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Friday at
Retreat, Va,.
'epper, Editor
10 i.cuts.
25 eenl.s.
50 cents
ing rates furnished-oh
; notices five cents per line
VJDA V, April 14 tli. 18143
ntered as 2nd class matter in the post
e at Itural Betreat.
Whoop her up, Sounie!
Now isthe time to prepare for
winter. Gentlemen don’t forget out
Marshall says he wtmts a clean
democratic administration. That’s
that the State line is settled,
JjL'f <-^^0 Slack can continue to tramp
tt®flt¥Ai:^fe1,o out lkich's grave.
lore years the people
|ir postmasters as they*)
eipal or county official.
Graham for the Appel
logo Tyler for Governor;
tent fur the Legislature;
!ir Marshall, of*4!>e
T5t. >
be not. The plaice that knows ,, < pi
now, -will know them.no more. ,
In our post office contest here,
it begins to look like noneot the
applicants so far is likeiy to get it.
doubtless it would be better for some
compromise man to be settled upon
who will be act eptable to all parties.
What’s the matter with John
Hampton Hogft? He said publicly a
few days ago that, “If the govern
ment hiid set;', out Pinkerton’s men,
they couldn’t have found a more- un
popular man for Marshall than J. R.
jnjfe VScione
and tivey ™ill
ftoro dav
■ ■ -
" - -.«*'■ $■■ ■■
over the postmaster
We would like to recomend to our
people Mr Win. G Howe tor Mar
shall of the Western, district. He is a
man well known ansi esteemed and
will get the endoi-semeut of the best
citizens ot the district. He has at
ways been a democrat, hut not a
wire worker; it the people want him
they can get him by standing1 firmly
lor him. Cleveland does not propost
to be dictated to by the politicians oi
the country;*md will do his best it
fulfill the wishes of the people,’foi
he remembers that if he had beer
left to the politicians hauever would
have been the nominee of the demo
cratifc party.
We sent out several statements
to our friends tnis week. Hope i:
will suit them to respond. We wan:
to let our subscribers know bow the?
stand on last year's subscription. I
the peoplo will stand by us we wil
gat our paper on usurer footiug am
after (■‘while enlarge if. We proposi
i to give »11 ti.o ia>uio news possible
and all those wbowish to know what
is going on in Rural Retreat anti
vicinity can do so by reading the
evorfono who ov»r*f; a ho^so w'll vrart
the advertisement of tho Klknart Carriage uud
Harness MannracturSng Company, of Elkhart,
Indiana, appearing in this paper.
Sugar Ridge.
April, 10. 189S.—The Sunday
School at Sugar Grove was organized
yesterday. The prospect was en
couraging. W. A. Leonard was elect
ed Supt.
F. L Mercer's little girl came
near burning up,a tew days ugo.Her
clothes caught tire and her father
while extiogushlug the flames was
right badly burned himself..
Hurrah for Grosdose! Tnoy have
a ticket office there, and M. T\. files
sing is ticket ageut.
Two or three boys went to work on
the rail road at Marion and finished
it up in one week. One of them sa-ys
he is willing.fco work in the cabbage
patch now, for he lias had enough of
rail funding.
Albert Freeman unloaded a car
load ot fertilizer at Groseclose Sat.
Solomon Smith says he is going
to marry-soon, so look cut girls.
G. It. Suavely came home trom
Radford to spend Sunday with home
folks. -
Miss Bettie Groseelose from Burk®
Garden is on a -visit to relatives in
F. L. Mercer has .about compln
ted his new bam, width will he a
great convenience as well rS a nid^
addition to his uew residence.
W. J. Dutton was up at Reck
Bale one® again.
Several boys are going to West
Va. to work: uot-certain bow long
they will sraj.
Mr. George V.u.'ght, I would
advise you to catch -that craw fish
that has been eating,op your dam.
You Know.
Whs Sajs Uiiusaiie CaaJit Ss fiurad?
My wife was eontiued to her bed
lor over two months with a very se
vere attack of rheumatr m..» We
could get uothing that would afford
her any relief, and as a last resort
gave Chamberlain’s Pam Raima
trial. To our groat suppriso she be
gan to improve after the first - appli
cation, and by using it regularly she
| v..,3 soon able to get up and attend
to her house work. E. H. Johnson,
of C. J. Knutson & Co., Kensington,
Minn, 50 cent bottles for sale -by C.
T. Pepper. Druggist.
Coal and Marble
For further particulars call and
see or address: P. \V. Hoimshell,
Rural Retreat, VA. . [Ex G-14 ’93J
rum nn"fctrrrma in.sr ..
Chamberlain’s Eye and Skin Ointment
Is a certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes;
Granulated Eye Lids,-Sore Nipples, Piles,
Eczema, Tetter, Salt Iiheurn and Scald Head,
25 cents per hex. For sale by druggists.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
' loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
! kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over worked horse. 25
1 cents per package. For side by druggists.
«■ Sold !\v O. T. Pepper, pugglgt
L T. PEFPEB, ft I.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Ferfumes
Albums Picture - Frames Accordecns.
Tobacco and Cigars. Also a complete line
of Confectioneries. Nuts, Groceries and Novel
ties, ham mg, Knitting and Sewing Machine
Soma auuiu & yfii9 Mrsad tias>labie.
Es« SilTcst ESE-ht.'. 1811a, SS03,
ta a**
A M.' V. M.
