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and Pilot
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House Record For Twenty-Five
Yean Broken. j
Representative Refers to Mr. Tawney'a
Temper and Mr. Mann Recommends
Improvement In the Manners of
Texas Gentleman Is Advisable.
Washington, Feb. 26. Thursday's
session of the lower house did not end
until 3:20 o'clock this morning.
The proceedings, which lasted six
leen and one-half hours, were Inter
spersed with bitter personalities.
Chairman Tawney of the appropria
tions committee, who was trying to se
cure the passage of the civil appro
priations bill, became rather irritated,
and when Mr. Deall of Texas referred
to Mr. Tawney's temper Mr. Mann of
Illinois suggested tht Mr. Tawnev's
temper might be Improved If the gen-j
tleman from Texas would Improve his
"To copy those of the gentleman
from Illinois," was the hot retort of
the Lone Star congressman, "would
make of myself a clown."
The records of the official stenogra
phers show the aggregate remarks
made during the day's session ex
ceeded that of any day for the laat
qaarter of a century.
Oscillatory Nectar Must Be Banished
Like Booze.
Mount Gllead. 0., Feb. 26. A local
minister has this to say of kissing:
Declaring that a kiss Is a nectar,
an Intoxicant, a disturber of the peace
and a menace to morality. Rev. Henry
W. Ireland of the Disciple church. In a
prelude to his sermon, saljj that it
should be abolished, ell also said
there must lie no more hugging and
kissing In his church during services
Why,' said the Rev. Mr. Ireland, "I
have seen young fellows who come to
church for no Hither purpose than to
disturb the service, lean forward over
the back of the pew and press a kiss
on Rome fair maiden's lips and th
smack could be heard all over the
house. Occasionally some elder per
sons have annoyed me In the same
"The kiss Is an Intoxicant and, like
the saloon, must go. The nectar quaff
ed from th red lips is more fruitful
of consequences than any alcoholic
beverage ever distilled. I think kissing
Is the worst thing a woman can do,
and the amount of hugging and kissing
some of our girls do of our best fam
ilies, too Is literally a menace to our
morality. I yive carefully Inquired
Into the matter, and find that many
young girls Imagine this Is the w,ay to
get husbands. It may help some, but
kissing is not all that Is necessary."
Legislative Committee Makes Any
thing but Flattering Report.
Jeffersonvllle, Mo., Feb. 26. Start
ling conditions In the Missouri state
penitentiary were revealed In the re
port prepared by the legislative com
mittee on penitentiary and reform
schools. The report Is to be filed la
the senate.
It recommends the building of one
of the large structures be torn down
as It is unfit for habitation. It is
pointed out in the report that one cell
room In the women's department has
Iron rings In the wall seven feet from
the floor for the punishment of women
prisoners, who bave their hands tied
by the wrists In It.
Sanitary conditions are described as
the worst possible and cells as being
"The personal cleanliness of the fe
male prisoners Is, according to the
Inmates," the report says, "not brought
about by the use of bath tubs."
Engine Turns Completely Over.
Des Moines. Feb. 26. Engineer
Brown of Perry, la ," was Jellied and
Beveral Injured In an accident to the
Overland Limited of the Chicago, Mil
waukee and St. Paul railway at Van
horn, la. The engine left the track
and turned completely over. The bag
raera nnd mall cars were niled on top
of each other, while the remaining
coaches rested on their sides. The
train was running at the rate of sixty
miles an hour at the time of the accident..
Defense and Prosecution Secure
All Available Testimony.
Nashville, Feb. 26. Counsel for both
sides In the Cooper-Sharp trial were
busy after court adjourned Thursday
afternoon. The startling attack of the
state upon the Integrity of Colonel
Cooper as clerk and master in chan
cery and as the associate of a de
faulting state treasurer took the de
fense by surprise. Special agents,
however, were soon at work, and
Thursday night several men from va
rious points in the state men who are
presumed to he able to throw light
upon the charges were summoned.
Until far Into the night these men
were In conference wtlh the attorneys
ror me defendants.
Nor were the state's attorneys less
occupied. A decision of the defense
to put Governor Patterson and Adju
tant General Brown upon the stand
was reached late Thursday afternoon.
State's counsel beard It almost Imme
diately and at once began consultation
over this neaw feature. The steno
graphic report of the entire testimony
thus far was gone over and evry
reference to Governor Patterson and
Adjutant General Brown transcribed
again for reference on cross-examination.
At least two of the counsel for
the state urn bitter political enemies
of Governor Patterson.
The crowds which attended trial Fri
day morning were as large as ever
and lunch boxes were numerous
When Colonel Cooper resumed the
stand he made a statement that he
had only given an old soldier S50 out
of the amount secured from his farm.
He made this correction, as the steno
graphic report stated he had given
S1.0S0. He was not questioned further.
