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Philip weekly review and Bad River news. [volume] (Philip, Stanley County, S.D.) 1912-1918, December 02, 1915, Image 3

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A. T. Dolloff, taxidermist, all
work guarantied first claa^. Ieave
orders wltJi Dr. Driver, Philip.
Fbone No. 5 3-W, Kadoka 32t26
.T. E. Ma'lery, of the American
Exchange Bank at Pierre, w t«
a business vim/tor in tbe eity
Gold pocket kiviivw for Christ
mas presont. Sageser's.
T. W. Shook, a prominent resi
dent in tihto Brtl videire neighibor
liood, was transacting business
hrtie the lore pa it of the wwk.
10 per cent discount on ail
Audita ordwad before Jan. 1st.
Tom, the Tailor.
W. L. Pier, easliif* of the
First National Bank at Mid
la I*? was in the city Tue#day
in Hie interests of that institu
For Men Only—Gold match
safes. Get him one at Sageser's.
Mrs. "Wm. Holbrook left Fiiday
for Or a/1 and' Hot Springs, w.heTe
she wiilil spend a month in,
visiting the J. F. Gillispie and
Fred Block faunlines.
Ed Hendricks and Dr. E. L.
Verl-ey went to Pierre Tuesday
night and returned Last evening
with a new Ford oar, purchased
through the local taigency by Dr.
The Mortelar Broa., who own
whast is known as
the Bo rat plaee
had a peculiar experience yes
terriay. They upset with a
load of hay and after getting
the wagon right side up they
turned Uueir attention to ex
tnicating tilie hayrack. Soon af
ter they found that the team
had waliked around the hill and
disappeared. The team waa
found, (after dikigent search, in
O. J. Gee, Carl Caratensen and
Willis Hftfl left Saturday forSioux
City with a shipment of six
cain of oat tie. The other con
signers of this shipment besides
•the gentlemen named were C.
J. Posa, Ncla Carat
ensen, O. M.
Cuflp add F. E. Babeoek.
Gee and Carstensen returned
home thin morning.. Mr. HH1 is
spending few weefca «t' (4e
boas it iwls tiies in
A mprrg
The NYAL Stan
Tetepkene 50 S
We Deliver by Parcel Poet
on Top
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Mornison
were down from ELhon Friday.
C. L. Millett, of Font Pierre,
spent Friday- in looking after
his local business interests.
For quick tale, list yoil
land with Will R. Walpole.
Mis. Geo. Swinehart is at
Cottonwood, where she was call
ed to attend a patient as nurse.
For ChristmaB morning— nn
Eastman Kodak. At Sagger's.
Mrs. F. L. Cooley arrived on
lay from Council Bluffs. l»\va.
for a fe^v days' visit in the eity.
Toim, tlie Tailor wiJl give 10
per cent off on all
ered Inefore Jitu. ]s.t.
•T. F. Ba»ford, in, adulition to
his regular line of hakesl goodft.
lias this week started making
"Merry Olirijstmas," snQra Bitr
Ben. See him at Sageeer'a.
Only 2^ more da,\-s until
Christmas. Read the nda in
this ifwue of the Review, and
profit the(M»'.
Mr. andi Mrs. B. A. White
i ml Mrs. John Ma lone were visi
toi-s in the «My trem Milesville
Mrs. O. J. Gee and son left
Friday for Font Pierre, whene
they am visiting »t tM iiome
of her sinter.
James Wilson, of Dowling,
vvlxiile in the city last week,
pureliaaed a new Overland car
i'rotn the locad agency.
The fail! business at all the
locatl stores and lumber yards
continues large. As a resirlt of
the aietivity, tlie loeail coal deal
em, with one exception, have
been out of soft coal for several
dajys until yesterday.
If it wasn't for the faot that
we are afraid we would scare
up a "spell of weather" we
would try to find some nice
woix'a to say of weatiier con
ditions aa they have been for
several weeks past.
County Commissiooer C. H.
