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1 "-Si*
Ofllee North Center Street
Phone 35A
Residence south of Depot
Phone 35B
Burgeon lor the N. W. fi. R.
Philip, South Dakota.
and Builder...
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished
Philip S. 0.
OSeeeiW Hargeehelmer's Dru*
Resol atlon
Resolved that we notify the resi
dents and tax-payers of Stanley Coun
ty through the ne»vspapeis of this
oonnty, that any communications re
ceived by them from the. Examiner in
reference to investigation of county
affairs be given prompt attention and
by so doing greatly oblige
The County Commissioners
of Stanley County.
When looking for Post Cards
I New Gird* .lust Received
Nfw Goods Every Week
Mrs. M. Gust
East Side of ('enter Si.
Philip, South Dakota
Vorth Center Stre*
Office Phone 39, Res. Phone 4A
Ji L. Andrews
Philip S. Dak.
Atlas Lumber Go
Sell dimension lumber, lath
shingles and all kinds of
building material.
We liave large sheds in which
our material is stored and
kept in good condition.
Call on
City Dray Lint
*Offloe fi Residence
Wants a share of your busi
ness. Is in a position and has
the facilities for prompt service
Let your wants be known to
"Qui be dspsadsd upon" Is sa expression
ve all like lo bear, sod when it is uaad in
esmestioa villi Chamberlain's Colic, Cholsra
mif Mawkesa Be—edy it
that it
••vsr Arils to ears disrrhoee, dysentery or
It is pleesenl to take and
«fnllj raloable far children and adults.
Jksws the difference between
taradag **d poor farming. You
M*e£e«»t save money by studying
success of our most
termers and applying the
their experience to your own
loss. The Dakota Farmer
j. Dm makes a business ot
r««t aa analysing these catiao»
tiw remits to Its reik
is of termers here four, i
this great pwr V
thorn ro"H.
eriles b*
address n ma..!.
Ft. Pierre, S. I), Sept. H, JMO.
On the lirst Tuesday in September,
at U o'clock a. rn., being the »th day
of the month the board of county
commissioners met at the count}'seat
to levy the necessary taxes for the
current fiscal year.
Members present, T. II. Tolton, W.
O. Hopkins and h\ E. Morrl«m and
Auditor Price as olerk.
As provided by Chapter 43, Laws of
1905, the county auditor presented to
the tioaid of eounty commissioners an
itemized statement of the county ex
penses for the ensuing year.
Special Salary $20,895.10
Sinking fund 12,709.00
County general 61.2H4.T5
Count y road 5,027.4.'i
County bridge 19,232.60
The board after carefully examin
ing the report of the different
amounts required for the expenses
for the ensuing year adopted the
amounts the report called for as the
levy for the year 1!»10 for the different
Sinking fund 12,709.00
County general 51,284.75
County road 5.027.43
County bridge 19,232.00
tax of $1 is levied on each elector
in the county for the support of the
common schools. A tax of $1.50 is
levied on every male person livlug in
an unorganized township to be worked
(hi' on the road or paid in cash. A
iax )f 4)1 is levied against the name
ol every person owner of a dog in the
Board adjourned until 9 o'clock
Sept. 7th. 1910.
Ft. l'ierre, S. D., Sept. 7,1910.
At o'clock board reassembled 88
per adjournment.
Members present, T. H. Tolton, W.
O. Hopkins and P. M. Morrison, with
County Auditor Price as clerk.
The following claims are allowed
and warrants issued for amounts
Bryon L. Glow, counttf
treasurer, salary July
and August $ 333.32
Flora Hahn, work In treas
urer's office, July 65.00
)seph Barr, deputy countjr
treasurer, salary July
an 1 August 170.00
L. G. Aldrlch, deputy coun
ty treasurer, salary July
and August 170.00
Graje A. Reed, county sup
erlntendent, salary July
and August 250.00
Maude V. Reed, deputy
county superintendent 130.00
J. A. McKilllp, register of
deeds, salary July and
August 200.00
A. S. Will lama. deputy
register of salary
July and August 130.00
A. A. McGarry, work for
register of deeds Jtly
and August 100.00
Chas. D. Langley, deputy
county auditor, salary
July and August 170.00
J. H. Johnson, states attor
ney, salary July and
August 350.00
L. Elshire, livery eounty poor 8.50
Geo. A. Price, clerk in audi
tor's office, August 15.00
Geo. Belford, jailor, salary
July and August 100.00
J. R. Johnson, State's Attor
ney, expenses 29.00
F. E. Morrison, road viewing 37.00
A. C. Kingsbury Lbr. Co.,
lumber for bridges 32 98
A. C. Kingsbury Lbr. Co^
lumber for bridges 14.65
A. C. Kingsbury Lbr. Co,»
part payment
oontract 1000.00
Harry A. Roush, on bridge
contract 1741.00
Harry A. Roush, for ap
proaches to bridges 1104.00
Board adjourned until 1:30 m.
