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(ItMllM C JowMd JWM 15. 1670.)
Yarn eaa travel from Osaaba to New
Ytk forflO.
as takes says Cast aiost or
cltiTftaa are aatives of Ohio.
La week if ty two aectioa kaade
NMBti dowa the road diaeharged to
give pkMe to Ohiaaaaea.
For the past week the weather has
beam rexy warm. The crop are
afferiag for waat of rata.
Over oae thoaatnd bm are workiag
oa the McGregor mad Sioaz City rail
road, between Alcoa aad Haeoa City.
P. O. Hiatebaaga advertises that
he waats 50.000 basfcela of wheat
delivered to hint withia forty day,
for which we will pay from 50 to 75
eeata per basbel.
The president on Jane 18. sent a
atassage to congress apoa the Cabaa
qaestioa. He ooadeauM the atrocions
aad aarbaroas aaaaaer ia which the
ooaflict oa the island is carried on.
We leant from the coanty saperia
tcaflnat w that the apportionment of
late school faad has been made and
that the earn of fl.000.88 will be
ready for the several districts of this
oomaty ia a few days.
Aboat foar weeks ago, on the
Platte river foarteen miles west of
Omaha, M. Decloss made the discovery
of a aeemiagly iaexhaastible qaaatity
of marble, ia the stone qaarries which
he was workiag. which has siaoe
proved tobe of a very aaperior qaality.
Major M. J. Tronth advertises
for bids to sapply the Pawnee Ifanaal
Labor schools with beef for one year.
He says: "The beef mast be of good
average qaality and must be delivered
at the school hoase in qaantities raa
lag from 160 to 830 pomadsper week."
J. W. F. Williams, county clerk,
advertises that the sale of school lands
la OoUsx ooaaty will commence on
Tharsday. Jane 28. 1870, at l o'clock
a. m. at the door of coanty clerk's
offioo ia eaid ooaaty, and will be ad
Joaraed from day to day antil all the
school laad is offered for sale.
The Indians jaade a raid on the stage
roate from Bryan to South Pass last
Satarday, and ran off ten head of stage
horses at Big Sandy station, and
woaaded one man. All the stock be
tweea there and South Pass is sap
posed to be gone. The county is full of
Indians, kaowa to be Arapahoes and
John Rickly, plaintiff, vs. Thomas
O. Daraat, trustee, defendant, in dis
trict court, demands that the court
decree the deed of conveyance made
aad executed oa the 5th day of Jaly
19G6 by Rickly to Darant. as trustee,
certaia real estate in Platte couaty.
that it he declared null and void and
set aside as fraudulently obtained
(Daraat was a brother-in-law of
George Fraacis Train, and interested
with him ia the building of th Union
Paoilc railroad.)
At a meetiag called for the purpose
of concerting measures for the erec
tion of another school house in Golum
has, I. N. Taylor was chosen chair-
, aad 8. W. Smith.secretary. J. W.
county superintendent of
aoaools, made statements in regard to
boundaries of the district, number of
papils, etc. A. J. Baker and J. B.
Walla were appointed a committee to
confer with the board of directors and
to reader such assistance as may be in
their power in securing necessary loca
tion and funds.
A magnificent reception was held
ia Sioax Oity for George Franci
Train Monday. The Sioux City Timet
devotes almost its entire issue to an
account of the event. He tpoke for
two hoars, and, from what we learn,
Sioax Oity has Train on the brain as
badly as Omaha ewr had. We quote
a portion from the Times: "Mr.
Train, wrapped in a large Irish frieze
overcoat, of Irish manufacture, from
Irish sheep, stepped forward and was
received with enthusiastic applause.
Taking the chalk aad tracing the
growth of Omaha from a little village
of hats to a grand city, was the most
scrikiag part of the speech. Some one
ia his aadieace afked what about the
sttaax Oity Columbus railway?
Train's answer was: 'It must be
built It shall be built. As I intend
to make Columbus the national
capital, I will build it myself if no
body else volunteer. When I say I'll
da a thing, when did yoa ever know
ma fta fail? I said the Atlantic Great
; ehoald be built four hundred
It was. The Pacific two
miles. It was. The North-
aad Southwestern out of
They are under way. The
Oaaaoil Bluffs & St. Joseph. It wa.
