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Great Crowd Promised—Large
Exhibits and Oood Entertain
ment Assured
Before the Review shall have
been printed for another week,
the annual Central Stanley Coun
ty Fair will have come to a close,
and another one of those
i! il
irad at
»j anl
1 order
*i ,4\
times'' for which Philip has be
eoine famous among the people
of this territory wail be written
into our history.
All work and no play makes
Jack a dull boy," and the people
of Stanley county have come to
look forward to the dates of the
fair at Philip as their ''playtime'
Wednesday ami Thursday of the
coming week will bring a great
crowd to our city, if reports from
every portion of the county can
in any sense be relied upon.
Indications at present promise
that the exhibits will be worth
coming miles to see. The country
has raised a magnificent crop of
all kinds of produce, and neigh
bors \.'will vie with each other in
exhibiting the best ten ears of
corn, the tallest corn stalk, tlu*
largest watermelon or pumpkin,
or the nicest peck of potatoes.
Other departments than that con
taining the agricultural exhibits
will be filled with good stock,
fine chickens and the handiwork
of the womenfolk.
There willl be plenty of
amusements—something doing
from early morn till late at
night. The Philip band will en
liven the fair with entraneing rag
time, thrilling marches, and those
dreamy waltzes that impel one to
wish "that we could go on for
The balloonist witt take to the
air, performing his perilous trap
eze performance till he seemingly
becomes but a speck in the dis
tance, then make this thrilling
i i i i
Do Not Think
Of the Security Banking & Trust
O0.7 as being merely a place to deposit
your money. While the primary function
of a bank is to safe-guard the public's
funds we feel that our obligation to the
community requires a great deal more of
this bank.
1 1 1
flight back to solid footing.
The race program calls .for
some most enteresting events, bet
ter than anything hitherto present
ed on our racing course.
The speeches by Hon. Bben
W. Martin, of Deadwood, and
Harry L. Gandy, of Wasta, con
testants for election to con
gn«s from this district, will take
care of that feature of the pro
gnuns in an admirable way.
This is your annual "playtime*
Lay aside your work and worries
on those days and follow the
throngs to Philip.
The regular annual Farmers
Institute is to be held in Philip
on October 8th an 0th, and it
is the desire of the Review that
every farmer tributary to Philip
be present and take an active
part in the meeting. The Farm
ers' Institutes in South Dakota
aro accomplishing an untold
amount of good. Crops adapted
to the soil conditions are being
practiced, farms are being hand
led in a more rational and scien
tific manner, more and better livt
stock is being raised and pros
perity is evident on every hand.
Tliis has been, in part, at least,
due to the effects of the Farm
ers' Institutes.
Let us make these meetings
better this year than they have
ever been before. Let even
business man in Philip put his
shoulder to the wheel and make
a mighty effort to make it a suc
The corps of lecturers will be
stronger this year than ever be
fore. The whole United States
has been scoured in order to se
cure the best Farmers' Institute
lecturers obtainable. Then let
everybody, both country und
town people, turn out and make
the Farmers' Institute days this
year the gala days of the year.
Read the Review ads.
A Good Place to Put up Your Team
Stoermer's Livery and Feed Barn
You can't miss the big sign, "&u*' Livery Barn/'
went of Bank of Philip building on Railroad Street.
Good Rigs Furnished for all Occasions
Gus Stoermer, Prop.
We Would Serve You
It is a pleasure to us to keep in close personal touch with
those who depend on us. We believe it to be to the best in
terests of the patron as well as the bank, and we invite you
to come to us often.
Philip Weekly Review
a n A I V E N E W S
Rapid City Men Sentenced in tT.
S. Court to Long Prison Terms
In the United States court at
9:55 o'clock last night, the jury
in the case of John Fall, auditor
of Pennington county, his brothei
David Fall, deputy auditor and
F. R. K. Hewlett, a hide dealer
of Rapid City, charged with il
legal use of. the United States
mails in furtherance of a con
spiracy to defraud in connection
with the collection of wolf and
coyote bounties, brought in a
verdict of guilty as charged in
the indictment. The jury nad
been out since 2:40 o'clock in
the afternoon, having taken sever
hours and fifteen minute* of de
liberation to arrive at its verdict
It is understood the jury stood
eleven to one for conviction
from the first ballot.
Immediately on rendering of
the verdict, the district attorney
moved sentence and Judge J. D.
Elliott ordered the three defend
antss be confined in the United
States penitentiary at Leaven
worth, Kan., at hard labor for a
period of one year and three
montlis and that each paj a fine
of $100 and costs of prosecution.
