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FHXUP, i. D.
». D. BAWEY, Publisher
lfifc «ftft tteff T«h» In Heart at t!i®
Forcat North Of Warww, After
Traveling Xoflft) 100 Mile*—The
fymrhmftn I'lacril Booond.
All Zurich Wednesday night toa»t«*d
America and her champion balloonist,
Edgar W. Mix, who, afl^r a remarka
bl« and dramatic struggle against wind
and rain storm*. hon carried off first
honors In the International balloon
races for the Gordon Bennett cup by
•utltlng from Zurich, ZwiUerland,
the heart of the forest north War
ww, In Rusnlan Poland. The official
classification has not yet been an
nounced, but It Is calculated that Mix
covered a distance of between 1,04(5
kilometers (648.84 mllo* and 1,120
kilometer.** (59H.:3 milt**). Alfred Lo
Blanc, the French pilot, Is placed sec
ond with a distance, of S34 Kilometers
(117.81 miles).
Mix furnished the dramatic side of
thecontcKt. Hia telegram dropped
from hla balloon at Jlcln, Upper Bohe
mia, was Jumbled In translation and
started the rumor that the America
had descended at Jlcln. Immediately
there was a telegraphic bombardment
of Jlcln. which showed that tli*» bal
loon had made no stop there. An Mix
was the last man to ascend in the ^tart
the greatest excitement prevailed over
hts whereabouts until the arrival of his
message, saying that ha had landed
In Russian Poland.
feUe Section of Struct lift* at Buffalo
I* Dims ii t'p.
A large section of the \laduct over
Ihe Now York Central tracks near the
corner of Elk and Michigan streets,
Buffalo, N. Y was wrecked by dyna
mite Thursday. An unsuccessful at
tempt was made on the morning of
September 14 to destroy the same
Hundred* of window* within a ra
dius of a block were shattered by the
The viaduct, which wan Hearing
completion, was being constructed by
the 8. J. McCain company, of Mercci,
Pa. The company works on the open
shop plan.
Thla Is the fifth outrage of the kind
In Buffalo and the fourth within n
Mfo Ohio Men Start for Pastenr la
slltute at Chicago.
In a desperate race for life five men
from Lees Creek, seven mile* from Sa
bfna, O.. left Thursday night for the
Pasteur institute at Chicago to try to
eacape death by hydrophobia. Amos
Taylor, Lou, McClure, Russet Duke,
Harry Duke and Boon Snow make the
rsoe for their lives.
A horse belonging to one of the
Dukes became elck and the men en
deavored to treat it. The animal be
came violent and bit, atruck and
lunged at everything in sight, bruising
the above men and covering them
with saliva. A veterinary declared
that the animal had hydrophobia, and
It waa ahot.
BwalnMM Man Ends Life.
R. H. Ross, formerly of San Fran
otsco, ahot himself dead Thursday as
he aat at his desk in the office of th«
New Mexico Development company. In
the financial diatrlct of New York.
Otrl stenographers ran panic atrlcken
from the building, and when the po
lice arrived Roes, who waa known a*
Capt. Roaa was dead.
Dudley Buck Clow* Life.
Dudley Buck, the organist and com
|oeer, died suddenly at the home of hi*
eon In Weet Orange, N. Y.. Wednosduy.
Mr. Buck waa 70 years old. He was
born In Hartford, Conn., and was cd
uoated at the Lelpaic conservatory. Ue
composed the cantata sung by 800
votcea at the opening of the centen
at Philadelphia.
I Fire at Springfield, Mo.
Fire at Bprlnirfleld, Mo., Wednea*
6ay destroyed the plant of the Wun
derlich Cooperage company and badly
damaged the elevator of the Elsen
mayer Milling company, which con
tained 80,000 bushels of wheat. The
estimated low la $100,000, of whlcl1
4JUM00 waa on the mill.
•f How City Live Stock Market.
Wedneaday'a quotations on the
Sioux City live stock market follow:
Distillery fed steers, 95.76. Top hog^
I Alderman Pleads Guilty,
i James Hart, councilman, pleaded
IMltar at Fort 8cott, Kan.. Wednesday
tho district court to making false
tatar— of personal property for tax
'MIOB, and waa lined 160 and costs.
