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H* Chalice
of Courage
Romance of Colorado
BMtratiMH bf Blawtrtk Ti
fDw*cfcW Wilt by w. tt. ™"1—nn)
"I aik but one thing,** be said quick
"And what la that?"
But again he checked himself.
"No," he said, "I am not free to aak
anything of you."
And that answer to Enid Maltland
waa like a knife thrust in the heart
The two had been standing confront'
Ing each other. Her heart grew
faint within her. She atretched out
her hand vaguely as if for support.
!He stepped toward her, but before be
reached her, she caught the back of
the chair and sank down weakly.
That he should be bound and not free
had never once occurred to her: she
ihad quite misinterpreted the meaning
of his remark.
The man did not help her, he coald
tot help her. He Just stood and
looked at her. She fought valiantly
for self-control a moment or two and
then, utterly obllvloua to the betrayal
9t her feelings involved In the ques
tion—the moments were too great for
consideration of such trivial matters
•—she faltered.
"TON mean there is some other wo
He shook his head In negation.
1 don't understand. ftaere waa
•ome othar woman?**
"Where Is she now?"
"But you said you were not free."
He nodded.
"Did you care so much for her that
low—that now—"
"Enid," he cried desperately. "Be
lieve me, I never knew what love
was until I met you."
The secret was out now It had
Wen known to her long since, but
now it waa publicly proclaimed.
Even a man as blind, as obsessed, as
he could not mistake the joy that il
luminated her face at this announce
ment. That very joy and satisfaction
produced upon him. however, a very
different effect than might have been
anticipated. Had be been free, In
deed, he would have swept her to his
breast and covered her sweet face
With kisses broken by whispered
Vords of passionate endearment. In
stead of that he shrank back from her
and tt waa she who was forced to
take up the burden of the conversa
"Ton say that ahe la dead," aha b*
gan In sweet appealing bewilderment,
"and that you care so much for me
and yet you—"
"I am a murderer." he broke out
iarahly. "There Is blood upon my
hands, the blood of a woman who
loved me and whom, boy as I was, I
thought that I loved. She was my
Wife, I killed her."
"Great God," cried the girl amased
beyond measure or expectation by
this sudden avowal which she had
once auspected, and her hand instinct
trely went to the bosom of her dress
where she kept that soiled, water
stained packet of lettera, "are you
feat man?"
"I am the man that did that thing,
but what do you know?" he aaked
fUlckly, amased in his turn.
"Old Klrkby, my uncle Robert Malt
land, told me your story they said
that you had disappeared from the
Haunts of men—"
"And they were right. What elae
tfas there for me to doT Although In
accent of crime, I was blood guilty.
I was mad. No punlahment could be
tlslted upon me like that Imposed by
the stern, awful, appalling fact I
•wore to prison myself, to have noth
tag more forever to do with mankind
or womankind with whom I waa un
worthy to so associate, to live alone
until God took me. To cherlah my
memorlea, to make such expiation as
I oould, to pray dally for forgiveness,
I eaae here to the wildest, the most
taaooeaalble, the loneliest, spot In the
range. No one ever would come here
I famed, so one ever did oome but
you. I waa happy after a faahlon, or
at least ooatent I had chosen the
batter .part I bad work, 1 could read,
Write, remember and dream. But you
Haatt and alnoe that time life has
'beea heave* and hell. Heaven he*
I love you, bell beeauae to love
disloyalty to the past, to
who loved me. Heaven be
fo« are bate I oan bear your
I oaa aaa you, your aoul is
la its sweetneaa,
yottri ball beeauae I aa falee
mar lUtilaaMia, to ay vow, to
Hi tf tbe »aet"
in IN love ker ao aueh,
aflfcat tbe girl, now fleroely
at otter things
wm tbe aaa 1
«ap4M boy, a year
I bad been la
waa a
looked after Tier, and aTl (he young
men In the range for miles oil either
side were in love with her. I sup
posed that I was too and—well, I won
her from tbe rest. We bad been mar
ried but a few months and a part ol
the time my business as a mining en
gineer had called me away from her.
I can remember tbe day before w«
started on the last Journey. I waa
going alone again, but she was
He had drawn very near ber while
he spoke she had rlt»en again anil the
She Seised Hie Hsnd and Kissed It.
two confronted each other. He
stretched out his hand as he asked
that last question, almost as If he had
offered It to her. She made the best
answer possible to his demand, for be
fore he could divine what she would
be at, she had aeised his hand and
klased It and this time It was the man
whoae knees gave way. He sank
down In the chair and buried his face
in his hands.
