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iryan HRFftoming
and Pilot
In newest styles
and designs
.. in ..
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our NEW line of
classy Oxfords
and Pump effects.!
Are particularly
good They add
of the shoe
and at the same
time answer a
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& CO.
. . .A
kna a great vanciu c
well Newton
PHONES 23 and 150
Blizzards Much of Nation
Vn Its Grasp.
In Nebrasimperature Falls Below
Zero Tiph Wires Down In
Missour a and Other States and
Railwayfic Is Badly Hampered.
Chicago 15. Following the ex
ample of Jry's bli..ard, the Bit t-t
Btorm, whtas tied up tin middle
stwaid. leaving duller-
llou in its wake, lu
etuperatute Ml below
ad It Is unusually cold
ts Mill be h-aty lusaen
west, mov
lag and U
! Nebtaska
Hi; ro, and i
: It Is lean
. among tati
'. 1 uouMun
down iu .
i lug siates
bui'ii bail.;,
lull In .vi
lill'iis, I In.
UT.aill.-) pltl
Cit.i-s v
amount ol
The mli!
isslppi, at
feil the fiil
From Now on Admiral Evans
Will Work For One.
Chicago, Fob. 15. Admiral Evans,
who tame to Chicago to deliver a lec
ture, declares that from now oil he
will work for the establishment of a
navy league In the United States, the
object of which will be to give the
navy such powerful support from the
rltlzcnship of the country that It can
obtain from congress what it really
Acceptance or Rejection of Fund
Comes Up In Senate.
Austin, Feb. 15. Andrew Carnegie,
the retired steel magnate, was under
fire practically all Monday morning in
the senate. The question came up on
the resolution adopted by the board of
regents of the University of Texas that
the university make "application for
admission to all rights and privileges
of Carnegie foundation fund for pro
tecting teachers in their old age. This
resolution aroused a storm of protepf
In the senate, and charges of tainted
money were made and that Texas
should not accept any of it.
Final action on the resolution was
deferred until Tuesday morning.
Senator Terrell (of Bowie) offered
an amendment to resolution providing
that before any teacher can accept
the benefits of the fund that he shall
make affidavit that, he has never men
tioned Carnegie's name in his class
room or to any student, and further
that Carnegie's picture has never been
hung in a school that he has taught
since the adoption of this resolution.
Senator Terrell was opposed to reso
lution. He said Texas should not ac
cept any tainted money.
Senator Brachfield spoke against
the resolution, taking th position that
Texas Is able to take or of her
l.(MM,u(m members," he said, "and it
teachers and he was opposed to pen
has a navy league with eloning them.
The Terrell amendment was d
always supports the admiralty. It Is feated by vote of 2ti to 6.
strong enough to carry the day. Eng- j a t'legram was read to the sena'
land also has a similar league, and ; fr0m the Fort Arthur board of tra'.-i
thtit is one reason why those coun- takinz exception to a dispatch In a
tries have such powerful navies,
need one in the United States."
telegraph wires ate
il, Iuvau and i.eiKHooi-
e jailway nulla- liuj
ien-a by a heavy snow
iu. In Michigan, u-
llilj UlliO bluiu.tr iw-
report the usual
ring unions the uiuor-
ales, east of the Mi
guif states will in xt
the storm, which is
going lu lUei lluii
The col
some days
Measure For Benefit of Knox Does Not
Secure Two-Thirds Vote.
Washington. Feb. 15. hTe house of
represi'iitath es rejected the senate
bill retnovii!? the constitutional bar to
Senator Knox's serving as secretary and guests to Galveston.
oi rtate.
Mr. Clayton of A'nhnmn.
We Houston paper to the' effect that Port
I Arthur was trapped and a portion of
: the Moller differential bill was a trick.
! President Ireland of the board said in
his message ihat Port Arthur, on the
contrary, favored the bill.
Senator Masterson presented an in
vitation on behalf of the city of Gal
veston Inviting the legislatuj, to visit
Galveston, and that twelve "Sleepers
had been engaged to carry legislators
The sleepers
At maJe U rt Cnptntter ! ike Cmrrmcj at tk dt
o( iuiMn Ftbrmary Slk. 1909
Loans and Discounts $291,794.30
Overdrafts.., 386.04
Advances on'Cotton 10,749.00
U. S. Bonds and Premiums
Bonds, Nscunties, etc , rr s,M).o
Furniture an J Fixt u res 2,626.00
CASH in Vault dftfom Banks 231,398.95
W Total ,..$649,470.04
Capital Stock $ 50,000.00
Surplus and Profits (Earned) 100,319.72
Circulation 50,000.00
DEPOSITS 449.150.32
STATE OF TEXAS, I. Albert W. Wilkerson, Cashier of the
Coun'y of Brazos. above named Bank, do solemnly swear that the
foregoing statemant is true to the bet of my
knowledge and belief.'
