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Effort to Open to fiettki* Made by
Nebraska €itizens
Valeojtlnc, Nobr., May 24.—Frwo»
tloaMy all Nebrweka ie Joining In a
petition uskflng '-oaitgrese to open to
Beti lemwait the 60,000 rucre Fort Nil-1
ob&ra military reservation, lying]
along the Niobrara river, north. ufi
Fort NUabrara wm conetruct**!
during th^ Iiadtom troubles of 1876.)
maJjitajlmed an a cavalry posit.
unft.il five
ago, when It wae
abtunxfon«3d. Sltme then it has been!
fin olutrge of a car*tak«r, the grounl,
being Jcaaed for grazLng prurpotice.
The laaid 1b ae fine as can be found
&n the state and if opeemd to eett
tileins under provi&ione of the home
•tead la we, would all be settled in
adide of 24 hows. lljing of rich eoil
and cloeo to towns, every aare te
worth from $25 tu $^0.
Wheoi the government vacated
Fort NKobrara. five years ago It was
the Intention to rotaitn it tor mjunio
uvw purpoeee, with the ultimate In
tent Lorn of converting It into a re
mount station- Colts wore to be
brought here, reared tuul broken for
thie cavalry service. Now the an
nouinxiemeaift vomee that thin idea baa
bet-ai tfl'vejj up as not being practi
cal and a skremuouB effort will be
•nadu to have it thrown opeai to
Fort Niobrara during the early Bet
tleaiumt of the Blaok Hills, waa
one of the toughest places on
earth. Four hi ilea from ValeinitLne,
the gxoumidg just outside the mrfiLi
tary reserve were hoadquarterB for
(toughs of both sexes, and every
cllaas and murders were of almost
flwll ly
Would Tiu|Krt Mayor
A New York Jity named Locklport
te on the mairket for a first oIjuhm
OMm wiho uiudorstauds the wHjmooutic
probkins of cii v it: govoniuwmt
Wlheiu It finds hAm lit will hire himi
sold install Ulm us mayor. lx»ckp(xrt
has the wnm.lss.iion form of govern
ment, but has sarried it a Btep fur
ther. It boliiieves that the problem
of giovterning a iLty wisely Is one to
wthikh a main siliiould bring a jmk-u
ll*r ski iund a wilentific kinowfliodigH'
oI tihe soKiial, polliUJi^ul and fiuuuifc'Lal
eoDdttions wtiix-h kn suelh a posd
tibuu are bouind to ooniftronit Mm. In
stead of choosing a "business ma
uiaiger" for his personal ixxpiilarity
wtiith the voters, It will seLuct him as
Hits board of education v.h)oosi« its
school suorintondoat, fSor his 1'itm.ooK
tor service.
Many German citdea select tbatr
ixbayoris in this manuuer and it
JwedW-Uxl that the presemt treaud of
civic gowmuieait toward the oom
•nJsaLou plan wdilll ultimatuliy lead to
ftihjo guneral inauguration of the
sctueme in this oouatry. It sounds
0ood. The pracftke of Importing
msyons suems very mu«h more feas
ible patroiniialing catalogue
Dor our household suppks.
Nearly Decapitated In Accident
Draper, SL D., May 24.—Am draw
WMoie, a young man of Prairie Du
OhienL, Wis., who is hore viaitilri^
liia brothers, Ihomeettaders about
five mJlies west of itowm, nearly luul
frfia Ihead aimpuUiittxl to a barb wirt'
flenioe aiorddmnt. A savage bulll at
tacked tiu» horse he wnts rklliiug aail
Ohfraw horse aod rider into tho
fieooe. His neck was eaughit tn a Loop
of the wire and terribly lat^raited,
cutting open a number of arteries
and lay tag open his Jaw to the
voote of his teeth.