At 1:30 p. m. board reassembled.
Members present, T. H. Tolton, W.
O. Hopkins and F. fi. Morrison, with
County Auditor Price as clerk.
The board coutluued to allow
claims as follows:
H. M. Dins more, County
Judge, salary for Aug $ 166.66
Chas. M. Price, Co. Audi
tor, salary for Aug 125.00
Olias. M. Price, Co. Audi
tor, salary for July 125.00
J. A. McKilllp, Reg. of
Deeds, stamps and expes»
ses 18.75
Ray R. Jewett, going to
Fort Pierre to meet wltii
the Board March 8—A*
ount olaimed $13.50, am
ount allowed 7.50
Morgan Bros., for draying. 3.50
M. L. Parcel Is, for typ#»
writing 12.00
Paul McGuire, work in
Supt's. offloe 1875
P. J. O'Connor, road wort. 13 50
J. D. Addison, road work 98.50
Fullerton Lbr. Co. 5.40
Catherine Smith, work in
Supt's office .12.60
H. M. Dinsmore, County
Judge, salary for July 106.66
Sam Davis, spike and nails. fi.10
Grace A. Reed, Co. Supb
expensee 13.28
Elmer Thomas, precln#
committeeman of No. 38, 2.00
Bd Joel la, two day's serviqp
on the registery board....T 600
Chas. O'Nlel, two days serl
•ieeon registery board..... 9.00
lames Rhea, two days' ee*'*.^
vftoeoa registry board
is* Oils, two days aervl#
•tak of election 0.00
two days
too**#*-"e*#*»0» *.**»«*•*
C. O. Poren, posting notices
primary election. 2.00
Martin S. Mathers, services
of extr% help and steno
graphic services in re cor*
respondence and reports. 247.50
Mariln S. Mathers, public
John F. Forsell, work on as
sessor's books and on tax
books, amount claimed
$153.00, amount allowed 143.00
J. A. Cillespie, work In Co.
Supt's office 40.00
A. O. 1'utnam, unloading a
car of sewer pipe *... 8.00
The Falrplay, job printing... 47.25
T. J. Alday, precinct com
mittee 2.00
Henry Labldee, road work. 0.00
A. M. Swineford, janitor,
salary for July and Aug. 120.00
Lulu M. Collett, court cer*
titicate No. 2412 20.00
John Butler, court certifi
cate No. 2311 16.10
Board adjourned until 9:00 S. in.,
Sept. 8. 1910.
Board reassembled at 9:00 o'clock
a. in. Members present, T. H. Tol
ton, W. O. Hopkins and F. E.
Morrison, with Co. Auditor Price as
The board allowed the following
L. M. Soper, on abatement
of tax $ 10.47
Editli L. Rozelle, on abate
ment of tax 1.95
G. Grlesel, on abatement
of lax 1.00
S. L. Richards, refund of
tax 11.80
M. W. Peters, refund of tax 2.85
Arthur Nelson, refund of
tax 2.54
H. Stuehmex refund of tax 4.48
Lynn Ilainton, refund of
tax 5 08
W. P. Mathleson, Agt.,
fund of tax 49.33
Jacob Bow mat, refund of
tax amount claimed
$2.05, amount, allowed.... 1.50
Thomas II. Garnett, refund
of tax 2.50
Peter Anderson, refund of
tax, amount claimed
$10.19, amount allowed. 2.68
John Thompson, refund on
tax for the following
years: 1904-05-07-08, being
erroneously assessed 27.40
Board adjourned till 1:30 p. m.
Board reassembled at 1:30 p.m. with
the following members present: T.
II. Tolton, VV. O. Hopkins and F. E.
Morrison, with Co. Auditor Price
as clerk.
The following claims were passed
upon and not allowed:
Nets A. Morse, refund on tax—
not allowed.
Anderson & Ellison, to correct as
sessment—not allowed.
F. P. Carlisle, refund—not allow
Amos Bailey, refuud—not allowed.
