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Vote Really 86 to 44, but Just Before
Ite Announcement Mobley Changed
From Yea to Nay to Move Recon
sideration to Get Motion on Journal.
Austin, Feb. 3. Submission of a
prohibition amendment to the voters
of Texas failed In the house
this morning.
After remaining an hour under call
to secure th attendance of all mem
bers of the house thu vote was taken.
It resulted 'is ballots: For submU
slon, 83; aiuh.it, 4.1 ten more than
the required two-thirds niajiriry.
The vote was really M to 44. but
just before the result was am. mine d
Mr. Mobley changed from e,i to ray
in order to move to recoils; I r th
rote and sptvad his motion on t..c
joU! .1 il.
I This leaves the que.-tion op'Mi f r
j further di.v u.'s'in.
i Three m- inb- rs wvro absent Good
! mini, who li a-i niiti-snlnnissioiiN' ;
Pierce, a Republican, and Wal'er. who
is iei;.irded as against submission.
With three absentees the submission
isls lacked but on-' vote of winning.
Following Is the vote in detail:
Yeas Speaker Kennedy, Anderson,
As' in. Raker of Hood, Baker of Pai
tiii.i. Halln'.e, Barrett, Hell, Bogatd.
Bo.-tic. Howies, H iwn:an, Branch. Bris--o.
Hroiik'-ryon. Rrownlee, Canales.
Cli.mey, Cox, Craven, Crockett of
Mitchell. Cur-ton. Curry. Dalby. Dot
ion, llrla-n, Elliott. Fant, Fuller,
(Janes. f!-nnan. Oilmore. Graham,
Hamilton of Childress. Hamilton of
McCulloch. Haimar,, Hill. Horkt-r.
Jackson. J-'iiLins. Jennings. Law-son,
I -a- h. Lee. Lively, Luce, Maddux,
Marshall. Mason. Maxwell, M' Kinney,
M' Lain, M in if!, Munion. Nelson of
'i-iItis. I - :i of Kaufman, O'Brien,
V'l 'i'i. Ph. in, Porter, Hay. Rayburn,
U '.!. !' 1: . I'.i l.;"way. Hobertson of
Hi. I'll. Robertson jf Bell. Robertson of
Travis, Self, Sriadley. Stamps, Stead.
Stephenson. S'epter. Strickland. Tar
Teinii of Cherokee. Turner,
Yaiighan. West!. rook, Wilson. Total
Nays Adam.-'. A!i"n, nWschwale,
Roswell, Brooks, Hrnnkshlre, Brown,
1 1 u - hanan. Byrne, ("athey. Caves,
Crawsord. Crisp. Crockett of Wash
ington, Ontis, Flthugh. Flournoy.
!eien. Haxtha-ism. Highsmlth. John
son. Keeble, McCallum. McDonald.
M-Gown, Meeks. Mobley, O'Biyant,
Pearson, Perkins, Rabb. Ralston
Roach, Schluter, Scbofield. Smith,
Standifer. Terrell of fiexar. Tretick
nuinn. Von Rosenberg. Wapormund,
Werner. Worths. Total 43.
After disposing of the submission
resolution the entire time of the house
was consumed In consideration of the
compulsory education bill. Numer
ous amendments were offered. On
Important amendment ofered which
was defeated, sought to exclude ne
Rroes from the provisions of the bill.
It was clearly evident to members
that should this provision be excluded,
It would render the act unconstitution
al. The house adjourned till Monday.
Representative McCallum Intro
duced a bill to regulate fraternal ben
eticlary associations and to require
reports to the Insurance commissioner.
Has Confidence In President and
the Governor.
San Francisco, Feb. 5. The pas
sage of the Johnson bill, for the segre
gation of Japanese in the public
schools, were entirely unexpected here,
for It was generally believed that af
ter the defeat of the Drw measure all
so called anti-Japanese bills would be
buried under an adverse vote.