(MM wftthdn an aoe
Hunt Bays it
outting hds
hsawl clear off, but, stnange to say,
he still lives and- there are strong
hopes oif recovery. Mrs. Moses la
oaring Cor hAm at the kittle hospital
Juot north of the Hale residency
v Diabaruaat Action Dismisaai
Starre, 8. D., May 24.—In em
qplnton by Judge Corson, oocnumrad
In biy allthe otihetr members of the
auipnemie court, it w^s held tha
charges dta the diabarmeiut pro
sgndnst Aittonney Gonoral
RoOttiL C. Johnson were not suatainr
ed bor 4he testimony presented and
ttk* ammunition/ is diauiiesed.
Tine outoome of the disbarmunit
Willi be hoard wdith pifoaauire by
many friends of the attorney
all over the state.
OKA yenborder haknt no mane use,
Thm rubber boots is to a woa&i
saddle op sui* ride awson
Frarn thait (tiers inorthleaB yaalerday
Htank Ttowr spnn la thebronk o' hope
tit a
an' swingta* lope
naoge o' things that are,
pwit so blamed fai
i ttet yovt oant even, view
if yon wants to.
French Judge Divorces Petitioner's
Lawyer—Similar Errer Mad* by
Magistrate In England.
Some years ago, It is said, a legal
blunder of a most extraordinary char
actor was committed in ono of the di
vorce courts in Paris. By some mis
apprehension on the part of the presid
ing judge, whoso papers and mind had
got confused, he actually mistook ths
name of an advocate who had been
arguing a petition for the name of the
petitioner himself, and in granting and
Blgnlng the decree of dissolution of
marriage of the petitioner unwittingly
Kubstltuted ths advocate's name for
the petitioner's, and thus divorced the
lawyer from hlH wife instead of grant
ing the prayed for release of the advo
cate's client. As the lawyer had no
desire for separation from his wife,
and as there was no process for an
nulling an absolute decree for divorce,
even to meet such a remarkable case.
It became necessary, through the Ju
dicial error, for ths man of law to re
marry his spouse without delay, aad
this he did.
A somewhat similar error was cont
mitted in the English Court of Chan
cery. There had been a litigation
over some property, which was held
by one man and claimed by another
of the same name. Ia evading some
order of the court the holder of the
property had committed a contempt,
and on this being called to the at
tention of the Judge an order issued
for the summoning, not of the guilty
party, but of the claimant of the same
surname, and the order, a very se
vere one, was actually in execution
before the error was discovered.
He Seldom Keeps the Saw Sharpened
or Remembers Where the
Glass Cutter Is.
'Onoa In a while yon find a prudent
and practical man who keeps about
him all manner erf tools aad things
that come in handy when needed, but
generally a man waits until the need
overtakes him and then he begins to
scheme and plot He breaks a window
pane, and having a large pane, de
cides he will cut it and fit It In. But
he has ao glass cutter. Then he
stuffs a rag into the broken pane or
pastes a piece of paper over It, and
waits for spring.
He flads it necessary to saw some
flank, and remembers that be Intend
ed to have his saw sharpened and set.
So he gnaws off the ends of the plank
with the saw aad looks about for the
Confound It—the handle's broken.
He's been intending to get a new one,
but It is such an unusual thing he has
never gotten at It.
Thafs a natural human failing.
Careless, maybe, but Just as natural
as to leave a street car and forget,
oaring nothing about Its future opera
tions or Its future destination.-—Delias
Ths Nervous Hostesa
The hostess with a highly strung
temperament Is te be pitted, and so
are ber guests, even though her words
be honey sweet. She transmits her
nervousness to the very atmosphere
of the house aad makes all therela
feel that they are hovering on the
brink of a volcano. Would you know
at once the woman who has this un
fortunate falling? Then watch aay
pet dog or cat that she encounters. If
It shrinks from her touch, though she
may be la a calm mood, you may
Judge that something amiss in her
nature has been detected by the sen
sitive being. Animals and children
discover such Irritability instinctively,
and there are some grownup human
beings who retain this insight. The
only thing to do when the hospital*
lty of ths nervous one has to be ao
oepted Is to cut the visit as short as
possible and to yield as much as pos
alble to all her whims.