"Oh, God! Oh, God!" he cried In
his humiliation and shame, "if I had
only met you first, or if my wife had
died as others die, and not by my
hand In that awful hour. I can see
her now, broken, bruised, bleeding,
torn. I can hear the report of that
weapon her last glance at me In the
mldat of her Indescribable agony was
one of thankfulness and gratitude. I
cant stand It, 1 am uaworthy even of
"But you could not help It, It was
not your fault And you can't help
caring—for me—a
"I ought to help It, I ought not love
you, I ought to have known that I
was not fit to love any woman, that
I had no right, that i waa pledged
like a monk to the past 1 have been
weak, a foot 1 love you and my hon
or goes, I love you and my self-respect
goes, I love you and my pride goes.
Would to God I could say I love you
and my life goes and end It all." He
stared at her a little space. 'There
Is oaly one way of satlsfsctlon In tt
all, one gleam of comfort," he added.
"And what la that?"
"You doa't know what tbe aufferlng
Is, you doat understand, you don't
happy over my departure she clung
to me, pleaded with me, implored me
to take ber with me, insisted on go
ing wherever I went, would not be
left behind. She couldn't bear me out
Of her sight, it seemed. I don't know
what there was in me to have in
spired such devotion, but I must
speak tbe truth, however it may
sound. 8he seemed wild, crazy about
me. I didn't understand it, frankly 1
didn't know what such love was—then
—but I took her along. Shall I not be
honest with yon? In spite of the at
traction physical, I had begun to feel
even then that she was not the mate
for me. I don't deserve it, and it
Shames me to say it of course, but 1
wanted a better mind, a higher soul
That made it harder—what 1 had to
do, you know."
"Yes, I know."
"The oniy thing I could dc
when I came to my senses was
to sacrifice myself to her mem
ory because Bhe had loved me so at
it was she gave up her life for me
I could do no less than be true and
loyal to the remembrance. It wasn't
a sacrifice either until you came, but
as soon as you opened your eyes and
looked into mine In the rain and the
storm upon the rock to which I had
carried you after I had fought for you
I knew that I loved you. I knew that
the love that had come into my heart
was the love of which I had dreamed,
that everything that had gone before
was nothing, that I had found the one
woman whose soul should mate with
"And this before I had said a word
to you?"
"What are words? The heart
•peaks to the heart, the soul whis
pers to the soul. And so it was with
us. I had fought for you, you were
mine, mine. My heart sang it as I
panted and struggled over the rocks
carrying you. It said the words again
and again as I laid you down here in
this cabin. It repeated them over and
over: mine, mine! It says that every
day and hour. And yet honor and
fidelity bid me stay. 1 am free, yet
bound free to love you, but not to
take you. My heart says yes, my con
science no. I should despise myself
If I were false to the love which
my wife bore me, and how could I
offer you a blood stained hand!"
-And why notr
"Beeauae you do wmrt tti.*
"But I do," said tbe woman quite
aUnply aa if It were a matter of
couree not oaly that she should love
btaa, bat that aba should also tell him
Aa Baa tfaniji w smaaart
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(Piret Publication May 9, 1912)
Xotioo^of lutcutJon to Appropriate
Office of the State Engineer, Pflerre,
S. D., April 30, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Frank
K. Morrison, wliose post-office ad.
'Iras# fis Philip, Stanley County, S.
has made an a plication in ac.
ixrdan.e with the iro\tisioii8 of the
irrigation laws of South Dakota
for a permit to appropriate for
beneficial use 2.2 jcubto feet. ol
water per second of time from Bad
iliver through the No. 6 Centrifu
gal Pump the point of d&version
of whkih is located upon the right
bank of said at ream in the NEi^of
the NEl^ of section 24, township
i N., range 20 E. B. H. M., said
water to be used tor the purpose of
irrigation uspo-u the SEi/4 of NE^
•SIM:. 24, Ne of SEaec. 24, in
rwp. 1 N., kge 20 E. B. H. M., and
SWi/4 of NWi/4 sec. 19, SEj^ of
N\VM/4 sec 19, NEl/4 of NWI4 see.
1!, NVVJ/4 of NWJ/4 sec. 19,' NEI4
of SWl/4 set-. 19 In Twip. 1 N.. Rge.
21 E. B. H. M.
This application will be taken
up by the sUtte engineer at his of
fice at Pierre for consideration and
appropriate action upon the 29th
day of June, 1912, at 9 a. in., at
whiLch time all persons who believe
that the prior rights would bo In
juriously affected, or that the al
owance of the permflt would be
detrimental to the public welfare,
and also parties making the appli
cation, and to be benefitted, are no
tified to be present either by
sworn affidavit or in person for
uhe purpose of /presenting any re
la live testimony.
State Finciiiewr
State of South Dakota, County of
Minnehaha, ss. In Circuit Court,
Second Judicial Circuit.
