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and Pilot
Tahh Linens
All Notions
very Item Reduced ,
W Off On
Ladies' Wraps
Furs and
Jams V
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Phones 23 & 150
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Peel Apricot
R Currant
Skinless Fix ,
Pickle Peaches
t ice President Elect Guest of
Hojior at Washington.
I Washington, Jan. 23. It was a ne
ktST7le gathering of sons of the Emnlre
BU.te that got together and did honor
to their fellow citizen. Vice President
Elect James 3. Sherman, tonight
Leading ft the demonstrations of re
gard for "Sunny Jim," as the future
president of the senate has come to
be known, was President Roosevelt,
who first saw the light In New York.
Secretaries Root, Straus and Cortel
01 Every Description.
A. I
Mulatto Is Swung Near Leading
i Residence Thoroughfare.
Deuglae Robenon, a Mulatto, Power
fMl and Bald, Who Killed One Offi
cer and Wounded Another, Taken
From Jail and Quickly Disposed Of.
Mobile, Jan. 23. Douglas Rober
ton, a mulatto, powerful and bold, and
(or years regarded as a desperate
negro, who on Thursday shot and kill
ed, Deputy Sheriff Phillip Fatrh and
wounded another officer, was taken
from his cell In the county Jail by
some men and led to a tree at the
southwest corner of St. Emanuel and
Church streets, Just one block from
Government street. Mobile's most
prominent residence thoroughfare.
and lynched.
The affair took place Just after mid
night this morning.
According to one authority, two men
walked Into the Jail and covered Dep
uty Sheriffs Hugh Gillis and Krouse
with revolvers and commanded them
to throw up their hands, accompany
ing their order with a demand that
they open the door leading to the cells.
The deputies, powerless, caught un
awares, obeyed without resistance.
Probably twenty other members. In
the meantime, bad gone up stairs,
leaving the two men to guard the
deputies. Later two of these came
back down and demanded the keys to
Roberson's cell, which were given
Gillis and Krouse were then left
alone and ordered not to leave their
seats or use the telephone under pen
alty of death.
The mob. securing their man and
gagged him, quietly left the Jail and
started with their captive to the scene
of his crime. Before they had gone
more than three blocks, the negro ex
tricated he gag from his mouth, and,
like a flash, three revolver shots dis
turbed Iho quiet of the night and in
a moment a large three-quarter Inch
rope was thrown across a limb and
Douglas Robcrson was Jerked to
When lynched Roberson was clad
only In his underclothing. Just
previous to his arrest the negro was
wounded three times, and whim taken
from Jail his hands were bound with
a piece of sheeting stained with his
Revised Figures Show That It Will
Amount to $1203,000.
Washington, Jan. 23. Revised .fig
ures taken from the advance copy of
the rivers and harbors committee's
report Texas will get 11.203,000 for
maintainance cut of a total of approxi
mately $8,000,000. The amount for
projects In the Galveston district. In
cluding lntcrcoastal canal work, will
be $782,00u of which $350,000 Is for
Galveston harbor and Texas City and
Boliver channels and West Galveston
bay. Also $100,000 Is for Buffalo
bayou and $132,000 for Inland water
ways. The Sabine district and adjacent
rivers get $321,000, of which $200,(0f)
Is for Sabine Pass dredge and Jetties.
Brazos river gets $100,000 and Trin
ity $73,000; Red river, $40,000 and
Cypress bayoir $8,000. which will mn.
I stltute the entire Texas Items to be
, provided for by congress this sesBioa
Over Twenty Others Injured Follow
j inq a Highway Robbery Attempt.
London. Jan. 23. Five persons are
dead at-d more than twenty others are
in a h'H:i:il at Walthamtown. a rii-
burb of London, as the result of a sen-
satjonal attempt made by two Italians
at highway robbery. The Italians
were run down and surrounded bv a
i posse and rinally committed suicide.
Three were thHr victims. Inrlndlng
a policeman and a boy. lie dead. Two
policemen and three boys are among
the wounded.
( A
(A "M
you, all New Yorkers, attended the
dinner, which was given to Mr. Sher
man by New York's delegation In the
present congress and the men who
will represent the state In the Sixty
first congress.
Joe Thompson Asks Sheriff Not
to Botch Job.
Washington, Ark.. Jan. 23. Joe
Thompson, a negro, convicted of kill
ing another negro, Miller Brown. In
October of last year, was executed
here. Before Sheriff Velvln had pro
ceeded far with the reading of the
death warrant Thompson broke In
wtth: "That is enough. Let's go on
and get trough with It."
The negro walked to the foot of the
gallows without a sign of fear and
then ran up the steps and placed him
self upon the trap door without as
sistance from the officers of the law.
He was gtven an opportuuity to
speak and declared he was guilty of
the crime as charged. He said he
was ready to die and warned all pres
ent tovlet his fate be a lesson to them.
With a final request to the sheriff
to "not make a botch Job of it." the
negro ceased. The black cap was ad
justed, the noose placed around his
neck and Thompson's soul ushered
Into eternity.