Work and ths Lay.
What Is a lady? asks the London
Week-end. The lady of the Victorian
age was a soft, ornamental, purry
creature like a cat. She curled up by
the household fire and purred when
she was given cream. When the
cream was denied her she scratched.
Shs was the most hopelessly, help
lessly selfish creature living. Work?
No. She was not supposed to be of
any use whatever. But then in those
days a man was not supposed to work
if he laid claim to being a gentleman.
Now this is changed, and no man,
whatever his connections may be, Is
permitted to be a parasite on his rela
tione. The time is coming when the
woman, too. will be required to do
her share of the! world's work, instead
st playing the parasite on brother or
ooualn or uncle or whatever the near
est mala relative may be.
French Family Life.
It la a threadbare criticism by Eng
lishmen that the French have ao word
for "home." .They have "foyer."
which answera nearly enough but
even If that be thought to stand for
something different, the obligations of
family are strong and general. The
respect and affection of English sons
for their mothers do not compare with
thoae of French eons, and In France
family tiea extend to relations whom
we in England should regard as hav
ing no claim upon our consideration.
The frothy gaiety and ths solidity of
ths Wenoh eharactsr exist side by
Bids in permanent dualism—mobility
for the visitor Is sas at a glaaod eo
Mdttr tar fete I* dhoorsc If fcs takaa
.-•j .• -i
•. •$. v'8-
,.y, 'S 7.
Kansas Qlrf's Reason for Refusal te
Wad 4s the Occasion for Seme
Serious Thought.
A bride about-to-be in a Kanans
town the other day suddenly refused
to be wed. She gave her reason in a
nutshell: "I can't leave the old folks."
She echoed the tragic plaint of a fa
miliar song.
it givss occasion for profound reflec
tion as, at first thought, this: how
shall the line b« drawn between filial
love and duty and the urge of the su
preme conqueror of lives—the God
of Love? In all oriental countries this
problem could not exist the wildest
of passionate love must yield before
the ingrained obligation to a parental
authority and due. In our own land
the parents—not the child—raise the
petitioning hand. That is what rnakej
the Kansas girl's act remarkable.
When is a child justified in desert
ing her father and mother? For how
long should she bide a wee? There
is bo much to be considered coldly,
although It is difllcult. These old par
ents, by the and Irons gave her life,
nurtured her gladly bestowed upon
her ths very essence of their love.
Her growth was their daily scrutiny
and sly remark her development to
womanhood, their wonder and pride.
And then, as a singing, previous bird,
shs escaped from ihelr cage. Thus
it was for them, and is and shall con
tinue to be for countless heart-brakes
parents.—Philadelphia Press.
Man Who Sleeps Mornings Thinks
They Should Be Keyed to a
Diatonic Scale.
"For a long time," said ths nan
who sleeps mornings, "I have been
hoping that some one would arise and
Invent dish pans in 1*2 flat and kettles
in major. The family abovo me ap
pareutly always washes its dinner
dishes the morning after.
"Yet I do not know that the bang
of a dish pan is as bad as the Mo
art an melodies dispensed by the oc
casional hand organ. I have about
come to the conclusion, however, that
two generations hence mankind will
be able to relish any metallic noise as
music. There is Richard Strauss, you
know, and Claude Debussy. We have
got wonderfully used to sheer caco
phony and some of us maintain, with
what truth I do not know, that we
like It
"If I thought that in 20 or 30 years
we would be able to enjoy the dish
pan and kettle motifs I would never
again complain. But I think that since
we are making such strides in the di
rection of enjoying harsh sounds the
inventors might meet us half way by
inventing sets of houseware keyed to
diatonic scale."
