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No 8 ,
And Told in Words That
One Who lluns
May Head,
Never ride on 2nd. blind.
Robt Dudley has been on
the sick list this week.
Chas. W. Davis went to
Chilhovvie Sunday.
Prof. Bowers was in Wythe
ville Saturday on business.
Best and cheapest Mattings
at Davis-Lindsey Co.
W. H. Pepper the Baltimore
drummer is in town.
Miss Grace Snavely came
up from Crocketts on her
wheel Monday.
Con Stone and Tom Ham
mer went to Wytheville Sat
Mrs. W. W. Buck, went to
Roanoke Thursday morning.
Henry Clark of Htter, was
in town Thursday.
Chas. hitter and Oden Neff,
were in Wytheville this week
on ajury.
Misses Daisy and Willie
Howe were in town last Tues
Miss Fannie ^Dayis and
brother Pat went to Wythe
ville Monday.
J. L- Martin was over from
Nebo last Sunday visiting
friends in town.
Miss Mamie Buck has re
turned home after visiting in
Ramon’s Liver Pills Tonic
Pellets, Nerve and Bone Oil
and Ramon’s Relief for sale at
Davis-Lindsey Co.
Large line of Ladies and
Childrens Slippers now being
shown at Davis-Lindsey Co.
Buy your Matting from
Davis Lindsey Co. they sell it
Just received, a nice line ol
queensware, call and see it,
Farmers Mercantile Co.
Miss Eliza I lankla has re
turned home after teaching
shool in Grayson for the past
Miss Nellie Neff has return
ed home after yisiting friends
in Wytheville.
A carnival for the benefit
of the daughters of the South,
ern Confederacy will be held
all next week at Wytheville.
Buy your straw mattings at
Farmer’s Mercantile Co., if
you want to save money.
Lall and see our Ladies hats
we have the neatest, most up
to-date line and can please
your pocket-book as well as
yourself F. M. Co.
Mrs. Jas. F. Kinder, of
Kenova, is on a visit to rela
tives and friends in Kinder
Valley this week.
Robt Cornett and family,
of Croseclose, and his son-in
law Robt. Repass and family,
have moved to Telford, Tenn.
where they have purchased a
Mrs. Ben Huddle, who has
been sick for some time is re
ported better.
Mrs. Ellen who died ' here
Tuesday morning was taken
to Chilhowie for buriaL
Jas. A. T. Groseclose and
family of Bland, left Wednes
day for Idaho.
Station Agent, Charles L.
Baumgardner, srent yesterday
afternoon at Wytheville.
Wilt Baughman is home
from West Virginia on a visit
to relatives.
The small-pox situation is
improving. There are no new
cases reported from the seat
of the disease.
Hon. Geo, Lambert of No
ble, was here this week trans
acting business. We are al
ways glad to see him.
Mr. Winfield Wampler left
Monday for the West. He has
been here for a year or so and
has made his home with Mr.
Joe Cormany.
J. Pierpont Haney has come
to town again. His old friends
are glad to see him. He is at
the Times office and will
be glad to see you. He has
rented the Brown property
near Dr. Eversoles’, and has
moved into it.
The Public sehool will give
an entertainment in Neff’s Hall
Monday night, consisting of
songs, plays, tableaux and
young ladies’ contest. Every
one invited. There will be a
small admission fee, except
for fathers and mothers of the
children who go to school.
Doors open at 7:30. Exercises
open at 8:00. Reserved seats
20c. General admission 10c.
Tickets on sale at the Drug
Misses Eva and Jane Phil—
lippi spent Saturday and Sun
day in Rural Retreat as the
guests of Miss Myrtle Tarter.
Mr. Creed Hale, of Grayson
county was in this vacinity
Mr. Will Minter spent Sun
day with his uncle, Z. M. Neff.
Z. M. Neff and R. F. Philli
ppi attended court in IVythe
ville Monday.
Messrs. Dallas and Newton
Phillippi spent Sunday at }. S.
W. S. Robinson who is
working near Wytheville spent
Sunday with his mother, Mrs.
Jane Smith,
Robt. Kinder called to see
his best girl Sunday evening.
J. K. Buck plooded his way
slowly through the Jerk Sun
day evening.
D. F. Steffey went to
Wytheville Monday strictly on
business, but his dad was’nt
Passenger Train Schedule.
The trains that carry passengers on
the Norfolk & Western will leave Kural
Retreat station as follows :
No, 33, Westbound, 8:2C a. m.
No. 13, “ 7:50 p. in.
No. 14, Eastbound 10:04 a. tn.
No. 34. “ 8:42 p. m.
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One dollar a year.
The Dog Problem.
