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No n
Eradicate the Radies! Officiate
luea iroin the minds of my friends
and the patrons of the office gener
ally, it becomes necesary that I ex
plain the situation and present in
its true light the facts. It has been
reported and circulated since I be
came an applicant for the appoint
ment as Post Master at this place
that in the event that I became P. M.
there will he no change in the
service-—that, Gapt. Davis will con
tinue to officiate in the capacity of
assistant. This idea has become
prevalent perhaps because ot my re
lationship and brought into promi
nance no doubt by those seeking my
defeat,- who on every available op
portunity make capital out of suppo
sition. Such repo;t is without foun
dation. Neither ], nor Capt. Davis
know am thing of any such arrang
ment. Capt. Davis has already beg un
farming at Atkins and as soon as
relieved will devote his time to pri
vate interests.
1 appeal to my friends, both Dem
ocrats and Republicans for their sup
port, and will aslr as many as can
do so within the next tew days to
call at my office (Candler Hotel)
and lend their assistance by signing
my-petitionv, Should I become, Post
Master it will be due to and through
the support and efforts of tho peoole
and you can feel assured that the
service will bo well worthy of your
appreciation, I respectfully solicit
your support and your support will
demand my untiring efforts to dis
charge the duties of tho offiee to
tho entire satisfaction of its patrons
and with credit to the Department.
1 am.-yours most obediently,
Chas. Spence.
rural, retreat Wyth con.
Sir to the times sir, i paid 10 cmts
at first 2 i Paid 40 Ciuts and i toalde
him that i did Not Want hit. No more
and Nowe i Shanto Pay a Nuther
cint. this call for 90 ciut. i Paid 40 cn
and 10 cints No More shall i Pay Bi
Cause i dont take no Dimicrat paper
GII Wells
Bilious Colic Prevented
Persons who are subject to attacks
of bilious colic can almost invariably
tell, by their feelings, when to ex
pect an attack. If Chamberlain’s
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
is taken as soon as these symptoms
appear, they can ward off the di
sease. Such persons should always
keep the Remedy at hand,ready for
immediate use when needed. Two
or three doses of it at the right time
will save them much suffering. For
sale by C. T. Pepper, Druggist.
Nausemond Sweet Potato slips
the Best iu the couutry lurnished
in any quantity 25cts per 100 at
Our bads or put iu Depot here.
Huddle School House.
April, 10, 1893.—Mr. Editor;—Oh*
how the weary farmers smile to see
this beautiful spring weather, tney
are making preparations for corn
Riley Davis, who lived near Slater’s
mill,, moved to Wytbeville last week.
| life intends working on the Rail road.
A. ,T. Phiilippi, W. II. Copenbaver
and J. It. Dixon, are attending court
this week.
Profs. Snyder ami Sharitz spent
last week in the lower end of this
county (Wythe) looking up a singing
school, they have returned with a
favorable report.
Miss Josie Wilson oi Ceres Vo. is
visiting relations near this place.
13. J. Huddle spent a few days of
the past week in Washington Co.
with W. W. Hackler.
Dr. H. was making his usual visits
in the neighborhood of Noble Sunday,
girls don’t fail to set your caps; for
the Dr. is going to present a nice al
bum to tho one that proves true.
It has beeD reported that one of
Germany’s charming young men, had
a complete tussle with his over shoes
and leggins recently. He surely had
fair sex on the brain.
All Of Us.
S pr;-;ig ¥a]|gy.
April, 11, 1893—We have no hes
itancy in saying-that spring is here.
We coaid give various proofs, be
sides the presence of swallows and
the soDg of the whipporwili but you
are aware of the fact that I am not
a poet, although there are several
peonto who don’t know it. Spring
contains traces of nearly all the sea
sons: it has traces oi winter aud
traces oi summer. Boys should be
very careful in spring for before they
know it, they will fall in love. It is a
dreadful thing to fall in love in the
Soring because fifty eases out oi
every hundred prove fatal mashes.
Xfell in love one beautiful spnug
morning and the next day I fell in a
mud hole. ’Tis true that case didn’t
prove,to he fatal. Well I am some
what disposed to talk about love and
for fear I should tell you who is rm
best girl, I will 'tell you what I’ve
been driving at ever since I began
my letter. As I said at first spring is
here, but what does that matter if
spring is here, or what has that got
to do with what I am going to tell
you. Aud spiingis here!: well m<w,
isu’t it remarkable, so it is remarka
ble that one of Washington County’s
progressivemeu is visiting Lis six
brothers who live at Spring Valley,
Nat Holler, etc. Who is the man
that has six brothers in good Old
Wythe. Well the answer is as plain
as English can make it, in is the
geuial aud ever-welcomed friend to
the people of Spring Valley and ad
joining country, Mr, Pierson Ned.
John Shaw.