"Pins and Needles.*
After being for a long time in a con
strained attitude a peculiar numbness
and pricking is often felt in the arm,
leg or foot. This is caused by some
Interruption to the circulation and
caa usuany be removed by rubbing or
The reason of the sensation, which
Is decidedly uncomfortable while it
lasts, is that pressure for a certain
length of time deadens the sensibil
ity of a nerve. When this pressure Is
suddenly removed (as straightening
out the leg after sitting with 1t dou
bled underneath the body) sensibility
gradually returns to the nerve, and
as each nerve-flber composing the
trunk regains Its normal condition of
sensibility a pricking sensation Is felt,
and these successive prickings from
the successive awakenings of the nu
merous fibers have not inaptly been
called "pins and needles."—From ths
JfeaHly Doctor.
Killing Cougars Saves Deer.
It Is estimated that every ooagar
In the state causes the death of at
least 50 deer during the year. Some
expert hunters maintain that a big
cougar of mountain lion will destroy
as many as 100 deer In a single year.
The estimate that the lives of 500
dear have been saved through the
killing of nine of these wild beasts is
regarded as conservative.
The trip of Winters and Thompson
was undertaken for the purpose of
killing off as many cougars as possible
In two weeks and they returned brlng
ing nine skins as trophies. The hunts
men have already sold ths largsst
I skins, one of which measures 8 feet
7 Inches In length and the other al
I most eight feet By disposing of these
two skins for mounting the hunters
I are deprived of the state bounty of
$10 apiece, because the present boun*
1 ty laws require the cutting off of a
I for* paw.—-Portland Oregoniaa.
Instruction In Cartoons.
I have found that one of the easiest
and most interesting ways of teaching
my growing boys current events is by
having them make a scrapbook of the
cartoons that appear in the dally pa*
pers and magazines. As soon as ths
papers have been read, the cartoons
and pictures that bear on the leading
questions of the day are carefully cut
out and put tn a special place till the
end of the month. Then we look over
them together and save for the scrap
book only ths best and cleverest
It la really surprising what a de
llgbtful little recreation this makea
for the evenings. It encourages a die
cuaaion of current history, in which
the father usually Joins, and at the
tame time promisss a feeling of good
I** '4'"
AS-Vs'?"' .'ivW.'V-
The Stingiest* Bee
anmouiioement that the Mas-
siaehius^ts agricultural college, after
years of experiments, has at last^
!ixxiu-cd a good, honest, liard work
ing homey bee—one that wouldn't
evtfli take a few hours off In order
to cuttciid a Sunday euhooA pdicaidc
'and couldn't have any fun If he dlid
i IxKvuuae the men of science have
rendered in'm wholly impoteaxt aud
harmless as a stinger, will doubt
less be haliled with mingled joy and
No doubit the tlmerous housemaid
mud a few others willil regard thie
happy in-suit of the experiments in
tak'iiuig away from the poor bee hfis
onily weapon of defense and of tons*
with expressions of wiiklest gle^but
What will the school boy do now
for excjtememt? What fun earn you
expect him to have iai Iditiing off a
big, red clover blossom wtiith the
twiner chances of about nline to one
that he'll get a shock from the busi
iu«s end of the bee rediuoed to a
de«ad cenUidnty that he won't?
Shucks! Tliat wouldn't be even
interesting for a girl.
Then again \vhen a fellow gets the
rheumatism he will simply have to
suffer,whereas wliitli the oibd-style
bee he oould elLinply have the dis
ease stuiiig out of hiin. It is there
fore a much mooted question
whether the advent of the sting Lose
bee is a blessing or a real cala
Mts. Hem was in tears one of her
little ones had beeai sacrificed to
make a repast for a visiting clergy
man. "Cheer up, madiam," said the
rooster, oomfontlingly. "You should
rejoice that your son is entering the
ministry, lie was poorly qualified
for a lay member, anyhow."
