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Now ' situated in the Ed Hd store
arc rcauy 10 serve you yiuynj
satisfactorily. A fresh, cin Stock of
( i v i
'V f
and 54
hdrew'B Guild
e party at me
The ladies
will have a Vi
residence of Mrs. K. I. Oartb on Fri
day. February 12tb. 0
Mrs. R. V. Kernole went to Hous
ton Sunday to seu her son Cbaneey,
who is in a hospital there hajfcf! bis
hand and arm treatefl.
Mesdames Weaver, Harris, Jahn and
Miss liayncs will give a tea at the
residence of Mth. M. E. Weaver Thure
Good Wter Pressure Saved City An
other Ugly Fire.
A fire alarm about 8 o'clock Sunday
morning called out the department
and for a time it looked like our little
city wan doomed jn suffer another
fearful conflagmotrYV
8ome wooden sheds in theTwtfrl
MM. Lawrence & Co.
1 H. it, T. C. Schedule.
t ir ie Norm Douna i.osy.w.
to. 5 North bound.... 12:46a.m.
No. 2 South bound 3:40 pan.
No. 6 South bound 2:4S a. m.
.'; I. & G. N. Cchedule.
.No. .14 North bound 12:58 p. m
South bound.
.4:11 p. m.
. 4J
Wanted Two day boarders,
397. f
i Paul iJiey went to Navasota Sun-
H John Winter visited Benchley yes-
M- 'i terday.
1 w n r.n wa in yesterday from
3 Harvey.
! 1 ' T. R. Ratte, Jr.. went to He
Wanted 1000 empty sacks. V
v Bta S
f - ' I
il; i
1 ! 1
I U 1 . Point, were in the city y
I Lr .; t 1 House to rent Very
I I) ' if I business. Apply to Mrs
J M Ml " O. Boatwrlght of
JL ; i 7 I tional spent Monday
I I ' S I "or Sale One 3
W" J wi,h ,nrgc oven ,n
, - s ri( JVpply to C. R. Mc
' , 7
James' furniture store filled wltmhnW 1 be e,ected 1 Plcdge my
dayaftenioon, from 3 to 6. for the Den- 'boxes and excelsior, was in some way ffort t0 th ol m ar
r a
Store. "u
Algle Iicnbow n turncd to Nava-
IfnnuA fnf relit ilo- in. Aimly to
hn F. Kttle. ' r'
Dr. CJeo. K. Tabor has ponn to ILillaii
r a few days
f Hlp Itrnii on track. Phone
.' J J'vIc. John Vltk.
r. I., uarron oi iiock prairn-, iu
the city Monday.
Judge J. W. Ouremus is attending
rourt at Franklin.
Cnpt. J. W. Gee went to Navarfota
yrsterday afternoon.
A. W. Wllkerson and two sons vis
ltel Hearne Sunday.
Miss Charlie Jenkins hns returned
from a visit to Temple. ,
J. B. Butler returned Sunday from
Ft. Worth and Austin.
Capt. A. F. "Wilson went to his farm
nt'ar Mumford yestprday.
" 3:V. Colliitr returned yesterday
af'ernoon from Coralcana.
.ndy Crenan of llearne. visited his
Mister at Villa Maria Sunday.
.1. L. Thomas was over yesterday
from Cross, Crimes county.'
For Sale Fine seed sweet potatoes. t
W. W. Griffin. Phone 217. 53
J. J. and J. D. Pressley of Cooks
convenient to
Braatz. 50
the First Na-
in Rockdale
Burner Gas Stove
good condition
Millian. 4S
HonT B. F. McNulty of San Antonio,
was in the city on business Monday.
Scth Mooring has gone to San
nio to attend the Texas Field, mare.
MaJ. C. A.' Adams arrived home Sun
day after an extended business trip.
Mr. and MrS. F. A. Capps of Bench-
lev, were visitors to the city Monday.
Mrs. N. B. Tucker returned to Mart
Sunday after a brief visit to this city.
We are showing real human hair
switches and puffs. Wilson & Der
C. Meachum and Frank Spann
were in the city yesterday from Nava-
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Jones of Mid
way arrived in the city Sunday to
visit relatives.
New imported novelties iu laces and
embroideries witfi bands to match.
Wilson & licrden. 4S
MfEs Cullie Tooke and Albert
Rhodes Jr.. have returned from r visit
to relatives in Waco.
