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to to have a bank,
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Hamilton Safety Razor, equal to any $5 razor made. Silver plated and
fitted with highly tempered reinforced blades. Every blade guaranteed to
Upllt the finest or coarsest hair. It Is easily cleaned, always sanitary and has
that smooth cutting edge which gives the element of perfect comfort and satis
faction so much desired. In fact, there is no better Safety Razor on the market
officials are going to do their best
to stamp out this carelessness.—
Midland Star.
Dewald Seaman, who lives
south of town, had the misfortune
to lose the thumb from his right
hand last week while on his way
into town with his wife. He was
leading a horse, and the horse set
back, pulling him from the buggy
and the rope caught around his
thumb, completely severing it
from the hand.—Fort Pierre News.
A drive into the country in any
direction reveals large areas being
broken up and the prospects are
that more acreage will be turned
over this season by far than any
year since the coantry has been
settled. Farmers are jgetting
along well with the work of seed
ing and everything now points to
a very successful crop year.—Ka
doka Press.
An aged Indian WHO was in
this town this week predicts very
stormy, restless and violent weath
er this summer season, and said
ha could remember distinctly the
last previous visit of "the star
which swallows its tail," as he
quaintly expressed it—meaning,
of course, Halley's comet.
Whether he meant to ascribe the
bad weather to the presence of the
oomet or to the early departure of
the winter, we could not deter
mine, owing to his broken English.
—Interior Index.
which have
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year all refcart-
Jrar the fait
so profitable that they are increas
ing their herds of milch cows, and
the industry promises to be a
growing one for all the western
part of the state —Pierre Capital
Attemped Suicide
J. H. Cramer of Siouit Fills at
tempted suicide near Cottonwood
early this Friday morning. Not
much can be learned in regard to the
case, about the only man who ap
pears to know anything in regard
to the case being Frank H. Scott,
a traveling man. Scott boarded
the early morning train at Quinn,
and as soon as he seated himself
in the train he was approached by
Cramer, who said he wanted to
talk. He complained of feeling
queer, and reference to his feeling
was about all he had to tell.
Cramer after a short time went to
the other side of the coach and sat
down, but sooa got up and walked
to the front platform of the ccach,
where he stood for a short time.
This he repeated several times, and
finally went out onto the rear plat
form. He raised the trap in the
vestibule, opened the door and
plunged from the train. As he
went out the trap fell pushing the
door shut, and the slam of the fall
ing door called the attention of
Scott, who started to investigate
but found an empty platform.
As soon as possible Scott notified
the train crew, and a search party
was sent out from Cottonwood,
finding Cramer lying by the track,
unconcious, with an injured spine,
and completely paralyzed in his
lower limbs. He was brought to
the boapital here on the after
Boon train.—Capital-Journal.
The following, from Monday
tvwriUgfr Sioux lalls Argus-Lead
er, it fai connection with the un
inooceded in
Hit- "HWH:
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the next few days. We have them on hand, and want to
get fid of them. Absolutely the best premium offer we have made
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Philip Weekly Review
wood on Friday morning.
The unfortunate man proves to
be I. A. Cramer, and his home is
at 312 Indiana avenae.
Mr. Cramer left Sioux Falls
last Tuesday for the country west
of Ft. Pierre, where he went to
look over the open land with a
view of taking up a homestead.
When he left here he showed no
signs of being mentally unbalanced,
and his wife and intimate friends
scout the idea of his having gone
Mrs. Cramer is nearly prostrated
over the news and she and her
many friends are making every
etfort to gain more particulars
regarding the accident.
Mr. Cramer is a carpenter by
trade and has worked at that
occupation since he came to Sioux
Falls about a year ago.
Railroad Commifwion Want a Stfei!
BrMge at Chamberlain
On application of Attorney Gen
eral Clark, the supreme court Fri
day granted an order to show
cause, returnable on the 4th of
May. The order being directed
to the White River Valley Bail
way company, the Black Hills
branch of the "Milwaukee" road
in which the attorney general act
ing for the railway commission
demands that a permanent steel
bridge be built at Chamberlain,
to replace the present pile bridge
which has done duty for several
years. The affidavit sets forth
that since the construction of the
road west from Chamberlain, there
has been no means of ordering the
river for two hundred days, and
that no trains have crossed at that
place since the 8th day df March,
and that the bridge is not now in
shape to be naed thai die pile
bridge is dlmgirtec at all
lUwly to be partially h»*oydd at
War time wfcHi Ml Or &iJt li ran
ia Heritor.
Alfalfa On Upland
During our travels over the coun
ty the past two weeks we have ex
amined a number of patches of up
land alfalfa in various localities
and find that without a single ex
ception they are all in fine con
dition, showing up a beautiful
dark green already.
In most instances though the
patch is small the stand is good
and if one acre can be grown suc
cessfully there is room for hun
dreds of thousands of acres which
would be just as good. It makes
the best hog pasture on earth.—
Fort Pierre News.
For AH Skin DiSeI!%8
Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve is the
beet^It la a creamy snow white oint
ment pleasant to use and every box
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For tetter, ring worm, ecsema,run
nlng tores and all skin diseases Dr
Bell's Antiseptic Salve is guaranteed
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back. 26c everjwhexa. Oscar Har
The Call of The Blood
for purification, finds voice in pimples
boils, sallow complexion, a jaandleed
look, moth patches and blotchee on
the skin—all signs of liver trouble.
But Dr. King's New Life Pills make
rich red blood give clear skin, rosy
oheeks, fine complexion, health. Try
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There's no better Spring tonic than
Helllster's Rockey Mountain Tea.
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Pioneer Pharmacy.
It's Just as Important thai yen be
olean 1 aside as outside—more so, in
fact. Unless your system is entirely
cleansed of all imparities, you cannot
be one hundred per cent healthy,
physically or mentally. Bollister's
Mountain Tea Is the fleetest
known. Pioneer
In te 36
strange, but itts
Hamilton Spiral Spring Egg Beater, Cream Whip and Mayonnaise Mixer, a
most useful kitchen utensil. Operated with only one hand by a short up and
down stroke of the handle perfectly automatic. It will do everything all other
beaters and mixers will do, and a whole lot they will not do.
European Plan
tfckind ft only
The People's Favorite
If yonr land is for »ale, make me a price that is right and I will
buy it and pay you the cash for it. I also have private money to loan
on land and can save the agent's commission. Write me giving des
cription of your land.
Bxeelllent Cafe Service Cozy Heated Rooms at 35c and 50c
Henry Hoffman, Prop.
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Pocket Knives
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We Sell Hard ware
mmwmtet Co.
Minneapolis, Minn.
534 Palace building
PfalUp, 5. D.

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