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ryan morning
and Pilot
HKYxN, It.M sri,K').. MORMNti, MARCH" 13 PO.
50 Dozen
liuck Tovscls, regular 25c
grade. 36x22
15c a pair
Plain and Bordered
36 ocnes wide, special
10c a yard
All new patterns
White Quilt
72x90 just
'If Itc nn f li-
Everything for the
Kadisn '
Washington and Boys Give Dra
matic Rer.JiTfoTn
Son Who Sees an Enemy Advance on
Father, He Atterti. and Does Not
Kill That Person, Is Not Fit to Oc
Fod for Worrrt.
N.i-hvllK Mjrcli 12 --After -.o:ik-Ing
for m ii I. uuii .ii, i rui' ' ii in i ii-
tl'es III behalf of 111 - Ciiu;,. jiii I
Slurp. (leneral Washingtnu i inn 1 1 1 i -' 2
.it 11.1". nt Ux k Kil l.').
Tor Hi" tlilnl t tin.- (i.-n.i.ii Wn.-.li i
ttixiim iifs lid. , Hie irag.-rty. II'
Lad ihi- ass..-1 .vin e (f a messenger
"You ate Cat mack." h- r-cl;tiriM'J.
jahlngtoti p.'li-J nn aiitniiKitlc n-
volvcr. crouched i in wit'i naming
and bristling mustai he Tin- buy
nn lrlnIilfiiM began iii but k sway u4
he s'ealthlly advanced Tim.- '.ir-seiil
la- IhmJ uii. th.. Jii,.- illj ..i "The
son who kw'i bin lather's ii(i)r. re
Volver iii J, unci, uii.l ilo.-s nn! K : 1 1 t h it t
ti.'niy .14 In Aould ii mad dog U nnt
fl' to fil l-l worms." tlu attorney
ii clan ii
i-1 .iii-i liin Cixtiai t.-il Washington's
attention ami iih watideicd off into
tli le-dmcay o a wltnes who found
tbr eupty )-II. Tim lxiy took ad
vartar of tlx digrrs.ton to escape
ami when th w i tir n turned around
t" iliool "(ainiai-k" the littler was
In IffiltJt "Now let's where Kohln
Cooper wit " Annlh.T boy came In
ami Washington grabbed him "You
are Knluii now," In- nit hi "Carmatk
es you Ham' Ham' Two shots.
Why does h- not hlio.il Hnlilu attain?
Hers us- KoMn sunt hlrn ami h- I
il"4i. There U no dl'put a to whem
Kohln ktiMnl There I no dispute that
Carmsi k f lrS dttectly Inio Hnhln
(.ii-.'" Th- deadly blood t h I r k t v west
ii of Caima. k thrust into the
boy'ii ih- li n( th Imy hn
ftti;ipnrt.i him and llfliwd hllll Hp
(ir.'il Ivklr.v '"Th:uikx to th" tlilrkiii's
of Knluii I ami th" mUTium of his
iwll.ir niul tliiuikti to (ate, Knliln .m
lint to lll.
I jnt to (llrnit Minr att.'iitl.m to
JariifH C. !r.nlfnii lit hiI-mh lh
ttio inoruliiii of tin' tr.itii'dv at ih"
M n. ll Ilium.', n ii ;l. Kov.-rnnr
trt'lplion.'J to him hm.I at oil' f lilt kooI
offlreH iT" appaifiit In an f f u 1 to
tii iht tr0i Yf lhf. Imntrrv,
ai.-rvlnu lavit f'r M "
fcuncry aii.l farvhi for (ait. nulj
bf yon ht'ln,.' lhal 'pl' inl !
lafr, I'll ChrtMi.ui Kftitlfinan. thin
4'liin of in arlhlix r atlc old family.
auiMi-nly I t i anif a raclnc i .1vll.
thliaMug (or hlooj aul plot tin it uur-d-r"
()nral Wanhliiitou r"ad a part of
Uio irstlinonjr of John J. rtrMa. -on
rroln; ti rouvtiatlon l'h Judex
Pmdford. lout thf not CtMipr had
wiMtnu Ui taimark ll uif't thai
rry linn of Wtliw'a tvatlnonv
nivol Hradford'a an object a to
irvint any kind of trouble. "Thn
paftd oo to Adjutant Cannral
Tu'ly Hron " If you but look bark
year a no. you an har tb roar of
arl.llry. and ' "rr(fd Iln. Am
nuin'tion u rahauitd. lha ft of th.i
day la at Ukf, tha bardla boy,
ninuotd on a (ojou fl ked borK.',
rid '1 madly diwn thf II of. bla harer
ai k loaded with aramuultloii. and
avta tbtt day for tbr tun In (ray. I
:u Hron la a much a bro na
llolmori aa Yet thy aay bo lld"
Axain and again, he drlard. ltoh
lu Coopr had a rlfht to'ahoot ear
mark like a lo A(iln and again. h
d" larf d earmark a coward; that
h bid behind Mr Kastraan. trying to
ee". hla revolver Intu position tor ac
tion A di'imty then broucVt lu nid law
Look and th attornwy read deeialom
on aelf defenae. overt a.'ta, the men
tal condition of dofendauta and other
niaieria' fjrti tbat enter Into tbe caaa
Were quoted.