B. L. Reed and S. J. Weht left Sun
day for Marlin. Mrs. Repd and the
children went yesterday.
i. IJ. Todd, N. A.'Cotnum. H. T.
Koss, C. M. Risinger and others were
in yesterday from Harvey.
For Sale: Two- second hand No. 3
Oliver Typewriters. Both in good con
dition. Geo. A. Adams. 48
Miss Evelyn Erwin of McKinney,
guest of Mrs. O. II. Astin, is visltng
Miss Bessie Seale at Benchley.
Clarence Elliott of Pitts . Bridge,
spent Sunday in the city with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Elliott.
Mra. Ralph K. Chatham returned
last night after spending some time
with her parents at Hannibal, Mo.
For Sale Beautiful California
Hedge Privets, 2 to 6 feet high. $3.00
per hundred. A. R. Parker. R. F. D. 2.
T. OrTiicker left Sunday for Holers,
Bell county, to attend the funeral of
bis brother who died Saturday nighf.
Ginghams! " Ginghams! Our pi-iv
is only 10 ceuts for new spring styles
in Red Seal ginghams. Wilson .1 Dei-
den. . w , .
Mrs. Yetta lx'vy and Mrs. Leon
Hersdoffer went to Houston yesterday,
aiternoon after visiting relatives in
this city.
Tom E. Taylor went, to Benchley
yesterday to begin work on a resi
dence be has the contract to build for
Mr. T. A. Towler.
Read Thle.
When you want trunks hauled to or
frm depots, phone 161. 52
eflt of Ladies Aid Society of the Bap
tist church. All are extended a cord
al welcome, to attend. 50
The Eagle is requested to announce
that the Bachelor Girls Club will meet
with Miss Emily Thomas on Wednes-
o aflnrnnnn at 9 ft'lrw1r
Lost A patr or nose glasses wun
clasp in temples between Baptist
church and my residence; finder will
please return to Mrs. J. C. Williams. 49
Rev. T. A. Searcy and Rev. John
Swanwlck returned Sunday trim the
Free Baptist quarterly meeting held at
Wellborn. They were accompanied
by Rev. D. C. Hargrove of Iola.
The ladies of the Christian church
wish to announce that there will be
a tea given at the residence of Mrs.
Guy Bittle Thursday afternoon from
3 until 6. Everybody cordially In
vited. 50
Rev. D. C. Hargrove of Iola, preach.
Card from Mr. Shelbarne.
In this issue of the Morning En
appears my announcement as a ca
date for the office of City MarshaJf
Brvan. sublect to the result of le
Democratic Primary to be held at
Clt Hall on Monday, March the
In making, this announcement I
to Bay to the people of Bryan It
ignited and burned almost like a flash
of powder.
The fire boys were on hand prompt
ly however, and with a good water
pressure, kept it away from the ad
joining buildings.
When the alarm was given, the
driver of the fire wagon was at break
fast and as soon as this fact was learn
ed, it wag communicated to Mayor Ma
loney at the Exchange Hotel and he
proceeded to get busy. Running to
the station he hooked up Burt and
i Bowser In a Jiffy, mounted the wagon
and drove them like Jehu the son of
Nimshl. Chief Hamilton and others
were on hand In short order, lines of
hose wore laid, the pressure wa3 good,
and the rest was easy. Mayor Ma
loney and the firemen are entitled to
the warmest praise.
Mr. W. T. James in appreciation of
the good work of the firemen in keep-
ed at the Free Baptist church lasting the flames from his property, on
night to a large and appreciative aud-. yesterday mailed the Company hi3
fence. His sermon was one of ?re:it i check for $10.00. The firemen at a
beauty and power and greatly en iov cd i meeting last night gave him a unanl
by those present. ' nious ote of thanks, and requested
We can Dlease vou in a nretty uiate-Uhe Eagle to convey same to him
rial for your early spring dress. We through -it 8 columns.
'are showing beautiful novelties in the
to 1
latest, designs and weaves.
Wilson & Derden. !
Rev. Crowder of Bremond. filled the !
day. Ills discourses were forceful:
presentations of the beauties of the,
- - . J l. . I I
fcuispt'i, una were ueipiui ana inspiring i
to all who heard th"em. .