A. Hermann, abatement—not al
B. J. Johns to abatement—not
E. R. Doren. refund—not allowed.
H. J. McMahon, abatement—not
H. J. McMahon, abatement—not
Harry Hilton, abatement—not al
W. W. Russell, refund—not al
Mossman & Green, abate
ment of tax allowed $ 66.52
W. C. Foster Agt., petition to cor
rect 1909 taxes on certain lots at
Board adjourned until 9:00 o'clock
a. m., Sept. 9,1910.
Board reassembled at 9:00 o'clock
with the following members present:
T. II. Tolton, W. O. Hopkins and F.
E. Morrison, with Co. Auditor Price
as Clerk.
The following claims were passed
Mathleson, Agt., refund on tax.
Clarence O. Nash, rent of building
for primary eleotlon, claim $5.00—
not allowed.
C. E. Coyne, Co. Game War
den, salary April and May..! 100.00
Conroy, road work—not al­
C. E. Coyne, Dept. Sheriff
fees I 11.25
J. H. Johnson State's At
torney, expenses 6.04
C. E. Coyne, County Game
Warden, salary and ex
penses Aug 74.22
C. E. Coyne, County Game
Warden, salary and exp.
July .Jft. 25
Chas. O'Neii, repair on
bridge 180.00
Board adjourned until 1:30 p. m.
Board reassembled at 1:30 p. m.
with the following members present:
T. H. Tolton, W. O. Hopkins and F.
E. Morrison, with Co. Auditor Price
as Clerk.
The following claims were allow
American Rook Oo., tohool
books 11000 00
Petition of White River Valley
railroad for adjustment of tax of
1909 is granted.
Petition of C. A N. W. R. R. for
adjustment of tax of 1909 is granted.
Eduoator School Supply Co.,
supplies 5.08
Geo. S. Huston, sheriff feee. 423.06
J. H. Johnson, State's Attor*
ney, expenses 1.30
Wo. Nobeon work at oourt
house f.00
B. H. Towneend, service as
surveyor X.00
Byron L. Clow, Oe. Tress..
expenses £j.4a
H. Kaowles,
aarvtos as
surveyor 400
Ma Hayes, oool 1st court
house 224.91
John Hayes, coal for road
engine 21.10
Board adjourned until Sept. 10,
1910, at 9:00 o'clock a. m.
At 9:30 a. m. board reassembled
with the following members pres.
ent: T. II. Toll on, W. O. Hopkins
and F. E Morrison, with Co. Audi
tor Price as clerk.
Petition for appointment of John
L. White as County Game Warden is
A resolution is approved by the
board authorizing the county Treas.
and Auditor to make the proper
transfers on the records of their of
fices affected by the division of
School Districts No. 39 and Mid
land Independent No. 14 and No.
81, No. 40 and No. 80, No. 8 and No.
82, No. 83, No. 84, No. 85, No. 80,
No. 87, No 88, No. 89, No. 90, No. 91,
No. 92 and No. 93.
Road petition is granted locating
and establishing a public highway
over and upon that certain tract of
land inelud.)d between the west
boundary line of Township 109 N.,
Range 79 W., 5th P. M., and that
portion of the i ast boundary line of
Townships 3 and 4 N., Range 31 E.
B. H. M., and for a highway com
mencing at the southeast coroner of
Section 21, Township 4 N., Range
31, thence north or: the section line
to its intersection with the public
highway on north side of Bad river.
To the County Auditor of Stanley
In accordance with the order of
the Circuit Court you are directed to
submit all the petitions for the di
vision of Stanley County to the vot
ers at the next general election, and
the action of the board heretofore
made rejecting said petitions is in
all matters rescinded.
Chairman County Board.
Affidavit of J.S. Whitt for refund
Of tax erroneously paid, is granted.
Board adjourned until 1:30 p. m.
At 1:30 p. m. board reassembled.
Members present, T. H. Tolton, W.
O. Hopkins, and F. E. Morrison, with
Co. Auditor Price as clerk.
The following claims are approved:
Dan Brown, posting notice
of election $ 2.00
Hugh Jeffries, auto hire 4.00
Will Conroy, grading road. 80.00
A. B, Dick & Cn.. mdse 4.47
T. H. Tolton, three days
committee work 12.00
T. H. Tolton, seven days
Co. Com. and mileage.... 33 00
W. O. Hopkins, two days
Co. Com and mileage.... 18.00
W. O. Hopkins, seven days
Co. Com. and mileage.... 38.00
F. E. Morrison, seven days
Co Com. and mileage 36.00
T. H. TOLTON, Chairman.,
CHAS. M. PRICE, Auditor.
The following bridges were
To Harry A. Roush, bridge No. 2
on Morphdite creek $470.00.
