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H. S Guernsey had to return to
duty before his vacation was over, as
Mr. Odell was sent to Underwood.
J. C. Morrill is here to take charge
of th* lumber yard, the Clow-Schafl
Company, whom he is with having
bought out D. B. McCleery. The
latter gentleman will now give his
entire attention to the land business.
John Stroppel went to Philip for
medical treatment.
Little Helen Swisher, fire years old,
tipped a dish of hot lard onto her leg,
tcalding it badly') but not enough to
disable her.
The drum corps* dance was a decid
ed success, about 25 couple being
present. All had a most enjoyable
Severt Olson says his potatoes are
up four inches and swarming with
potato bugs, which are unusually bad
this year.
The school children observed dec
oration day with appropriate exer
The hot weather has caused the ice
business to boom.
The baseball boys meet for practice
every evening.
Ed Olney says lie is out of the cattle
business. He disposed of his herd at
a very good tig u re.
Alva Van Houten was in after coal.
He is breaking 100 acres for John
R. Fender, of Ainsworth, Nebr., is
here visiting at the home of L. Hotnan.
Miss Fay Sanders has taken charge
Of the Wokama Leader.
F. Swisher has had a porch put on
the front of the resturant, making a
decided improvement.
C. R. Starbuck has bought a tour
ing car and is learning to crank the
cranky thing. Mr. S. is a man who
never sweats, but he thinks things
4nce in a while.
Hefti & Kumn have opened a gen
eral store has*. We hope they will
do well.
The drum corps played national
ttlrs the evening of decoration day.
John O'Brien is behind the counter
In Hefti & Kumn's new store.
rif. and Mrs. Fay Swisher came
over trom Kadoka to visit over Sun
H&rdingrove Happening*
Children's Day exercises will be
held at the Hardingrove school house
Sunday, June 5th.
Mrs. John Horrigam left Saturday
for an extended visit with Ifelatives
at Rapid City.
J. M. Laughlin transacted business
In Philip the first of the week.
K. A. Hood made a business) trip
to Philip Friday and brought back a
We presume that most of our readers
are acquainted with Dr. Lavery of Fort
Pierre, the former mayor and one of the
proprietors of the hospital there. Dr.
Lavery is one of the most skillful surgeons
in the west and it is largely through his
efforts that the hospital has the reputation
that it carries. He has also taken a great
interest in affairs aside from the medical
profession, being one of the incorporators
of the Fort Pierre bank since chartered as
a national.- Dr. Lavery is a qandidate for
nomination for representative from this
district to the legislature.—Wendte Herald.
Powell Paragraphs
Bodine's bridge crew is back again.
They are covering the bridge west of
Olney's ranch.
load of freight for the Spurling
Mercantile Co.
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Elshere and
children spent a few days last week
visiting friends and relatives near
Mies Susan Cavanaugh, who has
been receiving medical aid in Pierre
the past two weeks for rheumatism,
returned home Thursday.
Miss Elsie Laughlin arrived Wed.
nesday from Redfield and will spend
the summer vacation at the parental
Word from O. Jc Graves states that
he has taken a grade contract at
Prowers camp on the new railroad in
the Cheyenne reservation.
Mrs. James Dinsmore left Tuesday
for Pierre, where she will enter St.
Mary's hospital for medical treat
Miss Cora Wall made final commu
tation proof Tuesday at Pierre. Mrs.
as. Dinsmore and Chas. Dinsmore
served as witnesses.
P. E. Bellamy will have 300 acres
in crop on his farm west of the Grove.
This work he has accomplished with
the assistance of only one man. Mr.
Bellamy secured a tine growth of
alfalfa on twotive-acre tields sown as
late as July last year and has decided
to put in a large acreage of alfalfa
this season. The breaking up of so
much hay land by the settlers is
causing tlie farmers and stockmen of
this section of the country to give
considerable attention to the growing
of alfalfa for winter feed. In nearly
all cases where experiments have been
made they have proven successful.
H. S. Graham has secured a cream
station at Milesville, where cream is
received by him at his store once a
week and hauled by C. K. Dorous to
the Philip creamery. Mr. Graham
worked hard to secure this cream
market for the benefit of the farmers,
and they are expressing their ap
preciation by giving a liberal patron
age with a promising increase by June.
This is an ideal dairy country and a
good market for dairy products means
success for men who milk a few cows.
News from the County Seat.
(From the News.)
