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rv r rv rn fid
To our store for a tack of
American Beauty Flour
To be unloaded Monday.
Our Goods Satisfy.
Phones 111 and 179 The Quality Grocer
Sryan fHnroimj fcarjl?
ntered at tbe PostcS In Bryan,
Tez&s, as second class matte-.
Rates of Subscription.
One month $ .40
Three months 1.00
One year 4.00
Advertising rates on application.
Subscribers will confer a favor on
tbe management by telephoning tbe
office promptly when carriers fail to
deliver tbe paper, or when change of
residence occurs.
Tbe Eagle is authorized to announce
tbe following candidates subject to the
action ot tbe City Democratic primary
to be held March 1st, 1909:
For City Marshal
For City Secretary
For Alderman
U. D. C. Program.
(Texas Day.)
1. Ansver Roll Call One of the
Resources of Texas.
2. Music Selected.
3. Battles Under the Texas Flag
The Ixine Star of the Republic"
'The United States and under the
Southern Cross of the Confederate
btates of America."
4. Dixie.
a. "Line-up" of "The Great Men of
Texas" in the order that they are pre
senteil in History.
. Song Selected.
The Texas Div. V. D. C "The
Btrength of the Division Depends on
the Advance in Historical Study.'
Paper on discussion.
7. Song "Our Southland" Mrs
Adella A Dunovant.
Note The life oT Mrs. Goodlet. the
rounder of the General r. D. C. can
be procured' by sending 10 cents to
Historian of Texas Division, who has
this printed; two cents goes for the
cost, the eight cents for the Confed
erate Womans Home. All questions
Historian Texas D. . U. D. C.
Alta Loma, Tex.
The club women of San Antonio
think tbe constitution of Texas is too
little a thing to stand in the way of
their getting what they want.
Dick Outrank, the creator of Bustor
Brown, says the comic supplement
must go. We can only hope that this
Is not another of the great humorist's
A Belton woman has discovered a
Notice for Bids.
A. and M. College of Texas,
l ollege Station, Texas. Feb. 27. '09,
Bids will be received at the office
of the president up to four o'clock
March 27th for 1,400 cords of gool
mercnantable wood in medium lots
of 3.10 cords. 1050 cords to be deliv
ered along the I. & G. N. railroad
spur as designated by the president
or tne college. 3;0 cords to be deliv
ered at the Mes3 Hall. Grade of the
wood and cording subject to the ap
proval of the President of the Col
lege. Three-fifths of the whole
amount of each contract of wood to
be delivered by January 1, 1910; the
remainder as called for by the Presi
dent of the College. A certified check
for one-sixth the value of each bid
must accompany such bid. A bond
of sufficient amount will be required
of the successful bidder to compel
taunrul compliance with the contract
The right Is reserved to reject any
and an urns.
R. T. MILNER, President
Farewell Meeting.
inasmuch as Rev. J. A. Challenner is
SSSffiL ITS ee" "!5? -on to T Bryan roer fields
Washington and Carrie Nation the
hatchet. Phoebus! what wonders in
vestigation doth unfold.
of labor, the Pastors Association has
arranged a farewell service for him.
to be held at the Christian church on
Sundav afternoon at 3 n rWb Tno
The man qualified to vote in the .'program is as follows with Prof. John
primary tomorrow who fails to do his H. Allen presiding::
duty will have no right to complain
no matter who are elected or what
Is done. "Speak now or forever hold
your peace."
There are officeholders in Texas
who couldn I earn $500 a year in an
honest private business, yet they are
bowling because $2500 or $3000 is not
sufficient to pay their expenses while
holding public office.
Since congress found out that Ted
the Terrible Is only a blustering
bully and that the big suck is a
stui.ed club it is giving .c to him good
and plenty. The only wonder Is how
ne played the game so long without
getting found out.
Mr. Bryan has unequivocally and
emphatically said that he does not
desire another nomination for the
presidency and would accept it only
in the improbable event that the peo
ple again called on him to be their
leader. This is all he ought to say
and the fact that he is ptili misrepre
sented, and criticized only serves to
show how truly great he is and how
his enemies fear him.
Hymn Choir and congregation.
Prayer Rev. Tom A. Searcy.
Scripture lesson Rev. S. J. Shef
field. Hymn Choir and congregation.
Minute talks by the laymen of the
Hymn Choir and congregation.
