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VOL. V. K 46
Wfek'i Doing* of Our Body of Law*
Maker* *t the Capital City
Pierre, Jan. 16: A resolution
was introduced, by Senator Jack
Dalton of Pierre, providing for he
appointment of a committee to in
vestigate our lignite coal possibil
ities. Another measure is being
prepared and will be presented to
the legislature during the next
week providing for a state fuel
commission to consist of the Gov
ernor, the Secretary of State, and
the State geologist, to serve with
out pay, for the purpose of investi
gating our lignite deposits, make
topograpical surveys of the same,
and establish an experimental bri
quetting plant. In one way this is
the most important measure before
the legislature. The United States
geological survey gives South Da
kota a hundred and twenty five
billion tons of lignite coal. In its
natural state it is not a very excel
lent fuel, but it can be very cheap
ly combined into briquettes, three
tons of the lignite forming one ton
of briquettes, which are superior,
in heat producing capacity to the
best grade of anthracite as thirteen
is to twelve. This line grade of
costl can be produced and laid down
in the remotest corner of our state
for five dollars a ton. Investiga
tions show that the people of South
Dakota burn $ 2,000,000 worth of
anthracite per annum The east
owns the railways and wants the
long haul for the railways. If we,
the people of Soutli Dakota ever
get cheap fuel it must be through
our own efforts. This proposed
statte briquetting plant would be
but the beginning. Fifty thousand
dollars is asked to start the work.
Proposed constitutional amend
ments have poured in thick and
fast. Senator Bartine of Oaconia
has proposed one to increase the
percentage necessary to invoke the
initiative from live to twenty five
per cent. Senator i o k
brought up the sixteenth (income
tax) amendment of the United
States constitution for ratification
by South Dakota, ftepresentative
Sherman of Sioux Falls introduced
an amendment giving suffrage to
all women, who fill the other quali
fications of electors, who own real
property. Senator Wright of Bea
dle proposes to require the pay
ment of the poll tax thirty days
prior to election in order to quali
fy. An amendment by Senator
Gimmell of Canton would abolish
the soldier's home board and the
state board of charities and com
bine their functions under a board
of control of three members.
The Wagner-Walkes which took
up most of the time of the house
during the first week was decided
Tuesday 77-23 in favor of Wagner,
Democrat retaining his seat.
Abolishing has been a watchword
during the past week. Represen
tative Helgerson of Mitchell would
abolish the state engineer, and give
his function to the state surveyor,
and Representative Jones of Pen
nington would abolish the state
surveyor and give his functions to
the state engineer. Senator Cur
tiss proposes to abolish the scale
inspector, and a housebill has been
introduced to abolish the telephone
The state tax commission, ap
pointed by Governor Vessey will
report in favor of a constitutional
amendment permitting the classifi
cation of property in order to levy
an equitaboe tax on each kind, and
(2) A permanent tax commission,
seated all the time, $1,800 salary,
six year term, three members, and
complete power over assessment
mk) levy.
The Soldier"! Hoaie investigat
ing committee, recommended by
Governor Vessey, by special mes
sage, will consist of Senators. Wy
inan, Chairman, and Morrisse.v
and,Johnson, ajul Representatives,
Cranston, Chairman, Browne, Zie
bach, and Roberts. It will begin
investigations next Thursday.
Senator Perley^ has introduced
a bill forbidding the marriage of
insane, weak-minded, or those suf
fering with tubercular or venereal
A bill by Representative Bent
ley of Fall River would establish
a state experimental farm in that
county. The state owns about
00,000" acres of Fall River which
would become valuable if farmed
according to scientific methods.
A proposition, backed by Hursh
of Lawrence gives the circuit court
the power of settling the affairs of
mining companies whose charters
have expired. Mr- Hursh says,
that owing to the fact that many
defunct properties, which by mod
ern methods would be valuable
mines, the owners of which have
left the state. His bill would clear
away the cloud around the title of
about three hundred properties.
The legislature will adjourn the
nineteenth for its biennial mid
session vacation.