To Harry A. Roush, bridge No. 10
on Frozen Man $200 00.
io Harry A. Roush, bridge No. 11
on Deep creek $370.00.
To A. C. Kingsbury, bridge No. 1
on Big Bugalo creek $400.00.
To A. C. Kingsqury, bridge No. 3
on West Plum creek $459.00.
To A. C. Kingsbury, bridge Ve. 4
on Haxby Draw $481.00.
To A. C. Kingsbury, bridge No. 5
on South Fork near Philip, $540,00.
To Chas. O'Neii, bridge
ft Un
Mule creek $400.00.
To Chas. O'Neii, bridge No. S on
Brave Bull creek $500.00.
To Chas. O'Neii, bridge No. 7 on
White Willow creek $470.00.
To Chas. O'Neii, bridge No. 8 on
Lone Tree creek $333.00.
Acquiring Reputation.
Archbishop liowley. who lived in the
eighteenth ceutury. most unjustly got
the reputatlou of swearing like a
trooper. The explanation Is that the
Duke of Cumberland, who fought the
battle of Culloden and who was uu
speakably profane, once went in quest
of the primate to get his asslstauce
about a certain bill which he disliked.
He returned to the house of lords, say
ing: "It's all right my lords. I've seen
the archbishop, and he says he'll see
the promoters to before he'll vote
for the bill!" As a matter of fact
all the profanity had been supplied
quite In the ordinary run of conversa
tion by the duke.—London Tatler.
Som* Pay Mora.
The man was looking over the family
bills as his wife glanced through the
"Ob. John." she said, 'it tells here
of a young fellow who was fined $6.80
for flirting."
"That's cheaper than I got off," re
plied the man. his eye still on the
hJLUa*—Philadelphia Ledger.
M*an Thing|
Bdttb-I told Clara, under promise
of absolute secrecy, of our engage
ment. Fred— And she has spoken of
it everywhere? Edith—No: the spite
ful thing uever mentioned It.—Illus
How Carelessl
She (sweetly aa they sip their tea to
gether)—Isn't this delicious? He (ab
sentmlndedly)- Yes. I love to take tea
with a little lemon.Columbia Jester.
When a fool gets angry, be opens his
snout and shuts his eyes.
Chambcrlain'a Colic, Cholera aw* Diar
rhoea Remedy is today the beat known med
icine in use for the relief and cars of bowel
eoaplainta. It cues griping diarrhoea,
dyssntesFi and should be taken at the fint
itural kmasoass of the bowels. It la
for chUdien sad sdahs. It
pr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve
Qood for all Skin Diseases.
Surprises In GHIn«»«.
''Some people." said
consul to China. "Ilv« as long as
twenty years in China and n«*ver Ipnrn
more tban a dozen Cbluese expres
sions. But not so my little girl. She
used to meet me eadi evening with
some new Chinese expression which
she had learned during the day. Now.
the Chinese language, like the Japan
ese. Is full of honorifics. and 1 fondly
Imagined one evening, when my little
girl greeted me with some entirely
new expressions, that, she was saying
aomething like this: 'Here comes the
honorable personage, my father.'
"To verify my guess I asked a little
Chinese boy to translate. At first he
was rather backward, but I urged him
until he finally said:
'Your excellency, your daughter
says. "Here comes that old wooden
headed bottle." Yes, there are some
surprises in Chinese."
Not Interrupting at Ail.
At the piano Mrs. Katon was guiding
Edith and Kdwarti and Jack through
the intricacies of an old English melo
dy when she became aware that the
twins were adding their voices from
an indiscreet distance and stopped
"Children." she exclaimed, "you are
not allowed to Join In the chorus with
Edith and Edward!"
"We weren't," the twins ptotested,
in slightly resentful tones. "We were
singing something quite different."—
Youth's Companion
A portable theater had been pitched
in an out of the way spot where the
prospective theatrical patrons were
unsophisticated In matters dramatic.
The players possessed the costumes
for "Hamlet." and Shakespeare's trag
edy was selected for representation.
It then occurred to the proprietors of
the show that the name might not at
tract. so they altered the title to "IIow
the Stepfather Was Paid Out!"—Lou
don Mail.
He Pleased Her.
"She asked me how old 1 thought
she was."
"What did you say?"
"Well. I perjured myself like a gen
tleman."—Detroit Free Press.
No amount of effort to save the
world can make up for failure to sac
rifice for the salvation of your own
little world.- Henry F. Cope.
