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: i
Phones inland, ,179 The QuilityJlGrocer
r - TT t volunteered himself as the subiect.
laruaniuormnnuaniT! since nobody seem i to have heard
,Ctf anv rharvB ovinst thA hnnnrail
By THE EAGLE PRINTING CO. pr-eaker it is plain that this move Is'
(simply a grandstand plav. It would'
; t. . .. . i m . i . i t. i
I ur iuuu; ii me eopie uiua i cave 10 ;
ntered tt the PostcS" In Bryan, ifoot the bil1 toT a" 8UCn foolishness
Teiis, aa acond class matte-. Tk,', . . , !
There is a town out A est. Del Rio,
by name, that ha.3 natural advantages i
or position and resources sufficient
to make a city, but the citizens are
Rate cf Subscription.
5 and 10
Cent Store
Is Headquarters for
Tin waie GranittwLe
White I Enamtled-
aret Aluminum and
Everything in Xo
tions; and c'cn't for
fet - -..
Candy 10c per
One month I .40 divided into factions which spond all
Three months 1.00 of their efforts in fighting each other.
One year 4.09 so the resources are not developed
and the growth of the town is stun
ted. This is not a parable but If any
body wants to d'ef.u e a moral from it
anil apply it to Bryan the author will
not object.
i that tbe proper consideration of many
,-h;r:M sre overlooked or lorg'it'cn. '
! V. I teiicv In rood government (
'end a roven.mnt vh honor and In-1
T-gri?y, in a government that enforces j
jits laws and decrees and I believe!
I ?i.at the iforle ill stan.i behind ,'
, such a government and aid It with i
all their jtower for after all the peo
; pie and the ro eminent are the same
thing, and as such should aid their !
'servants, an. I the servants should a I
i ways tke th people into their coun
jsels. and the w-opie'. wish should
be the law, which they should follow,
llf perchance the people should wish
;me to serve they will be my masters,
land I will obey them, but I will not
(Obey the commands of any man or
;any set of men. I
If under the above propositions.!
I you see fit to elect me, I will do what
I I can for the people of this city. If
on the other hand you see fit to re
ject me for the above reasons or
other reasons, I have no questions to
'.ask. I have, placed my name as a can
didate with some hesitation, for:
Advertising rates on application.
, Subscribers will confer a favor on
the management by telephoning the
office promptly when carriers fall to
deliver the paper, or when change of
residence occurs.
I while I feel that it is an honor to
represent you in any capacity. I
feared and fear that mv motive "will
be misunderstood, however I hope the I
people or this city know me well
enough to think that whatever ebe
I may be, I am at least sincere, and
, ill try to Jo what I think Is right,
.and that this race is made not thru
Jany other motive except that I be
i .
t ,, iltMe 1 can w some service to you.
To the Democratic oters of Bryan: And furthermore. I don t believe de.
I beleive that a candidate for anv feat In this fight for that I believe
office should be fair both to himself is rlgnt w111 be misunderstood, except
For Early
Card From Mr. Henderson.
The Eagle lg authorized to announce
the following candidates subject to the
action of the City Democratic primary
to be held March 1st, 1S09:
For City Marshal
For City Secretary
For Alderman
H. A. Bl'RGEh
and to the vmpr. o.i .t,. " mose-wno don t want to under
voter should know how he stan.i. , na
Bryan is literally "a t'ty that isiany question, whether vital or not '. , . HENDLRsON
art rn o hill" ., h ..,fin.s!iin that the .,-.7 . -"'J eruseii:eui.
- "in. ca u u mci ruuvaiiuuai - v i"1- j uiar uu l!i 1 ifH l i a
and religious institutions f.re. flgu-nian who stands on both sidea nt " 1
ratively speaking, eac h a luminous j question is very apt to stand on the
jewel shedding abroad the beauti- rong side, when the time come an.i I
fully blended light of science and re- such a man is not worthy of any hon- Ladies
ligion. These priceless gems are tor the people can give. I also
are Planning a Thoreuoh
hu. Cleaning for March 10th T r.n.
imeiea ny eniotis rivals v.no are ee n a candidate announces th. cccn e W th ill th stt.
scheming to get possession of them. ;he will do a certain thin or vnt m m w c;, i ... '
And they will succeed unless Bryan 'certain way on a certain question M Mutual "improvement C lub of this
wear them. It is not accor.
rself worthy to fleeted he should carry out his prom- city, is planning a thorough clean up
ccord.ng to the ise. an. I oby the demands t.i !nv nn ih m.h tv. .
etrnrl tn.B hln.. .h - -i-. I nfiAt.lo K...,.- v- - . . :euieiu.