The Fort Pierre track team returned
from Vermillion Sunday. They had
been attending the annual state high
school meet. Fort Pierre got three
points which is pretty good consider
ing that Sioux Falls got only one and
Mitchell none. Templeton got second
in the low hurdles Mathieson quali
fied for the hundred and the two-twen
ty. This was the first time that Fort
Pierre had ever been represented at the
state meet. Next year they will un*
doubtedly do much better.
Miss Cora O'Niell of Philip was vis
iting friends in the county seat the
first part of the week.
M. £. Curran & Sons commenced
work Monday on the ground where
the new Fort Pierre National Bank
will stand. This new building will be
built of Fort Pierre brick and will be
a great improvement to the town.
O. T. Owens had an accident while
driving along the Bad river road last
Tuesday which might have proven
serious. The wagon wen^ over the
side of a steep bank, overturning it
and throwing Mr. Owens on the
ground, and allocating his shoulder.
No other injuries were sustained ex
cept for a severe shaking up.
The band instruments are here and
the boys are getting started toward
organizing a band under ttie direction
ef H. W. Wilson.
Good Judgment Necessary For Gain
ing Local Custom.
Advertising is simple to some people
and very difficult and complicated to
others. The former class never spend
a dollar oo printing ink without the
assurance of good returns. The other
class sometimes spend thousands of
dollars without the slightest result.
Is it a mystery? Not at alL A
thoroughly experienced person can tell
beforehand whether an advertising
campaign will pay. It is not easy to
say Just which form of advertisement
will give the best results, but It is easy
enough to select the method of adver
tising which will give such results.
Fortunes have been squandered on bill
board advertising and on advertising
In newspapers and magazines, and yet
In such cases the disappointing results
could not always be attributed to the
weakness of the advertisements or the
inferiority of the mediums.
There is a right way and a wrong
way of conducting an advertising cam
paign, and good advertisements and
good mediums may prove worthless if
the advertiser has chosen the wrong
Speaking generally, the mall order
system Is one of the wrong ways, al
though it may pay individuals. It is
merely a substitute, a temporary sub
stitute, for the true and tried old sys
tem of retailing merchandise Take
the case of the retail grocer who sells
a private blend of tea and who Is try
ing to build a big demand through the
mails. He may ultimately create a
fair business by mail, but It should be
obvious even to himself that a far
wider outlet awaits a similar article
pushed through the usual trade chan
Mail order business Is an unnatural
business and is not likely to be a per
manent feature of the country's com
The magic of advertising? That's
right The magician's wand cannot do
the expected Job with one wave, how
ever. nor can it work its wonders
through a single class of mediums.
The public and the trade must be prop
erly reached to do the trick. Some ad
vertisers try to do only one of these
things, and there is disappointment.
The public must be reached, and each
of these branches of the advertising
Job must receive proper treatment If
one Is neglected In the least there will
be disappointment The retailer's ad
vertising task Is, as a rule, much sim
pler than the manufacturer's, except
of course, when be wishes to push his
own private brands Into general dis
tributive channels.
This Is the Question That Confront*
People Throughout the Country.
Must the cities be ugly? This ques
tion is propounded In Harper's Weekly
by Arnold W Brunner, who has this
to say, among other things, on the
"So much attention has been paid to
the Individual that the community
been allowed to suffer, and the conser
vative and Jealous care of private In
terests has been carried to such a point
that most necessary improvements are
delayed or entirely defeated.
"However, we do not despair for our
future. The love of beauty is growing
rapidly, and. while It was once thought
to be the prerogative of the rich, It is
now understood to be the right ot
iFrorn American
every citizen. The elevatloo of thought
and mind that comes with association
and a belief In beauty Is apt to be dis
regarded in this materialistic age.
The time has come wheu the street
system cries aloud for readjustment
The demand for new parks and small
open squares to provide breathing
spaces for the poor and playgrounds
for the children has met with a gen
eral acceptance. Well planned schools
arranged so that sunlight will cheer
and purify every room and corridor
are now being erected, and nothing
satisfies us that falls short of the new
standard. Beautiful Interiors, harmo
niously colored, with mural paintings
In the assembly rooms, teaching the
lessons of history and art are willing
ly provided for our public schools.
"Problems like these can only be
solved by a consistently prepared plan
for the entire city, by a scheme for the
general arrangement of streets and
thoroughfares devised by men wbo do
not believe that a bridge may be Inde
pendent of Its approaches and that a
park needs no boulevards to reach tt"
Help Your Town.
Belp to make the city fairer.
You can do It if you try,
And you'll be a profit eharor
In the splendid by and by.
Don't forget while you are grumbling
'''hat you migbt be something mora.
there be no future stumbling
O'er o bet ructions at your door.
