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i ;
J Phones 111 and 179
The Quality Grocer
Bryan fHortung
ntered at the Postc2 In Bryan,
Texas, aa second class matter.
Rates of Subscription.
One month I
Three months . 1-00
One year -00
Advertising rates on application.
Subscribers will confer a favor on
the management by telephoning the
office promptly when carriers fail- to
deliver the paper, or when change of
residence occurs.
The Eagle 18 authorized to announce
the following candidates subject to the
action of the City Democratic primary
to be held March 1st, 1909:
For City Marshal
For City Secretary
Don't Blame the Legislature.
Those legislators who are crying "A
subsidized press" and making bold the
ascertions that the country papers ara
under the thumbs a corporations and
illegitimate business enterprises, are
surely suffering from diseased minds.
With such reaks In the law making
body, it Is perfectly plain the insane
asylums ought to be made larger.
Nacogdoches Sentinel.
It is unfr.lr to blame tbe legislators.
One of them, Hon. Roger Eyrne, used
the language you object to, but he was
quoting Governor Compbell. Since the
governor has not denied saying it, it
is fair to hold him responsible. It
was an insult to every country paper
in the state and seme of these which
have been strong supporters of the
governor are resenting it as it d
True religion is of God, sectarian
ism i3 of the devil..
The secret service is one busines
that 'does not advertise.
In the interest of good morals let
us have no more laws that encourage
perjury and hypocrisy.
A good many people regard the cock
lebur as totally depraved and can
never be converted.
The trusts are responsible for much
evil but, whether they intended it or
not, they have done great good in dem
onstrating to the world the power of
co-operation on a large scale. They
have shown how by means of organi
zation waste can 'be eliminated and
the highest degree of effectiveness de
veloped. Scientists have taken the hint
and by means of better equipment and
a division of labor, secured through
co-operntlon, have in the last ten years
made more discoveries than had been
accomplished in all the preceding cen
turies. The churches and other relig
ious and moral Institutions have
ceased to fight each other and are now
making common cause for the uplift
ing of humanity over all the earth.
And, most Important of all, statesmen
have learned the folly of wars, by
which even the victor is a loser, and
are laboring to perfect a system of in
ternational co-operation which has al
ready progressed so far that no nation
goes to war without the consent of
The trusts have demonstrated that
great things can be accomplished by
co-operation and in no other way. The
town where the people are organized
and all worklnng together for the com
mon good never fails to prosper.
whereas the reverse is true of the I .fuMf
place wheie faction is rife. If lioral Club
people of this city want a greater and! it Is Morn
a Deuer ani a mere oeaumui Bryan
they must get together and work sys
tematically. He who allows petty
prejudice or spite or any private
grouch to stand in the way of any
effort or enterprise for the common
good is a public enemy.
Time wp.b when Nashville bo;stel
herself the Athens of the South. In
some respects one yet resembles an
cient Athens but net in anything to be
proud of.
A Gatesville woman in shooting at
one man with a sixshooter killed three
and wounded a fourth. Just imagine
what would have happened if her
weapon had been a magazine rifte.
Sr.js the Beaumont En'erprise: "Let
Texas go ahead and work out hor mag
nificent destiny. Why put hobbles on
the state." Don't pet scare Te?s
laughs at the hobblers and thoir hobbies.
5 and 10
Cent Store
Is Headquarters for
White Enameled
ware, Alumin unwind
Eveiythinpn No
lions; arte don't 'for
pet - - -
Candy 10c per
Greatest Day in Church's History.
Entire Debt Wiped Out and Build
ing Dedicated to God.
: the service and hear Dr. Truett.
j When the hour for the service ar
jrlvei a great audience filled every
! sat in the building, and many stood
; in the doorways and around the walls.
ad some were turned away for lack
even of standing rcjm. Seated on the
rostrum were the following ministers:
Dr. M.-E. Weaver, pastor; Dr. Geo. W.
Traett. of Dallas: Dr. T. H. Morris,
jfastor of the Methodist church; Rev.
! Dr. F, P. F. Duffy, rector at St Andrew's
Episcopal church; Rev. J. A. Chal
lenner, paster of the Christian church;
Rev. S. W. Kendrick, State evange
list; and Rev. A. B. Wait, assoclational
The music for the occasion was un
der the direction of .Mrs. H. O. Boat
wright, and was a magnificent pro
gram, faultlessly rendered.
