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Columbus TribuneJounil
Embracing a Condensation of Event
In Which Readers Generally Are
More or Less Concerned.
The hearing of the testimony In the
Lorimer case will begin Thursday,
June 22.
The Lorimer investigating commit
tee of the senate appointed as coun
sel John Marble of Washington and
John J. Heafey of Chicago. Mr. Mar
ble for years has been attorney for
the interstate commerce commission,
while Mr. Healey was formerly states
attorney for Cooke county, Illinois.
An attempt to extend the legisla
tive program of the demoratic major
ity in the houuse at the extra session
of congress failed completely at a
caucus of the democratic representa
tives. The result is a reinforced de
termination of the democrats to con
fine their legislative efforts at this
session to the tariff.
In the view of the state department
there is no danger of the friendly re
lations of China and Mexico being dis
turbed as a result of the outrages
against Chinese at Torreon. The con
fident opinion is expressed that
China's attitude will be reasonable
and that Mexico will be glad to do
justice toward all proper claims.
After the first of next month ocean
going vessels carrying more than 50
passengers will be liable to a fine
of $5,000 unless they are equipped
with wireless telegraph apparatus ca
pable of transmitting messages a dis
tance of not less than 100 miles and
manned by an operator carrying a
certificate issued by this or a foreign
The interstate commerce commis
sion granted to all railroads an ex
tension of time from August 1 next to
January 1, 1912, in which to publish
their rates complying with the com
mission's requirement that where a
commodity rat ehas been fixed be
tween points of production and
points of consumption, the same con
cessions shall, on application, be
granted to intermediate points.
The Portuguese cabinet considered
the question of mobilizing the army.
The Canadian reciprocity bill is
ready for consideration by the senate.
Roosevelt and Morgan may be sum
moned to testify in the steel inquiry.
The annual convention of the
American Bankers' association will
occur in New Orleans, November 21
to 24 next!
The administration forces suffered
a backset on the waterways bill in
the Illinois legislature at the outset.
In response to appeals from Iowa,
army engineers will undertake to con
trol the waters of the Missouri river
at Sioux City to prevent the flooding
of that city.
The president sent to the senate
these nominations: Assayer of the
mint at Carson, Nevada, Andrew
Mauto; surveyor general of Montana,
Jerome G. Locke.
The Illinois grain dealers' associa
tion adopted a resolution opposing
the plan of Postmaster General Hitch
cock to send trade journals and mag
azines by fast freight instead of pas
senger trains.
The Chinese minister signed the
prospectus for the $30,000,000 Hu
Kwang railway loan as a prelimary to
the issue of bonds in New York, Lon
don, Paris and Berlin.
Of fourteen applications by West
ern and Southwestern railroads for
permission to establish higher rates
for short than long hauls in the same
direction, the interstate commerce
commission denied eleven and granted
A telegram from Chihuhua says the
situation there is inexplicable. The
federal troops refuse to surender the
city and will not allow General Orozco
or any of his 5.000 insurrectos to
enter with their arms.
The government's issue of $50,000,
000 Panama bonds promises to be so
successful that there will be no
chance that any part of the proceeds
of the" issue may go to the banks as
Charles Davis James, an expert en
gineer, once head of the engineering
department of Iowa university has
been selected by the Red Cross to
proceed to China to aid the Chinese
government in preventing the great
periodical inundations which have re
eulted in frightful famines.
Word was received in Chicago from
New York that Mrs. Isaiah Roabaugh,
wife of a farmer living near Kirkland,
III., is one of the eight heirs to a for
tune of $16,000,000 left by John Col
ter, a New York real estate specula
tor, who died recently.
Senator Kenyon called upon Presi
dent Taft to urge remittance of the
fine of $5,000 imposed upon W. S. Har
lan, formerly of Audubon, la., who
was recently convicted of peonage in
Georgia and sentenced to eighteen
months in jail, that sentence being
commuted by the president to six
Debate on the Canadian reciprocity
bill was fairly launched in the-senate.
A democratic house caucus voted
not to extend its legislative program.
In an address at Iowa commence
ment Judge Grosscup spoke for cen
tral control of trusts.