Albert W. Wiiaersos, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this th dav of February, 1W.
Fred. L. Cavitt, Notary Public Brazos County, Texas.
Correct Attest: G. S. Parker, E. H. Astiv, J. V English, Directors.
i would be at, the defiot here on Friday
nmnernt evening. The senate accepted the in-
e is in prospect
I- northweht.
At Amaijl'ex., 3 degrees above
zero is rep( Livestock are suffer;
I iii; all ovciTauhaiidle.
I Wichita 1 Monday reported the
lowest tcniure ol tne winter 8
above zeroj
Snow folimlay all over north
The ther
day tegtste
the lowest
In extrentorthwest
i mercury n
I The dam
te- at Houston Mon
I above zero. This Is
III section the present
Texas the
fell to zero.
wrought to telegraph
anil telephones in northern Ohio
by the heajleet storm Is by far
the moat il.puus suffered In man;
years. MaSwus Monday were
completely ;ted, so far as com
munication kher telegraph or tele
phone was (rued.
At Ashtatl'Mward I.lndsey ste
jied upon as-ctric light wire that
naa neen cu aown ny us neuvy
weight of i and was almost in
stantly kitlij
losses sited by telegraph and
telephone ciniea aggregate many
thousands oars. Railway trains
were all Ited running behind
schedule tlijonday because of the
Inability ofh despatchers t get
telegraphic fs to train crews.
All the uj part or Michigan Is
snow boundlere Is a trackless ex
panse of dr swirling snow. The
country roata obliterated, farmers
and vtllagerfhtly housed and only
a wheel turlhere on the railroads,
where crewe battling with the
snow. i
In ia-A.riniT th- bin mid it off-tided ; 0n n-0,on 0f Senator Hume the re-
against no provision of t je constitu
tion and Its ena tnv-nt into law would'
not be violation of the orgintc law of
Several Appointments.
Austin, Feb. 15. The governor an
nounced the appointment of D. B! Hill
of Dallam county to be district judge
and J. C. O'Bryan of Hartley county
to be district attorney of the new Pan
handle district court, be'ng the Sixty
ninth district. ,
The governor also appointed J. B.
Robertson of Travis county, a mem
ber of the board of managers of the lu
natic asylum, vice F. T. Ramsey, re-
Suddenly Expires.
Cleburne. Feb. 15. Rev. R. H. Simp
son, a Texan sixty-five years, died sud
denly Monday of apoplexy. He was
seventy-five years old.
the land. The bill, he said, sought to
simply reduce the annual compensa
tion of the secretary of stat ?, and that
congress clearly bad the power to
make such reduction.
"For that reason," he said "I favor
the Mil In order that Senator"" Knox
may assume the duties of his office."
Mr. Clark of Missouri opposed the
bill, which he said was simply an ef
fort, to override the constitution by
statute. "We are asked to stultify our
selves." he exclaimed, "and that is
exactly what It amounts to, for fear
that we net be pervitin grata at the
White House."
signed: J. J. Davis of Travis county
a member of the board of the Confed-
port of the free conference committee I f.rate home, vice W. H. Richardson,
resigned: Dr. R. H. Mcleod of An
derson county a member on the board
on the navigation district bill, wherein
the senate recedes In its non-concurrence
In said bill and accepts house
amendments, was adopted.
An Invitation was read from Laredo
inviting the legislature to 'attend the
annual celebration of Washington's
birthday:. No action was taken, as
the legislators go to Galveston on that
of medical examiners, vice Dr. D. U.
Forsque, Waco, resigned.
Rev. Morris Said No Reflection Intend
ed on Crawford and Matter Ends.
Austin, Feb. 13. Rising to a ques-
tion of personal privilege in the house
Awful Results of Mistake.
j Newark. N. J.. Feb. 15 Stanislaus
I Sarnowiskl ate buckwheat cakes for
I breakfast and is dead. His wife is in
' a local hospital In such a serious con
dition that it Is feared that she cannot
live. The cakes were the plain buck
wheat variety, cooker by the wife, but
an examination showed that rat poison
had been used by mistake for baking
Taft to Be a Mason "at Sight"
at Cincil Thursday Night.