Belp to make th* town more splendid.
i* the part you bare to da
There I* much that may a* m+mha
Through a little aid from you.
Help decraaa* th* dirt that** Mowtact
Help to parity the Srisei
When it happens to to* tin wins
rear dtenlka V yea
Local News
High's for fine photos.
Business men meet tomorrow even
A go-cart for the baby, can be had
at the secondhand store.
Cabbage, tomato and pepper plants
for sale. M. W. Peters. 1-tf
John Dunlevy made a business trip
to Fort Pierre yesterday.
Alphus Sumner left yesterday for
Aberdeen, where he expects to secure
Jos. Roberts is again employed at
Ki/ftim's store, taking the place of
Bobt. Hefti.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Berry departed
today noon on a business trip to
Sioux City, Iowa.
Beds of all descriptions at knv
prices. Secondhand store.
The local drug stores have made an
agreement to close each evening ex
oept Saturday at 9:30. Patrons will
take notice of that arrangement.
E. H. Banks has accepted a posi
tion with the Bank of Philip, enter
ing upon his new duties this morning.
L. Jenneweln returned yesterday
morning from an extended visit with
relatives and friends at Onawa and
other points in western lowa.
Mrs. S. B. Falrchild and children,
of Topbar, departed yesterday for
Mitchell to spend a fortnight visiting
at the home of her parents.
Edison phonograph and about 50
records $12.50 at secondhand store.
Moles sells Wunderhose lor
women and children.
See the Wunderhose display at
A handsome new piano has been
purchased and given to the local
Presbyterian society, and was used
for the first time at the services San
Dr. H. J. Ince has purchased the
Lindsay & Orr lot in the west part of
town, and will build a dwelling house
during the summer.
Rev. C. H. Bryan returned Satur
day noon from his trip to Oinaha. He
oame around by way of the Hills and
spent a day in Deadwood and Lead.
Eggs from butt, barred and white
Plymouth Rock and white andbro*n
Leghorn birds for sale at 50c a setting.
Mrs. Myrtle Dupree. tf
Eggs from buff, barred and white
Plymouth Rock and white and brown
Leghorn birds for sale at 50c a setting.
Mrs. Myrtle Dupree. tf
C. B. Gray, head miller with the
Philip Mill & Elevator Co., was
to Huron Tuesday by the serious ill
ness of his brother, who is very low
with typhoid fever.
E. Fetrow was an arrival Satur
day from Perry, lewa, to visit with
his wife, who Is staying at the home
of her parents, Mr. and. Mrs. P. J.
Ulrey, near Elbon.
Michael Maccharoll, of Milesville,
departed Saturday for Chicago, where
he will spend a few week* wUU aid
time acquaintances.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kurlra and son,
Joe, leave tonight for Washington,
Iowa, and other points east to spend
a month or more visiting with rela
tives and friends.
The business men'sassociation have
leased the Grand opera house for
circus day, June 17th, and oUer it as
a rest room to the visitors that day.
Lost—A watch charm, with mono
gram C. C. W, on one side and 1907 on
the opposite side. Return to City
Meat Market for reward. Itf
Write Mandt Bros., Ptefi%S. D.
for terms on farm loans. Plenty of
money on reasonable terms.
Money to Loan on Farm Land
Write us today. G^Hfcolon Land Go.,
fit! Dr
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Waddell and
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Williams left
Sunday morning on an automobile
drive via the old Deadwood trail to
Fort Pierre, returning over the same
route Monday.
Edison phonograph and about SO
records 112.50 at secondhand store.
Ben Jennings, who has been em
ployed as expert at the automobile
factory at Colton, this state, has
arrived in the oity to aecept a posi
tion with Winter Bros. Auto Co.
High's for fine photos.
Mrs. C. E. Vincent, of Midland, is
visiting at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. C. V. Mclntyre, who is also en
tertaining her sister, Mrs. ClilTord
Lynch, who arrived Monday from her
home in Deadwood.
The best and only way to apply Paris Green is to use
a Sprayer. For sale at the Pioneer Pharmacy.
A go-cart for the baby, can be had
at the secondhand store.
Sam Strayer was down from Top
bar yesterday after a load of supplies.
First class work in sizes and priees
to suit everyone at High Studio.
For homestead relinquishments
write N. W. Hay, Ash Creek, S. I.
Three choice lots on the hill and
close in, for sale cheap. Ed Lins. 2tf
Dr. H. A. Fitzgerald was down
from Lead a day last week for a
visit with friends.
Good lumber wagon at a bargain.
Secondhand store.