Richmond, April, 16.—This
act shall be in force from its
passage.—Section 13, of the
Matthews dog law, passed at
the recent session of the gen
eral assembly, and signed by
the governor March 29.
The title of the bill is “A
Bill to protect sheep and other
stock in the counties ol the
State,” and has tor its object
the taxing of all dogs in the
State over the age of three
months. Male dogs are to be
taxed fifty cents each; females,
one dollar each. Owners or
occupants of premises on
which dogs are found will be
required to pay license tax on
such dogs. The fund derived
from such source is to be turn
ed into the treasury of the
county in which such dogs is
taxed for the'purpose of reim
bursing owners of the sheep
and goats or other stock, which
may have suffered by reason
of attacks of dogs; whatever
balance there may be after all
damages have been paid, the
supervisors may devote to the
school fund or appropriate for
the working of the public
roads of the county.
Rev. D. S. Pox delivered
quite an interesting sermon at
Corinth Sunday at 4 o’clock
from the sixth verse of the
eleventh Chapter of Hebrews.
Mr. H. S. Bales and wile
spent Sunday in Smyth county?.
J. S. Brown has been on the
sick list for a few days.
Farce Bruce, of Bland, was
the guest of Miss Georgie
Ward Sunday.
Some of our people would
like to know where the east
ern slope is, we think it is with
in the bounds of Stony Fork,
Brushy Mountain, Black Lick,
and Crawfish Valley.
Mr. L. Carnes from West
Virginia spent a few days with
his father-in-law Mr. J. W.
As I passed through the^
suburbs of Hill City I was
asked who X Y Z were. I
could not give them any satis
factory information on the sub
ject, but it is thought by hav
ing three characters that it
must be Adam the first man,
Pane the awlul disease, B.
Gordon, the grandson of
Noah. Hopandgetit.
New Depot.
d he Norfolk & Western
Railway Company have ap
propriated $1,225 for improve
ments at the depot at this place.
A large reception room 17 x
25 will be added to the front
end of the station building and
34 feet to the freight depart
ment. When completed the
whole building will be 60 feet
long, and Rural Retreat can
boast the finest depot, in the
way of accomodation, for both
passengers and the handling
of freight, in Southwest Vir
Old newspapers for sale at
this office. 25c buys ipo^^
Mits Maggie Wampler and brother
spent last Sunday evening w tli friends
at (Cedar Springs) the parsonage.
Mr. Reed F. Thomas, of Elk Creek
and another young gentleman tec
numerous to mention, were the guesu
of Misses Myrtle and Latitia II rn last
B. B. Roberts was over to see Ins best
gi.l a few days ago. A few more trips
aa .t it will be a thing of the past, he wil
take her to Flat Ridge.
The S. S. at Blue Springs was post
poned for.two weeks on the account of
chicken-pox in adjoining counties
Dr. W. J. Peak had the misfortune
of spraining one of his feet last week by
jumping from a wagon.
Mr. J. D. Horn went to Comers Rock
last Sunday to see his brother in-law
Mr. Mm. Wingate, who has been sick
for several weeks.
J. F. Haywood went to Wvtheville
last Monday.
Mr. Draper Huffman is wearing a very
broad grin ibis week, no wonder, Dixie
has a fine colt.
E. W. Wamplers peach orchard of
about 150 fine trees were destroyed by
tire afew weeks ago, and also a few pan
els of fence was burned.
Mr. Z. M. Neff paid his uncle Jacob
Neff a very pleasant call last week.
Misses Della and May Suit spent Sun
day with their father near here.
Mr. Steven Cassell spent Sunday
with home-folks.
Messrs Preston Scott and Adam Ful
ler made a flyinjj trip to Rural Retreat
Saturday evening.
Miss Mamie Horne has returned
home after a few days visit to her
grandfather Mr. J. M. Neff.
Mr. A. J. Clark passed through the
pity Sunday evening enroute to see Ins
best girt. The excitement of Small pox
has kept him at home for a while
Misses Lena Neff and Alice Hornt
were right sick with measles last week,
but are better at this w. iting.
Mr. Greek Blackard spent Sunday
with his grandfather Mr. Peter Vaught
Misses Liettie and Ida King and Mr.
Will Wampler passed through here
Mrs. Lizzie Horne spent Monday in
Wytheville on business.
Mr. A. Neff started to Ilucklberry
some time back, but did not get any
farther than Zion church as the girls
attracted his attention there.
Mr. George Harmon and family have
moved from Abingdon here where they
will make their fulure home.
Misees Hattie and Mamie Hopkins
are very ill at their home.
Mr. Adam Slagle and Miss Ollie Har
mon passed through this vicinity Sun
day, they were all smiles.
Mr. Mack Neff attended court at
W7ythevi!le Monday.
Pine Knot.