The Cheyenne Denver is being
built. 8o I now my the Colambus &
Sieux City shall be the next in turn
for I intend to. make Colambus the
aaaital of America when I am presi-
of the United States.' "
Far tkit department The Journal solicits items
from Platte count g farmers, shoring what then
mre doing and how then do it.
do yoa get the bulletins
by the
acrioaltaral experi-
If you do not, write a
laMartatae University of Nebraska
aad ask to have the ballet i as of the
agrtonkaral experiment station seat
tayaw regularly. Ton pay taxes to
aaapart the aairersitr. The school of
agricultare of the university on the
hand is doing much to help Ne-
fnrmers not only by educating
oaa in acieatifio farming and
raising, bat also by seadiac
tkalletias to all who ask for them
the results of practical ex-
As an avample of what
the eaperimeat station is doiac for
wa reprint below a sammsry of
S3 oa the subject of corn,
by T. Ii. Lyoa. To are
aawat to plant corn. What breed are I
yam faaaa to plant, and why? Read
mmffiliwiag tests made ia Ne
mwjmaaafaia yoa decide, asm write
wunMlas af corn, eoadaoted dariag eight
Ut,js 1MB ay? fifty-aim) farmers have
' ta aaafaaajjaiisa: Vaaraaka, are re- ataa.
-mmmmmmm pamisad
the KxDsrimeat Station at
These variety tests ware aadartakea
because of alack of knowledge regard
lag the types of oora best adapted to
different localities ia the state. For
these experiments the state has been
divided into six sections, the bound
ary liaes of which correspond more or
lorn closely with those marking changes
is the natural vegeuwuiut as hovi uj
the botaaical survey. All tests in
one section include the same varieties.
Miaeteen varieties ia all were tested,
bat 'the maximam number in any one
section was twelve. Seed corn was
sent to each experimenter each year,
the supply always beiag obtained
from the same source. It was neces
sary to do this as the varieties were
grown side by side, which, although
it does not effect the yield of grata
from any variety, does render it valae
less for teed. 'Enough seed was sent
to plant at least a quarter of an acre
of each variety. Instructions were
given to plant nil varieties in the
same manner, and on the same day; to
prepare the laad in the same way. and
give the same cultivation. Each va
riety was to be picked separately and
aa accurate estimate of the yield of
corn on the cob determined, also the
proportion of com to cob oa tea rep
resentative ears of each variety. The
varieties tested were Boone County
White, Beid's Yellow Dent, Silver
Mine. Biley's Favorite and Learning,
repreaaatiag seed raised east of the
Mississippi river; Saowflake White
and Early Yellow Rose, representing
seed raised ia Iowa; Pride of the
North and Minnesota No. 13, from
seed raised ia Minnesota; Hogae's
Yellow Dent, Golden Gap, Mam
moth White Prize, Golden Bow,
Calico, Legal Tender, and Gold Miae.
from ieed raised ia Nebraska. There
was much variation indifferent locali
ties as to the variety giving the best
yields of grain. This was expected,
and was the reason for beginning the
experiment. There are great differen
ces in the fertility and working
qaalities of the coil in different parte
of the state, as well as differences in
rainfall and temperature. The condi
tions favorable for one variety may
not ba so favorable for another. Much
will depend also on the region in
which the variety has been raised. A
report of each test is given in the bul
letin. Corn brought from outside of
the state did not yield so well as corn
raised within the tate. A notable ex
ception to this is Beid's Yellow Dent.
Early maturing varieties did not yield
so well as later maturing ones. Yellow
verities gave, on the whole, better
yields than white varieties. The pro
portion of corn to cob did not bear
any relation to the yield of corn per
acre, neither did the size of the ear.
Some of the varieties of corn brought
from other states, although not
yielding remarkably well in thete
trials, givo evidence of becoming very
valuable varieties after they have
been raised in this region for a suffi
cient number of years to become well
adapted to the climate. Of these,
Beid's Yellow Dent, Boone County
White, Learning, and Silver Mine are
particularly promising. T. L.
Lyon. Nebaska Experiment Station.