Cincinnati)). 15. President Elect
Taft left forshington at noon Mon
day. His trflmarlly Is for the pur
pose of rec and transmitting: to
President Rivelt the report of the
board of ClAglneers which accom
panied him anama. He will take
advantage js visit to consult re
garding hlssugural address, his
speech of attanee and other mat
ters. Before leaj Mr. Taft was visited
by a com mi (from Kllvnnlng lodge
of Masons oilch he will be made a
member "itht" Thursday night.
The ceremos-lll be a most unusual
proceeding j will be performed by
State Granttstor Hasklnson. It Is
sanctioned the constitution of the
grand lodge the ground of honors
achieved bV candidate.
When Mrjft returns here Thurs
day he will aln three days.
FlyStrikes Rock.
PhllndelptjFeb. 11. The Pennsyl
vania specli?hteen-hour flyer from
Chicago to v York struck a rock
nt .Newton amilton, enghty-three
miles west Harrlsburg, wrecking
the train. 1 locomotive Pullman
ciimhii.ntioi; .oker and baggage car
and three sWrs were derailed, the
OHidr." and first two cars turning
ov. r on thiside. All passengers
were still in ir berths and it is con
sid'ivJ rennble no one was killed.
Paisene-rs re thrown about and
hadlv shaketu.
Hill was rejected by a vote of 1.9
to lCn. the necessary two-thirds re
quired to suspend the rules not being
forthcoming. Immediately after this
result the committee on rules held a
session with a view to bringing in a
rule whereby the bill may be passed
bv a majority vote.
Representative Crawford of Dallas de
mand"d a committee to Investigate the
circumstances regarding his absence
, from the notice committee on criminal
jurisprudence last week. Mr. Craw
ford declared his honor had been Inv
I pugned by Rev. J Frank Norris, who
! Intimated that he (Crawford) feigned
illness and went to Dallas for the pur-
! pose of obstructing legislation.
Safe Dynamited. Citizens Awakened,; Mr. Hill explained that Mr. Craw-
but Bandits Escape With Cash. i torn told mm lie was sick ana asKen
Muskoo-. Okla.. Feb. 15.-Tbe First ! S'rern antl rar'"g
State bank of Oktuha. fifteen miles Mr Norris Iater to( Mr. Hill Mr.
south of here, on the Katy, was rob- Crawford had gone to Dallas and left
bed early Monday morning. A large the impression Mr. Crawford was
i klAitLlniv ik.-f lnni-il m
amount of money was taken. The i l"c '"r
burglars dynamited the afe. The ex-
Pierce Case Reset.
Austin. Feb. 15. In the Fifty-third
district court Judge Calhoun reset the
case of H. Clay Pierce for May 10.
Drops Dead at Greenville.
Greenville, Tex.. Feb. 15. While on
a visit to Greenville relatives W. O.
George of Monroe, La., fell dead.
Greater Than First Thought.
New York, Feb. 15. Damage to the
Prvt; Oil company, a subsidiary of
the Standard, which was the scene of
a spectacular fire on East river, Wil-1
liamsburg, was greater than at first
estimated. It amounts to between
$200,000 and $3o,noo. Of the firemen
In hired Michael Graham, a battalion
thief, sustained the severest hurts
His back was broken, also both legs i of the City of Bryan, who are proper-
Votes on Commission Form.
Ponca City, Okla., Feb. 15. In 23d
this city votes on commission form of
"What do you think?" exclaimed
the theatrical star proudly. "They are
point? to name a new cigar after me!"
"Well." rejoined the manager, "here's
hoplni It will draw better than you
do." Exchange.
Legal Publication.
An Ordiance entitled An ordinance
authorizing the issuance of $73,000
of bonds for the establishing of a
City Water, Light and Sewerage""
Be it ordained by the City Coun
cil of the City of Bryan, that there
be submitted to the qualified voters
His condition is precarious.
plosion shook nearby buildings, wak
ing the entire town. The postoffUe,
adjoining was damaged. Telephone
and telegraph wires were cut prior to
the job. Sheriff Ramsey with blood
hounds started after the gang.
Much Vinegar Seized.
