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The morning edition carries a complete
telegraphic resume of events transpiring all
the world over for the tweh e hours preced
ing and up to the hour of going to press; full
local service, and bright and timely editor
ials. Subscription price 33ic per month in
advance. We invite your patronage.
0 0 0
0 0 0
The weekly edition is made up from the
best in the daily; carrying telegraph, local
news of town and county, crisp editorials, and
many special articles prepared exclusively for
this edition. We believe we are giving as
good a paper for the price as any published in
Texas. Subscription $1.00 per year. Sample
copies sent on request.
0 0 0
Er e ft 1
: Missouri PaH.i'.-. Texas & I'iwifi.:. h;
iarwill Sells for Less
Because a ll
he Cells for n n
Cooking or Drinking Wine, Shc-.ry orX awba, H.00 a :;.'.lii n.
Bottjcd m Bond Whi key 51.00 a bottle.
Buttle Beer Bud., Biue Ribbon, or Fa!lst:ifT Si. 40 per dozen-
A new and Complete line of Groceri s.
fJlTYour Patronage will be Appreciated.
Handles notliir.i; ini':V'
very bt ; ir.
w i tie s
Liquor and
Extra tine whiskies for fatily and
medicinal purposes. Yourpatronage
ppreciated. K. ROHDF.
Butchers, '.Feeders
and Shippers
February 6.
1777 Great Britain El-anted letters
(if marque and reprisal against the
I'nited S:ates.
17 The State of Vermont adopted
.i constitution.
1U1 Alexander Means, fourth pres
ident of Kmory College, born in States
tile, N. C, died June .". 18S:J.
1S0."-Pennsylvania legislature de
cided to remove the feat of the State
government to Harrisburg
182." Rt. Rev. John Connolly, Ro
man Catholic bishop of New York,
died. Born in 1730.
I MV2 Federal gunboats captured Ft.
Henry, on the Tennessee river.
1St4 General Sherman with his
army set out from Vicksburg, moving
1877 Rear Admiral James Alden,
U. S. X.. died in San Francisco. Born
in Portland, Me., March 31. 1810.
1SS0 Labor riots in Vancouver,
1 $!." President Cleveland decided
the boundary dispute between Argen
tine and Brazil in favor of Brazil.
t liUliolia! it tiivat .Nul l iit. i n. :i.
I.i ni, I.V'ii M iiii''aiu and S,;
railroad.-. Tht Rio Grunde Mi.:
proutiai i:; wotern roads also
ni.ii. r his control and lie has bev
of the (loi:i!inni uotms in the
O'l ii I nil p. Tt ii graph Company
i.uiri.'nuis other Lir corpora -io
A Chirarr.an's Retort.
i-l St.
. -: 1 1 i -:i
U . . . O.
Tl.r .
.i - :ib-u. ,! O) .'
:,- tli.-o.
i,. -.u .o-ii na'.oiM
m-i in to us is i'.Ip'-ir-itei' by
i his anecdote.
A lll.-'f:. 1!: i M'llU'i-: io; . wiiti 'hi
H 'se tu:; r. Is is ti.o placing of edibles
on the tr.ae lis soon lis the liimind has
he, -ii formed. This ceremony had just
been completed one day in a San
Francisco cemetery when a motor car i,.ft im!1,t bind and went right In.
A Careful, Cc.-rclc'or-jia Visitor and
Her TimiJ Priond.
The mi.uake v.'hi. !i v.vre -! -n : V.l:-- 1
spn::k!e-l iilm;r Mr-. C :iie:-V .tvt ;
Wer never re; ..ret : -. il I.;; an;. .: m :
th:::i by .Mr-i. (.'oiner lierself. "I ircd
the very best judiiineiit I leld." sll"
mil, rei'erria ti en,' 'tnf.ir iiii.ue uc- ,
citrr. !'.' e. "but. as U';ti:!. everytlipipr 1
Vint wr-Mig.
-Ve;i see, I went to (J ;-eeiivi!le in th
mori.tiij; with Mrs. II.ib.irt, Intending
o ;;o on to Nashua, but I changed my
:ni;id when the weather turned oo'. i
and spent the day with Anna Woods!
jjoins Lome nt tins!;. I'd forgotten my i
little basr with my key in it, so I went j
rlsht over to Mrs. Ilobart's.
"SHe'il gone down the road V) Mrs. j
Cole's, but I found her key behind the ;
irire! rire! M re I
The disastrous fire which has just occurred in
Bryan's business district thoroughly exemplifies the
need of insurance that pays." The facilities of our
olHce arc unexcelled and are at your gfun and. King
its and wc will be "Johnnv o.i the
containing several women drove up.
One of the women noticing the food
u the grave asked one of the mourn
ers: "When does the dead man come up
and eat these things?"
The young Chinaman thought a mo
ment and then said: "You sometimes
uottem some nice fiend, and him die,
you puttem some nicee pletty flowah I
on top side of glave, sabe?"