Purdue university graduated a
class of 331. Former governor of
Missouri, Joseph W. Folk, was the
The Iowa federation of labor con
demned the alleged kidnapping of
James McNamara and other labor
leaders accused of being involved In
the Los Angeles dynamite cases.
A skating rink for the blind has
recently been opened in Berlin city.
Senator Lorimer is preparing to
make a vigorous fight to retain bis
London is being gorgeously deco
rated for the coronation exercises,
soon to take place.
The mayor of Philadelphia will try
for the place of Senator Penrose.
It is expected that the senate will
vote on reciprocity about July 15.
The line of battle has been drawn
in the senate on the reciprocity bill.
A reduction in the price of sugar
is likely to come said the head of the
These are reconstruction days In
Mexico and the country is rapidly re
turning to peace basis.
President Taft nominated Robert
W. Kemp as receiver of public mon
eys at Missoula, Mont.
Manuel Bonilla took the oath of of
fice as Mexican minister of communi
cation and public works.
Concessions to foreigners will not
be extended under the new order of
things in Mexican states.
Secretary Knox has been sum
moned by the house committee to ex
plain an expenditure of $5,000.
America must take the lead for
world-wide peace declared Dr. Benj.
Kroheit of Leland Stanford univer
sity. Directors of the Denver & Rio
Grande railway passed the dividend
on the preferred stock of the com
pany. A committee said to represent the
Gould interests have purchased the
International & Great Northern rail
road at receivership sale.
There is an alarming increase of the.
cigarette habit among boys and girls
of New York's public schools, accord
ing to Dr. John D. Quackenboss.
The case of the government against
the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing"
company, the alleged bathtub trust,
was called for argument at Richmond,
,With an air of great mystery, Wil
liam J. Burns, the detective in the
Los Angeles dynamite case, sailed for.
Europe on the American liner Phil
adelphia. President Taft is considering an
invitation to speak at the national
conservation congress which will
meet late in September, probably at
Kansas City.
Mabel Mosier, an Atchison, Kan.,
woman, was convicted of engaging in
the "white slave" traffic by a criminal
court jury and sentenced to two years
in the penitentiary.
Mary Mannering, charming and
beautiful, who has ended all specu
lation as to her matrimonial inten
by wedding Frederick E. Wadsworth,
a Michigan millionaire.
The sinking of an overcrowded fer
ry boat on the Volga, near .Uglitch, is
reported. Thirty persons were
Announcement was made that Miss
Ellen Fitz Pendleton, dean and acting
president of Wellsley college, had
been chosen president of the col
lege. A bill providing that every news
paper must print in a conspicuous
place the name of the owner or own
ers, publisher and managing editor
was introduced by Representative
Barnhart of Indiana.
Three thousand, two hundred and
nineteen bodies of federal soldiers
buried in cemeteries in different parts
of Texas ae to be movd to Pineville,
La., for reburial in the national ceme
tery at that place.
The great naval review by King
George at Spithead, June 24, two days
from the coronation, will see gath
ered together in full commission the
largest number of vessels of the
dreadnaught class ever assembled.
Most of them naturally will be units
of the British navy, but the United
States will be represented by the
most powerful up-to-date battleship
in the review, the Delaware.
Drinking of champaign in public by
members was one of the closing fea
tures of the Ohio legislature.
The formal making of plans to cele
brate the fiftieth, anniversary of Kan
sas as a state was commenced by the
Topeka Commercial club. The cele
bration will be held this fall during
the Topeka state fair week.
It was held by the interstate com
merce commission that a privilege
savoring of a gratuity can not beor
dered continued by the commission
unless the original granting of the
privilege rested on some legal obli
gation. Mrs. Edith Culbertson, republican
candidate for superintendent of the
Denver county schools at the last
election, shot and killed herself at
her home in Denver. Mrs. Culbert
son left a note in which she evident
ly wished to make it clear the wound
was self-inflicted. Her husband, Syd
ney M. Culbertson, told the police
that he and his wife had quarred.
Mrs. Culbertson was thirty-six years
pj a - jj
Eradicates scrofula and all
other humors, cures all their
effects, makes the blood rich
and abundant, strengthens all
the vital organs. Take it.
Get it today in usual liquid, form or
chocolated tablets called Saraataba.
