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Philip weekly review. [volume] (Philip, Stanley County, S.D.) 1???-1912, September 18, 1908, Image 8

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-j if,
'We are specialists in building tanks. Hare power ma»
jchlnery for wood work, and can build a first-class tank at
reasonable cost. Ask for our figures.
are equipped with machinery to do all kinds of odd
jobs In wood work, such as screens, and frames of »U
v^slzes, porch material, etc.
Meyer & Hudspeth's Planing Mill
First Door North of L^tfgett's, Philip, S. I)-
Why Not Make it of Cement?
If you are going to build, you can certainly
find some point where it would be to your
advantage to use cement in some form. See
me for anything in cement construction,
brick or plaster work.
Northwestern Hotel and Bakery
Bread and All Kinds of Pastry constantly
on hand. We are prepared to do the
Best Quality of Work
Bakery Goods
First-class Accommodations
All the Comforts of a Hon|§
you* patronage BaRno-nrouar SOUOHHBD
Lindsay & Orr, Philip, S. D.
L. 13. (ioUNmith,Cash.Fort Merre Rank R. A.lUekkl.Oash.First State Rank of Philip
Martin Jotetaoo, Ca«h. Rank of K ad
ok a J.E.Utterback, Prea. Belvldere State Bank
9 R. E. Moriran, Register of Deeds of Stanley County
Hears final proofs and contests. Receives
filings, attends to all land office business.
mmwvTA, vmnuET eo* p.
Land & Abstract Co.,
H. L» Parcel la, Secretary and Bonded Abstracter
Respectfully Solicits Your Business Fort Pierre, S. D.
Fifteen head of horses and mares, weighing from
1,200 to 1,400 pounds. Second hand team harness
es and single harnesses.
I A. L. Emond,
f• **j RAilK»d street, first house in Wray's addition
Philip, S. D.
Home Bakery
& Grusendorf,
i, x, *«•'»«.- i* I
Hone shoeing, woodwork and general blacksmithing.
Satisfaction guaranteed, Your patronage solicited,
South Dakota
Wtlbivi on hand Bread, Cakes, and pies.
JTipUng Cains a Specialty.
tt» |tfquj up-UHfcts, ud to
A Few Snaps
No. 1. A fine 160 acres, four miles of Philip, 40 acres broke and the
finest corn on It around beats anjr I have seen in Iowa or Nebraska.
Has a good well and fair house and barn. Will make any man inde
pendent. Price $3,500.00.
No. 2. A nice level farm, one mile from Philip, has a (food well, all
fenced, good little house and barn some broke. $3,200.00.
No. 3. Is a fine level farm, two miles from Philip, all plow land,
has good water but not many improvements. Can sell for $2,500.00.
No. 4. Is a nice level piece of 160 acres, Joins No. 3. No improve
ments. Price $2,500.00. One-half cash and balance time.
No. 5. Is all level, can plow every inch of it, a fine black soil* h*S
about 12 acres broke, small houw. One-half cash. $3,400.00
No. 6. Is a solid section of the finest land near here, all fenced, has
nice creek and would make one of the nicest thoroughbred stock farms.
Can sell this section for $8,000.00 if sold soon. Part time.
No. 1. Is a nearly level 160 acres, four miles from Philip, 10 acres
broke, good little house and fine creek on the corner, on the telephone
line and would make a tine home. Price $2,500.00.
No. 8. Is a one-half section, six miles from Philip, all plow land
and good water. Part time at $4,200.
No. 9. Is a one-half section, five miles from Philip, about one-half
plow land, some broke, good water a fine stock farm. Will sell this if
taken soon at $2,600.00. One-half time.
No. 10. Is two of the best relinquishments (callable hen now. Lie
north of Philip all plow land and fine water: cheap till sold and won't
last long at $500.00 for each should be sold together.
No. 11. A section two miles of Philip, lots of hay land and river
bottom and timber, most all good level land. Would make a fine grain
or stock farm. Good terms on this at $15.00 per acre.
No. 12. A one-half section nine miles of Philip, lays Oft ft fine creek,
will cut 100,(XK) feet of cottonwood lumber and fire wood to last a life
time has good improvements, good well and windmill. This farm is
the cheapest thing that I have at $6,000.00.
No. 13. Is a 160, 13 miles north of Philip, aH fenced and all plow
land. Can sell this at $1,700.00, if sold soon,
No. 14. This is a 1,000 acre ranch, 11 miles noHh of Philip, fine land,
soil black loam has about 100 acres in crop, some fine alfalfa, has a good
two-story house and large barn and other out buildings, good well and
windmill good creek on the land. This is fine ranch or grftin farm
a snap at $15.00 per acre.
