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nnd bated, they felt a load lifted from
their weary, burdened hearts.
It was not until long afterward, in
their peaceful American borne, that Alba
heard the full story of Ivan’s terrible
sufferings in reaching Obdorsk.—Ko- .
A Prince Visits a Workhnnss.
A manifestation of human sympathy
which is not without its significance and !
value just now was the visit paid the
other day by the Prince of Wales to the
Lambeth (London) Workhouse. It was
not the formal and perfunctory affair
which such visits usually are, and no
warning was given of his coming until a
few minutes before his arrival. The
master of the workhouse said to-day
about the incident: “Almost the first re
mark he made after stepping out of his
brougham was: ‘Mind, now, no one
knows that I am making this visit,' in
timating that it was no formal visit, with
everything beforehand in apple pie or
der. He was here over two hours, and
made a complete examination of tno
whole establishment. Visiting first tne
dining rooms, he passed on to the liviug
rooms, sleeping rooms, children’s rooms,
infirmary and so on, throughout thu
building, making all the while the most
searching inquiries in reference to the
arrangements, regulations, etc. In fact,
the questions he put astonished rne.
They were questions which only an ex
pert, as a rule, would think of asking,
and certainly revealed a surprising
knowledge of the details and practical
minutes of the subject. He appeared
particularly interested in the food ques
tion and spent a considerable time look
ing into our arrangements in this re
spect. He was not quite courageous
enough to try any of the fare himself,
but he examined it carefully. On one
point he expressed an opinion rather de
cidedly, but I am not sure whether he
would wish me to make it generally
known—namely, in reference to the sup
ply ol tobacco. I pointed out the rooms
to him where the old men had their
smoke and told him what wa3 the cost
of the tobacco provided. Mr. Hedley
asked him whetner he considered this
expenditure justifiable. I think perhaps
I had better not give yon the exact words
J^f his reply. Nothing seemed to please
or interest him m re tnau the signt of
the aged inmates enjoying their beer and
smoke, from which, perhaps, you can
draw your own conclusion.’’—Oaicago
Facts About Glycerin.
Glycerin is one of the most useful aud
misunderstood of everyday assistants. It
must not be applied to the skin undN
iutod or it will cause it to become red
and hard, but if rubbed well into the
skin while wet it has a softening and
whitening effect. It will prevent and
cure chapped hands; two or three drops
will often stop the baby’s stomach ache.
It will allay the thirst of a fever patient
and soothe an irritable crag i by moist
ening the dryness of the taroat. E|uil
parts of bay rum and glycerin applied to
the face after shaving makes a man rise
up and call the woman who provided it
blessed. Applied to shoes, glycerin is a
great preservative of the leather and ef
fectually keeps out water aud prevents
wet feet. A few drops of glyceriu put
in the fruit jars the last thing before
sealing them helps to keep the preservos
from molding on top. Half a teaspoon
fiA every half hour will cure summer
complaint or dyspepsia,—New York He
How to Open a Hook.
William Matthews, in “Modern Baok
biuding,” gives this advice on how to
open a boos: “Hold the book with its
bacx on a smooth or covered table; let
the front board down, then the other,
holding the leaves in one hand while
you open a tew leaves at tne back, then
a few at tne front, aud so on,alternately
opening back and front, gently pressing
open the sections till you reach the
center of the volume. Do this two oc
three times ana you will ootaiu the best
results. Open the volume violently or
carelessly in any one place and you will
likely break the back and cause a start
in the leaves.”
Milan, Italy, where electric lights are
in use, is said to be the best lighted citj)
in Rurope.
Borne serinons from the Epig^rammatie
Eaai’s Horn.
God is done one
step at a time.
All strength
The man who
docs little is lit
All lies are
fleet, but none
are sure-footed.
iEPOSE is the
mother of activ
Walking with
has its foundation in weakness.
Whatever enlarges the Christian
magnifies his God.
Moke people would be generous if
more were honest.
TriE best- answer you can make to
self-conceit is to keep still.
Wherever there is a sin it . j sure
to be followed by a sorrow.
There are too many men who love
to preach but hate to practice,
God created a place for the earth
by making the heavens first
Earthworms have done more to
benefit man than elephants
The world is wicked because it does
not know that God is good.
One day with Christ made Andrew
a worker for all the rest of his life.
We can turn our mistakes into
blessings lay talking them over with
It never does any good to talk re
ligion with a snap like that of a steel
To be a cheerful giver means some
thing more than being free with
If you want to keep out of darkness,
never let the sun go down on your
The chronic fault-finder has a
devilish spirit, whether he knows it
or not.