Frog Valley, Va,
April 10, 1893—Mr. Editor,
The frogs are making such a noise
that I can hardly write.
A. L. Suavely, and sweet heart
were in the Valley, Saturday, and
Sunday, among their friends.
11.0 Neff, passed through the Val
ley, Sunday evening mi iris way to see
his best girl and if ali reports are true
he had a fine time.
It seems that us boys that can not
afford buggies and carts, will get
left ev^ery now and then.
Master Johnny Neff, is spending, a
few days with his little friends in the
An old black smith shop of S. S.
Etter’s fell down the other day and
ruined all of his tools.
Mr.Martin of Grayson will spend a
short time in the Valley.
Crocketts Depot.
Cro.oJsiitt Depot, Va .April, 11, ’93:
Quite a largo crowd of townsmen and
citizens attended court at Wytheville
A quarterly meeting was held at Mt.
Ephraim on last Sat. and Sun. The
meeting is still in progress. Many
oelieve that goot, will be done
-il-foi (,.. e»ot . §
Misses Callie Givens and Maggie
Etter were visiting Miss Eetr.ie Co
penhaver last Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Lizzie Burkett, tram Sugar
Dale, is on a visit to Mtss Emma
Wampler’s, where she expects to re •
main for several days. All are glad
to have her in our midst, especially
the boys.
Miss Callie Givens’ school closed
on last Friday at Wampler’s school
house, where she has taught success
fully for six months. Sue will return
to her home in Carroll Co, in a few
days. We are al! sad to see her leave
She has made many triends during
her stay amongst us.
The Sunday school will' bo reor
gauizedtat Kings Grove on nest Sun
day mofiiing at 10 o’clock. All inter
ested;iu Sunday school work will
please be present aud take a part.
A commuuiuu service will bo held
at Rosenbaum’s Chapel on next Sun
day. Preaching on Sat.
Miss Minnie Ettar and brother
were in the village the first of the
D. E. Copeuhaver, of Germany,
passed through hero last week on a
Hying trip to Muskrat, Va.
E. G. V., while setting his best
girl in the neighborhood of Noble, It
wits along about the third watch oi
the night when lie was aroused by a
terrible squalling in the poultry yard.
Ho w as immediately presented witb
a Winchester, lie pursued the ifiiei
and fired but this did not induce him
10 drop his prey but made good his
Itobt. and Chas. Nell passed
through here the first of the week
enroute to Wytheville stiicSy^oiT
business. Fred.
The Divide.
April, 12, 180.;.—Mrs. Franklin
Stofii-y returned Wednesday from a
visit toiler son, Rev. S. J>. Steffey,ot
Leplo, Ya.
Albert Lowry reports that ho
killed a black snake in the lower end
ot Spring Valley a yard and a half
long and five inches around.
Tom Slagle has mavedto his farm.
I am glad to say that Sunday
school will be reorganized next Sun
day (16.) at Stelt'ey’s Chapel.
Chas. Richardson lias built an “It*
to his house.
George Freeman and family paid
! us a visit last Sunday.
J. W. Spence has bought a lino
lot ot stock from Franklin Steffoy.
The good farmers ot our section
are done planting oats and are pre
paring to plant corn.
[ Rev. E. II. McDonald, of Wythe
ville, preached Saturday at the
Buchanan school bouse and on Sun
day and Sunday night at the Glade jti v
school house in Spring Valley.
Ced^r M.
! April U. 1RO, ^nd Editor
wo liavn’t set
paper from rips place, we think it
an injustice to'ourselves and commu
nity. This littjS village is noted for
its beautiful sceuery,. also its beauti
ful smiling girls aud boys. It is sur-.
rounded on overy hand by huge
mountain ranges which affords good
cattle ranches and vast turnip patch
es. Taking everything in considera
tion it is one of the most magniffi
cent little villages in South West Va,
Sunday school was reorganized at
Cedar Bluff Baptist church Sunday
morning with E. E. Eller Supt., W.
C. Wheeler, Ass’t and A. T. Atkins,
Sec. Quite a large crowd turned out
and a good lot were enrolled. We
expect to have ouoof the largest
and best schools we have ever had
at this place, as all took a great in
The Universe la again resuming
its auual habiliment cf green, which
is reanimating the farmer until his
voice is wafted on the gentle breeze
and numbered with the merry siug
ing birds and jolly croaking frogs
Farmers are through sowing oats
aud are getting ready to plant corn.
Thomas M e Donald and wife were
visiting atS. G. Atkins’ Sunday.
Capt. G, F. Atkin3, one of our
enterprising business men left Thurs
day tor Cincinnati, O.
Itobt. Overbey spent Sunday in
Sugar Dale.
The work on the new M. 11.
Church is still going on and is rap
idly nearing completion.
Rev W. F. Brottou will preach at
Cedar Bluff Church Saturday night,
and Sunday,

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