The only place you can buy guar
anteed hose Is at G. IP. Moles &
C. E. Coyne for sheriff
German Lutheran service at the
school house in Philip at 10 a. m. 00
Sunday, June 12th.
The "Durham Duplex Safety
Razor," the most practical safety on
the market and sold on a guarantee
basis. Silver plated and furnished
in plain leather case or traveling kit.
Ask Wilkinson about them.
W. O. Bielski came up from Mid
land Saturday, and is visiting at the
home of his brother, R. A. Bielski.
He is connected as missionary with
the American Sunday School Union,
and may establish his head quarters
C. E. Coyne for sheriff
Save your potatoes by using Parte Green. 50 cti per
lb. Pioneer Pharmacy.
That genial smile, accompanied by
olgars, with which Anderson Michael
greeted his fellow townsmen Friday
morning, was oecasioned by the arri
val of little Marjorie Ruth Michael.
Dr. Kyde reports the mother and babe
as doing nicely.
Pain anywhere stopped la 20 min
utes Bure with one of Dr. Shoop's
Pink Pain Tablets. The formula is
on the 25-cent box. Ask your doctor
or druggist about this formula. Stop
womanly pains, headache, pains any
where. Write Dr. Shoop, Racine,
Wis. for free trial to prove value.
All Dealers.
The ladles aid soelety of the Pres
byterian church will meet next Fri
day afternoon with Mrs. II. B. Dum
bar at her home south of town. A
meeting will be held Tuesday even
inn with Mrs. E. H. Aldrich to ar
range for conveyances for the Friday
For Sale—35 pounds home grown
alfalfa seed. H. W. Edwards, at
Philip Lumber Co's office. itf
C. E. Coyne for sheriff
Try T1Z for sore and tired feet. TI2 for all foot
troubles. Pioneer Pharmacy.
Beds of all deecriptions at low
prices. Secondhand store.
WANTED—Girl experienced in
housework and taking eare of small
children. C. M. Peirce.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Aldrich left last
week for Chamberlain, where Mr.
Aldrich is attending an institute and
convention of the funeral directors of
the state. Mrs. Aldrich will spend
most of the time during her absence
In visiting with a sister at Reliance.
Some more of those Fountain Pens
that WON'T LEAK Just received.
Wilkinson, the Reliable Jeweler.
The Matinee Girl company, which
showed at the Grand last Thursday
evening, while being the last attrac
tion for the season, was not the least
by any means. It was a burlesque of
the side-splitting variety, and was a
vehicle that gave good play to the
talents of two or three comedians.
W. Holmgren, of Rochester, N. Y.,
who was called by the death of his
sister, Mrs. D. C. Stout, at the home
of the family southeast of town a few
weeks ago, departed Friday for points
north and east for a few weeks visit
with friends before returning to the
Empire state. He spent several days
last week visiting at the Block and
Olson homes in this city.
bushel. Three kinds—early White
Ohio, early Six Weeks, and White
Eureka the latter took first prize at
the 1908 harvest festival others are
pure strain. At Dick Robinson's
rauch, 47tf
The distinctive quality and rare delicious flavor of
Stites' Root Beer suits the palate of the most exact
ing. For sale at the Pioneer Pharmacy.
Good lumber wagon at a bargain.
Secondhand store.
Tomorrow evening is the date for
the regular monthly meeting of the
business men's association, and the
date for the semi-annual election of
officers as well. All members are re
quested to be In attendance.
Wilbur 8. Glass, of Watertiwn,
and John F. Hughes, of Fort Pierre,
will be speakers at a rally tonight at
the Grand opera house in the interests
of the progressive faction of the Re
publican party. This staid old stal
wart town has been the inecca for a
good many progressive spellbinders
this campaign, as much or more than
any other town west of the river.
C. E. Coyne for sheriff
Mrs. B, G. Chapman, census enu
merator for this district, commenced
taking the count in Philip Tuesday
morning. The time for the enumer
ators to complete their work in
this and one or two other districts in
Stanley county has been extended to
July 1st. It Is the wish of all con
cerned that Mrs. Chapman secure an
accurate oensus in Philip, and the
people are asked to lend her assist
ant* In every manner possible.
Sells Paris Green
Robt. Hefti went to Powell Monday
to open the new store there. He and
H. A. Kumn have purchased the
Arntsen stock and will conduct the
business under the firm name of
Hefti & Kunmi, Mr. Ilefti is an ex
perienced and well qualified merchant,
and is bound to make a success of the
venture. He will move his family to
Powell later.
C. E. Coyne for sheriff
E. J. Morgan's resignation as secre
tary of the creamery association be
came effective yesterday, and II. C.