At the Japanese consulate the news
was received as soon as the bill was
passed, and on behalf of Vice Consul
Takashash!, Secretary Kotama made
the following statement:
"Speaking for the Japanese consul
and residents, we are much grlevd
that the assembly passed the bill. We
did not ex;ect such action to be taken
even by the assembly. We are con
fident, however, the bill will not pass
I nthe senate because of the attitude
of a majority of the members of that
"Moreover we feel certain that
C verr.or C'ierte, ot serving th d-1-s'.res
i f !' - 1 nt Roosevelt, will r.ot
elo the lii".. .ill hoc.. It hhnuld i.ass
In iioih 1; i::??-;. President Koosevol'
ai. d Goveinor Oillettr. we believe, a'e
acting justly a:.d wisely In this n.at-ter.-
The pews of the j-nssa-j" of the !
wa lvcfved wi:',i "ime ennserat v
by the local petrol hoard, whiih h;v
a!i '-i.lv l:a 1 its r'.ar-'1 of trotrb'e fr-ir
he (v,u ?tion of .-.( ,1.11 at-? schools ivr
Finds Corporation Insolvent.
New York, Feb. 5. Edwin A. Wat
son, appointed by the supreme court
as referee to take testimony and re
port to the application of the Fidelity
Funding company for a voluntary dis
solution of that corporation, has filed
his report. He finds that the corpo
ration is Insolvent, and recommends
that It be dissolved. He fixes the as
sets at $22,931.46 and liabilities of
Residences Wrecked.
Sulphur Springs, Tex., Feb. 5. A
cyclone struck here early Friday
morning, wrecking the residences of
Frank Bell, Jack Sherman, Robert
Lee and P. Perkins, houses belonging
J to Joe Melton. Monroe Smith, E. D.
Qaddy, Sid Lackey, Julius Beck and
James Ardis are damaged. Mrs.
lames Ardis was cut by flying glass.
Child's Agonizing Death.
Houston, Feb. 5. Grace Hammond,
aged three years, fell into a tub of
boiling water. She died In agony sev
eral hours afterward.
Dozen Dwellings Demolished.
Enis, Tex.. Feb, 5. Wind blew down
Ennis, Tex., Feb. 6. Wind blew down
u d-.sn residences. No one was hurt
Progress of Work on Canal Is Pleasing
, to the Next President.
Panama, Feb r.. Hon. William II.
Taft ni uie : n address to a lari:e gath
ering of ciiial employes and members
of tl.e l;!.m!an !! d Cross society
He said the ".-e-eit condition of the
woi 1; and tlie j ingress made were a
source of lt--i ; -f-)t tion to him,
and th:.t th .-imin.-er.s w!i a coon-! ra
llied 1 i-:: w. r0 - rested with the
organ! :.vicn a:v! s,i;i! nf meriy pre
vail!:;!; I? t-einlx.':: C:e entire force
He aio ;-.-ke ''av.e-.ioly of the Rtvat
.nmrsr.t el v. !r:'. c' -:',e every day, and
lie then c ,(,: iciu-il .- hearers against
woiryina ;''oiit r. ;-irts and criticisms
in the 1 States by )rre-;-onsil!e
writers. T:i American .-otile are
f !i:e to b-iilj ti.e canal. Mr. Taft said.
Congress ! the ten-per of the peo
ple, and the a;i;e oprlut ions would b-.
am;.!e to c tuplete the canal by 1915,
If not before.
Mr. Tatt viewed the nine miles of
tin" ('uleliia cut from the hills at Em
pire, whil- the engineers of the party
Inspected the channels leading iuto
the Pacilic entrance of the canal.
Ten People Drown, Bridges Swept
Away, Papers Euspended.
Berlin, Feb. 0. Floods, which are
generally In many parts of Germany,
at Nordhausen swept away many
bridges and ten people were drowned.
At Nuremberg the Pegnibe is higher
than for thirty-three years. News
papers were forced to suspend publi
cation. The river is raging through
the lower streets of the city. Other
sections report great damage. Frank
fort on the Main reports river highest
In fifty years.
Smokestacks Blown Down and Musko
. gee Left In Darkness.
Muskogee, Okla., Feb. 5. A terrific
windstorm swept over Muskogee early
Friday, doing much minor damage
Four huge smokestacks were blown
down at the Muskogee Gas and Elec
tric company's plant. They crashed
through the roof, disabling the engine
and machinery and leaving the city in
darkness. The storm passed to the
Charlottesville Has Most Destructive
One In Twenty-Four Years.
Charlottesville Va., Feb. 5. The
most disastrous fire here In twenty
four years occurred early Friday. It
destroyed property valued at $225,000.
