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Philip Weekly Review
Milo Maize
& Elevator Co., 1
Pierre, May 15.—The storm
which visited this city and vici
nity Sunday evening showed sev
eral peculiar features. With a
precipitation of just about an
inch, in the main part of the city
there was nothing but rain, while
in the eastern end of the city, and
at Fort Pierre, enough snow ac
companied to whiten the ground
and roofs of buildings, while peo
ple who came in Monday morn
ing from the prairie northeast of
here report that the prairie was
white for tome time after the
storm ended. The rain was fol
lowed by a temperature down
dangerously close to the frost
line, but no damage has been re
ported fit jt* fajtn thai mob*.
tor home ind qood for al
Ovando, Mont., May 2nd, 1912.
Fred Mix, Esq., Editor Fairplay,
Ft. Pierre, S. D.
Dear Sir:—It is with reluct
ance (not at present being a resi
dent of Stanley county) that I
feel forced by the frequent al
lusions to "Scotty Brown" in
recent issues of the Fairplay, to
ask you for space to state a few
facts and to ask a few questions
in connection with the present
and also with past political cam
paigns in Stanley county, with
which 1 had the honor and the
pleasure to be connected. Had
the Fairplay confined itself to
boosting Dr. Lavery, this letter
would not have been written. Doc
has his points, but why should
it be necessary in order to get
him into the legislature to fill the
pages of the Fairplay with bill
ingsgate week after week against
Rainey, Leedom, Quigg, Norby
aud others?
Rainey has his faults btat he
also has his points.
Leedom and Granger of Kadok
are the two greatest hustlers on
behalf of Stanley county that
ever lived within its borders,
lias Stanley county or any other
county in tue state a cleaner, mor
upright young man than Albert
Norby? Is there a more compet
ent, a more obliging, accomodat
ing candidate before the pri
maries than Jim Quigg of Philip?
There never was a poor home
steader who asked his help (and
their uimiber is legion) who
does not swear by him?
Again I ask, why is it neces
sary, in order to nominate Dr.
Lavery, that men like these shoul
be villified week after week?
The Fairplay well knows that
Millett was one of the hardest
workers in the last legislature.
If you are not aware of this,
why not ask Mr. Trumbo? In
discussing Millett's record, why
not make mention of the $4000*
obtained for the Cottonwood ex
of Kiitory
Former Resident and Politician Hears
Call to Battle
In Letter to Fairplay Editor, Who Neglects to
Publish It, he Qlvos Further Insight Into the
Workings of the Lavery Bunch--Glves Editor
Mix Some Sound Advice
ition, as compared
with the paltry sums obtained rn
the prior session of the legisla
ture? Didn't this "mean any
thing to Stanley county," or is
the publication of tax lists and
the county printing the only two
items that "mean anything to
Stanley county?"
If Scotty Brown, and Scotty
Brown alone, was responsible for
Dr. Lavery's defeat two years
ago, why mention the fact since
Scotty has left the state and Doc
should naturally have a walk
Why make the statement that
"since that time Scotty has
learned the truth about 1908,"
when you know Scotty was well
aware of the truth all the time?
I certainly did congratulate Dr.
Lavery on his campaign two
years ago, but while courteously
acknowledging the Dr. 's letter,
you surely don't think I ever
forgot how Dr. Lavery, after
urging Scotty in letter after let
tof wit* rigorous language
possible to become a candidate fo
the state senate in 1908, "double
crossed" him and contributed all
in his power to his defeat? Doc
himself admits this and that he
"had it a-coming" two years
ago. You yourself asserted in
your issue after the last primary
that accounts had now been squar
ed lretween Dr. Lavery and my
But to return, why write so
fluently of "double crossing,"
and why so glibly apply the ap
pellation, "Benedict Arnold," to
anyone, when I refresh your mem
ory by recalling the letter you
sent me two days before election
"to pass the word among my
friends" to knife Geo. D. Mathie
son for county commissioner,
which needless to say was not
done by me, as any fight I have
ever had was joyously welcom
ed in the open? Why is the Fair
play against double crossing in
view of the above facts? Is
there no honor among double
erossers? Verily, my estimation of
thieves has gone up a notch.