Staehle was selected to take his place.
Mr. Morgan's other business interests
made it imperative that he give up
this work. The new secretary is well
recommended, and will without doubt
give tlie association the same good
service that his predecessor did.
Winter Bros, are arranging their
garage, as will be seen by theii ad In
this issue, so that the "opening cere
monies" may be held Tuesday. They
have ordered a large number of cars
for stock and livery purposes, and are
adding an Institution to our busi
ness interests that is of great value.
The demand for such a line in Philip
has been heavy, and there is no
doubt that it will be a most success
ful venture.
Cabbage, Tom a toe, and
Pepper plants for sale,
also Vegetables Phone 40L
I.on French, who was peace officer
in Philip during the first few months
of its existence, was a passenger with
his family on yesterday noon's train
to Fort Pierre and Wauby, where
they will visit during a thirty days'
vacation which he has been given.
He is now special agent of the Fourth
Division of the Denver & Rio Grande
system, with headquarters at Alamo
sa, Colo. Lon has been engaged in
secret service work wit It that system
since shortly after he left here, and
has a4vanced to a point where he is
chief over a large corps of detectives.
His many friends here are glad to
hear of his advancement.
Tell some deserving rheumatic suf
ferer, that there is yet one simple
way to certain relief. Get Dr. Shoop's
book on rheumatism and a free trial
test. Tills book will make itentircl)
clear how rheumatic pains are quick 1
killed by Dr. Snoop's Rheumatic
Remedy—liquid or tablets. Send no
money. The test is free. Surprise
some disheartened sufferer by first
getting for him the book from Dr.
Shoop, Racine, Wis. All Dealers.
Do You Get The Best
If you have a cough, cold, asthma,
eroup or any throat or bronchial trou
ble and use DR. HELL'S I'I NE-TAR
HONEY, you do. Look for the Bell
on the Bottle. Oscar Hargesheimer.
We Don't Have to
Tell you what it's for it's name tells.
ttie best cough medicine and several
million people already know it. Look
for the Bell on the Bottle. Oscar
No Danger
HONEY for coughs and colds. It con
tains no habit producingdrufs. Look
for the Bell on the Bottle. Oscar
C. E. Coyne for sheriff
Business Building Brick*.
"EWtntlon is the siucerest flattefy.*
Don't flatter your competitor by Imi
tating his selling idea.
Every order that you allow to go out
to Rears Saw buck makes your trading
center retrograde 100 per cent, be
cause It takes money from home and
keeps the consumer from your door. I
A salesman should have the abilityI
to create a desire for his goods in the]
face of absolute uncertainty. I
The only sort of dust you can suc
cessfully throw In some men's eyes is
gold dust.
If you are permitted to participate In
the social life of a customer don't over
do It
Don't Experiment W ith a Cough
IIONEY has been used by millions of
people for sixteen years with asteady
increasing demand. Look for the'"'
Bell ou the Bottle. Oscar Harges
The Best Remedy
For all kinds of sore eyes isSTTTHEB
is a creamy snow white ointment and
would not injure the eyes of a babe.
Guaranteed. 25c everywhere
Granulated Eye Lid*
Can be cured without cauterizing or
scarifying by the use of SUTHER
We guarantee it to cure. 25c every
I Get The Best
ForMttn troubles, sores, ulcers, ede
ma. chaps, black heads, pimples and
all eruptions. Use Dlt. BELL'S AN
TISEPTIC SALVE and you get tb*
best. 25c a box everywhere.
Kept The King At Home
**Vbr the past year we have kept
the King of all laxatives—Dr. King's
New Life Pills—in our home and they
nave proved a blessing to all our
family," writes Paul Mathulka, of
Buffalo, N. Y. Easy, but sure remedy
for all Stomach, Liver and Kidney
troubles. Only 2.5c at all druggists.
Would you have better health, more
sirengtli, clearer skin, stronger nerves,
more elastic step? Tse llollister's
Kocky Mountain Tea, the great veg
etable regulator and tonic. One SSc
package makes 10.» cups tea. Pioneer
Those unsightly pimples and blotoh
es! External applications may par
tially hide them, but Holllster's
Rocky Mountain Tea removes them
tor keeps. Get at the cause—impure
blood. Tea or Nuggets (tablet form)
30e at druggists Pioneer Pharmacy,
Potato Bug Pioson
BYRON L. CLOW, Treasurer
Mr. Clow is a Candidate for rendftilnation
at next Tuesday's primaries. His record In
office proves him one of the most efficient coun
ty officers in the state. His retention means
two more years of a business like administra

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