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HaptK'nlr^rs In County and 8t»t«—
gone item* are rehashed. aome s!t
•n credit where crwdlt U due. and
some are swiped bodily.
The graveling of business streets in
Fort Pierre is progressing nicely.
Over one hundred head of hogs was
marketed in Kadoka on Monday of
last week.
Latnro, Tripp county, has been
made a money order post office. And
the county is not open to white set
tlement yet.
A "new town is being born in the
exact center of the new county of
Harding. It hopes within the next
six weeks to be made the seat of
government of that county.
Peter Olson arrived Monday with a
car of farming implements and stock
and will improve his homestead and
make it a permanent home. Peter
will farm quite extensively next year
as he has about 75 acres already
^broken.—Nowlin Tribunjfc
A Waste man offers $100 rewsrerrer
the apprehension of the party who
^'poisoned his wife's dog. As no suit
A would get him returns, he must be
twilling to pay $100 to get the name
jpf some one,to,
Brush and Comb Sets
Manicure Seta
Photo Albunas
Photo Albunas
Toy Dishes
Toy Dishes
Smoker Sets
|Throw up Yo ur Jt~ji and s.
Post Card Albums
Hand-painted Chins
Fancy Boxes Candy
Ladies' Hand Bags
Bill Books
F. W. Radke will close a deal today
for the purchase of the W. A. Porch
ranch on White lliver. The farm
consists of 312 acres and the consider
ation is $4,000. Mr. ,Radke recently
sold his farm of 240 acres just west of
Kadoka and we are pleased to learn
that he has decided to remain here.
Mr. Porch will give possession of
the place March the tirst. He thinks
strongly of locating on the reservation.
Kadoka Reporter.
E. J. Lacy was in from his ranch
last Saturday, and he informed us
that he carried insurance on his
house and goods to the extent of
$1250, which, although, it is but
about one third of the actual loss
will enable him to get another start
on a home. He has a small house
which he has moved onto the ground
of the one that burned, and they will
live there for the winter. Next
spring they will build again. Lacey
is a stayer and bound to win out in
the long run —Stock Growers News.
Ft. Pierre had a racy case the past
week. C. E. Pickett married a
widow with seven children and all of
them named Peterson. They lfved
on a claim near Plieba. Last week
Sheriff Huston went out to get the
four youngest children, from four
years up to send to the children's
home.. The mother contested the
case in Justice court and then had a
complaint filed against Pickett for
attempting lujgaoftU lelaMaai with
is what you are bound to do when
you see our stock of Christmas Goods and
like the dear old "Sarita" himself, you will cheerfully
"stand and deliver." The Xmas spirit is thoroughly
in evidence here. The Holiday Season, the merriest
of the year, has dawned, and we have made, every
preparation that the occasion would suggest.
An Assortment that must surely Appeal
And many other useful
And many other useful
the oldest daughter. He was bound
over to court. The case has attracted
mnch attention. Pierre Capital
O. C. Hunter met with quite a
serious accident Saturday evening.
He was cutting kindling wood in the
freight room at the station when the
axe caught in a rope, turning its
course in such a way that the back
of the axe struck the right side of his
head, cutting entirely throught the
upper part of the ear and making a
bad flesh wound in the head. He
went to Pierre that night and Dr's.
Lavery & Walsh dressed the wound
and he anticipated no serious results
from the accident. Mr. Hunter ex
presses himself as very well satisfied
that his injury was no worse and says
he deserved it, anyway, as he was
cutting that wood entirely against
his better judgment and principles.
—Van Metre Messenger.
Preventics, the new Candy Cold
Cure Tablets, are said by druggists to
have four special specific advantages
over all other remedies for a cold.
First—They contain no quinine,
nothing harsh or sickening. Second—
They give almost instant relief.
Third—Pleasant to the taste, like
candy. Fourth—A large box—48 Pre
ventics— at 2$ cents. Also fine for
feverish children. Sold by Pioneer
Rich, beautiful creations of the
jeweler's art in Blaok Hills gold at
Philip Weekly Review
The Milwaukee Will Extend.
That the Milwaukee road will the
coming season build
from their Chamberlain line out
from Stamford or Kadoka to Lemmon
on the nortli line, is a rumor that
back of it has the appearance of au
thenticity. Surveyors are at the
present time working this way from
the vicinity of Stamford, and the
road has a survey out of Kadoka.
Another crew of Milwaukee survey
ors have for some time been working
along Mexican creek to the northwest
and are now running lines on Ash
creek, near the Cheyenne river.
Parties who claimed to be connected
officially with the Milwaukee were in
Philip Tuesday afternoon, and said
that the road would positively build
this branch by next year, passing
through Philip and up north fork to
Mexican creek. They have been
making extensive improvements in
the yards at Kakoka recently.
It is a foregone conclusion that the
Northwestern will build out from
Midland to the northwest in the
spring. The two roads are in sharp
competition, and you can put this
under your bonnet—if the North
western builds a north and south
line from its Pierre line, the Mil
waukee will build a parallel line
north from its Chamberlain branch.