" The most satisfactory way that I
have found to kill gophers", says a
correspondent to the State Journal,
"is by use of strychnme. Buy two
bottles of crystalized strychBine: It
costs 25 cents per bottle. Have your
druggist pulverize it. Take a quart
of large corn kernels and pat it to
soak for thirty-six hours until slightly
soft. Drain water off the corn. Sit
down to the table with a small dish and
with the point of a small knife blade
split the end of the kernel ot corn,
pry it apart a little, take a very small
amount of strychnine on the point of
the blade und insert it in the opening.
Have a small tin box with cover and
drop the kernels into it until full ;
put the box in your pocket. When
ever van see a gopher run him into his
hole and put ' one or two kernels of
the pnisnoed corn in the hole. That
will fix him sure. "I make a busi
ness of going over my place once
or twice in the spring and place in all
holes I find. Don't leave it on top of
the ground as bird's and chickens will
get it and it is sure death., By so
doing very little damage is done. Two
bottles of strychnine will rid your
farm of gophers. Aftr a little ex
perience anyone can prepare the corn
very fast."
The Farmer's Grain Company was
organized at Bradshaw April :50th, to
buy and sell grain, coal, lumber and
all products raised or consumed on the
farm. The company is to be incor
porated with a capital stock of $250,00.
to be issued in shares of $20.each, and
a limit of twenty shares to any one
K.F.D.sTo. 3.
R.F.D. No. 3. (Correspondence)
Rate Reed wa taken quite ill Sunday,
necessitating a call for the doctor. At
this writing, she is reported muuh
Max von Gottberg, jr.'s dance was
postponed Saturday evening; just
why, we did not learn.
H. O. Rodehorst is new on the road
selling cafes for the Victor Look aad
Safe Co.
LoaisBehle has just completed a
barbed-wire fenoe around his
The report for the route during the
mouth of April is: Mail delivered,
8,270 pieces; c collected, 5.684 pieces;
oaaoellatioa f9,0C4; stamps and other
supplies sold, $51.50.
Julius Herman, who is employed at
the Shell Greek roller mills, returned
from a visit with his folks at home in
Seward last week.
The telephone oompaay is busy set
ting poles along the road west ef the
Meridian line as far north as Shell
Greek. Most of the farmers along
the line will have phones placed ia
their homes.
Peter Scamitt, the miller, expeots
to have oomiaaaioatioas by phone
with Columbus by Tharsday of this
Owing to the fact that they were un
able to get water oa the site selected
far the new Lataaraa church society.
tiles aorta of Oolsmbas, they
givsa ap baildiag oa that loca
Jast where they will build aow
syjMaotaeemitely decided
of the msmbers are ia fsvar af a loca
tion jast a mile west aa SaaaTaruh'a
comer. This would traly be a very
desirable plaee as there is a aloe grove
aroaadthe place.
Some of the farmers along the roate
are; simply disking their stalk fields
and following with the planter. This
is new to as, but they say it was
done with good success last week.
Everything along the roate is growing
aioely. Alfalfa has made a wonder
ful growth the last week. Winter
grata is large oaoagh that when
lookiag across a fiekl oae caa see it
wave. Oats are a little backward,
but are growiag rapidly. Most of the
plowing is done and the farmers are
rasaing their planting this week.
Rev. Papenhaasen of Shell Greek
Baptist charch is certainly something
of a (renins. He has erected a mail
post near his church which is the
pride of oar roate. We do not believe
that there is another one built us neat
and convenient in the state. There are
foar boxes attached to a revolving
cross placed upon the post forty-eight
inches from the groand. When the
carrier arrives, he simply "stops at
oae box and tarns the cross or wheel
for the next box that he has mail for.
The workmanship and the style and
manner in which these mail boxes
have beea put ap are sarely commend
able oa the part of Mr. Papenhaasen.
The Mail aad Breeze has aa apos
trophe on Spriag which we think is
worth paming apoa: Sweet spriag!