For Sale Horse and buggy, one (
to server8.4tn efficient, painsta
and impartal ofTcKving equal rh
to all and special prMifcces to
I will try to uphold and tforcie
law to the letter, without fwajr
favor. Then, should we have anid
laws the people will soon find !im
and, of course, can repeal same pi
the other hand, whatever good Is
we have the people wilf enjoy thll
benefits of same. It appears tie
that every law abhllng citizen cr
favor such enforcement of lawd
order. It 13 on this plank and
that I submit ray name to the fa
sideration of the voters of our
May I state that I served the
to fill the unexpired term of I. '
Nail and at the end of said ternils
re-elected and again served two
I refer to the record I made as
fleer, with some degree of m
Ion, to what the people may
should I be successful in this
Yours tr
C. C. SHELf.i
A good pzir Glz:zz
(or lCc.
We are intrUm, , v,w f.t...r
Glove fnrn and boyt. Thi glove
g'g';"jjear. it warmer thaa
le!her glove and it just the thing
to work in around the.houie.bjing-
yig in wood, hitching up the horse,
etc. A a uperial introductory price
wevrffering thern thU wmI: ar
ific a Dair I
Parks & Wpldrcp
The ClothierfS
Rhodes Peacock
The tu:.rri:ilfe .t fUlea V Rhnflps
pu.p.t or tne nrst liapttst cnurrn at Mabe, ,)pacock wm soleriiD
6 " , i izL-il W ednesday evening at 8 o clock
at the home of the bride's parents,1401
j Boulevard, Houston Heights. The cer
emony was performed by Rev. John B.
Whitford, pastor of the First" Method
ic F!nlRprnnl church Tho lu'l.lnl nartv
leather couch, one buffet, four chairs, . . . . . , ,,
. . . marched to the strains of Mendels-
on? dining tame, one center taoie. :
Apply to.Mrs. Fred Simonds. Phone
) ro
. The bride wore a becoming empire
gown of rose colored inijtorted messa
line and carried a bouquet of bride
Miss Maude Maze attended the bride
: sohn's wedding march, rendered
Mrs. D. D. Cooley.
jnty Couple United'
larBjp08 County
in Marriage S
Marriaae Sunday.
Mr. Clarence Pkains of Kurten. and as lmiil1 of ho""r and wore 8 Pal b,,le
Miss Maggie White of vixon, were 1 ,u' carrying UruieSni. ,
united in marriage Sunday morning. ! fros- 'r- Frank M. Pletcher acted :
Rev. D. .1. McDonald of Kurten offic-' b'st mau-
latiug. Ue corner of the back parlor wan
Tho vmrnLT mt,i ,iu ... tUL.. th1,!banked w,th 'ems to form an altar
friends Into their confidence and re
vise them of their intentions, but drove
and 'he couple stood beneath double
! hearts, decorated
Free Baptist Quarterly Meet
. The Brazos county .Free
Quarterly Meeting met with V.1
church last Friday night. Re
Swannwick preached the intre
Saturday morning the meet;
called to order by Secretary
and Rev. John Swannwick was
Roll called and responded td
following ministers: Rev. S.
as, Kieth; Rev. D. C. Hargrav
anu kcvs. jonn HwanwicK a
Searcy of Bryan. In addition
delegates were present from
dependance. Bright Light. Bi
Union Hill churches. Other
reported by letter.
The reports from different
were encouraging, showing
-ecj V were teaching ant'l pr
I -ii standard religion. Tha
; irch departments w-ere bfil
.During the session several
were Introduced nnd discus
much pleasure and profit tooFe in
The regular routine of busings was
transacted. The principal itis of
which were the election of Rel John
Swanwlck as District Superintendent
of Sunday schools, and the rerfiuw
of arrangements to give our ministers
wdo want it, a scholarship In oil of
our correspondence schools.
Notwithstanding the incltm.-., If
the weather, the session was fairly
wen attended and resulted in
good being accomplished.
Vr,.i .. ! ...
' iiitrri. wun ln M.
pendanee church, near Reliant i,
May. I
it i.
