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s- ar
- Howell & Newton solicit your grocjrySaccounK
for February, offering an exceptionally complete
and well aborted high-grade goods,
including several j?cial lines and brands which
they handle exclusively, and promising prompt
j efficient service. Telephones 23 and 150.
Seed Weed
to Kansans.
In torn Instances Train Ara Unable
to Proceed, a Touring Car Catching
Fire During the Effort Being Made
to Puah Through the Obstacles.
Oakley, Kau., Feb. 1. In the late
hllzmrd rpat ri&mlire was (lone by
the Russian thistle, more commonly
kn'wn as a tumble seed weeds, which
la about the size of a half bushel
measure aad almoit as round. They
were blown over the prairies by mll-i
Hons. In some canes they even stalled
trains by piling bp in cuts.
Near Oberlln a touring car caugm
fire whife trying to force Its way
through the thistle and was complete
ly destroyed. The occupauts narrowly
escaping be'ug buried to deiilh. This
tles by the millions were hurled
fore the wind and orchards packed
full, yards ard femes hidden, alleys
and sldewalkk blocked and In In
t. . wjkA .I1a.1 un h i trh
tl rrh fM-lr m aaiiM nitiunanll sMftftr trlAlPi .
Fire Upon Chinese Flower Boati
Hat Awful Result.
Canton. China, Feb. 1 At least 200
Ures were lost In a fire which occur
red Monday p a fleet of flower boats
The charred bodies of 170 victims bav
been recovered, but many others are
still missing.
nate Votes to Permanent!
rm;nl Court I here.
wa a .
ustln. Feb. l.-Tbe sens
lly th blU providing ior
.nt location of tne cour.
appeals at Austin, eiref
he bill now goes to
.or Senber spoke a
re on the grounds tot
nitt.a north and w
law va .. nnmabif' to
" - wno uuu 1 .
nrei4l i CnSTarG
lases or"- -
spoke favor of It, mil
Austin L .. nmncr due
court. f 7 1
Dnlv'drt- .in .a ktrnilin
senate MoiV)ayby Smatoi0""" w
fit-Af YioriST , hfm.nl rater-
nal oreanizsj. u.'the I meir
Amiiiomii Kil.a. rutl were
--jlUCIWi r I-,- '
nrmunlil in tl .unta frrmers
unions prottln'aealnstaB8a8e
. ... . m . A fiYnr
nr II n ai r -n rkp. .hAii law ' w
ins an .intl-rarlni l.ui
W. H. Townsenrf, the
or state, nas arrived
charge of the state! d
Cantatn Sam II. Ijixi
clerk of the at;rlr ulrtir:
has reached here and a
' The'KOVernor baa
loneview. -whi-re lie att
eral of his father.
pitchforks could oceupants clear their
way thi ugh tnem.
New York State Experiences the
Coldest Weather of Winter.
New York. Feb. 1. Swept by a
blUng northwest wind' New York city
Monday experienced the coldest weath
er'of the winter. The official ther
mometer in the weather bureau regis
tered i decrees' above sero. The suf
fering of " homeless during Sunday
night wan Intense.
The colili-st weataer of the season
whs experienttd at Tlttsburg Monday.
Th. tlierniometer reglHtered 9 degreot
alx)vt rero.
The vld is general throughout the
state. At points In the Adlrondacks
the mercury Is as low as 32 degrees
below zero, while in central and wen
tern New York, the temperature lv
frnni S to ! ileeree below. With 10 tc
j 15 below In the northern tier of coun
IBrlt sh 8team6rGoesDown-5r
1 coast or Australia.
Melbon.-ne. Feb. 1. The Dritlwh
teamer Clan Rauald Is a total wreck
ear Edlthburgb and the captain and
rty-slx of her crew, most of whom
ere Asiatics, were drowned. The
esscl . was drifting ashore, but sank
efore' boats reached her. Eighteen'
iiembers of the crew, Including twelve
oolles, were picket up.
Classifiers at Work.
e of experts on cof.ou dunni float Ion
cenilv appointed by Serretary of
i5rlculture Wilson to fix the official
ntnlnr1 nf thn vnrfml irrnH ftf enf-
n began the task at ths department
r agriculture nionaay. inn commit
e Is comiKised of nine members In
Idltlon to three special assistant,
presenting lending cotton concerns
f the country. In Its effort to es-
ibllsh nine trades of cotton, as nro-
Ided for by act of congress, the com
ilttee will have the use of the cotton
andards or cotton exchanges or tnis
)untry and Europe. A week probably
111 be required to complete the work.
Drops Dead Beside Beloved.