Gaatla spring time! We hail thee
with delight. It is the time when we
take a barrel stave and rake ap old
personalities with the town cow and
the aged hen. It is also the time
when we take up the over-ripe boot,
gam overshoes, tin cans and things
that send ap a sweet smelling smudge
from the back yard. Yoa ma'am, we'
hail thee like Sam Hill. Thou contest
at a time when the worm works in
the dried apples and the sorgham
worketh in the barrel. At a time
when ihe coal house is filled with
emptiness and a quoram remaineth
not in the potato bin. When our in
terior department yenrneth for green
things and cryeth out for spinach
when there is no spinach ia the house.
We thought thon hadst come last
week, but we were fooled. Last
Friday Old Boreas lashed his tail over
the dash-board and came snorting
down the hills from the north and
nipped the early angleworm and the
premature blow-fly. Bnt as we write,
a striped hornet has come out of a
crack in the wall and stands heating
his stingers in the warm san. Pre
sently he will go away in search of
the pale faced dude with lilac tie aad
linen pants. As soon as all danger of
frost is past the town marshal will
plant the dead cats, two in a hill, in
the gloaming. Later on, the bamble
bee will bumble, the doodle bug
doodle, and the dtraddle bug straddle
around. The pinch bug will whet his
pinchers, and the skeeter will file his
particular bill and get ready for busi
ness. Who does not love the spring
time, when the veteran hen scratches
a frugal meal from the pansy bed,
and all nature breaks out with joy
and the whole family breaks out with
Sewataa Grove.
From the Herald.
F. W. Farrand of Columbus was in
town Friday on one of his usual busi
ness trips, and remained to attend
Masonic Lodge.
Louis Staab arrived home last
Thursday evening after spending
several weeks in Omaha and Colum
bus, lie left again Friday evening,
where he went to begin work for the
Omaha Electrical company.
A demonstration of the fact that it
pays to advertise was brought to the
writer m notice last week. A short,
time ago a pony came to the farm of
I. R. Postle, and as no one called for
it, Mr. Postle inserted an estray notice
iu this paier. Sunday Otto Bitter, of
north of Creston, the owner of the
animal, called on Mr. Postle and
described the animal. Mr. Bitter was
in town and said that he had spent a
week in search for the pony and had
given it up at last and perhaps if it
had not been for the notice iu this
paper he would never have recovered
the animal.
The building of the Leigh telephone
system is likely to be commenced
almost any day. Two carloads of
poles are on the side track and some
of the smaller stuff is in the freight
house. Just what the delay is no one
seems to know. Mr. Bell of Wayi e,
together with a couple of Wayne
gentlemen, who are to take a half in
terest in the company, have not put
in their appearance since the material
arrived. Up to the preseat time no
organization has been effected and it
is likely that no further step will
be taken antil the stockholders have
a meeting and an organization ia
C. A. Randall, president of the
First National bank, spent the greater
part of last week on the road from
Omaha to this city in his new automo
bile. He says the only way for a man
to acquire the necessary experience
to become an accomplished "chauf
feur" is to get an automobile and
turn it loose, up hill and down dale,
scoot across a level stretch of road.ata
soft place in the road stop and crawl
under the machine and sing gently
while making an ante-mortem aatopsy
of auto. It is good exercise, and one
is absolutely free from the danger of
sunstroke while in the recumbent posi
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Randall and Mr.
and Mrs. Gerhart arrived ia this city
Saturday aboat 6 o'clock, all look
ing as though they had enjoyed their
outing, and their color was evidence
of their haviag beea out. Mr. aad
Mrs. George O. Johasoa weat down as
far as Hamphrey in their automobile
to meet Randall. Newman Grove
Saw Xante Will he Istaelished.
A. L. Davis, carrier on the Star
roate which goes to Shell Creek, Bo
heet and Oldeubaeh, is circalatiag a
petition amoag the people south, east
north of Shell Creek, for the
of another route from
Colambus, which will be kaowa as
"BouteS". Mr. Davis has. seventy
sigaers bow aad expects sooa to have
the required oae kaanrai.
awssrflsra mvnTsBBTusmfe VhTaESBa i. af " jJOruJi-n- . 9fr Jffsl 3 I
Europe's Greatest Contribution
$1,000,000 MENAGERIE
The Foremost Show of the World.
An Hour given to Witness the Animal and Museum Curios before ine
Commencement of the Circus and Hippodrome Performance.
The Traaety- ef Little Thlaas That
Are Left Uae.