Short talks by the pastors.
Hymn Choir and congregation.
Farewell address Rev. Jas.
Hymn Choir and congregation.
6 and 10
Cent Store
Is Headquarters for
White t Fr.ameled
ware, Aluminum snJ
Everything inj No
tior.?; and don't for
Cet ...
Candy 10c per
Supt. Lawon Writes Entertainingly ; before him.
Popular Youny ryan Couple United
jfs Marriage Last Night.
AT. Vi. MrNVdey mid Mies
Helen Conway ei quietly married
at l:;w o'clock Ihm night at the H.tp
tint parsonage. Dr. M. K. Weaver, the
pastor, officiating.
They took snap Judgement on their
many friends, not Uttlne tht ni Into
! their secret, and left the home of the
bride presumably to go to the Cory
theater, but Instead went straight to
! hymen's altar. However all has been
rreejy rorglven and tbey tre receiving
the hearty congratulations of their
friends. Mr. Lock Mc.Neelev. hrmhor
of the groom, and .Miss Willie Mae
Brockman, cousin of the bride, accom-'
panled them and were the only wit-!
nessee to me ceremony besids the
family of the officiating minister.
Tbe bride is a niece of Mrs. McDuff
Simpson and baa made her home with
Mrs. Simpson since tne death of her
parents. She is a young lady of many
personal charms, refined, gracious in
disposition, and possessing those
christian graces t.nd traits of mind
j and heart that Ct her to be the queen
i of the home.
j The groom Is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
! J. W. McNeeley of Cedar Point. Texas,
I but has made his home in Bryan for
several years, lie is an industries
young mechanic, a young man cf sterl
ing worth and high n.oral character
SCHOOLS. . th the charming girl he has won
I for his bride, he, haj a bright future
on This end Other Subjects
To the Patrons:
It is my purpose to cultivate a
taste for good literature in the
A course of the best works of the
best writers was placed in all the!su' nf Ilijau Texas, lit
grades last year, and will continue 'resolution was adopted:
to be used
They will reside in Bryan r.nd the
Eagle joins their many friends In
congratulations and best wishes.
At a meeting of the Buine-is Lea-
fClli.'W ! ig
Whereas, There has been intro-
ilui'0.1 In thu I ooluluf 114 a Mil mi.
Children should be given the en- Ithorizing the creation of Improve-
Joyment of sucn a course in the lower
grades, and it was a matter of sur
prise to me to find that it had been
overlooked so long In the Bryan
Among leading educators. k,iere is
no difference of opinion on t.is subject.
Not only did I place this subject in
our regular course 01 study, but I
put it in the list of subjects for our
City Institute, that a clear aid con
cise method of the presentation niluht
be gone over with the teachers.
The opinions of such thinkers as
Chubb and DeGarmo were carefullv , orable
considered in order that teachers
might give their pupils as much
pleasure and profit as possble.
I ne high school morning onenmes.
In the new auditorium on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, and Thursdays, are lit
erary treats. They are lead bv Prof
ment Districts for the improvement
of streams etc., to prevent overflowf
And Whereas, There are large
bodies of valuable farming lands sub
ject to the periodical ovreflowg of the
rivers of Texas, the cultivation of
which is not only hazardous but al
most impossible under existing con
ditions: And Whereas, The protection of
said lands, would be beneficial to the
whole state, by increasing the values
and productiveness thereof:
And Whereas, Such bill has been
through the active efforts of the Hon-
Watson, Terrell, Alexander
and Meacbum passed by the Senate
and now awaits the action of the
Therefore, Be it resolved that we
earnestly petition and urge the pas
sage of this bill at the earliest possi
ble time to the end that such districts
Klnnard. and are in hrrmony with the, may be organized and work com
uiea 01 inerary enjoyment wnicn I am
trying to make general in the schools.
The teachers in the various grades
are doing the same thing, and the
pupils are beglning to realize that
medals and prices are false educa
tional Ideas. In keeping . with this
idea of literary appreciation, was the ty,
recent i.ongrenow iintertainment civ-'
en by Miss Ada Board and her sixth
grade pupils. Everything said and
represented had a direct bearing on
the idea of literary appreciaton.
.Miss Board carried out the Idea
beautifully and sncessfully. All gradei
above the fifth were present, and
quite a number of the good p ople of
Bryan were there to snow their inter
est in the progress of the pupils.
in this connection, I may alio state
that wrong use of memory retards
our work .n placing the schools on a
higher plane.