Texarkaua. Feb. 15. Deputy United
States Marshal L. K. Rome returned
from Camden, where he seized on a
government warrant tweuty-five bar
rels of vinegar. The process was Is
sued on a suit filed in the federal court
by the government alleging a viola
tion of the pure food law. The suit
was on the report of Ioul8 Marks,
pure food Inspector for this territory,
who recently made an Inspection of
the vinegar. It Is the first prosecution
In this district since the enactment
of the pure food law. The case will
be tried In the United States district
court, which convenes here in May.
Blizzard a Blessing.
Sherman, Feb. 15. John S. Kerr, C.
C. Mayhew and other well known hor
ticulturlsts say that the blizzard Is th
best thing that could have happened
for the. fruit crop: that while a few
extra early varieties of peaches may
be damaged, the" great bulk of the
peaches, apples, pPara. apricots and
plum crops will be held back until the
proper tip;". Farmers are up with
their plowing in Grayson county and it
Is thought no bugs will survive the
cold spell.
Representative Lively stated Mr.
Crawford had said he was sick and
was going home and believing he had
gone to Dallas, told Mr. Norris so.
Messrs. Robertson (of Bell). Cureton
and others said they thought the hon
or of Mr. Crawford had been Impugned
and demanded an Investigation. Mr.
Reedy opposed this.
Mr. Hill declared further discussion
of the Investigation would only make
political thunder and declared Mr. Nor
ris later explained he meant no reflec
tion upon Mr. Crawford and regretted
the misunderstanding.
Mr. Crawford accepted the statement
as an exoneration and the matter was i
dropped. I
. Messrs. Fant and Cathey tntroducea
a resolution for investigation of book
contracts and recent "textbook board
muddle." Consideration was set for
Wednesday. The house concurred In
the conference reports on codifying
statutes, the senate accepting the
measure as it was passed by the
house. .
Negro Astaasinated..
Cameron. Tex., Feb. 15. Dock Ger
neyway, a negro, was assassinated
about five miles souU of here. In the
Rollins neighborhood. He was at his
brother-in-law's home when he was
called to the door and shot three times.
He fell Into the house.
Aged Railroader Dies Alone.
McAlester. Okla.; Feb. 15-Miehael
Muller. eighty-three years old. was
found dead In his home, where he lived
alone. Heart failure caused his death.
He bad been In the employ of the
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway
company ever since that road was
built Into Indian Territory, serving the
last ten years as flagman.
Fatally Hurt by Elevator.
Hugo. Okla.. Feb. 15. Erby KJrby,
fourteen years old. was fatally Injured
In an elevator. Both arms and one
leg were broken and his bodv crushed.
ty tax payers In said City, at an elect
ion to be held at the City Secretary's
office at the City Hall for that pur
pose on the first Tuesday In March.
1009, the proposition for the is3aanee
of bonds to the amount of $75,000.00.
$57,000.00 of said bonds to be Is
sued for the purpose of establishing
City Water, Light & Sewerage Plant,
and ?lS.O0O.0O tor refunding of out
standing bonds. The Interest on
said bonds to be payable semi-annual- '
ly at the rate of four per cent.
J. T. MALONEY. Mayor.
J. B. HINES, Secretary.
Glass Factory Fire Wrecked.
Fort Worth. Feh. 13. Fire destroyed
J. C. Madden s Glass factory, which
was recently erected. The plant was
completely wrecked. The loss Is $i2
Church Demolished.
Learned, Miss., Feb. 15. A terrific
storm struck this place. A negro
church was demolished. Dick Harris
and wife and one child named Bennett
were killed. Several were Injured.
Six More Assaulted.
Berlin. Feb. 15 Attacks on women
continue. Five of the working class
including ruined stock. The blaze ; WPre wounded by an unknown assail
originated in the moulding room and ant Sunday and the wife of a merchant
spreading with such rapidity mat me likewise injured Monday.
flames wrapped the building In ten ;
minutes. The factory will be rebuilt. , j nw Goes to Governor.
Helena. Mont.. Feb. 15. Bill
Wind Does Much Damage.
I Helena, iiont., reo. la. inn ro-
knttlnff rn hrtrao rflrpj to fair
ViQksburg. Miss.. Feb. 15.-A severe both legl8latlT6
wind and rain storm raged here, do- h e3
Ing $10,000 damage.
Groceries, Garden Seed, Poultry.
These are our leaders.
where. Garden
pure and fresh.
INo better urocgrjamy
boubffok, therefore
and eggs always on hand.
C. E. Bullock & Co.
sT W
The New Remedy for
J. Jenkins

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