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Rural Retreat times. [volume] (Rural Retreat, Va.) 1892-1918, April 14, 1893, Image 3

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Don't forget to pay the printer.
Miss Nellie Howe left Friday tor
IF you have the goods and adver
tise you will get tbe trade.
Rev. McDonald of Wybheville was
in our little towu last Saturday.
Garden making has beau thoorder
of the day for the last two weeks,
Jno. Weaver and Jim White made
good rsuskvat Banners exhibition.
Miss Mollie Ny<eoi Noble has been
visiting her friend Miss Lizzie Lut
* Fell.
If our neighbor, snadls roasted
duck, no need to inquire, just send
aver bill.
W. A. Goodrich left for Mirldles
borough, Ivy. last week.. Wish him
much success.
GeorgoGrosedose is putting up a
two story house oa the MeMullin lot
west of,las. Houdashell’s residence.
Mrs.N.M.Straw.who has t een visit
ing in Bristol, Johnson City, aim
Knoxville.returned home last week
Karm worn, lias progressed nicely
lor the last two weeks. There will be
a tremendous out put of cabbage
this year.
Monroe.Musscr and Miss Baura
Jonas;.daughter of Jno. Jonas, were
married last week.The Times extends
C. D. Baughmarjt is-raakin&jirep.
arat .ins to build in tho near future,
he has a beautiful lot adjoining the
Lu the ram Parson a ge.
Jno. Eilfert. and family arrived
Thursday mghtj They will make
their home hero for the future, wa
understand John will go into busi
ness with his lather.
Cupt. Jas. R. Ward. a-acl wife of
Tuzewell Co, got off No. 1 here Sat
urday, we are glad to see the Capt.
again and happy to have him bring
his estimable wife to see us
Mrs; M'olHe. Plarracki. who has
been visiting her cousin Dr. C. T.
Pepner and family left Friday to
visit friends at Ne**\ River, from
which point she will go to Lynchburg
We notice that Priekett Brothers
have an immense line or new goods
and their large store room is crowded
with customers-all the time. They
take the front rank for lowest
W'iU D. Buck is-buck from T.cplo
where he lias- been building a- store
house foe Tttoti Jonesv. He says the
house is done und Tam has-a; stock
of goods in it. Wifi iBtetid&s to go to
Damascus before long.
If your letter does- not- appear
write another ter we do not omit
letters from the same correspondent
twii-e in succession. cpace forces
your letter out. We would he glad
to publish it.
The closing exercises of Floyd
Ben fly’s colored school was held' in
the new method’st church at Mur
jriieysviile last Friday night a large
crows attended ami the exercises
were very good and reflect much
-ecedit.unyia-.Ei'Qf, Bentlv.
South Fork, Ifa.
Apr 2, IS93—Wo had a very nice
little snow Monday last.
Prof. Snyder closed liis Singing
School at St. Paul Sunday. He had a
very largo class and they rendered
some splendid music. Some of the
King’s Grove school were there and
also some of his class from Asbar^.
Prof. Sbaritz seemed to bo very
well pleased Sunday—One of the
name is as good as the same.
H. K. Dixoue of Long Branch’s
fairest young men, is very, popular
with the young ladies. He took one
long tel low’s girl home from singing
Miss Gay Brown cam*> home
Thursday fiom school to Spend
Governor Vaught deligts in taking
rhegirls buggy riding lie says lie likes
to take one on eacli side of him and
him sit between you know, as he is
such a sparkling boy.
Prut. T. J. B. Sharitz and Mr. Bas
kem Umbarger were in this vicinity
recently visiting friends and relatives
Mr, S H. Copenhaver and Mr. H.
K Dix were not on the Lick Sunday
but this is the first Sunday for some
time they have missed.
Mr. 0. C. ans It. (J. Neff have-beei
visiting friends and relatives in tlii
vicinity loi the last few days.
Talbots, Tenn.
Apr. 4 1893.—Corn plauting.is all
the go here now. Some of the far
mers are done planting; and every
thing is looking green and beautiful.
Wo had a nice Easier gathering.
There weie five different kinds of
flowers m bloom m our yard. If any
of our Virginia friends can beat that,
we would like to hear from them.
'['lie wheat is looking well in this
Th** Presbyterians held a big meet
itig at this place last Friday, Satur
day and Sunday. There were some
good preachers present, and they
liadta,large congregation on Sunday.
The Baptists are building a new
church at this place.
Miss Dora, Wright and brother,
Wint speut Easter with some of
their old Virginia Irbmds. at this
place. They returned to their home
near Morristown Monday.
The health of the people of this
country is good,.
Well as this is my first letter, 1
guess I had better close. We are de
lighted to read the letters from the
different pai ts-of our old country. If
marrying has been all ihe go up there
for the last six months: tniuk you
had. better stun awhile. M.J,.
'JPhO' more' Chamber,hauls. Cough
Remedy is used: the better it is liked.
We know of noother remedy that,
always gireaSi»ti8fai)tioui lit is,good
wheu you fiist catch cold; If in.good
when your cough is seated and your
Rings are sore. It is good in any
kind of a cough We ha ve sold twen
ty five dozen of if and ev* ry bottle
has given satisfaction. Stedmah &
Friedman, diuggists, Minnesota
Lake, Minn 50 cent bottles for sale
T„Penger.. Druggist,.
An Immense Line of Dry Goods
Notions, Boots, Shoes, Clothing
Hardware and General Merchandise.
Also complete line of New and Exquisite Carpets,
LOWER PRICES, Much Lower than ever before, on an
immense line of Ingrains—heavy, durable, Three Plys;
Sensible, serviceable Tapestry Brussels; Soft, handsome
Velvets; Fashionable, luxurious Moquettc, It we havn’t
just; what you want, we can get it for you.
. ~^AXD WITH IT^w-—,
tmsmm mn&iwm.
jros Bjvajvija
has on hand all the latest designs in Ladies’ Bats,
Flowers, Ribbons, and everything kept m a
-—' Ri-ikst Class Milinery Store.
Call and see her assortment of handsome
Prices will suit
ke. 1. Fsm Harness. 5!£**«2“ 4
-»d m^fsc man-.fGctorarB in America
Bo^&iaa and Hathom this way. tbtiip wi;
iisja to cxazninti bofori any laonsy kj pc
p>*j freight bath is ay-if not satisfactory
rant far two ysc.re. W tty pay an Ajjan
to ord.?r far yoc? Writ# ytmr own ord<
fee®. W« take all fehariek o1 chunaje
Wagons, $33 to 85f
as sell far $r-i to SPA Jswrreys, J
£3 K#n for $100 to $180. fop Bh
Bflold at $75. Pfcuctou* at S75 to
Ha. 41. Matron. 843.ia,ik »<-»7ery w.
ill No. 1 Oak-tann
arc ah _
ftlBjrle !f?8 to 820; Oosib
ta a3J:.- Rirfin& Saddle'
I o par c«ni. off for cash with or
trated Catalogue tree.
fit CeleSfited
band instruments,
Snareand Bass Drums. Flfoa. Piccolos. C!sr!onete Cvm.
bala and all other instruments pv laimti* to-'
Brass Bands and Drum Corps.
43 ik 45 Walker Strwt. NEW YORK.
SOtEY, under- guara ntee.
Dr. C. T.
j£<g=^-Sole Agesi.<

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