Norfolk Bvakeman Killed.
Frank Noehl, aged 17, a North
%«atarn brakeman of Norfolk, was
fflll tew miles west of Norfolk,
fMgjfc. Wednesday when riding on the
Wl tfca eMtae.
.. ataitir cufta thrlriim
am city. s.
ii «Mi assaying at iso.ooo.a
mm lamp on exhibition at
*. D.. oontains 1100 in
Veadiat of the Trial Court it A£•
John tTaish convicted of misap
plication of the funds of tho Chicago
National bank, must serve the sentence
if five years' impHnonment Imposed
upon him by the trial Jury, nave In the
•vent of the utipienie court upsetting
Kie affirmation of the verdict of guilty
handed down by tho United States cir
cuit court of appeals in Chicago Tues
Counsel for Mr. Walsh In their ap
peal laid stress on what they alleged
was a lack of criminal Intent on the
oart of the defendant.
The opinion of tho court of appeals,
written by Judge Humphreys and
handed down by Judge Crosse up, I*
trief and confined almost wholly to
the quentlon of criminal Intent.
The allegation that Juror Palmer
was unduly Influenced Is dismissed
with a word, and but little more Is
wasted In eliminating the alienations
of Inconsistency and repugnancy.
Counsel for Mr. Walsh have thirty
lays In which to fllo application for a
rehearing by the court of appeals.
Meanwhile he will be at liberty under
present bonds of
The court room was Jammed with a
crowd, which overflowed into the cor
ridor during the proceeding!.
Counterfeit tr Silver Certificate Ap
pears in Michigan.
A new count'-rf'-it tlvf-ilollar silver
certificate has appeared In Michigan
and other placed, and the secret serv
ice Tuesday Issued a warning to tho
public. The counterfeit bears the In
dian head and is of the series of 1899,
has the signature of United States
Treasurer Treat and Register Vernon,
and is described as having check let
ter "2B," face plate number 124f and
back plate number 862.
It is a well executed photograph
production on two pieces of paper, be
tween which new pieces of Hllk have
been distributed. The treasury num
ber Is DH7061241.
Illinois State Fair ripecal .Strikes An
other Train.
A head-on collision Just before mld
light Tuesday at Parnell. three miles
south of Farmer City, 111., between the
state fair special and southbound pas
senger train No. 25 on the Illinois Cen
tral, four persons were killed outright,
and at leaat thirty Injured, some fa
Clara Watson, of Kenny, III., was
among the killed, and KnKtneur Clark,
of the southbound train, had his lep
cut off.
Ketehol-Johnson Flglit.
The Ketchel-Johnson light, sched
uled for October 12 at San Francisco,
ban been postponed until October 16.
This was at the urgent request of Pro
moter Coffroth, who declared he be
lieved It better to change the date for
business reasons, Saturday being a bet
ter day than Tuesday to draw a crowd.
Wrcek on tlie Santa Fe.
Santa Fe passenger train was wreck
ed near Temple. Tex., Wednenday. the
engine overturning and several conch
e* leaving the track. Several passen
gers and Engineer McOlnnls, who was
pinioned under his engine, are report*
od seriously injured.
Victory for Tom Johnson.
A conference was held at Cleveland,
O., Tuesday to arrange final details
which will result In an absolute settle
ment of the local street railway situa
tion. The basis of the strife has been
Mayor Tom L.. Johnson's contention
for a S-cent fare.
Railroad Course Established.
A four years' course In railroad ad
ministration for students aiming to fit
themselves for railroad positions, or to
be statisticians of the government rail
way commissions and like bureaus, has
been established at the University of
Sultan newfrw Straus.
Oscar s. Straus, the American am*
bassador to Turkey, was Monday of
ficially received In audience by the
sultan. The ambussador said that It
was the desire of the United States to
cultivate the existing ties of friendship
between his country and Turkey.
Affairs In Venrmela.
Aocording to the latest reports re
solved In Willemstad from Venezuela
that republic is In a condition of con
siderable political unrest. A number
of prominent men have been arrested
recently and imprisoned In the fort
ress of San Carlos.