Among the losers are the Charlottes
ville Hardware company, Gilmore Fur
niture company, .1. P. and W. H. Wood,
clothiers, and James Waddell, shoe
Germans Are Exasperated at Czechs,
Who Beat Drums and Blew Whistles,
That Scrimmage Ensues, Black
Eye Being In Evidence.
Vienna, Feb. 5. The present aes
sion of the Austrian parliament came
to an end Friday morning after a scene
of turbulence. The trouble, which
aroe from the old racial feeling be
twen Germans and Czechs, broke out
during the debate on the government
hill to reconcile these differences.
Radical Czechs, who had been hin
dering debate on this measure for sev
eral days with a continuous din from
drums and tin whistles, so exasper
ated the Germans Friday morning that
the opposing deputies came to close
quarters and a fierce scrimmage en
sued. One of the Radical Czech depu
ties, named Spec.ek, v ho had been
particularly violent in his obstruction,
was captured and whipped until he
howled for mercy. Another Czech
was bitten by a Grni.?n on a cheek
and sustained an usly wound. Black
eyes and sore heads were numerous.
Do YOU need the Service of a Strong Reliable
Conservative Bank in lOUK business.'
One that will guard your Interests carefully,
That will rejoice with you in your prosperity,
Stay with you in your hour of trouble,
And charge you 8 per ccit for borrowed money.
If you do call on
The Ciii-KiHrroiClW
ox we are the people you seek.
President. Cashier.
Vice-Pres. Asst.-Cashicr.
Cowardly Scoundrel Accosts Whiti
Girl and Asks For a Kiss.
Pittsburg, Feb. 5. Serious troub!.;
growing out of the police crusade
against negroes, who have terrorized
the Herron Hill district by frequently
assaulting young white girls, was nar
rowly averted when John Moulton, a
nero, thirty-nine years old. was ar
reste,i in the East End district on
charge that he annoyed a white girl
and accosted her with "flood evening,
sweetheart, ain't you going to kiss
The negro was quic kly located by j
a srp.ad of officers. Vhil being taken j
to the noii e Ktation a brother of the i
irirl ntteniptrd to get him away from
-he officers. A lare crowd gathered
and for a time it was believed the-negro
would re-eive rough treatment
Two officers n.ok charge of the pris
oner and whi!. a number of others
kr;;t the crowd in check be was rush
"I to a police station. After the re-
s-ro had b 'en l .c V.ed in a cell, the
crowd kept u; a demonstration in the '
Stf'et j
M'. ilton was se;itpn-d to sii j
pioths i tithe workhouse without ai
fine. i
Two People Killed. Others Hurt, Res
i'enefs and Sarns Raz.d.
Stutt'. -.:. Ark., Feb. .". A storm hit
this lace. Two persons were killed, j
s ver.il '-hers Ir-jMM'd and two res--j
deiM-es n:.d siv biua.-. dest roved. Tlii.si
k:i: I we.- Mrs. Garfield and a child;
of Will fhorev. Mrs. Shorey was fa
tally injiii-.-d. ' '
Considerable damage, was done In j
tie- surrounding country, particularly j
in the fields. " I
A telegram Irnm Booth, Miss., says,
six pers: -;s were killed there and j
much damage .lone property by a cy I
Two Thousand People Cheer Him as
He Leaves the Train.
Muskogee, Okla., Feb. 5. Governor
Haskell arrived here from Guthrie to
answer the indictment charging him
with conspiring against government
In alleged land fraud cases He was
met at the train by a crowd of 2,000
w hich cheered Itself hoarse. The gov
ernor was forced to make an address
from a truck wagon. Governor Has
kell praised the men Indicted by the
federal jury and declared he does not
fear the outcome. Several bands at
tnded. He refused to be interviewed.
Texas Postmasters Nominated.
Washington. Feb. 5. The president
sent to the senate nominations of the
following Texas postmasters: Wil
liam L. Rogers., Conrow; William
Reese, Florenceville; E. P. Flanlgan,
Henderson; William S. Strain, Lan
caster: John N. Johnson, Rockwall;
Alva P. Langston, Blooming Orove;
Andrew G. Mitchell. Higglns; Louise
A. Ackerman. Mabank
Proposed Action Condemned.
Sherman, Feb. 6. At a meeting of
Travis Masonic lodge No. 117 re-solutions
were passed condemning the
determination of the master of the
Ohio grand lodge to make President
Elect Taft a Mason at sight
Soldier on Rampage.