Counsel for defendants gave notic
of appeal and the court ordered
that in the meantime, or until the
appeal is perfected and bail can
be secured, the defendants be
confined in the Lawrence county
jail. If the appeal is not perfect
ed within t\ days, they will
probably be taken, with the oth
er defendants sentenced during
the term just ended, to Leaven
worth on Tuesday next. The
maximum sentence would have
been two years and a fine of $10,
The defense concluded (he in
troduction of testimony yesterday
morning and the arguments of
counsel followed. Assistant At-
It Is Our Desire
To render to our patrons, every ser
vice and accommodation that can reason
ably be exacted from us. We want our
customers to come to us freely when our
advise will be of value. It frequently hap
pens that our business experience enables
us to make helpful suggestions in business
matters and we are anxious and willing to
do wliat we can for your best
te rests.
i! it
torney Van Demark opened for
the government and was follow
ed by R. P. Stewart for the de
fense and Dean Thomas Sterling
also addressed the jury in behalf
of the defendants and United
States District Attorney
On the rendering of the verdict
last night the jury was dismissed
ami the Septemler term of the
United States court came to
end.—Deadwood Times.
.John Smith
Frank BlanUcufeld
W Dow Crewdson
Frank Scheinmer
John Net turn
Marion E Parker
llans Jensen
Ella Margaretha ftackeits
Friedriecli Ostereich
Emil O Christenseii
Charles A Stiles
A Curington & wf to David
li McCleery sw 3.1 2n 22c 1 00
S Strom to A Cailanaxi w
(1 ne 23 5n 18e 1 00
Same to same w nw 21 5m 22
1 00
Huns Jensen A wf te Chan
cey Marshall & Arthur E
Lyman w nw 21 5n 22e 1 00
Lydia Cole to Lewis A Rob
ins w ne 25 5n 30e 1 00
William Doran to E Col
lier w n se se se 5 2n 22e 1 00
Anton Ilaug & wf to Clau
dius Haack wd e1/j 9 5 22e 1 00
Henry Haug & wf to Clau
dius Haack sw 10 5 22e 1 00
E Wood & wf to Minnie A
Vickers sw 5 5n 2(e 1 00
John Gibbs & wf to Matilda
Goldsmith lots 40 41 blk 09 Ft
Pierre S 1 00
Thomas Evans to Nora Evans
w se 5 3 25e 1 00
Solomon Oliver to Adams
se 23 7n 26e 1 00
Harry French & wf to
John Colteaux w svv 29 2s 23c
1 00
Leverette I Soper k #f to Sam
uel Wood e se MT se lot 6 sec
9 9ft 26e 1 00
Lemuel Laugh 1 in ft wf to
Susan Adams Reeder w
w sw
15 In 24e I 00
W Champion ft wf to Jot in
W Roberts lots 3 4 s nw 1 108 78
I 00
Tosten Soma to Francis
Matthew sw 8 4n 18c 3200 00
Hawy liovald, of the Midland
Mail, has gone and done what
accused us of a few weeks ago.
organized a little trust of his
own. The last number of th
Star, the other Midland paper,
was issued last week, and Harry
has added the Star's subscription
list to that of the M#.
of riittory
closed for the government.
The charge of Judge Elliott
was regarded as eminently fair,
and more in favor of the def
endants than might have been ex
pected, in view of the fact that
the court had during the trial nil
id out practically all of their
evidence, except such as tended
to show previous good character.
He said in substance that it made
no difference how many of the
state laws they might have viol
ated, that had no bearing on the
present trial and that the jury
must be satisfied beyond a
reasonable doubt, that the defeti
dants had been guilty of a con
spiracy, in order to find them
guilty under the indictment.
Real Estate Transferi
United States to
Dessa Howard
William A Set her
Romelia Cox
Frank Newman
Clarence Leggett
John Brugmau.
Walter W Hear
Henry t^uast & wf to Friedrick
Schock w ne 15 Is 25e 1
(By II. 11. St.onet. Superinten
dent of Farmers' Institutes.)
No one will ever know the loss
that was sustained in South Da
kota the present year by plant
ing poor seed corn. If the loss
could be computed, it would run
up into millions of bushels. Ask
almost any farmer why he has
such a poor stand of corn and he
will nearly invariably, auawcr
you in a single word,—4
Well, eut-worms have destroy
thousands of acres of corn
this year but all the poor stands
can not be laid at his door. Poor
seed lias probably had as much
to do with poor stands as have
that of cut-worms. It is much
more easy to control the seed
than it is to control cut-worms.
An article will soon appear in
these columns on
4 4
For the present 1 wish to con
sider the question of Uood Seed
The first essentia! In suturing
good seed corn is to select ears
that have gotten ripe prior to the
average time of our first frost.