Unidentified, Bodies of Crib Disaster
Near Chicago Laid to Rest.
Chicago. Jan. 23. Forty-seven
hearses, escorted by 200 policemen,
forming one funeral procession, con
veyed to a cemetery the unidentified
bodies of the men who were killed in
the burning crib in Lake Michigan.
Funeral services hekl In both Protes
tant and Chollc churches and many
business places In the suburb wers
Fatally Scalded by Coffee.
Stephenville, Tex.. Jan. 23. George,
the three ye:ir old son of" R. G. Ham
mond, a prominent, farmer of Erath
county, pulled a pot of boiling coffee
off t fable. The fluid scalded his
head. face, hands and shoulders Af
ter si!f:V:Iu some hours the . littlo
bov ('.it-d.
Ex-Sheriff Gives Send.
Nashville. Jan. 23 Rx-Sherlfi
Thomas Cartwrlght of Davidson coun
ty was arrested on warrant sworn out
ty, arrested on a warrant sworn out
before Justice Levlne by Attorney
General McCarn In which It Is charged
that Cartwrlght swore falselv while
qualifying as a Juror in the Cooper
Sharpe trial In a statement that had
he not formed or expressed an opinion
In the case. Cartwright's bond wal
fixed at $1,500 and promptly executed
Shot Possum Hunting.
Cleburne, Tex.. Jan. 23. Keating
Ransomo. son of Editor Ransnme of
the Cleburne Enterprise, was shot
while possum hunting by an unknown
party. The shot struck the boy in
the face, closing both eyes. He is ex
pected to recover. Dr. J. H. Happel,
who accompanied the hunting party,
was also Kllshtly wounded in an arm.
The sheriff began nn investlsation.
Wife's Turn to Provide.
Greensburg, Pa.. Jan. 23. "Turn
about Is fair play: I provided for my
wife heretofore, and it's her turn to
take care of me."
This was the defense of II. E. Fen
nell of Grapevllle, iowerful of phy
sique, when arraigned before Justice
J. Q. Truxal for healing his wife.
Kennell complained that his wife
would not support him. He was ar
retted after he had beaten her. He
was held for court.
Fifty Miles of Ralls Secured.
Baltimore. Jan. 23. In the last Is
sue of the Manufacturers' Record It Is
announced that a company which Is
constructing a railroad 500 miles long
from Durr's Ferry on the Sabine river
to Benjamin In Knox county. Texas,
has arranged for fifty miles of steel
rails and that the owners have 30,000
acres of coal land which the road is
designed to develop. Preparations are
being made to open up these properties.
Ten Buildings Burn.
Princeton. N. J.. Jan. 23. Fire de
stroyed ten buildings, doing over $65.
000 damage. Inadequate water sup
ply caused much anxiety for safety of
other buildings, but good work of vol
unteer firemen and many university
students checked the flames about 100
feet from Nashua street, on the op
posite side of which thoroughfare
some university building- front.
Death Penalty For Stinnett.
Harrison, Ark.. Jan. 23. Charles
SHnneft was convicted of assault upon
Miss Ijovett, an 'aged white woman.
Penalty Is death.
Submissionist Petition.
Austin. Jan. 23. A submissionist
movement was started here to induce
constituents of house members to sign
a petition asking members to vote for
the submission resolution when it
comes up in the house Feb. 4. Peti
tions will be circulated all over the
Sweeps Over Camp, Causing Four Fa
talities and Others Have Close Call.
Grand Junction, Colo., Jan. 23
Four men were killed and more than
a score had narrow escapes from
death When an avalanrhe of snow
swept over Camp Bird mine at Ouray.
Four men were talking In the cook
house when almost without warning
thousands of tons of snow, rocks and
dirt swept down the mountainside.
The shanty was directly In the path
of the avalanche and the men were
hurled Into the canyon and cover
ed wi'h snow. It will be midsummer
before the bodies will be recovered.
Caught in the steep mountain trails
by the blizzard, which raged all day,
was eight six-horse teams and the
Camp Bird bullion ttage, carrying $6.
(mii) In gold and many pasengers. It
Is feared they may have been In the
path of the slide and great anxiety Is
felt for their safety.
The nvalanche which swept the men
to death was fifty feet high and It
came sweeping down the mountain
side with Irresistable force. Men
working In the mine fled for their
lives, but the shaft building was not
in the path of the slide. It was close
enough, however, to tremble as the
avalanche rushed by.
CDog Rsaocai dqqu
and oui friends stay with us because
they know we stay with them. We
want ycur business, if Come and
tell us your wants.
President. " Cashier.
Vice-Pres. Asst.-Cashier,
Run Into During a Dense Fog by An
other Vessell and Disabled.
Boston. Jan. 23 The White Star
line steamer Republic, which sailed
from New York for Mediterranean
ports, carrying 250 first class and 211
steerage passengers, was rammed by
an unknown vessel and disabled
twenty-six miles south of Nantucket
while threading her way along Nan
tucket South Shoals In thick fog.