Ambassador White Recalled.
Henry White, the American ambas
sador to Franco, has been given a leave
of absence, and_ accompanied by Mrs.
White will sail on November S for the
United States, not to return.
Ifclrty lives May Be Lost.
Thirty lives are believed to have
been lost In an explosion that entomb
ed more than fifty men in the Exten
sion mine of the Wellington Colliery
company at Nanalmo, B. C., Tuesday.
Noted Chinaman Dead.
Ohang-Chih-Tung. grand council"
tor of China, died at Pekin Tuesday.
Chang-Chih-Tung was one of three
members of the grand council of China
and had been in the government serv
ice practically all his life.
Three sharp and distinct earth
shocks were felt at Salt Lake, Utah,
Tuesday night. The first ocourred at
7:42 and the last at 7:46. All three
wera felt at points in Idaho.
Ataalts WMdfes Nx Ma*.
& Cfcapafa* Msaded guilty
bigamy at irsjlsss City, Kb., Tues
day at her preliminary trial, admit*
ttng she had married six men without
having secured a divorce from any of
—rlimrty. wh«*
per train on
lllded with a freighttntaMatSlytltts.
ftpecta^tlar Midair Flight Pp and
Down Htultoo.
An esroplan* past the white
dome of Grant's tomb Monday, then
turning gracefully in midair, over the
waters of the Hudson, shot like a fal
con back to Governor's Island, ten
niih-H away Wilbur Wright, of Day
ton, O.. thus placed his name in the
rank with Hudson and Fulton in one
of the most spectacular feata In the
history of aeronautics.
elevated scat, ho flew for twenty miles
-ten miles up and ten miles back—
remaining in the ail for 33 minutes
and .13 seconds, and alighting at the ,n
aerodrome without mishap.
During th. flight business was prac- I docldp|
his remarkable performance was aval
tlcBlly at a standstill In all that part court Just w(t|) jmlKe u
of Manhattan from which a view of
able Harbor craft shrieked their
sirens and cheer after cheer swept up
fronj tho banks of the Hudson and
the lower bay, for the Dayton aviator
had "made good," crowning the avia
tion program of the IIuUsan-Fulton
celebration with a record.
Brotlier of New York World Publisher
Die* in Vienna.
Albert Pulitzer, a brother of Joeeph
Pulitzer, publisher of the New York
World, committed suicide in Vienna,
Austria. Monday. It wax evident that
he made doubly sure of death, for he
had first swallowed poison, and then,
standing In front of a mirror, had sent
a bullet from a revolver through Vis
right temple. An empty poison bottle
lay on the table In the room.
Dr. Pollak, who has been attending
Mr. Pulitzer, called to make his usual
visit, and found him lying dead on
the floor In front of his dressing ta
Mr. Pulitzer, who had suffered a
nervous breakdown, was greatly de
pressed over the failure of Ills physi«
clans to benefit him.
Mexican Cliili Industry Suffers a Se
vere Blow.
Sale of Rood Confirmed.
Judge H. T. Toulmin. of the fnlted I
States district court at Mobile, Ala.,
Monday issued an order confirming
the sale of the Mobile, Jackson and
Kansas City Railroad company by W.
C. Kakin, special master, on August
23, to N. A. Withers and others, of
New York.
Theatrical Man Ends Life.
R«y O. Daniels, president of the Ar
kansas Amusement company, of Hot
Springs, Ark., committed suicide by
shooting at the National hotel in Tope
ka Monday. He left a letter giving
the financial failure of several of his
houses as the reason for his act.
Kill* Self Willi*' IH llrious.
Delirious from fever following
wounds received a week ago In a fight
in a saloon, Policeman W. H. Irwin
threw himself from u third floor win
dow of Harper hospital at Detroit,
Mich., Monday and was killed.
Tho thirty-second annual parade of
the Veiled Prophets and the electrical
floats through the business district
and the Veiled Prophets' ball in th
coliseum for the first time, were th«
Pope Plus Is Better.
The pope had a good night and waf
much better Monday. He resumed
his audiences. For several days the
pope has been indisposed.