VIRGINIA:—In the Clerk’s Ofliee of
the Circuit Court of Wythe County:
On the 10th day of April, 1902,
A. A. Gammon, W. F. ]
Gammon & O E. Gam |
mon, partners under |
the style of A.A.Gam j
mon, Sun & Co., Plain- J-Iu Chancery,
tiffs, j
Joseph Musser,defend- |
ant, J
The object of this suit
is to attach and subject to sale the
one-seventh interest of Joseph Alueser
in 28 acres of laud situated on Mill
Creek in Wvthe county about two miles
north of Rural Retreat, the same which
Barbara Pickle owned at the time of her
death and which descended to her heirs
at law of which Joseph Musser is one
to the payments of Complts. debt #102
2-1. with interest and costs. And an
atlidavit having been made nnd tiled
that the defendant, Joseph Musser is
not a resident of the state of Virginia,
it is ordered that he do appear here
within 15 days after due publication
hereof and do what may be necessary to
protect his interest in this suit. And it
is further ordered that a copy hereof be
published once a week for four weeks
in some newspaper, and that a copy be
forthwith posted at the front door of the
court house of this county.
A copy—Test,
Jas, C. Cassell, Clerk.
C. B. Thomas & L. F. Krenning P. Q
We would not have a sufferer from
liver complaints and the like comfound
Rrmons Treatment of Liver Pills and
Tonic Pellets wity ordinary liver pills
Day and night are not more different.
Iiuuious treatment makes provision for
a laxative conditioh of the bowels for
time to come insures a good appetite,
perfect digestion and strong nerves. \V.
Ladies’ Hate.
Hue Dress
1 Goode
Bibfeons and j
M«n’s Ha'
O i’
L very body in Wythe, Smythe, Grayson and
Hland know of us, and we appreciate the tact
that we have as many friends where we are
known as any body in Southwest Virginia, and
we are in a better position now to please the
old ones and make new ones than ever before.
Our line ot Shoes and Oxfords are complete.
Men’s women's and children’s fine and course.
We cordially invite you to come and examine!
our line. We are always glad to show them.
Attention, Good Dressers
V/e Have a Good Thing Rn~\
Want Everybody to Know it, llj
' i
W o have secured the exclusive right j
for tlii3 viciuity to take orders for the If
f a mo u a tailoring ot A
Chicago. Ws are r.o'’
displaying their ROW(
samples ct F ? -1
Woolenii and uii
everyone interested
good clothc'S
inspect iiieu.
Wa show i
SNS, 3
--r- i
by far tbs largest line in tbs country, con- ■ |
sisling of many exclusive effects in wor- '»
steds, cassimeres, Scotches, days, I -
etc. STRAUSS EROS, make the kind ] I
of clotnes you like to wear,—acculately if
tailored, perfect fitting, distinctly at *4
the ordinary, yet prices are no higher than you nave paid for
inferior goods. They guarantee absolute set: enaction
and with it goes ©us unqualified enderserrtoni
We shall be glad to have you cal! and you v,ill b. faiad yc .
5leftns d &ttev, Sw.V *«• -<■ -V,
I i t
Lf II V a 5 5 I 8 JS 1 r;\ P 2 * t ' 1 i 1 '
1 <& f; 4 s s .? Is l ' •« L;y >: •
L%,*Ji.-L vlly &i..a.i> 1 *i li.^s
j fi 1
•'• ' S-'V)
rv.v v.
VOL. i. Rural Retreat, Va., AprihiJ i v >. i«
Why should we care
For little love trinkets and tresse3 of hair;
Over sad memories sighing along
When May time is music and life is a song
When the winds blow the blooms through the.au
Why should wo care.
Why should we care
For the grace of a dream, when all dreams fair
Over dead alters all sighing to stand
With shadowy forms in a shadowy land;
Oh breath of the blooms in the rain spiukled air
Why should we care.
Why should we care
Is memory a'star in the night of dispair
Life is so sweet to go sighing aloug
When the throats of the wild birds are thrilling
with song.
Blow blooms through the suushiuing, rain
sweetened air.
Why should we care. F. Stanton.
The people of Rural Retreat may not know that
the famous lines of shoes carried byDavjs-Aldersou
Co . Bristol Tenn. are the same .. as carried by the
leading shoes house of Knoxvil^^^but they are!
They’re good, they wear, te^^^^^_vouut>cs for
n\ i ’ i i r» e ? r ^ ' •>"> ' sv* ■»
J.’iV a > U-1 -i
tfp i ft. fi
$ -h*OC
Mens Patent Sslt
!H$h Gracia liar's.
1 *3 + C
h£v Sfrcj
Swfiiiast of r!*r;
trwijar'i -3
For For Ladies, Oar
[Styles Always Correct

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