Dr. T. H. Morris invoked the divine
blessing, thanking God for the great
gift of His son, for His precious prom
ises and for the church. He asked a
blessing upon the speaker, and
that he may speak with a tongue of
flame and that the people may bear
as'for eternity. x
Dr. Truett read for the scripture
lesson tne 9th chtpter of Luke, and
his brief comments as he read were
gems of great beauty and prepared the
congregation for the masterful ser
mon that was to follow. Bfeore an
nouncing the text, he took occasion
to express his joy in being present
to worship with the church and re
ferred to the meeting he assisted in
holding here several years ago.
His theme was "Self Sacrifice" and
the Jext was from the 16th verse of
fhe 17th chapter of 2nd Chronicles
"And Amasiah willingly offered him
self unto the Lord." Jn discussing
this great subject, he laid dov.-.i
The First Naonal Bank
Capital - ! 100,000.00
Surplus and Profits -86,500.00
We solicit business ujkhe most favorable
terms consistenih safety.
J. V. HOW1, President
GUY M. BR'J, Jr.. Vice President
H. 0. BO AUGHT, Vice President
L. L. McINN Cashier
- R. W. HOWl Asst. Cashier
Sunday was truly an epoch making
day in the history of the First Baptist
church of Bryan. It was the greatest
day i:i its history. It was a day of the great basic niinoinles that nil Ka,..
great things, a day of great sacrifices
and withal a day of rejoicing.
Since the new churcu was erected
the congregation has labored under
a burden of debt, and soon after the
new pastor. Dr. Weaver, came, it was
resolved by him and the leaders of his
congregation, that this debt should
rifices 'must be made willingly, and
that God's business must be the chief
aim and purpose of redeemed nn and
women. Around these two granite
pillars he builded a message tat
breathed the Inspiration of Heaven
itself, and was beyond question one
of the grandest flights of pulpit elo-
At th close of the sermon a col
lection was taken to iav off the re-
be lifted from the church, and the ed-jquence ever heard in Brv,
ifice dedicated to Cod. So tiiat with
all obstacles removed, the church
might go forth upon its great mission I malnder of the diurch debt and all
unhindered and untrammeled. J but J2,2',0 subscribed. Te 'Ernest
With this end in view a strong fl-j men and women of tho :-v.- ;.- were
nance committee was appointed, and not willing to give it v.j ,.;.other
they began the stuuendaous task of j meeting was called for 4 o cb.k in the
Is there rer.l'y any need of legisla
tive sessions? The members could
just as well stay r.t heme md trans
act the public business by felephore
anu cy man. it would save lots of
expense and would lesson the evils of
logrolling and lobbying.
The effort of the government )o sub
stitute the traction engine for the
army mule has failci, just r.s the
bicycle and the automobile were un
able to put the horse out cf business.
In your diverslficr.tlo'- plans don't
leave out horses and mules. They are
here to stry.
it ... . . , "...
.T"Au ' ...
The Jackson Loak Trust Co.
120 West Capitol Street, 'son, Mississippi.
see r. o. BOUNDS, Filler House
Sidney Homer
Chad wick
l.ove Song Scliecker
I. Bert Graham
m - Bacn
Under Roosevelt's regime, in a time
of profound peace, tho national debt
has passed the billion mark and is in
creasing at the rate of $1C,76C,4S2 per
month. The pity of it is, the people
don't realize what these figures mean;
but the awakening will come some
Childrtn like to tale
the tastetestQutor Oil
The only difference in
"Kastol end Castor Oil
is !Uf "Kastol" U pel
utable and pleasant to
take. " Kastol" bears our
PjmcnptH DrmfgiiU. . . Phent 66
chocolate a
Mrs. A.
Speaker of.
lives, receh
Speaker Thu
rst Eaptist Church Bryan
raising the $14,400 balance that was afternoon. x At that hcrr a faith;":-.!
hanging over the church. They began band was present and with r ent :
tbe work in dead earnest and sue-; joieing the remainder was raise! nr.:
ceeded in raisins about $10,000 of the 'the glorious work of ii'-fng the th-.ini.
amount, leaving a balance of $4.400. : from debt was .'o!!