Old Superstition.
It was prescribed by an old super
stitlon that if those who were affected
with ague would visit at dead of night
the nearest crossroad five different
times and then bury a new laid egg,
the disease would be buried. If the
.experiment failed, they attributed it
to some unlucky accident that may
have befallen them on the way.
News Notes of Interest from Various
"Our boy was born in Toronto on
Oct. 13, 1908, and when three months
old a slight rash appeared on bis
cheek. What appeared to be a wa
ter blister would form. When it
broke, matter would run out, starting
new blisters until his entire face,
head and shoulders were a mass of
scabs and you could not see a par
ticle of clear skin. Other parts of
his body were affected, but not to
such an extent We tried about every
advertised remedy without avail, in
deed some of them only added to his
suffering and one In particular, the
Remedy, almost put the infant
Into convulsions. The family doctor
prescribed for him and told us to
bathe the baby in buttermilk. This
did not do anv good, so va took him
to a hospital.' He was treated as an
out-patient twice a week and he got
worse. If anything. We then called
in another doctor and Inside of a
week the boy was, to all appearances,
cured and the doctor said his work
was done. But the very next day It
broke out as bad as ever.
"Wc decided that It could not be
cured and must run its course and so
we just kept his arms bandaged to
his side to prevent his tearing his
flesh. We left Toronto and shortly
after our arrival In Dulutb, the Cuti
cura Remedies were recommended.
We started using them in May, 1909,
and soon the cure was complete. You
would not think be was the same
child for Cuticura made his skin per
fectly clear and he is entirely free
from the skin disease. There has
been no return this time. We still
use only Cuticura Soap for baby's
bath. Robert Mann, Proctor. IflniL,
May 3, 1910
About Marriage.
She A girl should look before she
He She should look pretty or she
may not get a chance to leap.
"Why did Humpty Dumpty sit on
the wall?"
"He probably thought he could bold
It down."
Showed Tact of King.
It was the order of the day at a
late shoot at Sandringham that when
pheasants should not be shot, and one
of the guests brought down a ben
which fell near King Edward's place
in the line. Anxious not to hurt the
offender's feelings by an over rebuke,
the king pointed to the corpus delicti
and said: "Ah, Gurney. what a man
you are for the ladies!" Life of Ed
ward VII.
old, and a graduate of Vassar.
Sir. Benton Holme Why. Where's
the new chambermaid?
Mrs. Benton Holme I told her to
dust this morning, and an hour later I
found that she had dusted.
Curious That a Tired Preacher Should
Have Such Desire.
The new president of Mexico is 48
years old.
Kansas now has all the harvest
hands needed.
Madero is engaged in pacifying the
country as he moves along.
The remains of Carrie Nation were
burned at Belton, Mo., beside her par
ents. It is said Ambassador Lane desires
change from Mexico City to another
Senator Root says reciprocity bill
will be passed July 16.
Abdul Hamid. former Turkish Sul
tan, is said to be insane.
London reports Ambassador Reed
seriously ill at his country estate,
from bronchitis.
President Taft has accepted honor
ary membership in the Touring Club
of America.
Because of illness Mrs. Taft will
not be able to attend her own silver
wedding anniversary.
Representative Lindburgh of Min
nesota said the house had fallen into
evil ways and lost its standing.
Philip Bracken Fleming of Nebras
ka, was the honor man of the gradu
ating class at the West Point mili
tary school.
William Allen White of Emporia,
Kas., was the orator at the fortieth
annual commencement of the Univer
sity of Nebraska. "The Educationfo!
a Democracy" was his these.
A minister speaks of the curious ef
fect of Grape-Nuts food on him and
how it has relieved him.
"You will doubtless understand how
the suffering from indigestion with
which I used to be troubled made my
work an almost unendurable burden;
and why it was that after my Sabbath
duties had been performed, sleep was
a stranger to my pillow till nearly
"I had to be very careful as to what
I ate, and even with all my care I ex
perienced poignant physical distress
after meals, and my food never satis
fied me.
"Since I began the use of Grape
Nuts the benefits I have derived front
it are very definite, I no longer suffei
from indigestion, and I began to im
prove fro.m the time Grape-Nuts ap
peared on our 'table.