Lieutenant Pllcher or the United
States army testified as to the posi
tion In which he found the body of
Carmack when be arrived on the
scene of the tragedy and also as to
picking up the revolver of the sena
tor, which lay about eight inches from
his right hand as the senator's body
lay on the ground He said the re
volver hurt four loaded shells and two
empty ones He said he beljeved the
revolver had heen recently exploded,
but was not positive on that point. The
revolver is n :: caliber Smith & Wes
son hammerless.
Kerueaiit Meadows of the Nashville
police force was the next witness.
Sergeant Medows testified that Imme
diately nfter the tragedy he went to
Tort's infirmary and got from Patrol
man Yaighnn two revolvers one Rob
In Cooper's, a .32 automatic Colt's, nnd
the one found by Lieutcntnat Pilcher.
Sergeant Meadows also said that later
he received from Sergeant Reld. a
r.lckel plated revolver which ahd not
been fired, and which was said to have
been taken from Colonel Duncan Coop
er, lie admitted the pistols might
have been changed while In the bands
of the lieutenant of police.
V. O. Vertress. a prominent attor
ney, testified that he loaned Senator
Carmack a eevolver. He also Identi
fied the scabbard, which was shown
him. and stated the revolver was
loaded In every chamber when given
to the senator.
After, on request of the defense, the
Jury had been excluded, Mr. Vertrees
stated that when he gave Carmack
the revolver the senator said he had re
ceived a threatening message from
Colonel Cooper, who said that if Car
mack used his name again one or the
other of them must go. "After the
message there was cithlng for me to
do but to put bis name in again and
It goes In tomorrow." said Mr. Car
mack. The senator then asked me to
loan him my revolver, as It was Sun
day night and he could not buy one.
He said he did not know bow to use It,
but friends Insisted that he arm him
self. "I told him that it was a self-acting
revolver and all be had to do was to
pull the trigger. I removed the loads
and demonstrated the use of the
weapon. The senator put the revolver,
with the scabbard on It, in his pocket."
The defense objected to admitting
the statement with the exception of
he fact of the senator putting the
weapon in his pocket. A long argu
ment ensued and Judge Hart stated
the question was an important one as
It affected the state's rebuttal In the
case. Court adjourned until 2 o'clock.
Widow and Her Four Children Be
lieved to Have Been Murdered.
Bakersfield. Cal . Feb 26 Mrs. M.
W. Betkman. a widow, and ber four
children, who reside seven miles from
this city, lost their lives in a fire that
destroyed the home It Is believed they
were murdered and the bouse set on
Further Action, However, Post
poned Until Tuesday.
Austin. Feb. 26. In the house Fri
day morning Mr. Reedy called up bis
motion to reconsider the vote by which
the Joint resolution providing for a
smaller legislative body and fixing sal
aries was lot Thursday. He secured
a reconsideration.
Mr. Terrell (of Cherokee) offered
an amendment providing (or a house
of ninety members, to be increased to
a maximum of 150 as the population
of the state Increased, and the senate
of thirty-one members to remain fixed.
Mr. Reedy offered a substitute for
rbe amendment, permitting the law to
remain as at, present, but giving each
legislator $i;oo yearly salary and mile
age. After some discussion the resolution
and amendments were postponed to
the afternoon oT March 2.
The senate refused to take up for
consideration, by a vote of 9 to 16.
Senator lirjlsey's bill making t un
lawful for a representative, state sen
ator, member of congress or United
States senator to qualify and per
form duties of office while fn the em
ployment of public service corpora
tions In attempting to secure consid
eration of this bill Senator Holsey
said that he did not intend to reflect
upon the character of any man In
the state senate of Texas, but. was
only seeking to have corrected what
he conceived to be a serious condition
that exists In Texas at present. He
believed the principle wrong
The following bills were passed
finally by the senate:"
Bill granting Beaumont new char
ter; bill providing compensation for
district attorneys; senate bill chang
ing state reformatory to state train
ing school. An attempt was made to
exclude women as members of the
board of managers of this Institution,
but it failed. House hill by Byrne,
requiring railroads to have their re
pairing of equipment done In Texas;
senate bill providing for Investigation
of penitentiary system, committee to
be composed, of three senators and
four representatives; senate bill de
fining delinquent child and Incorrlgl
tiles; senate bill Increasing compensa
tion of district Judges for traveling ex
penses; by Weinert. to appropriate
$5,000 to build a monument- to Gon
zales, to mark the birthplace of Texas
The senate confirmed the appoint
ments Rent up by the governor, of Gal
veston, Port Arthur and Sabine Pass
pilot commissioners, also the appoint
ment of F. S. Rogers as district at
torney of Caldwell county.
Gerge H. Barney of Ennls. assist
ant engrossing clerk, tendered his res
ignation to the senate, which was ac
cepted These bills were introduced In the
By Meachum: To amend the con
stitution so as to provide that all per
sons, to be qualified electors, must be
able to read and write English, pro
vided the act does not apply to per
sons or their descendants who quail
fled as voters prior to 1S67.
By Peeler (request): To permit
surety companies to form associations
for mutual protection.
