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Med Ads
Your wants will be printed
in this column at the rate
5 cents per line. Nothing
leis than 25 cents.
If you have something to Mil, you
aaay depend upon It that there is
tome person somewhere who wants
that very thing. Advertise It In
tf: Be view.
•yiny.,,,..!'...!— mil 111
Three on furnished rooms foi rent,
euttable for oflBeee. B. L. Moody.
|NT room honm, conveniently lo
i, for rent. Inquire at the R.
IB. MoitM. 4 tf
a,*.'nm. limit* II 1
For Sale—Five acres land, ce
loeiit-building and machinery for
Jnanufacturintf cement blocks.
$1000. See Dunlevy & Walpole.
For Sate at a Bargain—One 30-horse
Ll* Otto Oas Traction engine, second
Redfleld, 8.
hand- Lyons Bros.,
Money to loan. H. Durkee
MOMJT for farm loans. Liberal
fates. We also buy deeded lands for
ih. Address Mundt Bros., Pierre,
Ibrty head of mixed cattle for sale
Howard H. Halm, Philip, S. I). 4-tf
Bunch of mixed cattle for sale.
William J. Ferguson, Ash Creek
I—idenoe two mtlee south of postof
ftoe. ft-41
For Sale—Draft
horses and
broke. J. T. Berry,
miles northeast of
ip. 52tf
Freeh Milch cow (eastern) for sale.
Ie«th Larsen.
Strayed—Bay pony, three white
feet, right eye is watch eye "crow"
fcraad en left shoulder. Information
fewarde* by 8. Green. 8-2
Strayed—Tea head of cattle, brand-
ery. A. Hlalah, Ash Creek, 8. D.
Mike Callahan, of Ash Creek, will
fay liberally for Information that will
a»i him In recovering a four year old
Steer, branded IT n on right side that
strayed from Jerry Sanders pasture,
west ef Grindstone Buttes, last
flaaiay Beheel
VWIewlaf Is the program for the
sees** annual convention of the
Maftiey Oeunty Sunday School Aseo
elatlDR, to'"be held In Philip next
Sattldajr and Sunday.
JiTuiDiT ivanm,
141 p. m., Outdoor Meeting, or
"jUlilSf County as a Field for
taniSf MMS) Work," by C. L. Mil
leu»Jtat Pierre.
"AModil Senday 8chool," by Mrs.
9. C, Waitaoe, Fort Pierre.
ijirpw by C. R. Leggett, Vbrt
Mwmr Mourur«,
m. Xarly Prayer Meeting,
at PatoUonal Service, H. B. Flslar,
Nil a. m. Sunday 8choel.
a. a.
Oooyention 8ermon.
i iimvooK, JULT IS
"The Teacher Between
A. Hern. Philip.
do With the Review,"
of the Temper*
,**Mva. H. J. Inee, Plill-
StemSeii MHHM
Ooaducted by Rev.
t»* MM. u. o.
by Mia. OsUl-
OM Felk," bj
Lessh, Sloui
HthHifm* Happealatrs
Miss Mary Kletch spent Saturday
andSunday with Hardingrove friends.
Miss Flannlgan, of Minneapolis, is
visiting at the home of her brother.
J. H. Loobey has returned home
from the Diamond A ranch where he
has been employed since September.
Mrs. Charley Haxby's mother re
turned with her from Rapid City to
spend the summer at the Haxby
Mrs. P. Nelson, of Audubon, Iowa,
arrived on Thursday's stage for a two
weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. E.
A. Hood.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry fbrnham
moved to the Bierwagon ranch this
week to run the haying outfit for
Mr. Bierwagon.
Rev. Davis was called Monday to
conduct the funeral services of Miss
Josie Dibble, who died Sunday, July
4th at her homestead near Marietta.
The Indians oame down en
first money in four of
Mrs. Julius H. Johnson, of Fort
Pierre, organized a Working Club
among the ladies at
3rd. The first meeting will be held
July 30th at Milesville and a cordial
invitation for all to attend this meet
ing Is extended.
Rev. E. Jenny, who conducted a
very interesting series of meetings at
Hardingrove recently, organized
Congregational church at that place
with a charter membership of
while many more have signified their
intention of joining at an early date.
The new firm of Williams
& Gra­
ham did a big business during the
celebration at Milesville. Many
preciative words were spoken for Mr
and Mr. Graham, who so generously
gave the use of their suite of rooms
above the store for the accommoda
tlon of tired little ones Mid the
Nowhere can be found a country
which presents a more progressive ap
pearance along farm lines than this
comprised in what is known as Hard
ingrove Flats. Riding through this
strip of country, great fields of corn
and grain and acres of potatoes aW in
prime condition can be seen on every
Grindstone Grist
Fred Rlcard Is in Rapid City this
J. J. McCue le new living on his
A. R. Rteard la making a fine cellar
on his place.