The judge and spectators in a Kan
sas City courtroom laughed when a
husband testified that his wife gave
him only "mechanical kisses."
Then the lawyers devoted many min
utes to the question "What is a me
chanical kiss?" They decided that It
was a salutation given only through a
sense of duty, and then they laughed
some more.
They didn't go far enough. They
might have- called it a tragedy.
With most women affection lasts. It
burns as strongly in old age as in "gold
en youth. A caress means a world of
joy to them.
Borne men forget. They grow care
less. Carelessness is often a species of
selfishness. Once it was a privilege to
press a lover's kiss on the lips of a
wife at the dour when leaving iu the
morning, again as a warm greeting
that always marked the homecoming
at night.
And one morning the man forgot the
caress and lost himself In business.
And a shadow fell ou a romance, and
the woman wept. She tried to be brave
and sensible. She tried to laugh at the
silly fear that he didn't care for her.
She assured herself a hundred times
that it was such a little thing and that
It was natural for him to forget and
that it was unreasonable for her to ex
pect the joy of the honeymoon through
life. She wiped away her tears and re
solved to hide her grief and be kind,
loving, patient.
And the man never knew. Perhaps
some day he went into court and com
plained that he bad been the recipient
of "mechanical kisses." Domestic neg
lect isn't always confined to lack of
food and clothing. Cruelty doesn't al
ways take the form of physical abuse.
When men learn to think, when they
remember that tb'e little attentions of
ten mark the difference between joy
and sorrow In a woman's life, there
will be more real happiness In the
world. Milwaukee JournaL
Thi'lr Varies Vea Mi the Hi
hr Which They Are Kum.
Lights play au important part on
the stage of the modern theater, and
they have many uses. The spot light,
for Instance, Is employed to cast a cir
cle of light upon the stage where a sin
gle person is to be brought into espe
cial prominence. It consists of an arc
electric light Inclosed in a cylindrical
hood about the diameter of a stove
pipe and provided at the open end
with a condenser lens for the jinrpose
of concentrating the rays uponVsmaU'
A flood light is an arc in a rectangu
lar box painted white upon the inside
to serve as a reflector. It is supposed
to flood the stage with light; hence Its
Bunch lights are clusters of gas or
Incandescent lights either arranged
within a. reflector or exposed naked.
They are used back of a scene behind
doorways, where light is needed off
the stage to represent the illumina
tion of that part of a dwelling not
shown. For the same purpose "strip"
lights are used rows of incandescent
lights fastened to a strip of wood pro
vided with a hook, by which It may
be hung to the back of a scene when
"Side" lights are Incandescent lights
Larranged on either side of the prosce
nium arch. Sometimes they are built
within the arch or they are arranged
to be swung outward when the cur
tain Is raised.
The footlights are familiar to all,
and the "border" lights are those hung
over the stage directly above the scen
ery, shutting" off the top of the stage.
These are arranged In a trough like an
Inverted "U" to cast their light down
upon the stage. These are practically
all of the lights used upon the stage of
a bouse, though magic lanterns are
employed at times for the simulation
of water effects, moonlight ripples and
lightning. The old fashioned calcium,
aafag the oxyhydrogen gas, is so sel
dom employed In the modern theater
as to call for no comment
as as
EaalUh Axes at Haatlaar.
At the battle of Hastings the corps
d'elite of the English urmy were ne
coutered with sword and shield, and
iu addition to this they bad hung
"great hatchets ou their necks, with
which they could strike doughty
blows." Whenever a special deed ot
valor is credited to an Englishman lu
that battle, with one exception, it is
due to the ax be bears. And now
what were these axes that dealt such
deadly destruction on the Norman
knight? As to this we are left In no
doubt. Time after time does Wace
call them "great axes." The bead
alone in one instance was a foot in
length. And the Bayeux tapestry out
of about twenty axes represents all
except some three as having long han
dles. Hardly ever do we find iu the
tapestry the short ax for one hand.
Contemporary Review.
Adarialsteriaa- Ether.