Edit President's Physician.
Waahinicton. March 12 Major Ouy
Edie of the I'aitrtd States army medi
cal department, who accompanied
(resident Tart around the world on
bis now famous tour. Is to bo tb
president'! family physician, accord
ing to a well founded rumor. He will
replaca Rear Admiral Rliey. who
aerved as physician to PresldenU Mo
KJulsy and Hoosevslt
Railroad Capert Diet.
w.shlnttoa. March It. Jeass N ,
Smith auditor of l Iftterstate com
nercw commission, and railroad. x
port, died C1 illty two.
market Vvr riavJ
Lepfen Season
Howell & Newton
IS'.Dkl )PATll
Growers and (o"ee Roasters
Speedy Pasae of cacure to
Be Attempted.
.i'-!iii:'oii. Mii'l, U'. - Ki puliliciin
ii.i'.ii tl,i- i niniiiitti'f on liiiiinrf
'il I t ;.in u m l -.i.iitic (-iinly of tfc'J
i t tail'".' i,: a., .vmiii iih inpi.'-i .ir
tiM.iiiii'i! T!.i-y f. i ihc Impni tan'"
nf J - Mi; the liit-.i-uri- to U uptitl
d' ! : n mi. i inn.
h'liuinr Iilinli. at rli.iirman it l'u
ni;imlM'' aht hi- would make an
effort to lust- il:i- lull r pnrlt-d as mihui
nn poMillilf uft.'i It paNhai,e ny t!i
"Ti:" MM raiin'it, of cours.". i'' "f
flr.:il!y nn .i..-rf d liv the tonmilltf''
ai .i v. ln-if, until nft.-r Ii lias hfo:i
rt-i d y i In huiisw and Ir.insf.Tt.'i!
to tli n'liiit.. In tin- usual formal nrnv
l: M' i h l,t lii vi d. homi-viT, the
I. on-" will want a ft-w cliaiiK'' In fin
hill nfiiT It Ih rt-(nt'd (nun the way
ami m-'aiiH t oinnilitee.
Itt'putilli an nii-inliers of the iena'
iniuitit-i' on (inatirf (ee that they
will h:it Iii tli.' bouse bill Hi kimm! a
Lalfl for oiieratlmiK an they will have
after tha nit-asute ban rei-idved the
( onldt'iatlon uf tin' limine Itself.
It U eei tfi many ihaiiRfs will In
made u thf Mum and mont if them
will be auRKHMi-d by the linance roiu
Promoter Mcintosh Will Put Up Fifty
Thousand Dollar.
New York. March 12. Hucb Me
Intosb. who promoted the world's
championship prize fight between
John nun and Hums, In Sydney, arriv
ed on the si -Miner Mauritania from
IJveipool M Intosh annouiK ed Ite
fore leaving Auniralla, he hd a purne
of .".n.tMo to offr for a fight between
Johnson and Jeffries If th two men
(mi fiit to fight for the world cham
pionship in Aurttralla M Intuh now
says he wti) H.ulhfled for the con
tft to tak place in either Cimland.
lYatue oi Australia, hut iti'ffrr-d
Mrliitonh .ald JiU sole ptirpne In
coming lien- was to ee JeffrleH and
try to Imliire him to take on Johnnon
Ills offfr of the $"'. nr.! punt.' hdvul,
h l"(!art-d " I am ratlnflt'il Jeffries
ran Iih tiHiii'-d ami l-rmiglit Into a lit
condltl:i for n fight," said Mi Intosli
' For him t enit-r t'it ring with John
son, wphont lifliip In the lifnt of con
dition. lioHr. would he xfrenifly
(ihiIIhIi. (or Jo!iiihoii l. a wonderful
fighW "
Over Three Thousand Feet.
Krelderlst hafen. March 12 The
Zfpplln airship, which went up from
Lak CoiiMianie Friday morning at
ta netl an altitude of over 3.'"hi ft-t.
the record height fot steerahl" bal
loons Varl-d and difficult maniiv
era carried It to ibis height with
great surreal.