"I find that by eating a dish of thlsv
food after my Sabbath work is done,
(and I always do so now) my nerves
are quieted and rest and refreshing
sleep are ensured me.
"I feel that I could not possibly do
without Grape-Nuts food, now that I
know its value. It Is invariably on our
table we feel that we need it to make
the meal complete and our children
wil eat Grape-Nuts when they cannot
be persuaded to touch anything else."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Michigan.
Read the famous booklet, "The Road
to Wellyjile," in pkga. "There's a
Ever reaf the aaTe letter! A sen
ear appears treat time tm tlaie. Tke
are areasiae, trae, aad fall of haau
lata re t.
Contracts have been made for two
miles of street paving in Hastings.
Beatrice, among other towns iu Ne
braska, will get a postal bank.
Deputy Game Warden Frank Wolf
made an inspection trip along two
miles of the Blue river north of Desh
ler and destroyed five fish traps.
The Railway Board of Nebraska has
authorized the Missouri Pacific rail
road to issue $50,000,000 bonds to pay
off indebtedness and to Improve the
Secretary Mellor of the state fair
board has signed a contract with the
Wright brothers for the use of their
type of aeroplane at the state fair
this fall.
State Auditor Barton is inquiring
into the legality of the recent trans
fer of the Union Fire Insurance com
pany of Lincoln, a mutual company,
to the Woodmen Fire.
T. R. Nelson of Omaha, who is serv
ing a ten-year sentence for second de
gree murder, has filedvan application
for a pardon. The matter will be
heard before the board of pardons
July 11.
The state railway commission has
authorized the Nuckolls County Inde
pendent Telephone company of Nel
son to issue $700 of stock, the pro
ceeds to be used for new equipment
and new lines.
Fire which broke out early In the
morning in the Wunderlich & Havlik
garage at Lincoln destroyed automo
biles and supplies to the amount of
$12,000 and damaged the large build
ing, belonging to the senior member
of the firm, to the extent of $8,000.
Prof. F. S. Wolfe of Lincoln has
been elected as president of the Au
rora Commercial college to succeed
Prof. Watenpaugh, who has moved to
California. Prof. Wolfe is a graduate
of the Kansas Wesleyan university,
and late of the Wayne Normal school.
Flag day was fittingly observed at
Shubert The members of the Stella
Grand Army of the Republic and Wo
man's Relief corps held a meeting in
the grove at the schoolhouse. After
a social dinner hour a short program
was given, consisting a flag drills and
reading. Editor J. L. Dalby gave the
principal address.
Sheriff Sevier arrived at Beaver City
from Nelson with Charles Leroy and
Cummins, who "are charged with burg
larizing the house of Ben Bailey at
Edison. They were arrested at Su
perior with alleged stolen goods in
their possession. While in jail at
Nelson, it is said;" they planned to
shoot Sheriff Sevier.
W. A. Brokaw; who was injured at
Ruby by being struck by a train, died
from his injuries. Mr. Brokaw was
walking toward the depot, and after
passing between two freight cars
which cut off his view up and down
the track, he stepped onto the main
track just in time to be struck by the
The board of public works of Fre
mont is trying to work out a plan to
insure the payment of accounts due
the city municipal plant without go
ing into court. At a meeting the
board devoted several hours to the
problem. The board found many un
paid bills owing by parties who have
left the city without arranging for
the payment of the water and light
A Fez (Morocco) dispatch says:
Victor Swanson of Aborville, Neb., a
missionary of the Gospel Missionary
union, whose general office is at Kan
sas City, Mo., arrived here safely
from Sefroo, where it had been re
ported he was being kept a prisoner
in his own home by Moroccan tribes
men. He brought n6 news as to the
whereabouts of George C. Reed of
Weeping Water, Neb., the secretary
of the Moroccan mission of the Gos
pel union. Mr. Reed sought refuge in
the mountains outside Sefroo when
the rebellious tribesmen attacked the
The state board of public lands and
buildings returned to Lincoln from
Curtis, where the members accepted
a plat of 463 acres for the agricultural
school. They also fixed on the loca
tion of the building. At Kearney the
board decided to accept the proposi
tion of a private concern to furnish
light and power to the industrial
home for 5 cents per kilowatt.