The most common mistake made by
beginners In the administration of
ether is that of forgetting to lessen the
proportion of the substauce when full
anwthesia is established that is, con
tinning to make their patients respire
an atmosphere as highly charged with
its vapors as when getting them under
its influence. It is a matter of sur
prise to physicians how very little
ether will often suffice to keep a pa
tient well under its Influence toward
the close of an operation, and this
small quantity will always postpone
vomiting until the operation is com
pleted. Medical Review.
Glass Cays.
The first glass cups were made at
Alexandria. Some were colored like
Bohemian glass and' decorated with
glass pastes, imitating precious stones
and cameos. Some were opaline, oth
ers clear as crystal and still others
formed of opaque layers welded to
gether like the famous Portland vase.
In which the white upper layer had
been cut away like that of a cameo,
leaving a blue ground around the fig
Celoairt Bates.
During March and April the Burling
ton will sell one way tickets to the Pacific
Coast at very low rates. Here are some
of them:
$25.00 to San Francisco and Los An
geles. $25.00 to Portland, Tacoma and Seattle.
$22.50 to Spokane.
$20.00 to Salt Lake City, Butte and
$16.75 to Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.
Proportionately low rates to hundreds of
other points.
These rates offer an excellent opportu
nity to see the great Northwest which
presents unusual attractions to the
homeseeker. It possesses the iron and
lumber of Michigan, the wheat of Min
nesota, the wool of Ohio, the fisheries of
New England and a seaboard rivaling
the Atlantic Coast
If you will tell me where you are going
I shall be glad to give yon full informa
tion abont rates and train service and
send yoa advertising matter descriptive
of these wonderful sections. J.Francis,
General Pssseager Agent, Omaha. 8t
Excursion to
Big Horn
The next excursion for the Big
Horn Basin, Wyo., will leave Colum
bus on May 17th, at 4:30 p. m., over
the Burlington. Be ready to go along
and see some of the finest country in
the west. $18.00 for the round trip.
Free teams and carriages to show you
what irrigation ia doing in the Big
Horn Valley. For all information
call on, or address,
F. T. Walker's
Rtal Estate Af eney.
Agents for Hanover Canal Company's
irrigated .Laacu.
What Bocomes of It
If a man eats two pounds daily, near two pojwsds daily must in some way pass from his body, or disease
and a premature death is a speedy and inevitable result. The food that is eaten must contain the ele
ments necessary to supply nutriment to the system and free from all substances that bind the bowels.
if eaten daily there will be a daily action of the bowels ; waste removed, nutriment retained.
Nature's food for man. Served hot or cold.
hkMb MriHm Em d KfHta mt Mi b.Etf
Dr. Price, the creator of
Cylinder Corn Shelter
Can do mure and better work
than any other aholler sold.
Our wagons will cot scatter
yourgrain while on the road to
market or overtax your hurseti
with needless heavy draught.
Buggies and Carriages
All Kintb of
Come and look onr stock
over before buying : : : :
& Klacksmith work and
Horse Shoeing done on short
The fertile soils of eastern Ore
gon or WflBhington yield in over
flowing abundance and in the
highest perfection, every grain,
grase, vegetable and frnit of the
temperate zone.
To enable pereonn to reach
these favored localities without
unnecessary expenditure of time
and money, the Union Pacific has
put in effect Itound Trip Home
seekers' Excnrsion rateti as fol
lows from Missouri River, April
432.00 to Ogden and Suit Lake
434.50 to Butte and Helena.
444.60 to Spokane.
Also One-Way Colonist Rates
every day until April 30. to many
points in the states of California,
Oregon, Washington, Montana,
and Utaha.
For full information address
G. P. nnd T. A., Omaha, Neb.
Risi Cub Brown Lighiris. J
1 Alsi Barrel Ptymtb Ricks. 1
Per 15.
t2FYirU loettteil S Mocks euxt of St.
Mary's llospitut.
C'olumbiu, AVfcr.
Tormadaet ! Cyclones !
I have two good old time insurance
companies which insure against torna
does and cyclones. The rate is very
cheap. See me if you want some pro
tection. J. M. Cortis.
Series "N" of the Columbus Laud
Loan and Building Association is now
open for the subscription of stock at the
office of the secretary.
H. Hockenberger.
Classified Advertising.