Bryan to Tour Northwest.
William J. Bryan has started on an
extended tour of the northwest. He
will deliver several addresses In Wyo- 'J1
mlng and Montana, and will visit the "!*'Ptember
the disbanding of the vessels of the i
Atlantic fleet now at New York in at
tendance upon the Hudson-Fulton eel*
Cotton Glased.
The riipbrt of the censi#
Monday showed that to Sep tea bet 25
there had been ginned from the cotton
growth of 1909, 2,542,888 bales, count*
tag round as half bales, compared with
J,19063# for 1908.
J. •. Davall at Tulsa, Okla.. Monday
out tha throat at Mrs. Ctordalla Fan
aiag wtth a raaor and then after slash*
taf hlmeslf •wtUowad a dooe of ear*
holte aetd. Duvall soon died as4 the
Over the manges of warships, from
whose decks the hoars* cheers of the company .\llc«gi ,i to Have Hold
sailors were borne up to him in his Hors,
To glvp fflan hQ|? mO(licUl0 when
ho ra1
Ro(k.n|u. was t|u) lai|Ul(T in thf ac.
tjon flnd Uu df
Forward Pass Gives Victory to Fast
Crcigliton Eleven.
Crelghton college, of Omaha, defeat
ed Yankton college at football in
Yankton Saturday by the score of 6
to 0. Crelghton, on a forward pass,
made a touchdown ten minutes after
starting and kicked goal. At the end
of the first half the ball was in the*
center of the field, with the score not
changed. In the second half It was
fierce football all through, neither .«ldc
scoring. Crelghton outpunted Yank
ton and made all their gains in this
manner, while Yankton made her
gains at straight line smashes, al
though a much lighter team.
Boy Seriously Hurt.
May Soek Intervention. 7-year-old son of John Potts,
The work of the Commercial Cable Delmont. met with a severe accident
company in putting Its underground Friday, which probably will be fatal
conduits in the streets of St. Johns,
N. F., In order to connect its city of
fices with the place of landing of (te
cables was stopped Monday by the
Newfoundland authorities.
The little fellow was standing watch
ing his father and assistants move
away a load of hay when the whiffle
tree to which the horse was attached
snapped and the flying end of the tree
'track him in the left side.
Wrestling at Ynnfcton.
Bill Crandall. of Lake Andes, cham
pion heavyweight wrestler of South
Dakota, Saturday night defeated Tom
Connors, champion middleweight of
England, at Ya&kton. Crandall won
the first fall In four and one-half
Knstor to Leave Armour.
K. C. Foster, of Armour, will leave
for his new home some few milei- west
big events Tuesday night of centennia' of Dallas. With the removal of this
week gt ®t. Louis, Mo. i old time veteran politician from the
county will go the last of the fighters
Treaty Negotiated. for "Bloody Douglas," a sobriquet the
Batifications of the treaty between
the United States and Paraguay wert
exchanged at Ascenclon, Paraguay, lasl
Saturday by the Paraguayan foreign
office and United States Minister
Recalled to Washington.
Charles R. Crane, newly appointed
minister from the United States to
Pekin, was recalled to Washington
Monday night by a telegram from Sec.
retary. Knox.
county gained for the determination
to have a hand in the administration
of the affairs in that corner of the
Sensation at Sioux Falls.
The latest sensation in Sioux Falls
Is the arrest of Dr. W. O. Dunham and
Mrs. George Knapp. both well known
residents of the city, on a statutory
charge preferred by the husband of
Mrs. Knapp.
Oldest Woman in the Hills.
Nervous prostration, due to an acci
dent. caused the death of Mrs. Martha
W. Williams, the oldest woman In the
Black Hills, at the home of her daugh
la Spear fish.
Indorsed Equal Suffrage,
The South Dakota Federation of
Women's clubs indorsed equal suffrage
the,r DeU RBpld8
Seattle exposition October 12.