The house of W. B. Green, a farm
er, three miles south of Beaver City,
was burned with its entire contents.
The Greens had been away from
home at a camp meeting for three
days. The fire, it is believed, was in
cendiary, the tracks of a man who en
tered the house and those of a horse
which he had ridden, are plain to be
Fred Stillman, a young farmer liv
ing north of Holbrook, was killed in a
runaway. He was driving in from
work in the field with a four-horse
team and in passing an automobile on
the road the horses became frighten
ed and started to run. Stillman, who
was dragged about 100 yards, when
Saaiey Scaca! Lmmb far hm 2S, Mil
Spsekllr 4naBCd (or This Papar
GOLDEN TEXT "What Doth the Lord
Require of Thee; but to Do Justly, and to
Love Mercy, and to Walk Humbly With
Thy GodV'-MIc :8.
Different forms of review are salt
ed to classes of different ages and
different degrees of development, so
that a variety of methods Is sug
gested below. Some of these plans
may need to be united with others to
fill out the session, and any other
changes and adaptations of them may
be made that seem best to the
The quarter's lessons have taken
up six books of the Old Testament
There have been five lessons In Sec
ond Kings, two in Second Chronicles,
two in Isaiah, and one each In Jonah.
Micah and Hosea. Select six mem
bers of the class and have each
write a three-minute essay on one of
these books, telling about the general
course of the lessons or lesson from
that book, and the teachings brought
out therein. Let the class listen care
fully to each essay, and at the close
dictate a set of questions, which you
have written beforehand, on the quar
ter's lessons as a whole, having the
class write answers to the questions
as they are read.
The teacher will write on slips of
cardboard or heavy manila paper a
series of questions on the lessons of
the quarter, about five questions on
each lesson. These questions will
cover the principal facts of the les
sons, and will be so framed that the
answers can be very brief, yet ade
quate. Lay the slips of paper, face
down, on the class table or on a large
book field in the lap. mix them up.
and have the class draw them one
at a time, in turn. The scholar that
draws a question will read it aloud,
and then answer It If he can. retain
ing the slip. If he does not answer
correctly, or at all. the next on his
left will try to answer it, and so on
around the class. The scholar that
answers It will hold the slip, and the
scholar that holds the largest num
ber at the end of the recitation is de
clared the victor in the little contest
Announce this plan a week in ad
vance, that the class may study for it.
Take a series of lesson pictures.
Obliterate the titles of the pictures.
and fasten a bit- of ribbon to each.
Place the pictures in a box open at
the end, and let the ribbons extend
outside. The scholars will draw
these pictures out one after the other,
each scholar telling the class about
the lesson to which his pictures be
longs, holding up the picture as he
does so. After the pictures have
been used once. If there is time they
may be returned to the box and tho
exercise may be repeated. This form
of review Is especially adapted to the
primary department.
The class will be divided, at least
a week in advance, into two sides.
each side with a leader. The sides
will meet by themselves and each
prepare a series of questions on all
the lessons of the quarter. The teach
er will meet with each side and make
sure that the questions are fair ones,
and clearly expressed. On review day
the two sides will sit facing each oth
er. One side, through Its leader, will
propose a question to the other side,
which will answer if it can. speaking
always through its leader, but always
after consultation with the rest of the
side. Then the second side will pro
pose a question to the first side, and
so on. alternating. If the answer is
wrong, the side that proposed the
question scores a point; if partly
wrong, half a point. The side that
Is defeated may be required to give a
social, at the teacher's home, to the
other side.
This review, which is especially
suited to adult classes, consists of a
series of essays or talks on the prin
cipal topics of the various lessons.
As far as possible, the speakers will
choose their topics or lessons, but
the teacher will have a list ready for
suggestion. The following list will
be an aid:
I. The Healing Side of Religion.
II. Our Unseen Defenders. III.
Starting the Young In Their Lives.
IV. Our Care for God's House. V.
The Universality of Christianity.
VI. The Perils of Pride. VII. Our
Work for Our Country. VIII. Tem
perance Work Needed Today. IX.
The Madness of Militarism. X. God's
Forgiveness, and How to Obtain It.