Bowling Record Broken.
Pittsburg. March 12 The world's
reeoid for two men howling teams
was broken Friday hv Al Schowegler,
and Teny SrhwoegSei of Madison.
Wis, when they rolled 1Ji)4 The
previous record. 1.254. was held by
Chalmers and Klene. of Chit ago
Beveridge Undergoes Operation.
Baltimore, March 12 I'nited Slates
Senator Reveridge of Indiana under
went an operation at Johns llokklns
hospital. While it was a dt-llcate one,
the operation was said to be not of a
serious character.
Oldest Woman In Iowa 0ead.
Is Moines. March 12 Mrs. Ruth
C. Pherson. a noted character of this
city. Is dead, aged 102 years She was
the oldest person In the state. She
wan horn in Tyson county, Virginia,
Aug 12, IK i?.
Cowardly Crime,
rinevllle. Ky , March 12 Robber,
after beating lvld Smith and wife
Into Insensibility at their hnmn near
here, robbed them of f ji2 They are
eighty years old. Mrs Smith Is in a
critical condition. Illoodhounds were
Mt on tbe miscreant's trail.
Burns to Water's Edge.
Queenstown. Md.. March 12 Ches
apeako bay steamer Love Point. Cap
tain Clark, belonging to the Maryland.
Delaware aad Virginia Railway com
pany, burned to tno water's edge,
while lying at her wharf at Uv
Point - No lives were lost.
Both Senate and Hoase Ditpota
cf Many Bills. 1
Auxtln. M.in h 12 The hous pars
ed finally tht Uiree Juvnlle court
bills. They provide that persons
under hIiIi'-u yeais of age charged
with a misdemeanor or felony shall
be a'-nt to a hon! (or the training of
Juveniles Mill transforming the sta'e.
ref jrmatnr) rt CateHvill-! Into th
state JiivfiTi!.. tiainlng sclirxil.
The hnti-" p;:M4.-d luully the l,:li
ntetitiiiK t'i" Wichita Falls lines; alvi
the Ti-uiim: j and Corpus ( hrUti
i Inner leli
On n. '.'v.-i cf Mole-rly the linn-'
leroinai.-i,-! '1 a i'.'f by which a l II
fr.i"i. " oific.' nf :iv.i,inl ill.
n et -in .- ,. w kiilt d mid pa ,- !
It I tn.i il
St ri' k l.i u , ,i' , ,;uii . i.mim to i
ij!,t:ii,-! ., I.- ',, W h'.ell III-' Ulllt'ltV
m ,""ii..i', d in j iir;, .:i:i!.. in f'
Cui i,'ii' t ), utimial lund lor i l l
t--at her.-, i' ' ..:::: riot- !:! l.itjj:
H ete I :. I l,y tl'iiiT'lvt In th"
t!. I.i o." !! .! -. I .ia;'t,:t'e. M. I Ti
'IkIIII t'..i' 'I - I -i I "itlier ll,'l
ri:t nor in i I ul tainted money. . i
a 1 Ion w ti i a ,t n.
The l.uu . I.:, ally pasn-d the ant:
rtiffie I. iii
Al V.l'iy iiroriunif's ehinti tli-
ft-llUte pi'- '1 III. fullowil Mil.-
Iluiisi' lilll mptiiii! f M-tiien from
Jury f'-r ; . I . i j Mil iilluwiuj; cor-
pill aliollN l IllVt tWelltytilie dl'.'t' (
ors; h"U"- I'ill i.urvlm: into !l'i
the ctiii-ti, utiniril a n eiii1 luelit grat.t
Ilia d lu Cot. federate vetfianst;
linti!-.. lilll al 'nwin f Ult-K of l'l nefi to
adopt a t ninml-sion totni of govern
nier.t l vine (, th.. p.-nplf without
stibmlt'itu t!ie matter to the legu
lature, li'i.i . t,l 4ohilntitiK rliieit
I rise itnulnei, In Motittomerv county
for a jeiiud of three years; house ,ill
levyttiK I '"" o up.it ion tax on (teal
r In ruin. mi r.v kers. toy pistols,
etc.; linns.- bill reuniting tialmd
imrttes to olitaln a certificate (nmi the
State Meillt al sssoriation.
The senate concurred In lie house
amendment to the bill creating the
office of H-istatit district attorney In
routiUes of .". lii'Mi people; it also con
curred In Hie house amendments lo
the state tialliilig M'hool uild JllV'-nil-
lllKlls bill-
San Antonio Business Men Have
So Decided.