. - V Tt "'"s e-.,. ... ue la aeieated. tne at tne suggestion of Dr. Brumby
tern should wear the diadem of a ' People do not stand for what he stands i State Health Officer, ii to be mad
it,- --ue" ve 'ber reason than general throughout tue state to i
jnis. ith this preface. I lay down prove and preserve the health of ea
is to be made
, u
. . . ' , l , , . - , , ' v . . v i uronu ,1 f u
a leaner oi one or tne "delegations , u'uis projwsiuons an- ideas community and to prevent as far as
of English suffragettes was received i wWkn 8'and for. and on which I possible, the presence of flies, mos
with disfavor when she returned to base m' offer 'o represent you as quitoes anil other insects
rnrke her report to the woman's "ar"lon,e of -vur Aldermen. . Mrs. Sims asks a thorough x-o-oper-
liamenf because she failed to get ' believe in LOCAL SELF GOV-Nation with the ladies hv rhp iavnr
arrested. She offered by way of ex-, '-RNMENT. and "that the people and city council, and also by each
cuse th.-t she hal done her best and noul'l I rule." not the "few" who per- and every citizen. It is desired that
eui.j try again. One ot the speak- '"ps ""e an interest or their own, committees be apointe, to act with
ers who addressed the parliament, a j w.hkn is contrary to the interest of the ladies committees, that the town
woman of high social position. gajd: .the people as a whole. ; be divided into districts, and that the
.c mup uniurr our nperiy uorour 'c """11 auu puo- my cans an.i wagons be reserved for
lives unless the v.omen of this coun-! Iici,-V in office, and that the people that day to haul away the trash and
Spring W2ta
The material Fashion has decreed as the leading dress
goods for Spring. Shades as follows; Catawba, Re
seda.jWistaria, Peacock, Old Rose, Tan, Copenhagen.
trv per a t-nto " It Ii hor.iin iu isnould at all Ij.iik Innn- t f,ot ihu. .-;, K ,., i. i . . , ..
ERYAN, TEXAS, FEERUARY 2! . 09. :er thing to laugh at people who are I servants are doing, and how thev alleys by the hands doing the work
jso terribly in earnest. ;are carrying out their commands. Each citizen should have, his own
Do.ii V. -1 ' 1 1 b"eve in economy In Govern- premises thoroughly cleaned on that
Really now. Mr. Thomas of Hon. !. w , . . . ment. an, that th tar ..ovr. rt.. ,.i ...i. , .J . 1 ,ual
inm ia tun rr,oii , I r i suuiij uereioiore mere nas been cu . i, I. j, . , f'r mc iru in me aueys so
lar.. ,4 "Ti, VP 8Ucn !"'e general Interest in the munici- i ou a Le nandea with the greatest H will be ready for flie cans. After
va 4- equate O lliUC,
The peonle wouldn't senoiwiv r. !ty n candidates, but
Ject to the legislature spending two-: ' 8 vl,al ,38"e and 11 ia of
: 1 j u,au9? nine uaa uetij
uo issue except tne personal popular-
now there
the utmost
Care. tht ,tpanlncr la .,n.lA.A,l . I.
l. I do not believe that the City desire a thorough Inspection bv the
should pay more for wnat it gets than authorities of the city and ask that
any first class business man would all sanitary rppniaMnn ,i,r.,..i
sevenths of Its time iunkerintT it ..importance that every citizen be im-l .... A movement of this kind was in-
didn't waste so much of -ne nthJrif""88 a sense of his duty. ,.,:u " n. oewre tne peo- augurated by the ladies here several
five-sevenths jowering about it.