XI. Reform Methods That Succeed.
XII. The Final Results of Sin.
The teacher will take a large sheet
of heavy manila paper, and with a
broad-pointed shading-pen and very
black ink. in large letters, he will
copy as much of the following outline
of the quarter's lessons as he can get
on the sheet; then he will go on with
other sheets till it Is all copied. Fold
each sheet back along the . central
line, taking pains to keep each half
Use of Ants in Nature. '
Prof. J. C. Branner, in the Bulletin
ef the Geological Society of America,
describes the immense Importance of
ants as geologic agents, especially im
tropical regions. Ant burrows have
been found at a depth of 3.5 meters,
and they ramify over vast areas.
Two Varieties.
Little Willie Say. pa, what Is busl
ness courtesy?
Pa There are two kinds of busi
ness courtesy, my son. One is the
kind extended to people who pay cash,
and the other is extended to people
who don't.
Mrs. Knlcker Will your furniture
go In the new flat?
Mrs. Bocker It will after it's
- No one is satisfied with his fortune,
or dissatisfied with bis intellect.
Deshoulleres. '
the Antiseptic powder to be ikeken Into the thoea
for Ured. aching- feet It takes the alng-oat of cons
aad bunion mod raakea walkiac a delight. Sold
everywhere. X5c. Rtfuu lubttituU. S"or FREB
trial package, addieta A. 8. olautea. Le Kor. N.T.
A Use for the Recall.
Knlcker What do you know about
the recall?
Bocker I believe in it for umpires.
Garfield Tea will set the liver right,
correct constipation, cleanse the svttteiu,
purify the blood and clear the complexion.
Be not angry that you cannot make
others as you wish them to be. since
you cannot make yourself what you
wish to be. Thomas a Kempis.
The satisfying quality in Lewis' Single
Binders found in no other 5c cigar.
Do not expect a friend to ask of
you; anticipate his need. Socrates.
It's a Great
has proven a great help
to those in need of a
tonic, appetizer and
health maker. Try a
Costiveness, Malaria,
Fever and Ague. All
sHWlatintf iktroodandltMiiBi-
Promotes DtiHon,Crerful
nessandRestContains ncWicr
Oftum.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic
Arpr feUDtSAWEimtMS
i Weay arm Unr
yorlnflurti md Chfldratu
The Kiod You Have
Always Botght
Bears the
A nerfect Remedy for Constipa
tion . Sour Slomach.Diarrhoea,
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of'
The Centaur Compaxyv
1 .TV
T atf
For Over
Thirty Years
TMe ssaaaiB aaaaaaa aawaaaani.
2iaaraitteed under the Food
When Fate Mocks.
"To bad about Joe."
"What's the matter?"
"He sprained his arm and they are
afraid he can never pitch again, so his
folks are going to make a doctor or
something of that sort out of him."
Free to Our Readers.
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Eyelids and (ranulation.
Willis I'm raising 500 chickens on
a five-foot lot.
Gillis That's nothing. You ought
to see the relatives my wife is taking
care of In our flat. Puck.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
act surely and
gently on the
liver. Cure
ache, Dizzi
ness, and Indigestion. They do their duty.
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the horses in making a turn threw 0r the outline on its side of the sheet,
him against a fencepost, fracturing Place the sheets before the class one
the side of his head.
D. Struve, a Fremont saloon man,
is the victim of a bogus check man.
He was stuck for $25 on a bad check
during the rush hours.
Deputy State Food Commissioner
W. R. Jackson has ordered the prose
cution of two farmers, Mark Fender
and Helmer Hansen of Bennett, be
cause they are alleged to hare sold
eggs that were bad. The order of the
deputy food commissioner is the car
rying out of Jiis nsjrently adopted
policy that all persons who sell bad
eggs or who have bad eggs in their
possession for sale shall be prose
cuted. The Queen City creamery at Desh
ler was damaged $200 by a fire which
started in the furnace.
Nebraska Eagles, in session at Co
lumbus, elected officers as follows:
Charles Tracy, Benson, past state
president; Jay X. Williams, South
Omaha, state president; R. D. Gable,
Florence, state vice president; Fred
Graves, Cbadron, state chaplain; O.