Salina Cruz. Mex., Feb. 5. Pac
Ixpe, a soldier of the Twenty-fifth
Mexican infantry went on a rampage
and shot into a crowd. He killed two
Mexicans and a negro. Lopez shot a
lantern out of the hand of a police
man an escaned.
Negro Preacher Shot.
Tulsa. Okla.. Feb. 5. A negro!
preacher, whom, it is alleged, was dls-'
covered pilfering coal from a Katy !
car, was shot aud STloulsly wounded.
Downpour Extends From Wichita
Falls as Far South as Anson.
Fort Worth, Feb. 5. A heavy rain
tell over this city and section early
Friday. The wind blew hard. Dent
son reports a severe hailstorm.
Rain fell all the way from Wichita
Falls to Anson, Jones county.' A
heavy wind also prevailed all over
that area.
Anti-Racing and Bookmaking Bill It
Laid on Senate Table.
Austin, Feb! 5. In the senate Fri
day Senator Hudspeth, chairman of
the committee having In charge the
anti-racing and bookmaking bill, sub
mitted two reports of the committee,
bing the majority, adverse, and favop
able minority. Both were laid on the
table. The question of the adoption
of 'hese reports will not come up until
next week. "
The submission resolution in the
senate was laid on the table subject
to call.
The following bills were passed
finally: House bill reorganizing
Forty-seventh and creating Sixty-ninth
judicial district.
Sedate bill gTantir.g relief to rail
road corporations to complete exten
sions. Senate bill to regulate assessment
and collection of taxes in cities and
towns whose coiporate existence have
beer, abolished.
House bill to restore civil and crim
inal jurisdiction on county court Shel
by county.
House bill creating better road sys
tem iior Anderson county.
Senate bill regulating charges of
notaries public.
Hons" concurrent resolution provid
ing for investigation of penitentiary
system was laid on the table subject
to call.
Among bills introduced in the sen
ate were these.
By Veale and Ward: To make ap
propriation for recovery of lands be
longing to school fund and claimed by
By Ho'.sey: To abolish commission
for a government of Corsicana.
By Coffer: Providing no county seat
within five uriles of geographical
center of county shall be changed ex
cept by two-thirds vote.
By Veale and Ward: Providing
compulsory attendance of witnesses
residing outside of county for trial of
state land cases.
Choked and Beaten.
Pittsburg, Feb. 3. The police were
Informed of an attack on a girl in the
Lawrenceville district, about two miles
from the Herron Hill section. Miss
Margaret Biossing. aged eighteen
years, declares a negro came to the
house where she was employed, and
when refused the keys to the automo
bile garage choked and beat her. She
was not seriously injured. The police
have been unable to capture her as
sailant. The police have Increased
their vigilance in Lawrenceville, fear
ing a repetition of the Herron Hill
Falls Dead In Bathtub.
Fort Wo'th. Feb. 5 Judge A. M.
Carter, aged sixty-one, twenty-five
years an attorney of this city, fell
dead In a bathtub at th natatorium.
He leaves a widow and several chil
dren. Heart failure.
Liberty, cannot be established with
out morality nor morality without
faith. Greeley.
In order to love mankind we must
not expect too much of them. Helve-Mus.
Legal Publication.
An Ordlance entitled An ordinance
authorizing tho issuance of $",".000
of bonds for the establishing of a
City WaK?r, Light and Sewerage
Be it ordained by the City Coun
cil of the City of Bryan, that there
be submitted to the qualified voters
iof the City of Bryan, who are proper
ty tax payers in said City, at an elect
! Ion to be held at the City Secretary's'
! office at the City Hall for that pur
' pose on the first Tuesday in March,
; 1009. the proposition for the is5ftance
jof bonds to the amount of $73,000.00.
j $."7,000.00 of said bonds to be is
sued for the purpose of establishing
City Water. Light & Sewerage Plant,
and $1S.OOO.OO tor refunding of out
standing bonds. The Interest on
said bonds to be payable semi-annually
at the rate of four per cent.
J. T. MALOXKY. Mayor.
J. B. HIXE8. Secretary.
Groceries, Garden Seed, Poultry.
These are quiLjuiiiSi I'1 i n better Groceries any
where. Garden Seed bought in bulk, therefore
pure and fresh. Poultry and eggs always on hand.
C. Bullock & Co.
t .
g Compound .
) " The New Remedy for
1 E. J. Jenkins
e m

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