e are conrronted with a crisis. '.C V. T ur i bui) jri ago ami i
Stand still we cannot; It is either) e aier. "gnt and sewer- ceSS, everybody
prcsress or retrogrtsion and be-iTT1, do not Delieve that the City Ing all they cou
pie, viz: the
should pay more for the
Bon.j issue to suonly years ago and it was unienriM
co-operating and do-
ld to helo in carrvlnc
existing out me pian.
tic mil iiiai iae i pian apnaro tivMn t ti a tn-n u- . ,
" " I ' - " . uiun I IIIJUMH . , .- - c
so morbidly sensat:ve about itslThere Is no ml Idle course The p 1 n a snab4 prudent busl- Following is Dr. Brumby's letter to
honor Is likely to create a suspicion j question of the hour Is. shall Bryan !,Dess man wou1,1 pay when his own the President of the state federation
tbtt it posesses precious little of that be a city, clean, healthful prosper- nterest is at stake. If the property! Dear Madam: Spring is again ap
commodlty. 0us guee regnant over the fairest i 18 worb. anything as machinery pay proaching and with it flies, mosqui.
land most fertile jnion of the rich- 19 worth; and if it is worth toes and summer diseases. It be-
Judge Dickinson who is to be sec- :est cf all the states, or shall she be , ?, "g ZF 88 jl,nk why- W toT hooves us to take some special ac tion
retary of war in Taffs cabinet, is a iotitdistanced by hitherto despised ri- L",.- v u n' for saIe as JlInk' t0 )roU'tt tne health of our citizens
Tennessean who lives in Chics-o andlvalH- sln1' '"'o obuiitv and take . uy ,s. tne right to condemn it against the dangers which beset us
a Democrat who has voted the Repub-!rank a an insignificent village, dirty f."'1 ""-v U J01 what 11 u wrth; the during warm weather,
lican ticket for the last twelve years I D elodorous. an uglv blotch on the y "a1116 rlht of Eminent Do- It has been proposed to have an
" most beautiful landscape God ever main. and also has the right by vir- annual clean-up day in Texas, and
1 m nrin t. . . lutr m imp roniran -irn ai.t f-,. Marr-h in hoa K-.m . j
- " v v,.- - - v " ur . i, aiiKeaieu us me
pany to buy said property at reason- most suitable date. The women of
able price. If said company (who the State, especial! v the dub women
own.n the existing plant) have by reas- are In a position to forward this
on cf their fai're to furnish water movement more effectually than anv
Atlfl i.rv,ru.ti.n . k I . 1 . , . V. , ; . : . . '
iu mn ciij ami uiucr cuizeus. i inererore aitiieal to
V J . f nle tan be sllown to be the case you and the members of vour club to
Manager Preson of the Water Com- by the best of evidence, in fact all take the following steps toward mak-
pany Prpanng to Improve ' of the citizens are witnesses to this ing clean-up dav a reality:
Water Service. fact, have broken their contract with' 1. Arrange to have your premises
.-loiias-r i. j. rresion or tne Ury- i")-uuai jou tninK tney are in good condition on or heforp iar, h
Temple and Waco are fighting mad !m..ad.'
about which has 'he prettier girls.!
Now if the disputants would romp a,x,ut "
and see the galaxy of beauty always
on exhibition ia Beautific Bryan they
would slink home in subdued rilence.
ce what are you rolnz to
looks like the lawve rs nrnserntln
his slayers are going to tell some of
Some of our exrhangei are callins
yo ln-
There has all along been a suspi
cion that Senator Carmack was killed
because he knew too much and they
were airald he would tell It. But itian Wa'er and IJeht mmnanv - In a bad nosltinu tn Hp ,inniniir, inth
luring to improve his water service 11 11 18 a iact that they are demand- l. Discuss the matter with
by sinking a new well. He has a '"S more than their nlant is worth? friends and amnalntnti,
..0-foot derrick erected and an up-to-j11 is my belief under the law, that i 3. Apiwfnt a committee from the
date rotary well outfit on the ground . tne' Dave broken their contract with club to serve as a p .blic l'v comniit
and being installed. Thev wm beithi3 city, and their franchise should tee. If thev se.- tit let thm ha,.