H. Christensen, Fremont, state treas
urer; R. E. Landis. Chadron, state
secretary; C. Hinkey, Grand 'Island,
state conductor; Tony Costanzo, Oma
ha, state Inside guard; J. B. Jandrow,
Benson, state outside guard.
You complain of ingratitude; were
you not repaid by your pleasure in do
ing good? Levis.
trMts aa4 kUlaall
fflf Neat, tltao.
ornamental, contra
ieat.chc.p. Lsrall
Can tssujor
tiDOirr. will not tcil
or injure anything
Cuaranir-fl rEttt-
-. Of nil Italmcr
it cnuU lor 70c
ftuaoLD Mtaias
14 t ! in.
Keep your heart high; that is the
sum of philosophy. Victor Cousin.
Mrs. Wlnnlow's Sooth Inp syrnp for Chltdrez.
teetblnir. Mft-n the (rums. rMncfii inflamma
tion, allajrs pau. cures wind colic, 25c a buttle.
L'lrenMtcmf tilnna IT lwra.Varlex Meera.. n
dnlent l'lrni.Mercarlal Ulrera.WhlteHwell
Inr.MIlk tr.Feerora,lli ,. rMiu-i--
amUim. IimUM. J.fALLKN JJept A,t .Paul Jtlna.
Love is selfishness in two persons.-Boufflers.
after the other, and have the scholars
copy them carefully. Before a sheet
is copied the scholars will fold their
sheets of paper backward down the
center so as to divide them into tw
columns for exactness in copying.
After a sheet has been copied, the
teacher will fold the right-hand sid
backward so that it is out of sight,
and see if the class can complete
each line of the lefthand side from
memory. Then go on to the next
sheet, but return to the preceding
sheets before each new one is copied.
In this way much may be fixed la
mind during the hour.
Lewis Single Hinder given the smoker a
rich, ineIIow-taiinj: ix; cipir.
God pays, btu not every Saturday.
Alphonse Karr.
Take Garfield Tea to regulate the l''ver
nd oicnomc constipation.
To apprehend contempt is to have
deserved it already. Pierre Loti.
asal Baaolinaa in
a htrariaat arowth.
Kavar Talf to lutcra Gray
Hair lta zoourai voior.
Can Mala diaMas aav
it aSBeted witb ) TkaaaaAat Caaa --
KOIII Fimsini
Mail orders
riven ariecial
attention. All auppliea for the Amateur atrict
y freah. Send or catalogue aad flnlabingr
COMPANY. Box 1197, Omaha Ma.
Catena. Waam
laftoa.b.C. fiostoifrt. Hla.
W. N. U- OMAHA. NO. 25-1911.
Fads for Weak Women
Development of Man.
Man does not develop In the high
est sense until he comes into a con
sclous need of spiritual attainment,
until there Is a hungering and thirst
ing after the fruits of the spirit gen
tleness, long suffering; goodness, tem
perance, love. Rev. Gay Arthur Jamie
son, New York.
Seed of the Church.
The blood of the martyrs is the-
church, the giving up of life is at
heart in all great movements, expia
torr. Rev. AHvn K. Foster. BaDtiit.
I Brooklyn.
Niae-teatas of all the sick
cisc of the orftaas distinctly fi
every day by
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
it Makes Wemk Women Stromf, .
Sick Women Well.
It seta directly oa the orjsws affected aad is at the saate tine a jeasral restore
five toaie for the whole systeai. It cares fcialc coaaplaiat rifkt ia the privacy
el home. It makes aaaeceaaary the disagreeable qaestioatatf, cxaauaatieaa aad
local treatsseat so uaivcraaUy jasistsd apoa by doctors, aad so abherreat la
every aroocac wumau.
We shall aot particularize her as to the syaansis of
those peculiar aiectioas iacidsat to wosaca, hat those
waatiajf fall iaforeistioa as to their stbbosm aad
aicaas of positive core sre referred to the People's Cos
bob Sease Medical Adviser 1008 pafes, aewly revised
aad up-to-date Edirioa, seat fret oa receipt ef 21 oae
ceat staasps to caver cost of aMaUa safe er. ia cloth
1 for 31 stsatps.
Address Dr. R. V. Fierce, Bafale, N. Y.
-a-Vr r-ffihJ

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