We are prepared to winter
That jH'ople sifn most any petition
which is presented to them, regard
less of its merits, is well shown by th«
fact that 3,(XX) people In the state of
Kansas signed the petition to get the
Hearst ticket on the ballot, but only
sixty of them voted for It.
BOOHI! It's Worth While
To be a booster is to be an optimist
—to be fitted with long distance spec
tacles, that brings the freat things
of the future into the close range of
our mind's vision. Webster defines
the word boost—to lift or push from
behind (one who Is endeavoring to
climb) to push up hence, to assist In
overcoming obstacles, or In making
By assisting others about us to ad
vance one brings to his neighbors and
himself the better and more comfor
table things of life. HI* works along
that line may not justify him for the
best place beyond the end of worldly
things but he may be suoh an opti
mist and booster that he might help
to make things more comfortable,
even in the nether world. A dis
tinguished scientist has come to the
conclusion that conditions might be
found better below than is generally
In a dream this professor had been
carried to the gate of the lower re
gions, which he was surprised to tind,
was made of highly polished marble.
Everything within reminded him of a
well-appointed club, even to the re
freshment which might t« obtained
at small tables in cozy corners. II®
resorted to one of these and was
Bracelet s
Con ihs
Veil utl Collar
of stock, fourteen miles southwest of
Kadoka on White river. 15 ranch.
Plenty of hay, water and shelter.
J&tcttand Bros-, We^JS. i,
jK The Reliable Jewelfr
promptly served by a dusky atten
dant, who inquired softly, "Ice, sir"?
'•Where in h—1 do you get the ice"?
asked the professor in amazement.
"There are many scientific gentlemen
here, sir," was the reply.
An Unjust Incident
An evidence of the praetteal Im
possibility of framing a perfect law
came up in the District of Columbia
the other day, when a parent was ar
rested for having his fourteen year
old son assist him in his store after
7 o'clock at night, when business was
unusually brisk and he had to give
bond that he would not break the
law again. Now it seems a foolish
thing that a boy fourteen years of
age should not aid his father at his
place of business, and at the same
time be learning a trade to which he
will probably devote his mature years,
llow much better for the boy that
he be employed at some such honest
work at these evening hours instead
of incurring the risk of forming dele
terious habits of idleness and vice on
the street corners, "running wid de
gang." And yet, the child-labor law
will do more good than harm, be
cause it takes many and many a
child from the hands of unscrupulous
employers who would grind the very
suul out of them in the work they
would have them to do. The first
instance is unfortunate and unjust,
and probably could be remedied by
an amendment, though it might be
expected that an amendment Wtnilri
open up a loop hole somewhere else
for something unfortunate and un­
Will find my store replete with suggestions of desirable and endurable
gift things, such as any one may be proud to give or pleased to receive.
To make this, my first Christmas season with you, a precedent about
which to weave a more enduring, more successful and increased pat
ronage in the seasons to come, by giving my customers
pay for" and sustaining my reputation of being "reliable."
Gift Suggestions
For Ladies For Gentlemen
Neck Chains
Bead Necklaces
Waist Pin Seta
He] Ar Hat Pins
Manicure Seta
Souvenir Spoons
For the Family and Little Tots
Appropriate articles in Silver, Flat and Hollow ware, Wall Desk and Mantle
Clocks, Child's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets, Baby Spoons, Rings, Neck~Chains,
Lockets, Bracelets, Baby Pins, etc.
Black Hills Rings and choice assortment of EUack Hills Souvenir Jewelry.
Each article sold fully guaranteed and I will cheerfully exchange or
refund money if any article purchased does not prove just as represented. 1
invite inspection a*id will cheerfully show goods. I will not ask yon to buy.
1 leave that to the goods and prices. All'Goods Marked in Plain Figures.
Selections made now will be reserved for Xmas delivery.
scrupulous. After all, about all we
can expect from good laws is that
they will work for the good of hu
manity in the long run thej can't
be made to operate perfectly, be
cause the law makers are imperfect,
and because human beings and their
actions present such multifarious at
titudes toward the law. In exclud
ing the bulk of the evil, the law is al
most necessitated to exclude a fair
degree of good, and let in a consider
able degree of bad. The father of
the Ikiv referred to above may get
slender comfort from the fact that
much good is being done in other
homes by the very law that causes
him a hardship, butgood citltens will
reflect that such is the ease.
Marked For Death
"Three years ago! was marked for
deatii. A grave-yard cough was tear
ing my lungs to pieces. Doctors fail
ed to help me, and hope had fled,
when my husband got Ir. King'*
New Discovery," says Mrs. A. C.
Williams, of Bac, Ky. "The first
dose helped me and improvement
kept on until 1 had gained 58 pounds
in weight and my health was fully
restored." This medicine holds the
world's healing record for coughs and
colds and lung and throat diseases.
It prevents pheumonia. Sold under
guarantee at all druggists. 50c add
Trial bottle fre».
The fact hat your stationery aad
other printed matter came from the
Review job rooms, is a guarantee of
the quality and up to dateness of
work. Let Kainey print it.
what they
Scarf Pins
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Opposite Northwestern
':V- $
r, *$&»
Ho. SO

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