A arhoolma'am not far from this
ctty, wlho had a dread of all kinds
of contageous diseases, sent a child
home because hex mother was sick
The next day the iiittlo gftrl preeonten
horseM, saying, "Wo got a new
baby ait our house, but nuuma said
that lshould twill you it wuen't cabuli
the seven wonders of thiis
age, and a question tluait is a j»erpe~
tual tliddile to the youuug mam who
baireily supports himself-- how does
the average married man wiith a
wife aud »i house full ot "'l'l,('!'
make both ends nuiet? Get marifu'd
mtifi try it. Ono young fellow settled
the question by roasoniing as fallows
"I «-ome very near supperlling my
self and it wtoukl le strange if a
woman could not help me a little."
A young lady aocompanied by a
yoiung man, coming tram a room
where progressive whist was being
played, said to her mother: "Oh,
main ma! I've captured the booby."
The mother said: "Well, come and
Ides me, both of you, my children.'1
Now is the time to rid of your rheu
matism. You will tind hiinilterlain's Lin
iment wonderfully etU-ctive. One applica
tion will convince you of it*
merits. Try it
For sale by Pioneer Pharmacy.
Wanted—Breaking with gas
engine to be done before June
15th, E. A. Morrison, Hi Hand,
8. U 42tf
IrfAtv Round Trip Fares
Atlantic City, New York, Boston
and other Eastern Summer Itesorts
daily, June to September inclusive.
Favorable stop over privileges ami
liberal limits. For particulars apply
to Ticket Agents, The North Western
Line. 52-2t
Typewriter ribbons for Under
wood, L. C. Smith or Oliver ma
chines can be ordered by mail from
the Review office. f5 cents each
b.y mail postpaid.
Is there anything In all this world that is
more importance to you than pood diges
you are going to build
on your farm and need
money see Bielski Farm
Loan Co. for a loan and
Bielski Farm Loan Co.
loans money on final re
ceipt or patent. See them.
J. M. Howell, a popular druggist of
Oreensburg, Ky, says, "We use Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy io our own household
and know it is exoslkqfc" for sale bj
Pioneer Pharmacy.
eaten sustain lite and
must be digested and converted into blood.
When the digestion fails tlie whole body
suffers. Chamberlain's Tablets are
and reliable cure for indigestion. Tliev
increase the How of bile, purify the blood,
etrengtlien the stomach, and tone up the
whole digestive apparatus to a natural and
action. For sale by ftoneer Phar­
Underwood, L. C. Smith and
Oliver typewriter ribbons are
carried in stock at the Beview
Northern Trust Co.
$25,000.00 Paid Up Capital
$25,000.00 Bond Deposit with Secretary of State
$10,000.00 Bond Deposit with County Commissioners
made by tlie Company with the largest
resources. Abstracts made by ns are
backed by $ti0,000.00.
Fort Pikrrk, Sotni Dak.
Stanley County Abstract & Loan Company. Young, Philip and
We Carry the Famous
S. J. Nathan
Kauffman Bros.
ready made clothing. Our new
Spring lines are now complete
Also everything in travelers' goods Trunks,
Suit Cases and Bags
John Hayes
i'EALKii ijN
Lumber Coal Machinery
We aim to carry a full line of Huilding Material and all
kinds of Coal and Machinery which we olTer at the lowest
prices possible, and by lair dealing, expect to merit a
share of Hie business.
Benedict & Hill
Loans handled prompt
Interest Rates Reasonable
S JOHN HAYES, President F. J. WELCH. Cashier
I Citizens State Bank
©©tyigLHJsuuN, I&isib.
City Meat Market
Powell Drug Company
Carries a Complete Line,of
Drugs and ruggist's Sundries
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
Fort Pierre, S. D.
Farm Loans 9 per cent
We make ITarm Loans in any part of Stanley County promptly at
S per cent net—no delay. Call in or write us for information.
The Review $1 a Year
Philip, S. Date*

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