' Yes. I would strew the grave with
many beautiful flowers," the woman
"Well, when do he come up to
smell "em?"
One In; T'other Out.
' "It mnst be very nice," said the call
er to the author's wife, "to have your
husband nt home so much of the
"Yes," replied Mrs. Richard Darling-
i ton Sprlggles. "It gives me a chance
to go out" narper's Weekly.
Have a Car of
Early Seed Corn
Several Varieties:
Champion White' Pearl; Silver
Dime; GolJen Beayty Old Hickory
King, all 90 days. Also Okla. White
Wonder Field, and Okla. Improved
Squaw. Limited quantity of Mebane's
Car of Amber and Orange Cane Seed.
Buy your garden and flower seed
from me; the only seed house in Bryan.
This is the 45th Birthday of George J.
George J. Gould, capitalist and rail
road magnate, was born in New York
City February 6, 1864, the oldest son
of Jay Gould, the eminent financier.
He was educated in private schools
and at an early age began his business
career as a clerk in a banking housf
of which his father was a partner. H;s
active interest in railroad affairs daus
from 1SSS when he became vice pres
ident of the Little Rock & Fort Smith
Railroad company, of which he b?came
president a'few years later. Since the
death of his father Mr. Gould has been
the head of the family and has looked
after the Gould interests la railroad
an 1 other properties, including 'h-
No Novelty.
I "A novel always ends with the mar
1 rlage."
"Which Is proper. There's nothing
j novel about the subsequent hunt for a
flat and a cook and a job lot of furni
ture." ruck.
Helping Him.
"Mr. Chairman," began the man who
is unaccustomed to public speaking.
"Well." interrupted the chairman
kindly, "to err Is human." Washing
ton Herald.
; A Wet Blanket.
j Peckeni You are not married yet,
1 are you? Youngbach No, but I'm en-
! ,m criwl an1 thfita na ffnml na hulnfr
married. Peckem It's a whole lot
better, if only yon knew. London Answers.
"The bouse was dark, but I said t-
myself, 'I won't light a lamp fur fe:ir
of scaring her, a timid woman, living
all alone, as she does.' So I sat in the
dark till I heard her coming up the
"When she found the door was un
locked she gave a kind of a gasp, so 1
stepped forward and then, long as I
had a cold so my voice didn't sound
natural and I was afraid 'twould
scare her, she being so timid, I put
out my hand and laid It on her artu.
"And, if you'll believe me," finished
tors. Comer plaintively, "she fell right
over In a faint and cut her forehead
on the edge of the rocking chair, and I
though I'd never bring her to!
"There's no use trying to be careful
with a woman like her." Youth's Com-
Milk on a Stik.
In winter time milk goes to the buy
er in a chunk Instead of a quart, saj
a Glasgow paper. The people In Sibe
ria buy their milk frozen, and for Con
venience It Is allowed to freeze about
a stick, which comes as a handle to
carry It by. The milkman leaves on
chunk or two chunks, as the case maj
be, at the houses of his customers.
The children In Irkutsk. Instead of cry
ing for a drink of milk, cry for a bite
of milk. The people In winter time do
not say, "Be careful not to spill the
milk," but "Be careful not to break
the milk." Broken milk is better than
spilled milk, though, because there Is
an opportunity to save the pieces. A
quart of frozen milk on a stick Is a
very formidable weapon In the hand of
an angry man or boy, a It is possible
to knock a person dowt with It Ir
kutsk people hang their milk on books
Instead of putting it In pans, though,
of course, when warm spring weather
comes oti they have (o use the pans or
pails as the milk begins to melt and
drop down the luxiks.
Wit should be used as a shield for
defense rather than as a sword to
wound oiliers. Fuller.
M o o v e
a h e n c n n
Hk, Adams
Phone 265 Parker Building
!.. e with .me. I represent the Oldest and Be.-t Companies. You' Kuinei
given my personal attention, uo appreciated.
Kire. Tornado, Accident, Plate Glass, Bonds and Live Stock
Residence Phone 257. Office Phone 372.
I The Complete Drugstore ( The Satisfactory Drugstore
The Accommodating Drugstore
' tllllllMIIU
'ware in the SOUTHWESTERN UFE INSURANCE CO., Dallas, Tex
Why? Becuw It is Texa company, his ample dfcpltil and Surplus ind will kern Tac m.i. m
Tews. Joe B. Htti will -xplain the different plans i rates, and can alto wriit 7JAn, TlT ck
Benefit Insurance with he bestcontpanlesandRive
getting. Every nan and woman under ou, in
Miny are now enjoying the beuetits of Life Insurance that woulj not, it not tor mv .fl rt.
Flower And Garden Seed
h Baft ejf Paptn
Z Mammoth Papers Garden Seed 5 cnjf

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