Dollivers Successor
The Iowa 1 egislature is having a
great jamboree over the election of
an United States senator to succeed
the lamented Dolliver. The stand
patters who have heretofore been
against the primary idea, are now
clamoring for the senatorial ques
tion to be submitted to a special
primary election, as the majority
of the legislature is progressive
and can elect their man if united.
The standpatters know they cannot
elect, hence their desire to leave
the question to popular vote. The
progressives have two or three
candidates and the standpatters be
lieve that this division among the
progressives will enable them to
win out. This is a shrewd move
of the progressive faction to get
the standpatters committed to the
primary idea which they have
now accomplished. Senator Cum
mins has come out in an open let
ter advising that the question be
submitted to a special primary
election next spring, and when
that time comes you will see but
one candidate backed up by an unit
ed progressive vote and that can
didate will undoubtedly be General
Byers. As the progressives have
enough votes in the legislature to
elect, yet they are willing'to go in
to the primary, and place the od
ism of this useless expense on the
backs of the standpatters. Cum
mins is not only a shrewd politi
cian, but he is a general of high
Jake Weber Breaks Leg
Tuesday morning while out driv
ing up some of his stock, Jake
Weber had the misfortune to break
his leg by his mount slipping and
falling heavily on his limb. The
accident happened about a mile
north of town and Jake had quite
a time in attracting someone's at
tention to his plight. He was un
able to remount his horse and the
animal seemed to know that some
thing was wrong and would not be
driven from the spot. Finally he
got the horse started for home and
help soon came to his relief. He
was taken home and Dr. Heine
mann was summoned and found
that Jake had sustained a fracture
of the bone a few inches above the
ankle. The injured member will
in all probability give him a month
of rest and idleness which will be
quite a hardship for a hardwork
ing man like Jake.
We give 20 per cent discount on
1st. It has the reputation
Chauncey L. Woods Diet in
C. L. Wood, of Ripid City, S.
D., late democratic candidate for
governor of South Dakota at the
November election, died at the
Providence hospital 4n Seattle,
Monday January 16th. He was op
erated upon for appendicitis at
Christmas time. Until Monday
there had been a hope that he would
recover. The members of his fam
ily were with him.
The people of Rapid City and
the entire state will read with sor
row of the death of Chauncey L.
Wood, a man who has been identi
fied with the interests of that city
from its beginning and who is well
known in nearly ever^ town in the
state. r.--.'fr
Co. Pierre. »45-3t
MA Jc51
Reasons Why The Great Majestic
You Should Buy
A boycott has been placed on the
Deadwood Daily Telegram by the
business men of that town because
E. L. Senn, the editor, has chosen
to start a reform movement to
purge the city of its tough element
and force obedience of the laws.
There is no question bat that the
towel coo
&\/4(V)ID CTS
being the best range money can buy.
M. It not only has the reputation but Is the best range made,
and we will prove this to you if you will let us.
.'id. It is constructed of malleable iron,)material you can't beat,
and of charcoal iron, material that resists rust 300 per cent greater
than steel, is rivited together air tipht. No heat escapes or cold air
enters the range, thus uses very little fuel to do perfect work.
4th The reservoir alone is made. It boils 15 gallons of water is
heated like a teakettle, with pocket against left hand lining, and is
movable and sets on a frame, hence cannot wear
gets too hot it can be moved away from tire.
Majestic ranges use less fuel heat more water—and heat it hotter
costs practically nothing for repairs lasts three times as long: bakes
better easier to keep clean and gives better satisfaction than any
other range on the market. If you know positively that the abort
slatements are true, wouldn't you buy a Majestic at once?
city needs reform andneeds it bad,
but the stand taken by the busi
ness men would dishearten and
discourage a less zealous and ar
dent person than Brother Senn.
As a result of the action of the
business men, the pages of the
Telegram are nearly denuded of
advertising^ but loyal supporters
of the movement are coming to his
aid from all parts of the state, and
we hope that he will eventually
win the .victory and drive the dens
of vice and corruption from the
Real Estate Transform
United States to
Emma Kenny & hus to Claude
Ramsey wd se 18 4n 22e $2."00.
William O'Neill & wf to Mary
McDonald wd sw 22 2n 18e $1.
Nellie Richards to Robey A
Deverich wd It 1 ne nw n ne 31 2s
20e $1.