By Kellle: To encourage and foster
the work of the state correspondence
By Veale: Making it an offense for
a dealer fn Intoxicating liquors In
meal option districts to fall to re
port to the county clerk monthly the
number of prescriptions filled.
By Peeler: To lease state property
op the Colorado river to the Confed
erate Woman's home.
The senate Judiciary committee No.
2 reported favorably the hunter's li
cense bill; also wild bird game bill
and anti-game shipment bill.
Internal Improvements committee
recommended that the Terrell (Bowie)
bill, to place telephone and telegraph
companies under the Jurisdiction of
the railroad commission, be referred
to judiciary committee No. 2.
Hurled Into Ditch.
Comanche, Tex., Feb. 26. A wagon
driven by Captain James Alderice
was hit by a Irlsco railway switch en
gine. A horse was killed. The cap
tain, who is fifty-seven years old. was
hurled Into a ditch. He sustained con
cussion of the brain and a leg was
broken. His recovery is doubtful.
Mexican War Veteran Dies.
Dallas. Feb. 26. At his residence,
northwest of this city, where he bad
lived over forty years, John McCom
mas, a ve'.eran of the Mexican war
and also a Confederate soldier, passed
way Friday morning. He was a
prominent Dallas county farmer. He
was eighty-one years old.
Cooper Former Resident of Waco.
Waco, Feb. 26. Colonel Danc&n B.
Cooper, on trial at Nashville In con
nection with the killing of the late
ex-Senator Carmack, was formerly en
gaged with Captain J. W. Stanberry In
the dry goods business at Waco. Fla
vlus Cooper, a brother, died In this
Taft For Tariff Revision.
New York, Feb 26. President Elect
Taft declared in an Interview In this
city that a revision of the tariff is
the primary requisite for the relief
of the present business condition and
expressed the hope that the revision
will be accomplished by June 1.
For Irrigation Dam.
Washington. Feb. 26. Representa
tive Slayden Introduced a bill to pro
vide for the negotiation of a treaty
with, Mexico to permit dams in the
Rio Grande for irrigation purposes.
(5) Of
aw mwm
G. S. PARKER, President A. W. VYIUERSON, CiSHkr
E. n. astim, vice Pres. E. w. crensmw, Asst. ciswcr
Attempts to Stab Thirty Sixth Woman
When Officers Arrest Him.
Berlin. Feb. 26 The man who dur
ing the last fortnight has been making
attacks on women on tbe streets was
captured Friday morning. He made an
attempt to stab a woman on a crowded
shopping street The clothing of the
victim was cut, but the woman suf
fered no harm. Her assailant was
captured by a policeman. He Is a
young man and not yet Identified. His
last attempt was the thirty-sixth since
the beginning of the outrages.
Searching For Girl.
Fort Worth. Feb. 26. Arkansas rel
atives are here searching for Llda
Foutay, aged fourteen, who myste
riously disappeared a week ago after
starting from Fort Worth to her fath
er's home In a small Arkansas town
Relatives fear the girl met with foul
play. Tbe family Is prominent.
Buys an Island.
Shreveiwrt. Feb. 26 The Texas
fompany purchased Grlgsby Island,
nearly 1,000 acres, two miles south of
Shreveport. supposedly to establish a
skimming plant or refinery, to prepare
nil lor shipment by barge on Red river
;o New Orleans.
New Hlgn wneat Marks.
Chicago, Feb. 26. A new record
mark for the season was established
in tbe wheat pit when May delivery
sold at $1.17 3-4 per bushel . and July
at $1.05 3-4. The price for May de
livery was within 4 cents of the beat
market reached during the memorable
Galea campaign in 1905, when the
price touched $1.21 1-2.
Due to Gas Explosion.
Columbus. O., Feb. 28. Fire which
started In tbe fourth story of the
building occupied by the Brunswick
Bowling company spread to tbe five
story brick building occupied by Tracy,
Wells ft Co.. and destroyed It with its
contents. The total loss is plaeed be
tween $200,000 and $300,000. Tbe fire
was started by a gas explosion.
Turner Ranch Sold.
Houston. Feb., 26. The Turner
ranch, one of the last of the larger
ranches of this ectlon, ten mllea north
of the city, was sold by L. M. Sco
field to Rider Co. or St Louis, for
$250,000. The land comprises 20,000
Gasoline Causes House to Burn.
Texarkana, Feb. 26. The explosion
of a gasoline tack caused a fire which
consumed tbe residence of F. S. Hlx
The family barely escaped.
Groceries, Garden Seed, Poultry.
These are our leaders. No better Groceries any
where. Garden Seed bought in bulk, therefore
pure and fresh. Poultry and eggs always on hand.
C. E. Bullock & Co.
The Jackson Loan & Trust Co.
120 West Capitol Street, Jackson, Mississippi.
see R. o. BOUNDS, at Miller House
In Our
Big Grocery Sale
Will S. tiiggs

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