auenuon to tne Tact that there 8!"a" o start tne drill down some "e tahen away rrom them, and that published the iiKlo.l ariule to be
not a newspaper man in the penifen-i ,llne today. Mr. Preston has been ati'hp.v should be treated a an out-law. gin with, and follow it w ith soni
tiary. Nothing remarkable about Wf,l"k a month to secure an outfit and and not as "injured innocence." I newspaper niairrial each V.V Imsda
that. The newspaper men are the I ''rlllPr- b"t has just been able to get an ln favor of this matter being until March luth.
talt of the earth and the in la tirione and get the machinery here. The looked into bv competent authority i immint iw.in-.hi... f-..
salt-cellar. joutfit was secured from the Albert an'J that the status of said company club to confer wi'h the .in and
nr. , . , iitjujion. an i "1 uu ueiure any nasie ty aumorities so as to airan f. r
it the Texas senate could see jt- "'i'i't senr one ot tneir most '-i mown in ine-mairer and a pur- special means to cart awav sip h rub
self as others see It t.ie picture ire-X,SJi'n('''l n"'n ,0 ,io ,nt ''rilling. fha5e is made. N0 one will contend bish as- shail accumulate on account
sented would be that of a ganu of! , wHI is )rnmedately east of the that said plant is an infant industry, of the special efforts of private indi
rowdies romping on poor little Tom-i1 ant an'' -Mr- Preston says he will and I believe that if it is. now is the viduals on clean-up dav. This sane
ui nopKius. ah Meal senate is . " 1 imj, u uu i - - "-ou n, i.ji . miw-a tuo mucii cuimiiuee, or a oinerent coniniittee
im Hiifiiir 'nil rccr .1... .. .mill; rn .1. it i. I . u ,, i . .
... .... , .,,). nuiju as .1, , oiLi ii uus iiui seem siiuuio aiso interview tne local atl-
the well i.s completed he will place to grow. D, you not think that thorities and secure from Uieni their
the outfit in one of the wells on the,'1 has received about all the nourish- promise to have the court house and
west side of the plant and en tn tho'ment from this citv it can u-ii Ktan.i all nhii ..,ii. !!... i.,i .
;r.,,ala a. . ...... . " ' . . . . . . u, i ii.ii u g in is-
i the effort to be sennptionnl 5i.p,i,. Va .' , . ' . ""'"" e nun- i-i is ui an imam, ons, inorougniy renovated and c lean-
ruiiuKeu 10 oe comjioseii or "potent,
grave and reverend seigniors."
Not to be outdone by the
hnn denipinir..! ih,t tf, 1 V,. , . " 11 " succehs ne i uimik mai u is oc-iier lor ei up on .March lUtn.
nas (1 niatiiled that the ; w ill s nk annthot- ..n r.t .1,; . .u.ilh Infant t ,.,.-1, v .u 1 - . ,..
: - ' i" me 1 1- ,ni nij ; 1 o. ninKnin a comiiimee ironi your
second flow, which will give him four! I want to be understood, not a clnh tn rnnfer u. i t K tho Ctt rtnrl ntnH
wells, two feedng trom the first strat- ne who would destroy vested rights, ,'ent of schools, with a view of having
,uiii aim two 1 mm tne seconn up uui us one wno win nrnteet v-tio,i ' him institute a ihn.f,.h ..,
.... .11 . j . . -. ..iu. . ,. ; . ' - " ".iu6.. vo.,i,miB,i
er Kenneilv
house Investigate something and has
By Wnt
Our perfec t telephone system
enables you to buy Drug Store
Goods anything everything
with as perfect satisfaction as if
you made a personal call.
When the day is wet or cold, or
you are sick or too busy, just
step to the phone call us up
and we'll do the rest.