No. 15. A good little farm of 160 acres, some rolling, has lots of
timber and good water, and hay land. Will sell this if taken at once,
for $1,100.00. Part time.
No. 16. A 200-acre farm four miles southesst of Norfolk, Nebr.,
about 100 acres in pasture and 40 acres hay land balance in corn this
year lays fine and is line land. Norfolk is a city of 5,000 people, and a
railroad center. This farm will soon be worth $100.00 an acre. Will
•ell this on good terms at $10,000.00.
No. 17. Good relinquishment neftr Smith ftll plow lftnd ftnd will
sell for $700.00.
No. 18. Is a relinquishment 16 miles from Philip. Most til plow
land. Will sell at once for $150.00.
No. 19. Is a relinquishment near Grindstone part farm lftnd ftnd
part pasture will sell for $350.00.
No. 20. A fine farm, four miles from Philip, all fine land, good
house and barn all fenced and quite a lot In crop. One of the best
farms in the neighborhood. For quick sale $2,500.00.
No. 21. 1160 acre tract south of Philip all good land and plenty of
water some improvements a tine ranch or farm will sell together for
$12.50 an acre.
No. 22. We have three fine resident lots in Philip, one of the best
locations in town. Will sell for quick sale at $250.00.
No. 23. We have eight lots 50 by 150 with a new six-room house on
them good well and good location. Will sell for $2,500.00 or will trade
No. 24. A section relinquishment or four relinquishments together
north of town can sell the four for $2,800.00 all good land ftnd fftir
No. 25. Is a fine 600 acres, 28 miles from Omaha, Nebr., all fenced
ftnd good buildings 250 acres plow land and in crop, balance In pasture
&nd hay. It is sli miles from both Valley and Waterloo. It is a first
class farm. Will trade this for unimproved land or would consider
other propositions. Will sell on extra good terms at $50.00 an acre
Look this up.
No. 26. Is the best 160 acres around Underwood, S. TX AH level
one-half mile from town all plow land. Will sell at $2,750, sdfne time.
No. 27. Is a 160 acres in Potter county, near LeBeau. Will trade
this land or sell cheap. Will give ftn? terms thftt ftre reasonable.
Price $2,000.00.
•1 He hare ft lot. more lftnd for sale and would be glad to hate »nyone
write us for what they want, if they don't find it in this list.
All of the above land has good water at from ten to forty feet, mm!
all has a good black loam that will raise any crop that you plant, and
will go as many bushels to the acre as your Iowa or Nebraska land that
sells for ten times as much per acre. We have the best town west of
the Missouri river and are sure of the county seat and railroad division
point. We have two oanks that each have over $100,000.00 in deposits,
showing the people are prosperous.
We show our lands free of charge ftnd fetum tlilmd 'to **eh
buyer and guarantee title to every piece we sell.
New Through Sleeping Car Service
Between Chicago and this
Black Hills
ViaP, E0& N W By and the
North-Western Line. Effective Sun
day, Sept. 6th, dally through sleeping
car service between Rapid City, S D,
and Chicago, via Pierre and Huron,on
train No 514, leaving Rapid City {J:32
m, Pierre 4:10 a m, Hrron 8:35 a
m, arriving Chicago 7:10 am West
bound, leave Chicago 3:04 m, arrive
Htttoa 8:50 m, Pierre 1:40 a m, Ra
pid City 7:30 a Direct Route Fast
Service unequalled For aleep.
lit car reservfttlons, schedules ftnd
R. M. Waddell Land Cb., Philip, S. D.
7 to any Ticket
Ften Baptd City
A clever, popul&r Candy Cold Cure
Tablet—called Preventics—Is being
dispensed by druggists everywhere.
In a few hours, Preventics are said
to break any cold—completely. And
Preventics, being so safe and tooth
some, are very fine for children. No
Quinine, no lazfttlve, nothing hftrsh
nor sickening. Box of 48—25c Sold
by Pioneer Pharmacy.
They Take The Kinks ««t
"I have utod Dr. King's New Life
Nkttalftctto*. They take the kinks i8
Mlt atriMUnh llvctr hnwtln
-n i v,
*r .A.
D«-p:titii'Put of the luteilor. United Stater
Land Office at Chamtierlain, S. l.. August
», law.