Leedom'k defection to Lavery's
cause, two years ago, was solely
due to the fact that Dr. Lavery
"knifed" me in ltH)8, a fact
Leedom was not aware of until I
told him on the FRIDAY BE
FORE the last June primary.
Why should the Fairplay and
Lavery oppose Leedom so bitter
ly, when less than two weeks ago
Dr. Lavery assured me in his
own office in Ft. Pierre that he
"was for Leedom?"
Why not discuss the compet
ency aud ability of the various
is it not a fact that you are
supporting Morrison, "of the
North Country," Bielski "of the
Middle West," Trumbo "of the
Southwest" and Stuart of Ka
doka, simply because of their
geographical locations, and the
desire to trade for support for
Dr. Lavery in their localities? I
know Mr. Morrison and Mr.
Bielski and you could well af
ford to support them on their in
tegrity alone. Oscar Stuart is thf
man for whom the letters "O. K.'
were coined.
1 never met Mr. Trumbo, but
"what's the matter with Grang
er?" Those who know him will
In closing, I again express my
reluctance in having to address
this to you, but it w entirely for
eign to my nature to stand idly by
and see men traduced who stood
shoulder to shoulder with me in
earnest efforts to place Stanley
county in the forefront. In re
viewing my long connection with
Stanley county, a connection
which will never be entirely sever
ed, I feel proud of my friends ant
proud also of my enemies.
Very respectfully,
Brown shoyJUl have said
Cast your vote for Chester N.
Leedom for RepreeeaUUv*
Whole H*. 162.
I)r. 1
is proud of the fact
that Hon. R. F. Pettigrew and
his entire family have been warm
friends for nearly twenty-five
years, and that nothing has hap
pened on either side to mar that
friendship. He says further that
there is not room in Rainey s fi
nal proof sheet and Millett's lo
cal newspaper combined to print
all the letters which have passed
between Mr. Pettigrew and him
self, and that he expects to
continue his correspondence with
the ex-Senator as long as they
both live. What next?—Fairplay.
The above is the answer Tallow
belly gives us to our interrogatior
of two weeks ago, "While you
are at it, Doc, why not stick in
a copy of the letter you wrote to
Ex-Senator Pettigrew, wherein
you expressed yourself aa
mightily pleased to see him a
candidate for the United States
Dear reader, the issues of the
campaign are "getting down to
bedrock" mighty fast. The
Review has for several weeks
past been telling the public why
it opposes the nomination of Dr
Lavery. We have not said a
thing that we would retract, for
we know him to be a politician of
the rankest type, and one in
«vhom his best friends cannot
place confidence. We know that
he would if sent to the legislature
from this district, betray the re
publican party, and ignore the
choice of the party as cxprestod
for United States senator.
Dr. Lavery in 1896 was bitten
by the free silver bug and fol
lowed It. F. Pettigrew out of the
republican party, lie has, as adr
mitted by the Fairplay been in
close touch with the ex-senator
at all times. In 1904 Doc "saw a
light and drifted back into the
republican ranks, but has, even
to this writer, expressed the hope
that some day Pettigrew would
again be sent to Washington as
In March of this year a meet
ing of the democrats of the state
was held in Pierre, at which Pet
tigrew was urged to become a
candidate for the senate. He has
done so, and the campaign for
his election is already on. The
democrats of the state expect
that a number of members of the
legislature will bolt the party in
structions, and vote for Pettigrew
Dr. Lavery is one of whom they
are sure, since following the
Pierre meeting he wrote his
Sioux Falls friend, urging him
to become a candidate, and
pledging his support.
We have stated before that
Doc is throwing boquets at the
Gamble candidacy, he is one of
the leading men in the organiza
tion which has for its purpose the
nomination of R. O. Richards as
senator, but down in his heart,
concealed from those with whom
he wishes to play, he is for Ex
Senator Pettigrew, first, last and
all the time.
If the voters of the county
want to send a democrat to the
state senate, well and good. But
send one who is not afraid to fly
his colors, instead of the deceitful
double-crossing Doe.
Ira Miller and family return
ed to their claim north of Avance
last week. It will be remember
ed that Mr. Miller formerly own
ed the livery barn at Brushie, but
has been employed on a large
ranch in Nebaska for the past
year. Their friends are glad to
welcome them back again.—
Brushie Blade.

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