Hazby last Thursday delivered
to Anderson and Cook, of Faith,
fifty head of purebred poll
durhem rnttle. The transfer waa
made at lus pluee on the Chey
enne river. Mr. Haxby has been
raiaing pure bred (ia'iloway and
poll dunhaim cattle for a number
of years and has some of the
finest stoidk in these breeda to
le found in the rtate.
F. H. Wei's was in the city
yesterday from Wellaboi^. He
r(ports the dknontinmaaee of
that office the first «f this
month, his resignation having
taken effect at that time. There
is a possibility tfeflt someone «lfe
in the neftghborhood will apply
tor the office, but that is tm»
cevtain. Mail direetsd to WeHa
bgg^s now diststtrntsd fr^m
('lit a
Physician 8r Surgeon
Em Tested—Olasses Fitted
Philip, South Dakota.
Corrected to this morning
Blue stow wiheat .... $ .78
Veh 4 chaff wheat .... .78
Winter wheat .... .... .78
Macaroni wheat 70
Bulk apples* eiwt.
DuttcV ••••..••
Cream •.
Cattle cwt
Sheep ewt
HogS CWt
Hides lb ...
.... *00
... J25
..... •.. .30
.... 5.00 6Q0
5.00 6.00
... S
.00 (a 5.50
[email protected]
Jud Peiipw, aliewff of Jaek
on eoun-ty, has movtil his family
to 1\wlx»ka from tlie ranch south
west of this city, where they
will resiide for the winter.
Want to tell your land?
For a quick deal tee Will R.
Walpole, Philip, S. D.
combined delinquent tax
li*»fs of Stanley,Haakon and Jack
son countries cover about half
newspaper spaiee that the
big ^tanW county list did last
Johnston Jeffries, a forme*"
Fort. Pierre resident anld weH
known to many of our readers,
is soritmsly ill in Danhury, Wis.
and his sons who live in Stanley
county havs been eaii«ri to his
Our loeal mereha.n»ts h»ve an
ti*i|at*Hl «a lar^e dennaivd for
hoiulay goods, ami you will not
be d'sa.pipointed bv paying their
stoics a visit, when dokkg our
ChriKtina's shoppinqor.
Cmnnnenting upon the ^wlSfion
»f tlw* supreme i*ourt on the
(Mipthty stttlenient matter, Oie
Interior Index says "The mama
eoiuily is {rettijup a little ehild
is.li and stilil threatens the
shiMren with chaMtiseanejit.**
There i« considerable objcc.t ion
to tli*1 manner in whiieh Brown
township is doinig its road work
So far as it goes it is all ritrfit,
but the fid Is should not hive
eft loose. Freighters pudl »M«t
around the mm as they
now aire.
Eail Rotish arart his tirWj»e
crew are repairing tlie bridge
aciNNS Had river, on the road
south from the eity, near
E. Morrison farm. A n«• w
foundation and roadway is
ing {nit in and the structure
lengthened ten feet.
Rmiefmber the date of t-hv
lcetmre by Dean E. C. Perisho,
of the stJite college, is Decem
ber 20th. Everyone who h«a rl
hilm at lair time were dedljrht
ed with his reanarks at tliat time.
Arrange to hear him on his se
coiul visit to Philip.
The Presbyterian Aid Society
will hold a Parcel Poet Sale
and Oyster Supper, Saturday,
Dec. 4th, at Masonic Hall.
Sale begins at 4 o'clock. Sup
per at 5:30•
A boy giving bis name as Max
tin Lawson was arrested at Cot
tonlwood two weeks ago, n
the assumption that lie watt
one of a pair of boys wanted in
Illinois for theft. After .he was
h«Jd for a few days it was
found that he was not the one
wanted and he was discharged.
The Rapid City Guide makes
iiwntron of the departure last
Friday of Congressman Harry
L. Gandy for Washington. He
wihl make a short stop in Ohi
eago, and enruufte east from
there will! be joined by Mis
Gaudy, who has been visiting in
Michigan. Congress convene
WhMe out autoing with a party
of Lady friends Tuesday, Mrs.
M. E. Young had a very narrow
escaipe from an accident. Wh.n
nearly at the top of the long
hill east of town, the
Go to Church for a shave, lltf
More light for leas money. C.