Notice Is hereby given that Edtrar Burgr, of
Philip. S. I)., who, on January 26. 1907. made
Homestead Entry No. 13328. Serial, No, 0723.
for s so'» & eh swU section township 1 N.,
rantre 19 E., B. H. Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make Final commotion proof,
to established claim to the land above
described, before
Byron L. Clow, U. 8. Commissioner.
at his office, at Philip, 9. l».. on Sept, 22. 1906.
Claimant names as witnesses
Forlyre Sainmons, .Tohn Hoeslnir, Charles
F, Farmer and Walter Peck all of Philip, 8.
HALL IKONS, Register,
IVTtflrtfflrnt of the Interior, United States
Land OfflcePierre, 8. D.. August 15,1908.
Notice is hereby given that Arthur I). Mc
Ginnls, of Philip, S. D., who on November 27th
1905. made H. E. No. 5517(Serial No. 01371) for
the NE!-4 of Sec. 27, T. 2 N.. K. 20 E. B. H.
ha* filed notice of Intention to make final
commutation proof to establish claim to the
land alovedc8criied, before
Byron L. Clow, U. S. Commissioner
hi hii office at Philip, S, D„ on September 22nd
Claimant names as witnesses:
Emanuel Taylor. E. L. Keith, Howard
Fislar, Jerome Earl of Philip, S. P.
ALHF.ltT WllKRLON, Register.
Department of the Interior, United States
Latid Office at Chamberlain. S. D. Sept.. 14 1908
Notice is hereby given that Charlos Neal, of
Philip, S. I), who, on May 13.1907 made Home
stead entry No, 14037 (Serial No. 012rtfc) for N
& 8WM 8E*» Section 22 Town­
ship In., Range 19 E. B. H. Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Final Commuta
tion proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before
Byron L. Clow, U. 8. Commissioner, at his
office at l'hillp. S. T). on Oct. 27 1908.
Claimant names as witnesses:
John Cowen, Arthur G. Campliell, John Yeigh
and Ernest Jones all of Philip, S. D.
W. HALL IRONS, Register.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office at Chamberlain, S. D. Sept.. 14 1908,
Notice Is hereby given that Arthur
Campliell. of Philip, S. D. who. on August lfi
1907, made homestead entry No. 14500 (Serial
No. 01270) for se! se!« Sec. 5. neH ne!* Sec
& w'-2 nwU Scction 9 Township 1 n Range 20E
B. H. Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make Final Commutation Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, before
Byron L. Clow, U. S. Commissioner,
at his office at Philip, S. D. on Oct., 28 1908,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Charles Loutzenhiser, Pardon O. Loutaen
hloer, John W. Jones and Everett G. Stephens
of Philip, S. D.
W. Hall Ibonb Register.
Department of the Interior. United States
Land Office at Chamberlain, S. D. Sept., 14 190S
Notice is herebj given that Albert T. VVad
dell. of Philip. S. 1). who. on October ,r. 1900,
made. Homestead entry No. 12480 (Serial No
0413) for seV« Section 34. Township 1 n. Range
20. E. B. II. Meridian, has filed notice of In
tention to make final Commutation Proof, to
establish claim to the land above described'
Byron L. Clow, U. S. Commissioner
at his office at Philip S. D. on Oct., 28 1906.
Claimaut names as witnesses:
George W. Paddock, Claude Ramsey, Oscar I
Ramsey and Samuel T. Buchanan all of
Philip, S. D.
W. Hall Irons Register.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office at Chamberlain. S. I). Sept.. 14190H,
Notice is hereby given that. Charles E. Long,
of Philip, S. I), who, on October 5.1906, made
Homestead entry No. 12481 (Serial No. 01281)
for seV4 Section 2 Township 1 S, Range 20 E. B.
H, Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make final Commutation Proof to establish
claim to the land at»ove described, before
Byron L. Clow, U. S. Commissioner,
at his office at Philip S. T. on Oct., 28,1908.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Oscar I. Ramsey, George W. Paddock, Will
lam B, Holbrook and Claude Ramsey all of
Philip 8. D.
W.HALL IRONS, Register.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office, Pierre, South Dakota. July 17,
A sufficient, contest affidavit having been
filed in this office by Darrell J. Barnhart of
Monroevllle, Indiana, contestant, against
homestead entry No. 3210. 8cr. No. 045# made
Octoix'r 27th, 1003 for SWUNAVh.VVh SW1,
section 13. and NW'L4 N\V't Sec, 24. township
5 N of range 21 E. B. if. M. by Mark L. Ferris
conteteo.in which it is alleged ttiatsaid entry
man lias wholly abandoned saldtract for
more than six months last past. That there
are no improvements on said premises of any
kind whatsoever and never have lieen any.
