuing cr paying of moa
cy orders or the reglsteriac of letter
on Sunday.
The Northern Pacific directors have
declared a li per cent auarteriy divi
dend, comparing with Itj per ceat reg
ular and an extra half per ceat for the
preceding quarter.
Seymour R. Church, who formerly
controlled the pig iron business ia
San Francisco,, filed a petition, in insol
vency. He places liabilities at $.
000 and assets at J4423G-
It is given out at the interior de
partment that the resignation ef
George L Harvey, superintendent cf
the Pawnee Indian school- has been, re
ceived and will be accepted
Andrew Carnegie has given J15.0W
to build a library at Talladega college.
Talladega. Ala. Talladega eolleee
was founded in 1S7 and is devoted
to the education of the aegro-
Brigadler General Frederick D.
Grant assumed command of the de
partment cf the lakes in accordance
with the territorial redistricting army
act recently passed by congress.
An additional J10.000 ha3 been ask
ed of the French chamber cf deputies
to add to the 5I20.QOO already appro
priated for an agricultural and horti
cultural exhibit at the St. Louis expo
sition. Postmaster General Payne said
there was nothing to bar postmasters
cr other federal office holders from
serving a3 delegates to political con-
ventions. whether
national, state or
Major General MacArthur has is
sued aa order to the effect that no ex
tended leave cf absence wm be grant
ed to army officers serving In the Pa
cific division cf the army until further
Wilkin of the Illinois supreme
court has granted a supersedeas in
the case of S. B. Michaels, recently
convicted of pacing a forged check
on Postmaster Hull of Peoria and sen
tenced to the penitentiary.
The brick layers and masons inter
national union at Its convention
adopted a resolution praising William
R. Hearst, member cf conaress and
owner of several new3naper. for his
championship of organized labor.
According to the testimony of Cap
tain 3ronson. superintendent of the
naval academy, before the house com
mittee on naval affairs, the United
States win have naval cr2cer3 ermigh
in 1307 to man all naval vessels?
The United States has the poorest
building road system of any civilised
country on earth, aecordinrr to Hars
tio S. Earle of Detroit. This condi
tion he consider? due to a lack of na-
ncnal. state and local co-operaticri
At Oklahoma City. Okla the moth
er of Thomas Queenan, the wife-murderer,
whose excution was set for Feb
ruary 12. has received a letter from
Governor Ferguson stating that a?
would commute the sentence to life
The house committee en merchant
marine and fisheries by a strict party
vote ha3 ordered a favorable rort
to be made to the house en the Gard
ner bill proTiding for a comrft-i
to investigate the whole question of
ship subsidy.
The president ha? sent to the sen
ate the following ncminationsr Con
sul general. Fleming D. Ches3ire of
New York, at Mukden. China: cocsuL?
James W Davidson, Minnesota, at An
Tung. China: Edwin V. Morgan. New
York; at Dainy, China.
A supplemental estimate for an an
sropriaticn of S3.44a.G0O for "arma
ment of fortifications"' was transmit
ed to the house by Secretary Root.
The Detroit board of commerce
adopted resolutions declaring that
"the joint high commission should be
reconvened far the purpose of netro
t:arrz a new reciproeitv trear' with
Thirty-five hundred employes of the
Hiaois Steel company at South Chi
cago retamed to work with the re
opening of the open hearth, plate and
slab miHa, which have been idle 3ince
before Christmas. The men accepted
a reduction in wages front 10 to 23
per ceni
Cangressman Hiashaw has recom
mended Charles Lugeabeel to he post
master at Williams, Thayer county.
Neb., vice W. A. KeQwits. resigned.
Ir is anacunced in a dispatch from
Montevideo that the Uruguayan rero-
tionist3 have been defeated after a
sanguinary battle at THescas.
Leaders cf the house aad senate
have agreed on. a statehood bin mak
ing of Oklahoma, and Indian Territor
ies one state, aad of Arizona. M New
Mexico another.
Congressmaa Burkett recoaaseaded
John Markt for postmaster at By da.
Richardson county, Neb
Senator Smcot has Sled, with the
committee on privil?ss aad elections
his second reply to tne preaeatatios
made by Attorney Tayler.
Judge Shelton. C- Spencer, who took
aa active part ia the early herder
troubles ia Kansas ia the ctrll warr
13 dead at Lawrence Eaa.
Representative Little of Arkansas
ha3 introduced a bQl authorizing hail
in criminal cases on all appeals ia
Indian Territory-
The fcoase committee on contested
electica will not be ready for some
tfa to report oa the Croas-MeGnira
, i-Wi;",,'sSfe,iiffaJ
"V .
l prxacsmest.

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