.u the central part of the state
the first frost usually occurs a
bout September 15th. Seed corn
in that part of the state should
therefore be selected prior to
that date. If it does not frost un
til October 1st, and seed corn
picking is deferred until that
time many ears will be selected
that were not ripe at the aver
age time of the frost and the pro
bahilities are that the plants from
these ears will all get nipped by
frost the following year. The
tendency is to select the largest
ears. The largest eais get ripe
last and if one waits until after
the first frost to select his seed
corn, if frost comes later than
usual, he is very liable to have
his corn frost bitten.
fn selecting, an ear of seed
corn from the stalk remember tha
all thQ corn from that ear next
year will resemble very closely
the characteristics of the seed
ear. If it grew on a large stalk,
nearly all the stalks next year
will be large: if the ear had a
long shank, practically all the
shanks will be long next year if
the seed ear droops on the stalk,
all of its progeny will droop. In
short the characteristics of the
entire plant will be reflected in
next years crop.
Select an ear that is ripe. Se
lect an ear that is growing on a
stalk just high enough to husk
easily. Select an ear that droops
enough to shed water easily. £&
lect an ear that is filled out
well on the tip and the butt.
The next, and most important
step of all, is to thoroughly dry
it. Do not throw it down in a pile
to dry becauseif you do it will
heat and its germination will thei
be poorer than crib corn. A good
plan is to tie the ears together
with stout cord and hang them in
an airy place where they will
rapidly dry out. But in
tying them care should be taken
that the ears do not touch each
other. There are many seed coin
racks on the market at this time.
They are all good and serve
their purpose admirably.
After the seed is thoroughly
dry, it should never be allowed
to become damp afterward. Freez
ing damp corn is what kills the
germ. It should be stored for
winter in the driest place on the
premises. Hard freezing will not
injure perfectly dry seed corn.
Light freezing will injure damp
seed corn.
Lirery and feed stable. David
Happenings in County and Si ale
'Some items are rehashed,
sotue iriven credit where ered
u is due. and some are swiped
The wedding of Miss Margue
ritte Dessa Howard to (1
Uarnett Orris, both of Pheba,
took place at Fort Pierre fpi
Wednesday, Sept., 11th.
Fire at Murdo on Monday,, ill
last week destroyed three busi
ness houses and one empty build
ing. The fire originated from
the explosion of a gasoline stove
in the bakery.
R.*M. Swensou assumed charge
of the VanDusen elevator at this
place last Monday and is now
their authorized agent, taking th«
place of Nels Lind, who resigned
on account of having too much
other pressing business matters.—
Cottonwood Republican.
The explosion of a can of ereau
in the Cottonwood depot one night.,
last week was thought by the
station agent to be a burglar at
work, but as he knew there "was
nothing to burgle" he went back
to sleep. In the morning he fount,
the walls, ceiling and floor eov
crcd with splashes of cream, hot
uothing worse.
David Moyes and sou, Alancam
up from White River Wednesday
morning. They report that an
epidemic of malignant diphther
ia is raging in that section. The
family of 1' Patnoe, formerly
of this place, is quarantined, two
of the children having died.
Frank Connick, who has leeii as
sisting in taking care of the af
flicted ones, is quarantiiitMl with
them.—Midland Star.
Fred A. Mix, editor of the
Fort Pierre Fairplay, and C. O.
Main, a printer employed by Mix,
were placed under arrest at the
county seat Moudav on tha
the charge of malicious misehief.
The direct charge is that Mix
and Main plugged the exhaust
pipe leading from t' e gasoline en
giiie in the plant of the Fort
Pierre News, the deed having
been committed a couple of weeki
ago. The two were taken before
a justice of the peacee and the
hearing postponed until Saturday
of this week*
The Jake Addison home cam©
very near being burned out one
day last week. The little girl
had attempted to light the lamp
in the bed room and the door bein
closed, was not noticed by her
mother. The fire burned every
thing that was on the bureau
and the bureau top itself, besides
some things that hung near it on
the wall. It was discovered in
time by the parents to avoid
serious results. The child had
inhaled smoke enough to make
her violently sick for few
honrs.—-Belvidere Times.
Huron, Sept. 18.—The state
fair board closed the greatest and
most successful five days' exhibi
tion in its history Saturday night'
The exhibitors and visitors re
turned home well pleased and
satisfied with the week's enter-,,
tainnient and the decisions of
awarding committees.
The attendance aggregated 1^5,
000, neighboring states being in*"'
presented with large exhibits an$
many visitors,
A MriMd of th» Illboitf Vtkf
flower Floor just reosived. K.
M. Wilttua* 29

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