A. I^iuub sells 'eiin 40tf
I have two loads gool yearl
ing steers for sale on loiii* time,
also Joad of gooiil h^ifct^s. Come
in uid se» tlrem.T. J. Iioliinsou.
At their meeting last even
iwg the firemen Si^ecte*l New
Ye»ai? Eve as the d«ate for
their i oiuual ball, and committer
on arrangements were ap
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kurka
rive«d «vn Tuesday night's pJs
Ncii^'r from the wvwt, haxing
spent three d«ys witli friends in
Denver following their mar
i iaj» last w«-ek.
T. J. Kobinsc.n and Pete Bvmes
left Siitinxliay for St Paml, to
piuvlutMe some cattle. A te^ifain
Iixiiu t.lH'in statvs that they are
Usi iiitf for hoitMe witii the ship
ment this morndng.
L. C. Keck was in the
Just one of our local tenders
has i«'sjh)i*1«m1 to our invita
tion to bring old magazines Jo
this office, for distribution
those who care for reading nuit
ter. If your old magazines a'"e
in tlie way, hring theni here. If
vou are shout on reading mut
ter we will tiry to supjil.y yon.
The exchange is waU+mtf c-t
itlier way
Pupil's of the Trglh aehool a
pravtMting two plays, whidi will
he given at the opera howM* »n
the evening of Decomiter 10th.
One of tilumi is a two aet pl-'iy
Prof. Van Camp stated thai
the pitpils aj-e takiikg luueli in
teivwt in the n^iearsails ami
th.*:t a pleasant evening'* enter
IainmeiMt is piiimi«ed. Remeiti?*
ilu- date, Frwlay of next week.
Rapid City authorities have
under an'est a jvair c»f bo\s
vvlwi ow night recently burglar
a nlumber of stores in that
A few n»i,gluts ago th
attempted to kill the Penning
ton eounrty sheriff ami make
their escape. Following that
teinupt tlnjy were taken ill'"
eoiwt ami sentenced to the state
penitentiaiy. The lxns came oul
from Illinois, where they e.-n
dueti'd a series of crino's.
At their regular nieetinig lu^
evitncii^ tie members *f th.
Busy liee Kebek.'li lo«lg«e
114 ele*ted the foilowing offi
cers for the term beg'imiibg
N. G, -Mrs.
ed into Four
stalled and the ear started
backward. The breaks refusing
to work, all they could do was
to sit still and hold on, with
the exception of Mrs. Anm&tead
who jumped. The rest of the
pa«rty Mrs. Toung, Mrs. Beiler
and Mrs. Weinanch remained in
the ear during its backward
flight down the hill and finaly
ran into a ditch and stopped.
Very fortunately no one was
hurt nor was any itiiiffo done
th. «*.—Hidkad Ibil,
Mina Meljane
Blanche Aude-
V. G.,
Sec.,—Miss Rmnona SchaK-h
Treaa.,—Miss Ixtta AMen.
Do your Chraetnius adve*ti«i n«
little prices as
sizes are
good and the prices
than ever before.
Great Groups
Suits Coats DressS»
Many of thorn this se isoas 4* jk aa
styles. Every one u! litem
actually worth uianv limes
tlie price now l»elng quoted at our store.
Suits Coats Dresses
Tlie CKKA of the ST K'K are iiere assembl
ed and priced at a traction ol their real
worth. This .seasons garments that you have
admired, wanted and by on account
of the price are now A« a f\0
within your easy reach
10 ier cent oXf on aU suits
ordenxl before Jan. 1st Tom,
the Tai'or.
Mr. and Mifl. Ant Marrington
anid children, of Westfork, were
in tlie eity this morning en route
home from lliil City, where tiny
have betttn visiting with relatives
for two weeks.
Tuesilay, anul lespondetl as pleas- last week, but still coutiiSies
ant'y as possible under condi- big. Tlie niilll, w h'u-h is the phu
tnnis to the numerous inquiries, eijml buy in th s soetion, has
"What's the matter?' He has shipped out fiitftcvu larRc cars of
had a seveiv attack of hlootl grain so fjur 11:is fail, aiml Iums
poisoning and is compelled to
use a cane while walking.