St Louis, Feb. 1. While summoning
d for his wife, who dropped dead on
l- l l V V. W . 1 Ulll .1 U I . V. 1 ' V ..... . lull
tnll ilitv-seven vears old. died healile
10 body of his helpmate. Mrs. ?
an nn her wav home from c'.cres
rtth her husband when she exrsd.
I v believing she had fainted, wctr
I iearby house, obtained assistant
then fell lifeless beside the corpse
his wlf
Blllek Beains Life Term.
Chicago. Feb. 1. Herman nillek. af-
r two years imprisonment in tn
unty jail. In which he had five times
'en resnlted from death on tho cal-
ws, was taken, to Joltet penitentiary
onday to begfn his term of life in
isonment ror the murder of Mary
-zal Un exnressed confidence he
re his departure that he would soon
celve s complete pardon.
Arranging Track Connection.
Fort Worth, Feb. 1. B. B. Cain of
lr la hpm nrranfflnr with tbA Rock
and railway for track connection at
ksboro, where tbe uuir, Texas aud
stern Is building toward Fort
irth. Tbe material was ordered
na time ago and expected the latter
rt of this month. It will go to Dallas
d Tyler. Ths western terminus will
Roswell. N. M. '
In Receiver's Hands.
Little Rock, Feb.. 1. Falling to pay
Its liabilities wumn me past weeis,
ordered by tbe court, tho American
surance wvpiuiy, incorporated un-
the lnwb or Arkansas to conduct
miitiml b'fo liiKiimnce- business, has
n 1f' in the bnnds of J. K. iir-
1 n rvrriver by tho chancery court.
moneys received during tho past
lava have been ordered ..
' . . ;
Examine Culebra Cut.
Cul-bra. ratMtna, Feb. 1. Hon YV.
H. Tni't and the engineers accompany
injr l.im ro;v IieJ hero from Pannma on
.1 tru.Ii! and tiinao a .letauon
miles of Cu-
v, LMdlng Tr
Tells of It at Chicago.
Chicago. KU. I. A new social or
der for farmers la pictured by Oeorgf
E. Barstow of Barstow, Tex., president
of the International Irrigation con
gress, who is In Chicago on business
connected with the big gathering to be
hold In Seattle next summer.
(Jreat tracts of hind where the farm
ers will not live on the land, but In
towns, from which ihey will hasten bv
the aid ( fast hordes or in automo
biles. ir intonirbaii ears to cultivate
the soil, was the "new thini: which hp
declared would soon become a fact.
Mr. Harstow is known as the "father
of IrriKation in the southwest." Ho
has himself put through great private
Irrigniion projects at Barstow, and has
been a prime mover in inducing the
federal government to build the sys
tems which will make fertile over 3.
oiio.ooo acres of land, once a desert.
It Is on these government tracts
that the old Isolated farm house Is to
become a thing of Hie past.
The government is laying out towns
every five liles, he said.
"Thus no'iarm will be n'lich more
than two and a half miles from a
town. The farms will bo small, ten to
forty acres, and the farming exten
sive. Under these circumstances the
farmers will live In towns of 1000 to
2,000 people, enjoying all the benefits
of urban lire school, enrucnes ana so-
olnl Ufa At thp cinie time thev will
be within as easy reach of their farms
as is the average Chlcagoan or his
"A tide from the city to ths country
has already Ret in. Many college
graduates have chosen fanning on ir
rigated tracts for their lifwMt."
He and Senator Hudt
logue Anent Bail
Aurttln, Feb t. H
resolution, which wa
business of ihe cnat
at noon Monday. Sent
cupylng the floor In I r submis
sion He took (he poJ that It is a
platform demand and' Democrat
should vote for sublm During
hla upeech hf was J hy Senator
Hudspeth if he had ote1 agalnBt
Senator Bailey. whf " Demo
cratic nominee. Mrffiold replied
thai no had. as therJ a resolution
n,.fi,lln for nn inrltion of Sen-
Mr. Hudspeth thel'ited to know
how Mr. Mayfield I Justiry him
self by voting agalfenator Bailey
irul now votliiu fjbmlsslon. as
hntti ft-nrn Ikdi-tv t
Mr. Mayrield rei that he wa
following the wisbi his iieople In
'Br matter
" ) NUMBER 48 I
fl n YfH W Reliable. I
DoYOlK (incss?
& Pnnserv r i
the I- ' ., J , B R
I Wnnle.- . i- I i
I' I
I sss as a x
II 11 V
.11 I L ... r L
I J f -w. CRENSHAW. i I Xr
15 Asst-Cashier. I
-'T i
Soclalir I
h.,ri 1 . nanovej Feet.