Immediately after the accident the
wireless apparatus on the steamer
flashed the news in all directions, and
within a short time several vessels,
including the French line steamer La
I-orraln, westward bound, the White
Star liner Baltic and the revenue cut
ters Acushnet and OreshamS were on
their way to offer every assistance to
disabled steamer. The captain of the
Republic sent a wireless message say
ing the engine room full water, but
the steamer was kept afloat and was
In no danger. .
The Italian steamer Florida, from
Naples to New York, took off the pa
sengcrs and crew.
Stabbed Several Times.
Lubkin. Tex.. Jan. 23. An unknown
man stabbed Oliie Wells several times'
In the back.
Statistics That Are Given Out by the
Agricultural Department.
Washington. Jan. 23. There were
12.667.231 running bales ef cotton gin
ned from the growth of 1908 to Jan.
16 List, against 10,339,551 a year ago,
and 27.441 active ginneries, against
27.366 a year ago, according to the
census bureau report.
The report counts round as halt
bales and excludes Haters. It In
cludes 232,521 round bales for 1909;
188,037 for 1908 and 90.456 Sea Island
hales for 1909 and 80.190 for 1908.
Total bales ginned in 1907 up to Jan.
16 was 12.176.199 representing 93.8 per
cent of the crop of that year and ot
the 1908 crop 93.5 per cent was gin
ned by Jan. 16.
Taft Starts on Trip.
Augusta. Ga., Jan. 23. Hon. W. H.
Taft left here Saturday morning for
Charleston, from where he sails for
Panama. Many persons bade him
Comptroller Will Ask Amouut to
Reimburse SaloonUtt.
Austin, Jan. 23 The comptroller
has prepared a statement to be sub
mitted to the legislature urgiar an
appropriation of $325,000 to refund
liquor dealers over the state whose II-
census were revoked on July 12. 1907.
by operation of Baskln-McGregor law.
These liquor dealers had paid license
for a year when revoked 'taait th
state Is indebted to them.
W. B. Townsend, the new secretary
of state, expects to arrive In a few
days to assume hr duties, nther
new appointees are new getting their
bonds ready.- Financial Agent Haynes
has to give $75,000 bond and State
Purchasing Agent White $50,000.
It la announced that a resolution or
dering a complete Investigation of the
textbook board's action will be intro
duced In the house by Colonel Jack
son of Eastland. Colonel Jackson
drew up the resolution, but possibly
will have a friend to put It before the
To Abolish Daily Court Reoort.
Berlin, Jan. 23. Emperor William j
has decided to signalize his fiftieth
birthday by abolishing the daily court
report altogether. This report has
Wtherto been given to the semi-official
press bureau for distribution to
newspapers. His majesty's decision.
It Is said. Is due to press criticisms
of his reading of magazine article to
commanding generals Jan. 2.
Shock Saturday.
Vienna. Jan. 23. Seismographs at
Vienna and Pala. a naval station on
the Adriatic sea, registered a rather
strong earthquake shocks at 4 o'clock
Saturday morning. According to cal
culations of experts the scene of the
disturbance is about 4,000 miles from
New Baseball Coach.
When Feby. 1st comes the A. & M.
College baseball team will go Into
training, and it will have one of the
best training masters there Is In this
F. L. Dickinson is the new man and
he arrived at College Friday to take
up the work. He is from Boston and
a graduate of Tafts College, but has
played baseball throughout the West
He coached the University of Chicago
team for two years, and was coach.
of the University of California team
when it won the Coast League pen
Dickinson is now the property of
the SL Louts Browns of the American
League, but has secured permission
to come to A. & M. for this season.
He is an all-round player, but Is signed
with the Browns as pitcher.
snoots Himself Twice.'
San Antonio. Jan. 23. DesponUent
because be was going blind D. W.
Breckham, aged sixty years, a board
ing house keeper, committed suicide
by shooting himself twice with a r
volver in the mouth and temple.
Historic House Victim of Flames.
Waco, Jan. 23. City Attorney Wil
liams received advices that his father's
residence at Lorena was destroyed by
fire. The bouse was an historic land
mark. Loss is ten thousand; partially
Head Nearly Blown Off. f
Denton, Tex., Jan. 23. BessieWlI
llams. a negress, was killed at Pilot
Point The back of her head was
nearly blown off with a shotgun load.
Officers started in search of her husband.
Brazos Bottom Fari for Rent.
For Rent: 7-12 of 321 Acres of cul
tivated Brazos Bottom land, Burleson
county, near Wellrorn, known as the
T. R. Batte place. Owner, Mrs. Fannie
Carroll. 113 East Myrtle St., San
Antonio, Texas. 45
Cakes and Candy.
I have a nice line of fresQ ome
made Fruit cakes and nice fancy
cakes and caaly.
Mrs. Otto Boetme. tf
C Bullock & Co.
Watch this Space
For Grocery Bargains
-!5 s- 9
8 Our Cold Tablets
Clear up the throat and lunjin a short time.
Best thrng in thejja4Tf1ohave about the house.
-25c a Box-
. (
Esyjo Jen kin si
v i 0ts SSv A9 St. 5ft. s s 'M

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