That, sakl entryman has not at. any lime made
residence, cultivation and improvements on
said premises as required by the law govern
ing homesteads anil that said alleged absence
from said laud was not due to his employ
ment in the Army. Navy or Marine Corps of
the United States as a private soldier, officer,
seaman or marine during the war with Spain
or during any other War in which the United
States may lie engaged. Said parties are
hereby notified to appear, respond and offer
evidence touching said allegation at. 10 o'clock
a. m., on 22nd day of September. is»0S, Jiefore
Syren L. Clow, U. S. Commissioner,
at PLlilp, So. Dakota, and that final hearing
will le held at 10 o.clock A. M. on 2:th day of
8eptemler 1908 lefor« the Register and Re
ceiver at the UnltedlStates Land Office in
Pierre, S. I).
The said cnntestnnt having. In a proper
affidavit, filed Aug. 8, li*8, set forth facts
which show that after due diligence person
al service of this notice eminot be made. 1C
Is hereby ordered and directed that «uch
act Ice be given by due and proper publica
Department of the Interior, United States
Ind Office, Chamlierlain. 8. 1)., Sept. 10, 1908.
A suftlcent contest affidavit havlntr been
filed in this office by Harry Bennett,
contestant, against Homestuad entry No 0th5
-1602 made Auirust20. 1W0H for lot 2 and se'»
nwl« section 30. township 1 north, rarw 20
east B. 11. M. and sVS net* isectlon 25, town-*
ship 1 north, ran»:e 19 east by AUx rt Jones
contest**', in which it is aliened that said:
entryman has wholly abandoned said tract!
for more than six months, next proceeding
Augr. 20, 1W. also for more than six month:!,
next proceeding July 18. I90«, and since mak
ing said entry: that said abandonment still:
continues and that said track is not occupied
and improved as required by law. and that
said alleired absence from said Iwid was not
due to his employment in the Army, Navy
or Marine Corps of the 1'nlted States during
the war with Spain, or during any other war
In which the t'nlted States was engrftirwi.
Said parties are hereby notified to appear,
respond and offer evidence touching said al
leration at 10 o'clock a. m. on October
ttth 1WK before M. L. Parcells, a
Notary Public, at his office in Ft. Pierre. 8.
T.. and that tinal hearing will be held at 10
I o'clock a. m., on October 20, 190H,
Pill* fnp m.M ...r. with 11?9'0™ register and receiver at the
miR TOr nftMjr JFMro, witn increasing United Mates Land Office in Chamberlain,
Ahe 8aW ,ouUstaDt
wtotoLt iZTl affidavit, filed Sept. 5. 1908 forth fact.
WltoOtte IttK W friction, HJS N. which show that after due dll
al •tnrlet ot this uotlce cann__ ..
la hereby ordered and directed that such
nottct bt flreB by due and proper publlca-
H. Brown, of ItfcttfaM, Vt. Guar
na MUM ill If »U druggist*.
iThe Place to Eat...
Office Suit* 6, Hyde Blk.
t. ':~H-
havin*, in a proper
1 licence person
not be made, it
W, Hiu lion,
1*. ',i v
Can't find a better place for
a Square Meal, Short Orders
and Quick Lunches. Clean
liness and good cooking our
specialty. Give us a trial,
a n e a n w y s o a n y
like to eat here.
Hoffman's Restaurant,
To sell your land,
list it with the.
West Land Company
Deeded Lands
Law, Loans and Insurance
Business before the U. 8. Land office.
Wokama Drug Company
Carries a Complete Line of
Drugs and Druggist's Sundries
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
Paid-Up Capital $17,500
Its Foundation
Bank has a paid-up capital of tl7.300.00. la addi
tion to this it has a body of stockholders whose
individual liability amounts to a half million dollars
more. Interest paid on time deposit*.
Safe Conservative Sound
Livery Barn
M, B. HASTIN6S, Mgr., Pierre, S. D.
If you put up your horse or team at our bam
you are assured that they will receive the best
oi care and attention. Our barn is warm
.. ..And comfortable and we feed only the best
hay and grain, To the tired animal, after a
long trip, our quarters are a haven of rest
to the weary aud hungry beaft £v
Rigs Ready for Trips at ffi Timesi
Fraik Shewn, fity
J- ».

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