. iHis ann t a
I flrtnfnU'H 1 . . i . ... -
Holland, an aged an here, was y
burned to death early Monday morn
I . ok. omeo from hed. lighted a r
his du
d from
the fun
-lave Di
taken up
ayfleld. no
Charted , l . "auu:r
Tu. lava ni
r-nn-fniu ' 3Tr. Mr. Louise
Holland, an aged jan here, was
burned to death eariy Monaay mu.u-
CU nrnoo from bed. lighted a
candle and the name Ignited her night
: and ponce v'n.
Feh. l.SoclaV
n'ollee clashed her Sunday
Thirty persons were hurt.
Powers Remembered.
miu lun -o -.11 TlTncklnirtnn rflD. 1. K.UIOK1C W"
gown. Ill urau"r . ',1.
k moment she was wrar ' " r".m.Q Powers of Mains
nne,Xr8s b 7or ,0aieTonTsaDTeT i .1 the house Sunday,
life. The body was charred from luad : Through Head.
...ll. rpnlied that ! his wife awoKe
. ii uirtir-wi il W
in voting aeslnfuhmlsslon he
ng the wisnes
Two Children Burn to Death.
Lexington, Ky.. Feb. 1 .-News reach
ed here that the home of Wat Woik
man, In Bath county, was destroyed ty
tire, and two of his children, aged nine
and seven respectively, crematet.
They were sleeping upstairs and wen
burned to death oeiore .
voh i James Elllfrultt, a
urosDerous Logan county fanner, com
Inij suicide by shooting himself
Jhrough the head with a rovolver.
Twenty-Six Horses Burn.
Coffcyville. Kan., Feb. 1. Boarding
stable of A. B. Holloway and twenty ,
six horses burned.
the incorwr-
ian aff.ociatlons
permits of for-
engrossed In
(Hudspeth was f
of his neoule
Kay's bill provld
atlnu of building a
and regulating fee
elgn corporations
A Inlnt rot;niiil,fas Introduced by
Mr. Currey propel a constitutional
amendment rtiat h petition of 20.
000 citizens a n'f't' vote of botu
house, hn 1: thninecessarv to sub
mil coiistitulonalieBdments to vote
of (M-nplc.
A bill
Kills Pets and Suicides.
ior. a t'nwlllln t
Shot to Death.
u..un, nvia Feb. l.MartiB ... furl uzi. a canary
Brennan was shot with a revolver aad , ajj(1 fl rn,(in t0 th(. , :ire of other.
iman fcliu-o iuuib
ng on gas at ner rear
was despondent becauaa
Brennan was shot with a revolver aao hIrd ajJ(1 a rnl(in
Instantly killed in a street-of Adamso.i.l R Am(il,a T,,T
a mining town, fifteen miles east ofjher,olf by turnin
here. It Is claimed the shooting was , Rhi, wag
accidental. Joe Adamson. a son u , h,xh
the man for whom the town Is named, ,
was arrested and brought nere.
Lenal Publication.
.U1a1 An nrmnaD.Ce
Tl ,argeiau;C; of ,75,00
. "T:t lle? Teun. Acu!!ens of bonds for the establishing, of a
,i v, ' Mnnrtnv to testify in the ,.,,v Water. Light and Sewerage
n, int,ired br Mr. Haxt-1 lan.t fraud cases before tbe federal p,
hauseii regilatlinnlng of automo-, p,,,, jury. phio wiuiesaes na.p
r a.tn.ii m r at Ts?n in Ufa ....K.;itH fnrrnpr pviufin-r.
in cltirs an toJ and twenty miles
in the couury. I laying the chauf
feur liable for Aecution for Injury
to persons.) A tJby Mr. Morris pro
hibiting fale r.f tratlon at hotel ss
K,,oKori a, I n-ii's Introduced.
Senator acfi swured Anal pa
sage of hlslilll f iling a board of ex
ther Indictments were announced.
some are expected In a few aays.
, Be it ordained by the ti(' coun
cil of the CUy of Bryan, that there
bo Rubniitted to the quulifie.1 voters
of the City of Bryan, who are proper-
.. nnvpm in Ham i i. v - -
l ia, I". -
miners (o-tra
Two Brakmeni
Bodis H
Smith an!T.
Trinity ad B
were crused
Ing at a rave
here. Tiy
freight itw
Teague Tien fie
and bothroenM-
1 nurses.
. r-i : -J in n.m.t
Tnree norc ui
. ft- l.-rtK 1 - . .