" ir.""fraiW "ForRent:' "For Sale,"
"Lot" "Found,'1 and other special notices under
this head are charged for at the rate of one cent
i tmrd each insertion. Itut no atlvertitment taken
for test than tic. Send money with copu um these
accounts ore usually too small to be carried to
our ledger.
WANTED-C0W8 to Future-Parties want in
pasture Bar town for cown, leave oraera at
once with Bert Kaatnn. nprl-3t
ROOMH Two front rooms, furnished or unfnr
oiohrd; with or without boanl. Inquire at
Journal office. lp
FOR SALE On time or (or cash, two good
dwelling housps with lots and good improre-
inents. Will sell both or Mparately. B. P. Daffjr.
FOR SALE Four Berkshire sows, registered;
eleven November Puts, eligible to register.
Qaality the best; prices right. Journal omce.
FOR BALE Eggs for sale from prize winning
Kmbden geese. Toulouse geese, W.H.4M.R
tnrkAva vhits miituMa. Peking ducks, colored
Moscow ducks. Partridge cochins and buff
rocks. Inquire of Mrs. J. C. Dawson. R. r. D.
Mo. 4, Colambus, Nebrasl-a. Tel. Q 151 .
FOR8AEE "Billion. Dollar" grass seed. In
qeire of Ferdinand Voitrt. St. Edward, Nebr.
Seed also oa sale at Grays' and Herman Oenl
rich's. Columbus, Nebr. aprlttf
FOR HALE-4 Berkshire sows, registered: II
November pigs, eligible to roister. Qaality
the beat; prices right. Journal office.
LOBT-BoBMwhere ia west part of Colombo, a
leather cane with steel rod through center aad
brass plate on top. Finder wiU be rewarded on
leaving easts at Ziaaecker' barber shop. Ales.
soHiasBt. myUIt
rVspared ay HUGE CEMEJunNM OMPAHY . Cakaae, Masts.
- .&
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder and
Sale at Gray's Department
1 To Any Part of the (Sty I
TWIO accommodate our regular customers who iiu&teil on our milk r
-- auil cream and others who could not come to our place after it,
we concluded to put on a delivery wagon and go after busine. On T
March 1, we purchased O. D. Butler & Son's delivery outfit and can ?
now deliver to any part of the city X
Pure Sweet
Fresh Sweet Cream.
(Plain or double strength for whipping.)
Fresh Buttermilk,
Creamery Butter.
AU of our Milk and Cream is patuerized, thus insuring better
keeping qualities.
To insure delivery get your orders in either the day lefore or
early in the morning.
Columbus Cream Co.
i We Lead, Others Follow! I
In Painting and Decorating, we are prepared to
give our patrons the best. Have the very latest
and most stylish in Wall Paper DeeoratioHs
and au "up-to-date" decorator in charge of this
department. All work guaranteed and prices
right. AaySee us lor estimates
i Q-. 33. aEa:ei"b &z, Co. I
Plan Tour
Trip Early
During 1904 several
back East at greatly
be offered by the
If you wsnt to be kept posted regarding low rates,
dates of sale, stop-over privileges, and train service, ad
vise ma the probable time and destination of your trip.
Through train service from any point on the main
line of the Union Pacific Railroad to Chicago every day.
Polder free.
Gaaoral Western Acaat.
And Return.
Tickets oh Sale April 23 to May 1, inclusive.
Sixtctn hours quicktr than any other Mno
to the Pacific Cooat.
y s For fall iafornatioa, call or writ
W. H. BEJVHJM, Agent.
Delicious Flavoring; Extracts.
opportunities to go
reduced rates
Milwaukee & St. Paul
1624 Farnam Street
- y -."'S'riSl
V" m . ' - c
i i'ii-vjC?'
-22. 2.
SsttBsasSsSg&aawaaiU. .vr..,.
'-o"i,l V.VA- ."-T" : 3i"- jiti'i "&L?-..rf. ". -
-. . Ba - .- i.
,-v -
r. -; - ' - w. -,
fM3a,l7T... r .
- - nr-zr-n r ;
&&9&ZZ3S&S&&mF 4 il 3sfcB J
.i.iwi iifagw.
Hr" JT.T-
i'pii ii tMsi iimsmi tfr c Til TlTiiii fusil i

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