If your religion does not make you
hear a cross it is not the religion of
Christ. 9
The thing we grumble about is of
ten the one that is doing the most for
our good.
Earth and Heaven uever go so
close together as they do at Christ
mas time.
Sufferers from Dyspepsia
Here’s Something for Ycu
fo Read
Distress in the Stomach CURED by
-■tv. wx i ii \ \ u.i.
Miss Jennie Cunningham
South Newcastle, Me.
“ When I began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla,
I could cat nothing but very light food, with
out having terrible d'stress in my stomach. 1
had tried other medicines, which did me no
good. Before I had taken 1 bottle of Hood’s 1
saw that it was doing me good. I continued to
grow better while taking 5 bottles, and now J
can eat anything, i have had no distress for
months, and I think there is ro medicine for
dyspepsia like Hood’s Sarsaparilla. My appe
tite is excellent, and my health is very
much better than for years.” Mis* Jkn
mk Cunningham, SoutlvNewcastle, Me.
HOOD’8 PILLH cure Constipation by restor
ing the peristaltic action of the*alimentary canal.
Good Thing If Practical.
A clever chemist has Invented an
.automatic sensitive paint, which is ,t
bright yellow at the ordinary tempo:
ftture, but, upon being brought into;;
Jwanner atmosphere It changes color
gradually, until at 220 degrees, it he
pores a bright red. It returns to its
original color upon cooling, and may
bo heated with the same effect over
and over. It is suggested that this
paint may bo used with advantage to
detect a rtse in the tempera lure ol
the fractional working parts of ma
There are in foreign lands, American
1 missionaries, their wives and assistants
to the following number: Presbyterians,
1817; Baptists,1860; Congregationalism,
2980; Methodists. 3783.
Do Not Be Deceived
with Pastes, Bnamels and Paints which stain tho
hands, injure the Iron and burn red.
The Sun Stove Polish la Brilliant, Odor*
less. Durable, and the consumer pays for no tin
or glass package with every purchase.
\ FRIEND” .•
is a scientifically prepared Liniment
and harmless; every ingredient is of
recognized value and in constant uso
by the modieal profession. It short
ens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes
Danger to life of Mother and Child.
Book ‘ To Mothers” mailed free, con
taining valuable information and
voluntary testimonials.
Sent by express, charges prey aid, on receipt
of price, $1.50 per bottie,
Sold by all druggisw.
Garfield Teas
CUP93 Constii>atiou, Restores Completion, Saved Doctors’
Bills. Sample free GaufibldTea UO.,312 W. iOtii St., N.Y.
C!Jres,Sfck Headache
I have been troubled w:
sia, but after a fair trial
Flower, am freed from tla
trouble—J. B. Young,
College, Harrodsburg, Ki
headache one year steady
of August Flower cured
positively worth one hundrl
to me—J. W. Smith, P.M.
Merchant, Townsend, Ont,
used it myself for constipat
dyspepsia and it cured me,
best seller I ever handled—C.
Druggist, Mechanicsburg; Pa
Cures Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Sora
llaOilt,. Sold by all I >ru twists on a Guarantee,
8For Indigestion, Biliousness,
= Headache, ConntSpallon, Knd
|Complexion, Offensive Breat h,
land all disorders of tue Stomach,
h Liver and Bowels,
I act gently yet promptly. Ferfert
■ digestion follows their use. Sold
= by druggists or sent by mail. Box
z: (6 vials}, 75e. Package (.4 boxes), ?2.
8 For free samples address
I f any ona
we can curfl
stinate caj
days, let j
pa: tictil/irf
{rate our
tin .nelal
i -00,000,
epotaasium, sarsap trillaor HotSprii|
tvntee * cure—and our Marie < yphilea
thing* „that will cure permanently, 1\,kitil
sealed,>jfoe, Coca Hsu spy Co., Chioj««J
g&HQY WAyE Afirenm ATIi
R3;*0 8 rs m « E Sashlock (Pa*
for ;ic. >. Immense. \ iivivt
one ever invented. Beats weights, t.
$1* a ilnx\. Wt ite Quick.
Worth Reading.
Mt. Sterling, Ivy., Feb. 18, 1889.
F, J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
Gentlemen:—I desire to make a brief
statement for the benefit of the suffering, I
had been afflicted with catarrh of the head,
throat and nose, and perhaps the bladder for
fully twenty-five years. Having tried other
remedies without success, I was led by an
advertisement in the Sentinel-Democrat to
try Hall’s Catarrh Cure. I have just fin
ished my fourth bottle, and I believe I am
right when I say I am thoroughly restored.
I don’t believe there is a trace of the disease
left. Respectfully,
WM. BRIDGES, Merchant Tailor,

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