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To our store for a sack,
American Beau
To be unloaded Monday.
Our Goods Satisfy.
Phones 111 and 179 The Quality Grocer
Srgan iHornuuj EagU
ntered at tne PostcS" Id Bryan,
Texas, aa second class matter.
Rates of Subscription.
One month $ .40
Three months 100
One year 400
Advertising rates on application.
Subscribers will confer a lavor on
the management by telephoning the
office promptly when carriers fail to
deliver the paper, or when change of
residence occurs.
The woman's clubs of BIsbee, Ariz.,
have been warned by the officials that
hey will be prosecuted If they con
tinue to violate the gambling laws.
The officers of BIsbee must be ex
traordinarily scrupulous about the
performance" of their dues. If the
gambling laws were strictly enforced
in Texas there would be a big sensa
tion in almost every town.
BRYAN, TEXAS, March 6, 1909.
The Taft inauguration was a sure
enough frost. Let us hope that it
was not an omen.
Everybody is of the opinion that
the change from rough rider to a
smooth dancer is a mighty good thing
for the country.
Debt is peonage, not only in Mexico
but everywhere. It is so in the very
nature of things and legislation can
not make it otherwise.
We speak of poets and artists as
if they were classes apart possessing
superior endowments. This is a mis
take. Every true man and woman,
boy and girl is both a poet and artist
and one who lacks these faculties is a
deformity. There is, of course, a dif
ference in the degree of endowment
and in many the faculty is not de
veloped, but the almost universal ap
preciation of poetry and art proves
that it exists.
6 and 10
Cent Store
Is Headquarters
i inwareijranitesvare
Whit Enheled-
ware, Aluryhum and
Everything in No
tions; and don't for
get - - - -
Candy 10c per
In his campaign speeches and in
his inaugural address Mr. Taft made
the clear cut statement that he favors
revising the tariff on the basis of mak
ing the duties equal to the difference
between the cost of production be
tween the cost of production abroad
Called Meeting of City Council.
Called meeting of the City Council
held in the Parker building, March
4th, 1909. Present: Hon. J. T. Ma
loney, Mayor, and Aldermen W. E.
Saundeis, E. S. Derden, O. M. Bran
don, and J. E. Covey.
The following ordinance, entitled
"Election Ordinance" ordering that an
election for City Officers, to-wit: Mar
shall, City Secretary, and three mem
bers of the City Council be held at
the County Court house of Brazos
County, Texas, on the first Tuesday
in April, next, was read on three sev
eral times, Jand the rule requiring
same to be read on three occasions
having been suspended said ordin
ance was finally passed.
"Election Ordinance'
Be it ordainQ by the City Council
A statistician has figured out that
sixty-seven in every hundred murders
file due to the pistol-toting habit. Yet
public opinion still coddle3 the pistol-toter.
While the big dogs, Waco and Tem
ple, were fighting over the Katy divis
ion terminal, Eddy, a small purp,
slipped In and got away with the
and the cost of production at home.
If he succeeds In getting this done,f the City of Bryan, that an election
honestly it will greatly cheapen the 'tr City officers, to-wit: Marshall,
cost of living, go far toward solving Secretary, and three members of the
the trust problem and put new life City Council, shall be held by the
into the merchant marine. We sin
cerely hope the event will prove the
new president to be both sincere in
his promises and able to make them
good unlike his immediate prede
cessor, who was a reformer wi'h his
mouth only.
; qualified voters of said City at the
County Court house in Bryan on the
first Tuesday in April, next, it being
the sixth day of said month; and tho
presiding officer, together with such
others as he may appoint, shall hold
said election in accordance with the
city charter and ordinances, and the
State law governing elections.
The Mayor then appointed J. W.
Batts as Judge of said election.
Motion prevailed that the Council
Wilbur Wright says an areonaut is
perfectly safe In the air.' Of course.
Wilbur's brother Orville could have
told him that there Is no danger except
at 'the instant when he hits the
It Is useless to speculate what
might have been had not Senator
Bailey broken Thomas Mitchell Camp
bell's backbone with that little tap
at San Antonio, for "of all sad words
of tongue or pen" etc. The record is
made and It is a failure.
The possibilities of the possum,
with presidential favor, seem to be
unlimited. Already he is worth $10
apiece as a household pet and some
enthusiasts suggest that he be eub
stliuted for the eagle on the national
coat of arms and on the coins.
The haziness of the atmosphere in
dicates that forest fires are raging
somewhere and this ought to remind
us that during this period of extreme
drouth extraordinary precautions are
necessary to guard against destruc
tive conflagrations both in town and
Election Ordinance
Be it ordained by the City Council
of the City of Bryan:
That an election for Clfv Officers.
to wit: Marshal, Secretary and three aPoint tbe Five Aldermen and the
members of the City Council, shall be1 Maor- a committee to handle the
held by the qualified voters of said "dpal improvements whichare to
I be made under the bond issue.