I Sulphur springs. i ( ion to be held at tne t iiy o.h .. j .
Ras Harper. living rive m. nu.u. 1T or that pur.
f here, is in n rTi?n?"? It ?" nJ Tnesdav tn March.
laud cremated his three horses. Mr.jW)W, lhe proposition for the Uiuancf
Harper received severe burns trying i of bmJs to the amount of ,75,000.00
1. 1 t I ... I. 1 1- , . ... 1 . Un (a.
to save ni
Peculiar Advertisement Appears In a
Chicago Morning Publication.
Chicago, Feb. 1. Much conjecture
is being aroused over the apperance in
a morning paper of the following ad-
PERSONAL Wanted a burglar on
Lakevlew avenue, vicinity of Fuller
ton avenue.
The need of a burglar on that street
is somewhat obscured by the declara
tion of residents that they have been
trying for several months to get rid of
a few.
Various Interpretations of the adver
tisement have been offered. Detectives
suspertlng a "deep plot" have mad a
fruitless, investigation. Inquiries
brought In'mrhter at most homes In the
vicinity Oil woman believed that
some cme'H butler had resigned and
that a linotype machine had taken
liberties with, the word.
Dies In Electric Chair.
n...ininr V V IToh 1 Snlvatnre ! COUntl
in.iii iii , ... ... - - - , .
l wna nut tn lipath In the elec-1 StOCKm
trie ehnir at Sine Sing prison Monday 8tart-!d
.,. ...,,,-.4. .r nf t un Ww Vnrlt rtlv Wind, a
IU1 llll lii. .Ii,', w ... ...... - - - -.
Copri-o Sorhler and Albert i
inrif mi 5:inrtn afternoon Anrll 14. I "Kls:
rushed to Death and I
ribly Vutilated.
(Tex.. Feb. 1. L. B.
lloway. brakemen on
zos Valley raiiroaa.
death Mouday morn-
,lt four miles east of
fre working on local
Waxahachie ana
pnelne was derailed
ere caught under ths
locomotlt. tielr bodies were nor
ribly mutated Oalloway's head wai
1 from the bodv. The
train w swift htng when the accident !
occnrrel Smith was unmarried. OaV j
loway ives a widow here.
Howell Igler Has Sent His Last Mes
e Over World's Wires
Fort forth. Feb 1 Howell Slgler,
a well lown telegraph operator, turn
ed in '-jlrty" for the last time Mon
day, d'ig at 6 o'clock In the morn
ing. Hwas wire chief of the Western
Union Ire and had been at the key
more tlai forty years. He was a tele
grapherln the civil war and held Im
portant positions since then.
Liberty, folk, Angelina, Hardin and
Tfler Counties' Affected.
Hbt-sbK Feb. 1- A pall of smoke
I..-.. ttia ritv and south Texas
! .. fi.flf firc now mkIdk In Lib-
i erty. Poll, Angelina. Hardin and Tyler
Tbe loss to tarmers ouu
will be great. The firs
rlday. fanned by a strong
swept over a wiue area,
Blizzard Delays Traina.
Milwaukee, Wis.. Feb. l.-The bli
zard has greatly delayed trains.
I ,.",000.00 of said bonds to bo
e la
Triple Tragedy.
Madison. Ind.. Feb. l.-Dee Brown
shot Henry Lochard and wife and was
himif killed by Ixchard. Mrs
Lnchsrd will probablv die
sued for the purpose of establisWrl?
fitv vter. Llcht & Sewerage Plant
I . t Jl.. r.t -ritt.
and JlS.OOO.UO or reiuuums
standing bonds. The interest on
said bonds to be payable semi-Minuah
lv at the rate or tour per v-u
j. T. MALONKY. Mayor
B. HINES, Secretary.
Groceries, Garden Seed, Poultry.
These are our leaders. No better Groceries any
where. Garden Seed "'bought in bulk, therefore
pure and fresh. Poultry and es always on hand.
Bullock &. Co.
Florida Man President '
Savannah. C,a.. Feb. 1. VV. A. Jones
of Jacksonville. Fla.. was elected pres
ident of the South Atlantic League of
P.uholl Plnhs 1
Fort (
row. Rg
Babies Goodbye For Me."
! .son. Okla., Feb. 1.
t.i'rtr.five years, enaea ui
life by .'Inking carbolic acid. Ha left
a note tlhla wife, resioins . 6"-
er. tellinl her to "kiss the Dames souu-
bye for tJe." No motive was assign
for the rtsh dee-i.
as as"3S' ,w
Thl NwRficlf farr--.
Eo Jenkins

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