_________ Onida Votes to Incorporate.
Atlantic Fleet Disbanding. i Onlda, the county sea of Sully coun-
Monday marked the beginning of'
after a
of the Week
in Concise Form
Mrdk4n#i fur Wlil»kf.
for whigky not a crime ac
eorditlR to a vonilet r,,tunmi bV
a jurv
Ulo Ht|U# c|rcuU nf Tunier
Thf case in which this was
Wfta tf|ed (]ur,n(? a torm of
Tr|pp of Yankton prP,i)ling. Peter
waa |hc Wjp
Drug company, doing business in Tur
ner county. Redonius .-ought to recov
er from the company damages In the
sum of 15,000. The plaintiff alleged
that he called at the place of business
of the company and ordered whisky,
and that instead of giving him whisky
those in charge of the store delivered
to him a quantity of horse medicine,
which he drank. The plaintiff further
alleged that the drinking of the con
coction made him
and damaged
his system to the extent of $5,000,
which he demanded. The Jury was
out only about ten minutes when it re
turned a verdict, in favor of the de
fendant company.
dose of Businc.Hs September SO Shows
$ 123.ot in All runds.
The report of the state treasurer at
the close of business September 30,
shows $423,041 in all funds. Of this.
$75,280 was in the general fund, but as
a call has been made for $72,000 of
outstanding warrants, that fund will
suffer a heavy reduction. The twine
plant fund has $132.0IJ3. and the Inter
est and income fund for the benefit of
the common schools of the state shows
$114,197. The capitol building fund
shows only $7,280. Tli state Is car-
News of the ab.sjiuie losa of the rying $229,000 in call certificates of
chill pepper crop of Mexico was re- deposit In a number of the banks of
celved by tho Camara Agricola. at the state, most of this amount paying
Mexico City Monday, as
The state of Puebla. Zacatree. Aguas
Cslicntes and Guanajuato are the prin
cipal producers of Mexican chili. The
product Is marketed around t,be world
last and the state 3 per cent interest, which
of the most disastrous blows dealt goes into the general fund,
the farming Industry of the country by With the interest going Into the
the recent general cold w ave. Not a general fund warrants are kept up
shot of chill is left in the big produc
ing states of the republic. The losa in
dollars Is not yet estimated.
close to the amount on hand, aa the
treasurer has no object in allowing
the general fund to pile, up and collect
interest from it while the state Is pay
'ng Interest on warrants outstanding.
vmrter of a century under
government, at a special
election held last Tuesday, by a vote
of more than two to o||!t Voted for
'.own organization.
Nearly 100 Students.
Th* registration fbr the first Iwssrt
ter of the ccillege year at the abate
college of agriculture and me
chanic arts at Brookings has picked up
wonderfully and is now considerably
ahead of the same period of last year,
nearly 400 students being enrolled.
Now Brookings Church.
Brookings Is a city of ohureheo. Sun
day last occurred the dedication of the
now house of worship of the Church of
Christ. The collections amounted to
Farmer Boy Near Bowdln Injtired t»y
a St'jwrator Brit.
Tho kindly meant ministrations of
his friends were the direct cause of the
death of Valentine Vaaler, a 17-year
old boy, son of a prosperous farmer
near llowdle. Young Vaaler was se
verely injured when his arm becanu
entangled In a separator belt In the
harvest field, and other harvesters
bound up his wounds with their hand
kerchiefs to stM the flow of blood
The handkerchiefs were dirty and
sweaty, and physicians state they were
the cause of blood poisoning which set
in and caused the bov's death
Burled by n Cave-In of Timbers
Homestake Sliaft.
Instant death was the fate of Ed
ward Ryan and Patrick O'Brien, min
ers in the Homcstake mine, as the re
sult of a cave-in of timbers on the 700
foot level. Tho men were buried un
der tons of rock and earth. The other
miners jumped backward just in time.
Both men were married and leave
This is the second time Mrs.
O'Brien has been made a widow by a
mine cave-in.
EmH Victor Sentenced to Hang at
Emil Victor, self confessed quadru
ple murderer, was Thursday sen
tenced to be hanged in the Brown
county courtyard Tuesday, November
16, for the murder of 18-year-old Mil
dred Christie on the morning of
July 3.
The motion of the defense to post
pone the sentencing of the prisoner for
thirty days, to give time to secure a
transcript of the evidence on which to
base an appeal to the supreme court,
was opposed by the state and denied
by tho court.
