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of America. In Emil Oberholtcr
jk "N
Is a bay stallion, 17 hands high, 6 years old, weight 1875
pounds, and is guaranteed to be a full blooded Clydesdale.
He will make the season of 1911, from April 1st to July 1st, at the barn of C. A. Smith
on Mexican creek, one mil^ north Black Hills trail, Mondays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays
and Thursdays at Climax Fridays and Saturdays at John Gurthlien, 5 miles west and 2
miles south of Grindstone.
prevent accidents, but will not be responsibe should any occur.
Minneapolis Symphony Orches- this to say, "The music of the
tra Pierre, S. D., May 24th Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
was fully as interesting as that of
the Chicago (Thomas) Orchestra.
The Minneapolis Symphony Or
chestra, which will soon be heard
in Pierre for the second time, has
during its eight years of existence
won a position as one of the two or
three really tirst-class orchestras :l,ave
the Minneapolis Orchestra lias a
conductor, who, in the opinion of
many critics, has no superior in
this country, and it is due to his
remarkable genius that the orches
tra under his direction has reached
such an exalted plane. The guar
antee of upwards of fifty-five
thousand dollars per year, subscrib
ed by the people of Minneapolis
to maintain the orchestra, has en
abled Mr. Oberhotfer to secure
the finest musicians to be obtained
and the personnel of the orchestra
has been recruited from the musi
cal centers of Europe and America.
During its tours of the past four
jpiars the Minneapolis Orchestra
has appeared in most of|the lead
ing cities of the middle west and
with phenomenal success every
where- At Galesburg, III., the
Register said, "The Orchestra is
the best musically that has ever
visited Galesburg." The Evening
Star of Peoria said, "Not since the
Seidl orchestra enchanted musical
Peoria has such music been heard
here, not since Anton Seidl made
his bow fifteen years or more ago
has such an artist as Emil Ober
hoffer honored this city with his
presence." The Daily Capital of
Des Moines said, It is the consen
sus of opinion that no such orches
tra playing was ever heard in Des
Moines." The Grinnell Register
said, "Now that the festival is
over, everyone who attended is
laudatory of the work of the Min
neapolis Symphony Orchestra."
"Better than the Thomas Orche9
tea," "The equal of anything in
the United States," and "Perfec
tion," are some of the enconiums
they have received." The college
s/ V ,,
1%. :iL: i*
and it was superior to the Chicago
orchestra in interpretative effects."
Said the Denver Post, "Those who
tras do not hestitate to place the
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
in the category of the few really
great orchestras of the country.
Such quotations might be contin
ued indefinitely. A special train
will leave Philip for Pierre about
ten o'clock of the 24th and special
rates will be offered.
Students and Smoking
Chicago Record Herald: The
habits of college boys continue to
receive the attention of the medical
journals particularly the habit of
smoking. There is a growing be
lief that students began the use of
tobacco too early and follow it up
with too great zeal. And it is a
well-ascertained fact that college
students who do not smoke, attain,
as a general thing, a higher rank
than those who do.
Smoking, sanely says the Med
ical Journal of New York, may
be accepted as a symptom of the
contemplative habit'of mind—or,
to put it less kindly, of the lazy
habit of mind. But contemplative
ness should not begin too soon.
Laziness is the last thing desired in
a young man who, by the very na
ture of his open professions, is
expected to be "up and doing" in
a stiff endeavor to qualify himself
for future success.
Tobacco, along with other stim
ulants really belongs to middle age
according to the same authority.
At that time of life the nervous
system begins to be impaired and
the milder narcotics have their
value in conserving energy and in
preventing waste.
For the youth of 20 to adopt the
props sometimes desirable for the
man of 40, is an error. By adopt-
"V .4. »%|f
'n foal money becomes due when with foal. $12.50
'nsure ^ve colt. Parties disposing of mare causes fee to become due
once. Mare and colt stand good for service. Care will be taken to
ly confesses to a premature degen
eration. The college boy who post
pones for a while the use of pipes
and cigarettes may count upon
emerging from his educational or
deal with better body, brain and
The Two Famous Beggar Prince
Opera Companies Coming
Managers A Id rich Malone has
secured these two perfect organ
izations, the Etta Merris Company
presenting "The Beggar Prince''
on Saturday, May 13th, and the
Emma Abbott Company in "Fra
Diavolo" on Saturday June 3rd.
Both companies have been play
ing on an Opera Course Plan on
guarantees all this season, and
have been engaged for the II. L.
Walker circuit for five week's
tour during May and June,
The prices will be 25-50-75c-$l.