Wayne While was la Scenic visit
ing his mother.
Arthur Fox took a load of wool to
Philip Thusday.
Harry Faulken waa In Coftonwood
Friday on business.
Mrs. Babe Simpson-Smith, former
ly of Grindstone, is now visiting
friends here.
Powell Paragraph*
Bi Olney waa in after
Warren Young shook handa
friends here Wednesday.
Mise lia Waidro* was a vial tor
the Powell home Tuesday.
Vernon Sioseer took Jesse William's
team eaat overland Friday.
Dr. Newcomer, ef Kadoka, went to
Pierre Tuesday on business.
Miss Mable Brown, of Pheba, le
visiting at the Ballard home.
William Two Crow is here from the
Cheyenne agency visiting friends.
J. H. Dlthmer, the Kadoka land
man, was a passenger east Monday
Henrlk Hetiriksen has gone to work
with Ballard's bridge crew at Wast a.
Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. Pat Minton,
en Sunday, July 4th, a twelve pound
Mise Wlnfred Bartone, ef Imiay, la
a guest of Miss Lora Mattlson for a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. W m. Hickock, of Ka
doka, went eaat on the noon train
The Powell and Wokama tennis
clube played a aeriea ef games Sunday
There waa fast playing and plenty of
About an inoh and a half of water
fell here Thureday night and Friday
morning, which la of Immense bene
St to crops.
fleoae Imp tied a buneh of fireerack
era to L. F. Whitfwd's pep's tail. Lu
says bo will have them proeecuted for
eraettf te animate.
A sswfie of nurserymen have
saivnMSlflig around here for the laet
«f Dre. iave^r Walsh
a n
week or ten day**. We hope thetr
labor will bear fruit.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coy took their
little boy to Philip Wednesday for
medical treatment.
Hugh and John Van Houten,
from the reservation to celebrate
Milesville. They engaged
in all the sports of the
day, winning
the races.
Will Crowley is now reaping rich
rsturns from the labor expended up
on that strawberry patch and we un
derstand he contemplates giving a
strawberry and ice cream social to
his-friends In the near future.
it is nothing serious.
The stay-at-homes had a very
pleasant time at White Willow park
the 4th. There was some sinking,
speech making and field sports.
About 150 people were there. A line
display of fire works was had in the
No Thief Would Dress Any Better
Than He Holder at it Again
W. O. Golder, who removed to the
eastern part of the state a few weeks
ago, after selling his land near Top
bar, was character man in a little
drama produced at Madison last Mon
day. Golder became well known here
for his money-spending sprees, and
the following shows that he is still
working at it: -A rather neat confi
dence game.wasjpulled off in Madison
Monday. W. O. Golder of Lake
Preston came to the city on that
day with a nice piece of money in his
pocket, and stopped at the thirst em
poriums on the way up town and re
freshed himself to the extent that
the world and all the people looked
good to him. In his rambiin^s aboat
town seeing the sights he fell in with
a very pleasant appearing companion
giving his name as Carl Hrocker, who
was also a visitor In the city on a
sightseeing tour. The two st rangers
In a strange city soon became friend
ly and decided te pass the day In
each other's company. As the hours
passed by and a few visits to the
thirst quenching stands had been
made, Golder decided he was In need
of more fashionable clothing to keep
up in appearance with the sports he
met in his rambles about town. To
gether with ills new found friend a
a visit was made to the Lake County
Clothing company's store and Golder
purchased and paid for a complete
suit of the very latest pattern, with
a handsome suit case to match.
After talking the matter over with
his partner, Golder decided to leave
his purchases at tiie store, giving in
structions that if he did not oall for
them before the rain pulled out for
the north in the evening that they
be sent to f.ake Preston by express.
Right here is where the new found
friend, lirocker, began to £et in his
work. Leisurely walking around
eewiW AenJja.
whistled in, ready to depart for Lake
Preston, and Golder was steered to
the train and placed aboard. Then
Brocker came up town and going
to the clothing store secured the
suit of clothes and suit case, stating
that he had been sent for them by
Golder The next train carried
Brocker out of town like a prince.
Tuesday Golder phoned to have his
new clot hes sent to Lake Preston as
agreed upon. He was informed of
the situation and yesterday re
turned to the city to see about it.
After further explanations had been
made Golder played the part of a
true sport by buying another suit of
clothes and a suit case, with the re
mark, "1 won't let any d—d thief
dress better than myself 2
Severe Storms Visit Western Smith
Dakota Last Week
Several storms that were very se
vere visited western South Dakota
last week, and the total damage done
will run into thousands of dollars.
Our Immediate vicinity luckily es
caped the wind and hail storms, al
though the one Saturday afternoon
was accompanied by a light hail.