San Antonio. MjmIi 12 -Sin An
tonlo will (lose a tontratt with Nel
son. Clubman Co. of St. I.ouls. to
expend S2.i.oiii hi advertising San An
tonio it.d the sut loiindlug country
Already S't.oiin h:s been raised and
bnsliii'fs men of the city me act:velv
toliciidu (etids i 'i mal.e up tbe re
mand' r. wh.ih will !oon be serured
An 'itbusi tstii- session of tl.e Hu ,l
lift.!. Men '.nil was held list night.
WilllMt't Cleiideiiniii. ol tb adverii.
Ing ae'iicy nude a convincing talk
to ilti'i-tis Hid biuluesa men. Miint
Ins out the f.n t that while San An
tonio is well known lu the south and
miiii hwest. a large percentage of the
people inn tli and east never heatd t
It. To Hdvertl.-e Sau Antonio to tl.
whole wurld is the purpose of the
present turn emeiit.
Rate War Probable.
Fort Worth. March 12. An uHI
inatum demanding that steamship
lines entering Texas at HalvesMm in
crease their rates will be Issued by
the Tetas railroads, according to an
announcement. The result will be a
rate war on most shipments coming
by water Ralltoad men say tale
would be ruinous.
Attempts Suicide.
C.alvestiou. March 12. Joseph Mc
Vaster, posing as a minister, held nn
two charges of statutory trim, al
ternated suicide in jail by slashing
his threat and wrists The arteries
and Jugular veins were avotdH He
ays his young wife deserted him His
alleged victims were In his rescue
Will Demand Referendum Vote.
Tulsa. Okla.. March 12 Oklahoma
oil operators will demand a referen
dum vote on tbe Yeager strain Mil
passed by both honss. and ready for
the governors signature, restrlrllog
pipe lines They declare la its pres
ent form the bill will cripple this In
dustry, and is also ruinous to busi
ness Interests
War Rumored Broken Out
City of Mexico. March 12 It Is
persistently rumored here that war
has broken out between Nicaragua
and Salvador and there has been as
engagement between the Salvadorean
gunboat President e and Mcaraguan
gunboat Momotombo. Th! result is
Watch Found Near Scene.
M. Kinnev. Tex . March 12 The
watch of Miss Winnie Turner, who
was knot ked unconscious near Row
lett while en route to teach school,
was found near the seene This tends
to disprove the theory that her as
sailant was a negro
Engineer Killed.
Palestine, Tex.. March 12 The en
Cine of an International and Great
Northern railway tram turned turtle
near IJnale. on the Mineola branch.
Engineer Louis Petit was killed H
leaves a widow and child.
' The true and
of all wealth
The Shareholder of
Are amonj the lar'ft ho!Je; of
Real K-!ate in th: t'oinmunit J" and their
Real l.vM'e t,i.M,". are an
AdJ:t'o:ui 2iiar.in:i-" i.' the
S.iU'tv if our D.- w.t in t'ns i.:ik.
Your l$.mki:i Ai i nun: i o!o"i:t;d.
The City Nationa Ink
V, . PARK LK. I'reMdent. h. II. ATI. N'xe Pre..
A. V. 1I.KKR()N'. K. W. CRKNHy,
Cashier. At. Cah;.-.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
The Stat" of Ti-mih. founty of Itraos.
In tl.e County ('unit, liiaos Coun
ty. Texas.
K. J. Fountain Plaintiff v. W. II.
Hell and Win. Koppe. lsf.-ti.lants.
Whereas, bj vinuie of an t vein-ion
issiu-il out of the County Court of
llta.us Comity. T-h-. on a ju lgineiit
rendered in mi l court on thf I'.n.l ;
day of Oitobi r. A. 1). l'.mT. In lawn of
the s;; Id K. J. Fountain ami against
the said W. II. I'.ell and Win. Koppe.
No. I on the liotkfl of said court.
I did. on the loih. or March. A. !.
I'.ur.i, at 2 o'clock p. ni., levy umiii
the following ilt'st ilbed tracts and
j iwrcels of laud situated In the County
I of (trains. State of Texas, and be
longing to I he said Win. KopM'. to w If.
All that certain tract or parcel of
laud In Ktazos County. Texas, a part
of the James llow It-ague and
two laUirs tltb-d to him by the .Mex
ican (inM-rnini ni on the loth tlay of
July. 1 ! I . by title No. ' Vol. I and
limit- partlitil.nl described as fol
lows: Itegiiiiiing at tli'- ui'iH-r tortiei
on big Hrazos Kiver. of a I .'(. acre
trait of laud icnveyed to Win. Kopw
by tlt-t ,1 record'-.l in Vol. I page 4s
of the tlet',1 reiords of Hrazos County.