Held on Serious Charge.
Joe Itoycraft. a barber at Ipswich,
Is under arrest at that place charged
with a criminal assault upon a young
girl employed at a hotel there, and
the daughter of a respectable farmer
near Leola. It is alleged that Itoycraft
drugged the girl before committing
the crime. He is held under $1,500
ball, which he cannot furnish.
Physicians at Aberdeen.
Tli** South Dakota State Medical as
sociation was in session at Aberdeen.
The session was opened by an address
of welcome by State's Attorney Van
Slyke, as the representative of Mayor
Aldrleh, and by Dr. M. C. Johnston,
as the representative of the Aberdeen
District Medical society.
State Methodist Hospital.
For some months past the South Da
kota Methodists have been considering
the matter of establishing a state hos
pital at some point easy of access from
all points of 4Jje state. The matter
will bo taken under advisement at the
annual conference of the South Da
kota Methodists.
Case Must Be Retried.
Catherine Dring, 90 years old, will
go into court and have the fifth trial
to recover $r,000 she and her husband
loaned St. Lawrence township and city
seventeen years ago, the supreme court
having granted a new trial.
Has a Narrow Eacape.
While Mike Hofstad was driving
home from Elk Point his team was
struck, Just outside the city limits, by
a westbound Milwaukee passenger.
One of his horses was killed, but Hof
stad escaped with only a few bruises.
Catholic Church Dedication.
The dedication of St. Bernard's
Catholic parochial school, a large in
stitution of learning which recently
was completed at Hoven, Potter coun
ty, will be of an elaborate character,
and will take place on October 13.
Agricultural Awards Made.
The awards in ten county agricul
tural exhibits were made by the
Mitchell corn palace committee. First
place was given to Hanson county,
second to Hyde, third to Clay and
fourth to Perkins.
Wheat Yield Estimates.
Doane Robinson is shaping up his
figures on crop estimates of the state
for this year, and has completed his
figures on wheat, his estimates be
ing 2,711,00 acres, with a total yield
tf 39,512,000 bushels.
Garden City to Incorporate.
A special election was held at Gar
den City at which it was decided by
a heavy majority to incorporate the
town under the general laws of the
^Waterworks Improvement.
The voters of Dallas, at a special
election, authorized the issuance of
bonds In the sum of $14,500 tor the
extension and improvement of (he
municipal waterworks system.
Charged with Horse Stealing.
titaHl/ able to wfclk without assist*
a&tfs oh account of chronic ailments,
Oeorge McCarthy, a pioneer wealthy
retired farmer, will bt taken to High
mor« next Tuesday, unless he goes
there voluntarily, as he is out on
bonds to face the serious charge, is
court of horse stealing.
Indiana to Be an Attraction.
One of the attractions at Aberdixn
during raglstratlon will be 100 Sioux
braves collected by Col. Grace, ot the
lGtqw Creeh
Dun's weekly review of Chicagc
trade says: Trade activities blended
well with the elaborate functions at
tending this week's entertainment of
President Taft and tlie numerous rep
resentatives of the banking interests
and grain merchants of the country
assembled in annual conventions.
Seasonable weather provided a
stimulus to operations in production
and distribution, and transportation
returns indicate that the Chicago
steam roads steadily gain in gross
earnings. Important contracts for
large vessels on the lakes were closed,
and strengthen the shipbuilding In
Farm advices testify to improvement
in corn growlh from the rainfall and
favorable temperatures. Marketings
of grain exhibit large increases over
both last week and a year ago, those
of corn being exceptionally heavy, and
there is al«o sustained rise in ship
Similar improvement appears
flour, and that commodity recovers
slightly from the recent fall in prices,
A moderate Increase is noted in pack
ing, although this does not affect quo
tations for live stock and provisions,
these again showing further advano®
in average cost.
Freight offerings of the large pr©
ducers run above the tonnages recently
reported, and traffic managers give
closer attention to Immediate equip
ment needs. The effort to provide nec
essary facilities lead3 to numerous
commitments for rails, cars and mo
tive power. Pig iron outputs exceed
thosa during last month, with prices
much firmer and inquiries increasing
for next year deliveries. Steel mills
in this district employ additional
hands and capacity is now pressed tc
the limit.