Sioux Falls Savtings Bank, of
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a cor.
poration. Plaintiff, vs. W. L. Bry
ant and Russell D. Phillips, De
NotiU'e Is hereby given tfeat ua
dor aud by virtue of an execution
issued out of and under the seal
of tlie Circuit Court in and for the
county of Minnehaha and state of
South Dakota, upon a judgment
duly rendered and entered in jus
tioe court before A. B. Wheelock,
Police Justice In and for the city
of Sioux Flails, Minnehaha County,
South Dakota, which judgment was
rendered on the 6U1 day of Nov
ember, A. D. 1911, against the
ataove named defendants and in
iavor of the above named plaintiff
in the sum of Eightysix Dollars and
tuxtyfive cents ($86.65), and of
tvhUah judgment a transcript in
due form was thereafter filled and
docketed in the office of the Clerk
of the Circuit Court of said Minne
liuha county, and from whiLch dock
et entry in said Clerk's office a
trauscript in due form and prop
erly certified was taken and there
after Oiu the 14th day of November,
A. D. 1911, duly filed and docketed
in the office of the Clerk of the
Circuit Court of Stanley County,
South Dakota, for whlich transcripts
and docketing plaintiff necessarily
paid the sum of four dollars ($4-00)
and which execution was duly issu
ed by the Clerk of the Circuit
Court of said Minnehaha County,
South Dakota, on eaid judgment on
the 6th day of May, A. D. 1912,
and which execution was directed
and delivered to me as sheriff ia
aud for said county of 3tanley,
South Dakota, and under and bf
virtue of said execution I have levi.
ed upon all the right, title and LD»
tereet of the said defendant Rus
sell D. Phillips, in and to the fol
lowing deacr&bed real property, to
The Northeast quarter of section
three (3), townahip four (4),
south of range eighteen (18), east
of the Black Hills Meridian, Stan
ley County, South Dakota.
Notice is hereby given that I, the
undersigned, as sheriff aforesaid,wil
sell the above described real prop,
erty to the highest bidder for cash
at public auction at the front door
of the court house In the city of
Ft. Pierre, In the county of Stan,
ley, state of South Dakota, on the
12th day of June, A. D. 1512, at
the hour of ten o'clock a. m., of tha.
day, to satisfy the said execution*
together with the interest, costs
I and accrued costs therein.
Dated at Ft. Pierre, South Da
kota, this 8m day of May, A. ©.
C. U. Coqrne,
Sheriff, Stanley County, South
C. •. Chrfatophereon, Sioux Falls*
South Dakota, Attorney Cor Plain.
lat »*bt*ar K but Jaaa
-V- yv.
Township poll books for
at the Review offiet.
p. K.
State of South Dakota Coun
ty of Stanley. SS.
In County Court. In the mat
ter of the estate of Edward D.
Hi ghee, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the
undersigned, administrator of
estate of Edward D. Higbee,
deceased to the creditors and all
persons having claims against
the said de«eased to exhibit them
with the proper vouchers within
four months after the first pub
lication of this notice, to the
administrator at his office at To-
South Dakota which said
place the undersigned selects as
Ins place of business in all mat
ters connected with the estate of
Edward D. Higbee, deceased.
Malon C. Higbee,
Administrator of the estate of
Edward D. lligbee, deceased.
Dated and published at Thilip,
South Dakota, this 27th day of
April, iyi2
Philip & Waggoner, attorneys
for Administrator.
May 2-4t
State of South Dakota, County
of Stanley SS.
The State of South Dakota
sends greeting
To Josephine Stiles You
are hereby notified that on the
8th day of November, A. D. 1!)0!)
the then Treasurer of said
County of Stanley exposed for
sale, and sold the following Real
Estate, to-wit: South East Quar
ter (SE!i) of Section 29 in
Township 2 N. Range 21 in Stan
ley County the State of South
Dakota, for the taxes for the yeai
1D0S, then due aud delinquent
thereon that at said time and
place E. L. Drury the undersign
ed, bid the amount of said taxes,
interest and cost, due thereon an.
is now the lawful owner and hold
er of the Certificate of pur
chase therefor, aud that the
right of redemption will expire
and a deed for said land will be
made, unless redemption from
such sale be made within sixty
days from the date of completed
service of this notice on you.
E. L. Drmy, Owaer.
R. A.
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i tst
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4, 4,
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Henry Hoffman, Prop.
James A. Guigg
I). S. Commissioner
District of South Dakota
Receives Filings, Hears Fin*t proofs. Ovnt+ats Fth4 mail
Heswa in Pierre and Ghamberiam Land DMrfiMs.
Philip, Soti tli Dakota
ft-ill '«. ."If JIJJIIll'aMlJUl 'l11- MMPl
Northern Trust Co.
$25,000.00 Paid Up Capital
$25,000.00' Bond Deposit
$10,000.00 Bond Deposit with OiwXnty
made by^the Company
resources. Abstracts made by
i i
For the Convenience of Our
L. E. GOLDSMITH* Pres. M, J* PA&CKLLS, Sec'y
litLi'jf'i •. i/' a.•?"
Home land & Abstract Co.,
Respectfully Solicits Your Business Fort Pitrrt, S. D.
-i L_ i_ 1!"
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of Stat*
with the largest
backed by $60,000.00.
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us are
4 i

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