If it is toilet articles, rubber
goods, supplies for sick room or
Nursery, we will make your
selections and deliver the goods,
Prttcnptiom DngfUtt, . . fioM (6
.hopes by this method to have plenty j rights, and if said plant has certain! for the cleaning of
jof water for all purposes. He says demands on this city, then this city
;he is spending a great Teal of money , should meet same; but, if on the
Ion his plant and purjioses to keep on .other hand, there is nothing due said
'spending it until he brings it up to.I'lant by this city, and if said plant
,11- ie,jHireu sian,:anj or goes broke "as oroKen its contract (this contract
buildings and
premises of every school In your ter
6. Appoint a committee from your
dub to investigate the topographv of
your locality, with the view of locat-
i-seems to be a Rind of hob-gobjin used ling any pond or stagnant water which
iu iiiKinen us wnn, out I believe, if may be present. If such ponds are
u is iinebugaie.j it win be found toireported. a request from the club to
u- a mere noaxi With the Citv. I don't hp Citv rminrll nr fnnntv rnmmlc.
wonl.i hpttcr ioo, i .v 1 ii ? """"" auuii imicu iavor. goners to 011 tne suriace or tnese
luc es!ior it seems to nave a way of being. ponds will probably be acceded to.
There ere certain things that men
know more about them than vou do
This is probably true of Sewing ma
chines, finger reputation 13 backed
by fifty years experience. Singer
sales exceed the sales of all others
combined. T. A. Sattenvoite. Sales
man and Collector. Phone J3.
For sale A good, gentle
horse. See Sim Cooper at
out of fix at a critical time but we
all know all about this, even the In
surance companies, perhaps. How
ever I am in favor of the city buving
this plant, if they will sell the same
to tne city at such a price that ii
reasonable and rieht. at such a nrice
that is honest both to itself and to the
Such other steps as may occur
to you which would be valuable in
your locality.
Administrators Notice,
Any person having claims against
city, and such a price (hat experts con-the estate of W. A. Bell, will please
siner same to be worth ami business present same at once.
For Sale pure blood Buff Orping
ton eggs, f l..0 per 13. rQ -
men would pay. I don't believe in
paying a sensational value for anv-
'ning, altho the people who own said
I plant are our friends and fellow
1 townsmen.
We deliver hulls and meal cheaper
I am In favor of havinc one built nr Helirered. Phone o(6. Mcks Feed
bought as the case may be, after con- Store.
nuenng which Is the cheapest, and
best in the long run to the citizens
Try a sack of Whi e Woolf stock
food. Phone 376. Vick's Feed Store ,bt thi citty. but too much haste in
. I the matter will CflUS IIS fill rprot I
White Wyandott eggs for sale. The
popular chicken; $1.00 for 15. W. E.
75c to $1.00 per yd.
Still hold a place'of their own. Wc have them in all
the new shades, .36 in. at
$1.00 to $1.25 per yd.
Dress Linens
We can show you the most beautiful Mercerized Lin
ens in solid colors and hair line stripes, from
25c to 50c per yd.
These must be seen to be appreciated.
Printed Dress Linenc 15c a yd.
The material for an inexpensive suit and skirts, all
shades with hair line stripes.
Novelty Cambric 15c a yd.
A new cloth for Tub dresses for ladies, misses and
Flaxon 25 C and 35c a yd.
The widely advertised new cloth for dainty white
dresses, lingerie waist, etc.
White Checked Pure Linen SOc a yd.
This is one of the newest fabrics for shirt waists'.
We also have a line of White Checked Muslin
from - - 15c to 25c a yd.
Our htock of Sheer White Goods is complete in every
detail. We invite comparison in quality and TJrfcts.
jl mean by too much haste, such hurry Giaham, Bryan, Route 4.
Laces and Embroideries.
Our Spring stock received. Dainty match sets. etc..
etc., etc.
s Nets, Nets, Nets.
Tucked, embroidered plain the most popular material
for yokes and sleeves for silk dresses, and net waists so
much in vogue.
R k BTimmin-CoorCd Cluny. White Cluny,
Baby Irish, Etc. y
The Royal Worcester Corset
is the acknowledged BEST Corset for ALL figures.
We have them m styles to give the hipless effect ex
treme long back and h,ps t$m
Don Ion $4 00
Royal Adjusto for full figures, gives s'lendcr.'hi'p.
less appearance to the stout women $3.00 & $5.00
Our Muslin Underwear Department '
full of fresh, crisp undermu'slins. made in dainty
Nainsook. Checked Mushn. etc.. lace and embroide ly
trimmed. Prices most reasonable, quality and style
to suit the most fastidious. y
w ..... t . LJlj'' "

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