Motion was mc'l, seconded
City, at the County Court House in
Rrvnn nn thp first TiipsiIhv in Anril
next, it being the sixth day of said,adoted that tne bU3iness nien'of Br
month; and the presiding officer. ton be askel ,0 a',f,oint
gether with such other as he may,of elx t0 advl8e wi,h the City CoUQ
annnlnt. Khali hold Mld election in!ciI rela,lve to the U"n''P improve-
accordance with the City Charter and ,ment8' and the iary was instruct
Ordinances and the State Law govern
ed to write to Mr. Eugene Edge, Pres-
t iiucui ui iiic xrtii .wn ultimo Aaau
nig vrici uuua. t t
Adopted by the City Council and ;ciation, requesting him to call a meet-
the 4th day g Dusiness men oi isryau wun
ja view to apjointing this committee.
A motion prevailed that the City
First Baptist Church.
rVices at the First Baptist church
day as follows:
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.; H. H.
Newton Supt.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.45 p. m.
B. Y. P. U. at 6:45 p m.; Jim Thon.
as Pres.
M on thy Conference at the close of
the morning service with reports from
all the auxileries. You are cordially
invited to attend these services and
worship with us.
M. E. WEAVER, Pastor.
First Methodist Church.
Sunday, March 7th.
Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.
Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:43 p. m.,
by the pastor. Morning subject:
"Morality vs. Godliness;" evening sub
ject: "Gospel Power."
Junior League, 3 p. m.
Senior League, 6:45 p. m.
Everybody welcome to all services.
Free Baptist Church.
Services at the Free Baptist church
on next Sunday as follows: Sunday
school at 9:45; preaching at 7:45 p.
m. No preaching service at 11 o'clock.
All are cordially invited to attend
these services.
' T. A. SEARCY, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday serrlces at the Presbyte
rian church as follows: Sunday school !
9:43 a. m. SerWe.es at 11 a. m. West
minster League at 4 p. m.
The public cordially invited to at
tend these services.
Christian Church.
Rev. Edwin D. Hamner of Bay City,
will preach at the Christian church
in thl3 city at both morning and even
ing services. Sunday school at 9:45;
Endeavor at 6:45. A cordial invitat
ion to all.
Administrators Notice.
Any person having .claims against
the estate of W. A. Bell, will please
present same at once.
76 Administrator,
The law requires that all closets be
kept in sanitary condition. This is
notice that all premises will be - In
spected after ten days and all, viola
tion handled according to law.
79 J. T. MALONEY Mayor.
Cea and Camiyr
I have a nice line oiTreso l.otoe
made Fruit cakes and nice fancy
cakes and cu-1;.
Mrr Otto loehme
approved by the Mayor this
of March, 1909.
J. T. MA LONEY, .Mayor.
J. B. HINES, City Sec y.
Plaza be laid off into blocks anil lots
and the Mayor was appointed a com-
'mittee of one to have the work done.
The matter of retiring outstanding
Eagle Nearly Carries OrfCn!o. onds as discussed, but action was
Montgomery. Ala., March 4. A huge (1'ferml untiI the next reS,,,ar meeN
bald eagle, measuring seven feet from lnS-
It begins to look like Tennessee is
lapsing into anarchy and it may be
necessary for Uncle Sam to intervene
and establish a republican form of
government there. If the people are
Incapable of self-government the ter
ritorial system would be better for
them than state sovrelgfity.
By Win
Our perfect telephone system
enables you to bi$- Drug Store
Good s a n yth i n gf-e ery t h i n g
with as perfecfjrtisfaction as if
you made a personal call.
When the day is wet or cold, or
you are sick or too busy, just
step to the phone call us up
and we'll do the rest.
If it is toilet articles, rubber
poods, supplies for sick room or
Nursery, we will make your
selections and deliver the poods,
Preieriptioti Drojp'(. Phcne 66
tip to tip. swooped down near a cot
tage In Coosada township, ten miles
from Montgomery, occupied by a ne
gro named Sephus Brown and aV
tempted to fly away with his three-year-old
daughter, Johanna.
The pickaninny was waddling about
the back yard In a freshly starched
white dress when the bird snatched
her in his talons. The father and
mother ran out and threw themselves
pranlng on their knees. The load was
evidently too heavy, for when the
eagle tried to clear a low cotton seed
bin the dress of the child caught the
post, and the bird delivered of its
On motion, the Council adjourned.
Another, Attempt Made.
Sacramento. Cal., March 4. Anoth
er vain attempt was made by the anti
Japanese element in the assembly to
exclude Japanese from the public
schools. An unimportant school bill
by Sackett of Ventura was called up
for final passage, when Poldley of Red
Bluff offered and amendment barring
not only Chinese and aJpanese, but
all Asiatics. The amendment was vot
ed down.