.Memory has its proper place, and
it should be used properly. The dam
age conies not in use of memory, but
in its abuse. The old mediaeval idea
ced as soon as possible.
Resolved, Further that these reso
lutions be signed by all members of
the League present and a copy for
warded by the Secretary to our rep
resentative in the legislature and to
Hon. Buchanan of Washington coun-
and 59 other Citizens.
First Baptist Curch.
Services ct the First Baptist church
as follows:
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. H. H.
Newton, Supt.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p.
m. by the pastor.
B. Y. P. U. at 6:45 p. in.. Jim Thorn-1
as president. j
Services today are of special inter
est to every member and a cordial
welcome will be given visitors.
You are cordially invited to attend
There will be a caled meeting to
morrow (Monday) night at eight
o'clock. Work in the Entered Appren
ice degree and a full attendance of
tne members is desired. O. E. Saun
ders. W. M.
Will Preach In Houston.
State Evangelist Rev. S. W. Ken
drlck went to Houston yesterday af
ternoon and will preach two sermons
in that city today. At 11 o'clock this
morning he will sneak at the First
Baptist church, and this evening at
tne Liberty Avenue Baptist church.
Compromised Insurance Settlement
Joe Kosh, whose saloon was hurncil
in the Jan. 15th fire, has at last ef
fected n settlement with the adjust
ers, ne carried ? 1,500.0 insurance
and the adjusters refused to allow
same in full. After lengthy quibling
over tne matter he compromised with
them for the sum of $1,000.
By Wire
Our perfect telephone system
enables you to buy Drug itore
Goods anything everything
with as perfect satisfaction as if
you made a personal call.
When the day is wet or cold, or
you are sick or too busy, just
step to the phone call us up
and we'll do the rest.
If it is toilet articles, rubber
goods, supplies for sick room or
Nursery, we will make your
selections and deliver the goods,
rush. t
hsenpHt Dntgittt.'' . , Phn (6
Loss Adjusted.
The insurance adjusters represen
ting the companies that carried the
$5,000 on the city hall, have been
here and adjusted the loss, allowing
the amount in full without a question.
$5.00 Reward.
To finder of black Berkshire sow
with under, bit In left ear. Lost last
November. May have litter of pigs
now. A. V. Klnnard. 71
was to substitute memory for other, lDebe s?rvces and worsiup witn ns.
.11. c. c.Acn, r aster.
There are certain things that men
would better leave alone, the wives
know more about them than you do.
This is probably true of Sewing ma
chines, .'inper refutation ta tra-oH
by fifty years experience. Singer
sales exceed the sales of all others
combined. T. A. SaMenvhlte, Sales,
man and Collector. Phone 75.
ror sale A good, gentle family
norse. See Sim Cooner nt
For Sale Pure blood Buff Orping
ton eggs, $1.50 per 15. Geo. W.
Try a sack of Whl Woolf stock
food. Phone 376. VIck's Feed Ktnro
faculties. That idea substituted au
thority for reason, and hung medals '
and prizes at the ned of the line. Ex
aminations were memory tests. China
has that system yet, hence the back
wardness of China. Just as China
has failed to measure up with strong
rations, so will, your child fail to
measure up with other pupils in high
er grades, if he is taught to use ver
bal memory where he ought to think
I am moved to make these remaii:s
because examination is approaching.
and it will not consist of memory
tests where thinking .s necessary. It
is not so much WHAT they do, as
HOW they do it. That is whv I urge
the duty of subjects, reasoning, and
the constant applcation of the know
ietue gained, more man mere repe
tition and Imagination.
Just here, I want to say, that much
home study by children, too often re
suits in memorizing things they do
not understand, and too much help-
so mucn carrying them that they do
not learn to stand alone.
This leaves out of consideration the
additional fact that growing children
need rest and relaxation, and that par
ents and teachers should not move ex
cessive demands on them.
I want to add, that I would not
hitch a young colt to a heavy log-wag
on, nor a young child to heavy school
work. In either case arrested devel
opment results somewhere along the
line, and. In either case, load or team
will almost invariably be left behind
In bringing about these changes
which I consider to be for the be3t
interests of the schools, I am trying to
make myself felt, rather than seen.
I am trying to le to every teacher
a courteous and considerate director,
rather than an exacting taskmaster.