Increasing demands cause mow
drawing upon forge and foundry work
and the electric, heavy hardware, ma
chiuery and implement factories report
satisfactory gain in forward bookings
Tho absorption is unabated of build
ing material and planing mill outputs
Failures reported in the Chicago dls
trict number 25, against 21 last week
84 in 1908 and 17 in 19'7. Those with
liabilities over $".000 number 7
against f. last week, nine in 1908, auJ
5 in 1907.
A distinctly stronger undertone i
displayed in this week's telegraph
trade reports. Improvement in whole
sale and jobbing demand, enlargement
of industrial output and perceptibl'
gains in collections are the centra'
facts this week. Satisfactory progress
too, appears to be making in agricul
tural matters, wltli the exception ol
Retail4jade as a whole and somt
branches of jobbing trade catering tc
heavy-weight demands report warir
weather a bar to fullest activity. Ex
port trade in leading agricultural prod
ucta Is at a low ebb, and, while collec
tions, helped by large spring wheal
and cotton movement, are better, then
is still claimed to be much room foi
improvement in this respect.
Business failures in the United
States for the week ending Sept. 1?
were IDS, against 191 last week, 206 in
the like week of 1£0S, 179 in 1907,171
In 190ft. and 173 In 1905.
Failures in Canada for tho waeli
number 39, which compares wtth 25
last week and 2r in the same weelr
of 1908.—Bradstreet's.
Chicago—Cattle, common to prime
|4.00 to $S.40 hogs, prime heavy, $4.50
to $8.IS sheep, fair to choice, $4.25
to $5.25 wheat, No. 2, $1.11 to $1.13
corn, No. 2, 67c to 68c oats, standard,
87c to 39c rye, No. 2, 70c to 71c hay,
timothy, $8.00 to $14.50 prairie. $8.0«'l
to $11.00 butter, choice creamery, 25c
to 29c eggs, fresh, 18c to 24c pota
toeo, per bushel, 42c to 55c.
Indianapolis—Cattle, shipping, $3.00
to $6.00 hogs, good to choice heavy,
$3.50 to $S.30 sheep, good to choice,
$2.50 to $4.75 wheat, No. 2, $1.12 to
$1.15 corn, No. 2 white, 71c to 73c
oats, No. 2 white, 3Sc to 39c.
St. Louis—Cattle, $4.00 to $7.75
hogs, $4.00 to $8.45 sheep, $3.00 to
$4.75 wheat, No. 2, $1.15 to $1.17
corn, No. 2, 67c to 69c oats, No. 2,
89c to 40c rye No. 2, 76c to 7«c.
Detroit—Cattle, $4.00 to $5.50
$4.00 to $8.00 sheep, $2.50 to $4.50
wheat, No. 2, $1.09 to $1.11 corn, No.
yellow, 71c to 72c oats, standard,
40c to 41c rye, No. 1, A9c to 71c.
Cincinnati—Cattle, $4.00 to $6.50
hogs $4.00 to $8.33 sheep $3.00 to
$4.26 wheat, No. 2, $1.13 to $1.16
corn, No. 2 mixed, 70c to 71c oats,
Ng. 2 mixed. 39c to 40c rye, No. 2,
71c to 73c.
New York—Cattle, $4.00 to $7.00
hogs, $4.00 to $8,60 sheep, $3.00 to
$4.75 wheat, No. 2 red, $1.07 to $1.10
corn, No. 2, 77c to 79c oats, natural
white, 42c to 45c butter, creamery,
27c to 81c eggs, western, 22c to
Milwaukee—Wheat, No. 2 northern.
$1.01 to I1.0S Cora, No. 3, to tfOc
o«£s, standard, 39c to 40c rye, No. 1,
70c to 71c barley, standard, 68c to
67c pork, mess, $24.00.
Buffalo Cattle, choice shipping
iteers, $4.00 to $6.90 hogs, fair to
shvlce, $4.00 to $8.90 shtep, common
te good mixed, $4.00 to $5.60 lambs,
fcir to tfw)ee, $4.00 to $7.60.