A $4
f- T noAMn nocDA uniicr T
Mint, Manager
with hyacinths.
quetly to the home of th officiating r""" iu,a n,le orations were
. . II lea1 thriitirlinitt Thn .HntnA m.l
minister on Sundav morning where mmB wuiu uem
the ceremony was performed How- the lnu,ien8, wedding cake, surround
ever all has been freely forgiven and:"d by niaidnhal'- fp'-s and hyacinth,
the -congratulations and best wishes a bufret ,uncheon bp'g wved. con
of a host of friends are theirs. fisting of a salad course, cake, coffee
The bride Is the charming daughter ;a"(1 pUm h
of Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. White and is ( Thp cou,,, r't ,ived mn? beautiful
a young lady of lovable disposition. 'ai)J "s, ful glfls-
IKissessing all those beautiful traits of bride 8 K,nK-awr Bn was
heart and mind that go to make pot 8?uokel ro,orod rloth- orn "
true womanhood. , a fur hat.
The groom Is a son of Mr. and Mrs j " Mr a"d Mrs- Rho,le8 lpft for San
J. W. Skains. and is a youne man of.Antonio ajld wUI be at honie after
exemplary habits and sterling worth i el,ruar' lst. at 77 Dallas avenue.
After the ceremnnv ha hrUa ,; "oston. Houston Chronicle.
groom drove to the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Skains, where a splendid
wedding dinner was served.
The Eagle joins their many friends
For Rent-Nice frame residence ,J
five rooms, larsre Beri!ivr!a to, .
shade trees, two story barn an,! h,, . - - v-'
house, good garden spot, well and ols-X
tern water, (known as the "Os.wai.il . '
place) adjeining F. Wetter, fronting on ' V'l
Hryan and Franklin streets. . A iieat
and comfortable home, convenienfanH
close in. to business. Rent very rea
sonable, apply to C. G. Parsons, at
Bottlics Works.
The right kind at
Give us a tri.iH
during February
One Niaht Only. FEB. 3 1
If You Want to Lnujjli Follow the Crowd and See
The pr. ;itest rural comedy drama ever produced, with
Frank WhitcVimb in the title role Band and orchestra.
Prices, 35c, 60c, 75c,
j in congratulations and best wishes.
j o
Special to Bryan Morning Eagle.
New Orleans. I.3., Feby. 1, Tonight
and Tuesday unsettled: weather warm
er. Cline. '
Ml! rJ -.- tct
il I Vs7 Off, THE
t -
f I Uf styles
if... )
I i s
I it -' - 7 . V i -
Mr. Rhodes is a son of Mr. and Mrs!
A. W. Rhodes of this city and was
reared la Bryan. He is a splendid
young man and his many friends here i
extend congratulations, and wish for!
him and his bride much happiness and '
Every Man He Peculiarities. ' , M ,man
peculiarities he would r; some peculiaritit4V.Ictisab!e,
others are not. It is h; use a man ftliifftsopeculiarthat he'
can't see the applicatio fornt.TIfe Insurance to his own
peculiar needs. ' 1 (
Insure in the ttan Life of New York
8. L VRIGHT, Agent. i
For Sale My home place near
Allen Academy, good five room house.
barn and all necessary outhouses. 2 '
and 1-2 lots of ground. Apply tf!
Thurston Cole. t2 j
For Sale Nice frame residence of!
five rooms, cow shed, buggy house.etc.
well and cistern water, two lots of I
. i
ground, situated in X. E. corner of
block 113, in the southwest part of
Bryan, (known as the J. S. Ford
ph'oc.) Price reasonable, part cash,
o.ilance on easy terms. "Apply to C.
(J. Poisons, ov ner; Bottling works jCan alwavs depend
With the Newest Sen.
T. R. Batt., ag.
Quality, Style, Fit anJ Pbmctre.
mWM UTITTUU! tt't . .
j Give us viir nrdprs.
Meafhant T;ii!r.
- 1
for Sorintf wear. Pjuoftehavc''ties
. i f I . I 1 1 J i i irtflvT'T li ! 1 1 i I os o .T-rtwr t rti rfUru T rt
inri natternc I hew are the nn.trt-nfiw :vle ana Cannot 1C CXCeilCU in vcJiMfOTaiiiiva " "'"6 6"" "
The prices are within the rc&ch of all. See' therjwir1iIJow. They art-worthy of your mspection
Another shiDment ef the vcrv latest designs for Spring and Summer wear in Fuji silks. Wc are placing a Special sale of th
starting Monday morning. These are 27 inches wide; regular 50c quali
varic J
hty foot.
ity for only 35c a yard.
53 S& 53
We are headquarters for blankets, counterpins, and comforts.
our pness.

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