A heavy rain Friday morningreached
north beyond the Cheyenne river and
was of untold benefit to growing
crops, but in the northern Hills and
for a short distance east hail did
much damage to frait orchards and
crops in the path of the storm were
laid fiat.
Wednesday a hail and wind storm
swept along the northern edge of the
oounty, between Hardingrove and the
Cheyenne river. It did not cover a
large territory, but brought destruc
tion where it did strike. A small cy
clone came out of the storm and
swept over a strip of country between
Hardingrove and Milesville, blowing
houses and shacks about, but no dam
age was done outside of the disloca
tion of buildings.
Saturday's storm, which was light
here so far as hail was concerned, but
accompanied by a heavy downpour ot
rain, hailed out crops In the valleys
of Rapid and Boxelder creeks from
Rapid City east to the Cheyenne riv
er and again along White river from
a few miles west of the Ly man coun
ty line for some distanoe east.
Life 1,000,000 Years A*i
Scientist* have found in a cave in
Switzerland bones of men, who lived
1,000,000 years ago, when life waa In
constant danger from wild beasts.
Today the danger, as shown by A. W.
Brown, of Alexander, Me., la largely
from deadly disease. "If it had net
beea fir Dr. King's New Diecovery,
wh^eli cured me, I could not have
lived," be writes, suffering as I did
lung trouble and stub-
Real Estate TrsnsfSfB
United States to
Theresa Ay I ward
Geo. Cocayne
Mary Birchall
Peter Beier
Roy Rich
Anna White
Harry Dorothy
Eugene Harshman
Kathr.vn Nordvold
Maurice Starr
Eva Hagadone
Francis Hagadone
Lew Robinson
Martha Hall
Henry Uosso
Catherine Sherman
Tillie Medinus
David Nichols
Patrick Sullivan
Frank ShanMIr
Mary Hall
Shelby Clapp
Milton Hickman
have been employed near St. Law
rence, are home for a few days.
We are very sorry to learn that our
neighbor, D. T. IMummer. is laid up
with nervous troubles, and has gone
to Pierre for treatment.
Matthew brown
Edward Friederich
Helen Munson
Ernst Johnson
Harnet Pierce
Alden McConkey
Wm. Kobson & wf to A. Hewitt
lots 3 4 & s nw 5 108n 79... .$1750 00
Midland Co. to Geo. Stoner se
nw & w ne, nw se 25 2n 24
Jamesetta Blakely 8c hb to A.
C. Brink e nw & w ne 20 tin 27
John Mouw & wf to Henry
Brady s nw 8c n sw 27 In 24i
Lizzie & Henry Brady to John
Mouw se se
4, sw sw 3, n nw
Bow ley e nw lots
1 00
10 4n 26
Gwald Oelke to Einll Oelke lot
4 sw nw 8c w sw 2 -Is 18
Bank of Midland to as. Snow
w 20 ft. lot 11 blk 10 Midland
John Snow to Alice Snow und
k int. in lot blk 1 Midland
Ernst Johnson to Clyde Rundalt
ne 30 5n 20 10OO 00
Gustav 8c Jette Carlson to Lars
1 00
I to
I so
Kronen ne 18 4n 18 650 00
Bernard Brown to John Goff sw
9 2s 19 2190 00
Geo. Musgrave 8c wf to Geo.
1450 00
John Stoftie to Frank Lucas nw
25 I09n 79 1840 00
Geo. Philip to Jas. Philip lot 1
5n 30
400 00
Jas. Gorman & wf to Anthony
Tepaske se 25 5n 28
Anna Rensch 8c hb toNelsHal*
verson sw 14 3n 19 1 00
Milwaukee Land Co. to Hill
City Lumber Co. se ne 5 4s 18 180 00
Felicia Fallas to Chas. Fischer
s ne, se nw, lot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
sec 6 I08n 76 .. .1606 00
Chas. Saxton & wf
Mann lots 1 2 3 4 sec 3 3s 18
Peter Nepper to H. E. Seaman
lot 18 blk 5 Wiggam's Add.
to Wendte 300 00
-Siun& to same iri itf h'k ft Wto
gam's Add. to wendte 200 00
Ietla Lindsay & hb to Grace
Marcellus lot 4 &snw34n29 1000 00
Kathryn Norvold to Stella Hu
ney nw 22 8n 24
Catherine Sherman to Henry
1 00
Sherman sw nw nw sw 22 4n 2$
Clara Aldrich 8c hb to Earl
Roush ni blk 1 Gem Add. to
1 so
Peter Jacobsen & wf to Eugene
Jones lots 32 33 blk 2 Nowlin
200 00
C. E. 8c Laura Albright to Eu»
gene Jones lots 34 & 35 blk *1
Nowlin t© 00
Robert Neugebauer to Marvin
Hansen nw 20 is 18. 1600 00
Western Town Lot Co. to E. L.