With the end this near in sight, it was j A touching incident of the day wa?
resolved to hold one great, final rally the receipt 0f e telegram from Dr. O.
and complete the work. Sunday. Feb. I B. Butler, makig a donation of $2.
in U'QO C. An. .1 .1 n ',1.. 1 t"l .. '
,,.a is lilt- Ha mm I ir.
oi'eaner i nil, ' "
to 0. Mrs. j-Weaver went to Da
Davis of this special invitation to 1
The state's educational Institutions
need the $1,600,000 recovered from the
oil trust more than the state needs a
big buffalo park away up In the Pan
handle. Such a park would be of no
advantage to any but the Panhandlers,
while the A. and M. College, the Uni
versity and other schools are for the
good of all the people. Give the money
to the schools.
The Houston Post has corrected its
giving credit to Robert Burns for a
quotation from Goldsmith, Un it has
not yet done justice to Jason, the
hero of the Golden Fleece, whom It
cheated out of the honor of sending
the dove through the Symplegides. as
cribing this ingenious device to Ulvs
ses and locating it in the Strait of
Messina instead of at the entrance to
tho Euxlne sea.
alias to convey a
Dr. Geo. W. Truett
to come and preach the sermon. The
invitation was accepted a,nd for some
days the pastor and congregation were
busy perfecting arrangements for the
great occasion
All the other pastors of the city,
with that generosity that comes with
brotherly love and Christian fellow
ship, called in their services for Sun
day morning so that all might attend
praying God's blessing on the church
and asking that they read Phil. C-2.
At night another great congregation
greeted Dr. Truett and his sermon
was a masterpiece on "Personal
At the close of the sermon the dedi
cation prayer was offered by the pas
tor and with grat emotion the churci
was given to God as His temple, for
the glorification of HN gnat nam
and the extension of His kingdom on
Pure rn Chops
ChoicewMex. Alfalfa
WhWoolf Stock Food
Seed (n and Sorghum
JustReceived o Prompt Dry p Phone 251
In Our I
Will S. Jggs
There are ferty-slx manufacturers of
sewing machines In America,
ow many can you name? How
many did you ever hear of? One name
comes to the mind of every woman
immediately The Singer and there
is a very good reason.
The Singtr company makes and
sells as many machines in each year as
all the other forty-fitfe combined.
Phone 103. T. A. Satterwhite, sales
man and collector. tf
Ladies, we are showing a beautiful
vard wide handkerchief linen for
waists and suits at 25 cents. Wilson
& Derden. 54
Our Church at Marlin.
After much preliminary work and
discussion running through two or
three years, our people at Marlin have
finally determined to build a hand
some church edifice, and do it at once.
Heretofore the matter of location has
been an unsettled question with them;
but they have permanently agreed up-
Temple's .Telegram.
"Mrs. Temple's Telegram" the fam
ous farce comedy which had such a
record breaking run In New York City
and Chicago is one of the pleasing an
nouncements for the near furture. As
a healthy, fun provoking farce, bubbl
ing over with laughable situations at
every turn, the play Is proving to be
on this, having purchased a beautiful j even in greater popular favor thi
and prominent lot on Coleman Street,
with a frontage of 1C6 feet, extending
back 208 feet. It is central and has
a south front. Plans are now under
special work, and they will goon be
perfected, and then bids for the build
ing will be submitted. Rev. I. F. Betts,
the pastor, Is greatly encouraged and
feels sure that the enterprise will go
right through to completion. His peo
ple have advanced his salary three
hundred dollars over previous years,
now fixing it at $1800. We congratu
late the pastor and his people on their
purpose to go forward in that impor
tant community, and Marlin will take
her place as one of the best Churches
in the Texas Conference. Marlin Democrat.
s sea
son than last. It is a succession of
complications of the most absurd kind
founded on an innocent falsehood ori
ginally told by Mr. Temple in order to
save himself from the wrath of his
wife. The company which will be
seen is tbe No. 1 company having
piae i all the principal cities and will
be seen in its orginal cast on Feby.
13th at the Grand Opera House.
fWMi Meaiviarkets
1 WF?
I Market ft 30T,
Marktt Pkomt 326
Choicest ieef, Pork, Vtal, Mutton,
and Sausasour trade is appreciated.
I s
2000 Feet New Motion Pictu Admission 10 Cents
Lost A gold carved bow-knot
broach, between Baptist church and
the Methodist church Sunday night.
Please return to Eagle office. 55
Car of Alfalfa cn track.
VI ck, phone S76.
Cm the pubil .itt. Slotk
c! iviryltlss !:;tf
Furniture and Uniakers' Goods
rrtm tit model i.rvic
trcmpf anint.
Stevenson Machini Repair Works

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