8 00 2 35 Lv Bristol. 'Vi
s' 17 2 52 Walker's M'nl’n
8 25_3 00 Benhair.s.
8 43
8 47
8 53
9 09
D 21
9 29
P 35
9 50
317 Phillips Switch
3 20 Abram's Falls
3 25 Meiulota.
3 39 Mace Springs.
3 50 Hilton's
3 57 Nottinghams
4 02 Moccasin Gap
07- Gate City
15 Marble Quarry
Big Cat
Spears Ferry
Tates Switch
Natural Tuinn
10 00 4 23'
10 10 4 31
lo 15 4 35
10 18 4 39.
10 25 4 45
A. M.r.
12 35
12 18
12 It
11 53
11 50
11 45
II 31
11 20
11 13
II 08
11 03
To. 55
10 47
10 39
io 34
10 25
ID 34 4 54 Hortons Summit 10 10
10 41 5 01 Duffle Id 1009
10 48 505- Wiseleys 1004
10 54 5 11 Wards Mill 9 59
11 09 5 23 Widcat Summit 9 47
11 25 5 36 E. Big Stone Gap 9 34
11 30 5 41 Ar Big Stone Gap Lv 929
0 00 Double Tunnel 0 10
I*. K
4 00
3 43
3 35
3 17
3 13
3 07
2 51
2 39
2 31
2 25
2 20
2 10
2 00
1 50
1 45
1 42
1 36
1 28
1 19
1 12
1 OS
12 51
12 35
12 30
C: L. Bunting, Gkai'l Pass. Agt.
I). II Conklin, (ten’l Manager.
ljynnt; BSpn from .yoiUhlul er-1
SScasV IHCil rors, loos of manly vigor,
DuMont’s Nerve
Varicocele, etc. Dr.
IMIs will effect a speedy dire l>v its use.
Tliouoiuwls ot'cases of the very worst
kind and of long standing have been re
stored to perfect health. 15,000 testimo
nials from all over the world. Price per
package $1.00, six for $5 00, trial pack
age sent securely sealed for 10 els pos
tage. Address, Dr. K. DuMont,
08; S. llalsted St, Chicago, 111, U.S.A.
W. W.Buck, M. Di
E. W. PiiEitY, M. D.
Buck \ Peery,
Physicians 1 Surgeons,
Offer their professional services to
the- people of Rural Retreat and
vicinity. [An. o ly.]
PILLS are always safe and reliable. 12r
000 testimonials from all: over the
world, Beware of dangerous substitutes
and imitations. Price $2. per package.
A Sent by mad securely sealed from ob
servation. Address. Dr. It. Du M out.
08,8. Ha'steJ St* Chicago. T11. 1T S A,
P, 1C \\ 1
SeneduIj'E i«‘-fci.’fKor Od'OBjsu St-. *92
Trains leave Rural Retreat, Va.
EASTWARD—Main Line, Daily.
WESTWARD,—Main Line, Jtally.
No 2, for Roanoke, Lj nchhvng. Rich
mood, Norfolk. also(via Roanoke) for
Washington. Hagerstown. Philadelphia
and New York Pullman sleeper Rad
ford to Norfolk, also to Lynchburg to
Uielimoiid. Also. Rural. Retreat, to Neve
York via. Harrisburg, alsolfural Retreat
to Washington via. Shenandoah Jimct’n
No. 4 for Roanoke. Lynchburg, Rich
mond, Norfolk. also (.via Roanoke) for
Hagerslowu, Washington, liarnsburg,
Philadelphia, and New York. Pullman .
sleeper to New York. Parlor car Roa
noke, to Norfolk.
No. 4.
9.20 a m
No 1
No 3
10 59 p .in
No 1 tor Bristol ansi- all points beyond
stops at all stations.
No. 3 for Bristol and all points beyond
Pullman sleeper, to Memphis via Ghatta-n
Radford Daily 9:35 p. m,. for Bluetield,;
also leave lladlord 9;55 a. in, daily for
Bluelield, Pocahontas, Elkhorn, and
stations on Clinch Valley Division; also
for Louisville and all points on L. & N.
It. H. via Norton, Pullman sleeper Rad
ford to Louisville.
OHIO EXTENT 1 ON —Leave Blu«
field G; 10 a, m. Daily lor K'euova Co
lumlnis 0..and intermediate stations?
leave Pulaski 7:1-5 a. m. (Daily except
Sunday) for Betty Barker and at 6:4.5 a.
in. Daily for 1 vauhoe, ..and 1:30 p. in,.
Daily for Ivanhoeaud Gossan.
Leave Roanoke Daily 9:46 a in, and:
4:45 p. m„ for Rocky Mount. Marts’villa -
and Wu.st- n X. (’.
Are yo« Going to
build in the spring?. If*o now is the ■
time to prepare your plans, specifics i
troths etc. Satisfaction guaranteed oa^
no charges.- Address.
J. F. Z. Carackisti, Arch’t.' ^
Rural Retreat, or Granite, Va.
10.000 Acres of land for Sale ^
4200 acres of this is Farming tim
beted and-Mineral land. A large body
of Chestnut Oak.
4500 acres of Farming, timbeted,
j& Mineral land, & 1500 acres Coal ^
j land. Have also a very valuabla lead '
zinc mine. Address:
J. B. Barrett,
Send ns 25 cents for a 3
months sul)scriptioa.t& th»

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