Amos Phillips & wf to Lola A
Ferguson wd sw 28 4n 21e $2250.
AlVin Strube to Bruno Strube
wd se 18 2n 19e $1000.
FOR SALE—30 lbs. it*# (geese
feaJiers. Jake Weber. 45tf
Majestic Range Demonstration
At Our Store One Week Only, Beginning Feb 1st
si',Vi:i -r 'n rot
liv Miiati
how ii on It
a.^ an or.J r.arv C'n!
howri n
lli: 11II
I'vtit I':ui Lt
SfainiMil (ion
TEif. i. \larl»Eo
i Knamci.-'l i
M:ii'i' lin,- for 1li«»
Mv.-.-'ii! S'.l.
ION ....
When water
Severin & Wheeler
run A JF.STI I -i-o/.. All
Coppor Nlrkvl-plat
mottle. 11 niuisomoly in l^eleil on
ufs'iie, tinned on inside
id Hill! in t'l.O
Wirr«l Dripping
si of pin 1 in. 20 in.
M:id««ne'i»!i V for
the'Miljr*. i*Set.
A Life Lease cm City Printing
It's beginning to look as though
Rainey had a life lease on the title
of "'city official paper" and at his
own price at that. More reward,
we suppose, for his political fideli
ty and dog-like faithfulness to the
powers that be. Even a yellow
dog can be faithful and will some
times be found licking his master's
feet after being given a bone. On
the first Monday night of each
month Rainey can usually be found
hanging around the council rooms
with a sneaky look on his face and
wearing a "please help the poor"
expression which is intended to
melt even a heart of stone. If
these are the essential qualifications
necessary for the privilege of
going forth and plucking the cher
ries from the city tree, we are
content to exist without the fruit.
Magee-Boyce Nuptials
At 8 o'clock Wednesday evening,
Jan. 11, at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Ma
gee, in the east part of town occur
red the marriage of their daughter
Miss Nina, to Floyd Boyce, Rev.
M::H, A\ IMMINHU-TII.. lVrfomtci (V.,,1
Wi.l. i lit I'tc ».nto i. .ot Mm. ••••ill lorn. (mm in- liu, ,|
HUH nrai ,IU- oil i„, I Wiit.-I. .• SVwi.er or ullrn.i.-t lnn\u
1) i. .i' tUh on lop of main an.I i-
If you call at our store during our Majestic Demonstration
Week and allow us to show you the many advantages and su
perior qualities of the Great and Majestic Range, and will pur
chase one at the regular price, we will give you Free the leau
tiful and useful Souvenir Set of Ware illustrated in this adver
tisment. This ware is made to match the quality of the Ma
jestic Ranges, arid we know all ladies will see the beauty and
utility of this set, especially the first three pieces, which are
entirely new and cannot be had alone by purchase, except at a
very high price. The prices of Majestic Ranges are the same,
but we give the set FREE with each Majestic Range bought
during the demonstration week only.
jtbtok, I frit., "t&n
tthutt r'
Tin: '.MJISiU' H-oz. A11
OPIHT \l k l-|)lutvd «'ofr»
I'ot. I !:ind^.nii'k' nirkclcd
outiiil«" und liiim-d on m-id,.
Nr* «-r-lluri» Irril Dripping
of pun U in. 'J n
fi it 'J. iji.-s' St t.
C. H. Bryan pronouncing the
words which made the young coup
le man and wife. Only a few of
the intimate friends and relatives
of the contracting parties were
present to witness the ceremony.
Miss Myrtle Ince playing the wed
ding march. The happy couple
departed on the midnight train
for Dupreo where Mr. Boyce will
engage in the mercantile business.
These popular young people have
many friends in Philip and vicini
ty who wish them prosperity and
happiness. The News joins their
host of friends in congrftt,iilat.inn«
and best wishes.
A bill will be introduced at the
present session of the legislature
to modify the law against Sunday
base ball, and if passed, will per
mit the playing of that favorite
national game on the first (Jay of
the week. Sunday is about the
only day that the ordinary labor
ing man can get away to see a ball
game, and we see no reason why
those desiring to, should be de
prived of that right,
1 v"
4S»r* V
%v '.fey*

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