SitmpJes of engraved visiting
car*!- monogram st»ataoneiy,
wedding invitations, annouuee
liKint^ anid Christmas aixls at
«r- the Kevk»w off re e. Tiny are iu
expen-j.ve. Ask to see tliK in. 40tt* jwurn ij cml by all atteiudkng.
benn punniiig tin* flour
its fu 1 iap,'K-i1\ as we.l
Your Ohmtm.is pioblem a lvcd W!.!1 E. Waljx^e ,who
oi der engrawstl CUni^uas b,v« away for a number of weeks
cards, with your mine printod returned' home the fore p»rt of
in, tit the lve\ i« w olti'e. Ask thi week, lie has traveled
to see our beautiful line of saun- o\er a large portion of I»*wa in
pls. It wi:l Ikc »inpi«s»ble to tin* iiTteie^tw of hi- laiul biisitiesa
lild ordois later tlwu Dec. 15th, and repoirts th«?t there is con
for deldveiy iu line for Christ- sideirable interest, in every |tHPt
raa»i mai-iiiug. in Hiiakou county offerings.
The hauling «f graitt into the R,,l'^'®s tlwit. section find it
eity is not as heavy as it was
Apples, per barrel $4.50
Bulk apples, all sound, per lb. 3e
Reliable Merchant
Clerks of school districts and
townships wilJ find it convenient
to order record books and blanks
needed by their boarda at tiki
Review office tf
The Odd Fellows entertained
the members of the Robekah
lt*d£e «t. their hull! last Thursdaiy
eveuing. 1'rogr^-ssive whiM took
up the early part of the even
ing. At 10:30 o'eJoe.k an oyster
and turkey supper was served,
to wliieh tfi.M did full justice.
Dsine-rmg folJoAved for a brief
whiile. A very plensant. evening
Dried Fruit!
The following, both Dried Fruit and Canned Goods
are new of 1915 pack
Peaches, fancy, per pound 12 l-2c
Reaches, fancy, 25 pound box 2.25
Peaches, extra choice, 10 pound box 90c
Apricots, extra choice, 15c per pound.. 1 for 25c
Apricots, extra choice, 25 pound box 2.75
Prunes, 50 to 60, per pound .. 12 l*2c
Prunes, 50 to 00,25 pound box 2.50
Prunes, 50 to 60, 10 pound box 1.00
Canned Goods
The following are all standard 2 1-2 lb. size cans put up in
syrup. Solid pack, guaranteed to give satisfaction or money
cheerfully refunded.
Black Cherries, per can
Royal Ann Cherries, per cm
Apricots, per can
Peaches, Yellow Free, per can
Bartlett Pears, per can
Peaches, Lemon Cling, per can
Peaches, L. C. Sliced, per can
E.UfJ Plums, per can
Muscat Grapes, per can
s Great Semi-Annual
Garment Clearance
greatest opportunity to buy high class Ready-to-wear aft
this store has ever offered—assortments of style and
here quoted are smaller for the values offered
Hundred and Sixty Two Coats, Suits and Dresses divid­
conveniently arranged and priced to move quickly.
I«inxjT.irfaitlt Our Big Shoe Stock is being closed out in the Pierre Street
where until you have looked this stock over. A Money Saving Chance for you.
Suits Coats Dresses
Whleh no one need be asham- Apf /\0
ed to wear comprise this lot. jl| UX
Many of tliem were bought M*
tiiis season and tlie others will pass muster
anywhere. Would be cheap at much more than
the price now asked.
Suits Coats Dresses
A really remarkable gathering at this price.
The price here given does
not, of course, allow us a 2K 1 1
pro tit, on the contrary, we
take a decided loss, but we know that you
will appreciate what we give vou in this group.
You get no idea of the real value from the
price of 9U.9S.
Block branch. You Cannot Afford to buy shoes else­
nih'e to meet their obligt*
tions to their lamllords witb
out saciifieirg nnnh of their
|wTs«t!»al holdings, and many ai^
turning their alt edition to the
mill at ch««ap lands of this and other
scot ions.
South Dakota!

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