Satrang&J. 1. Howe lot 4
blk 1 Town Cottonwood
125 00
Bertha Reidinger 8c hb to Jenny
Eddy lot 5 6 blk 2 Reidinger
Add. to Kadoka
125 00
Allen Stevenson to Jas. Cham
bers w sw 26 8c se 27 2n 24 I SO
Central Stanley Cennty Fair
Philip has set tne date for it's
annual fall fair and festival on Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday,
September 7, 8 and 9. Arrangements
are in an embyro state, but will be
completed this week. A meeting of
the fair directors has been called for
tomorrow afternoon, when all pro
positions will be considered.
Bear In mind that Philip always
gives splendid entertainment to its
guests, and that the September fair
will eclipse anything we have yet
attempted. There will be the free
street attractions, ball games, horse
racing, agricultural and live stock
exhibit and everything necessary to
do the thing right. Our fair grounds
are conveniently located, and will be
put in condition that will admit of
having as good, if not better, a coun
ty fair than can be wlttneaeed any
where else In the state.
Grand Excursion to South Dakota Hot
Springs via P. R. North
Saturday, July 17th, special train
will leave Philip at 2:21 p. m. Round
trip tickets on sale from this station
3.00 Good to return on special train
leaving Hot Springs,6:00 p. m., July
18th. or on any regular train on or
before July 19th inclusive.
A great opportunity to see the
wonderful agricultural and business
developemeut since the opening of
the new line between Pierre and the
Black Hills, and to visit Hot Springs,
one of the most picturesque health
and pleasure resorts In the west.
For full particulars, apply to ticket
amenta. The P. R. a North Weetern
C. 4. Saxton is here to begin work
on the eoneferactlett othle flour mill,
as aoon se amusement* tor sidetrack
andaite are completed, which will
be within a few daye.
Wild Grass Bond, the latest and
nobWeet writing payer, can be had at
Ask For
sure to ask for it.
The Little Old
"The Little Old Sxl Shanty on
the Claim,'1 is the title to the
frontispiece of the July issue of
the Dakota Farmer. The picture
represents a typical scene of the
early days of claim life in South
Dakota, and in many sections of
the country they are still in evi
dence. In the back-ground is that
little patch of five acres of break
ing, while the prairie stretches
away into indefinite in Um
foreground is the old stone boat
used in hauling water from the
creek. The roof is covered with
common tar paper, which here
there has been torn off by the
breezes, leaving a place for the
rain and snow to tiud entrance the
sod extends to the eaves except a
small place left for a window, the
only means of getting light into
the room.
To one accustomed to the oom
forts back home the picture is not
a very inticing one, but to the
man who obtained his start in life
under identical conditions and sur
roundings, the scene is one which
will ever hold a prominent place
in his memory. Many a man has
placed his meager savings into a
little old sod shanty, starting with
a few small improvements and
gradually working into a wider
Held of cultivation and progression
until he has a pleasant little home
of his own and is in a position to
enjoy the fruits of his labor.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, y thousands have testified.
is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
The following legal blanks are
carried in stock at the Review office:
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Real Estate Mortgage
Farm Lease
Grass Lease
House and Realestate Lease
Bond for Deed
Power of Attorney
Quit Claim Deed
Verified Accounts(county or school)
Sati8factlon of Mortgage by Corpor
Notice of Levy—Just&e Cowrt ..
Warranty Desi
Bill or Sale
Mectoanlc'a Lin ,.
The following in land tftanKf
Proof of Publication
Oootest Notice
Affidavit of Contest—Notary
(abort fono)
Blue Ribbon
Wd are in receipt of a carload shipment of
Pabst's Blue Ribbon Beer
beverage that is right.
pure, perfectly aged and wholesome it is some­
thing more than merely a delightful beverage—
it is a tonic—-a tissue and body builder. Be
Here you will find the choicest and rarest wines,
liquors, mixed drinks and finest cigars.
Blue Ribbon Saloon
H. C. Peckham On the Corner
a good beer—
20c values 17c
15c values 12 l-'ic
12 l-2c values 10c
10c values 8c
15c Chambray, 32 inches.. 12 l-9c
12 l-2c Zephyr Ginghams lOo
India Linen, 25c value 20c
findia Linen, 20c value. 17c
India Linen, 18c value 15s
India Linen, 15c value 12 l-2c
India Linen 12 l-2c value lde
India Linen, 10c value. Se
Scoring eight points higher than any other St. Louis Shoe Exhibit,
and the highest distinction given any shoe house in the World. No
other shoe concern received more than one Grand Prise. Two Dollars
in your prcket is twice as much as One Dollar.
The Weekly Review, $1.00
Mais ki SLLstds*
-w L*i, s V P» -if

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