The teachers are responding nobly.
and the schools are improving.
In the further improvement of the
schools, and curing ailments due in
a large measure to causes which I
have mentioned, I i.sk the cordial as
sistance of the people of Bryan.
Supt. City Schools,
We deliver hulls and meal cheaper
than you can bu them and have them
delivered. Phone 376. Vick's Feed
Store. 73
Laws Regarding Life
Insurance Companies
mere n a j;tet ial t? c.. u.ioii ut
now in legarrfs ;.. Tea inhume laws
and I want jm, in knew ju-t how the
fcouthwesteni ::.tds in regard to such
legislation. Ai.u right at the start I
want lei sav tt.r.t I have titli taith thai
.,i i. 1 '1 1
ine ig!:aii!'eo: : ea wi.i q c us the
very let insurance I a The South
western want the i .utirar.ee laws of
Texa to he the very het in the United
States trom the standpun: of the policy
holder. ThU n.eans that no company
shill he permitted to do luisiness in
Texas, either home companies or for
eign companies, which throughschemes,
unsafe investments, improper reserves or
otherwise shall defraud the people of
Texas. We want the'Scal of Texas en
an insurance company to mean that
that company absolutely protects its
policy holders. Insure in the South
western Life Insurance Companv and
keep Texas money in Texas.
Recent news items from Oklahoma
announce that the foreign companies
will likely withdraw Irom Oklahoma if
certain pending laws are enacted. Re
cently a representative of one of the for
eign companies made the statement in
Austin that it certain laws are enacted
the outside companies now doing busi
ness in Texas will likely quit Texas.
Those who have policies in the com
panies now out of the state know the
inconvenience th'y are often put to in
paying their premiums, and many ben
eficiaries have had considerable incon-
veniance in making proofs of death.
Many an agent suffered severe financial
oss when his company withdrew from
the state two years ego.
SEE JOE B. REED and have him w rite
ome insurance on vour life. He will
explain so you will understand what
011 get and help you pav the premium
nd see that the lieneficiarv is raid
promptly generally within three days
from date of proof of death.
For Early
White Wyandott eggs for sale. The
popular chicken: 11.00 for 15. W. F!
Giafiarn, Bryan, Route 4. 52 J
OOe trjMtalrt ott fcmm Drsj jOo, j
Spring Wemr
The material Fashion has decreed as the leading dress
goods for Spring. Shades as follows; Catawba, Re
seda Wistaria, Peacock, Old Rose, Tan, Ccpenhagcii.
75c to $1.00 per yd.
Still hold a placc"of their own. We have them in all
the new shades, 36 in. at
$1.00 to $1.25 per yd.
Dress Linens
We can show you the most beautiful Mercerized Lin
ens in solid colors and hair line stripes, from
25c to 50c per yd.
These must be seen to be appreciated.
Printed Dress Linene ISc a yd.
The material for an inexpensive suit and skirts, all
shades with hair line stripes.
Novelty Cambric 15c a yd.
A new cloth for Tub dresses for ladies, misses and
Flaxon 25 c and 35c a yd.
The widely advertised new cloth for dainty white
dresses, lingerie waist, etc.
White Checked Pure Linen 50c a yd.
This is one of the newest fabrics for shirt waists.
We also have a line of White Checked Muslin
from 15c to 25c a yd.
Our stock of Sheer White Goods is complete in every
detail. We invite comparison in quality and prices.
Laces and Embroideries
Our Spring stock received. Dainty match sets, etc.,
etc., etc.
Nets, Nets, Nets.
Tucked, embroidered, plain, the most popular material
tor yokes and sleeves for silk dresses, and net waists so
much in vogue.
d l B.an.dJrlmm'nS-CooTCd Cluny, White Cluny.
Baby Irish, Etc.
fit .
The Royal Worcester Corset
is the acknowledged BEST Corset for ALL figures.
We have them m styles to give the hiplcss effect, ex
treme long back and hips ,fjM fo f3 0Q
on Ton $4.00
Royal Adjusto for. full figures, gives slender, hip
less appearance to the stout women $3.00 & $5.00
Our Muslin Underwear Department
Na;UH fLfrlh' I,'??, u,ndcrmusli. made in dainty
Nainsook, Checked Muslin, etc., lace and embroidery
trimmed. Prices most reasonable, quality and style
to suit the most fastidious.

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