Toledo—Wheat, No. mired, $1.14
to fi ll «om, No. 2 mixed, Ttv ta
7S«? oats. No. 2 mixed, 39t to ilof
No. 2, (9e to 71c clover seed.
tye, I
S\Sto\wCv,j \W QWt\T\lVy Wwfc^VC\o\
WVvve xOTuA\.$yx\i\ ejTv$&tV\xvr
cS Se.m,w\vic\v
W\)\\s ta\\v st \W\ ossxs\awcftto Tvatatt
mav be £raJm\\y ftxspexvscd w\\K
vvhcRUO \ow^r ti€etk&.asti\ebe& oj
axe \cass\sfc
i\a\\ivx.,a\\dw-\ \Q ftw xvotovnA,
vv\v\tV VIMXSV
vvpow yxoyw NBW\S\wV«Tfc»
proper tjjQ\l3,awd
Ib^et tobcrve^twXc^ds^waysbttv ftxfc
Something that's just house?, and
not belonging to the wrapper family, it 1
little hard to find. Tlie house fjown ihovts
h-re is a pretty solution cf the problera.!
Inexpensively developed in silk, muslin, ill
is charming. If a warmer gown is desired^
it would be very pretty in one of the fancy!
Strata to Keep tjp Appearaae«a,
There are plenty of people, in all
#ur larg8 cities, who do not allow
themselves enough to eat, and practict
til sorts of pinching economy at home
for the sake of keeping up appearances
In society.
What terrible inconvenience, hard*
•hip and suffering we endure oa ao
count of other people's eyes and opla*
.ons! What slaves, what fools we
make of ourselves because ef wh«d
other people think! How we school#
and contrive to make them think wa
are other than we really are.
It is other people's eyos that ars
•ipensive. It is other people's eyes
'hat make us unhappy and discontent*
•d with our lot, that maks us strain*
sod struggle, and slave, In order ta
keep up false appearances.
The suit, the hat must be discarded
•ot because they are badly worn, but
oecau3e others will think it strangg
that we do not change them.
The effect of all this false Mrtag,
this constant practice of deception IB
appearances, In our manner of living,
our dress, i9 underrating the Amert*
ran character, ruining our genuine
less, making us superficial, unreal
No man can reilly respect hlmsoV
when he Is conscious that he la aalllag
under false colors.
If you are wearing clothes and llT*
lag in luxury which you cannot afford,
these things label you all over wit*
falsenood, and are perpetual witnessed
•gainst you. There Is only one po#
•ible result upon the character of fals+»
hood, whether acted or spoken, ant
that is perpetual deterioratloa. ft
does not matter whether yoa weaf
lies, tell lies, or act lies, the effedt
ipon your character is the- same.-*
Orison Swett Warden in Success Magi
BfMt of Tfcetr Warm Drlak li
"A year ago I was a wreck from
eoffee drinking and was on the point
of giving up my position In the school
room because of nervousness.
"I was telling a friend about It and
she said, 'We drink nothing at meal
time but Postum, and it is such a
comfort to have something we can
enjoy drinking with the children.'
"I was astonished that she would
allow the children to drink any kinf
of coffee, but she said Postum was th|t
most healthful drink in the world fog
children as well as for older ones, an§
that the condition of both the chifc
dren and adults showed that to bo
"My first trial was a failure. Thg
cook boiled it four or five minutes and
It tasted so flat that I was in despail
but determined to give It one snorA
trial. This time we followed tho d(
rections and boiled It fifteen mlnutsp
after the boiling began. It was a d#
elded success and I was completely
won by its rich, delicious flavor. Is
short time I noticed a decided loi
provement in my condition and kepi
growing better and better month affijjf
month, until now I am porfectlf
healthy, and do ray work In tho aohotil
room with ease and pleasure. I woulf
not return to the nerve-destroylnjj
regular coffee for any money."
Read the famous little "Health
sic." "The Road to WeUvilla," ta pkgs.
"There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter?
new one appears from time to tin
Hf ww"
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