Tucker on Retired List
Washington, March 4. Secretary of
War Wright approved the findings of
the retiring board in tbe case of Col.
William F. Tucker of the pay depart
ment of the army, and son-in-law of
Mrs. John A. Logan. This places Col.
Tucker on the retired list for life on
three-quarters pay.
Purse Presented Haskell.
Guthrie, March T Friends of Gov.
Haskell presented him with a purse
of $760 to be used in his defense In
the Muskogee town lot cases, the
phesentatlon being made by Lieuten
ant Governor eGorge Bellamy. The
sum was made up of subscriptions
ranging-from $10 to 100.
A Persistent Hen.
Ever hear about our little red henl
Well, sir, she was on the set for
keeps. Couldn't keep her off. Old
doorknobs, soda bottles, lamp chim
neys, match safes anything was good
enough for her. Finally I put her on
three mud turtles, and I hope to die
If she didn't hatch out alligators yes.
sir. three of 'em! One of 'em ate her
up. and when we opened him ther
was the hen sett In' on his back teeth,
and they'd swelled up so they choked
bin to death. Exchange.
Famous Creek Indian Dies Four Miles
West of Tulsa.
Tulpa, Okla., March 5. Cornelius
Perryman, the famous Creek Indian,
who lead his race at their councils,
died at his home Friday, four miles
west of this city, aged sixty.
Thought Fell From Train.
Sulphur Springs, Tex., March 5.
The body of an unidentified man was
found near the Cotton Eelt tracks.
Both legs were' severed and the head
crushed. A watch and a small amount
of money and a letter adressed to H.
H. Jackson. Tearkann, Ark., were
found in the pockets.
It is thought the man fell from a
train and was run over.
Her Mouth Was Closed.
Jack Miss Teachy started to say
something about tbe Impropriety of
kissing the other evening, but she
didn't finish. Tom Why not? Jack
Because I took the words right out of
her mouth. Chicago News.
Probably Fatal Wound.
Sapulpa, Okla., March 5. L. C.
Harper, a policeman, "was shot and
probably fatally wounded by a robber
whom he caught in the act of stealing.
His assailant escaped but was struck
by a bullet from the officers gun aa
the ailicreant was fleeing.
Six Skeletons Unearthed.
San Antonio, March 5. Laborers
blasting rock unearthed six skeletons,
believed Indians, as arrow heads, wa'
paint and weapons were found near
For the benefit of
our subscribers and
others who may
wish to subscribe
for other, papers in
addition to the
county paper, we
call your attention
to the following
Galveston Semi-Weekly Farm
News $1.00
Houston Semi-Weekly Post. 1.00
Farm and Ranch 1.00
Hollands Magazine 1.00
We offer any one
of the above publi
cations with the
Weekly Eagle for
one year at $1.75
Call on or Remit to the
Eagle Printing Co.
Bryan, Texas
Near H. & t. C. Cepot.
$5.00 A WEEK
For Early
Spring Wear
The material Fashion has decreed as the leading dress
goods for Spring. Shades as follows; Catawba, Re
seda,Wistaria, Peacock, Old Rose, Tan, Copenhagen.
75c to $1.00 per yd.
Still hold a place of their own. We have them in all
the new shades, 36 in. at
$1.00 to $1.25 per yd.
Dress Linens
We can show you the most beautiful Mercerized Lin
ens in solid colors and hair line stripes, from
25c to 50c per yd.
These must be seen to be appreciated.
Printed Dress Linene 15c a yd.
The material for an inexpensive suit and skirts, all
shades with hair line stripes.
Novelty Cambric 15c a yd.
A new cloth for Tub dresses for ladies, misses and
children. ,
Flaxon 25c and 35 C a yd:
The widely advertised new cloth for dainty white
dresses, lingerie waist, etc.
White Checked PuraLwen SOc a yd.
This is one of the newest ff&rics for shirt waists.
We also have a line of Wmfe Checked Muslin
from .... 15c to 25c o yd.
Our stock of Sheer White Goods is complete in every
detail. We invite comparison in quality and prices.
Laces and Embroideries
Our Spring stock received. Dainty match sets, etc.,
etc., etc.
Nets, Nets, Nets.
Tucked, embroidered, plain, the most popular material
for yokes and sleeves for silk dresses, and net waists so
much in vogue.
Band Trimming Colored Cluny, White Cluny,
Baby Irish, Etc.
The Royal Worcester orset
is the acknowledged BEST Corset for ALL figures.
We have them in styles to give the hipless effect, ex
treme long back and hips $1.00 to $3.00
Bon Ton $4.00
Royal Adjusto for full figures, gives slender, hip
less appearance to the stout women $3.00 & $5.00
Our Muslin Underwear Department
is full of fresh, crisp undermuslins, made in dainty
Nainsook, Checked Muslin, etc., lace and embroidery
trimmed. Prices most reasonable, quality and style
to suit the most fastidious.
' 630

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