Season tickets on sale good for
four best seats (2 each opera) for
$2.50, making a 62 &c rate to the
PostmasAr General Hitchcock
announces that the postal deficit
has been practically wiped out,
and protases that a one cent rate
of letter postage be applied locally
in Washington, and then extended
throughout the country. r.
Hitchcock says that such a plan
would give the government a
chance to try out the plan without
taking a great responsibility and
that as the revenues of the De
partment increase, one cent post
age be extended to other parts of
the country.
ing «pch course he unconscious- Creamery AVso
Why spend your time making
butter which you have to trade
for goods, when the Philip Cream
ery Association will pay you cash
for all the butter fat contained in
your cream, at a higher price than
you can realize for your butter.
We will guarantee correct weights
and tests and will pay as high
price at all times as the butter
market will justify. We court in
vestigation and solicit your pat*
Enoch McKay
A udJtor—
Chas. M. Price
Clarence H. Coyne
ltatrister of Deeds
John A. McKillip
Clerk of Courts—
A. C. Ricketts
Supt. of Schools—
Grace A. Reed
State* Attorney-
Alvin Wagoner
County Judtfe—
H. M. Dinsmore
Roy 11. Town send
A sessor—
Frank L. Norman
John E. Shimmin
Comm I ssioners—
1st dist., W. D. Mathieson
2nd dist., W. M. Griffiths
3rd dist., Thomas H. Tolton
4th dist., F. E. Morrison
5th dist., W. O. Hopkins
John Dunlevy
S. R. Reber
R. F. Robinson
W. L. Church
F, E. Pohle
J. J. Berry
Frank M. Rood
Aldermen of First Ward—
A. Michael
Carson Williams
Aldermen of Second Ward-
H. J. McMahon
G. G. Wheeler
Alderman Third Ward—
A. A. Heinemann
F. G. Schwartz
A. S. Anderson
Ira J. Welch
D. W. Roush
Police Justice
Edw. A. Lins
City Justice
Wm. Brandon
Charles Gillen
The New Cartoon
A local philosopher, laughing
over one of Ralph Wilder's car
toons in the Chicago Record-IIer
aid the other day, remarked that
the cartoon is mightier than the
sermon. Certainly the humorous
picture that has come to be so
popular a feature of the big city
newspaper often hits off the news
of the hour with a veritable stroke
of genius.
The whole art of the cartoonist
has become more kindly, less slash
ing, than in the days when Thomas
Nast began it. The cartoonist no
longer hits somebody over the
head for your amusement, but
tickles you under your own ribs
somewhere near the heart. He
does it by illustrating the little
humors of human nature, of do
mestic life, of boy nature, of fem
inine foibles—any sort of homely
joke that both husband and wife
can laugh over at the breakfast
One of the gentlest, cleverest and
happiest cartoonists of this new
school is Ralph Wilder, whose
daily picture on the front page of
The Chicago Record-Herald is an
unfailing delight. Mr. Wilder's
drawing is unsurpassed, and his
humor, if not side-splitting, al
ways has a "point" with a smile
in it. His pictures help to brighten
life and send one to one's own task
more cheerily. They help to ex
plain why The Record-Herald is
the favorite family &e$r$paper in
the West.
For the quickest and cheapest
farm loans of from 1400 to $800,
see H. Durkee. Office under the
$ank of Philip-
We aim
Farm Machinery
Monitor double disc drills, steel pipe
harrows, Moline discs, Good Enough
sulky plows and corn planters, Mandt
wagons. Visit our big repository and
inspect these lines,
Complete line harness, harness goods,
collars, saddles, etc. in stock
DeLaval cream separators^best by far
Sherwin-Williams paints and varnishes
the best the world over
The Hardware Man
Has Anybody Here Seen
Sure! Everybody sees Kelley when they want
a first-rate shave, hair cut, massage or invigor
ating shampoo. Courtesy aad promptness are
our main hobbies.
please and satisfy
Kelley's Barber Shop
When You are in Philip Stop at the
Winchester Hotel
Mrs. Jos. Roberts, Prop,
a e s $ 1 0 0 a n $ 1 2 5 e a y
if you come once you will come again
Prize Offers from Leading Manufacturers
Book on patents. "Hints to inventors." 'Inventions needed."
••Why some inventors fail." Send rough sketch or model for
search of Patent Office records. Our Mr. Greeley was formerly.
Acting Commissioner of Patents* .and as such had full chaise of
thS'U. S. Patent Office.
We know we can save you money. We
Guarantee both our
of Lumber. All we ask is a chance In
show you that what we claim isi jtrue
A0 Knudson* Mgr.

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