Texas, at th- mouth of gaily; thence
up sal. I cully nl'h its meanders N
is K :'T is. N 11' K 17 vrs. N 71
K vis. n l K : vis. n 7: i :
K vrs. N V! K 7t" vrs. and corner on
a small P. () Tln-iic S ".I K 4ti vrs
and cornel: Tlni'ce N 7.". K l!o vrs
Hi t) (oilier: a no k st set in
ground; Thein e W 4" K along N. W.
II lit- of said 1'." in re tract 4:'.4 vrs and
comer In center of K-uh''s Ferry
toad; Thence along said road with Its
meanders S 1 K 222 vrs S a I 2 K
loi; vrs; S 2! W 2ml vrs; ST 12 K
134 vrs; S 10 K 2.11 vrs; S 1 12 W
22rt vrs; S 131 12 K T.la vrs; S W
2: vrs: S 30 E 3S7 vrs; S 13 E 74
vrs to the N. W. line of the widow
Cook's tract of land and corner lit
t cuter of Kope's ferry road ou said
Cook line; Thence S V W along said
Cook line "14 vrs and corner with
said Cook land: Thence S 4.1 E along
said Cook line 762 vrs and corner
with Cook's land; thence N 4.'. E along
said Cook line S73 vrs and corner In
center of KopM's lerry road on said
Cook's line; Thence a king sail road
with Its meanders 8 Is 12 E 149 vrs;
S 2 I 2 W 117 vrs; to foot of Hopes
creek bridge; Thencv S 1 12 E
across said bridge 70 vrs to E foot of
bridge; Thence S 131 12 E 100 vrs
and cornet ; Theme S 45 V 1S4 vrs
and comer on bank of big Hrazos
River; Thence up sal, river with Its
meanders to the plaoe of beginning
Ytur Merck Oritn
corned Brrr
Eterytktt (mW Is eel. ef tU iWeat pricM
final foundation
i Real Kitste "
i ,'t'tainiiig five bundn-d at. 1 ninety
nine 471"ii acres of land more or l-.s,
and rui the t'.th. day of April A. I).
1 ::. being the first Tuesday of said
month, between the hours of 11
u'diu k ii. in. and 4 p. m. ou said day,
at the court house door of sab! cot:c
ty. I will ofTer for sale nnd sell at
public auction, for cash, all tbe rUh.
title and Interest of the said Wat.
Koppe In and to sabl projierty.
Dated "at Hryan. this, the Wth. day
of March, A. D. 1?0:.
Sheriff of Brazos County. Texas.
New Billiard Record
Kansas City. March 12 In aa eghl
hltlnn billiard maeh her Willie
Hoppe established a new world's rec
ord for the 1K.2 billiard game tor high
runs and average. Winning the bank,
he c lipped off 329. His average wan
2oo iiointa running. The former rec
ord for a run was 307. made by Hipp
in a match with Sheule (a Cblcix-i
three years ago
Both Doing Nicely.
Baltimore. Md.. March 12. Senator
Reverldce and Colonel Daniel lUns
dell. sergeant al arms of the Unit'd
States senate, bota of whom are pa
tieftts at th- Johns Hcriiklns bospttal.
are rejMirted to be getting along nicely.
Large Defaica. on Charged
Salt Lake City. March 12 Jatni
Chrlstalnsen. forn:i state treasurer,
who retired fiutn nflne on Jan 1,
Is uiitler arrest on i harge of being a
defaulter t i th" amount c7 7'."t
Planning to Reduce Force.
St l.uis Mtnli 12 It is stated
here that tli- FriM-o Rock Island rail
w ay system l planning to reduce It I
Texa forte 2i per c-nt.
May Result Fatally.
Beaumont. March 12 While a traic
of boxcar were being switched In the
Kansas City Suithn railway yards th
rear car was derailed. It overturned
A N. Kline, riding on. a side ladder,
was probably fatally Injured
Considerable Snowfall.
Dallas. Mtrrh It A telegram from
Amarlllo slated that at noon Friday
snow was over ten laches deep. 8
eral Inches are alto reported at Bl
Typhoid Fevee Epidemic
Madrid. March 12 A typhoid f
ver epidemic Is racing here. Over
3o) patients are la one hospital and
there have bean many deaths.
Departs For Chicago.
Vancouver. B. C. March 1!. Jack
Joaosoa. the pugilist, left ria the Ca
Indian Pacific raltway for Chicago.
Twice Voted Down.
Minneapolis. Minn . March 12 The
house of representatives twice voted
down wo.t.sii suffrage members
awasAlrfVte icbry-

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