Bottles With Which Sampiee Ara
Taken From Ocean Deptha
The water bottle for getting water
for analysis from selected depths in
the ocean Is a cylinder of brass. Ger
man silver or other metal which re
sists the corrosion of sea water, gen
erally about two Inches in diameter
and twelve or fourteen Inches long,
with upward opening valve at the top
and bottom, connected together on a
central stem. Lugs are cast on the
side of the cylinder for conveniently
securing it at any point along the
length of the line by whtrh it is to
be lowered Into the sea. During the
lowering of the line the valves of the
bottle are kept unsealed by the pas
sage of the water through the cylin
der during Its descent, but when the
motion is reversed the valves seat
themselves and are locked by the de
scent of a small propeller In the
framework above the upper valve,
which rides idly on a sleeve during the
lowering of the bottle, but descends
along a screw thread to press the
valves upon their seats when the line
commences to be hauled up. A speci
men of the water at the depth to which
the water bottle has descended is thus
brought to the surface confined with
iu the bottle, and a series of speci
mens from different depths may be
obtained at one haul by securing a
Beries of water bottles at the required
intervals along the sounding line.—
Scientific American.
How She Caught Them.
"How did you happen to get four
times as many letters as I did?" said
one washerwoman who bad advertised
for work by the day to another who
had advertised for the same thing.
"Wound up my advertisement by
saying I was on a diet." said the lucky
one "That "OR a diet' notice goes
right to the heart of stingy souls who
are trying to cut down expenses. They
hate to figure on a washerwoman's
meals and jump at the chance of get
ting one who doesn't eat.—New York
Often the Case.
"You can pretty safely bet." began
the man who thought he knew, "that
any woman who doesn't gush over a
pretty baby is a confirmed old maid."
"Not always." replied the real wise
acre. "She may be a mother who has
a baby she thinks is prettier."—Cath
olic Standard and Times.
Angry Father ito son»—Yon never
saw me getting into a scrape like that
when I was a boy. Flippant Son—No.
dad, I never did.—Exchange.
Kisaing In Iceland.
Among old time laws against kissing
those of Iceland appear to have been
the most severe. Banishment was the
penalty laid down for kissing another
man's wife, either with or without bet
consent. The same punishment was
enforced for kissing an unmarried wo
man against her will if it could be
proved that ehe had consented to be
kissed the offender was still liable to
a fine of a great quantity of cloth for
each offense.
What We
Spend en Roads.
The United 8tates spends $90,000,000
annually on 2.500.000 miles of roads:
England spends $80,000,000 on her
150.000 miles each year, or fourteen
times as much aa this magnificent
country commonly referred to as the
grandest country on the face of t&e
globe. It Is also the muddiest
Brlggs—It's too bsd about Winkle
and the girl be Is engaged to. Neither
of them la good enough for the other.
Griggs—What make* you think that!
"Well I've been talking the ostler
onr wit* hotk faariUm."-L!ffc
Powell Drug Company
Carries a Complete Line of
Drugs and ruggist's Sundries
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
John Hayes
Coal Machinery
We aim to carry a full line of Building Material and all
kinds of Coal and Machinery whfcli we offer at the lowest
prices possible, and by fair dealing, expect to merit a
share of the business.
A- S* ®®[email protected]!iyIN,, IfcSiSUB.
Stanley County Abstract & Loan
Bonded Abstractors
Excell'ent Cafe Service Cozy Heated Rooms at 35c andJiOc
Reiiry Hoffman, Prop.
European Plan PHILIP, S.D.
Building Blocks, Sidewalks
All Our Work Guaranteed
See our foundation blocks at 25c each
Philip^ South Dakota
that is, the high-toned
"quality'' of meat such as
the choicest lamb, mutton,
veal, beef and poultry.
We offer to you
The Tenderest Meats
of fine Havor and delicious
taste, and we guarantee
every pound of it to be
fresh and sweet. And
there is little or no waste
to our meats, you will find.
The Winchester
Mrs. Jos. Roberts, Prop*
Our new hotel is now open to the .ublic. Every
thing new, Table service the best in the citgr.
Rates $1.00 and $1.25 per day*
Sfop Here When in Town
Live Poultry Wanted!
I will buy anything in live poultry, from a two-week old
tlMek to an old bird. The market for such goods is never over
done. Will pay cash on delivery at Pleasant View Poultry
Farm, one-half mile north of the postoffice.
Jake Weber, Philip, S. D.
P. S. Watch the market columns in this paper for pre
vailing prices quoted by me.
n nooi'fi^iori mmf

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